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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 8, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> that is it for us. we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> captioning sponsored by cbs >> tonight, america's dangerous covid comeback. the surge in every state but especially among the unvaccinated in the deep south. tempers flair. this is the biker rally in south dakota ramps up fears of an outbreak. cbs news is there. >> bikers say this rally will be a super spreader are just noise. >> we'll also get a checkup from the doctor on booster shots and returning to school. also tonight, the u.s. senate pushes past partisan potholes on
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the way to a infrastructure bill. and the executive assistant pushed andrew cuomo of sexual misconduct speaks publicly for the first time. we have a preview of our exclusive interview. >> the we have a preview of our exclusive interview. >> the governor needs to be held accountable. >> duncan: the olympic games come to a close in tokyo. team u.s.a. closes competition with a gold rush. and later, competing couple, approximate it is an olympic sport, they did it, all of them. this is the "cbs weekend news" from new york, here's jericka duncan. >> duncan: good evening, to our viewers in the west, and thanks for watching. we begin tonight with a spreading covid threat. even with just over half of americans now fully vaccinated, that's not enough to hold off a surge of new cases. the u.s. is now reporting an average 100,000 infections per day, up from 11,000 in late june. hospitalizations are also up averaging about 50,000 a day. cbs' mola lenghi is in sturgis, south dakota tonight where there is clearly more fun than fear. >> reporter: that's right,
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jericka, here at the rally there are no mask mandates, no vaccination requirements and that is just how these bikers seem to like it while parts of the rest of the country deal with that severe covid spike, here at sturgis you barely know the virus exists. with more than half a million people expected at the annual sturgis motorcycle rally city manager daniel ainsley thought he would be busier delivering covid rapid tests to people with symptoms. any issues as far as covid, masks? >> we haven't had any issues. we have covid tests available, mask available. in the beginning we were running around town making a lot of deliveries and starting to get worried about how we will keep up, but, ultimately interest in it kind of went away. >> reporter: the entire u.s. is red hot with covid spread, health officials say the delta surge is dire in the southeast including florida, tennessee and
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kentucky where hospitalizations jumped 50% in a week. >> so we have basically patients everywhere, taking care of five, six patients at one time, that is not an easy task. >> reporter: in hard hit florida, deaths have quadrupled in more than a month. at jacksonville's impact church, the congregation is reeling from a fatal outbreak. >> we literally have six people who have tested positive, end up in hospital and passed away within the last ten days. >> reporter: new infections are highest among the unvaccinated, just 50% of the americans are fully vaccinated. >> we're scared and then== because of our age. >> reporter: there is a push to get shots in the arms of children, as many begin heading back to classrooms starting tomorrow. >> i can't think of a business right now that would put 30 unvaccinated people in a confined space without masks and keep them there for the whole day. >> reporter: pediatric cases are already soaring. one in five new covid cases in the last week of july were kids. >> this is political overreach.
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>> reporter: still, the debate over school mask and vaccine mandates continues to boil over. >> we will not comply. >> reporter: compliance is mandatory for americans who want to go to canada. they must be vaccinated and have proof of a negative covid test. after 16 month, the great white north is finally reopening its borders to u.s. visitors tomorrow but canadians won't be allowed to come here until august 21s. most of the bikers we've spoken to here tell us they have at least one shot, as a state more than 54% of south dakoatans are fully vaccinated. that is higher than the national average jericka. >> duncan: mola lenghi for us in sturgis, south dakota, thank you. now with cbs news medical contributor david agus in los angeles. when you hear this information what is the biggest concern right now? >> reporter: pockets of the country, cases are going up dramatically and so are hospitalizations. and hospitals are nearing capacity. even today two of my patients
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were told that their cancer surgeries which are considered elective cancer surgeries have been delayed. and so it is certainly scary for all of them and scary for people who can get sick, and there is no capacity at the hospitals. in many cities across the country. >> duncan: and while in are cities as you noted that are having real issues with hospitalizations, do you see us going back to where we were in the near future where cities are shut down. i don't think we're going to shut down but i think we'll go back to wearing masks and go back to more restrictive behaviors to stop spread of the virus. we have no choice at the present time. >> duncan: when you look at the number of children that are either back in school or getting ready to go back, do you think this is a situation where parents should try and keep their children home if they can? >> reporter: it is a difficult question, jericka. really depends where you live and what are the numbers in those areas and your level of risk tolerance. but certainly in many parts of the country, many children are being infected with covid-19, the delta variant and it's spreading.
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so it is a difficult decision that parents have to make but a critical one, in-person learning works and we know that. i hope we can get there with masks and doing it the right wy. >> duncan: so dr. agus, if you have been fully vaccinated and you are wearing the mask, what more can be done and should people expect to get that booster shot, is that imminent. >> reporter: first of all the booster shot is going to happen and will probably happen in early september and people who are new to press and people over the age 65 and then people vaccinated very early in december and january. what you need to do is just avoid crowds, avoid places where people are not wearing masks. right now we are all in the mode of stopping delta. and we have to think that way. >> duncan: dr. david agus, we thank you for your expertise. the u.s. senate was back at work today laboring towards passage of a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. christina ruffini is at the white house. if this is happening with bipartisan support, the question is what is taking so long? >> reporter: good evening,
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jericka. there is some irony in the fact that a bill designed to help things move faster and better is making a slow crawl towards the finish line but it is crawling towards the finish line, we saw pizzas delivered a little while ago as senators prepare for another long night. there will be a procedural vote around 7:30 p.m. and unless they do some real maneuvering are o step on the gas we are expecting a final vote to come tuesday it does still enjoy bipartisan support, 18 republicans have signed on including minority leader mitch mcconnell. and that has even oppoinents of the bill admitting it is probably likely to pass. that means those roadwork signs could be coming to i a state near you, including 25.3 billion colors for highway-- dollars for highways in california, 5.37 million for bridges in texas, and 316 million dollars for public transportation in hawaii, hopefully a few dollars for some of those potholes here in d.c. too jericka. >> duncan: christina ruffini at
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the white house. the aide who filed a criminal complaint against new york governor cuomo is publicly coming forward for the first time. in an exclusive interview for cbs this morning and "the times union" i spoke to britani commiso, identified as the "executive assistant number one" in new york attorney general's report on special harassment allegations against the three term democratic governor. in that report commiso said she was groped and sexually harassed by the governor. she is one of 11 women accusing the governor of sexual misconduct. when you open up that report, executive assistant number one is first. and you were not the first to come forward with allegations- come forward with allegations of sexual harassment misconduct by the governor, why do you think your story appears first? >> i believe that my story appears first due to the nature of the inappropriate conduct
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that the governor did to me. i believe that he groped me, he touched me, not only once, but twice, and i don't think that that had happened to any of the other women, the touching. and i believe that is because what had had happened to me that that was the most inappropriate of the actions that he had done. >> duncan: governor cuomo denies all accusations of sexual harassment or unwanted advances and says will he will not step down. you can see more of the interview with britani commiso tomorrow on cbs this morning. to chicago now where a routine traffic stop turned deadly last night. police showed up in force at a hospital because a fellow officer, 29 year old ella french was killed and her partner
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seriously wounded after exchanging fire with at least one suspect. officer french was a new mother and three year veteran of the force. california's still raging dixie fire is now the second largest in state history. officials said today that flames have now scorched more than 460,000 acres. thousands of people have been forced from their homes, more than 400 structures have been destroyed. fire is only 21% contained. and right now there are more than 100 wildfires burning in 14 states. once again tonight incredible video out of greece, huge wildfires are raging across that country, many have fled the fires on boats. others are refusing to go, staying behind to fight the flames. the fires and extreme weather seen around the world could be a preview of what is to come. tomorrow the world's top climate scientists are set to release a
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landmark report that has a stare scientists are set to release warning of expected changes to oceans, ice caps and land in the coming decades and how humans are making it worse. to japan now where the tokyo olympics officially came to a close toyed. close today. the games ended as they began, in a pandemic with fireworks, athletes and i mostly empty stadium, good news on the last day of competition team u.s.a. won the most gold medals and total medal count. our jamie yuccas is in tokyo and has been covering it all for us, jamie, great job out there. >> reporter: thank you, we like those winds too, right jericka. the closing ceremony was a celebration of athlete accomplishments, the olympic games will be remembered for so much more. the summer games are over for tokyo. next up, paris 2024. a smaller than normal closing ceremony in tokyo due to covid restrictions and athletes having to leave 48 hours after
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competition. in highlighted the more than 200 nations who participated. u.s.a. javelin thrower cara winger marched with the american flag. and it was a moment of reflection for the 2020 olympic games delayed a year by covid as the caldron was extinguished. the two weeks of action also put a focus on athlete's mental health when star gymnast simone biles pulled out of key events. biles back home in texas spoke with president biden and the first lady on a zoom call along with other team u.s.a. athletes. >> it's been a long journey. the olympics was not how i expected it to go but putting my mental and physical health first will probably be one of my greatest accomplishments within you set an example, i really >> you set an example, i really meant simone, you had the courage to say i need some help. i need some help, i need some time. >> reporter: and now she will pick up her speed, bruce springsteen daughter jessica won silver in the equistrian final.
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allyson felix posted she was excited to head home after winning 11 medals surpassing carl lewis as the most decorated track and field athlete. they have come to tokyo and kept the streak alive. and the u.s.a. women's basketball team beat japan to win gold, that i is seventh straight gold medal win. >> couldn't be more happy. this is always really give to win a gold medal. this year was even harder given all the challenges everyone faced. >> reporter: the paralympics start october 24th for now there seeps to be a collective sigh of relief for the athletes that competed after two years of wondering, waiting and finally competing in these games. jericka. >> duncan: and i'm sure a sigh of relief that you finished, congratulations again. safe travels back home. straight ahead on the cbs weekend news. it's a political showdown in the show me state over masks as missouri battles its fourth
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covid surge. and later another summer games ended today, it was much smaller but equally as inspiring.
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>> duncan: missouri is responding to the latest covid surge by deploying ambulances across the state, they will transport infected patients to other regions if nearby hospitals are too full to admit them. cbs' mireya villarreal has more. >> reporter: tonight hospitals across missouri are bracing for another surge in covid cases and deaths. health experts warning this surge is being fueled by the delta strain and is more dangerous than what we have seen over the last year. >> my patients with coronavirus, many of them are intubated, many of them are on significant amount of medicines to control their muscles and paralyze them even.
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>> reporter: kansas city hit their highest positivity rate of covid since the pandemic began at 34.4 percent and fully vaccinated rate, are just below 40%-- the highest since spring 2020, missouri is near capacity recording more than 175 covid patients and reporting 27 deaths in the last week. >> what are the cases like? >> both of our hospital partners told us this he have had children in their facilities and they needed interventions that they did not see before such as being intubated. >> reporter: springfield a largest school district is requiring students and staff to start the new school year wearing masks. districts in st. louis county and all illinois schools are being ordered to follow suit. >> i don't want a ten -year-old getting sick. i don't want an outbreak at an elementary school. >> reporter: kansas city reinstated mandate for the-- entire city requiring masks be western in all indoor spaces where six feet cannot be maintained, two days later the attorney general sued the city claiming he didn't have the power to make this decision.
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the a.g. posting on twitter the mask mandate is an orchestrated distraction and the restrictions are not about science but about politics. >> reporter: are you trying to infringe on the freedoms of people that live in the city? >> you know what i am trying to do is make sure that we can stay open. there are too many people in this state. and in this country who right now hen we are dealing with a real crisis have chosen, i think to divide us further. >> reporter: that political division now playing out inside local hospitals. >> i watched a woman send text messages to her sister yesterday, and calling her son to tell her they're-- they're putting the tube in and i hope i can talk to you again. putting the tube in and and these are voices that haunt me as i continue to try to take care of these patients. and i wonder and ask why can you have not gotten the vaccine. >> reporter: as a standoff in the show me state continues the mask mandate will remain in place until a judge ordered otherwise. mireya virreal, cbs news in kansas city, missouri.
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>> duncan: still ahead on the cbs weekend news, we remember a star on the music stage, and a legendary coach on the gridiron.
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>> duncan: that celebration, a classic and a huge hit by kool and the gang. we learned this weekend that the band's cofounder dennis dee tee
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thomas has died. the band came together in 1969. dee tee thomas was 70 years old. and legendary college football coach bobby bowden has died. bowden lead florida state to a remarkable 28 straight bowl a appearances. and won two national a championships, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last month, he was 91 years old. next on the cbs weekend news, these amateur athletes take on an olympic size challenge to honor a loved one. olympic sizeo honor a loved one. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood.
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>> duncan: we end tonight with another marathon finish. a british couple prove they're champions after completing every olympic sport for a great cause, imtiaz tyab has more. >> reporter: it was a photo finish as stuart baits and charlotte nichols finished the last leg of their epic inspired chamney, between the tears and complishment and relief. 102 individual olympic events in in 17 days be and it feels like 200 and i'm glad it's done but we have will the time of our
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lives. >> reporter: the couple competed in 49 sports. 102 events. in just 17 days. all part of their own version of the olympic games to raise money for a cure for lou gehrig disease also known as a.l.s.. >> i lost my brother to this terrible disease ten years ago and we wanted to do something massive that has never been done before. >> reporter: they're calling it the spen-olympics after his brother spencer who was a superfan. the fundraising challenge for their games isn't for the faint of heart. and comes with its fair share of scrapes and bruises. >> we're good. >> reporter: it required months of training on everything from cycle racing to wind surfing in the english countryside.
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>> what do i do? >> yes, i have a massive fear of fish as ridiculous as that sounds. >> you shook that down quickly. >> had to be done. >> and you won gold. >> nice. >> reporter: going for gold in the dozens of events comes second to raising money, they have already received more than $100,000 in donations. >> we'll carry on until there is a cure, until there is treatments we'll keep doing things that people want us to do. anything, we will take things on. on >> reporter: a tribute by two amateur athletes with olympic sized hearts. imtiaz tyab, cbs news, weymouth, england. >> duncan: congratulations, that is the cbs news, coming up "60 minutes," i'm jericka duncan in new york. we thank you so much for watching. have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the first day of school is hours away for thousands of students and why some teachers are still pushing to delay in person learning. i am in chinatown and a young man was shot during a robbery attempt yesterday, and people here are saying this is a city out of control. hundreds run for cover after gunfire erupts at a packed house party in the south bay leaving one dead and the new questions being raised about the homeowner. good evening. we begin tonight with a live look at oakland where tens of thousands of oh usd students are excited to meet their teachers and see classmates in person for the first day of
6:00 pm
school tomorrow. we are joined live from glenville elementary. >> reporter: that is right. that newly redone campus behind me is among the schools opening up for in person learning at the start of the school year tomorrow, but as you said, not everybody is ready to go back to class and we spoke to some teachers who want the district to delay the reopening until all students and staff are vaccinated. today, the teachers union ratified the safety agreement with the oakland unified school district and key highlights include proper ventilation to minimize transmission and infection. the district will supply masks for everyone as well as gloves and face shields and also provide hand sanitizer in the district said it will offer covid-19 testing every two weeks and today i spoke with two teachers


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