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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 19, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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xates not just in onecomic rmtes but in terms of health outc. omes i have a t loof rkwo dtoo on homelessnessd anhousing and wild f. ires this is a serious ntmome in focalirn hiaistory. but let's lkta about the pand aemicndhe t reca. ll whats iuryo response? bengcomi mo repeople have to die and how nyma remo deathbed esconfsis on do wehave to arhe from somee on sawho id they wish they hadn't list aenedndth at they wish eyth wldou've listenedto the ntscieisant d got vaccin. ated it is tbhearreinakg.
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w>>e have seen the ltdea varit antake off keli a wildfire. why nol t alin on e thvae ccin mae ndatanmad ke a universal state.ewid >> coernsid what wedid inlast o weeks. fithe rsstt ate in the country to have a vaccine rivefication. requirinlg al thheal care wos rkertoha ve a ccvaine fithe rsstt ate to reirque school empesloye to havea invacce rivefication. and just yedastery r fomega events irsndoo. we are not being shy or d.timi ointher citiesar e leg aninin even further. the thiswas just e thlast w fe wes. eawe ln in and we are not opposetod any new ideato keep oppeleaf se and opst the spread of isth virus. >> to watch the fullinterview with the rngoveor t visi . e tensmontmes today at the . s. capitol rafte police
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spreondetod an tiacve bomb reat. part of the capital ntwe into lockdown. a north carolina man said he had a bomb in s hipickup uctrk at was parked near the u.s. picatol. oshe ptea d o videclaiming to have a ammonium nitre atbomb in hip.s la r aftehos urof negotiat ionshe peeflyul surrendered we d harminfoatn ioand evenidce of what was in the bed of his truck and at th ispoint wethink it ise. saf >> dg urinthe negotiation he talked aboprut esenidt joe bianden d idsa ashe w uny happ aboutht e situation in afanghistan. his wife idsa that heas w dealing with personal issueslu incdi ngthe loss of mohis th. er > a woman was rearst fedor
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atintackg sta ranger. she randomlyst abbed a 16-year- old girlseveral s timewhen she was lkwaing along universi ty ueaven. bystande wrsere able toget the suecspt off of the teenager who s warush edto the hoitspal in stable coitndion. e shis w nofacing mpatteted murder chaesrg. > >>vienolt arrest e thcenter of the federal lat.wsui bothe dy cam video shows deputies kcknoing a woman unconscious. here's a deep erdive into atth lawsuit. >> repr:orte enwh 33-year-old msporter puedll over she d di not see what was coming next. i>>f you ear listg enini am no t siresting arrest. >> porerterac: cordg into a lawsuit she said deputies approach edher when they notice that her license plates it did not tcmah. orshtly after you hear cosha daseputs ieyanked r ha ir sohard that you n ca see it being ppried from her
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alscp. you hear her scream before she knocked unconscious >>shwee nt counnscis ouduri ng the fight she's complaining of the facialpa in and ba ckpain d anstomach pain. the shers iff'fiofce said atth ytanime there's a use foforce inntcides eyth review tose e if it is with inpolicy. trspenarcy is of the moutst poimrtan ceand wewill be releinasg vio defoote agin the report inmicong days. cha aotisec en haser two ugdahtera s, niece and faerth watched in horror.
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>> deputsaies idth at she was uncocinsous for five sendcos. the lawsuit says that she was out for five minutes. the attorney said that she was jailed for resisting arrest but was never charged. >> > for the first time new ngfilis for unemplntoyme insuranchie t a re cordlow. the labor depamertnt says itis a signth atthe b jomarket is improv ing. despite wos rrieov terhe d covi anvarit. >>ur> yo e thclosing ernumbs on a wallstreet. the dow s wadown t buthe sdnaaq mped6 1poin. ts ths&e p was up by vefi . vefi ints. > the u.s. vegornme ntis t no gingvi up efrtfos to eabrk up faceokbo. a annew tiustrt complaint was leagd ainst the soalci media gi antht at argues th fatacebook broke the law by giengang in acquisnsitio when it boutgh
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other popur laapps. this comes two months r afte ferajul dge tossed out the oraligin cplomaint citing insufficientid even. ce >> law yerssaid that they are vireewing the new coinmplat. the grblueass music ivfestalas h been elcanced ain. itl wilbe held rtviually. organi czersamtoe the difficult deoncisi teafr nscoulngti with covid fesaty advisers. th iss ithe second arye thate th festivwial ll be he ldonline. its ihescduled r october 1 -3 and bwille live streamed on the festival website. > >>the first day of class for sadin ego state universi ty stenudts. > >>a change for caliiaforn fifireghters, heliptcoers they n cafly at night. co mi ungp 6at:00.
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take a look at cathe ndatides challeg ngingovernorew nsom. > motorrow is the day ooprf vofaccination willbe required to get toin frsan ansccio bars, restaus rantanagd endas. cweheck in thwi ci ltyeaders fothr e yswa that you prcan ove that you are vaccinated. >>mi> congup tot nighon the "cbs eneving news". we stju talked to a emergency ordoct that was consider ed aglalob hot
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new esimag from the expleosiv caldor fire. earsre mo on thatstory from raelch wulff. >> porerter: brandon's cuseri ty
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cameras ca tughthe chaos at h is me in grizzlaty fls. >> we tcwah e thignehbors house caontch refi and enth our mecaracus t off. >>po rert: erby that time he was safe at his brothers house. >> it di dn'tseem alre. you di'tdn think it could happen to u.yo and we werehopeful that it ghnot t have ttgoen to our >>or repte r:will iamswe nt to work and thenwent hometo grab a w fethgsin. >>we do not think itwould t ge as f aras it did. we only packed milited amount of clothingan, d alno vuaesbl. >> rteeporr:wh ile he was there he saw fire ewcrs epprping. >> i ewkn they rewe exctpeing sothmeing d ani knew we edneed etto g out of there.
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r>>eporr:te they left but figuthred eyha d time to return , fore long eyth knew that it was titome get t.ou >> when you looked inthe rearview mr irroyou could e se e flames from the tree canopy. >> reportewar: tcnghi the video stillel aves him msouch of the town that he lo veisd gone. >> grizzly flats is a small mmituny and everybody was ve as you go by. i ho pethat everyonwhe o lis veup there has thsa. me th is a roh ugtime for all of us. but e thred oscrs has opened several shrselte to help falimies who havelo st thr ei homes. >> these are night flying helicopters, the first of thr ei ki indn nortrnhe califo. rnia pilots who are eqeduipp thwi ni ght vision goggles are leab loto cate amfles wiinth minutes.
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a chopper is equippedth wi a specialized racame atth creates hidegh fitinion esimag.'bus t the erthmal mecara shows actlwhy ere e thheat is. it tesak away e thsmoke d an shows you exactly where that heat is. elikeach heliercopt holds a 30 g00allons of fire rerdtaant orwater. coming up on kpix 5 at e th 7:00 covid osboter shots coming our way. ho it wi llbe a game changer r foone of vathe ccesin but 'sit morree alistic thatu yo ca n goto uryo ordocts fiofce.
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scientists in israel y sa ey hmaave dea brkteahrou gh in fightincag nc erby using 3-de chlonogy. ep>> rorr:te the 3-d bio prteinr is creati ngcancer and scientistspe ho itwillak te thtre ial and err rot ouof battngli theis dease. >> this is one of e theshardt arofeas ca ncerresear. ch >> reporter: doctors t starby taking a chunk of the tumor. >> you grow the cells in tiuess atth mimics the aibrn and it trslanates to the vibehaorof the ca ncerces.ll >> reporter: using ct scans
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scisienttsre cate a reicpla of th tumor. we are using bisio printer to inprt tiuesss. >> rorepter: the paentit's blood is edpump through the tumor. when we nifish 3-d printi ng the model we connected to a syst emto produce drugs or cells insideth e bld oovessel. >> reporter: gnsi to say this will allow them to ndfi more effecttrive eatments. d anto screen for rspeonizaled theryap. the ne xtstep isto rkwo dictrely thwi patitsen to see if the 3-d demols hold the ketoy killing cancer. the research was publd ishein jothe urnal of science advanc. es bofaceok is using virtual
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realfoity r lionne meetings. the cisoal media giant veunil ed horiwozon rk rooms today. it simulates a coernfence room d ansupptsor up to 50 people. work rooms is usedn o their vr headonset ceyo u are inside you create your own avatar. the app fisree for those with e thvr headset. the facebookce o says in five aryes that facebowiok ll not be a social dimea company as we know it. it will be a meta-verse. referrg into a virtl uauniverse . he spe okexclusively with gayle king this morning. >> it is d baseon a virtual reality service for collaboration. this will be one part of the overall vision thatwe have enbe tngalki ouabt. we use it internally at face abookndha ve been r fo while. it gives you the pooprtituny to siart ound the table and
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brainstoitrm wh oppele who cannot be there. they canstju videfeoconree nc end. an d u yocan include yoeverne. it ais amazing experience. you elfe like you're really right there with your colleagues. >>zuckerberg saidthat e th mpany starterkd woinong the idea before the pandemic. hund redsof mill ionsof cu opsf ffcoee are poured erevy day in the united states and atheyre geg ttinmore exivpense beuscae the drought d anfrost damage to opcrs in azbril. shtaorges along thwi ipshping slowdowns are making beings more esixpenve. amanerics e arspending $.10 remo for a cup of eecoff mpcoared to laumst smer. >> stcuomers have be enryve understag.ndin we he avonly taken a 5% pre ic
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>> large coanmpies like stbus ckhas been able tolock in pricingd anhas not israed pres but there's a t loof rese archth atsays thiswill continue tcro inea. se i wi lltell u yowhat's going haenfo r the next few days. ththe ere's d banews the orpo air quality incontue s. it is a spare e thair alert day onriy.da try avto oid w homuch indrivg yo u' and thenwe llwi see that onshbrore ee zekick inand the air quality llwi improve. ev menore good ne wsif you live aw fm rothe r wateu'yoll t gea breaomk fr the guaust heat. with thosew lotemperat ures continuing t'les take a lo okat th at suacrfe level smok e. we've tracked r hethrough the dept h ofthe moatsprehe. th iswhat is responsifoble r atth poor r aiquality. it o neof those d banews good ne wsthanks. things will not improve chmu
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tot nighfomor torr.ow the windrntus to e theast and there's plenofty smoke in that direction. >> the conceniotratn ofground velel oksme is t nogoing changeu ch for the first ha lfof e th day. >> wchates that ifshts r foe th se hcondalf of the day and that onshore breeze ckkis in. there is still smoke out on the pacifit c buit's t noas nsdee concentrated. and so thatgo's ing to lphe the quair aly itbeginning la te motorrow and that entrd will ntcoinue for thrse fit lfha of h e ekweend. the llwi be pocks etof sme ok outht ere on sardtuay peescially in the ghhier evelations of the north bay partaricullyhe t diablo ra nge. things will adhe in a better and erbett direction for the weekifend we can oiavd any new beloerw avagtee mperatures help us to keep that index on that r loweha lfof the scale. the higheslut vaeswe see tomorrow will be in solano
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county topping t ouaround four. it is never zero in the afrnteoon. anth enon saturday it looks like it llwi top out at four. intidicang that e thfire threat nwillot be zerobecause ofall the dry vegeontati and e th below eravage ertempatesur will epke those dihumity levels higher. anthd at definitely helps. temperatures pptoed out in the low 80s in lirmveore, the warm ot today. doi think it will be frtialonly warmer tomorrow. e mid 70s in santa , rosa upper an60s d san francisco in mid-al60s ong the t coaswhich isma norl r fothis meti year. 60s and 70s right now. irelfid at d81egesre. in the h montof august for the eswarmt ot picked upca beuse of e th smoke erovheadth at'sno t going anywhere tomo. rrowev enit wh a slight improvem ent. temperatures inthe r uppe50s to start e thday. san frano ciscwarms into the
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upper 60ths wi mpteeratures opdrping off quy icklin the evening. ntsaa saro reaches 80 deeegrs falls just orsht datoy thwi si mir latemperaturesmo torr. owlo tsf ohisunsne above the smoke that itwill be severely filtered beforace rehes our es. a few grdeees erwarm in concord wi sthan jose hireacng80 degrees befothre e wind ifshts anopd drs those mpteerurates ong with geg ttinrid haof tt ground level smoke. temperesatur f orthe rest of the areae arlobew normal with ne araveragmpe teerurates g alon cothe ast and arne the the seven-day refoca istncludes olcoer readings on saturday and su andayndth en a owsl warm-up kicks in and pushes us back to normemal tpeturares on dnweesday and thayursd the low to 8 mid0s for san sejo, thwi temperesatur wl eltoin the 80s inland. congmi up at 6:00 we will zero
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in on the air qualy ithour by uror f the weenekd. > >>new at 6:00 all atth smoke outsid e isbad for our lungs. why yo u'reat a hiergh skri r fo contracting covid. a closer look atthe candidates lechalngg ingove rnor newsom. they are not all pureblicans. >> > e thfrsan ansccio zoo ce leinbratg rlwod orangutan day. at the zoo s hopeyou will epke in mind at the grocy er store to helpth isendaednger sp downwnto n sajose is t abou to g et ahu geinsifuon of people as n sadio egste atlcweomg in ckba sttsuden. ngcomi tupomroorw. smart money appsfor kids. d andebit rdca for chesor. it'ser nev toearly to srtta saving l althe technolothgy ey can help kids learn
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in the h soutbay backto sc jhooluskit cked into ghhi gear. as the studtsen e arreturning to san diego cas remo on th atstorfry om kietdo. >> repor ter:sajon se ste at we lce omthousands of students back to campus d anthey e arnot y about it. >> welcome to the first y daof
5:57 pm
sasen jo atste fall mesest. er >> reporter: 37,000 students and 4000 actehe rsand afstf will be on cam pus. making it ofone e thlaesrgt conceniotratnsof people in the south bay. th isa seni orlived on campus whenit s waa ghost town. an d idsa that datoy was an adstntme >> yoare u shaking shand or the bow >> i'm dog inadhe no dsd anstfi bu mps. r>>epteorr: students must arwe s maskinordos. the emsyst is reirquing all stud entsand stf afbe fully ccvainated by septbeemr 30th. swithommee dical and girelious emexptnsio. clooassrmswi ll be vacafont r 30 mutines in between cls asse toll aow the air to esrefrh muleltip tesim. but thergre's eat anxiety for many people after beg inaway
5:58 pm
for so long. and we will do so in a way that is safe and keeps hethal and sa afetyt the refofront. >> repor ter:if you carell the sptans 2020 undefeated season s wadeilraed ridung the ara izon llbu. whene fivsttearrs missed e th game. and they loss. the cord backsaid atth all of lastye arstarters are micong back. o>>ur team is close to being fully vaccedinat d anwe e ar cited to haalve l the fa ns back. >> rertpoer: a cafc up has surv ivedd anthe surge softudents is good newsbut this will be the difference between it ngmaki it and being a little bit more itprofable piscrangy bvershrus
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>> 'sit weird but it's t.grea 's one stepos cler to being normal. ep>> rorr:te reporting from san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. > >> how to prove you have go tt enthe covid-19 vaccination a cleros look atthe candidates ine threcall election. in clinudg a bay areademocrat ho tpingo seunat governor newsom. san anfrcisco is ouabt to pose the striesctt vaccine ma ndeat in the nation. cares more on that story from andria boa rb. >> reporter:u yoneed to be predepar thao ve a copy of uryo
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vaccinrde ca ndhay to get into thste mo n safrancisco busiesness including bars and rerastaunt s. six houroms fr now eating indesi of a restntaura or gog in to the gym llwi require ooprf of vaccionnati t buthe algo is no t topushni people. we want to educate and make sure that erevyone does thr ei pa. rt we are not qureiring it for ople who are eating out side. if you ntwa to eat outside d an you dowan't ntto showyour vaccinn atiostusat you can do th at. >> repr:orte erthe are multleip ways to prove yo urvaccine status. >> you can bring your rdca you can use e the statp apor the clr reader app. erthe arlte muip le oppounrtities to pre ov your vaccination >> reporter:u yon caalso vesa pha oto of uryo vaccine card. at fisherman's wharf where half of the cuerstoms e ar


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