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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  August 17, 2021 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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>> yeah, thanks for watching. news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a good night. >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> for the first time in u.s. history, the government has declared a water shortage in the colorado river. climate change and the ongoing drought are both threatening the river's future. with less snow hitting the mountains each year, the melted runoff can't replenish the water levels. >> were you thinking of visiting the colorado river but were hesitating because global warming is draining the water? now you can experience all the thrills of the colorado river on land! the colorado river is still the place for a thrilling adventure and has never been more exciting! enjoy the thrill of a lifetime with the benefit of less drowning! and be sure to visit colorado mountains in the winter for mor come see the colorado river, but
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bring water because we don't have any! >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, stephen welcomes amanda peet, roger bennett and cnn's clarissa ward, featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) ( audience chanting stephen )
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>> stephen: thank you, everybody! please! have a seat. thank you. welcome -- welcome to "the late show." i'm your shows, stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) i want to put to rest the rumors i'm a bit of a ladies man. ( laughter ) i don't know where these started. i don't know where these started. folks, it's been three days in the last 24 hours, u.s. allowing evacuation flights to resume. and when they're done there, maybe we could get them to restore order at our airports? because there's a guy duct-taped to a seat in coach screaming about how masks contaminate his sperm. ( laughter ) other than the airport, the taliban control pretty much the entire country, including all the expensive stuff we left there. in their cakewalk to power, the taliban grabbed u.s.-supplied
11:38 pm
guns, ammunition, helicopters, and combat aircraft. normally, to get that many american weapons, you have to go to walmart. ( laughter ) for the people of afghanistan, the last time the taliban were in power, it was a monstrously repressive regime. but this new taliban claims they're a new taliban, trying to come across as more moderate as they seek to rebrand themselves. yes, they were "the taliban," but now they're the "tali-buddies!" ( laughter ) as part of their new image the taliban are promising afghanistan's women: "trust us we've changed." also, they promise no reprisal killings. that's not really comforting when you have to guarantee that. it reminds me of taco bell's ad for the gordita crunch wrap. "this time, we promise, it's meat."
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( laughter ) anyone with a shred of soul feels for the afghan people. so naturally, that excludes fox news host, and dead-eyed lego man, sean hannity. ( booing ) on his radio show yesterday, hannity tastefully used the situation in afghanistan as a point of departure to what to him was clearly a more important subject. >> there is a stampede. not only out of afghanistan but a stampede away from high prices, overpriced service from the big carriers like verizon, at&t, t-mobile. the average family making the switch to puretalk. >> stephen: he used the fall of kabul, the tragic culmination of 20 years of the u.s. sacrifice of lives and resources, as a clever segue to get to a sponsor. reminds me of this moment in broadcast history: >> oh, and it's bursting into flames! much like the burst of flavor from double bubble gum. oh, the chew-manity!
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>> stephen: exciting news for people who like triggering their p.t.s.d. about the last four years, because the title and cover of bob woodward's new book about the former president have been revealed. it's called "peril." the follow-up to woodward's other books about the 45th president, "fear" and "rage." it's a trilogy, like "lord of the rings," or the former president's wives. "peril" will look at the 2020 election, but also examine the january 6 insurrection and president biden's inauguration. wow. that is a fast turn-around. at this pace, woodward's books are going to catch up to real-time. and... i'm told we have an bdvance copy of the fourth book. word nd applausano ) how did we get this? don't know?
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let's read a little excerpt right here. "stephen opened to a random page and began to read from this book." how is he doing this? "how is he doing this? 'yee!', he screamed, as he recoiled and threw the book back to his stage manager, mark." yee! ( laughter ) even with delta spreading like a wildfire made of hotcakes, there is big news about vaccinations. tomorrow, the biden administration is expected to announce that most americans should get a coronavirus booster vaccination eight months after they received their second shot. we're going to get a third shot! so somehow, they're going to have to make the vaccine card even bigger. ( laughter ) it fits in most mid-sized sedans. the first people to get boosters will likely be nursing home residents and healthcare workers, who could get the jab as early as mid-september. so these are autumn shots.
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the options will be moderna, pfizer, or pumpkin spice. now, i want to point out that this is a bit of a 180 for the c.d.c. just last month, they said, "americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster shot at this time." first masks, now this. what else will the c.d.c. suddenly flip on? could i have been eating raw chicken this whole time, like my coat could be so glossy. so, vaccine sites are about to ramp up again. you hear that, millions of americans who are still on the fence about the first dose? because the rest of us are about to go back for thirds. we're offering you that last slice of pizza before we take it, and in this case, the pepperoni doesn't kill you. so, i encourage everyone to get vaccinated, but also be careful which shot you get. because recently in norway, a ma was sentenced for smuggling 80 pounds of speed disguised as covid vaccines.
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there's an easy way to tell the difference: if you got the real vaccine, side effects include fever and fatigue. if you got the norwegian shot, side effects include notwno nubp 72 hours recording a heavy-metal concept album about elves. ( laughter ) ( applause ) then the fever and fatigue. on the plus side: every dose of speed is a booster shot. ( laughter ) according to norwegian border police, the smuggler hid the drugs in the roof of his van, and then covered it in magnetic stickers with the biontech logo. that's a dead giveaway. if it were real vaccines, you wouldn't need the stickers to be magnetic.
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the man's lawyers say he didn't know what he was smuggling, and the only reason his fingerprints were on the bags of drugs is because one of the bags fell from the hidden compartment and hit his head during the journey. reminds me of how isaac newton discovered gravity... while on meth. (as newton) "no, no, no, hear me out, what if there's this invisible force that makes everything in the universe attracted to everything else in the universe! hey, we should record a concept album! about elves!" ( applause ) >> got to be heavy metal. >> stephen: then let's clean the castle with a toothbrush! ( laughter ) in other covid news, people vacationing at national parks will need to pack a lil' something extra, because the park service announced that all visitors must bring a face mask. that's new. up till now, the only thing you had to bring was the false belief that you were going to enjoy hiking for three days. ( laughter ) "why didn't anyone say that
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hiking required walking? and the whole thing is outside? why? don't say scenery, okay? i seen it from the car window. you're talking about walkery." it's not just visitors. everybody, including employees and contractors, will have to wear a mask inside all national park service buildings and even in crowded outdoor spots. well, that makes sense. every hour, old faithful sprays its fluids everywhere. now, a lot of people are still divided about wearing masks, so the park service has released a mask p.s.a. that appeals to both sides of the debate: >> only you can prevent the spread of covid-19. so, wear a mask. psych! just kidding! masks make you infertile! fauci is a robot programmed by george soros! wooo! let's set off fireworks in the red woods! it's brown bear summer, (bleep)! hahahaha! >> stephen: we've got a great show for you tonight.
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my guests are the wonderful amanda peeand so doog bennebut when we come backe talking with cnn's clarissa ward from kabul. ( cheers and applause ) ♪
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( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to "the late show"! "stay human," everybody!
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( cheers and applause ) jon, in just a few minutes a woman i have been looking to interview for five years, amanda peet, is going to come on. >> jon: oh, my goodness. >> stephen: she came on in the early years of the show. she's been avoiding me for five years is what i'm saying. i hope it goes well. >> jon: i think it's going to go well. >> stephen: i hope she doesn't ask me to slide into anything. ( laughter ) >> jon: hey, hey, hey! >> stephen: after that soccer aficionado and lover of america roger bennett will be here. ( cheers and applause ) but right now, joining us from kabul, afghanistan, it's cnn's chief international correspondent, clarissa ward! clarissa, thank you so much for being here. ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: what time is it in kabul right now? >> it's really, really late, but
11:52 pm
i am so sleep deprived that i honestly can't tell you what time it is. it's not my last live shot yet so my night is still going on even after this. >> stephen: i'll try not to taxi too much in the next few minutes because i know you have more work to do. how long have you been in afghanistan on this particular trip? >> this trip, just over two weeks. >> stephen: and you have been with the taliban for some of that, correct? >> yes. >> stephen: okay. quite a lot of it. >> stephen: what's it like -- what was it like in kabul as the taliban came in to take over the city? what was it like on the ground there? >> it was absolutely stunning shock, honestly. three days earlier, i had heard intelligence officials were saying potentially the city could be surrounded in 30 days, and i said that was hyperbole. suddenly, there they were, they were outside the gate. a couple hours later, they were inside the city. and by the night, they'd
11:53 pm
established checkpoints everywhere, and we woke up in the islamic emirate of afghanistan, forever changed. >> stephen: you say it was a shock to you. it was certainly, as the administration has said, it surprised them. were the taliban that you were with, were they surprised how quickly kabul fell? >> it's funny you should ask that because i did talk about this a lot with taliban fighters, and they had been surprised just by the speed with which they've been able to to just go through all these different cities, often without a shot fired, stephen. and afghan forces just melting away. we drove past a checkpoint on our way into taliban territory about a week ago, and we saw afghan forces running down the hill from this base, hailing down a civilian car, and just booking it out because they didn't have the appetite to fight. they knew they were getting beaten, and they
11:54 pm
counter-interested in fighting to the death. >> stephen: what are things like on the streets of kabul, say, today? >> it was interesting because you definitely saw a lot more people back on the streets. i was in a busy market. i'd say like half of the stores were open. we visited a burqa store, a man selling burquas which was the all covering garment required by the taliban. he said he was doing swift business because women are so frightened now that the taliban is here they're all going out and buying burquas. one thing that was striking is, okay, life looks kind of normal and then you look closely and you're, like, where are all the women? there are no women on the streets. very few. >> stephen: where are they? in hiding? >> they're in hiding, they're at home. what's interesting, it's not en tt the taliban said women should not be out on the streets, but it's just that people have this memory of the late '90s and the early
11:55 pm
2000s and even more recently in some territory that the taliban has been able to take in rural areas, and, so, they're voluntarily not going out because they're frightened, because they don't want to run into problems. i spoke to one woman who said her sister went out to buy milk and the grocery store guy was, like, you really should be doing your hijab differently, your covering more appropriately. the taliban didn't tell him to say that, but immediately you start to see it, stephen, people's attitudes start changing because they think that's what's required or desired by the new ruling power. >> stephen: so much of the population there is, i think, under 25 years old. is there a memory generally of what the last taliban regime was like? >> the under-20s obviously don't really have a memory. they associate the taliban more with an insurgency. i don't know if you can he
11:56 pm
that plane overhead. u.s. planes are going back and forth all the time evacuating people. so they associate the taliban with this bloody, ugly, decades' long insurgency. and the taliban spokesperson gave a press conference today for the first time in person, and it was amazing to see these afghan journalists standing up not pulling any punches. this taliban spokesperson said we've issued a blanket amnesty, everyone will be forgiven. this afghan journalist stood up and said, but will we forgive you for all the people you killed, all the civilians who died in those car bombs? and i thought to myself, my goodness, the extraordinary courage and tenacity of this younger generation of journalists. the taliban, remains to be seen whether or not they have changed, but the afghan people have changed, and they are going to stand up for what they believe in. >> stephen: what about those afghans who helped the americans? there are some 70,000 to 80,000
11:57 pm
that i've seen people talk about who want to get out or at least a large percentage of those want to get out of afghanistan. have you heard anything new from american forces or american officials over in afghanistan about how that might be achieved, and will they stay long enough to get everybody out who is afraid of these reprisals? >> you know, i pushed admiral john kirby on this, the pentagon spokesperson, earlier today, and the bottom line is, no. i tried to extract. i said, please, i'm the one here on the ground, the american in kabul who has to look these people in the eye when they're asking me, please, can america help get us out? you know, we worked for the americans ten years and now we're getting death threats and can you give us an assurance all these people will get out? the reality is there is no
11:58 pm
assurance. they're trying to expedite the process and reduce some of the bureaucracy making it so difficult, taking some people years to get their visa that would allow them to go to the u.s., but there is no easy, quick answer. so many people here, i can't even tell you, stephen, my phone is ringing nonstop. so m they feel they have been castle aside and they are deeply fearful and full of bitterness. >> stephen: my understanding is that, before they took kabul, the taliban secured border crossings into neighboring countries. is there a sense that, once the united states leaves, that they won't allow any of these people to leave the country, that they'll basically lock everyone in? >> i don't think there's a sense of that yet. i mean, the taliban has definitely said, please don't leave, because they're aware, from a public relations perspective that these images of this crush of humanity
11:59 pm
desperately clinging to the fuselage of u.s. air force carriers trying to get out to have the country, they're awarem and they're trying in this moment to signal they are a different type of taliban, that they can govern, that they're more diplomatic,, i don't want have the sense yet that they are going to directly ban people from leaving, but obviously that's the great fear. the other great fear is that, once the americans pack up and lift up the draw bridge, how do they, then, afghan people who have worked with the u.s., how do they facilitate the paperwork, get that document in, who can they speak to? these people thought they had more time to prepare for this moment, maybe months. instead, it was hours. >> stephen: well, i know you've got to go, but i want to ask you one last question is that the people on the streets of kabul or around afghanistan, not the taliban who have come in
12:00 am
but the people who have been living with the americans and the american presence there for the last 20 years, what do they think of the american withdrawal and of americans now? >> you know, i think this is a really important point to clarify. the afghans that i have spoken to do not blame america for withdrawing from afghanistan. they did not expect america to continue to fight another country's war for decades more, and they understand fully that afghan people must assume responsibility of their own country. where the bitterness, where the sadness, where the fear comes from is the manner in which this withdrawal was executed, the chaos of it, the hurried nature of it, the fact that more concessions weren't extracted from the taliban during those negotiations, that's where the heartache comes from, that's where the bitterness comes from, and that's where the rage comes from. >> stephen: well, clarissa, thank you so much for taking
12:01 am
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our li
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( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to "the late show"! thank you, jon. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: hey! >> stephen: joining me now, ladies and gentlemen, is an actress and a writer. her new show is "the chair" on netflix, which she created and wrote. please welcome back to "the late show," amanda peet! ( cheers and applause ) ♪
12:06 am
>> stephen: it's nice to see you again. the last time you were on here, says on a little card here, was february 2016. why? a lot of work. >> stephen: you know i have been asking for amanda peet once a month for five years. where's my amanda peet? >> i'm right here! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: you got the new series. you have been an actress 25 years, now you've written and create your own series called "the chair." what is "the chair" about? >> a chair in an english department -- >> stephen: a chair, not like a chair. >> a chair. >> stephen: mm-hmm.
12:07 am
anything to sell a ticket. the chair of an english department. >> yes. and sandra o. plays the chair. >> stephen: fantastic,. i wanted to make a romantic comedy so she basically comes on as the chair of the english department, and the person she loves transgresses in the classroom and she sort of has to decide how to handle it. >> stephen: the person she loves in the english department. >> her colleague. >> stephen: her colleague. he's her supervisor so she has to hand down the consequences after he transgresses. >> stephen: a scene with sandra o. and the great holland taylor. what's happening here? >> she also has to try to tighten up the budget at the english department, so she's been told to let go to holland taylor, so this is -- >> stephen: does she have tenure, holland taylor? >> she does. >> stephen: that's hard to let someone go who has tenure. >> that's true. this is all brought up in the show.
12:08 am
>> stephen: spoiler alert! people with tenure can do just about anything ( bleep ) thing they want. they can. not that. can't do that on cbs. >> well -- >> stephen: i have tenure at this point. jim? >> you look at your evaluations yet? >> yes. and what did they say? that i'm too excited. wait a minute, was that always in here? >> i haven't had time to redecorate. >> i gave him a hand ( bleep ) in his car when i got tenure to celebrate. >> that's the president of the college from 1924. >> looks like the guy i gave a hand ( bleep ) to. >> how is that a celebration for you. >> good point, gives an orgasm whoever he is. >> stephen: she's got a point. i heard you wrote it with sandra o. in mind. are you guys old friends?
12:09 am
>> i loved her from afar. i saw her in a play in 1998. i loved her from afar. and, so, i had some help getting in touch with her. >> stephen: how? because i'm not on social media. >> stephen: but you're amanda peet. you with people. what do you mean? why does that make you laugh? you have been around. you can get in touch with people. >> well, i -- >> stephen: get me sandra o.! click. >> that's how my life is. just like that. >> stephen: it could be! my friend sarah paulson who is on social media, she made the overture to sandra o. and said can you read this script. >> stephen: did you ask sarah paulson to slide into sandra o.'s d.m.s? is that what you're saying? >> is that lingo? >> stephen: yeah, i slid into her d.m.s. >> that's not just you coming up with that? >> stephen: i promise you it's not just me. >> for real? >> stephen: i don't slide into
12:10 am
anything at this age. 57, baby. no sliding. >> i'm turning 50. >> stephen: what? i would never have believed it. i would never! i honestly would never have believed it. >> this is amanda peet, get me -- blah, blah. >> stephen: he's very good! ( laughter ) okay, okay, so she said yeah. >> so she said, yes, i will meet her, and then the rest is history. >> stephen: and, as one of the s news, the creator of this thing, i understand you're taking this opportunity for some sweet payback. i have been told this is payback but i don't understand why this is payback. >> okay. because for so many years people were touching me and primping me and poking at me in between takes and fixing my hair and my makeup and it was all about, you know, objectifying a person, so with all the men on my show, i just had this bizarre feminist revenge. >> stephen: so you're objectifying this man right here, turning him into a sex
12:11 am
object, are you? >> i am turning ron crawford into a sex object, yes. >> stephen: now, i understand sarah paulson, decides being your booker, evidently -- ( laughter ) -- your fixer in casting, she also helped you edit this thing, but kind of, like, on the fly. can probably, as you >> stephen: sure, sure, with the horror stories. >> she actually has a career. ( audience reacts ) in a good way! there's no "oh! ." >> stephen: this is why you didn't come back for five years. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> oh, my god... so -- so my kids, the one who's on social media, is now kind of obsessed with her because now she's sarah paulson not just auntie bird. auntie bird is my friend but now she's sarah paulson from american horror.
12:12 am
she'll drive up, she stays in the car, i've run out with the pages i've worked on and we sit them in the car and read them to see ify >> stephen: so she was the suck judge? ( laughter ) you know what i mean. >> i slid right into that. >> stephen: i did not. i promise. ( applause ) so this is opportunity only thing you've written. >> it's like having an affair, but it's all just acting, scenes, acting them out. >> stephen: in a car. in a car in the driveway of my house, so that she can -- so that she doesn't get accosted by my children. >> stephen: because if she went inside they would be too excited to see her and nothing got done. >> that's correct. >> stephen: well, that's a pleasant problem to have. >> well, yeah. >> stephen: besides writing book. you've also written plays' what does it feel like for you when you first start to write? because i have to write as part of the course of my job, and every time i go to put my fingers on a keyboard or pen to
12:13 am
paper, i'm stricken be imposter syndrome. like i know i've done this for 30 years, i can't do it this time. do you ever get that paralyzing fear? >> i'm having it right now. ( laughter ) >> stephen: how do you get over it and motive yourself? >> i drink. >> stephen: oh. there it is. ( cheers and applause ) in the driveway. with sarah paulson. >> yes, of course, half the time you think you suck. i don't understand why you think that. >> stephen: because every day i have an opportunity to suck again. ( laughter ) that's the nice thing about doing one of these shows, every day the last show is gone and you can only enjoy it for the five minutes after the show is over and tomorrow you have to do it again, which is a great privilege, but, also, well, maybe i'll suck today. >> i was feeling very nervous about coming here this afternoon and i was thinking i wonder if he's nervous. >> stephen: every show. i don't believe it. >> stephen: amanda peet, five
12:14 am
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♪ come on, get your motor running ♪ you just head out on the highway ♪ looking for some tchotchkes ♪ and whatever comes our way ♪ yeah darlin, go make it happen mí amor, take the world in a love embrace ride all of your love at once and explode into space... ♪ born to be wild ♪ start your california road trip and ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back!
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ladies and gentlemen, my next guest tonight is a co-host of the soccer podcast and the television show "men in blazers." he has just written a new book, "reborn in the usa: an englishman's love letter to his chosen home." please welcome to "the late show," roger bennett! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> stephen: won't you please. hey! nice to see you. so where's the blazer? >> looking good, stephen. >> stephen: thank you very much! so you and your co-host michael davies, your "men in blazers" co-host -- there you go. there's a shot of the two of you together. >> two bulls. >> stephen: okay, obsessed with soccer. >> indeed. >> stephen: okay, what we call
12:20 am
soccer. >> yes. >> stephen: but most americans still arenold ceous ove about te game? >> well, the game is really a telenovella played out by 22 human beings wearing polyester shorts on the field, and when you see a world cup, stephen, it's often said essentially the two teams walk out and their nation's history take the field beside them. it's only soccer on the surface, below the surface it's about politics, history and culture. but the thing that's really made it take off in america is if you're in a bar at 7:30 a.m. in the morning and you're having a beer and a scotch, society frowns on that behavior, but if you're in that same bar, that same beer, that same scotch, and chelsea are playing manchester united, you're a soccer fan! americans love any excuse to
12:21 am
drink. >> stephen: the time difference made an excellent excuse for people to drink and soccer's merely a mask. >> it's a life. >> stephen: now, you are also friends with our friend john oliver, okay, and he is obsessed with liverpool, and is there something i could say about his team that would upset him?( lau) not that i would ever do that. i was just curious if there was something you could arm me with. >> this is a family show. there's a lot i could say. the one thing, john is a remarkable human being. i think in a similar way to me, football allows him to feel joy, misery, success, failure, feelings normal human beings experience in real life, but we're both dead inside so we only experience it in football. in liverpool football i supported everton, and, john and
12:22 am
every liverpool fan dreamed for winning the title for 30 years. every morning john would get out of bed and dream of winning the title. they were so close. but during covid they went on a season of dreams that are made of and won the title. but because covid shut down football like all sports for three months, you could say, yes, john, you won the title, but there's find of an asterisk beside the title. look at john and say asterisk, and john will laugh it off and say, no, it's amazing, i felt joy i never felt before, but when he goes to bed and he's in his underpants and looking at himself in a mirror, he will say, even stephen colbert thinks there's an asterisk against the tailwind and will feel haunted forever. ( applause ) >> stephen: what i will be
12:23 am
haunted by is the image of john oliver looking at himself in his underwear. >> some days that's the only thing that keeps me going in life. ( laughter ) >> stephen: you've written a new book, "reborn in the usa: an englishman's love letter to his chosen home." what is it you love about the u.s. and why did you choose this as your home? >> it's a joy to be with you, stephen, because i always joke i love america more than kenny powers loves america. i think there's kenny powers there, me there, maybe dolly parton and springsteen just above me, but you are the lebron of loving america. to be with you, celebrating this book, its success has been really hum beelike. the reality is i grew up in liverpool in the 1980s, it's a magnificent city but it's when the coal pits shut down, the steel mills, the cotton mills in
12:24 am
liverpool and it was a dark and twisted place. the reality is was if you've seen billy elliott, you get the picture. he has belly dancing but my arabesque skills not so much. so what made he survive in a city with massive unupemployment, hopelessness, a huge heroin epidemic, was america. i embibbed every tv show -- love boat, miami vice, chicago bears, molly ringwald, beast beastie boys and tracy chapman -- and they all spoke to me like a siren against the rocks saying come be here, your life may be hopeless, there may feel like there's no future, be uh the realtime is come here, life can be lived in te techno color. phen: me band will ask what wasg life when america was going through such a dark and traumatic time. stick around.
12:25 am
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( cheers and applause )>> steph!
12:32 am
we are back with the author of "reborn in the usa," roger bennett. i'm curious what somebody who's been obsessed with america ever since it was morning in america under reagan to this point now where there's so much traumatic division, what do you think the rest of us finding each other over what it means to be an american who have never known anything else? >> well, i ride with team america now. even when america play england i football i am cheering america because i have one rule in life, whatever side piers morgan is on, i always cheer for the other side. god love you, america. >> stephen: thank you for your service. >>.when pandemic gripped the city, it stopped the sports in th i moved to. i wrote this book as a love
12:33 am
letter to try to trace the contours of my love for the united states of america. i was almost in a fever dream. it did started with a pandemic. but then america disintegrated into the "black lives matter," the agony, the trauma of that into the election cycle, just the human dark ness, and there were moments when i was writing a book and turned to my wife saying what am i doing releasing a love letter to america? if things go slightly terrible in the election the only people who want to hear from me are newsmax and oan. i'll have to get don, jr. to sell my book. the love i had with as a kid was that of a kid. anyone in a love relationship knows love is bloody hard work and the the object of your affection is something that you have to work at has strengths and weaknesses. and that's a funny thing to use
12:34 am
someone else's words to say things smarter than you could ever write. and i used the words to have the great poet langston hughes who said let america be america again, the land that never has been yet and yet must be, an offer the book, to be honest. i think all of us who read the book or are in this theater want to close the gap between the american reality and the ideal of america we hold in our head and in our heart. ( cheers and applause ) >> announcer: thank you so much for being here. lovely to talk to you. "reborn in the usa" is on sale now. roger bennett, everybody! we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) ♪
12:35 am
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>> stephen: that's it for "the late show," everybody. tune in tomorrow when my guest will be daniel radcliffe. good night. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the late late show-oh-oh ♪ the late late show woo! ♪ the late late show-oh-oh ♪ the late late show oh! oh! ♪ it's the late late show ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reggie: and we're starting in: ten, nine,
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