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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  August 13, 2021 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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stand. good morning. triple digits heat may be taking over the weekend. wi the concerns of smoke this weekend, how at the grouped level we are looking all right of the it is a muggy start to the day. still tracking that monsoonal moisture and mid to high level clouds as we go through the day. the air quality advisory has been extended due to the hazy skies. seeing the smoke at the upper levels of the atmosphere but at the surface, moderate air quality for most of us. it turns hotter into the weekend. inland locations heating up into the triple digits for the weekend. moderate air for the bay.
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83 san jose, 93concord. 73 oakland. how is that commute for r tting but it is friday rning. light as we head westbound out of tracy. no brake lights on 205 itself. there is a wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass, be careful if you are traveling in a larger vehicle. westbound 580 look pretty good. 80 off to a great start. highway four, 13 minutes to the maze. it has been quiet so far. also 101 is quiet out of san jose. your travel time 12 minutes between 880 and 101. football is back in the bay this weekend. one more day until the 49ers return to the field. >> a lot of fans are excited.
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the first pre- season game is tomorrow against the chiefs. kpix five san francisco's justin andrews is live with everything that fans need to know before kick off. i will be out there this weekend weekend. >> reporter: nice. we all remember last year when covid-19 intercepted nfl pre- season games. this year fans are ready to get back to the stadium for the pre- season. but before you do, listen to this. all tickets must be online. fans action make sure you have the latest version of the 49ers app before you leave your house and make sure you get the parking passes on your phone. the stadium is requiring all fans to wear masks indoors. if you are outside you are not required to wear a mask. jimmy g will start for the
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49ers but you may miss him because the coach said the starting offense will play one series. after that the spotlight and the ball will go to trea lance. >> he is going to make the team so he does not have to freak out about that. but he knows a lot of eyes will be on him. sometimes guys want to go out and make some plays and i tell them it is just like practice except they are going to hit you so just calm down and do your job. that is what it is going to be everyday of your life. >> reporter: if you cannot make it out here tomorrow you can watch it right here on kpix five san francisco. kick off is tomorrow evening at coved online and on the air.
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we are live this morning. i know it is so game. you am sure that the fans are excited because football is back. have they said anything about ticket sales? >> well, we have been in communication with the communications people. we have not heard anything about that but it must be online. you must have your ticket on your phone. they are not accepting any other tickets. >> cool, thank you justin. a couple of other bay area sports notes to let you know about. the warriors said they will enforce the vaccine mandate at the chase center. any indoor event with more than 1,000 attendees requires people to show proof the vaccination. in the south bay, the sharks are implementing their own vaccine mandate. full and part time employees
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must be fully vaccinated. the rule also applies to the teams koamps but not the players. kids head back to public school monday. the superintendent will be discussing the return to class with the denference ginning is morning. we will be covering that after several unions reached an agreement including vaccine arraignments, free covid-19 testing kits will be offered to unvaccinated employees and students and the district will continue to work with the department of public health in vaccinating the students who are eligible. we are also hearing from the state superintendent who is going to discuss the importance of vaccines for kids 12 and
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older. that starts at 10:30. kpix five san francisco has you covered on all platforms as kids head back to school. find more information about the reopening plans in your district on our website, plus answers to all of your questions about covid-19 and the classroom. now to a warning from doctor fauci about the likelihood of breakthrough information. >> we do not have enough data to say if it is the same kind of risk of getting long covid- 19 but it is likely it would be less because you have a good deal of protection from your vaccine. children can get long covid-19 but the incidence is lower than adults. >> the latest cdc data shows that the united states is seeing three times more daily cases than any other country. that is up 25% in a week. new this morning we are learning that a vaccinated person in marin county over the
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age of 75 has passed away because of covid-19 complications. marin has seen 187 covid-19 deaths but this is the county's first covid-19 death reported this a vaccinated person. we are hearing from business owners in san francisco as they prepare to enforce a new mandate. customers walking through the door will be asked to show proof of vaccination. the new mandate applies to businesses like restaurants, bars, clubs, indoor gyms and fitness centers and it applies to indoor events with a crowd of 1,000 people are more. the rules are so slow the spread of covid-19 and keep businesses open. >> we are not out of the woods. we are going through it. yes we are sick and tired of it but it is not sick and tired of us. >> it is up to each business to
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decide how to im about checking for proof of vaccination. >> if somebody wants to sit at the bar on the dining room we are asking for proof of vaccination as well as a picture i.d. >> if customers decline to show proof they cannot go inside of the business but they can be in outdoor spaces. this morning the fda has approved an extra dose of pfizer or moderna vaccines for people who have compromised immune systems. in contra costa county, there is an effort to get people to take the shot. the county has lower vaccination rates. now the county is offering $100 for every nonvaccinated person
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you refer to get the shot. >> take advantage of this unique opportunity. get your friends and family members vaccinated. protect your community and get paid while you do it. >> local health experts say that the higher the rates of vaccination in the community the less transmission will be. coming up on kpix five san francisco and streaming on kpix five san francisco bay area, kpix five san francisco original reports. >> when the pandemic hit play dates stopped. >> we did not go to the playgrounds. >> why papers are turning to this bay area baby gym. plus evacuees returning to what is left of their homes. the small progress on the dixie fair. >> air quality alerts have been extended in the bay area due to hazy skies aloft but moderate
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air quality at the surface level. we are going live outside. we are looking at the hotel camera. you can see the fog out there.
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good morning, i wanted to give a special shout for to ferris in pacifica. we have breezy conditions there, winds 10 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour gusting to up 30 miles per hour. we would love to see your child's back to school photos. tag us on instagram or facebook or twitter. using the hashtag kpix five san francisco. we have all missed out on a lot during the pandemic. but the bay area's youngest kids have spent most of their lives in lock down. >> i have a two year old, i know how that feels. newly vaccinated parents are looking for ways to help them catch up on everything that they have missed. how toddlers are making up for lost time. >> from parks to play dates more parents are seeking opportunities for their
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children to learn to socialize safely. this woman brings her 20 month old daughter to learn and play with other kids her age. she and her parents have sheltered at home for more than a year. >> we did not go to any aygrs or interactions with other children. we had two friends that we tracked with. that was it. >> when she got the covid-19 vaccine in may they started to bring their daughter to classes at the limb gym of millbrae. since the gym reopened classes in march those classes have been full. the owner is fielding many calls for families who want their kids to learn motor and social skills. >> a lot is about risk taking and socializing with the kids that are in the class with
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them. taking turns. >> development many kids may have missed while isolated from others according to a licensed clinical social worker. >> children learn how to manage through expressing motion. >> without healthy interaction with their peers some little ones may show signs of stress. >> you are if noticing differences of appetite, there could be more anger and sadness. >> the instructor said that the pandemic has made a difference. more first timers are coming to class more cautious and anxious around new people. >> before covid-19 they would run up to me and give me hugs. now they are like, stranger danger, i have no idea who you are. >> there are some things parents can do to help their
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kids socialize safely. >> coloring together. reading stories could be a wonderful way for children to express emotions. >> she said that the good news is that children are resilient. like sophia. >> her first class she was apprehensive but by the second class she was all about exploring and running around. >> happy healthy screment is what the parents are looking for. since young kids cannot get the vaccine, the little gym follows cdc guidance on masking and limits participation to one parent. some families in plumas county are finally being allowed to return home this morning. some evacuation orders will be downdraided to warnings. the dixie fire has burned after a million acres and 1,000 buildings have been destroyed. >> from the school house to the other end of the property.
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it burned down all of the cabins down here. nobody has a home over there any more. >> that fire is 30% contained. further north crews are battles the monument fire preparing for extreme fire weather. thunderstorms are forecast. those gusty winds could fan the fire. this monument fire is 3% contained right now. let's go get a check on the forecast and traffic. mary could we be dealing with wild fire smoke in the bay area. >> you can see the haze as we go into today and the weekend. that will likely stay in the upper levels of the atmosphere. let's go talk about what to expect. we are tracking that monsoonal moisture. muggy start to the day. the monsoonal moisture bringing the possibility of thunderstorms up to our north.
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lets talk about the air quality advisory that has been extended for the bay area due to the hazy skies. that is still in the upper levels of the atmosphere. on the surface, good to moderate air quality. above average highs for this afternoon similar to yesterday. we are going to heat things up as we look to the weekend. we are talking triple digits heat inland for the weekend. here's the smoke concentration forecast. this is it is surface. you can see light blue for many of us. that is low smoke concentration. even though you see those hazy skies at the surface we are looking okay for air quality. the yolo low and orange colors thatmainly to the east pat bay could see more smoke. that is the case saturday as well. most of us looking at good to
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moderate air quality. as we look to the rest of our saturday most of that pushes off to the east throughout the weekend. very similar with those hazy skies for the weekend but good to moderate air quality at the surface. tracking tropical storm kevin, that brings some moisture. fon future cast you can see the clearing going through the day today. a few sprinkles are possible for the north bay due to some of the moisture come not guilty. then temperatures on the rise into saturday and fosunday. here we go. you can see that thunderstorm activity as we look to the weekend up ins lower 80s for th bay. saint three in san jose. 93 in morgan hill.
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inland, 93. around the bay, 67 in san francisco. lower to mid 80s for the north bay. mid to upper 90s for clear lake. there we go. for the weekend, inland east bay triple digits heat for the weekend. north bay 90s for the weekend. mid 60s for the coast. how is it looking on the roadways? >> not too bad. towards the altamont pass just a few brake lights but no accidents or major incidents for that ride. that is good news. your travel time 31 minutes. there is a wind advisory in effect issued by california highway patrol. just be careful if you are trawfl traveling in a high profile vehicle. the rest of the area we seeing the extra volume westbound
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heading towards 680. still a nice pays through the north. the rest of the major freeways are friday light. we have not seen any issues on 101, that is great news if you are commuting out of san jose or antioch. 26 minutes from ant rock to 80. 80 is problem free, westbound from highway four to the maze, 14 minutes. heading towards the bay bridge just a few more cars but no metering lights. moving nicely into san francisco. an 11 minute travel time. live look through the oakland area. trafc is quiet along 880. south of here towards hayward and fremont not seeing any bre lights or issues. still ahead santa clara county tradition finally making it's return, what is happening
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happening today a h ree out show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 test. 49ers fans, you have been waiting for this. 24 hours until football is back in the bay. coming up, we will live with everything you need to know about the first pre- season game. plus, a big time concert promoter instituting a new concert policy. what ticket holders need to know. focused online. ld need help the new feature zoom is rolling
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix five san francisco news. right now on kpix five san francisco and streaming on cbs bay area, the air quality advisory and triple dpiments heat warnings on tap. plus, football is back. the 49ers hitting the field a little over 24 hours from now. the governor's recall race is heating up this morning. the president is weighing in. he is urging people to do. >> your money watch report is coming up live.
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plus is hanging up his microphone. the ctor'sdersent. gin with a live look outside. let's go live from san ramon. hazy skies and smoke are a concern again this morning. mary lee joins us now with a look at the forecast. good morning to you. a lot of people are concerned about this. we are looking at good to moderate air quality. likely seeing those hazy skies out there. but for the most part we are seeing the elevated smoke in the upper levels of the atmosphere. this is our smoke concentration forecast at the surface. that is low smoke concentration. seeing that haze in our skies, but the air we breathe at the
5:31 am
surface is looking good to moderate for the bay area. as we go through the day temperatures are similar to yesterday. above average of year. 80s and 90s inland. triple digits heat is coming as we look to the weekend. we talk more about that coming up. lets check in with the super commuter forecast. we are start tog track a few brake lights but no accidents or major incidents for your ride into the altamont pass. there is a wind advisory issued by california highway patrol earlier this morning. your travel time, 31 minutes from 205 to 680. that is our only hot spot this morning. if you are heading through berkeley, everything is quiet there. right now the commute out of the south bay is an sy37 minutes.
5:32 am
of vid- intercepd pr season games last year but that is changing this weekend. >> the 49ers kick off their first pre- season game of the year tomorrow against the chiefs. justin andrews is live this morning. you have everything we need to know before kick off. >> reporter: yes. this means football is back. it is back in the bay. people are excited. fans cannot wait to get back inside of the stadium to watch the pre- season game live in person and in action. but there are some changes. some of the changes we should be used to because we have been in covid-19 for quite a while. if you are coming to the game, only mobile tickets will be accepted. make sure you have the latest version of the 49ers app. the stadium is requiring all fans to wear masks while
5:33 am
indoors. fur outside you are not a mask. o lets talk transportation now. there is no light rail service to the stadium right now. instead vta will run buses from two major transport points to the stadium. kick off is tomorrow at 5:30. do you already have your ticket on your phone? >> i have it. but you reminded me about the parking, thank you for that. >> there you go. i am here for you. i am here for you. >> okay. thank you justin. the 49ers taking on the chiefs this saturday on kpix5. if you do not have a ticket, kick off is at 5:30 after that special on the field edition of kpix five san francisco news. >> as we take a live look from
5:34 am
san francisco, the city is gearing up to implement a new te a week from today you will need to u full vaccated forietveus indooa 000 you also need to show proof of vaccination if you are planning to go to music shows like coachella. starting october 1, music attendees will have to have proof of a vaccine. the cdc is meeting today and they will likely approve a third vaccine of the pfizer or moderna shot nor people with
5:35 am
weakened immune systems. transplant patients take medications that impact their responses to vaccines. >> the fda made no mention of the johnson johnsoon dose vne >> are some new details about the movaccin researchers said tre protects p from covid-19 for at least six months even against the delta variant. it is extremely effective in protecting against serious illness or death. the vta is going to hold a hearing talking about people who lost loved ones in the gun fire there. >> today the governor will make a stop in san francisco to begin what he is calling a
5:36 am
weekend of action aimed ot encouraging people in california to vote no. president biden is urging voters to keep the governor in office. he tweeted that people in california should vote no on september 15th. he also praised governor newson's efforts to defeat the pandemic. larry elder blasted the governor on everything from homelessness to the pandemic. he promised to repeal vaccine and mask mandates if he becomes governor. coming up what do you need to know in the election. new details on the developing situation in afghanistan. the pentagon is sending 3,000 troops to help evacuate the
5:37 am
city of kabul. united states military intelligence suggesting that kabul could be under attack within the next month. the united states army is going to bring employees from the embassy to the airport. >> this is not abandonment. this is not an evacuation. this is not the whole vale withdrawal. this is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. >> president biden signed off on the plan but he remains committed to ending the united states mission in afghanistan by august 31. >> faced with delays, a return to the office. plus ray new feature on zoom to help the easily distracted. good morning diane, happy friday. >> tgif. facebook employees will work from home a little bit longer.
5:38 am
the social media giant delayed their return to the office until next january. they originally planned for staff to return to offices in october. another financial heavyweight is requiring vaccines for access to their building. the new york stock change said starting september 13th, employees and visitors and guests must be vaccinated to access the trading floor. exceptions will be given for qualified medical or religious reasons. zoom has a new feature for students who have trouble paying attention during class. focus mode is it designed to help students from being distracted by their peers. students will only see names of people in class. >> that is good. they say it is always 5:00 somewhere. tell me about bubble and breakfast at i hop.
5:39 am
>> yes. an adults only pour with those pancakes. a bubbles wine and brew menu. there are mimosas to toast your french toast. for now the menu is only available in three locations but it will widen to other locations. >> ki get into champagne with my pancakes or a mimosa. >> exactly. >> not a bad idea. >> i like it. >> me too. >> cheers. >> have a great weekend. we will see see you again when the stock market opens up. >> coming up on kpix five san francisco: . >> this has already been tough enough for small businesses. >> live, businesses are saying that they are being hit can
5:40 am
bogus lawsuits. >> . with covid-19 cases on the rise medical professionals are continuing to sound the alarms. what does doctor fauci want us to know? we are live with the preview. >> this arto the day. still tracking the on shore flow. we are talking about air quality and a warm up as we look ahead to the weekend. >> we have you covered on all platforms as kids go back to school. find information about the reopening plans in your district on our website, plus expert answers to all of your questions about covid-19 and the classroom. >> let's go take a live look outside before we head to break. the sun is slowly starting to rise. this is a look from our salesforce tour camera. this is the city of san francisco. we will be right back.
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welcome back. let's go get a live look outside at this city of san francisco. it is a little muggy this morning. this morning a california attorney who is behind thousands of ashes da lawsuits is now targeting several peninsula businesses. scott johnson is saying
5:44 am
disability violations are kerg r physically calm to their establishment and these lawsuits are causing causing them hardship. >> none of our staff recognize this person. we look ureshe isve recognizabl >> he sent other people who took pictures. the lawsuit said he intends to come back when we have things compliant. >> business owners statement it will cost upwards of $15,000 to settle. many plan to fight the lawsuits. mcdonalds settled a lawsuit saying that workers were given dog diapers as masks. in ray first of it's kind
5:45 am
settlement that mcdonalds will create a worker safety committee to make sure proper safety precautions are in place. new this morning, a six year old on a mission to help his family get a new home. >> it started with him trading y doing it successfully in 2005. six year old jackson lives in milwaukee. in three days he traded up to two lawnmowers. now he has 700 trading partners trying to help him work his way up to a house. >> wow what a sweetheart. >> we wish him good luck. >> it is time to get a check on our traffic and weather. a little more smoke is drifting our way. >> we are going to see hazy skies in the upper levels of the atmosphere. likely see it for today and through the weekend.
5:46 am
this is a live look. you can see the hazy conditions. this is our live look with brian in san ramon this morning. you can see how hazy it is, we are looking at temperatures warming up to the upper 80s this march. we are going to continue to watch those temperatures climbing as we look to the weekend. we are going into the 90s to the triple dimghts. get ready for a hot weekend ahead. now what to expect if you are heading out the door. we are looking at a muggy start. we had monsoonal moisture this morning and high to mid level clouds pushing in. we have the air quality advisory, it has been extended for the bay area due to the haze. elevated smoke. you will see it. but likely that is good to moderate air quality at the surface. you are getting a bit of that on shore flow. that light ocean breeze along the coast and around the bay.
5:47 am
that is helping our air quality at the surface. we are looking at above average daytime highs and it is going to get hotter as we look to the weekend. air quality looking good to moderate as we start the day. moderate for the bay area. our smoke concentration forecast at the surface, you can see many of us in that light blue. that is low smoke concentration. even though seeing that haze and smoke aloft, we are still pretty good at the ground level at the surface. that applies to saturday and sunday. next week a strong ocean breeze kicks in and we have better air quality for the next week. tracking what is left of kevin. this is linda behind that. some of this moisture is pushing into the bay area as we look late tonight through
5:48 am
saturday. today above average. tonight into tomorrow parts of the north bay, by overnight, could see a few sprinkles, again heating up as we look to the weekend. south bay into the mid 80s to lower to mid 90s. for the inland east bay, 93 concord. 67 san francisco. 73 in oakland. 80s for the north bay. 90s to triple digits through clear lake and lake port. temperatures on the rise in the east bay. tripling digits heat for the north bay. how are things looking on the roadways. >> we are getting reports of a trouble spot southbound 87 near tailor street. looking at our sensors, it does not look like it is causing too many brake lights or delays.
5:49 am
north bound 87 is typically the commute direction. also we are keeping an eye on the delays close to 101. things get crowded out of san jose. 35 minutes for your ride to the at month pass. from tracy towards the dublin interchange, some sluggish speeds and a wind advisory for the altamont pass. we are seeing extra volume towards the connector but it looks better. travel times on the east shore freeway, only 14 minutes. things rb light there. metering lights are off at the bay bridge toll plaza. a nine minute drive out of the east bay into the city. not a lot of keep an eye on th there are reports of a broken
5:50 am
down vehicle as you work your way along 880 not far from the west eighth street offramp. if you are heading towards the san mateo bridge, the bridge looks good without any delays towards the peninsula. >> we are going to live to sfo where despite concerns over the spread of the delta variant travel and flight bookings are on the rise. if you are thinking about jetting away traveling at specific airports could end up saving you cash. here are the five cheapest airports for travel. sfo came in at number seven. just about nine minutes before 6:00. a singer is retiring from the stage. the shows he is canceling and why. >> plus a big victory for
5:51 am
brittany spears. what is next in her coservatorship battle. >> all of the fun on tap this weekend live on liam's les. >> plus lifestyle expert danny seo joins us here on kpix five
5:52 am
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time for a look at this
5:54 am
morning's entertainment headlines. tony bennett has canceled his fall and winter tour days and will retire from touring. he has alzheimer's and his doctors are making him ke stbac up with lady gaga for two nights at raise yoa city music hall. jennifer hudson plays aretha franklin. >> we are learning about what comes next in the brittany spears coservatorship battle. her father said he would cooperate with the transition but did not give a time table for his resignation. it is important to make
5:55 am
sure we are following those semantics and not saying something like brittany spears is free but that is not true until she has control over not only her estate but her person. in our next half hour on kpix five san francisco and streaming on cbsn bay area we are live from levis stadium with your 49ers guide. plus, new fierce of breakthrough infections. what anthony fauci said could be an outcome even for kids. >> why police had to get involved in an argument between a teacher and a parent. >> mary will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
5:56 am
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix five san francisco news. >> a friday for the faithful. just 24 hours away from the big 49ers return. we are live with the final count down to pre- season kick off. >> plus, the agreement just made for san francisco's school district, three days before the kids head back to the classroom. >> a new warning from doctor futurey of a new outcome even for kids. >> later, the news oxer n recall election heating up. even president biden wading in. good morning. thank you for starting your friday with us. triple digits heat may be taking over a lot of people's weekends. a live look at san ramon. it is expected to be one of the hottest plays in the bay area this weekend. the eat heat is not the only issue we are dealing with.
6:00 am
we are talking about the possibility of wild fire smoke. >> we are tracking that air quality. you can see, in that live look, in san ramon, those hazy skies, that contins today into the weekend. you ar gog haze smin the levels of the atmosphere but at the surface we are looking at the good to moderate range. moderate air quality for the bay area. an air quality advisory has been extended for the bay area due to the haze and smoke. but i want to show you our temperatures as we are looking at the daytime highs above average for this time of year. 80s and 90s inland. 60s and 70s around the bay. we are going to heat up as we look ahead to the weekend. an inland heat wave in store with highs into the 90s to triple digits inland.


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