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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  August 13, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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possibility of wild fire smoke. >> we are tracking that air quality. you can see, in that live look, in san ramon, those hazy skies, that contins today into the weekend. you ar gog haze smin the levels of the atmosphere but at the surface we are looking at the good to moderate range. moderate air quality for the bay area. an air quality advisory has been extended for the bay area due to the haze and smoke. but i want to show you our temperatures as we are looking at the daytime highs above average for this time of year. 80s and 90s inland. 60s and 70s around the bay. we are going to heat up as we look ahead to the weekend. an inland heat wave in store with highs into the 90s to triple digits inland. coming up let's go check in
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with traffic. >> a new crash is reported north bound 101. at least one lane is blocked. we have a bit of a back up there on the north bound side of 101. plan for that this morning. consider using 87 as an alternative or even 280. checking travel times right now, still okay out of the south bay. slow going through the altamont. 205 towards 680. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing a minimal black up at the toll plaza. >> football is back in the bay area. one more day and the 49ers are back on the field. the team kicks off their first pre- season game tomorrow against the kansas city chiefs. kpix five san francisco is live in santa clara this morning. justin i am going to be out there with the faithful. give me your game day guide.
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>> reporter: we all remember last year when covid-19 intercepted football and especially the pre- season. that is not the case this year. fans cannot wait to get inside of the stadium to watch the pre- season game live and in action. but if you plan on coming here there are some things you need to make note of. one, make sure your tickets are on your phone. that is the only way to get inside of the stadium. make sure you have the latest version of the 49ers app. also make sure you get the parking passes on the phones too. the stadium is requiring fans to wear masks indoors. fur outside you are not required to wear a mask. jimmy dean will start for the team. but then the spotlight and ball
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will be turned over to trey lance. >> he is going to make the team. he does not have to go out there and freak out. he knows a lot of eyes willing on them. sometimes the guys want to go out there and make some plays. i try to tell them it is just like practice except they can hit you so just calm down and try to do your job. that is what quarterbacking is going to be everyday of your life. >> if you are cannot make it here tomorrow, you can watch it here on kpix five san francisco. kick off is tomorrow at 5:30 in the evening after a special on the field edition of kpix five san francisco news. as alwawe have you covered on this game that is kicking off tomorrow online and on the air. we are live eysaid about capacity or ticket sales?
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>> reporter: we have been in communications with the communications director with the 49ers. we have not heard much about that yet but they are reminding people to make sure they get their ticket online. that is the only way to get inside. we will try to get that answer for you. >> that will make it easier for people heading in. >> a couple of other bay area sports notes. the warriors said they will enforce the vaccine mandate at the chase center. any indoor event requires fans ages 12 or older to show proof of vaccination. the next event is scheduled for september 15th arkse implng eir own mandate. full and part time employees must be vaccinated. the rule also applies to the coaches but not the players. kids head back to public school
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monday. the superintendent will be discussing their return to class with officials from the sfmta and the department of health. we will be there and let you know what comes out of it. this happens as san francisco and several unions have reached a tentative agreement on updated health and safety standards including vaccine requirements for all district employees. they have to have those by september seventh. free covid-19 test kits for unvaccinated employees and students. we are also hearing from the state superintendent of public instructions, tony thurman is holding a news conference that we are going to cover at 10:30. we have you covered on all of our platforms as kids go back to school. find all of the information
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about the reopening plans in your specific district at our website, plus the answers to your questions about covid-19 and the classroom. this morning doctor fauci has a warning about breakthrough infections and the likelihood of getting covid-19 even for kids. >> we do not have enough data. but it is likely it would be less because you have a good deal of prosection from the vaccine. children can get long covid-19 but the incidence is significantly lower than in adults. the latest data shows the united states is seeing more than 132 infections per day, up 25% in a week. >> new information out of the north bay this morning. the first death of a vaccinated person in marin county who got covid-19. we do not know much about the person's health issues but they
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were over the age of 75. this is the county's first death in a vaccinated person. >> a cdc committee is meeting today to green light a third booster shot of the pfizer or moderna vaccine for people who are immun ocompromiseed. it is going to effect people who take medications for cancer and other health issues. in contra costa, there is an effort to get people to get the vaccine. now the county is going to be offering $100 for every nonvaccinated person that you refer to get the shot. >> take advantage of this unique opportunity. get your friends and family members vaccinated. protect your community and get paid while you do it.
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>> local health experts said the higher the vaccination rate in a community the less transmission. you see the peer pressure ramping up. get your shot. >> yes. get that $100. >> still ahead on kpix five san francisco, and streaming on cbsn bay area. a parent so upset about a mask mandate he took it out on the teacher. small progress being made on the dixie fire. >> one month until the governor's recall election. the while house is weighing in. what is at stake for california. we get expert live analysis. >> 49ers taking on the chiefs for your pre- season football home opener. and at kick off we are looking at mid 80s for tomorrow.
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good friday morning. it is scol for students. i want to give a special shout out to this cutie, starting 10th grade this week. your bus stop forecasts, mostly cloudy skies in the mid 60s. breezy conditions with the westerly winds, 10 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour gusting up to 30 miles per hour. we would love to see your child's first day of school pictures. tag us on imsta gram or twitter. >> you got to hate it. a father attacks a school
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teacher over the schools face mask policy. police said he was upset that his daughter had to wear a face mask and confronted the principal. acher tried to intervene and the parent attacked. the teacher ended up in the hospital with cuts to his neck and face. >> there are voices that are very strong about not wearing masks. >> this morning the teacher is out of the hospital and back at school. the parent took off and has not been arrested. some good news on fire watch. some families will be allowed to return home today. evacuation orders will be downgraded to warnings. the dixie fire has burned half a million acres. 1,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed. from the school house to the other end of the property of the it burned down all of a
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re. >> the crare e rewest of redding. they are preparing for extreme bad news for firefighters. the fire is only 3% contained. 14 minutes after 6:00. time to get a check on our weather. looking calmer. for sure. of course we are tracking the possibility of thunderstorms near the monument fire and in the srs. we are talking about this in just a moment. what we can expect in the bay area. in the meantime we are tracking the monsoonal moisture. it is going to be a muggy day. low clouds and foggy conditions along the coast and along the bay. even mid to high level clouds inland. air quality advisories have
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been extended for the bay area because of the haze aloft. elevated smoke and at the surface we are looking at good to moderate air quality. all of this will continue as we look to the weekend. with the haze and the good to moderate air quality at the surface. above average highs but it is going to turn hot as we look to the weekend. daytime highs inland into the 90s and triple digits. there is no concentration forecast at the surface. that indicates the lower smoke concentration, we are expecting that good to moderate air quality as we go through today and the same for the weekend. future cast as we head through the day, looking at some sunshine and a few mid level clouds. check it out as we look to tonight into tomorrow. we could see a few showers.
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spotty sprinkles for the north bay with a bit of tropical moisture to work with. let's go show you our sun rise at 6:23 p of the daytime highs upper 70s to lower 80s for the pen minutes la. inland east bay from 93, upper 80s to lower 90s. 67 in san francisco. 72 in alameda. upper 70s to lower to mid 80s for the north bay. 90s for clear lake. you can see temperatures on the rise as we look to the weekend. inland east bay, that triple digits heat for saturday and sunday. north bay, mid to upper 90s for the weekend and 60s at the coast. >> we are monitoring this trouble spot on north bound
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101. it looks like it is clearing to the shoulder. delays have eased up. we are not seeing that yolo low we saw a few minutes ago. it is out there, maybe to the side of the roadway. overall a pri light commute as you head through the south bay. checking traffic into the altamont pass, the wind advisory is in effect for the altamont pass. we are tracking brake lights off the 205 and 580 connector getting on to 580. it extends past that point. travel times, 32 minutes to go from 205 to 680. travel times on 80 towards the maze, right now taking 14 minutes. at the bay bridge they turned the metering lights on but we are not seeing a big back up at
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the toll plaza. things a little crowded across the upper deck in to san francisco. eight et zero looking good through oakland. south of here there was a broken down truck blocking the lanes. that has been cleared off the freeway. things should be moving better as you head towards the san mateo bridge. the bridge is clear in both directions with no delays. happening today hundreds of kids in the bay area getting free backpacks filled with school supplies. office depot distributing 1,000 backpacks this morning. one special teacher is also getting a big surprise, thousands of dollars of school supplies for the classroom including a laptop and executive chair. stay tuned for that. >> just about 19 minutes at
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6:00. coming up, tses our favorite part of friday at kpix five san francisco. liam's list. we are live with all of the fares and festivals you need to know about this weekend. plus a
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time for liam's list. happy friday. >> hi, very good friday morning to you. music to come but first, how about themselves apples. the apple fair is on. yes it is. folks it is all happening this
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weekend. the apple fair, the tea sisters and other artien it ceing l thgs ples and everything you can do with them. it is happening at shady oak grove. tickets are limited. you have to follow all covid-19 health protocols. a fundraiser fos the trails. check out the website for more. country star chris stapleton headlining bottle rock napa valley. that is happening over labor day weekend. the friday not show will follow the impressive first day with the likes of mavis staples, i
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will be hosting one of the stages this weekend. all that you need to know is at she's my favorite jazz siren. we claim her in the bay area, paula west takes us residency at hotel nico's club. she's known for breathing new life into the standards and holding a note lopger than any singer i know. paula west always brings it home. get tickets now. the first is tonight at 8:00. tomorrow night as well. hit up the website for more. i am just giving this advice to anyone wanting to go to an event. check with your venue and follow all of those protocols. i have to say, stone grove,
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sunday, 2:00, i will be sharing the staple with anne. we are going to do it is it. >> i am looking forward to it. >> the headliners are on sunday. see you on the stage. all that you need to know at our website, thank you. >> your dancing shoes are always on. the count down is on. over 24 hours until 49ers football is back. coming up on kpix five san francisco and streaming on. >> the
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whoa. here you go. yo dude, get it. i'm getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. fur just waking up with us, marin county reporting the first covid-19 death in one vaccinated. >> kids heading back to public school monday in san francisco. the superintendent will discuss the return too class. the district just reached a tentative agreement with the r quity advisohas h cted been extended for the east bay
6:30 am
and north bay. >> good morning, it is 630 chalk on friday august 13th. >> it is the only friday the 13th we are going to have this yearment a lot of people are cranking up the air conditioning this weekend. it is to t me area citiwill get the triple digits. some spots really heating up this weekend. in the meantime we have the smoke concerns. >> you can see how hazy it is already as we start the day in san ramon. hazy skies continue into the weekend but the air quality at the surface will be in the good to moderate range. so that elevated smoke is the haze. as we talk about the heat wave, that inland heat wave, temperatures into the 90s to triple digits. for today still above average. not as hot as that. temperatures in the 80s and 90s
6:31 am
this afternoon. 60s and 70s around the bay. upper 70s to lower 80s for the peninsula. we will talk more about the forecast for the weekend coming up. as we look at the roadway along 580, if you are heading into the altamont pass we have some brake lights coming out of tracy plus a wind advisory in effect. be careful as you travel through this there. travel times over 30 minutes towards the dublin interchange. the rest of our freeways all look very good this morning. no delays on 80 or highway four or 101. who is ready for some football. the 49ers kicking off the pre- season game against the chiefs. >> the games were canceled last year because of covid-19. this year levis is back to full
6:32 am
caste. we are live outside of the stadium. justin has you covered with everything thaw need to know before kick off. >> reporter: football is back let ll you, fans cannot wait toget back here inside of the stadium to watch this pre- season game in person, live in action. all of this comes with changes. change we be used to by now. because we are far in the pandemic at this point. if you are coming to the game this weekend, only mobile tickets will be accepted. fans make sure you have the latest version of the app on your phone. that is where you download tickets before you leave your house tomorrow. make sure you get your parking passes on your phones. the stadium is requiring fans to wear masks indoors. like the teams stores and the museums. if you are outside you are not required to wear a mask. when it comes to trght there is
6:33 am
no vaa light rail service to the stadium right now. instead vat runs direct bus service from two major points in the south bay. nonstop to the stadium, kicks o tomorrow. you have had an hour parking, jean. tell me you did it already. >> no but i promise i will. i did not know i should do that as well. thank you. good reminder. send me a text as well. >> okay. all right, the niners taking on the chiefs saturday. if you do not have a ticket we get got you covered on that. a special on the field edition of kpix five san francisco news. as we look live from san francisco. there are a lot of questions about how this will be enforced
6:34 am
but a week from today you will need to show you are vaccinated for a variety ofpele ormore you also need to show proof of vaccination if you are planning to go to certain festivals like coachelle. starting october 1, music goers will have to be vaccinated or have a negative covid-19 test within 72 hours of show date. a cdc committee is meeting today and will likely certify a booster shot for people who are immuno compromised. some patients take medications
6:35 am
that impact their responses to vaccines. >> of note, the fda did not make any mention of the johnson and johnson vaccine. there are some new details about the effectiveness of the moderna vaccine. researchers from the national institutes of health said there is evidence it protects people from covid-19 for at least six months, even against the delta variant. it is very effective in preepting serious illness and death. today the vta board of directors is going to hold a closed meeting. on the agenda, litigation from people who were effected by the shootings in the rail yard. we are going to keep you posted. this morning a california attorney who is behind
6:36 am
thousands of ada lawsuits is targeting several peninsula businesses. scott johnson claimed disability access violations against six dozen businesses. he is saying outdoor parklets are making it difficult for them to navigate. >> none of our staff recognized this person. we look at pictures. he is a very recognizable guy. >> in our case he sent other people who took pictures and the lawsuit says he intends to come back when we have things compliant. >> business owners estimate it will cost $15,000 to settle but they plan to fight the lawsuit. the taliban has taken over four more cities in afghanistan. the pentagon is sending 3,000
6:37 am
troops to help evacuate the embassy staff in kabul. the city could be under attack in the next month. 3,000 united states troops will be moving state department employees from the embassy to the airport where they will be flown out of the country. >> this is not abandonment. it is not an evacuation. this is not the wholesale withdrawal. this is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. >> precedents biden signed off on the plan but he said he remains committed to ending the mission in after afghanistan by august 31. coming up on kpix five san francisco, and streaming on cbsn bay area, the ballot arriving in people's mailboxes. the recall election a month away, what does it say for
6:38 am
california. we have live analysis. plus, looking for a cheap ticket out of town. how sfo compares to other airports for low cost travel. >> the dow is up 60 points. we have our money watch reporter breaking down the numbers after the breaking and. you can find information on the reopening plans in your district plus answers to all of your questions about covid-19 spt classroom on our website, good morning, we are taking you to kabul as americans plan to evacuate. we talk to a cia insider about how the united states should respond. >> we are going inside of the abbey road studios in london
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and broadway star audra mcdonald w
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e-seasonfoot isbalive look at l stadium. we are cheering on the 49ers cheering on the team taking on the chiefs. tomorrow we are looking at mid 80s, west northwesterly wind at 5 miles per hour. of course you can watch the game on kpix five san francisco. this morning, zoom has a new feature for students who have trouble paying attention during classes. focus mode blocks students from
6:43 am
seeing the videos of other kids during classes. >> students and adults could use this. so many things to look at on the zoom meetings. not all good. the changes this morning coming to wall street. we are live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lets start with check on market action. trading has been underway for 10 minutes. you have a mixed market. the dow continues to chase more records. better by 83 points. the nasdaq or by six points. s & p up four. another financial heavyweight is requiring vaccines for access to it's building. this building. the new york stock ex exchange said starting september 13, employees and guests must be vaccinated to access the trading floor. exceptions will be granted for
6:44 am
qualifying medical and religious exceptions. governor newsom will be in san francisco today, the first stop on what he is calling a weekend of action. this morning supporter in the white house. president biden is urging california voters to keep him in office. the president tweeted that california people should vote no on the recall. the opponent was in san francisco yesterday. larry elder blasted the governor on everything from homelessness to the pandemic of the he promised to repeal mask and vaccines mandates if he úbe our chief white house correspondent isoing tbe g mode
6:45 am
weekend. good morning nancy. >> lets start with that recall battle. it is california week on face the nation. >> it is. there is plenty to talk about. lets begin with the recall. cbs news is polling people in california on a variety of issues. what are some of the things we can expect to learn when you release those results sunday morning? >> of course we asked about the recall. some interesting nuption there that we are just starring to look at. his approval ratings are positive overall and when it comes to handling things like the coronavirus epidemic and the wild fires. where he struggles is when it comes to his base being fired up about getting out and voting in this election. probably no surprise, republican voters are more likely to say that they are
6:46 am
definitely going to go out and vote to recall. so some work that needs to be done among democratic operatives across the state is to get voters to the polls. that may be why you see that statement coming out from the we are also seeing people's es. attitudes about coronavirus. there is a lot of frustration among vaccinated people. they are saying that the recent epidemic could have been prevented. putting some numbers to a phenomenon we have seen across the country. >> the pandemic has been so politically polarizing. california is a blue state. how is this being seen by people in washington, dc? >> i think they are watching california take the lead in a
6:47 am
few areas. the governor announced he is going to be requiring teachers to get vaccinated shortly after he did that, the nation's largest teachers union reversed their position and said that they support mandating teacher vaccinations. in many cases, the eyes of the nation are on one of the nation's largest states and what it does when it comes to vaccine and mask mandates. this weekend we are going to going to be talking to doctor an few about those issues, particularly the new recommendation from the fda that immunocompromiseed people get a booster shot. we will talk about the rest of the population and whether we could be close behind. >> i want to touch on one more
6:48 am
thing. from your vantage point, tell us im afghanistan and the effort to evacuate personnel. >> the first members have arrived at the airport to safeguard us embassy personnel and get most of them out of the country. the country is falling back under taliban control. the taliban controls most of the capitols in the country. they just retook kandahar, the second largest city. that has led to fears that kabul may not be far behind. they are trying to get united states state department officials out of the country. they are claiming this is not a , an evacuation but when unto
6:49 am
get them out it is difficult to see what else you call it. >> all right. thank you nancy for taking the time to spend with us this morning. joining doctor fauci, lieutenant governor kathy hochul, she soon to become the first female governor of new york. >> you can watch face the nation this sunday at 8:30 a.m. on kpix five san francisco. time to get a check on your weather and traffic. >> a little hazy out there especially inland as we start off the day. we are going to continue with the haze as we look to the rest of our weekend. today into the weekend, that is in the upper levels of the atmosphere that we see the haze and elevated smoke. let's go to it as we go out the door. that monsoonal moisture, the
6:50 am
air quality advisory has been extended for of the north and east bay. that elevated smoke aloft, still looking at the good to moderate air quality at the surface for the air we breathe at ground level. our forecast highs today are similar to yesterday but we are going to heat up for the weekend. it is going to turn hot. temperatures into the 90s to triple digits. get ready for that. air quality, good too moderate. this is our smoke concentration forecast at the surface. even though you may see the haze, we are looking at light blue, that indicates lower smoke concentration, that is the case today into tomorrow as well. likely see the haze through the weekend but good to moderate air quality at the surface. as we go hour and lower we see the sunshine and maybe just a few mid to high level clouds through the day. as we look to late tonight into
6:51 am
tomorrow another surge of some moisture of the some tropical moisture possible, left over from tropical storm kevin. that could bring a few spotty showers or sprinkles for the north bay. watching that for you late tonight into early tomorrow morning. daytime highs today, peninsula, 70s to 80s. south bay, 83 in santa clara and san jose. loss gatos, 93. upper 80s to lower 90s in the tri- valley. 72 in alameda. 73 in oakland. north bay, upper 70s to lower 80s. here the seven-day forecast around the bay. san francisco and oakland warming up into the 70s. san jose upper 80s. inland triple digits heat for
6:52 am
the weekend. north bay mid to upper 90s for saturday and sunday. lets check in with gianna, is it friday light? >> it is in some spots. 80 is not too bad this morning. where we are seeing brake lights is for super commuters. you have some brake lights 580 as you work your way out of tracy getting into the altamont pass. there is an advisory in effect. be careful as you travel through there. 32 minutes is your travel time going from 205 to 680. mary has been talking about the hazy conditions. you can see that there in our live shot. as far as traffic, it is light the rest of the way past north land as you work towards 680 on the westbound side of 580. the rest of the travel times are in the green.
6:53 am
33 minutes between antioch and 80. 80 is 15 minutes from highway four to the maze. they turned the metering lights off before 6:00. we have no had a back up at the bay bridge. you will see owded across thuppt san francisco. okalong 880 in both directions. no delays from oakland into hayward. take taking a live look at sfo this morning. despite concerns about the delta variant travel bookings are the rise. new york city's jfk, new york liberty, chicago, lax and washington are the cheapest airports.
6:54 am
sfo is number seven. next on kpix five san francisco and streaming on cbsn bay area. big news about tony bennett cancels his 2021 tour. >> streaming today on cbsn bay area, we are talking to a local doctor from marin healthcare about the teachers vaccine mandate and it is kick off. we here about the first pre- season game against the chiefs tomorrow. watch on kpix five san francisco or on the kpix five san francisco app. >> let's go take a live look outside. this is the view from our camera on the mark hop kins hotel on hill. it is gray this friday
6:55 am
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. here's a live look at the
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south bay, looking at the elevated smoke smt upper levels of the atmosphere. dealing with that haze. we have an air quality advisory, at the surface we have good to moderate air quality for the ground level air. we have 80s and 90s inland. 60s and 70s around the bay. we are going to heat up more as we look ahead to the weekend. heating up into the triple digits inland east bay as we go through the weekend. mid up toker 90s for the north bay and cool at the coast. >> let's go get a look at your travel times if you are heading out the door taking that altamont pass ride. a wind advisory is in effect. give yours 15 minutes at the east shore freeway to the maze. 101 north bound, not bad. live look at the san mateo bridge. 12 minutes between 880 and 101.
6:59 am
looking at the rest of travel times, light kens on this friday. 12 minutes on the bay bridge in the city. >> sad news this morning. tony bennett has canceled his fall and winter 2021 tour dates. it looks like he is retiring from touring. the 95 year old crooner has alzheimer's. he just teamed up with laid dwri ga ga. we wish him nothing but the best. >> lots of love. he is a legend that will live on forever. >> thank you for starting your friday with us, it is friday the 13th but it is the only one of the area. we will take it. thank you for joining us, cbs news this morning is coming
7:00 am
up next. do not forget the news continues all morning good morning, and welcome to our viewers in the west to "cbs this morning." it's friday, august 13th, 2021. i'm tony dokoupil with vlad and dana. gayle and anthony are off. u.s. troops prepare to evacuate americans in afghanistan, as the taliban gains more ground, getting closer to the capital. we'll tell you why president biden still says ending our military involvement there is the right thing. >> breaking overnight, the fda authorizes vaccine booster shots for some americans. >> plus, see how hospitals are overwhelmed by covid patients and running out of icu beds. >> britney spears get a big win as she fights to take control of her own life. what led to a major announcement


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