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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  August 3, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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late night shooting. >> like come on. give us a chance to get back on our feet. and a new threat for bay area merchants. good morning. it's tuesday, august 3rd. >> a cool start to this tuesday morning. there's a warm up on the way. let's get a first check on weather. ly have traffic in just a second. right now we check in with mary. looking forward to warm temperatures. >> especially inland. you will be feeling the heat with highs in to the 90's this afternoon. little cooler along the coast and really just depends on where you are. have to love the bay area micro climates. here is a live look with the san francisco camera. you can see how foggy it is. with that on shore flow, tracking low clouds and areas of fog. this morning in the temperatures are chillier compared to yesterday morning. we are all in the 50's, some spots down to the 40's. as we head through the
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afternoon that cloud cover sticking around through the coast in the low 60's. clearing, mid to upper 60's to low 70's and inland highs in to the 80's and the 90's. warmer compared to yesterday. 81 in san jose. 96 antioch as well as for fairfield and north bay in the low 80's. low to mid-80s's this afternoon. we will talk about temperatures cooling down as we head through the rest of the week and warming back up. let's check in with gianna. getting busy this morning especially for that ride into pass. it's officially in the yellow which means slow and go seeds out of tracy as you get onto 580. the travel time 35 minutes. 205 toward 680. that is our busy spot. no delays on 80, highway 4 or 101. bay bridge toll plaza, extra volume, especially as you work into san francisco. no delays on the lower deck.
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no metering lights. things are moving nicely. ten minute commute. san mateo bridge quiet, 13 minutes between 880 and 101. feels like we are moving back a little bit. mask mandates are back for most of the bay area. >> this as public health officials try to read othe del >> seven bay area counties are requiring masks again inside. this took effect overnight. >> justin andrews is live from a 24 hour fitness where mask wearing now a part of everybody's work out for at least the time being. >> absolutely. we have been in here for about ten minutes so far. we have noticed a few people walk in. they are wearing their masks because it's a mandate for those seven bay area county that you just mentioned. this morning i will have the gm joining us. first of all it'll be another
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adjustment for these people. >> yeah. it'll be another adjustment. i think everybody is kind of adjusted to it already prior to us going with no masks and now it's just something new and normal for them again. >> anything covering your mouth when you are working out is kind of hard. you know what are kind of the -- some tips you would give some of these people? >> i mean, honestly just take a breather when you can. people usually walk away, pull it down, take a breather real fast. in all reality you can wear the mask the whole time while you are working out. step outside if you need to. grab the fresh air and come backn. that's pretty much it. >> and i notice on the door it's kind of loud and clear. masks are required. you know that's -- different adjustment. just 24 hours ago. >> yeah. you know like i said before its normal. it's the same thing as it was before. we have had those signs up for the most part pretty much the
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whole pandemic while we were open. recently took them down about a month ago or so. now they are back up. i don't think anyone will hesitate. people were leaving yesterday and coming in and we were saying masks are required tomorrow and they said all right. nothing too crazy. >> perfect. thank you. again, when you come and work out you may be able to pump some muscles, pump some iron but better have that mask on. i'm justin andrews. >> thank you. a live look from san francisco right now where businesses are looking a bit different this morning as folks stop by starbucks to buy their morning coffee. ain while waiting inside. businesses had to make last minute prep as head of today's mandate. many owners say the latest guidance is going to make it harder for them to run the businesses. >> i was disappointed and really feel like it's just a
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blow to the business. we have been just slowly making progress back toward something that looks like normal and now i think it'll set us back. my husband works in the medical field. he sees it up close. so, we have two kids. we just want to take every precaution to keep us healthy and safe. >> some gym owners say they are thinking about offering virtual classes again. less than a week in to the new school year, eight of the 11 schools in the brentwood union school district already have positive cases. district leaders say they following safety guidelines but where test positive is running at 8.6%, 12 students and one staff member have tested positive. the superintendent said that none of the positive cases were contracted at their school. >> the nones aren't going to be different than they are in the community. as long as there is spread in the community we should expect students and staff that come to school that are positive.
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>> for the latest on school reopening plans head to kp we have expert answers. new video of the dixie fire near greenville. smoke and an orange glow are visible behind a ridge in the hills above main street. much of the town is under a evacuation order. it's 35% contained a burn zone of nearly 250,000 acres. in a developing story a shooting last night shut down part of highway 4 for more than four hours. it led to a shut down between l street and hillcrest avenue. the lanes reopened just after midnight. a coroner was on the scene but there is no official word on if anyone was killed. new this morning a hospital and public health officials are seeking help finding the name of a patient. this woman is now in critical
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condition. she was admitted three days ago, brought in by an ambulance. she is about 30, with short brown hair. the time now is 5:07. still ahead, a kpix5 original report on the lawsuit gold mine the increase of legal complaints putting merchants on edge. and here is a satellite and radar view tracking this low pressure system. that ridge of high pressure building in with temperatures on the rise especially inland. both of those features battling it out for control. here is a live look with our sales force tower camera. you can see how foggy it is as
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a separate of lawsuits for violations of the americans with disabilities act has bay area merchants on edge this morning. we have learned that just one disabled man is behind dozens of the cases. >> it's a devastating blow to merchants just barely coming out of the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. we discovered for plaintiffs in california it can be a gold mine. >> felen martin s inort.
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normal in san francisco's china town until this man showed up. orlando garcia, in just two weeks he filed dozens of lawsuits against businesses up and down grant avenue claiming they failed to provide wheelchair access. >> you can see from the video that they have no intention of actually visiting the business to be a customer. it's more like window shopping. >> the owner of one store was sued. >> it's a shake down for small mom and pop businesses. >> garcia alleges the entrance doesn't have a levellanding and an outdoor dining area isn't wheelchair accessible. mack said she never saw garcia in the restaurant and others never saw him either. >> the businesses are already like struggling for a life line to stay open and now this. >> across the bay in alameda,
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same thing. >> for me it's extortion. >> mark rogers is the owner of lola's chicken. garcia sued him too. if i was incorrect in something i would want to fix it. if he gave me a ticket and said you have seven days, 14 days, whatever it may be, i would gladly do it. that's a win for me and for the handicapped person. right now it's only a win for someone who is laughing at the court system. >> at least a dozen other stores on park street got slapped with lawsuits filed by garcia around the same time in may and are facing thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees. collin and his wife own lauren's closet, a children's consignment store. >> july 15th is when things started to get back to normal and we get a lawsuit. like come on, give us a chance to get back on our feet. >> garcia has filed more than 100 lawsuits in california this year.
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he is what's known as a serial plaintiff. it's a cottage industry that's lucrative in california because while federal lawsuits don't provide for damages, california state law does. >> in california it's out of whack. > under california's civil rights law plaintiffs can also claim up to $4,000 per visit and they can visit several times. >> that's why we have so many of these lawsuits in california. >> ada filings increased 21% to 6,055 in california in 2020 while other states saw a decline. the increase is mostly due to just a handful of serial flyers like scott johnson. others are close behind including orlando garcia. the law firm that represents them, potter handy out of san diego.
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according to court records its filed more than 1500ada lawsuits since january. >> this is the civil right we specialize? >> dennis price said businesses have had 31 years to comply. >> ever one of these cases law 31 years. some of the cases are sometimes serial litigants. we do represent a number of people that have filed a lot of lawsuits but there's nothing wrong with that. >> it is wrong to do it just for the money. >> this disabled tourist in china town sees both sides. >> always things that could be improved like some older buildings could use ramps, making sure doors big enough for bigger wheelchairs is a very big problem. i wish they would do it more for -- wanting to help more
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than the money. >> in san francisco, one da has launched a criminal investigation. >> they are exploiting small businesses to shake down and extort those who are suffering. >> but the mayor in alameda is holding back. >> i would like to think that plaintiffs have pure motives and are looking out for the best interest of themselves and others who are in similar situations. >> she said it should be up to the local america sanity's merchants. this is federal law. if there needs to be a change that's congress. >> allen martin. >> as the alameda mayor points out the ada is a civil rights law, not a building code which is why you can pass all your
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building inspections and still be liable. as california's drought gets worse state water officials are preparing to take emergency action. they will vote later this morning on new water restrictions that could impact thousands of farmers. if passed the emergency regulations would restrict anyone from pumping water out of the sacramento river. the goal is to protect downstream water quality and flow requirements. consumers could see the effects soon. >> it could mean more importing tomatoes instead of growing them here, a reduced availability or higher price. >> if fated the new regulations would take place later this monday. anyone caught diverting water could face fines. let's check a look at weather and traffic and it's all about the micro climates. >> good morning to you.
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we are looking at cool conditions along the coast. that ocean breeze. that low pressure system bringing in the westerly winds. inland you are going to heat up into the 80's and 90's. really does depend on where you live. here is a live look taking you out to the south bay. san jose, good morning to you. rights now it's 59 degrees. we are looking at temperatures in the 50's in some spots, dipping down into the 40's. a little chilly compared to yesterday at this time. looking at 56 in concord and oakland. 55 in livermore and san francisco. santa rosa at 54. current visibility with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and around the bay and some of the inland locations dealing with those clouds this morning. here is the satellite and radar view. what we have is a low pressure system just off the coast and a ridge of high pressure building in. those two weather features
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battling for control. that's why we are looking at that ocean breeze with cooler temperatures and the clouds along the coast. heating up inland this afternoon. as we take you hour by hour on future cast you can see the skies clearing for most of us inland and for parts of the bay. you can see that cloud cover along the coast and for tonight and tomorrow low clouds and areas of fog right back in along the coast and around the bay for tomorrow in the morning and then clearing as we go through the day for tomorrow. good to moderate air quality. we have good air quality for the north bay. moderate for the coast and for the south bay. you can see as we go through the day today with the winds pushing that smoke away from us once again and into tomorrow. so that will be the case actually as we head through the rest of the week. thankfully so keeping that smoke away. checking our daytime highs for the south bay. 81 in santa clara, heating up to 91 in morgan hill.
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for the peninsula, san mateo at 77. 81 for redwood city. inland east bay the hottest temperatures 93 for you in concord and for pleasant hill. heating up to 96 antioch. check out brentwood, upper 90's close to triple digit heat for you. the tri valley upper 80's to low 90's. around the bay from mid-60s's in san francisco, east bayshore line looking at 71 for alameda. 7 # for oakland and for san leandro. mid to upper 70's. 84 for a high in santa rosa. triple digits as we look to ukia and clear lake. around the bay san francisco and oakland. bit of a dip in temperatures for midweek and then by the end of the workweek. same for the south bay and san jose. you will see the warmest day of the week on friday. inland east bay looking at temperatures heating up by the end of the workweek. the north bay little cooler for
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tomorrow. thursday, and then about 90 degrees on friday for the north bay and low to mid-60s's. let's check in with traffic. busy for that ride as you headlong westbound 580. 37 minutes for the travel time. 205 toward 680. this is really our busiest spot. pretty typical time of day if you are going out the door. those delays extend toward north flynn on 580. dipping down about 16 miles an hour. definitely seeing a bumper to bumper conditions there. once are you past that you can kind of make out 580, 680 as you head toward the dublin. things look better through that area. east shore freeway still clear. here is a quick look at the travel times before you hit the roadways if you are going highway 4. if you are going out of san jose good morning to
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you. 36 minutes to sfo. live look at the freeway. you can see both directions moving smoothly with no delays. this is near the oakland coliseum. traffic light here. south of there we are starting heyward. checking some of our bridges right now. live look at the bay bridge. we are starting to see a few more cars on the roadway. a quick live look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving at the limit. headlights are going eastbound. tail lights are westbound which is the commute direction. we are starting to see the extra volume for that ride. wind advisory in effect for the bridge. new video of a high speed chase in la county. authorities wednesday after a suspect they say was armed and aggressive. the chase ended in compton when the car hit the side of a big rig and then spun before coming to a stop. that suspect is now in custody. still ahead a travel
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nightmare. >> i'm tired. i'm exhausted. i'm actually just disappointed. >> what went so wrong with a major airline that left hundreds of passengers rushing. and coming up, at seven on cbs this morning hear from a swimming superstar on his gold medals and all eyes on a space launch and a first look at
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the cdc has added 16 destinations to had the coronavirus risk level including greece, ireland and the virgin islands. >> spots in the very high risk category have had more than 500 cases. a live look now from oakland. just one of the places where spirit airlines passengers encountered trouble yesterday. customers were aligned up at ticket counters across the country when flights were canceled and delayed. >> we were from vegas and go to nashville. they sent us out here and we have been stuck. we had two -- three delays and two cancellations. >> i'm tired, i'm exhausted and i'm just disappointed. >> as of late last night some
5:26 am
passengers were still stranded. that's so tough when you are trying to travel and get out. time is 5:25. >> in the next half hour, making masks part of your work out routine. and a major cruise line's first trip after lockdown. details ahead in the next half hour and the live money watch re (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love. my heart doesn't pump enough blood so my doctor gave me farxiga. it helps my heart do its job better. farxiga helps keep me living life and out of the hospital for heart failure. do not take if allergic to farxiga. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. stop taking and seek medical help right away. tell your doctor right away if you have red color in urine or pain while you urinate, or a genital area infection since a rare but serious genital infection may be life-threatening. do not take farxiga
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sure thing, kevin. do you want me to do the boxwoods as well? no. finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question, you can always count on your local geico agent. they can give you personalized advice and could help you save hundreds. hey medusa! let's boogie. for expert help with all your insurance needs, get to know your local geico agent today. masks are required for seven bay area counties. live in 24 hour fitness. i know it's a lot of people wearing masks. we will talk to the gm. and kaiser employees have a
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week to get vaccinated. and a do over for amazon. the new attempt to unionize. and hoping weather doesn't get in the way of an important space launch. good morning. it's tuesday, august 3rd. >> let's get right to mary lee with the forecast. >> good tuesday morning to you. it's great to have you with us. we are looking at foggy conditions along the coast and around the bay and even low clouds for some of the inland spots because of that ocean breeze for us, on shore flow, temperatures this morning in the 50's and you can see with our san francisco, mark hopkins hotel camera how foggy it is in the city. as we go through the day looking at cool and cloudy conditions with that ocean breeze. in the low 60's. around the bay with clear and mid to upper 70's. it's inland where you will feel the heat. 80's and 90's this afternoon. looking at 81 for the south bay
5:31 am
and san jose, 93 inland and east bay for concord. 96 antioch and brentwood. a high of 98 degrees this afternoon. 92 livermore and for the north bay highs in the low to mid- 80s's with that sun. let's ingianna. it's on lakeville highway near highway 116. a two car crash. it's blocking all southbound lanes. apparently one car went about 100 feet off the side of the roadway. it overturned a pg&e power pole was also damaged. avoid it if you can. there's a lot of activity. just a heads up as you head through. hopefully they will open up lanes shortly. your slowest spot is that ride in the pass. westbound 580. 38 minutes right now. everything else looks good. we are seeing a lot of green on the roadways. no mor delays at the bay bridge. 101 clear out of the south bay and a live look at the san mateo bridge. an easy drive between 880 and
5:32 am
101. masks are once again required in indoor spaces in most of the bay area. >> seven counties imposing the mandate as concerns persist about the delta variant. justin andrews is live at a 24 hour fitness to see how the st adapting to the rule. >> good morning. i'm hoping you didn't ditch your mask because have you to have it even while working out here at 24 hour fitness. yes, every single person we have seen walk through these doors are wearing masks. you see a guy right there doing push ups it looks like with his mask on. this morning we have about a dozen people in here right now. all of them are wearing masks. because the numbers are rising it's required. masks are on and there is no
5:33 am
capacity limit for businesses. the masking mandate went into effect just after midnight but this morning we have talked to the gm here at 24 hour fitness. >> i think most importantly is, you know over the last year everybody is used to wearing their mask. it's nothing different. it's, you know, more of like a default they go to. everybody has one and theyare l they are ready to go when we need them to. >> health officials say masking up and the vaccination are two weapons to fight against this pandemic. we are live in pleasanton. i'm justin andrews. we are going live to san francisco. anyone stopping by for a coffee at the starbucks or any other restaurant or shops you will have to mask up while waiting inside. happening today a state lawmaker from the peninsula plans to call for vaccinations or testing for all school staff
5:34 am
in his district. >> senator becker wants it to happen quickly before students come back. marin may require proof of vaccination. that type of mandate is already in place in some of marin's private schools. a similar rule is under consideration for public schools. it could be announced as soon as today. kaiser has seen intensive care units fill up and to proit's staff and patients it's telling them that all employees must be vaccinated. the vice president of kaiser said they have worked labor unions to put in the mandate. only 97 out of 99% of those in the hospital have been unvaccinated. >> we know that is, you know, maybe more assertive than what other organizations have been
5:35 am
doing but we have been a leader in preventing disease and we believe we have to lead this across the country. >> kaiser has set the date of september 30 of the as the deadline to get the shot. new data from johns hopkins shows that five states account for nearly half of the new coronavirus cases over the past week. the three states that reported the most cases california, florida and texas. they account for nearly 40% of the new cases in the united states. >> in the state was the highest case rates, daily vaccination rates have more than doubled. >> nearly 128,000 new cases were reported in the united states on monday. millions of americans at risk of being booted from their homes after a moratorium on evictions expired. a total of 3.6 million could be affected in the next two months. the cdc first imposed the
5:36 am
moratorium last year. it was partly a public health measure to slow the spread of coronavirus by keeping people out of shelters. the agency extended it several times but the white house said that the cdc and the executive branch more broadly don't have the legal authority to do it again after a recent supreme court ruling. >> the president has kicked the tires, doubles triple, quadrupled checks. >> they evicted me and i have no place to go and nowhere else to go. >> the white house is asking state and local governments to adopt their own moratoriums and to. this morning mcdonalds upping its coronavirus guidelines and princess cruises have wrapped up their first united states trip since the shut down. we are live from the new york stock exchange with more of the money watch report. good morning. >> good morning.
5:37 am
an attempt to unionize ana amazon plant failed early their year but there could be a do over. an official at the lay bar relations board said amazon sought to influence that election and recommended its results be set aside. the nlrb is deciding how to proceed. millions of people will have to mask up if they want to go to medicare donned mcdonalds. it's in response to the latest guidance as the delta variant continues to spread. and princess cruises completed it's first united states trip since the pandemic shut the industry down. they sailed on a seven day cruise. it has new safety measures to keep passengers safe and travelers must be vaccinated. the cruise line is planning to
5:38 am
restart trips from california and florida this fall. >> okay. i love disney and we may soon be in for a fun upgrade. i'm curious, tell us about it. >> i love disney as well. the happiest place on earth is coming out with big news today. disneyland is set to reveal a new magic key program that will replace the annual passes. they were round for almost 40 years before they were canceled in january. i have family in walnut creek. i'm long over due to visit my nephew. i may have to build in another day to go to disney. >> i think you do. yeah. it's a lot of fun and it's easy to get to when you are in california. just hop on the 5 and go down. yeah. you have to do it. thank you so much. we will see you again when the stock market opens up.
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time now is 5:38. simone bil es returns to competition. and coming up. >> cars here in the parking lot at one time. >> the unique way that one museum is driving up admissions during the pandemic. and at six what do local health officials think about the reinstated mask mandate? we ask a bay area doctor, live. and happy tuesday. here is a live look with the roof camera. it's a cloudy start to the day. track that on shore flow. what you can expect where you live. . and a look outside before we head to break. it's 5:39.
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sign up for flex alerts today. good tuesday morning. it's 5:42. going out to the south bay. san jose, good morning to with cloudy skies and a downtown san jose it's 59 degrees. here is a like look with the san francisco camera and you can see the fog in san francisco this morning. i'm tracking that on shore flow. low clouds and areas of fog. even a cloudy spot inland. light to calm conditions with the westerly winds. daytime high around the bay. looking at where we should be. mid-60s's in san francisco, low 70's in oakland, low 80's in
5:43 am
san jose. heating up for the inland east bay locations topping out at 93 in concord. >> thank you. update on the four victims in sunday's helicopter crash near the sacramento river. >> two more passengers have now been identified as a 62- year-old and 71-year-old. the first couple identified are bill and susan van. they are known almond farmers and they have lived in the county since the early 1900's. their company farms more than 17,000 acres in the valley. >> this sent shock waves through the community. i spoke to several people and you can still feel the sense of loss and just the shock of it all. >> a preliminary report from the ntsb will be released in 15 days. fire watch now. crews plan to allow an island on the delta to flood in hopes of putting out a brush fire. we first brought you it as
5:44 am
breaking news. two buildings were damaged when the flames broke out on bradford. the area is only accessible by boat. the plan is to turn off the pumps. a car museum in the sacramento area is making a push to rev up business as it tries to bounce back from a pandemic shut down. membership was stalled at the auto museum until it reopened its doors in march of this year. the executive director usually changes the exhibits several times a year but he has come up with new ways to bring car lovers in to the museum. the museum now has a car club meet up every third saturday. >> we had as many as 110 cars in the parking lot at one time. great response from the public and from car clubs as well bringing cars from as far as seattle. >> people of all ages in the club. the kids are only 40. >> i like that. look at all the cool cars. hundreds have been turning out.
5:45 am
the museum will feature low riders, food trucks and a dj. and happening today boeing's star liner spaceship is set to start a test flight. >> weather could delay again it. was supposed to blast off friday. in the launch goes ahead today it'll spend a few days in orbit and dock at the iss. the test is key for both nasa and boeing. it is supposed to eventually be used to take astronauts into space. >> more trips to space. it's 5:45. let's check weather and we start off with mary. >> hi. inland. even warmer. it's all about the bay area micro climate. it is out to the treasure island camera looking at the bay bridge. it is a gray start to the day.
5:46 am
it's cloudy for many of us and we are looking at temperatures chillier compared to yesterday at this time. we are in the 50's and down to the 40's. san jose at 59 and santa rosa at 54. what you can expect by # p.m. we are looking at 62 and mid- 60s's for the daytime highs through the afternoon. clearing and sunshine and a breezy day with that ocean breeze kicking in for us. for the east bay in oakland good morning to you. you will see that sunshine, temperatures warming up to about 72. a pleasant day in oakland with those west, northwesterly winds kicking in. concord looking at 93 this afternoon. warmer compared to yesterday. feeling the heat for you. as we look to the south bay, san jose, walking you through
5:47 am
your day and you are going to be warming up 1:00 p.m. 77, 3:00 p.m., 81 for a daytime high with that sun. here is the sateand da view. it'seallthtwo weather features providing our weather for us. this low pressure system just off the coast and that's bringing in that ocean breeze. as we go hour by hour you can see the skies clearing inland. that cloud cover along the coast as we look to tonight into tomorrow. that fog streams right back in along the coast and around the bay and looking at that clearing. tomorrow, a little bit cooler with that stronger bree kicking in. the sunrise at 6:15 and the sunset at 8:15. checking daytime highs for the peninsula, 77 in san mateo. 81 for redwood. the south bay up to 81234 santa clara. san jose 91 at morgan hill. for the inland east bay some of
5:48 am
the hottest spots 93 concord and pleasant hill. 96 for new antioch and brentwood. 98 degrees. the hottest location across the bay area. the tri valley upper 80's to low 90's. looking at 63daley city and for the north bay mid to upper # 0's. 84 for a high in santa rosa. warming up by the end of the workweek. same for the south bay for you in san jose. just a little cooler by a few degrees and then warming up for friday. as we look to inland east bay. bit of a cooldown for wednesday and thursday. then friday the warmest day of the extended forecast. the north bay 90 by friday and the low to mid-60s's. i want to update
5:49 am
on this trouble spot, lakeville highway, highway 116. this was a crash where a vehicle went about a hundred feet down the roadway. at one point they shut down lanes but all lanes are now open. we got that update from chp. there's a lotst activity there on scene. apparently a pg&e power pole was also damaged and power lines are down in the area. we will continue to watch that. looking at the maps we aren't seeing a lot of brake lights or delays. that ride in to the pass, westbound 580 certainly busy. 39 minutes, super commuters those brake lights start in tracy around mount house extending to a bit behind north flynn. updated travel time here 42 minutes now 205 toward 680. east shore freeway still looking good. 15 minutes highway 4 to the his. northbound 101 out of san jose we haven't seen too many
5:50 am
troubles. things are getting crowded though. extra volume northbound 101 from the 280, 680 connector. good choice. 880 here. live look and traffic is moving at the limit. everything seems quiet as you head into san francisco out of oakland and emoryville and the bridge checking in problem free both directions, things are moving at the limit between 880 and 101. and new, simone biles has won a second medal. she is taking home the bronze in the women's balance beam competition. her performance is her return to competition after she withdrew from most of it last week. she is now won seven medals. time for a look at the entertainment headlines. kathy griffin has lung cancer. she is under going surgery. she has had a pretty rough few
5:51 am
years facing backlash over a photograph shoot targeting former president trump, battling a prescription in pill tion and sing their er amother a new okof the ring series premiering september 2nd. the series takes place thousands of years before the hobbit and the lord of the rings. and advance tickets on sale for free guy. the it stars ryan reynolds as a bank robber turned hero. you can see that on august 13th. he plays a lot of heros. >> yeah. i think is he deadpool. next, animals running amuck at baseball games. and coming up today on the
5:52 am
drew barrymore show, that's all today at two right here on kpix5. and let's take a like look outside at the richmond, san rafael bridge. you can see traffic as you head over toward the marin side.
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hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. with all the changing coronavirus virus indoors we
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wondered if sports proteams are making changes. >> the a's who start a home stand said they are working with local health officials and will share details soon. the niners say they will let fans know what to expect at levi's ahead of the first pre- season game next saturday. some highlights of baseball games across the country had nothing to do with the sport. check this out. this stray cat running across the field, interrupting the game. now several staff members apparently tried to catch it but it was too quick. you can see fans going crazy. look at it. going crazy cheering the cat on. the whole thing lasted about two and a half minutes before the cat ran off. >> yeah. from kittens to insects. check this out. nationals victor robl es played ball with a praying mantis on
5:56 am
his cap. in our next half hour, grab your gym card and your mask. that mask mandate is back in the bay area. need to know, next. and here is a live look outside. treasure island before we head to break. (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love. my heart doesn't pump enough blood so my doctor gave me farxiga. it helps my heart do its job better. farxiga helps keep me living life and out of the hospital for heart failure.
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streaming on cbsn bay area the barry is bringing back the masks. we are breaking down the changes. i was really disappointed and really feel like it's just a blow to the business. >> struggling another set ck
6:00 am
how the new mandate willa of course bay area business owners. what happened on highway 4? the search for answers in a late night shooting. and the dixie fire forcing more evacuations and the new video just in. it's tuesday, august 3rd. a cool start to this tuesday morning. there is a warm up on the way. let's get a first check of weather and traffic. >> good morning. we start off tuesday. we are looking at foggy conditions along the coast and around the bay. a cloudy start inland. as we head through the afternoon, especially inland you will be feeling the heat with highs in to the 80's and 90's. you can see just how foggy it is in san francisco as we start off the day. the temperatures are in the 50's this morning. even down to the 40's. as we head through


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