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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  August 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> struggling another set ck how the new mandate willa of course bay area business owners. what happened on highway 4? the search for answers in a late night shooting. and the dixie fire forcing more evacuations and the new video just in. it's tuesday, august 3rd. a cool start to this tuesday morning. there is a warm up on the way. let's get a first check of weather and traffic. >> good morning. we start off tuesday. we are looking at foggy conditions along the coast and around the bay. a cloudy start inland. as we head through the afternoon, especially inland you will be feeling the heat with highs in to the 80's and 90's. you can see just how foggy it is in san francisco as we start off the day. the temperatures are in the 50's this morning. even down to the 40's. as we head through the
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afternoon, with those clouds and ocean breeze. low 60's around the coast. around the coast mid to upper 60's and inland with sunshine, we are talking 80's and 90's. 81 san jose. you will see some of the hottest temperatures, 93 in concord. 96 antioch and brentwood at 98, 92 in livermore and for the north bay daytime highs in the low to mid-80s's. let's check in with gianna. the busiest spot is the ride in the pass. taking a look here. 43 minutes, 205 toward 680. things getting crowded on the east shore. travel time only 14 minutes, highway 4 to the maze. if you are going toward the bay bridge we are seeing a back up here ever so slight. things more crowd across the upper deck. metering lights just turned on. we will see how that progresses throughout the morning. if you are going into san francisco out of oakland,
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emoryville give yourself 11 minutes to go from the maze into the city. rest of our bridges are problem free. westbound 92, 12 minutes, 880 to 101. that's the san mateo bridge. looks of the bay area. >> public health officials are trying to curb the spread of the delta variant coronavirus. >> seven bay area counties are requiring masks inside. the mask mandate took effect after midnight. >> justin andrews is live from a 24 hour fitness >> there is one word that comes to mind. these gym goers dedicated to working out and dedicated to wearing masks. seven day area counties ose
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including here in pleasanton. we have been talking to a few people working out about how they are readjusting to these masking rules now. lobal health leaders didn't want this mandate at this point but numbers are rising and delta's transmission is surging. the mandate went into effect just after midnight. we talked to a guy who calm comes in every day of the week. here is what he had to say. >> you get used to it. once you leave it, like -- few weeks ago and now are you waiting it again. it's a little indict. the next few days he will -- it'll be normal. >> cooldown for like two seconds and then cool back up. >> yeah. just like you are trapped in the mask again.
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the staff cleans the equipment. we are live in pleasanton. >> a quick question for you. are most of the people there doing it voluntarily or is the staff kind of having to go around and remind people to keep their masks on? > >> that's something we have noticed. we have been out for maybe an hour and a half at this point. every person we have seen come through the doors had a mark on. we did notice that one guy who walked in and probably forgot his mask. there's a woman who said here is a mask for you. be sure you keep it on. they are following the fuels. rules. going live to san francisco. anyone stopping to buy coffee at starbucks or picking up food at a restaurant has to mask up. businesses had to make last
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minute preps. many owners say the latest guidance will make it harder for them to run their businesses. >> i was disappointed and really feel like it's just a blow to the business. we have been just slowly making progress back toward something that looks like normal and now i think it's really going to set us back. my husband works in the medical field. he see itself up close. we want to take every precaution. >> some gym owners say they are thinking about offering virtual classes again. this morning alameda county is ramping up it's efforts to get more people vaccinated. more than a million of the county's one and a half million residents vaccinated so far. anyone still needing to get their shots can drop in at greater st. paul's church on martin luther king way in oakland. it opens up this morning at 11 and closes at five. coronavirus tests are
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coming harder to come by. we spoke to a man who drove an hour to get a test after securing an pointment online. >> it's hard to get tests now as it was during like the real peak. >> as the demand changes we are going to consider opening up more testing sites. >> less than a week in to the new school year eight of the 11 schools in the brentwood school district have positive coronavirus cases. district leaders say they are following safety guidelines but in contra costa where test positive is at 8.6% 12 students and a staff member have tested positive. the superintendent said none of the positive cases were contracted at a brentwood union school. >> the health department is saying that the numbers aren't going to be different in the schools than in the community. as long as there's spread in the community we should expect that there will be students and staff that come to school that are coronavirus positive. >> for the latest on school
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reopening plans head to kp we have expert answers to your medical questions. in a developing story the chp is investigating a shooting last night that shut down part of highway 4 in antioch for more than four hours. it started shortly after 7:30 leading to a shut down eastbound between l street and hillcrest. there is no word on if anyone was killed or hurt. detectives in san jose are hoping new video can heat up a cold case. >> home security footage of three suspects driving up to the home on june 21th of 2018 and then leaving a minute later. a 54-year-old was later found dead inlied the home. investigators are trying to track down this car. a black lex us. and a san francisco hospital and public health officials are seeking help to find out the name of a patient.
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this woman is in critical condition. she was admitted three days ago, brought in by an ambulance from the bayview. she has a double skull and bones tattoo on her right arm. the time is 6:08. >> still ahead, a statewide push to save on water. the vote on the table this morning that could impact thousands. when you have a chance to fight a fire and spot it and get after it you have to do it up front. the united states forest service promising a more aggressive approach to handling wildfires. the new strategy that could have a huge impact. and coming up at 6:30. what do local health officials think about the reinstated mask mandate? we ask a bay area doctor. and good tuesday morning to you. seasonal daytime high around the bay in the mid to upper 60's to 70's. topping out in the low 80's. inland east bay some of the
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hottest temperatures in to the 90's this afternoon. the full forecast coming up. here is a live look. taking you outside before we head to break with the roof camera. you can see the cloudy, foggy conditions. time is 6:09. we will be right back. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts.
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happy tuesday to you. thank you for waking up and starting your day off with us. it is 6:12. here is a like look out to the south bay. san jose, good morning to you with cloudy skies. it's 59 degrees in san jose. it's foggy in san francisco. this is our mark hopkins hotel camera. you can see current visibility. looking at calm to light conditions. as we go through the day seasonal highs for san francisco and oakland. mid to upper 60's to low 70's. where we should be topping out at 81. heating up into the 90's for
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the inland east bay locations. 93 for a high in concord this afternoon. what you can expect in that full forecast, that seven day forecast in just a few minutes. and on the fire watch the dixie fire has jumped containment lines and forced new evacuations. >> this is new video from overnight near the town of greenville. rising smoke and that orange glow are visible behind a ridge. the town is on the northeast side of the fire zone and is now under an evacuation order for the second time. the dixie fire is 35% contained with a burn zone of 250,000 acres. fighting fires faster is now a major policy change for the forestry service. after a major outrage about fires that let burn outs get out of hand. in the past they would let fire burn to thin out overgrown
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vegetation but drought conditions are too dangerous for that. a lot of discussion with the forest service involved more work on clearing dead vegetation and taking care of project that are long over due. he wants the forest service to contract with local companies to do that. as california's drought gets worse state water officials preparing to take emergency action to conserve. they will vote on new water restrictions that could impact thousands of farmers. if approved the regulations would restrict anyone from pumping war out of the sacramento rivers. the goal is to protect water quality downstream and keep those rivers flowing. consumers could see the effects of the water cutbacks soon. >> could mean for importing tomatoes when he could be
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growar hard to predict. >> passed the new regulations would take effect later this month. under california law anyone caught diverting water could face fines. recreation sites in south lake tahoe have closed after c hipmunks tested positive for the plaque. vector control is expected to be done by thursday. officials say that there is no human contact with the infected animals. i will have traffic in just a second. let's check that forecast. >> good morning. we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. it's a gray start for many of us. we have low clouds, areas of fog to start off the day and you can see the foggy conditions on the treasure island camera looking at the bay bridge and san francisco this morning. with that on shore flow our temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday at this
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time. 50's and down to the 40's in some spots this morning. concord in at 55, also for livermore with a little more sun. oakland you are at 57 with those clouds, 55 in downtown san francisco, san jose with that gray start. 59 in santa rosa and 54. let's walk you through the day in san francisco, taking you through your tuesday at 1:00 p.m. looking at 62, 65 for a high by 3:00 p.m. with that ocean breeze kicking in for us and that sea breeze also for oakland. good morning to you and looking at 1:00 p.m., 68, topping out at 72 with that ocean breeze, plenty of sun in oakland. for concord, heating up to 93 degrees this afternoon. definitely warmer compared to yesterday with that sunshine and for you in the south bay, san jose, walking you through your day, 81 for a high with that sun. warming up there as well. satellite and radar view. that low pressure system just off the coast bringing in that
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ocean breeze. that's a reason why you will see the clouds sticking around for you with those cooler temperatures but that ridge of high pressure will bring the heat inland. really these two weather features battling it out depending on where you are. our micro climate is at play here. you can see that sunshine inland and for parts of the bay but the cloud cover along the coast as we go through tonight and tomorrow morning. the fog goes right back in along the coast and around the bay. temperatures for tomorrow with that stronger sea breeze, little cooler compared to today. our sunrise at 6:15. checking our daytime highs for the peninsula. mid to upper 70's to 80's. for the south bay up to the low 80's. up to 91 in morgan hill. inland east bay the hottest temperatures 93 in pleasant hill. 96 antioch.
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the north bay topping out in the mid to upper 70's. 84 in santa rosa and triple digit heat for ukia and clear lake. san francisco and for oakland. bit of a dip in the temperatures midweek and then warming up by the end of the workweek. same for the south bay. little cooler wednesday, thursday, friday the warmest day out of the extended forecast in san jose, inland east bay. into the 80's by wednesday and thursday and then heating up friday and saturday. we are getting reports of a new crash. this is northbound 101 at coyote creek. this is through morgan hill. traffic is slow as you approach the scene out of san martin. that's the usual stuff.
6:19 am
we have a busy ride for those folks in to the pass. no surprise here. we see the brake lights for the morning commute. busy out of tracy onto 580 and your travel times reflect that. it's pretty slow with a 42 minute drive time from 205 toward 680. once are you going toward the dublin things look better no troubles on 608 in both directions. westbound 80 pretty clear. 15 minutes highway 4 to the maze. not bad getting busy out of pittsburgh, bay point on that westbound side. 101 if you are going northbound along the peninsula. thingsare quiet there. here is 880. traffic moving nicely through here. we are not seeing any brake lights. south of there into heyward you will see crowding. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and a bit of a back up. just to that cal trans parking lot once are you past this.
6:20 am
not to bad of a ride. only 11 minute from the maze into the city. and at the san mateo bridge 12 minutes. that's your travel time between 8 # 80 and 101. golden gate bridge not bad. traffic looking pretty good through here. chp issued a fog advisory overnight for the golden gate. things may be foggy just north of there as you work toward the tunnel. we have new video of a chase at la county. authorities went after a suspect that was armed. the car hit a big rig and then spun before coming to a stop. the time now is 6:20. a travel nightmare. >> i'm tired, i'm exhausted. i'm actually just disappointed. what went so wrong with a major airline that left hundreds of passengers in the
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>> these spots have had more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents in the past 28 days. let's get a live look from oakland. just one of the places where spirit airlines passengers encountered trouble yesterday. customers were lined up at ticket counters when around 300 flights were canceled and others were delayed. weather and operational challenges were to blame. >> we were from vegas and go to nashville. they sent us here and we have been stuck. we had two -- three delays and
6:25 am
two cancellations. >> i'm tired, and i'm actually just disappointed. >> as of nit some passengers were still stranded. right now it's 6:25. in the next half hour on kpix5. wo out routine again. we are live with the mandate taking shape. and here is a live look outside right now at the bay bridge toll plaza..
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if you are just waking up with us here are your morning headlines starting right now. counties once again requiring masks. this is a live look at a gym. it's l beof the delta variant going through the unvaccinated community. we are expected to learn more information this morning about a shooting that shut down part of highway 4 in antioch last night. for more than four hours the lanes reopened just after midnight. no official word on if anyone was killed or hurt but we did see a coroner on the scene. the dixie fire has jumped containment and forced new
6:30 am
evacuations. this is new video overnight near the town of greenville. the town is on the northeast side of the fire zone and is now under an evacuation order. the fire is 35% contained a burn zone of nearly 250,000 acres. good morning. it's 6:30. a lot to get to this morning. first, let's get right to mary lee. another warm up on the way. >> that's right. we are looking at especially inland, temperatures will be on the rise. heating up inland in to the 80's and 90's this afternoon. dining out to the south bay and santa clara valley. good morning to you. a beautiful view with the mount hamilton ton. down in the valley dealing the low clouds. a foggy start in san francisco with our mark hopkins hotel camera. temperatures in the 50's as we start off the day. even some spots down to the
6:31 am
40's. chillier compared to yesterday. we are going to watch that clearing as we head through the afternoon. 96 and livermore. low to mid-80s's around the bay in the mid to upper 60's. cool, cloudy and breeze write along the coast in the low 60's. let's check the main travel times. if you are going out the door, you are in luck. if you are taking the east shore freeway. the travel time holding steady. highway 4 to the maze. if you plan to take highway 4 give yourself 34 minute westbound from antioch and that ride northbound 101 out of the south bay. not bad, just a little crowded. overall about a 39 minute commute. 47 minutes from tracy over toward the dublin. san mateo bridge more volume westbound. getting crowded as folks work
6:32 am
toward 101. travel time around 12 minutes between 880 and 101. if you are taking the bay bridge give yourself 11 minute from the maze toward san francisco. masks required in indoor spaces in most of the bay area. >> seven county are imposing the mandate. justin andrews is live at a 24 hour fitness to see how staff and customers are adapting. good morning. >> good morning. boy. i hope you didn't ditch your masks because when you are inside you are going to need it across the bay area. that includes right here in the gym even when you are working out like these people are right here at this 24 hour fitness. people are walking in with their masks on already. only one guy forgot to grab his and the lady at the front desk handed him one. people here seem to be cool with wearing masks, local
6:33 am
health officials said they don't want this mandate but coronavirus numbers are rising. there are no capacity limits for businesses, leaders will keep watching numbers and make changes if needed. this mandate went into effect just after midnight. >> i think most importantly is over the last year everybody is used to wearing their mask. it's nothing different. it's, you know more of like a default. everybody has one and they are in the cup holder or in the glove box. they are ready to go when we need them. >> health officials say masking and vaccinations are the two weapons we have to fight this pandemic. we are live in the 24 hour fitness. >> you have been out for a couple of hours now. i'm assuming more and more people are headed to the gym. is everybody pretty much on board? you haven't seen any issues with anyone keeping their mark on inside?
6:34 am
>> yeah. everybody is on board. like i said we have been watching the doors. everybody has their mask on. we noticed one guy who didn't. the lady at the desk gave him one. we talked to a guy working out. i said is it hard working out with the mask and he said yeah but i pull it downo for a second and put it back on. >> thank you. going live to san francisco where businesses looking a bit different this morning. anyone stopping by for a coffee at starbucks or maybe picking up food, you will have to mask up again. a state lawmaker plans to call for vaccinations or testing for all school staff. >> josh becker wants this to happen quickly before most students come back. marin may require proof of vaccination for all public school employees. that type of mandate is already ready. now a similar rule is under consideration for public schools.
6:35 am
it could be announced as soon as today. the county's superintendent of schools. kaiser said it has seen icu's fill up with coronavirus patients. to protect its staff and patients it's now telling all employees they must be vaccinated. the vice president said that the health care provider has worked with unions to put in the map date. she said that 22% of employees unvaccinated. there have been breakthrough cases among some vaccinated staff members but 97 out of 99% of those in the hospital are unvaccinated. >> we know that is, you know, maybe more assertive than what other organizations are doing. we have been a leader in preventing disease and in cure innovation. >> they have set the date of september 30th as the deadline to get the shot.
6:36 am
five states account for nearly half of new coronavirus cases over the past week. the three states that reported the most are california, florida and texas. they account for nearly 40% of new cases in the united states. >> in the states with the highest case rates, daily vaccination rates have more than doubled. > nearly 128,000 new cases were reported in the united states on mona long with 451 deaths. and the time now is 6:36. a like look from wall street. the opening bell ringing just moments ago, stocks opening up this morning. this morning millions of americans are at risk of being booted out of their homes after a federal moratorium on evictions expired. 3.6 million tenants could be affected in the next two months. the cdc first imposed it last year. it was partly a public health measure to slow down spread of coronavirus by keeping people
6:37 am
out of shelters. the agency extended it several times but the white house said the cdc and the executive branch just don't have the legal authority to do it again after a supreme court ruling. >> the president kicked the tires and double, triple, quadrupled checked. >> theye vicked me and gainey three weeks to get out. i have no place to go and in where else to go. >> the white house is asking state and local governments to adopt their own moratoriums. the time now is 6:37. >> and coming up, putting the masks on again. making many of us feel like we are taking a step back. how does this affect us mentally? we will ask a bay area doctor live. and later hoping weather doesn't get in the way of an important space launch. and let's take another quick check on the big board. the dow is up about 30 points.
6:38 am
we break down the numbers after the break.
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. it's 6:41 and south bay, san jose is a cloudy start for you. looking at 59 degrees in san jose and a foggy san francisco this morning with the mark hopkins hotel camera. looking at a gray start for many of us along the coast and the bay and the inland locations. calm to light condition was the westerly winds. that sea breeze will kick in through the afternoon. seasonal daytime high around the bay, mid to upper 60's to low 70's. where we should be in the south bay and sap jose.
6:42 am
heating up inland. inhand east bay locations, 93 degrees above average. time now for your money watch report. national lay bar regulators may force a new vote on plans to unionize at a am man plan. >> good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and right now it's pretty agree across the board. let's look. the dow is up nine points. the nasdaq up 16 points and the x is p500 up three points. an attempt to unionize an amazon plant failed earlier this year. there could be a do over. an official at the national labor relations board said that amazon improperly sought to influence the election and recommended its results be set aside. the nlrb is deciding how to
6:43 am
proceed and could ohrt a new election. amazon said the first was against unions. >> thank you. and we are given live to san francisco. if are you picking up your coffee make sure to grab that mask. we have been temperaturing you all morning long the mandate is back. >> it's all because of the contagious del have variant going through the unvaccinated community. causing some breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated. >> now it's making many of us feel like we are taking a huge step back. joining us live from is the associate professor and chair of public health at cal state east bay. good morning, thank you for being here. >> good morning. here is my first question. what does bringing back the mandate mean to you also with in the public health community overall? >> so bringing back the mandate in the bay area doesn't change much because if you are looking at local communities
6:44 am
there's been a social norma round masking. to that extent i think what we are doing iprotecting the unvoluntarily unvaccinated. folks like my children or with compromised immune systems. >> its been a long year and a half. many of us are getting used to keeping our mask back in our temporary. how will it affect people mentally? >> think i that we did see a small window where things looked like normal. i last year it wasn't just wearing masks it. was children not going to school. it was university students not going to college it. was folks not being able to go to work. to the extent we can get those social and professional interactions in, in my opinion wearing a mask for a temporary period of time is a lot of benefit to let me interact with
6:45 am
my students and make sure i english indicate them in the best way possible and the same for my 9 and 7-year-old. >> i finally -- i think we all have this question. is it ever going to end? we keep hearing advice. get vaccinaed. between getting shot and wearing the mask in the interim when may we finally turn the tide for good? >> i think that the mitigation efforts with very put into place. i can see in the bay area and other parts of the state the vaccine mandate will have impact. if i got vaccinated today we are looking at six weeks physical full protection. question sad's a down swing in september or october. the mistake is we released the breaks too early last time. i would like to see we get thens do you know to very low levels before we consider releasing at least the mask mandate and i think that the vaccine mandate is here to stay. >> good information.
6:46 am
thank you for joining us from cal street east bay. >> thank you. >> thank you. the time is 6:45. let's check the weather and traffic. >> good morning. we are looking a beautiful day ahead. here is a beautiful view taking you out to the south bay. santa clara valley. blue skies high on top of mount hamilton. that's at about 4,000 feet in elevation. you can see in the background down in the discontinuous that fog this morning. here is a foggy view with the san francisco camera. mark hopkins hotel camera. we are in the 50's. some spots down to the 40's. it is a chillier start to the day of track that on shore flow. it's all because of the low pressure system just off the coast bringing in that sea breeze for us. the coast you will stay cool, cloudy and breezy.
6:47 am
that low press officer system kind of battling it out for control. really depending on where you are with the micro climate. as we go hour by hour you can see the skies clearing inland and for parts of the bay. that cloud cover still along the coast and that surge of marine influence. that marine stratus into tomorrow morning and temperatures for tomorrow will be a bitl capacitier with that stronger sea breeze for you. for wednesday, in the meantime air quality forecast looking good. in green for the north bay, east bay and the peninsula. moderate air quality for coast and the valley. s we look to the rest of the country with wildfires in the withest and in canada check out all of that smoke and unhealthy air.
6:48 am
likely through the rest of the week. let's check out the daytime highs for the peninsula. mid to upper 70's to low 80's. 81 for redwood city. 81 santa clara. 91 for morgan hill. inland east bay some of the hottest locations, 93 concord as well as for pleasant hill. 96 antioch and 98 in brentwood. tri valley upper 80's to low 90's. around the bay. 65 san francisco, 63daley city. 7 # for oakland as well as for san leandro. 84 for a high in santa rosa and topping out at 101 for ukia as well as for clear lake. 70's wednesday and thursday. inland east bay a bit of a dip with the temperatures as well
6:49 am
midweek and then heating up friday, the warmest day out of the extended forecast. also for the north bay 90, by the end of the workweek low to mid6o's. let's check this with as accide are not doing too bad. for our friends, our super commuters making that ride in to the pass is a busy one. 47 minutes, hat check is your travel time from 205 toward 680. again no crashes to slow you down. it's just the usual stuff out of tracy toward the dublin. we are starting to see some brake lights along highway 4 as well. that yell's on the travel times, westbound from antioch toward 80, give yourself about 40 minutes. you will see the brake lights through pittsburgh as you work into bay point. getting slow onto 242 heading toward 680. 880 as been looking good. if you are going through the door you are in luck. we vice-president had any brake lights or delays. live look if you are going toward the airport.
6:50 am
san mateo bridge clear through in both directions. westbound just getting crowded. 13 minutes to go between 880 and 101. overnight chp issued a wind advisory and a fog advisory for the golden gate. as you work in to the city looks okay but north of there, you know 101, as you head toward the tunnel you may see foggy conditions in and around that area. overall an easy ride into san francisco. a car museum in the sacramento area is making a push to jump start business after the pandemic shut down. membership was stalled at the california auto museum until reopened in march of this year. the executive director usually changes out the exhibit several times a year but this summer he has new ways to bring some car lovers. the museum now has a car club
6:51 am
meet up every third variety. >> we had 11 who cars at one time. get response from the public and from car clubs as well. bringing cars from as far as seattle. >> people of all ages in the club. youngsters, those kids are only 40. >> hundreds of people have been turning out. the museum will feature low riders on august 21th. food trucks and a dj will be on hand. next,. >> if you are planning to hit the gym before you head to work grab that mask. with relieve with how the bay area is responding to the mandate. and new video just into the newsroom of the dixie fire. the evacuation ordered in place. swimming superstar caleb
6:52 am
dressler with his five gold medals and boeing hopes to prove it's new spaceship can safely fly to and from the international space station. why the stakes are so high. and get a first look at the new comic book that john lewis helped write. how it's being used to inspire young people. and streaming today on cbsn bay area getting the latest on the delta variant and mask mandates. we will hear from a ucfs doctor in a live interview this morning. that's at 9:50. you can watch it at or on the app.
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i'm justin andrews. dedication. that's one thing i'm noticing here. they are dedicated to working out and even dedicated to wearing a mask. it's a mandate now and seven bay area counties including here in pleasantonhaveen
6:56 am
talking to a few people working out about how they are readjusting to the masking rules now and they are pretty cool with it. local health leaders say they didn't want to have this mask mandate at this point in the pandemic but numbers are rising and the transmission is surging. the map date went into effect just after midnight. we talked to a guy who comes in to the gym every single week. he said that he has no problem wear a mask. he said it makes him sweat a little more. the gm said his staff um come around and cleans the equipment every 30 minutes. it's something they have been doing for a while. especially now with the delta variant surging. bay area businesses had to make last minute preps ahead of today's indoor mask mandate. >> many say that the latest guidance wilkeit harder to
6:57 am
run their businesses. some are thinking about offering virtual classes. alameda is wrapping up it's efforts to get more vaccinated. vaccine drop ins are available today at greater st. paul's church on martin luther king. kaiser is telling all staff and patients they need to be vaccinated. they will working to put in the mandate. a shooting closed down part of highway had in antioch. video shows an orange glow behind a ring. everybody in that town was ordered to clear out for a second time. the fire is now 35% contained. as we look at the roadways we have a few brake lights.
6:58 am
42 minutes antioch toward the east shore. looks like that pass commute getting busy as well. 50 minutes from 205 toward 680. no crashes as you work along 580. the east shore freeway. 17 minutes, highway 4 to the maze. 101 northbound. looks like photograph sick moving okay there and at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm tracking that on shore flow. as we head through the afternoon, warming up inland in to the 80's and 90's. 93 in concord. 81 san jose. around the bay with clearing, mid to upper 60's and cool, cloudy and breezy. tracking that afternoon sea breeze along the coast in the low 60's. you can see most us catch that sun through the day today. around the bay, sand for oakland, seasonal daytime highs, slightly cooler midweek and warming up by the end of
6:59 am
the workweek. for san jose temperatures cool america to the 70's wednesday and thursday. then warping up friday, the warmest day out of the extended forecast for the south bay. 80's, wednesday, thursday u friday. hottest day of week for you and also for the north bay about 90 by friday and low to mid-60s's along the coast. you are talking account the star liner test flight. >> cool stuff happening today.3 they will start their test flights. >> the problem is forecasters say that weather could delay the florida launch. it was supposed to blast off friday but it was delayed after a mishap from the international space station. if the launch goes ahead the uncrewed space craft will spend a few days if orbit and then dock at the space station. the testing key for nasa and boeing. the star liner is supposed to take astronauts in to space. >> wow. pretty cool stuff. >> i just checked weather conditions. really unsettled, could see showers and storms. we will see how it goes. >> all right.
7:00 am
>> thank you for hangingous. >> thank you. >> always a treat. >> and don't forget that the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. cbs this morning can good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." it is tuesday, august 3rd, 2021. i'm gayle king. that's anthony mason. that's david begnaud. tony is still on baby leave. let's go. doctors fighting the delta variant say these are the darkest days of the pandemic as many americans still refuse to get vaccinated. how some medical workers face what she accomplished on the balance beam this morning plus five-time tokyo olympic medalist caleb dressel joins us at th table with his new hardware. >> can't wait for that. here's today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds.


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