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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  August 19, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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there is another air quality advisory. smoky skies are lingering. this is from our photo journalist. this is how smoky it was across northern california yesterday. national weather service shared this photo. it was captured from one of the satellites in space. look at all the smoke. closer to home, a similar sight, hazy skies across the bay area. this is what it looked like above the port of oakland and napa. we are going to see more of that. a first check on weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist mary lee. good morning. i wish i had better news. the good news is it's nice to have you back. >> thank you. missed you guys. >> you feel you len. we are looking. >> love you len.
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>> through the day, moderate to unhealthy air quality. you can see all the smoke continuing to push into our region. we see the orange and red colors and that indicates a lot of the heavier smoke for our region. that's the smoke concentration forecast at the surface, the air that we breathe. if you smell that smoke please be safe and stay inside, limit outdoor exposure. we will see cooler temperatures again because of the haze limiting temperatures to rise too much as we head through our day. we'll talk more about when we will see better air quality. len. two communities in lake are nothing but rubble after the cash fire. >> the fast moving wildfire burned about 80 acres. according to the last update it was only 20% contained. hundreds in clear lake and lower lake had to evacuate when the fire broke out around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. residents say they only had
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minutes to gather belongings. 20-mile per hour wind fueled flames engulfing dozens of homes and cars and strong winds started spot fires that were nearly a mile from where the fire started. >> it got up in the trees and was burning across the trees from one side of the street to the other. >> did you get any of your stuff out? >> my dog, my wife's medication. some blankets to sleep on. >> investigators are still looking into the cause. the initial estimate is at least 50 homes were lost. i am anne makovec at the live news desk following the huge fire in eldorado. thousands have been evacuated. it's swelled to 24 times its size in just two days. check out the latest video we have of the fire that has burned almost 100 square miles in sierra along the route to lake tahoe in eldorado. it's been moving to the south
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of highway 50. it's already destroyed the town of grizzly flats. firefighters have 0% containment. 16,000 people have been evacuated and you can see the fire from space. here is footage. you can see the smoke and the footprints of the fire yesterday and it's going to grow larger. firefighters have 0% containment on this fire. two people were injured and cal fire once again has its work cut out for it today. temperatures are a little bit lower but any time the winds kick up, the land as it is everywhere in northern california is so dry. we'll keep an eye on it. new video out of kern where a brush fire that erupted yesterday continues to grow this morning. this shows firefighters watching extreme behavior of the french fire, high winds causing blaze to spread rapidly triggering evacuations.
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fire has scorched 900 acres and no containment so far. >> pge continues to restore power for thousands in the dark in the north bay. this morning power has been fully restored in napa, 93% in sonoma, 73% in solano. red flag warning forced pge to cut power to about 10,000 customers. they hope to have power restored by tonight. we will continue to monitor this and bring updates throughout the morning. as we take a quick look at the roads, if you are ready to head out early it is slow through the altamont pass. it's business as usual for super commuters making the trek out of tracy into altamont pass area, high wind advisory in effect. travel time is 35 minutes 205 to 680. everything else is looking really good for your thursday ride. taking san mateo bridge, you see traffic looks clear at the limit in both directions between 880 and 101 and getting a look at travel times on bay
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area bridges, bay bridge only seven minutes from the maze to 101. san mateo, 12 minutes towards the peninsula. public schools in marin are reopening. this year is kicking off with a new requirement, vaccinations for employees and students 12 and over. >> justin andrews is live in san rafael. good morning. >> reporter: if morning. this district has been a trail blazer. the superintendent of the schools, she tells me that right now they are basically doing good when it comes to vaccination numbers. also marin county schools say they were first in the county and first in the state to make sure that in person learning happened last year. the school year though this year 12 and over or if you are a school worker including teachers, there must be proof that you have been vaccinated. staff who are not will be required to test weekly. everyone will be required to
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wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. district told me a few weeks ago outdoor masking could be also mandated depending on the spread of the devariant. marin health officials gave a school update when it comes to health two days ago. take a listen. >> things like plexiglas, screening in schools, where people walk in, it didn't pan out as effective strategies, disinfecting constantly isn't as important as we thought early on. >> reporter: the district says it is planning now how to roll out the vaccine for students younger than 12. once that's approved, we know moderna and pfizer are going through some of the trials right now. they expect some of those to come down in the fall. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> thanks. kipx5 has you covered on
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all platforms as kids go back too school. all your questions answered about covid in the classroom. exclusive interviews. the miami date school board has voted to implement a mask mandate. >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> that move defies an order from florida's governor that states the decision must be left to parents. >> i am one who would never sacrifice the well being and health of our students or employees for the sake of ec or position. >> this is the scene outside yesterday's school board meeting as each side tried to get its point across. no word yet if any action will be taken against legislature against the district over the decision. as white house moves forward on a third booster the world health organization is expressing concern there may be a down side. americans getting a third shot will take vaccines from other
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countries that still don't have enough initial doses. >> i do not accept the idea that we have to choose between america and the world. we clearly see our responsibility to both. >> the biden administration says it sent more than 110 million doses overseas and plans to donate 500 million more. w.h.o. insists it will take about 11 billion doses worldwide to control the pandemic. at 6:00 in a kpix5 original report, how bay area is preparing for covid boosters. chances of getting an earlier shot and the game changer for one of the vaccines. >> with fda approval that they don't have to be at the extreme cold temperatures it makes it more realistic that you can go to your doctor's office. san francisco and oakland were two of the top three cities in the country for organized retail crime in 2020. that's according to a new
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survey from national retail federation. the most stolen items, designer clothing and handbags, high end liquor, laundry detergent, allergy medicine, pain relievers, razors, teeth whitening strips. a crackdown included more law enforcement to go after fencing operations that hire low level boosters who brazenly steal bags of merchandise at a time and it guarantees funding for years to come. opponents questioned the timing with the announcement going so close saying it was close. who the mayor is taking lead from with a new proposal, next. the last thing we want is one of our young kids being struck by an impatient motorist. from adding extra time to
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keeping your eyes peeled for kids. school zone advice from law enforcement, next. air quality advisory for the bay area extended now through friday due to hazy skies. i will show you our air quality forecast coming up in a moment. a live look outside with our mark hopkins hotel camera. you can see the clouds in the sky. we have that i'm 53, but in my mind
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welcome back. i think we all need something for a smile. how about cutie? adrienne is starting 3rd grade. we are looking at hazy skies, upper 70s in the afternoon. we would love to see your little ones' first day of school photos. tag us using #kpix. as covid spreads there is a new statewide rule for indoor events. starting september 20 you will need to show proof of vaccination or negative test for any indoor gathering of more than 1,000 people. previous threshold was 5,000. this morning san jose's mayor is proposing proof of vaccination for any gathering
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inside city owned venues. the mayor says he also wants city council to review san francisco's indoor vaccine mandate. >> we will do everything we can to protect people as we are seeing rising cases. >> if showing my proof of vaccination can also allow me to enjoy my life, that would be something i would do. >> if passed the city owned venues would be given time to implement the mandate before it goes into effect. san jose state is finally welcoming students back to campus. the university president and san jose mayor are slated to speak at the school's welcome back news conference this morning at 11:00. meantime, while students are getting ready to commute to campus again, there is still no confirmed date for when vta light rail is supposed to resume. in 2019 before the pandemic a survey found close to 30% of san jose state students used light rail and bus service to get to campus. vta says it needs to inspect equipment and ease operators
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back into their job. with so many students heading back to campus, safety on the roads is more important than ever. >> officers are reminding drivers and students to be aware of their surroundings. police have started to see large increase in traffic with school starting again. they're asking the community to follow the rules, slow down, wear helmets, stop at stop signs and don't be distracted by our technology. >> we wanted to caution and remind folks to please slow down. if you have to leave early to get to school or work, please do so. we want to be sure all our kids are safe, making sure they get to school safely. >> they say students are eager to be back to campus and it's the community's responsibility to keep them safe. >> everybody working together to make it happen. >> absolutely. we are making it happen this morning. mary lee how is that forecast on this thursday? i wish i had better news. i think we will continue with
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the smoke today and for tomorrow before eventually seeing better air quality for our weekend. tracking that haze and smoke from wildfires burning to our north. here is what you can expect. smoky skies, poor air quality today and tomorrow, air quality advisory extended through friday. if you smell smoke, stay inside and limit outdoor exposure and close your doors and windows. we are looking at unhealthy air for sensitive groups for vacaville, livermore, san jose, unhealthy for everyone in ukiah as well as antioch and brentwood. we are looking at moderate air quality in yellow. and in green, good air quality san francisco and red wood city. as we head through our day with smoke pushing in, unhealthy air for sensitive groups north bay, east bay, south bay, moderate for the coast and peninsula. smoke concentration forecast. when you see the orange and red
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that indicates more smoke pushing in. this is noon. as we go through the day here we are at 8:00 p.m. as we head through friday, we will continue with the smoke and really watching north bay, east bay, and south bay. this is our smoke concentration forecast profiling all levels of the atmosphere, not just at the surface but also the upper levels. you can still see that for today and tomorrow. through the weekend, we will start to see clearing eventually as we go through saturday and for sunday. we have that to look forward to. daytime highs for the peninsula, upper 70s this afternoon, 79 in santa clara, san jose, mid 80s for morgan hill and los gatos. 85 concord, pleasant hill, mid 80s for tri valley later today. around the bay from 66 in san francisco, 65 daly city, low 70s alameda and oakland, east bay shoreline and north bay, highs in mid to upper 70s to
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low 80s. that haze will limit temperatures from rising too much as we head through our afternoon and looking at 92 in ukiah. the seven-day forecast from san francisco and oakland, looking at the haze that continues for tomorrow and for san jose, smoky skies today and tomorrow and eventually seeing the skies clear inland as we look to the rest of your saturday. we are going to see cooler temperatures, better air quality for our weekend. inland east bay, north bay, smoky skies today, tomorrow, a little bit of haze to start off and eventually seeing clearing and also for sunday, hazy for the coast today and for tomorrow. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. any hot spots out there? we have busy conditions into the altamont pass. we are seeing that icon on our map here. i will have to check with chp if there is a new accident just coming in. that's an area where it is busy for super commuters out of
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tracy. we've got the high wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass. that was issued overnight by chp. keep all of that in mind as you hit the roadways. travel times are 35 minutes 205 to 680. things look better heading towards the dublin interchange. looking at the live shot things are getting more crowded on the west bound side, head lights heading towards 680. we are seeing things busy there as well, no delays east bound. west bound 80, travel times are 14 minutes highway 4 to the maze. highway 4 itself is clear and so far the ride out of san jose, if you are up early, good morning. heller to sfo will take about 36 minutes this morning. bay bridge, extra volume. we are seeing things crowded across the upper deck. things are moving at an okay pace if you are headed towards
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the pay gates. no metering lights. you should be okay into san francisco. if you are headed towards the maze, 880, you see traffic moving with no delays, nimitz near the colosseum. disney's much loved fast passes are no longer free starting this fall. >> they will be part of a service called disney genie plus. a paid version will allow guests to access the lightning lane for $15 at disneyworld and $20 at disneyland. it provide information on current and forecasted wait times for riders. i liked disney a lot and had no idea this was coming. pizza lovers and pizza makers coming together. expo getting underway today, all about making the best pie. at 7:00 on cbs this morning, what we can expect
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from covid booster roll out. plus how the facebook ceo mark zuckerburg wants to use very chalcedony reality to revolutionize working from home. a writer, actor, producer on her new partnership to help boost women. apparently there are a horrifying number of syphilis infections in alberta. what is up alberta? watch out saskatchewan. you keep rubbing against that you might get an infection of your ragina. people may be taking fewer precautions and using condoms
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welcome back. a live look from our treasure island camera looking at the city of san francisco. happening today, it's opening day for international pizza expo in vegas. yeah, it's a thing. worldworld's gathering of pizza suppliers. and they're hosting the pizza
5:25 am
games. >> cool. fastest pizza box folding, dough throwing, and so much more. >> the big goal is education, learning about new products, new equipment, how to operate a pizzeria from accounting to recipes, learning to toss dough. there is a class learning acrobatics. >> this is bringing thousands to the city after taking a pause last year. >> look at them go. >> that's fancy. >> you can do that in the kitchen. >> sure. i'll do that tonight and share a video. >> make sure you video. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> back to school coverage in marin. we are live with covid safety protocols setting this district apart. a tragic mystery after a missing family turns up dead in the wilderness. >> a
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, bay area school district paving the way again. what students are being asked to do as they head back to the classroom. grieving husband of a school board trustee going after a school district. what he says east bay district failed to do that resulted in his wife's death. in a few hours everything changed. devastation in lake county. community destroyed and fire evacuees facing a new problem after fleeing their homes. how red cross is stepping in to fix a shelter shortage. explosive fires continuing to burn out of control means another day of bad air in the
5:30 am
bay area. the question now, when will we see some relief? what can't robots do these days? video that will leave you impressed or terrified. >> kind of runs like me. good morning. it's thursday august 19. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. air quality advisory is sticking around at least another day. we are going live to san ramone waking up to another day of bad air. if you can't smell it people all over are saying you can definitely see it. >> smoky. very smoky. >> i rode my bicycle up the hill and i could feel it in my throat. >> this is becoming more of a common thing to see the air quality like this. mary lee is joining us. bad air is something we may have to get used to. we are looking at more smoke pushing in today and for tomorrow. watch out for that. please be safe. if you smell that smoke
5:31 am
definitely stay inside. limit outdoor exposure, close doors and windows. we are looking at unhealthy air for sensitive groups for vac more, livermore, san jose now but unhealthy for everyone for ukiah, antioch, brentwood. moderate is yellow. green is looking good. we are going to continue to watch that haze move in, unhealthy air for sensitive groups in orange, north bay, east bay, south bay. inland you will see that heavier smoke. smoke concentration forecast in the orange and red indicating more smoke pushing in. because of the haze, temperatures aren't going it rise all too much, a little bit below average with 70s and 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay. let's check with gianna. as you look at the roadways, we've got a few brake
5:32 am
lights altamont pass commute. things are starting to get busy west bound 580 towards dublin interchange, a wind advisory is also in effect as well. plan for that this morning. san mateo bridge is looking good if your ride takes you from hayward into foster city to 101, things are pretty light, only 12 minutes to make the trek between 880 and 101. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off. we haven't had brake lights or issues for the ride into san francisco. it is starting to get a little bit crowded across upper deck and right now no delays along nimitz freeway. back to school in marin is kicking off with new precautions. prove you are vaccinated or get tested weekly. >> rules apply to employees and students 12 and over. justin andrews is live with more on this plan. justin. >> reporter: this district seems to be very proactive. it's already planning how to roll out vaccine for students
5:33 am
younger than 12 once it is finally approved. the district says it was the first in the state last year to offer in person learning. this year students over 12 and school workers including teachers must give proof they've been vaccinated. staff who are not will be required to test weekly. everyone must wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. listen to marin health leaders talk about mandatory testing the other day. >> school communities really need to be implementing mandatory testing on a weekly basis recognizing the small minority, another benefit we have, about 90 to 95% of adults in school counties are vaccinated. the smaller group who aren't really need to be tested on a weekly basis. >> reporter: they have a very high vaccination rate in this county. coming up at 6:30, we will be
5:34 am
live interviewing superintendent of marin schools. again, that's at 6:30. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> see you then. thank you. we just got some new video of u.s. forces actually firing tear gas on large groups of afghan citizens at the airport in kabul trying to flee taliban rule right now. many of them are desperately trying to escape. they're afraid of the taliban's interpretation of islamic law which it imposed during previous rule that ended 20 years ago. u.s. forces busy airlifting western citizens and afghans who worked for foreign governments. u.s. forces will stay there until the evacuation is finished. g7 foreign ministers will be meeting focused on international cooperation in afghanistan. i want to give the results of a new a.p. poll we just got in. it is gauging americans'
5:35 am
opinions on all this. it says about two thirds of people say they don't think this war in afghanistan was worth fighting in the first place and about half of respondents say they approve of president biden's management of international affairs and national security. we're going to keep our eye on that situation in afghanistan. on the fire watch, we are keeping our eye on the counter fire exploding in eldorado. >> tens of thousands of acres have been scorched. we are talking in just days. massive flames taking over the trees. additional strike teams are heading to the blaze but they're stretched thin. crews are struggling to keep up. it's important with an unpredictable fire to be prepared to evacuate. >> in a few hours, everything changed. so we are just really grateful we had a place to come to and they're just really taking care
5:36 am
of us. >> the evacuation center is overflowing. red cross is planning to open a third site to accommodate those still looking for a place to stay. today the police department and city leaders are set to discuss recent traffic fatalities including a hit and run at the intersection of monterey and curtner avenue. over the weekend a pedestrian was killed by a man suspected of driving under the influence. the driver was arrested monday. this was the 38th fatal collision of 2021 and 15th pedestrian death this year. new, the husband of a dublin school board member killed at a school event has filed a negligent claim against the school district. she was killed in march when pinned between two cars at a food give away after a driver failed to put their suv in park. prosecutors said this did not
5:37 am
rise to criminal negligence and no charges were filed. her husband is alleging the district failed to provide safety measures for drive thru pick up. the family is seeking damages. san mateo election officers will begin opening and processing return by mail ballots. in san mateo you can cast your vote in person. three voting centers are open. san mateo registration and elections division. the south san francisco main library. the time is 5:37. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, mystery in mariposa county. i have worked in different capacities but have never seen a death like this. >> a family tragically dies in sierra without a bruise in sight. the big question, how? getting around the most
5:38 am
touristy spots could soon be easier. let's get another live look outside at san ramone with the air in the bay area getting worse, how do we protect kids outside? we asked a bay area doctor and leader on air pollution. haze and smoke for our region. inland locations north bay, east bay, south bay, we'll talk about when we will see clearer skies. we are counting down to niners taking on the chargers. the game is three days away. watch all the action right here on kpix5.
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time for this morning's money watch report. we learned jobless claims have dropped to 348,000, a new pandemic low. facebook is transforming work from home and a new widely criticized move by wells fargo. elise preston is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning len. u.s. froze financial assets in afghanistan hindering taliban's economic power. white house says the taliban will not have access to money that was available to afghanistan government. efforts are also made to stop the processing of capitol worth
5:42 am
nearly $450 million. last month the bank announced it would begin slashing lines of credit. the announcement was met with widespread criticism from many who argue their credit scores could be deeply impacted. facebook is rolling out virtual reality spin to help you feel like you are back in the office. mark zuckerburg showed off new tech exclusively to gayle king. horizon work rooms allows you to interact with co-workers and access your computer while wearing a vr head set. pinterest with a new feature called inclusion. what's this about. >> it launched the first of its
5:43 am
kind hair pattern search. the company says they rolled out the feature to make the image sharing platform more inclusive by making it easier for people of color to find relevant styles. i obviously wear min curly in its natural state but i love this because i have a seven year old niece with big curly hair. this makes the world more inclusive and she's reflected in society. i love to see it. >> so important. you rock your hair very well. i am glad to know as well that bald folks like me get some love too on pinterest. >> yes. it's one of the patterns. >> yes, it is. we will see you at 6:30 when the stock market opens up. see you then. a mystery this morning. what happened to a family of three in the sierra national forest. >> the sheriffs office says the bodies were discovered tuesday
5:44 am
morning after they vanished on a hike. search teams found their bodies in a remote area of the forest. authorities are running toxicology tests but there is no indication of blunt force trauma. >> i have worked in different capacities but have never seen a death like this. >> a great way to describe them would universal friends because they made everybody feel comfortable. >> there are abandoned mine shafts in the area which could release gases. the area is being treated as a hazmat scene. new video shows some of the damage caused by the 7.2 earthquake. many locals are taking matters into their own hands to start the recovery. this is due to lack of resources. officials say at least 75,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. the death toll is 1900.
5:45 am
muni metro can be expanding. >> but it comes at a high cost. transportation 2050, sfmta envisioned expanding to fisherman's warf and richmond and sun set districts. 5:45. let's head to mary and get a check of our forecast. we are keeping a close eye on that air quality. it did get bad yesterday. we will continue with the smoky skies today and tomorrow. we are not done quite yet with the hazy skies for the bay area. here is what you can expect, smoky skies and poor air quality today and tomorrow, advisory extended through friday because of this. if you smell smoke stay inside, close doors and windows, please be safe. let's check air quality,
5:46 am
unhealthy for sensitive groups. that's in orange for places like vacaville, san jose. unhealthy for everyone for places like antioch, brentwood, saratoga, los gatos, ukiah, clear like. as we head through our afternoon we are looking at the moderate category in yellow, unhealthy for sensitive groups and could jump to unhealthy for everyone inland for the north bay, east bay, and south bay. as we show you smoke concentration forecast in orange and red and that indicates smoke pushing into the bay area. here we are at noon. here is this evening. tomorrow we are still dealing with that smoke. smoke concentration forecast profiling all levels of the atmosphere, not just the surface but the upper levels as well. you see the smoke for today and tomorrow. watch as we head through the weekend. finally the sea breeze is helping push that smoke out of
5:47 am
here as we head through the rest of your saturday and sunday. better air quality is coming our way for our weekend. sunrise at 6:29 and sun set at 7:56. daytime highs, upper 70s for peninsula, south bay. mid 80s in morgan hill, inland east bay, mid 80s in concord, pleasant hill, mid 80s for tri valley. around the bay 66 in san francisco, 71 alameda, 72 oakland. that haze really limiting our temperatures to rise as we go through our day today, mid to upper 70s to low 80s for the north bay and low 90s in ukiah. we will continue with hazy skies today and tomorrow. smoky in san jose today and tomorrow. a hazy start on saturday for the south bay and eventually catching a little bit more clearer skies and better air quality as we go through saturday and into our weekend. inland east bay, smoky skies
5:48 am
and for the north bay today and tomorrow, a hazy start saturday and then eventually by saturday afternoon you will catch clearing with better air quality through the rest of the weekend and hazy along the coast over the next couple days. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. good morning. heads up south bay s, first reports of a crash north bound 101 at oakland road. you see that red along 101 as you approach 880. it's in center divide but causing a back up at least to the 280, 680 connector. it is slow as you head out of san jose, give yourself a few extra minutes. there is a lot of brake lights. west bound 205 out of tracy onto 580, already slow. we had reports of a trouble spot not far from grant line but it looks like whatever it was they got it cleared
5:49 am
quickly. we are dealing with a wind advisory in effect for the altamont. be careful if you are in a larger more high profile vehicle. once past altamont area through livermore valley towards dublin interchange, a live look at conditions. head lights and extra volume heading west, that is commute direction. east bound we are not seeing brake lights or issues. the good news is once you are on 680 both directions are free flowing north or south bound. if taking east shore freeway give yourself 14 minutes as you head out west bound 80 from hercules to the maze, bay bridge. highway 4 is in the clear as well as 101 south bound but north bound 101 near oakland we have that crash. no metering lights yet but things are crowded across the upper deck and starting to see extra volume on the roads. today, the crime drama returns to the cw. coroner is back for season
5:50 am
three. it returns to toronto. jenny cooper starts to move past her trauma and begin the process of healing. the stars told us covid will have a part to play in the new season. >> we shot during the pandemic. we were one of the first productions to go up. we actually brought the pandemic into the show. it's not the main character but it is a character that obviously being called coroner and dealing with situations that are happening in the world. >> you can watch coroner at 8:00 on the cw. 5:50. still ahead, impressive or terrifying? you be the judge. a pair of robots taking over a course. why the creators say this is just the beginning. look at that. >> another artist calling it quits over covid. country super star just canceling part of his tour. how a's pitcher is doing after hit in the face with a
5:51 am
line drive. will he return to the mound this season? what he is saying this morning. today clea shearer are the mistakes people make when it comes to organizing. i need to tune into this. i am a hot mess. traffic is pretty light now. but some traffic heading west bound. we'll be right back.
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5:54 am
time for a look at entertainment headlines. covid surge has forced garth brooks to cancel the next five stops on his tour. ticket master is refunding 350,000 tickets. he hopes to reschedule and finish his tour before the end of the year. a poet coming to a small screen near you. she landed her own spoken word special and it airs next tuesday. trained by her adoptive father portrayed by samuel l jackson. in theaters tomorrow. a video going viral show ago pair of robots crushing a par car course. >> does it sound impressive or
5:55 am
terrifying? see for yourself. >> that one definitely runs like me. i wasn't sure before but i am sure now. watch as robots run, jump and even back flip. they're doing a high intensity activity that requires moving rapidly across obstacles. engineers want to build on specific movements in hopes of giving them the same dexterity as an adult human. >> can you imagine that chasing you down? >> we'd be running at the same pace. it reminds me of robo cop. >> i am on the fence line about this. public schools in marin county opening today, extra precaution for students to keep the delta variant from
5:56 am
spreading more. we are live. total devastation. a fast moving wildfire levels two communities in minutes in lake. dozens of homes are destroyed and fire danger isn't over yet. new video showing erie scenes in central valley, fire exploding in size and it has crews monitoring it closely. two cities at the top of a new list for most does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, here we go again. we are waking up to another day of bad air as we look live over east bay hills. will it be as bad as yesterday? we are on fire watch. this happened in a matter of minutes. this morning two communities are destroyed in lake county and the fire danger isn't over yet. >> got up in the trees and was burning across the trees from
6:00 am
one side of the street to the other. it grew really quickly. the first day of school in marin county and there is one extra thing on the back to school check list. covid protocol that is has this district standing out from the rest. an update on the pitcher hit with a line drive. his message to fans. wow. good morning. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. smoky skies are lingering. they could last through the rest of the week. this is a live look from our photo journalist in san ramone. we'll see how things look when the sun comes up. this is how smoky it was across northern california yesterday. this was captured from one of the satellites in space. a similar sight, hazy skies across the bay area. this is what it looked like above port of oakland and napa. let's get


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