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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 19, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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bay area, get ready for boosteotr shs. why you may not ha veto itwa as long for one as you might think. > >>right now,the kpixnews at seven and stamreing on cb sn bay area. a spare the air eralt is suedfor tomorrow as the zeha apoaprches unhealthy lelsve. i'm juteliet goodrich in for elabizeth. >> > mi' ken let's get right ov erto paul thwi a read on the smanoke d ewhit when we might see some her. >>ft ertomorrowth in gswill improve. there may beimprovt emenlate in the day tomorrow after the n goes downbut inthe t shor rm, air qualnoity t great ross the bay area. mostly ithn e moderateca terygo ndarou t bheay. the worst aialr quitisy over the north bay thisevening. healthy for sensitive ougrps. thall esore ange dots incadite th tathe theater quitaly will deterieorat again tonight what on e shorbreeze we had datoy ll we can late tonight and thatmeans the worst air
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alquitwiy ll be in the mesa otsps,or nth bay, inland, and santa clara llvaey and demorate air itqualy around the bay and around the co ast.we e artrac kingprimovements atth will chicken as we adhe into twehe ekd.en we will k tracthe smoke early next week co mingup in the foca. st >>he reis an ugly revetilaon about all ofth is alsml. a new study t ouof nadeva sutsgges batrehing in fiwildre smoke can acaltuly make you remo susceptible to getting vicod. we checkedin with one of our experts to find out why. >>e somof the sibac fedenses li -- of e thlungs, like ving cilia that puessh things up m aynot work as well in the faceof the smoke. the second thing is if u yoare aladrey infected coand mein contact with it, the mesa thing. ity maspadre moapre >> > tonight, san francisco is hourays aw from acenti ngone of
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e thstrictest profoof vaccioinatn ndmaates in e th kp'six 5 drania borba onhow will work. >>repo:rter well, juliet it ll require peleop to be fully vaccinated. not a single dose or one shot. they needboth shots for you to be able to go into ba, rs reauntras and gyms d anenjoy e thosfas ceinside. the clock icis tking until you will need to show proof of vaccioinatn atstus to epst in vitea bar, streauntra or gym in the city bythe ba y. worried about losing that awkwy ardlsivaze cce incard? carr yingyo urpaper cardis one ofur fo options. >> you can bring your card, use the state app, use the eaclr it. the r cleareader s readthe stesat at app and qr code so one more oppounrtity to prove your ccvaination. >> reporteryo: u alcan so vesa a otpho of your vaccine card on youron phe and atth will work
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as proof, too. ifouar e not fuy ll vaccinatedu', yoreno t totally rrbaed. >> thegoal isnot topunish ople. thpoe int is educa ationndto makesu rethat everneyo does thr rtpa. we anore t requg irinit for peleop who are tieang outside. yifou want to eat outside and you don't want to show your ccvainatn iostatus, you n cado that. >>foenrcement will ha ppenat the . door >> reporter:ju st like u yoare proving you are 21. some rurestaan tsat pier 439 ini shmeern's wharf are moving hosttss ouide to durece for prle tmshere. if people t don'want toget invaccated th seyhould st ay out. th eyha ve choice. some people want to veha freedom evand erodyby has to ha vefreedom but wh enit infringes upon other people i inthk we veha to arstt asking questions. do t heright g.thin >> reporter: now, this rulego es eintofftec, juliet, at mi dnhtig sttiarng tonight. yollu wi veha to show proof of
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vyouracneci card, fully cotempled,o tget deinsi. but as we said, fo urdifferent tiopons to showthat. yon u caof the paper , carda qr de, a photo of your rdca and you can use the clear app. there e aropontis to ma kethis happen. j>>ust have . it ondrea, k thanyo u. >>to> get you really upd date on the recall , racewe sat down wi kthpix five thwi governor newsome toge ur voters to let him nifish the job they hired hi m todo. i>>'ve got a lot of rkwo to do honomelessness and housing. ese expre-isngti conditions, l alof these ltsimuanuseo yes isis ofdroughts d an13 large- sce alfires. we have a lot of work to do. oz>> denofs candidates up here onheb side ofthe ballot led by nscoervaveti radio host, laelrry de r. he haprs omedis rtoevseer mask anvad ccine minute s onday one, get rid of emth. soavfoe rmer san egdio mayor, keviuln facor neand busssineman
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, johnco x. >>r > ouexclusive s cbnews poll s showit 'sa cle osrace but 52%f leliky voters plan to vote on the recall. buet th 4 point spread in this n e uaeqls the polls margin of r.erro $20 million have 20 million bas llotha vegone out 26 days ead of the eleconti already coming back . in san o mateuncoty is already processingth em. wi>> th inthe past -- wi th inthe stpa 90 numites we found&e pg found 10 madaged sarea along the power s line that were sh utoff. at least fo urof esthe problem r eacos uld have spd arke wifildres. s it istl iluncleaatr th atwh sp ard kethe fast movi ngfire atth ripped throa ugh lake county fire yesterday but lson walkernt we back to see what isleft. >> repoerrt: forwprard ogssre this fire was std oppe yeerstday. eyth spent most ofe thday kichecngou t hotspots but we
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artoe ld atth dozens of homes werelo. st anas early estitema, d anin as many as 70 people okloing for homes. peleop sa idthey had 10 to 12 teminus toget out. its iexpected e thevactiuaon rsorde will expire shortly. people willbe able to come back in. eyth wi llsee atwh is ftle in theiis nghrhboood in clear lake. lswion walker, kpix fi. ve a simir lascene in el doorad county erwhe a fire tore throthugh e community of grizzly fl ats. one n macaptured the fire on th disoorbell, ca. mera fithe re covers more than 0065,0 aescr with no aicontnmt.en >> > further rtnoh, the dixie fi n cowovers 6010 square les across vefi ticounes, double the si zeof phoenix, ariz ona. the fire has beento rnbuing for 36 days and is % 35 via cod osboter shot is micong our way.
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coming up , nexthow the bay ar ieas preparing the chances of gngetti anearlier shotand the game anchger for e onof the vaccines. >> it is chmu more realistic. yocau n go to yo urdoctors office. >> sign me . up >>us> pl the late stvictim of the delta search. bithe g n safrciansco going rtviual for the second year in a and the feds are sharpengni their antitrust attack on facebook the ponew rse chto slice up the social network. >> itis r nevetoo y earlto stt arsaving. congmi up tomorrow on the kpix morng inwsne, a senior edit joroins us live to talk abalout l the tech that n ca he klpids learn about money omfr srtma money psap to a t debica rdfor chesor. that is co ming uptomo rrow beginnin g at304:.
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the first covid-19 beroost otshs ulcod stt argoing in to people's arms one month from tomorrow. >> kpix 5's aln lertmain jos in us withhow the bay areais already prepg arinfor this. >>we are indeed. can, juliet, eryestdawey arhed it that if you are eaat lst8 1 and d bounfor a booster you minoght t have to wait uryo turn. at layefatte rkpa in san frciansco, it al mostfeels noalrm. >> reporterds: ki in e th ayplgrou, nddogssp rintg inon e lawn aypling feh tcand fitness buffsts ju indog r thei inthg. folks here crited covid otshs. just to veha a litt le more freedom. >> a tndo protect other people. we e arall indog our rtpa to stay vaccinated. >> porerter: not to burst any bubbbules t boteosr shots are comingr youy.wa >>us jt stay ahead of the virus. >>re porter: newly released deferal data confirms vaccine im muno effiencicy is niwang.
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the concern,ea brktouhrgh ctinfeio ansmongth e fully invaccat.ed noilw, md ormoderate made dratalicly worsen. >> if we start to see hoitspalizations among peleop wi thor nmal immune emsysts who veha been vaatccined, if those ithospalatizions start goto up m a that wi llbe sia gnal. >>ep rorter: to stayahead of e thvirus, the biden miadnirasttion made a judgment call. >> eight mo nthsafter yo ur cosend s hot,at a osboter shot. >> i veha no ubdot that if you receive a osbotethr at your immune spreonse is going to bump siifgnicantly. >> reporter: inpendg federal prapoval the ogprram begi ns septr embe20. th local thheal padertments are waiting for detail s. w>>hen boosters beco me laavaibl e,there will be a demand for th. em >> reportedrr: . ttma will, is publ hicealth direct forormat for marin co. unty >> we ha vealrey adseen them in trour afc,fi moikst lely oppele
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lookintog schedule a boteosr. >> rteeporr: dr. thom as sociate medical inexamer. wh tenhe demand goes upit leads to short ppsuly. so mefolks are jumping the line. >> it will be a single do, sea lot easier and we veha the in frtrasucture in pl ace. >> reporter: e onpoint of the di scsiuson, e whertogi ve the borsoste. dr. tom is confident. >> whae ve appr ovedas an tire county including e th tycoun eropated sites, retail pharmaciesd anpridovers, we can been able to reach abe ov beand yond the invaccatn io rgtaet. >>po rert: era big plus, the fdhaa s approved the pfizer vaccine to bestored ata hiergh temperature ina regulare frerigator. >>owwi th fda approval eyth t don'ha veto be kept in extremely coldtemperatures it makes it more alreistic that you can go to your dos ctor ofcefi perhaps ant d ge invaccated or to a clinic.
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another plus, if the fda approves d anlinscees any of the covid vaccesin, you may not have to wa iteight months get a bor.oste >> one ofvaccines get fda apalprov, doa ctor can esprcrib ae itnyinthg he or she ntwas. >>or repte r:but ordocts warn osboter shots e alonwon't d en thtre end pathe ndicem. infeusctio sediase ctdoor, stepn hethombeas liesev more amanerics edne to get va ccatined thenboteosd. thatinudcles kids under 12. vaccine atmandes may alsohelp. >> certainly t nogoing to move the hell , noi'm not kitang th e ccvaine but it might vemo the i llwi do itif i have to ubcl. >>po rert: erfolks will wait eithr turn. >> oe ncthey are available to everybi ody ha veno >>es seiantl workers, healrethca rkwoers and anneyo vuerable, si gnme up. >>i if feel like i need to then i would. >> a decisiison ndpeing on boosters foe r thvaj&j ccein. re
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coenmmdations are ctexpeed on. liet? >>lealn, thank you. taking a look at your top headlines,re pside ntbidesan ys s.u. trpsoo wi llayst in ghafanisn tauntithl ey can acevuateve ery ameranic citeniz thbut oundsas of ghafan allies fear they could be left behind. many cannot get through checkpointads leing to the airport. talin bafighrste arble ocking and at times,firing their weapons. far, the u.s.has rlaiifted remo than 7000 lepeop from the region. a bomb thatre through part of our naonti's capital. a lodockwn datoy teafr a man idsa he d haa bomb in his uppick trk ucthat s waparked arne the library of ngcoress. he surerrendedaf ter several hos.ur veinstigators sahey was dealwiing th some rspeon al esissu. the c ftfiled a t firs coinmplat ekseing to eabrk up facebook. th eyargue the so cialdimea giant hauss abedit s ma rket power to resuppss competition. a rafedel dgjue tossed the original comntplai injune for olackf evidceen.
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ifthe feds are succulessf, this ti, mefacebookmi ght have to spiffno sites keli instagram and what.sapp the faa has opprosed more thalan hf $1 miiolln in new nes aiagnst 34and really rline passengers, most inlvgin mask atviolio nsor physicioal vlence. ha lfof the ciindents happ ened on flights to are from flidora. to cut down on bad behavior, american aneirlis idsa it llwi senot rve coalhol again tiunl next year. at theeaierlst. i'm just thmee ssgeenr. thank you for that meagsse. san frscancio'has rdly ristctlylu begrass festival is gog rtviual for the second year in a row. the organizers of called off the plan tobring itback to go gldenate part due to the covid sechar. eainstd,t iwill be live stamreed oobcter t 1sthh roug ththe ird. >>a live look outside atthe ci slikyne. the eris that smoke and a lilebi t of fog and maybe a ttlile bit of bo. th
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f chiemeteorologist, paul heen is tracking this through e thweekend. smoke and fog iswhat we ve right now. thupe per level pattern has beenre dictg insmoke tos ward us. th atil wl still be with us toowmorr. not quit e asstrong on friday. ings will shift as we head inheto t ekweend. winds will mebeco remo westlyer. noju stat ground velel but through the deh ptof the atmosphere thand e persis tent onshoreee brzewi ll help improve air quality as we head thugroh the week and into early ne wxteek. t'les track the e.smok plenofty it etprty much vering the atste. thtris ac ksthe amou ntof smoke ugthroh e thwhole deh ptof e tht mohespre, not just the ougrnd- l levesmeok you can e sehow ncentrated isit over e thbay areaor tomrow. there will be some improvement to the ndgrou-velel air quality late in the day today as the ndwis start toshift zyha skiesv eradhe to start saayturd and enth we arstt to e se primovtsemen f orthe depth of th e moatsphere pug shinthat oksme off to the east later saturday andthat continues through the rest of the weekend
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and in toearly next week the peistent onorshe wind is going to bethwi us throh uge th first lfha of next week, keeping e thair alquity in e th good category. by sunday and monday t buwe ha tveo get thh rouganother day rrtomoown ithe endsunhethaly r seivnsite groups in the hnort, east bay and santa clara vaeyll. l stilha zyskies overadhe but atrod unlevel, things wi llbe be atterndgo odbye sunday d an ndmoay. nobut t yet. mo stof thisis d filebut erthe ismo ske other over there, too. thrme wa spot is 72 degrees. a big gechan because ofthe oksme further ine thatmospherel ocngki sunlight and keinepg mpteeratures belavow mi d topeupr 50s to 60 degrees fostr mo of us late tonit ghand y earltorrmoow morning. ghhi temperaturtoes moowrr near average ar oundthbae y but a ttlile below ave eragfurther land. maybe slightwaly rm erthan today's abnolyrmal olco staugu readings. mi60s along the coast, mid to peupr 70s ndarou the nspeniula and utsoh end of the y bawith low to mid 80s fuhertr inland
7:19 pm
in t hesanta clara vaeyll but li ke alyt 80 deeegrs at san jose. warmer spots fuhertr east in the uppes,r 80 even e thosspots stay just t shorof 90 degrees. peupr 60s in the tyci. loto mid 70s for the east y,ba normal for this meti of year. th e midinished air qualy itonce again and hefurtr rtnoh it will otbe h d ansmoky. foinndla mendocino tycoun d anla keco unty. teermpatures evenol coer with the onshore zebree. tusarday and su ndayacssro the boanard d things slowly return o was rdnear aver age. temperat uresne arthe bay weesdnday and first sdthuray, slhtigly above ave.erag that will be the seca for ntsaa arcla valley, east bay and northbay. mperatures a longthe coast don'ant chgea lot h whicis prettyic typal for locatis on onalg the we will update motorrow's air quality caforest. th ats icoming up at 11:00. itis e thlast inthg you wao nt tsee with e thair quality so ba d. why does fire key part of the ba
7:20 pm
y idbrge for hours enev after it s waout? >>i furese to have this be a coasld ce r fomy ugdaht. er ne w evidencein the desperate chsear r foa hit-d-an run erdriv o whkilled a san jose mom in a eewhlchair.
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the mifaly of a t hiand n ru victim in san sejo is llcaing for jue sticas police call atteiontn to the ngdaers of the rsinteeconti where she eddi. >> new surveillanvice deo shows a ghlit-colored car, sspoibly a meedrces cls streg akinsoh uton monterey toware d thtey ll necurtr teinrsection. th is happened on april t 1s where it hit 37r--yeaold mother of five, vanessa van arts o whwa s in the crosswalk and in a whlceehair. >>nd took off. le her. didn't check tosee ifshe was alive or dead. >>e ware all humans. we all make mkeista. ifit was your lyfami you d woul want close,ur too. >>re the have been six faliesti at or near th at inrsteection just this year alone. thci tyfinally loinokg at safetyra upgdelis ke new barsrrie, signals, anmed caras. laall nes back open on the bay bridge isth even ing.bu t itque a difft erenensce fr t hemorning rush hour. a
7:24 pm
trkuc rsbut into amfles on the upper deckar 8ound:30, inging westunbod traffic to a sttiandsll. chr oppe5 spotted what was left oft. i the refi burned so intens ely,ca ltnsra had to re pairt abou30 feet of pavement fobere even enreopinthg e last coleup of s.lane crowards e ckba on campus at san jose state university. bia g change between cls asseto keep sdetunts stand aff safe. and we are cotiunng downhe t
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wee lcomtofi rst day san jo sestate llfa sesemter picks >> some 36,000de stunts returntoed san jose atste universialty onwig th 4000 faculty anafd stf next as you
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can ime,agin nearby busssinees araxe es idcolled as eyth are. it is the ffdierceen ben twee making it and mangki it a litt lemore pritofable. >> scrapin g byveusrs driving? e>> >> as for campus satyfe protocoltus, sdents and staff reare quedir to be vaccatined by t heend of the mo nth,masks are reedquir doinors and rooms will bekeptan vact 30minutes betwcleen ass seto allow e th toair refresh. happy t firsday. w>>hole new world. >> yes, it is. th anksfor hiwatcng. you can continue watching on .ckpixomnd a your ixkp app . >> we california! all of h ouromesre sha power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alertnds remi uens wh to use lergss eney 4from-9pm. so we can ayall st u p and running. p sign utoday.
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