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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  August 10, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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right now on kpix five and streaming on cbs in bay area, looking live from the exclusive mark hopkins camera it is tuesday august 10th, i am gianna franco. >> i am len kiese. meteorologist mary lee is standing by with the forecast. good morning. we are looking at another first day of school, so good morning, special good morning to san ramon valley unified. your day off as we head through we are looking at plenty of sunshine and heating up to the low 90s. so if you are getting the kids ready for school, t-shirts and shorts. we are looking at this morning, of course, the temperatures in the 50s. so layering is the best thing to do. heading through the day, looking at good to moderate air quality, and as we head through the afternoon, looking at e hig to yesterday. so, we are looking at above average daytime highs from 3 to 7 degrees above average.
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so low to mid-70s around the bay. mid-80s for the south bay and san jose and mid-90s in concord for the inland east bay locations. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic on this tuesday morning. hey, g. let's start off with a look at travel times this morning. everything is in the green so a good start for your tuesday morning drive. we are not seeing major issues. highway 4 or 101 everything is clear. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights. things are quiet as you head through there. wind advisory in effect for venetia bridge issued by chp overnight. the rest of our bay area bridges are pretty quiet. look at travel times here only 7 minutes to go from the maze over into the city if you are taking the bay bridge and san mateo bridge this morning, that's 12-minute ride between hayward into foster city. richmond san rafael bridge problem free as we as the ride across the golden gate. this morning -- live news desk and another group of bay area workers now
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being forced to be vaccinated. looking live at walnut creek this morning. where all city employees and profide wecovid tests er have the of wacreek,theyand san francisco. the state and federal government refusal to plnary ac starting with warning and unpaid leave or term nation. the walnut creek mayor tweeting about it saying this will be effective on august 16th. and he says this is being done to protect health of our employees and the public. he says anyone not verified as vaccinated will need to provide weekly covid-19 test and put covid behind us, and this comes as rising case numbers throughout the bay area when it comes to a breakthrough cases of covid-19. this morning, a good samaritan who was shot trying to stop a robbery is at home.
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>> betty yu spoke to him about why he felt the need to jump in and help. >> a little bit, but it should be manageable. >> reporter: from his hospital bed, 27-year-old mr. li showed me one of his gunshot wounds. we are withholding his first name for privacy. that was the sound of gunfire hitting li twice in the shoulder and thigh during the chaos of the robbery. li said he was waiting for his mom, who was shopping, when he noticed two men followed two couples out of a boba shop near 8th and franklin in oakland's chinatown on saturday. >> and soon afterwards, i hear some yelling, and screaming. and it looks like there's a robbery attempt right now. and then, so i turn my head, you know, tried to de-escalate. >> reporter: he says one of the suspects pointed a gun at woman's head, so another victim
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tackled the gunman. and li tried to push the suspect to the ground. that is when he was shot. the men got away with the purses. what spelled you to intervene? >> well, i was thinking of everyone's safety at first. >> >> reporter: you are very brave. >> well, at first, it was a regular tussle there was not any guns involved. one the gun was pulled out, i was ready too close. >> reporter: the other male victim was pistol whipped as he tried to recomfort woman's purse. >> i would definitely do it again, but maybe do things a little differently. i would still definitely approach them. i am not going to stand by. >> reporter: the oakland resident says he's taken active shooter training in the past. >> my advice is what they do, safety over anything else. so, if you have possessions, to just drop them, you know, throw them try to distract them in
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anyway you can in order to escape. that's probably rule number one. >> that was about they yu reporting. li said as last resort to he make physical contract and try to disarm the gunman. he is expected to make a full recovery. more bay area kids are going back to school as a surge of covid infections are sweeping the nation. we have how parents and students are balancing the virus and classroom. >> she is very excited. she honestly won't stop talking about it. >> reporter: brieano castro's 6- year-old daughter is ready tofo there's concern. there were 192 paid being a
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covid hospitalizations help a 46% increase from the previous week. >> it's concerning for families as we go back to in person fully and after a year and a half of, you know, struggling through everything. >>epof casllunschool deded last-minto switch their children to distance learning. but the majority of students, more than 9,000, are set to return to the classroom. >> there are strict guidelines about quarantining, isolation, and we have procedures for dismissal, drop off, volunteers, masking. >> i think what we saw before we had vaccines available is we can successfully reopen schools. >> reporter: stanford children's health chief medical officer grace lee says returning to campus can be done safely even as kids under 12 wait for a vaccine authorization. >> going back to the basics, so masks, distancing ase,ing thing outdoors as much as possible. >> reporter: meantime, while
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brianna worries her daughter could catch covid, she says she taught her daughter the first lesson even before she stepped into a classroom. the importance of wearing a mask. >> all you have to do is follow protocols. >> other schools opening today include san ramon valley and eastside union, morgue moraga and piedmont. tomorrow they return in pleasantton south palo alto and k through 5 in palo alto return on thursday and students in santa clara and mount diablo. you are covered for back to school, your questions answered and the best gadgets for students returning to the classroom and how to keep them sanitized. a cnet editor comes up this morning at 6:30. looking live at the u.s. capitol where today the senate is set to hold a final vote on the trillion and
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several senators from both parties. cbs reporter bradley blackburn says the legislation is expected to past with bipartisan support. >> reporter: the wrangling took longer than expected but senate leaders say the trillion dollar infrastructure bill is moving forward. >> it may have taken all weekend, but the senate is now finally on the precipice of passing major bipartisan infrastructure legislation. >> reporter: a final vote in the senate is expected today on a plan that includes $550 in new spending on traditional infrastructure projects like roads, broadband, water systems and trains. >> we need to demonstrate to the american people we can work together in the cop gres to pass major legislation that benefits our country. >> reporter: there appears to be enough senators supporting the measure for it to pass, but some republicans are still worried about the cost. congressional budget office says it will add $256 billion to the deficit in the next decade. >> the bill sponsors repeatedly
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said it would be paid for. and in fact, it is not. >> reporter: if the bill passes, it had move to the house and the senate will start on president biden's much larger human in. >> structure plan. the $3.5 trillion budget bill includes spending on climate change, child care, and other social programs paid for with tax increases. >> we plan to pay for the package by making the wealthy pay their fair share. >> reporter: that has no republican support, so democrats need all 50 of their votes to pass it. bradley blackburn, cbs news. today, the bill on physical infrastructure could get yes votes from as many as 70 senators. the house is expected to take it up when lawmakers return to session in september. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. doctors joining the fight to shut down a south bay airport. why they are sounding the alarm on what could be an environmental health crisis. get ready to get into movie
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theaters using bitcoin. and later, fighting for a dosage of hope. the promising cutting edge treatment that could extend lives. >> and looking live at san francisco from our treasure island camera. it's 4:41. we will be right back.
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time for this morning's money watch report. look for a job? now is a good time.
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the u.s. economy now has a record number of openings. cbs pony watch diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: stocks were mixed to start the week on monday, the dow dropped 106 points. the nasdaq gained 24, and the s&p 500 lost four. for the first time ever, there were more than 10 million jobs available in the u.s. the labor department says the leisure and hot hospitality industry and head health care and social assistance field had more than 1.5 million openings in the month of june. the ceo of amc says the movie theaters are not out of the woods yet from the coronavirus pandemic. about 95% of its theaters are now opened, and amc posted a better than expected quarterly report card yesterday with revenue rising to $445 million. itth loss narrow to 433 million
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and the head of the company hopes for a happy hollywood ending in the future saying, if it was a movie, it would be called recovery. the company also announced it will accept bitcoin as payment beginning by the end of the year. dominoes is giving away $50 million of free food. the pizza chain says customers shouldn't be hit with surprise fees by third party delivery apps and promises surprise food with its own delivery service. one in every 14 doll knows couples commerce who order through the website until november 21let receive free pizza cheesy bread or chocolate lava kate. for more head to i am diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. the calls to shut down san jose's reid hillview airport is intensifying. doctors are concerned about lead pollution from small planes. they are concerned about a
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study showing elevated lead levels in children who live near the airport. researchers say the chemical comes if planes using leaded fuel which is banned for cars. >> lead exposure in infants ore development, and poorer outcomes in school. >> a flight school owner says the airport is weeks away from switching to unleaded fuel. and since the county received federal funds to make airport improvements it will remain opened for another decade. fire watch now crews battling the river fire in nevada and placer counties are strengthen containment lines around homes this morning. flames burned more than 2600 acres and people who are forced to evacuate finally got a chance for a return yesterday to see what's left of the neighborhood. pam salveage says she is extremely thankful to the firefighters who kept her home
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standing. >> these men that defended the property and they didn't even know me, it is incredible. i am surprised my house is still here. >> strong winds and smoke hindered the fight yesterday against the dixie fire burning in humeas county and parts of the sierra nevada. the number of structures destroyed is 873. crews are patrolling areas scorched by the fire several weeks ago looking inside trees and stomps for hidden flames to could reignite into a wild fire. for information how to help wild fire victims head to it's 4:46. mary lee has the forecast on this tuesday. good morning. >> good morning, len and gianna. we are looking at the onshore floating for the bay area. tracking that ocean breeze, and you can see areas of fog on the san francisco mark hopkins hotel camera, looking to san francisco at this hour. so the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s right
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now. here's what to expect. we will see clearing and sunshine with above average daytime highs and we will heat up more looking ahead to of ou that coulso inabilitinhere baea and good to moderate air quality as we head through the next several days. but, there's a chance to see a bit of haze, though, as we look to the next few days. so, our sea breeze continues. it's going to be a bit warmer for today. as we show you futurecast, taking you hour by hour, and you can see the sunshine heading through the day today inland around the bay and even for parts of the coast as well. and as we look ahead to tonight into tomorrow morning, really just the cloud cover along the coast and for parts of the bay, but we will continue to warm things up as we look to wednesday, thursday and friday. even the start of the weekend. but it's looking great. all of the green for our air quality this morning.
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and as we head through our day, looking at good to moderate air quality. could see a bit of haze for the eaay possibility of the north bay, too. so here we go on our smoke concentration forecast, taking you hour by hour, and many of us will see that good air quality for today, but again, moderate air quality for the east bay and north bay and you can see haze up in the upper levels of the atmosphere and that continues for wednesday as well as for thursday. again, the north bay and east bay you could see haze. but we are looking at good to moderate air quality. and then tracking some monsoonal moisture looking to wednesday and for thursday, so that is a possibility we could see instability in our atmosphere. i will watch that chosely tore you. our sunrise at 6:21 and sunset at 8:08 p.m. so daytime highs upper 70s to mid to upper 80s. and for san jose, inland east bay heating up to 59 cop cord and pleasant hill. check out brentwood at 98 this
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afternoon. low to mid-90s for the tri- valley around the bay from 70 a in san francisco looking at upper 60s daley city. and for the north bay the highs will be in the upper 70s to the low to mid-80s. so there we go. we warm things up wednesday, thursday and friday and saturday. san jose mainly in the mid-80s, and inland east bay to the upper 90s by thursday, friday, and saturday. and then into the low 90s for the north bay heading through the end of the workweek. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic on this tuesday morning. good morning. looking at traffic into the altamont pass we are seeing brake lights out of tracy westbound 205 onto 580. slow and go spots and speeds dipping down to 20 miles per hour. so traffic is slow there
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extending to almost north flint at this point. once you are past that a bit of a brake with better conditions towards the dublin interchange. live look at conditions westbound 580 towards the 680 connector. headlights going westbound is where the extra volume is, but we are seeing okay speeds as you head through there. travel time at 30 minutes to go from 205 over towards 680. your travel teem on the east shore freeway this morning only 13 minutes to go from a highway to the maze. no delays on highway 4. and if you are commuting out of san jose, it's an easy commute. no delays from heliyer to sfo. the toll plaza no metering lights and traffic is light out of the east bay to the san francisco. 7 minutes from the maze into the city. and 8 80 clear both direction. heading south of here, into hayward, traffic is flowing at a nice pace. connecting on to the san mateo bridge, give yourself 12 minutes between 880 and 101.
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and no delays along 101. ready to put your fear of heights to the test? check out san pabo's tallest building in bra. >> i will featuring a clear glass noor on the 42nd level. you may get dozeny. it just opened up to the public. the glass floor was insupported by chicago's sky deck that's way up there on the 103rd floor of the willis tower. >> baseball last night, so focus on the hardwood as the warriors' future was on full display. the 2021 lottery particulars in action. plus, the giants have had the best record in baseball for how long? it's been a long time. and the row enforcements are returning. one of whom is getting hot at the right time. details coming up next in sports. here's a live look outside at san jose. grab the coffee and thanks for joining us. we will be right back.
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good morning and welcome into sports. because of the subplot of two casable quarterbacks battling at 49ers camp, we forget the new comeers that could have a huge impact on the team. take center alex mack who started all 179 games and played over a 12-year career. now he gears up to play in a loaded but wide opened nfc west. >> some of these experts say you guys are the hunted. you buying that? >> i think it's an up for grabs division. i am new and haven't been here. so you are asking the wrong guy. new one and we are good and we have a lot of work ahead of us. >> the transition should be smooth sailing. he knows the offense having played under kyle shanahan in
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cleveland and atlanta. and his biggest issue, sweat. 49ers quarterback asked mack to use a towel at the line of scrimmage. >> we need a beach towel. the quarter are work through that. it happens with all centers, make mack a little worse than others, but matt ryan used to make him change his pants every period. so it doesn't stay dry too long. >> football is on the way. 49ers and chiefs saturday right here on kpix5. kick offset for 5:30. it's the professional debut for quarterback lance. in baseball, both the a's and giants were off today. oakland won 8 of 10. and they have three in cleveland starting today. giants begin a two-game set. the firste of a hot pocket hitting from brandon belk
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batting almost .400 with four home runs in four games. his teammates are hoping the fire from the road trip returns with him to oracle. >> i seen him on the hot streaks and he can hit a home run everity at bat. to the hardwood where warriors signed point guard chris chiozza who played for three teams in three seasons. last year suiting up for the nets. the 5' 11 averaged 4 points in 57 career games. wise men want anderson watching the warriors summer league squad. seventh overall pick anticipation and the slam. 16 points for him, and fourth quarter the first round picks working together. he spins and passes and lays it up and in. 2 of 15 for moses. golden state did lose 91 to 89.
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that's look at sports. it's 4:56. coming up. >> thousands more kids returning to campus in alameda county. we are live with how the district plans to do things differently. and looking live at walnut creek, the count down is on for thousands of workers when they will have to get vaccinated. a live look from outside. it's 4:57. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave
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if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis. other serious side effects include dehydration, sudden kidney problems genital yeast and bacterial infections in women and men, urinary tract infections, and low blood sugar. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis which is serious and may lead to death. more time with her? sounds good to me. ♪far-xi-ga♪ if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix fair 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. a live look at castro valley. the next round of children heading back to the class room as covid cases climb. how this district plans to do things differently. and investigators crossing a clue off the list. what was just ruled out in the mysterious death of a missing runner found in pleasanton
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park. plus. a situation does escalate rapidly. >> good samaritan shot while trying to stop a robbery in oakland. he tells us why he did it, as he recovers to his hospital bed. plus -- >> it's choice between absolute guarantee of death and some chance. >> cutting edge treatment to extend the lives of patients battling a deadly disease. the problem no man of money can buy it. good morning. it's tuesday, august 10th, i am gianna franco. >> i am len kiese. good morning. you may have thought yesterday was hot, but mary is about to get warmer for some folks. that's right. we will watch for temperatures rising as we look to the afternoon. this is just a start. we will heat things up as we look ahead to the rest of the week. i want to talk about the air quality it it is locking great across the bay area. all in the grown as we start off the day with the strong sea breeze in effect. now let's show you that bus stop forecast. so, for castro valley, di


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