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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 12, 2021 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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now on kpix5 streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news, minutes ago san francisco did something no other city in the country has done. everything you need to know about the new indoor vaccine mandate. we are sick and tired of it but it's not sick and tired of us. it is still coming back with a
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vengeance. >> good afternoon. >> let's go right to anne makovec live in san francisco with that breaking news. anne. >> reporter: this new health order is going to require any indoor venue that serves food and drink, bars, restaurants, theaters, and other places where large groups of people may be including indoor gyms, places where people will be breathing heavily, to require proof of vaccination. that is going to be a picture of your vaccination card or the physical card itself. just saying you are vaccinated or showing a negative test for covid is no longer good enough. >> why are we doing this? to protect the workers. it's to protect kids. it's to protect those who can't get vaccinated. it's to make sure we don't go backwards. it's to make sure that i never have to get in front of you and say i am sorry, i know we just
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reopened and agabecause we are seeing too many people die. >> reporter: for customers this proof of vaccinated will be needed as of august 20, a little bit longer for businesses to require proof from staff members. that is going into effect on october 13th. of course i asked the mayor about how they're going to enforce this. it is very difficult. there are many businesses in the city. she says the goal is compliance, not punishment. the health director says it is about getting people vaccinated. >> the vaccines are our armor. they are our life jackets. they are our parachutes. they are a way out of this pandemic. >> reporter: this does not include if you are going to take out a pick up order or any take out. it also does not apply to some of the outdoor venues. it's just indoors that you will be required to show this proof
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of vaccination. you may be thinking of new york city. they recently implemented something like this but san francisco is going further. new york city jug people to get one of their vaccines. in san francisco, you are going to need to be fully vaccinated. back to you. >> a quick question because they said 78% of people in san francisco are vaccinated. did they talk about ramping up efforts to get the rest of the population vaccinated, make it easier? >> reporter: they did. they talked about a mobile clinic that would go. you can request this from the city. if there are five people in one location willing to get vaccinated they will send a mobile clinic to your house, to your business. it is part of trying to get more people to be vaccinated. requiring proof for everybody is a step. >> thanks so much. >> very good point. >> we announcement
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on cbsn bay area. stream 24/7 on or our app. news about which vaccine is more effective at protecting against the delta variant. according to a new study it's moderna. the study found the moderna vaccine is about 76% effective against the delta variant whereas pfizer is about 42% effective. however we should point out in cases where people did get sick the vaccine was extremely effective in preventing serious illness or death. some americans will be asked to get a third covid-19 shot. cbs news confirmed the fda will authorize a covid-19 booster for people with compromised immune systems. dr. fauci says all americans may need an extra shot in the future, just not now. >> we don't feel at this particular point that apart from the immune compromised, we don't feel we need to give boosters now.
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but importantly, we are following this in realtime literally on a weekly and monthly basis. >> the large number of unvaccinated is responsible for spreading delta variant with average of 113,000 new cases per day, a more than 400% increase in the last month. this afternoon dr. fauci is saying children are the most vulnerable group in the covid crisis. >> tens of thousands of students in mount diablo unified school district started class today. justin andrews was at one elementary school as the kids lined up. >> reporter: the kids are really excited for the first day of school at pleasure ability hill elementary. already i would give all of them an a for their first assignment, and that's wearing a mask. >> hope you are ready for our first day of school! >> reporter: underneath the masks are smiling faces even for first time kindergarteners. evere school, his mom art? >> ss
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is y worrabout kids. you lothem. i 'rythi th can to ke and i think it will be great for him. >> reporter: the school district superintendent adam clark greeted students and parents. yesterday the district rolled out the detailed plan if a student gets covid. in order for the student to come back, it is required the student gets a negative covid test, written clearance from their doctor or complete a ten day quarantine. if you don't feel well the district is asking teachers and students to just stay home. mount diablo unified is offering covid testing to students, staff, families next week. >> we understand people are nervous and have anxiety around covid, coming back to school, coming back to work. >> reporter: cdc recommends two things. one, make sure they're wearing masks indoors in school and
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also everyone in the child's family who is 12 and older, get vaccinated. it's moving day for cal state east bay students living on campus. a little while ago we saw lines of cars waiting to check in at the campus in hayward. over the next three days the school willc students. last year they only had about 350 living on campus. they have roommates this year. the dining hall is open and in person events are back. the school is implementing covid safety measures like masks and testing. >> we have asked all students upon returning regardless of vaccination status to bring with them a covid negative test. if they don't have one when they arrive, we are doing it on site right here. >> anyone attending in person classes regardless of vaccination status will have to undergo weekly testing. kpix5 has you covered on all platforms as kids go back to school. find information about reenpl ur
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district on ix ps expert answers to questions about covid and the classroom. new, oakland police officers association is speaking out about chp coming into their city. the union president says he is grateful for the extra presence on the streets amid alarming wave of violence. but he says it didn't have to happen this way. he is slamming city council saying they defunded the police department. >> they've frozen 55 positions. we have eliminated traffic division, reduced community resource officers. crime reduction teams are reduced and we are operating on a skeleton staff. every week we lose officers. the council has made a point of not hiring, reducing numbers of officers here and reallocating funds for something else. that is absolutely not impacting a reduce in violent crime. >> we have reached out to the mayor as well as city council for comment but haven't watch
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that's rghly the siof iw rgest over 580 homes are destroyed and thousands more are threatened. climate experts and communities affected are demanding action to phase out fossil fuel and extraction in production. >> there should be no new permits for any oil and gas operations within 2,500 feet of where people live. there has to be a moratorium passed to protect californians. >> the reclaim our power campaign is campaigning for a new energy system, one that meets our community needs. >> all speakers say they share a common goal of putting the community first. coming up, we are not the only ones grappling with
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destructive wildfires. >> look at what's happening in the mediterranean. why firefighters are struggling to knock it down. fda weighs new rules about chemicals in sunscreen. what you should use now. the new advice to stay safe in the sun. >> i am tracking air quality. we have air quality advisory in effect you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less.
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welcome back. you are taking a live look at the big board. looks down dow is down about nine points. the west coast is not the only place dealing with raging wildfires. countries around mediterranean are also running. in the face of a wall of fire villagers in algeria grab what they can to fight the flames. they struggle to protect their homes but the country's already paid a steep price. at least 65 people have died. across mediterranean a record breaking heat wave is fueling the wildfires. greece has been one of the hardest hit countries, even an international fleet of aircraft can't stop the flames. >> unfortunately we can't stop the fire but nobody was injured and that is what is most important for us. >> more than a dozen countries from around the world are
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helping fight the fires including the united states. time for a check of our weather. we go to meteorologist mary lee. hi allen. hi gianna. we are looking at the monsoonal moisture in the bay area. we caught a few sprinkles, a few showers this morning. high def doppler, you can see the bulk of the action offshore and to our northwest now. that's really again that monsoonal moisture we have been tracking. here is a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look north at alcatraz and temperatures in mid 60s downtown san francisco, upper 60s in oakland, 70s san jose, santa rosa, 80s for concord and livermore. good air quality for most of the region, moderate for san leandro and san jose. let's get right what to expect, air quality forecast as we take you through the day. we are looking at moderate air quality. yo the upper
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levels of the atmosphere and not our surface. tracking monsoonal moisture with mid to high level clouds, mild at the coast and around the bay, hot inland as we go through our day and also watching elevated wildfire smoke that's still looking okay at the ground level at the surface for the air that we breathe. this is smoke concentration forecast and this profiles all levels of the atmosphere. it might be concerning to see all the red on our smoke concentration forecast. i want to show you smoke concentration futurecast at the surface. you can see low smoke concentration. even though you might see hazy skies looking at good to moderate air quality at the surface. we could see more smoke for parts of the north bay, watching all that closely for you. sun set at 8:05 and sunrise at 6:23. daytime highs are above average. we are talking 80s and 90s inland, upper 60s to mid 70s around the bay.
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the seven-day forecast around the bay san francisco and oakland, we will slowly warmthi weekend. for the south bay in san jose into mid 80s saturday and sunday. inland east bay upper 90s by our weekend. you can see for the coast for the next days in the weekend mid 60s and down to the low 60s along the coast by early next week. >> thank you very much. we know sunscreen is so important but a new report finds many of the products on store shelves don't offer adequate protection or include harmful ingredients. environmental working group evaluated more than 1800 different products and found 25% actually met the group's standards. fda is researching sunscreen chemicals and new rules are expected in the fall. they're urging consumers to
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switch to mineral products. these reflect uv rays and are not absorbed in the skin. avoid sunscreens with chemical oxy benzene which is easily absorbed. >> we look at the inactive ingredients to make sure those also aren't linked to health harms. >> the environmental working group also recommends avoiding sprays over aerosol concerns and because it is hard to get a uniform coating. still ahead, how one east bay woman is making
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homeless people in martinez have had a place to call home during the pandemic thanks to a former city councilmember and her volunteers. >> sharon chin introduces us to the bay area jefferson award winner. >> reporter: more than 100 homeless folks in martinez have come through camp hope. pedro is grateful. >> we've got food, clothing. we got everything we really need. >> reporter: the driving force behind camp hope, as president and ceo of homeless action coalition, she led the effort to keep the encampment healthy and safe when the pandemic started. n have different homeless
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people living together and make it work. >> reporter: camp hope residents get free showers, clothes, hair cuts, breakfast nearby every friday and access to life changing medical and psychological services through partnerships with churches, community groups, county agencies. >> a guy that had been blind for two years, we were able to get him surgeries where he can have vision, getting people's teeth fixed. >> reporter: one of the first things you notice is the camp is clean. that's because the two dozen or so people living there at any time must obey rules. keep camp clean and orderly, no fighting, no hoarding, do chores and attend a weekly meeting. the secretary of the homeless action coalition says it is like the camp mother. >> i joke that norah lee is a force to be reckoned with. she doesn't take no for an
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answer ever. >> reporter: kevin smith comes for clothes and toiletries and praises her approach. >> she cares. she has a heart. >>reer: feels safe at . . the camp, says norah lee is restoring his trust in people. >> that's one of the issues she's trying to straighten up, to have faith in yourself again and have faith in the community. >> reporter: it's not surprising folks take her seriously when she advises them to enroll in programs. >> it makes me happy to see people moving on. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to norah lee gipner. >> if you know someone doing extraordinary service, let us know by nominating that person. find the form at
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and click the nominations ta do you t your s devered do you prroam s? thudy ows in person shopng is i is out. today on homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? we must have a competent governor with management experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] that describes only john cox.
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coming up, continuing coverage of san francisco's proof of ccinatmandate streaction
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locals andy that story and more at 5:00. let's get one last check of the weather with mary. a live look with our santa clara valley mount hamilton camera. you can see a bit of haze and also our sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay. you can see the haze in our skies. san francisco cam, mark hopkins hotel cam, it's been shaking a bit in our afternoon breeze, eight mile per hour winds in oakland, 12 in concord. at the surface looking at the afternoon sea breeze and it's really aloft where we have a bit of the haze. above average daytime highs today, we will continue to watch temperatures climb as we look to friday and for our weekend for san francisco, oakland, san jose. inland east bay, upper 90s by our weekend. north bay, upper 80s to about 90 for our weekend. mid 60s at the coast for the
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hanks. fiy at , did you make your own lunch today? >> i wish i did because i am hungry. grocery delivery had its moment but 64% of americans say s. dents say they dine out at least once a month but that's down from 87% who said the same thing before the pandemic. i eat out once a week. >> i brought
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♪♪ >> steffy: that's what you get for tormenting me and my family. >> ridge: and don't even think of slapping her back. don't even lay a finger on my daughter. >> sheila: you know what? i really hadn't planned on it. >> finn: can we all just, please, take a step back and-- >> brooke: finn, i am so sorry for you, but you have no idea of the kind of person that you're dealing with. >> ridge: she's evil. >> li: i can't believe this is happening. >> steffy: you got some nerve showing up here at my wedding. >> brooke: announcing that you're finn's mother. that is insane. >> sheila: i am his mother. i gave birth to him. >> brooke: you gave him up. >> eric: these are finn's parents. jack and li, they raised him. >> steffy: they made him into the man he is today. the man i fell in love with.
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you are not my mother-in-law, and you are


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