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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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> >>why the ragi ngwildfires around the state ulcod be creangti a woomrrise mbcoination. >> e thclock is ticking wndo for city wos rkertopr ovide f prooof vaccioinatn atwh they ulcod face if they refuse. now at :0110,tr seaming on sncbbay area. good eve. ning in less anth one hour one ofhe t strictescct vainioatn mandates in the couny trwill gointo effect rehe tinhe pay ea. >>ki loongli ve at san
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frcio scwith kpshix5 ows us how businesses e argearing up for the unprecedenorted de r. >> repr:orte th e policy willly app to a lot of plac es erwhe people spent a lot of times doinor s, restaurantd s angyms, where it ll not apply outdoor sp. aces >> the kin tches wabusy in the financia stdirict on sdthuray t.nigh so s wathe manamegent as they pre eparfor wh watill be a first for many sinesses across n frscancio. >> i think we are ready. >>ep rorte r: on friday, the owner saysthey llwi ben gi reirg inguests show proof tharey e y fullvaccinate heif ty want to eat or drinsnk iide. >> t hevaccatined or you e ar no t. if you are t nowe wi llfeofr for u yoto eat ouidtse. >>ep rorte r: the lipocy is not unique thio s restau ranta san anfrcisco policy thatpp aly to nyma indoor spaces idinclung restraaunts, bars, clubs, msgy, entertait nmen spaces. tay mmfox owns this cpaomny.
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an>> ytnghi we can do to epke from having to be shutwndo again. >> rorepter: she enspt the last week making sure current ieclnts send in proof vaccination eaahd of their neisxt vit. >> i am getting text, e-mails, otphosf o cas,ll a of it. >> rorepter: many yswa peleca n owsh proof, they can show their card, otpho of it with id orsc ana cqrode if they are stregier wedith the state. >> i do have my vaatccinion card r eadyif s it >> got witith me, got them on myho pne. >>or repte r: he willverify tathe door. >>ef bore we ta kethem to the ta ble. >> reporter:an d waedrn peleop with up coming reservations. >> i will never patrizone your restntaura again. >> rorepter: he sitees as a watoy stay open. >>i think it isthe right thing to do. i owkn it is an imposition,
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n't want to bed tolwh ato to dbut it is the right inthg todo to get out of thises ms. ep>> rorr:te for now, the policy only to customers but the policysa ys emoys eethat work at these sinesses will have to be fully vnaaccited by october 13th. in san fransccio, kpix5. >>ne w at 11:00, in the past hour we learneped curto-inbasepld ape is t hela testtech tin tato shpu their rnretu to ofceac bk to next year. plape told plemoys eein a mome datoy e th retu trno the offi cewill be delayed from beoctor to januar22y 20. >> now, tothe wildfires sme ok atth is blanketiucng mh ofthe bay area. weare under spare aithe r alert ugthroh to moowrr. and, this ishow it looked in thtoe wn of bnapaefe orthe sun ntwe down. are the r aialert could be extended th roh ugthe weekend. do esnot oklo all atth eagrt outside. little bit of good news
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ming thsomein g. >> th ingsnot dwight as bad today. d not havekpw-gtd in the atfl out unaly thcategory like yeery.da plenty of locations inthe orange. un hethaly for sensitive groups annow the aiisr deterioratinaig agn. all ofthe anorgeo tthe north it willrespad out. it is ctexpeed. still riexpeenngci the pu shandu llf o the wind kngicki back in. the off shore breeze domingnati alwe. ek still,pu llg inmore of th at smoktoe in t he bay area. t,bu eventuallye thzebree is going to n wiy daof poor air itqualy. he reis e thair itqualy for tomorrow e thworst gisoi ngto be ndinla. north bay, inland, but demorate air alquity along the bay and ascot. tomorrisow a spare e thair da i t don'think it is kelily. we are going to e serad pi improvemenn ts o saturday. wewi ll take a look at th ose, hourby hour with the air qualy itforecast co mi ungp. >> allright, paul, on the refi wah tcnow, seven major fiwildres are
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burning across the e.stat the jomari tyof them in rtnohern focalirn aiand sending e smok over the bay area. tot,nigh fiewrecrs peupd aicontnmt ento 35% on the 80 acre fire burning in lakcoe un. ty the refi destroye50d homes and 80 out fires crewsay relapoputi onmay ta te im du e tothe gedama and downed someevacuees tellkpix5 they only had mitenus to get out. >> i was not going to leave becausere the are ysalwa fires but we heard explosionse , onafr te otthe her and atth is enwh i t gothe kids out of ere and veha not been ckba si nce. >> reporter: five scolhos thater sve clear la keand lower la llwi be closed untindl moayaf ter deep eaclnings. >>weju st got new video of the dixie fi iren the last urho. hu geplumes of smoke can be seen fthrom e leakin sprgs. e thblaze in the northern sierra, nevada
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banellood to1,090 square miles and th atis larger anth crsaamento uncoty. ntcoainmt enat % 35tonigh t. therise ilstl noofficial coun t ofthe mbnuer of homes destyerod after cothe ld orfire ared rothugh the sierowra tn ofzz grily flat s. itbuedrn 6800,0 reacs, the ewcrs are acbring for new sp otfires that ulcod elfu fire growth. >>the battle to put out wilds firein california d coulhave an im pact onwi slong dohewn t adspre of cod-vi19. weare livein napa thwi a new study on vid-19 and wildfire oksme. eaandr? >> reporter: one of the sts udiewas done by harvard pu sblicchl ooof health. wifi resmoke may of played a role in extra vicod-19 cases and polyssib en vedeaths. >> repoerrt: not on lycould wildfimore skewe ar wndo your lu ngs to be easier to benfteecd with the roconavirus. >> some of the sibac nsdefees
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tofhe nglus, may t nowork as well. >> it may make ysiou cker as we. ll if you are inctfeed and you icomento coacwit th it, the mesa inthg t may respad more rapidly intoou yr lus ngand be able to cause mopneuni a. >> repr:orte ha rvard study found betwaueen gu stand beoctor of la stye arwh en levels of paicrtulat ttmaer e therwas anincr. ease those in e thnorth bay say it isot n a surprise. i understand . itbu t i did not know it s wathat seriou tiunl recently. >>ep rorter: the viadce is to sy taindoors and invest in an r aipurifier. as s firerage in california
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meso a re concd ernewith what fall will bring. >>it s feellike it is getting woe rshere, y everdawey havebe enhere it is geg ttinsmieokr. >>or repte r: authors of the study say the study owsh that air pollioutn overall t nojust wildfismre oke plays a role in making someone sutiscepbltoe the vi ru s. back tu.o yo >> all ri ght,k thanyo u. >>ca> rellra ce heating . up the gornveor sat down with kpix5 today to geur verots to let him finish the job he was rehid d >> hour health efs fort totry , toyou owkn, meta this ndpaemic. i should teno we out orperfm florida, xates, indiana, e thu.s. as a whole not stju in ecom icterms which we did but in terms ofhealth outcomes. got a lot ofrkwo todo on homeless ness and housing, all of these ltsimuanuseo droughts an il13 wdfesir ldwifires. >>
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erthe are doze nsof ndcaidates on the b. side of the ba llloted by larry r.elde other candidate is from the utsoh bay. >> sofar 20 min lliobaotlls gone, out and 26 days ahead of the elonecti. they are ngcomi back . in n samateo isone co untyalready ocpressing th. to w atchthe fuller intvi ew with the go veorrn, you can head to the wee,bsit ecaland we posted a gue idthere r foxtne month's recall election. still ahead tonight at 11 :00. atwh san jose ci tyworkers can fa icef th deyo not idprove ooprf of ccvaination. >> over a dozen ofrsfice inhot ter. how aninde ntbetween o twpsco opened paora's box. >> why grief turn into anger at one nohe rncalifo crniaemerety. an d, we ha veenbe praying
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for rain rehe, cerent inras are a worrngyi sign in one part heof t wldor
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live loinok san jose erwhe injust dathys oundsas of employees have to show proof of vaccinioatn orfi ndthemse lves uonnpd aileave. >> kpix5 is veli in san jose toniwight th their only r othealterne.ativ maria? r>>epor ter: guys, the other alternative is to get sted weekly for vicod-. 19 this isobviy ouslcausing controvey rshere as well as throughout the bay ar ea [ sirens ] ep>> rorr:te omfr lipoce officers airnd fefhtigers to di spatchers. fromci tyhall, liarbry and parkd s an
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recroneati wkeorrs to even the mayor. st arngti on monday more than 0 8,00san sejo tyci workers must ovpride proof of cod-vi19 va ccatinion or reage to a weekly cov9 id-1te. st those who refuse or fail to comply will be acpled on unpaid leave. vacationmp co d ansick ti mecan not be usednd a that is not all. city adleers are considering mandatory ccvainations for all plemoyees twithhe exception of gireliouors dimecal exceptions byep stember 30th. we>> need everneyo in the community to t gevainccated. an d we e aringog to t starright hereh wit ouowr n teamt acithe ty. >>epteorr: that was the ma yotwr o weeks ago. hefo und ppsuort. the majority of the unio n is pporngti this. r>>eporr:te atthe mesa time the union representing the san jose police department called on city leaders totalk with them before a mandate was handed down. th e union could not be reached
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tonight. contra stcoa county the mesa testing ndmaate was annod unceand caused shpu back. d another fire departments are experiencingil simar frustrnsatio. >> wesupport and encourage getting vaccinnsatio b utat the mesa time have the reecspt fothr em ma kingtheir decision. >> we are not antici-vacne. we are pro-vacc ine. we wanteveryone to t ge vaatccinedbu t we are >> so, i rsundeta ndeven if your e not a cimpty eloe yeyou cod ulstill be required to show f prooof vaccioinatn ju stto get into anevent or a large gathg?erin >>or repte r: yeah, the yomar of san jose announced yedastery s hiproposal to rreequi proof of vaccination inside citney-owd facilities for attdeenes as well as afstf for enevts ofor 50 more peop. le that goes to the city cicounl on tuesday.
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ken? reporting , livethank you. keta a live u lonow at the city of n tot nighwe veha confirmed that 17 city workwiers llbe spsuended for furesing to give their vainioatn status. e thoyemplees ulcod receive a 10 -day unpaid susiopensn. new at :0110, two former police officers in utsohe rncalifornia facing charges night. >>th eyare accud seof painting a swas tika on the obackf an impounded the 'sda ofcefi says we ldonand tomsick raspy painted a swtiaska inside of a car in january of20. 20 theyed pl not ilgutycc aording to theda. the veinstatigion revealed at aslet 13 other officers were exchanging
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rastci, homophobic d ananti-semitirmc tes. tot,nigh a woman is fa cing charger s fo raacnsking a ceme. tery she was arstreed r aftea n ma reported rsonal items were missing from his dahtuger's crypt at the memoalri cemetery. >> iwat s stju heart wrenchg in and my stomach just stteard to turn. we esqution eedveryinthg, you , knowwhy? what happened? who done this? >> e thtidepues say they caught the thief withar rosieans d r otheitems, they are tryitong return itall to the rightful owners. >>jas iloccasionally ha veto deital wh breat k ouattempts but tonight a man is accused of breakintng io e thredwood city jail. the n mas waarreedst after being htcaug inside the plmae etstre eccorrtialon center last week. e 'sda office says he clbeimd over two ncfeesnd a up to a second flr oo patio to e nterthe jail. th e n masaid he was trying to
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awget ay from a person ard mewith with a gun. the first time onrecord in fell at thmme suit of greenland. uslluay only sees snow. but the temperesatur rose above frzi ng on saturday. ,so as a surelt seven billn io to onsf r wateduedmp on the ice eesht, that is enough to fill the flreecting olpo tathe national mall in washington, d.c. >> it is a sign that greenland is rapidly rmwaing. wwhoou ldknow atth bett erthan paul who s habe enudstying all of our cl imesat. >> it s habeen meinltg and now rain on , it itcc aelerates it. >>here we have problems of ourw n. it isgoing to improve. let's ta lkabout e threason why and we can amble the upper level of smoke. we have one moreday ofthat in store for us tomorrow. e thlemidd and peupr level of swindenngdi smoremo ketowards us t buit
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wi blle weaker. allowi ngthe zebree to cut rnundeea itht and primove e thair quality dungri the day tomorrow. more on that ina cosend. go through the ekweenthd e winds shift and it will be directlyon she or through the depth of thmoe atsprehe. it will scb ruout the peupr level smoke as well wweill still start off in the moderate to unhethaly for itsensive group cate hgoryeangdi into morrow morniagng, ai n,it will be the woairst r quy alitin the morning for the north bay, the east y, e thllvaey, we will e se imprenovemt ridung the y datomorrow as the br eeze ckkis in. remo green takiveng or. we are not out of the wos od justyet. the primovement stalouls t tomorrowht nig. it akweenbus t kicks in again. 8:00, saturday morning. back thin e good cagotery for omostf the y baarea. the improvt emenis likely to couentin as we head rothugh the ekweend and by su ndayand moaynd it is l algreen dotsin the air quity forecast and that is whe at wlike to see. just be pparered to stay in si. de limitdt ouoor activities and
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take it syea yifou have to work outside while the poor air quy alitis here. there is lymost fo g. it isd kinof sm okeyfo g. isit erov there inthe city. the temperatures in the lor we 60s. sa ntroa sa in the 50s, the rest ofus gotoing acreh down to that level, lemidd to upper s 50by the morning, high teerurates are gog into below average because of the inueflnce. onlymiddle to upper 70s for the h nortba y. around 8gr0 deeeins n sajose wi ththe mpteeratures lainnd only reac mhingide dlto upper 80s. as the breeze kicks , inthe tempurerates dwillrop even more, lower to middle 60s in san francisco wthiseendke. upper 60s in san francisco and wer to middle 70s in n sajose. and it is the same d treninndla ane d th stea b aaynd the north bay. a cool ekween d. thmpe teerurates climb and we wi be ba ckup to normonal guaust
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ertempatesur by wednesday and thursday of ne xtweek. ve rn? >> > rastight ahead, movement in e th nati onalleague west. it is not go odfoe r thgitsan. and the a's were on dplisay datoy. at is greaift
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babasell up top, aypler upteda. chrisss baett fell good ouengh toget out ofe thchicago hoalspit and meet his teams mateat e thte amho tel. tough guy r fongtaki a 100 mile- -hour neli drive off of his face on tues day. >> if he ulcod be t outhe er today he ulwod. i inthk that relyal just kind of put ysgu ain good mood this morning and, i inthk that is, ithats better than donuts. >>they took his energy fr oma br oken cheekbone goand t teafr the white sox. eyth are up a run in the 6th until matt chapm anunloedad. solo blast that ti edthe game. and, then, and thenin the 7th, the her , mattma ttolson t puthe am on his ckba wi th 31his st rhomeun for e thyear.
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a's won it 5- 4. avoided a sweep and remained 2-/ 2 megas behiound hst onand the american west >>follow up gian, tshe will not tcpih at e s a'this enweekd teafr an ankline jury. e thteam pridesent told kmbr radio he has brsi ngand likely will make his xtne arstt estuday in n ewyork. spkieang of w neyo rkthe dodgers host ed the metstoghnit. and they ingaed ground on a angit's adtre, turner's i rbsingle inthe h.5t increasithng e adle 4-1. atwh hisapnipeng to the mets. dodgers won it by that score annow 2-1/2 back of the idol gian, tse thcl ost esthey veha been sie july 28th. 49ers, i eaclr my throutugho on guaust 19th when sai y 49ers on the 11:00 wsne. y anway, th eyare in orange county with a joint practice with the chgearrs today and tomorrow and then play a game ndsuay at
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304: righeht re on ix. the esjoint praccetis are a coonve ent to help break up training camp. 49ers even added a coach to their staff r fothe ne fxtew days, that is a slimmed down former left tackle who shanahan coacfohed r three seasons before he reretid in . 2020 >> yes, it was his first day rking, it was our f ofy.da he was so amd peup, it wie ll b ceni to have himin the room. neonver this si debefore. probably sensivite, we are not waalys nice wh enwe are behind closed do ors,i. pumped to have him. say,th atis quarterback c majone s, number 10 for new glenan d. i guess e theagles tonight, the product 13was of 19 for 146 yards in a preseason win against the eagl, es35-0.
11:27 pm
nejos led three scoring dresiv and did not toss a touchdown. can he beat t oucam wtneon? i have anheotr qutieson, do you care about the trpaiots, bring on e th 49erres he on chneanl 5. > >>still ah ead,the death defying screue
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with memanagent peexrience and idoutser iegntrity. [sfx: rbearoar] at th desibcres only john cox. pretty angmazi. happened on a new york train track. >> whappt haen? ed >> wow. cellphone video captedur tense ments in the br onx. a man facedown on the aysubw actrksnd a the light of an oinncomg train ttgeing brighter. an nypd ofcefir stwaedo ntime toel p. hewelored himsf elon the trks steppi ng ar toundheel ectric third rail to help the
11:31 pm
unconsoucis rider. oklo at t hat. >> seconds telar a good sarimatan owfolled suitand pu tlledhe plan tosa fe. ty the train llro inside with se cos ndto spe. turns out e thman had fainted, juasst psed out. >>al l tofhem erthe to help. we'lbel rig bhtack.
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only nature's bouns.ty doe immunewe tnty-four hour plus has longer ltiasng vitamin c. plheus, rbal and other immuneer supstars. ly on fm ronature's bou e thlate show wi thstephen colber t is up next. >> thanks for tcwahing, the
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ws on snbay arhaea, ve g areat nit. >> good t nigh captioning sponsoredy bcbs >>al tiban - 2.0- more modatere, inclusive, power sharing. >> senioadr leers claiming they wa tnto form an inclusive islamirnc goveme.nt >> on wednesheday, t sposeupdly neliw tabahen ld are pss conncferee.


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