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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  August 5, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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you can. air quality ad ea becse the wildfire hitting e squad dare devils. what it means for california. we'll get the answer live. good morning. i am devin fehely. >> i am gianna franco. len kiese has the morning off. let's get a check of weather with mary. good morning. we are starting with drizzle with on shore flow kicking in. watch for wet roadways. you might need to use your windshield wipers especially along the coast and around the bay. through the afternoon with the strong sea breeze, daytime highs a few degrees below average for this time of year once again. inland 70s and 80s. around the bay, mid to upper 60s with some clearing. along the coast, cool, cloudy, breezy in low 60s. air quality forecast is moderate today, could see hazy concentration forecast, you see
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good air quality for the most part, good to moderate. as we look to friday, could see hazy skies especially aloft in upper levels of the atmosphere. as we look to saturday we'll be watching potential for some smoke pushing into our region. we'll have more on that coming up. let's get a look at the roadways. if you are on 580, altamont pass, that's where we've got our slowest spots. 205 towards 680. other than that if you are up early, not bad on the east shore freeway, highway 4 and 101 checking in problem free with some nice travel times. towards the bay bridge, seven minutes from the maze into san francisco. it's a pretty easy ride into the city. most of our bay area bridges are fairly quiet. a live look at the san mateo, 12 minutes between 880 and 101.
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if you are taking golden gate bridge, a little misty. as mary mentioned, you might need your windshield wipers. as far as traffic things are smooth sailing 101 south from 37 all the waldgate bridge. the cdc is warning of possibly more than 2 million new covid-19 cases over the next month. >> cases are rising fast in california. chances are you know not just one but several people who have gotten covid recently. the average hit 7%, a ten fold increase from where we were eight weeks ago ahead of the big reopening. vaccination rates are rising statewide and across u.s. but is it enough to fight th dangers of the delta variant. looking at where things stand. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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right now delta makes up 93% of u.s. cases and we are seeing more numbers, more people getting vaccinated and doctors say it really not enough yet. right now u.s. is currently averaging more than 90,000 new cases and we could hit the 100,000 case mark per day. health officials say it is not looking good. the seven day average for new first vaccine doses increased 81% in u.s. since early july. in california, first doses grew 54%. doctors say although recent up tick in vaccines is impressive, we are now way behind where we should be when it comes to vaccinations from u.s. surgeon dr. jerome adams. he spoke on this. >> we are not crying wolf. this surge we are going through has every potential and already looks to be the worst surge we
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faced so far. >> reporter: almost daily, we are seeing more and more bay area counties urging employers to make sure their employees are vaccinated or get tested weekly. those doctors say this is really our only line of defense and they're talking vaccinations. >> thank you. giving workforce until september 30 to prove they're vaccinated unless they have approved exemption. this is days after oakland kaiser announced vaccine mandate. some already costed workers who have worked through the pandemic. >> nurses and nursing assistants are one of the areas we have to work through. >> usually if you are a nurse you care a lot. you will keep giving 100% until you have nothing left in your
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tank. >> some nurses tell us when they test positive for covid there is a ripple effect. it means there is one less person to help take care of patients. red flag warning in effect for areas impacted by dixie fire in the sierras. gusty winds and low humidity are a major cause for concern. fire blew up over night basically destroying greenville in plumas county. this morning we are getting a look at the devastation. there is not much but rubble left. homes and businesses all consumed by flames. u.s. forest service says it took about three hours for fire to burn through the town of about 800. the dixie fire is the eighth largest in california history. there is a new wildfire spreading fast. river fire broke out in placer county yesterday in the sierra foothills. thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes and several areas. a towering plume of smoke could be seen from at least 70 miles
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away. two over night shelters are open, one in grass valley and another in auburn. live to east bay hills, air could get bad there. parts of the bay area are under air quality advisory due to the wildfire smoke heading our way. most of the bay area is still in the green. air quality advisory will remain in place until tomorrow. pge stock dropped after utility's admission about two recent wildfires. it's not just pge taking that hit. in pge's bankruptcy deal survivors were to be paid in full for their losses out of a trust based partially on pge stock. now the survivors are being affected. yesterday pge stock went down 3.5% after it told cpuc its equipment may be to blame for the fire in plumas county and the dixie fire. >> i think the shareholders who made a bad bet on pge ended up
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with cash, ended up with securitization. victims were forced to take stock in the deal and it is really unfortunate because we are being used and abused to shield other investors. >> it's estimated that the victims' trust fund holds up to 25% of pge stock. a little bit later we'll introduce you to federal firefighters called smoke jumpers. when we need their help most, they're facing a hiring crisis. what's going on? we'll have answers live at 6:40. today the family of a missing berkeley runner is expected to speak at a press conference later this morning. this is days after a searcher found a body matching the description of the 38-year-old on the northern part of pleasanton ridge part. investigators are trying to figure out how he ended up there. this is a suspect vehicle in a hit and run that injured a man near poke street and golden gate avenue last month.
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investigators say the driver initially stopped and got out and then took off. the victim has recovered. going live to san francisco from our mark hopkins camera. city streets are going to get a deep cleaning. the operation is called clean corridors sf and a team of public works street cleaners will power wash and sweep sidewalks, clean roads, dig out weeds, wipe out graffiti. the mayor says these investments will go a long way in making sure san francisco shines. san jose is planning to start clearing a massive homelessen compment around the city's airport. >> the land was purchased with federal funds as a buffer between the airport and nearby neighborhoods in case of a plane crash. video from june gives you an idea of what the area will be like that has to be dismantled. city leaders estimate 200 people live there but the
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number could now be higher. first stage to clear the camp will continue until november. construction began this week on a tiny home village for homeless in oakland. >> the project is on city owned land at lake merit. they are pashelwhich tiny homes in communities in san jose and los angeles. the company shared this video of how the homes will look. the village will eventually house 65 people. 5:09. with kids going back to school, many parents are worried about the delta variant. >> it feels a little bit scary for sure. >> how worried should you be? we get answers from an expert. >> multi agency search searching for an injured cub. how officials hope to find tamarack the bear. >> a cloudy foggy drizzly start to our day. daytime highs as we head through our afternoon are about
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three to seven degrees below average for this time of year. check out that drizzle. you can see that on our
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time is 5:12, going live to oakland. if you want to get vaccinated,
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there are two sites open. center of hope on macarthur. you need an appointment but walk ins are welcome at community church from 11:00 to 5:00. oakland unified will hold open house for the renovated campus. there will be a backpack give away. as bay area students start heading back many parents are understandably concerned about kids under 12 who can't be vaccinated for covid yet. >> it feels a little bit scary for sure, just knowing how to take extra precautions. are we going to need to go back into lock down? what are risk for kids as we wait for vaccines to come out for younger kids? >> chief medical officer at marin medical center tells us bay area's pediatric caseload is low because relatively high vaccination rates give younger kids a degree of protection. >> in states where there is a lot of covid, florida, texas,
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we are seeing heart breaking rise in pediatric covid infections. we are seeing children in pediatric icus on ventilators. >> marin will require all employees and children over 12 to prove they're vaccinated or test weekly. southern california school board has announced plans to sue governor newsom over state mandate requiring k to 12 students to wear masks in the classroom. orange board of education claims face coverings are harmful to children and the governor is abusing his power. reaction from parents is mixed. >> i think it is good. i think he needs to wear a mask. he can't get vaccinated. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's hard for me to breathe in a mask and i think it is not safe for kids. >> state officials say masking up indoors is alternative to social distancing which could make it harder for some schools to accommodate all students who want to return to in person classes. we are posting latest
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reopening plans for bay area school districts on and every day bay area medical experts are answering your covid questions on cbsn bay new video shows the multi agency search for tamarack the bear. police sheriffs and fish and wildlife officers are working together to track down the cub. yesterday we told you about the 6-month-old cub being treated for burns. >> officials think he is hiding and likely sleeping when the sun is up. >> likely hiding in small spaces. we are working with a tracker who has infrared equipment so we can get out and see if we can find him. >> tamarack was last seen with blue bandages around his paws but experts say he has likely pulled those off. 5:15. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. we are looking at drizzle as we start our day. you can see our wet live camera
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looking at san francisco and hill. watch out for that as you possibly hit the roadways this morning. you might need to use your windshield wipers as we head through our morning along the coast and around the bay with strong on shore flow, temperatures in mid to upper 50s to low 60s at this hour. let's show you what you can expect, walk you through the day in san francisco. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies for our morning and maybe some clearing, mostly cloudy to partly sunny through our afternoon with the ocean breeze kicking in topping out after 64 in san francisco. east bay in oakland, 68 degrees in the afternoon with clearing as we go through our day with that ocean breeze. south bay, san jose, a day, really quite comfortable with 74 for a daytime high with sunshine in the south bay in san jose. we are looking at the pacific low pressure ushering in that
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breeze today. you can see skies clearing inland but it's going to stick around pretty much all day long along the coast and for parts of the bay. as we look to tonight into tomorrow, marine stratus surging back in but we should see clearing earlier for your friday with temperatures warmer for friday. air quality forecast, moderate air quality. for north bay and east bay, you can see hazy skies aloft in upper levels of the atmosphere. we take you hour by hour with smoke concentration forecast. with the westerly wind and ocean breeze, looking at moderate air quality. if you live in the north and east bay, you can see hazy skies aloft. down at the surface, still looking pretty good. as we look to friday, you can see some of that smoke does move in a little bit more for the bay area friday and saturday. we are going to see if some smoke settles down to the surface. we are watching that closely as
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we look to the end of our work week and into the start of our weekend. in the meantime daytime highs in low 70s for san mateo, south bay santa clara at 74, 84 in morgan hill as we look to east bay inland locati 84 concord, 86 antioch, upper 70s to low 80s for tri valley around the bay, 70s to low 80s for the north bay, mid 80s for ukiah and lake port. san francisco and oakland we will warm things up around the bay especially friday into the 70s in san jose, 80s by friday into the weekend, inland east bay topping out at mid 90s for friday. low to mid 60s along the coast. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic with those slippery roadways. first reports of a new crash west bound 80 near abernathy road.
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it looks like we've got three cars involved and at least one lane is blocked, that left lane. we are seeing the red on our censors clocking speeds around seven miles per hour so traffic is busy out of fairfield because of the crash. we'll keep you updated on that. once you are passed that things look better the rest of the way along west bound 80. not quite the case on west bound 580. we have brake lights on tracy on 205 starting around mount house extending onto 580 and stays slow to at least north flynn. 36 minutes 205 towards 680. here is a live look at 580, 680. this is past where the brake lights are. working your way towards the dublin interchange things look better as far as speed but headlight heading west bound, seeing extra volume in the commute direction. west bound 80 is not bad from highway 4 to the maze. remember east of there we've got that crash in fairfield and
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highway 4 and 101 out of south bay checking in with no troubles. a live look at 880 in oakland, traffic is moving at the limit in both directions. we haven't had brake lights or issues at least through this portion. there was a crash north of there near the maze but that has been completely cleared and it is not causing any delays or issues. east bay times reports city of fremont set to spend 1.3 million to upgrade intersection of washington boulevard and osgood road. this is near the site of the future bart station. the goal is to make the roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. upgrades are expected to start in the fall. 5:20. still ahead, an under water project that could have an impact for years to come. we want to work together to absolutely protect this gem of a lake that we have in tahoe for years to come. >> startling amount of trash
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pulled from lake tahoe. some dating back 50 years. at 7:00, florida sets a record for covid hospitalizations. how a super bowl champion and his dad are tackling police >>e nerobaer just a dollar. tonight at 7:00, when it comes to pandemic, the delta variant poses a huge danger to the unvaccinated. what if you got all of your shots and still ended up getting sick? >> i think there are probably more break through infections. >> i was surprisingly sick. >> on the road to recovery, covid curve ball. what you need to know about break through infections and steps you can
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i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. welcome back. 5:24, a live look outside, a little misty. mary will have your forecast in a second. beneath pristine blue waters of lake tahoe lies a disturbing collection of trash. >> a group of divers is working to change that. they've cleaned 22 miles of the lake so far. they've collected over four tons of trash over 25 days of diving. >> i think we are making tremendous impact together in rectifying and correcting mistakes of our past. however there is attention that's going to be needed
5:25 am
moving forward. i think we all want to work together to absolutely protect this gem of a lake that we have in tahoe for years to come. >> divers recovea treasure trove of cash including an id card from the late 1970s, a rubber snake, and a walk man if you can remember those. >> i do remember those. 5:25. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, vaccinations surging. will it be enough? latest covid predictions and where we go from here. we are minutes from an update on the bay area bad drought. how bad is it? new jobless claims numbers coming out. how will this impact the job mark (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love. my heart doesn't pump enough blood it helps my heart do its job better.
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, as more people roll up their sleeves will it be enough to stop the delta variant in its tracks. a town's water supply drying up. how people in mendocino are surviving. plus we'll look at the drought numbers. an iconic hillsborough state off the market. how much the home of patty hurst for. good morning. i am gianna franco. >> i am devin fehely. len has the morning off. an air quality advisory set for parts of the bay area. smoke from wildfires burning across the state. let's get to mary lee for a look at our air quality. good morning. one thing i want to stress is you could see for north and east bay the hazy skies but it
5:30 am
is really aloft in the upper levels of the atmosphere. at the surface, moderate air quality so not really affecting the air we breathe at the surface. that's good news. you see all for the bay area looking at moderate air quality. north bay and east bay aloft in upper levels of the atmosphere, you could see hazy skies as we head through today with the air quality alert in effect. let's take you hour by hour with smoke concentration forecast and you see we are tracking strong westerly winds. on shore flow, it's the reason why we have gray skies and we have drizzle. that should keep at least at the surface the smoke away from us. as we look to friday, a concern here. some of the smoke could set a the into the surface friday and for saturday so that is something that we are watching very closely as we head through the next few days. i do want to get you up to date on a couple wildfires that are burning. the dixie fire as well as the
5:31 am
river fire. we have two fires burning, dixie fire exploded overnight basically destroying the entire town of greenville and plumas. not much is left. u.s. forest service says it took about three hours for the fire to burn through the town of about 800 people. there is a new wildfire spreading fast. river fire broke out in placer county yesterday afternoon in sierra foothills. thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes in several areas across nevada and placer counties. a towery plume of smoke could be seen from at least 70 miles away. two overnight shelters are open, one in grass valley and another in auburn. dixie fire, the location is under a red flag warning, watching gusty winds and low relative humidity values. a big concern for us. the weather system bringing gusty winds and what firefighters are against is bringing strong on shore flow in the bay area. we are tracking drizzle this
5:32 am
morning. we have wet roadways along the coast and around the bay. >> i dealt with that on my way to work. keep that in mind as you hit the roadways. keep those windshield wipers going if you need to. crash west bound 80 near treasure island. three lanes are blocked. traffic is building. anything that happens on the bay bridge, things get backed up very quickly. we have brake lights west bound across the upper deck of the bay bridge. metering lights are not officially on but we are seeing a back up. pretty much bumper to bumper because of the crash on the upper deck of the bay bridge. we'll keep you updated and get you some travel times. 80 out of fairfield, we have a crash with two or three cars involved, left lane blocked. injuries are reported and the back up is growing, speeds to about eight miles an hour. sluggish conditions as you work your way through.
5:33 am
virus in our community is spreading rapidly. it is spreading everywhere. it is spreading very intensely. >> the coronavirus' summer surge continues to grow. u.s. is approaching 100,000 new cases a day. a month ago the number was below 15,000. cdc says delta variant makes up more than 93% of the new cases. new covid numbers are alarming though vaccination rates are rising as well across the u.s. is it enough to fight the delta variant? >> justin andrews is live in concordat a vaccination site. what the are doctors saying? >> reporter: right now doctors say we are trending in the wrong direction. they say on average the u.s. is seeing more than 90,000 cases a day. >> i hope it doesn't go much higher than around 100,000 but we want it to turn around quickly and come down. >> reporter: new, delta
5:34 am
accounts for 93% of u.s. cases even with vaccine numbers rising. doctors say it is really not enough yet. they say although the recent up tick in vaccines is impressive, they say we are still way behind where wed to be when it comes to vaccinations. seven day average for new first vaccine doses increased though 81% in the united states since early july. in california, first new doses grew to 54%. former u.s. surgeon general says the surge we are seeing now is the worst so far. we are live in concord, i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> thank you. let's get a live look at downtown los angeles which can do what new york just did. city leaders are considering a plan that would require proof of vaccination for anyone entering indoor spaces like bars, restaurants, gyms, even sports arenas. if the motion is passed residents would need at least
5:35 am
one dose of the vaccine. a live look at sfo where stricter rurals will take effect for certain travelers. nearly all international visitors need to be vaccinated before entering u.s. no time line has been announced. biden minion in the hot seat, eu top official calling for u.s. to reverse ban on european travelers to match europe's openings to americans. possible consequence if u.s. doesn't act soon, americans could be blocked from traveling to europe. today, state leaders with asian and pacific islander advocacy groups announcing new resources. there are 7 million in california with limited english proficiency. to sacramento where the covid rent relief program is seeing more and more applications since end of june. california department of housing and community development has to date paid over 241 million in rent relief
5:36 am
to those impacted by the pandemic. since the program launched in mid march it served just over 20,000 households providing about 12,000 to each of the households. an update on the drought wasthjustenti and bay area is classified under extreme and exceptional drought levels. right now there is not much relief in sight. >> thousands of farmers were told they soon won't be allowed to draw water from nearby rivers. in mendocino many of the wells of the town depends on are drying up. paying to truck in water so guests can take a shower. at one restaurant dining rooms empty three nights a week to save water. the owner pays about $3,600 a month for water delivery. >> $600 for 35 gallons.
5:37 am
>> that lasts about a week. >> a week. >> why don't you just get more water? >> these towns on the coast are starting to shut off sale of water. >> some businesses are resorting to port o potties so they can stop flushing away so much water. lack of rainfall has forced some north bay ranchers and farm animal owners to make some drastic choices. pastures are parched and wells are beginning to run dry forcing many to give up their animals because they don't have enough food and water for them. many end up at a rescue ranch. >> not a day in my life have i seen people just crying over the fact that everything around them is dry. it's another thing to tell your 6-year-old daughter who thinks that's her cow that she has to get rid of her cow. >> the farm has about 90 animals, many rescued from
5:38 am
wildfires. berkeley fire officials taking a new aggressive step this fire season. residents in berkeley hills are told they need to preemptively relocate during extreme fire weather. city officials are hoping to stop a repeat of the 1991 fire. homes were destroyed in 15 minutes. locals were forced to abandon their cars when traffic became too congested while trying to escape. >> a recent study using 1991 data and applying it said it would take two hours to get off the hill safely. we don't have two hours. >> the conditions are changing. these catastrophic fires are happening a lot more often than they used to. >> tighter restrictions for travelers headed to sea and major boost cbs employees have in their future. elise preston starts us live
5:39 am
for today's money watch report. good morning elise. >> reporter: good morning. fewer americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. according to labor department s dipped to lings thatwas esit lo carnival cruises is among latest companies to tighten covid restrictions. all passengers regardless of vaccination status will be required to wear masks in certain indoor areas. passengers undergo covid-19 testing prior to cruises. other cruise lines already have similar protocols in place. boosting wages to $15 an hour by next summer. the pharmacy giant says it will begin to increase hourly pay starting this month through next july. cvs which nearly has 300,000 employees currently starts workers at $11 an hour.
5:40 am
it says more than 65% of hourly employees already make more than $15 an hour. gianna. we hear there is a study breaking down the tipsiest states in the country. which topped the list? hopefully not california. >> no, 24/7 wall street looked at where americans like to binge drink most and found nearly a quarter of folks in wisconsin drink excessively followed by north dakota and iowa. utah has least amount of binge drinkers. california landed in the middle at number 23. i have to tell you, i am not surprised by wisconsin. i used to live in milwaukee across the street from a brewery and i could never go to sleep for morning shift because it was always so loud. >> everyone was out and about having a good time and you were like let me sleep please.
5:41 am
>> yes, please. i have to get up. >> that's the worst. we know how important sleep is especially on the morning shift. hopefully things are better now that you are no longer there. >> yes. >> thanks. we'll see you again when the stock market opens at 6:30. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, why a peninsula home seen around the world during a notorious kidnapping case is in the spotlight again. mass show down at a bowling alley. the punishment a business is risking. at 6:00, firefighters known for jumping out of planes to battle blazes. why they're having a difficult time filling openings. good thursday morning. a live look looking at the bay bridge. it's a cloudy foggy start with even drizzle along the coast and around the bay. watch for those wet roads. i will let you know what we can expects we te ug
5:42 am
thxt vedasmokforeca iscomi uloo our mark hopkins camera before we head to break. the time now is 5:41. we'll be right back. z4ey8z zi0z
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y4ey8y yi0y
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5:44. a quick live look at our mark hopkins camera. a little drizzly. mary will have more on that. one company says it is not
5:45 am
going to follow new mask guidelines even though the mandate applies to almost all of the bay area. a few hours before the mask mandate went into effect danville bowl posted this statement on its facebook page saying it is aware of the guidance and will not be enforcing it. contra costa district attorney's office says this will be sending enforcement officers to the business. >> most businesses want to do the right thing. we don't want to be punitive. we are trying to work with them, educate them, ensure they can operate safely for everyone. >> if danville bowl does not implement the mandate it could be fined $250 for first offense and up to $1,000 a day afterwards. a bay area mansion associated with one of the most notorius kidnappings has just sold. >> it was patty hurst's childhood home. this 9800 square foothills
5:46 am
borrow estate is now off the market. >> her parents routinely held press conferences on the front steps. that's where they played recordings of her announcing she had joined liberation army under the name tonya. >> she later claimed she was brain washed. not much is known about the buyer but we know the seller is a british businessman. 5:46. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. good morning to you. happy thursday. tracking drizzle especially along the coast and around the bay. if you are about to hit the roadways be prepared about slippery roadways. you might need to use your windshield wipers. you see the drizzle on our san francisco mark hopkins hotel camera looking at hill, a wet live camera, temperatures in mid to upper 50s to low 60s. 59 concord and livermore, 57 oakland, 56 san francisco and
5:47 am
santa rosa. let's walk you through the day in san francisco, mostly cloudy skies to partly sunny, daytime highs around 64 with that ocean breeze, westerly winds about 20 miles per hour. strong on shore flow full effect for oakland with mostly cloudy skies in the morning. oakland 68 for a high with the sea breeze. south bay in san jose, a pleasant day. we are talking 74 with that sunshine in san jose. here is the satellite and radar view. we have been watching this low pressure system that's going to swing through for today and that's why we are looking at daytime highs from four to seven degrees below average. futurecast taking you hour by hour, you see skies clearing and sunshine inland. for around the bay partly sunny to mostly cloudy and cloud cover sticking around along the coast as we go through our day all day with the ocean breeze.
5:48 am
tonight into tomorrow, marine stratus surges back in but will clear early as we look to friday in the afternoon, daytime highs warmer. friday will be the warmest day of the week. moderate air quality for the bay area, we have been talking about air quality alert for north and east bay. that's really for the upper levels of the atmosphere. aloft you can see hazy skies if you live in north and east bay but not at the surface. the air we breathe at the surface ground level will be moderate. not looking at unhealthy air quality today but you might see those hazy skies. looking at our smoke concentration forecast, with the strong on shore flow, that's really helping our air quality. as we look to friday and for saturday there is a chance to see smoke settle at the surface. we'll be watching friday and for the weekend with the possibility of some smoke at the surface there. sunrise 6:16 and sun set at
5:49 am
8:13. daytime highs for the peninsula looking at low to mid 70s. 74 san jose, 84 morgan hill. inland east bay, 84 for a high in concord. 63 daly city, 69 in alameda and daytime highs in mid 70s to low 80s for the north bay this afternoon, 85 for ukiah. around the bay, san francisco, oakland, 70s on friday. south bay san jose into the 80s friday and into the weekend heating up to 96 inland east bay, mid 90s. upper 80s for north bay by tomorrow and low to mid 60s at the coast. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. it might be wet when you are out and about. we've got this crash at the bay bridge. look at the red as you work near treasure island. it's a three car crash blocking
5:50 am
three lanes near treasure reall backing up. they did turn metering lights on and it is pretty much bumper to bumper. you are backed up well to the maze. depending how long it takes for this crash to clear you will see that trickle effect off east shore fra half an hour to work your way from this point all the way into san francisco. if you are taking east shore freeway because of the crash, 19 minutes off of 80. pretty typical. something going on at the bay bridge, we'll see things backing up on 280. if you are taking 92 you can use that as an option, san mateo bridge to cross to the peninsula. just depends where your commute takes you this morning. richmond san rafael bridge, only seven minutes. 37 towards golden gate, give yourself 19 minutes. we are keepineye on a
5:51 am
crash west bound 80 near abernathy. at least one lane is blocked. the drive out of fairfield is a pretty busy one. i do know tow crews have been called on both incidents. altamont, 44 minutes from 205 towards 680. bay area restaurants that just landed on the new michelin list. >> who is set to take over as the new guest host of jeopardy. looking live outside at the richmond san rafael bridge, we'll be right back. -great idea. [gasps] look at the little cutie.
5:52 am
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good morning on this thursday. it is 5:54. cloudy skies, 62 degrees. a mild start to the day in the south bay as we look to san francisco. check out that drizzle on our mark hopkins hotel cam. strong on shore flow for another cool day across the region. new, michelin out with the list of new discoveries. ten spots landed a spot in the prestigious dining guide. west coast barbecue spot in oakland, french place in san francisco.
5:55 am
>> i want to check those out. it's time for your entertainment news and headlines. jeopardy is reportedly in final stages of naming a new permanent host. the executive producer is set to take the reigns. alex trebek hosted for 36 years until his death last year. meghan duchess of sussex celebrated her 40th birthday. this aims to help women forced out of work because of the pandemic. sound of music will once again fill new york city's carnegie hall this fall. the venue reopens october 6 for the first time since the pandemic with a gala featuring adelphia orchestra. 5:55. as delta variant surges, vaccinations are surging as well. >> will it make a difference? the new covid prediction. take a nice deep breath of
5:56 am
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, as more people get vaccinated, will it be enough to stop the delta variant? the new prediction and where california stands. devastation from dixie fire. what's left after it burned an entire town in three hours. looking live outside, our chge from t n all that wildfire smoke. an elite squad that fires. now there is a hiring crisis when we need them most. what's going on? a live look behind the scenes.
6:00 am
good morning. it is thursday august 5. i am devin fehely. >> i am gianna franco. len has the morning off. good morning mary. it is a little bit misty. it is. watch for some wet roads, you might need to use your windshield wipers. we are tracking drizzle. you can see those drops on our live camera in san francisco this morning. looking at the strong ocean breeze, it's why we are starting with mist, drizzle, foggy conditions. cooler daytime highs from four to seven degrees below average. catching clearing inland, 70s and 80s inland. around the bay partly sunny skies. afternoon ocean breeze along the coast, cool, cloudy, breezy in the low 60s along the coast. moderate air quality for the bay area for north bay and east bay, if you live there, you could see hazy skies aloft in


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