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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  August 20, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it'smi cong. this wee kendwe are looking at stngroer on shore flow and ocean breeze kig ckinin for better auair qli. ty we have th atto look forward to. les owsh you the spare e th r aialert as we head through our day, unhealthy air quality foser nsitive grpsou and ulcod insecrea tounhealthy for everyonean inld r fothe north ba y,as et bay, aswell as the a santcla arvalley, mode rate along the coast and arouhend t nspeniul a. as wkee ta u yohour by hour withfa surce oksme concatentriofon recast, you see thore ange d anred cainditi ng unhey althair. as we look to saturday, it does get erbett, avheiest pushin out with strr ongeon orshe fl. ow we are loinokg at saturday and sunday, better air micong our y. teatmperur aesre going to be below average for this time of arye, mid to upper s 70to low to mid s 80inland.
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let's check thwi gnniaa. as we look at the adrowa, ys chtheck is out. slow and go condit ionson r ou map ahead ou t oftracy to58 0 ifyo u are getting up. th iats a 32 teminu travel time. itst is arngti to get busy r fo supemmr couts eras u yowork west bound. thisere a wi ndviadsory for the alnttamo no t sofriday ghlit ymanore as you woalrk ong 580. the rest of our freeways are lookinodg go. travel times are clear. ifouar e taking highy wa4, no deysla as you workyo urway th a quliick ve look, arstti ng y todaalg on680, tolling opaterions for the w ne11-me il exprlaess ne be ginssouth bound 680 omfr martinez thh roug walnut cr eek. hours from 005: in the rnmoing til 8:00 p.m. atnight. that will create a coinntuous 22mile south bound 680 exprs es la touhrgh contra cost a. yoha vethat onopti. sis llwi be poedst. we arestarting to see trafc fi
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outht ere. fuhopellthy at will ease coesonti throh uga sybu area anay. 5:02. today, one of the most strict vaatccinioman ndates in the countriny gog toin effect in sa n anfrcisco. >>you llwi need to show proof you have enbe ccvainedat if you want to enter indoor bunesisses liketa resurtsan, bars, and . gyms juinst, good rnmoin g. how are business owners feeling abt isth? >> rtrepoerbu: siness owners sa y eyth are ready for this. ta a look right now inside eden fitnestss ud. io they are geinttg their work out rk and early. ey say eyth are ready r foall of this because it's a way to ho pellfuy get tothe light at whatms see like a never enngdi tu. nnel she spent the last weeks making re current clies ntsend proof
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th atthey've enbe vaccinated. there are several ways. you can prest enyour invaccatn iordca, a photo along with the id orand/ sn cayour qr deco if aryou e giresteder with e thstate. th isfor indo orbars, gyms, night cl ubs,thteears, entertnmaient venues, streaurants. we tkeald to restaurowant ne rs who saery the is no way arou nd it. ei th yerou are ccvainedat or no if you are t,no at the restau, rantyou are alwelod to t eaoutside. >> ith ink 'sit the rit ghthing todo. i knowit is imposition, absolutely. i owkn we don't want to beldto what to doll a the time, t buit isthe right thing to do in order to get out of thiss. mes >> anyg thinth atwe n cado to ke omfr having btoe shut wndo again. >>or repte r:the policy yssa employees who work at e th inordo businesses mu st be vaccinated o bycterob 13. wee argoing to get a veli inrvteiew with tafommy x. she's hereas laesdi are
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working thout ismo rning. yowi llhearm froher coming up a30t 5:. justin ewandrs,pi kx5. >> i see you have the etjack ofalf ready. th mnsea some pl anksare in your fut rure,ig? ht [ laug hter] >> reporter: we'll what n i ca do. ami flexing a li ttlebit, so we'll see. we look arforwd to that. thk anyou. >>clr eaannounced all focalirnnsia will be leab to use health pass to create a verifiedit digalac vcine rdca ubysing qr code launch by focalirn iahealth depart.tmen it is freeand works on any smphart on e. first booster shots caben inop pele 'sarms a month from day. ouif y are 18 and fully vaatccinedou y are bound for a bote r. bathe y area is already prareping and you may t no evena veo twait your turn this ti. me >> repr:orte at layefatte park in san franciscito almo st fenoels rm. al kin ds ithe playground, dogs on
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e lawn playing fetch, fitns es buffs just indog their inthg. folks itcred cidov shots. >> stju to have a little more freedom. to protect other people. you know what m iean? >>i inthk we are dog inour tparto stay vaccinated. >>ep rorter: not to burst bubbles but booster shots are congmi uryo w. ay >>ta sy ahead tofhe virus. r>>eporter: new data confirms vaccine induced immunity is waning. at's new? ev idceen the ltdea variant is juicine g thdrop. e thconcern, eabrk through infensctio angmo llfuy vaccinated now mild or moderate may amdratalicly worsen. >> if we arstt to see hoitspalizations a mongpeleop withrm noal imnemu systems o wh ha vebeen vaccatined, if those hospizitalatnsio start to go up, thatil wl be a sign. al r>>eporter: to st ayahead of the vi rus,biden administra tioa de ajudgntme call. >>eight months a fteryour ndseco shot, t gea osboter . shot >> i have no doubt that if you
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recee iva booster, that your immune resnspoe is going to bump signintficaly. >> reporter: ndpeing fel dera approvale , thprogram gibens september 20 calol thheal depantrtmes are waitfoing r deiltas. he>> wn boosters become avlaaible, there will be a demaornd f them. >> reporter: dr. matt willis, puicbl health director for may pureblicans. >> alr eadysengei incr easein web aftrfic most likely lookingo s eeif they can already hedule their apinpotment for boa oster. >>ep rorter: his associate chf iemedical offifocer r santa clvaara ll meyedical cent. er when vaccin esrsfit roedll out,e ma ndfar out stripped supply ading to s,chao confiousn, someks fol jug mpinthe line. drwi. llis believthes isti me wibell different. >> it llwi be a single dose. it will be a lot easier. wealadrey have the frinastructure in place in the rtnerships. >> repor ter:a inpot of discussioner, whe togive the teboosrs. >> i think we prapoved as an reenti county, county oteperad
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si rtes,etl aipharmacies, healcathre providers , wecan be ryve nimble to acreh ovabe and bendth e vaccination targets. >> rorepter: fda approved pfizer vaccine to be storated a erhigh tpeemrature in a relafrr idge. >> now wi ththe fdapa proval th athe ty don't have to be at the extreme cold tempaterures makes it more realistic that u can go to your doctor's office or a cl. inic >> rteeporr: another plus, if apfda presov and licenses any vid vacc inesyou may not have towait eight ntmohs. >> oe ncvacc inesget a fd approva al, doorct can prescribe foytr anhi ng oher she wants to. >> reporter:pe exrts warn booster shots onale won't end pathe ndicem. >> is the juice worth the sqe?ueez i am no ot ssure. >> reporter: steven omthas believes morere amics anneed to get vaatccined than boosted. that includes kids under 12. vae ccinmaatndes may al hsoelp. >>'sit certainly t nogog into vemo t hehell no i am not
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taking vyouracneci. it m ightmo vethe i will do it if ihave to p.grou >> rtrepoer: at lafayette park,o lkars e willing to wa iteithr turn. >> wdoe n't have any jeobctn io to them once they're avblailae to everybody. >>or repte r:essel ntiaworkers, althcare wor, kersanneyo th at 'smore vulner. able >> if i feel like i need to, then i would. >>atth was allen inmart reporting. cidesion is pending on boosters for j&j vaccine. recommendations are expected soon. >>at> aslet seven major ldwifires are inburng across the ste,at the majority in northe crnalifniora ansed nding e smokover the bay eaar. nedew vio owshs wind fanning flesf othe orcald fire in eldorado. fi recrews worked to eaclr brush and cut down on y an fuel fothfie re. th erise nocount of the nuermb of homes derostyed after fire tore through grizy zl the fire has realady burn ed
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68,000 acres a family's ring doorllbe caedptur menomts when the fi re t creptordwa their home inthe video you are about to see, you can e sethe flames slowly mg ovinwatord the home. thulankflyhe t homeowners were fesa with family in auburn while stunne d towatch the loss tofheir home and eithr neighbor. hood >> we watched the neighb or's house catch fire and then the smpaall rt ofour rdya std arte to cat chfire. th en our racames t cuoff. internet lin esmust veha got burned or something. >> it 'tdidn seem real, sig ttin there hiwatcngt. i you stju don't inthk it is pphaenin g toyou. doou y owkn what i mean? >> wliilams says they left in a rry not alreizing it d woulbe thlae st time they saw eithr home. > holding an advisory to determine a cause of death. hedi edafter police forcibly held him down du ringa ntmeal thheal csiris. a lawsuit against poli ceatstes
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ofcefirs did not owacknlee dg whe en hbemeca unresponsive. a civil rights attorney is de feinndg the family in the it. he is exctpeed to speak later this after noonalgsonide the faly at a esprs conference foinllowg e thcounty's pu blic inquest. in ast atement, hed hathis to say on the death, angelo's death coulved ha been oiavded if the ofrsfice tk oometi to talk with an geloinstead of using sir milarerastints that llkied george floyd. an ge sloaid to the officers lease don't kill " mebut the fiofcers did exy actlth. at the public inq uestwill be an noceund at 8:30. the family will speak about 301: tod. ay smoky skies can eacrte a woisrrome situation. it'skind of a lose, lose still d,ahea y whbad air comauld ke you even sicker if you get covi d. as you wake up, u yomight want to start making that cup of a joet meho. why eecoff pceris e arrising.
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>>i > amtracking e thoshazy sk ie as, spare the air alert in effect datoy. i ll be watching unhealthy aiper escilyal inland, north bay, inland easbat y, south bay day. l we'lta lkabout when we can see better airquitaly thwi the stngroer n oceabreeze kicking in u fors. detaile s arcongmi up in a few minutes. re is a liveok lo, we've got thatg smoout there, that fog ansme okthis morning. it 'sa gray
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goodid fraymo rning. spa ecial ousht out to these adab legis.rl love thr eiste.yl laisna starting kindergarten anlld liia n,d palo alto, upper s 70as we adth rough our day and osthe ha seski will cont. inue l>>ove to see those pictesur. thyoank u. > >>as kids return to school a stsuudy ggtses the paemndic has led to acicadem a ndmental health issues. searchers survey medore than 1200kid of parents under 18. sa39% idat t leasone of eithr kids fell behind during the ndpaemic. remo th ana thd iridsa their child fe llbehind in social and
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behavi oraldelovepment. kp5 s hayou recoved on l al plrmatfos as ki dsgo back to school all ofyour questions are answered about covid d anthe classroom. clusive intewsrvie thwi exrtpes on ixkp5 morning news d an upda teon the a's pitcher who took a line pitch first to the face on tuesday. sset is out of the hoitspal and was leab to meet his te amtemas atth e hointel chicago. he sufd ferea fracture after the anhit d llwi veha rgsuery in a few da. ys rea's tu rnfor a gamemeho std aiagnst gianmats, rirsne, yas.nkee it featura es fireworks show ghtonit. a's hall of mefa cls asof 2021 pregame tre ibutand a star wars light . show call 811. lookliing ve from dublin, a ci tyha tt's been blanteked -- i
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will let youta keatth. >>in ragg wildfires n cacreate a rrwoisome combinn.atio it is fothund at wildfire e smok may have aypled a lero in th oundsas of extra covid secas and even deaths. >>rv> haard researcheruns fod between august and octor belast ye warhen levels of particulate maertt from fiwildre oksme s wa high theware s a 65% incrseea covid cases inso nomawhich was highinest california. >> some of the basic fedens es of luthe ngs like nghavi cia lih atus phed stuff up manoy t be working elas wl in the faceof the smoke. u yoare infected wh enyou meco into contactwi th it, mesa th in g. it may respad more rapidly into your lung s. a>>dvice is to stay indos or and in ivestn anair purifier especially ifu yohave a xipreestg incondition. >>5:> 16. leget's t a oklo at the friday rning fostreca. i am soadrey for the weekend. >> i am too. we have better air quality ming our way for e thekweend
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elas wl. a lot to lo fokorward to. inthe meantime we arale deing with smoky s. kies please be sautfe o erthe. weav he the arspe the air alert that is in effe ctbecause of ha zean d sme okand d baair quitagy ain. oeit ds look better as we look our weekend thwi the stronger ocean breeze kickg in in. shore flow willhelp push th atmo ske and haze t ouof r ou wreak. bo y,osthe mae ssivwildfires are bug rninupto our north. t's check what you can expect d anour air qual ity. cayou n see we are lookg inat un hethaly air for nobarth y as well as inland east bay d an saclnta arvaa lley, moderate r the coast as well as for e thpeninsula. les t'take you to whatyou can peexct today and in tothe weekend. on e remo day of poor air quitbey cause of rtnohey rl nds aloft ine thupr pelevels of the atmosphe erpushing wifildre smoke intoour gireon.e 'lbel watching atth elclosy
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for u.yo th roh ugour weekend, weare lookating a w lopressure syst uemshering in the stronger brsea ee, zereturn of our ocean eebrzeha tt we love helpg in eaclr our skies. t'les take you hour byhour th our smoknce coenattrion fostreca. you can see e thsmoke as we go through today. as we look to tomorrow, watch as t ohecean br eezepushes the haze away. this is saturday d anhere we go fondr suayas well. we are log okinat better ovimprinaig r quality for our weekend. ytdaime highs foper ninsula, upr pe70s. arwe e looking at the south bay abt ou f80or ntsaa clara, san jose, 80mid s los gatos as well asor mgan hill. d mi80s nccoord, pleasant hi, ll low to mid s 80for trthe i va tlleyod. ay around e thbay, midto peupr fo60s r n safrscancio and daly ty, low 70s for oakld anas well as for ala.amed h nortba y,daytime highs in mid utopper 70s.
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weare looking at below average daytime highs because heof t zyha skies. loing at 92n iukiah. here isthe vesen-day forestca ar oundthe bay, san franci sco, oakland deg alinthwi hazy skies. itoes look better for air quality, also cooler for our week end. south bay, san jose oksmy today and then looking at haze to start anend th eventually seeingea clreskr ies, better aiqur ality as we head ugthroh thre stof our weekend. land east bay as wellas the north y,ba dealing with that sme d anthen zyha for saturday and eventually saturday engveni catchihang tt clearing andinto sundathy wi tempureratesth at will be a bit coer. a hazy day along the coast today thand en with the stro ongerce anbreeze we are looking at tempereratus olcoer with that better airquality ev along cothe as t. let's check with gianna for a >>it> is sl owfor the ride g alon58 0. if you are a r supemmcouter geing ready to take west und 580 comminute to altamont pass we have akbre li oghtsut
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of t racyon to205 and it extend orto nthly fnn. chngecki r ouspeeds, dipping wn about 17 miles per . hour thatpr's et tysluggish asyo u head west unbod through ther e. ther e isa wind advi soryin efctfe forth e almotant pass. fidenitely keep thatin ndmi if u are headed out the door and inworkg rdtowas atth 680 coecnntor. 6580,80du, blin interce hang traffic seemtos bevimongat a ni we are not seei ngakbre lights isss ueconnectingon to 680. heads up there. dofon't rg etthe tollinneg las are in effect along 680 through ntcora costa co. unty highway se4 itlf stwe bound fr om t ani dotok 80, about 26 minu tes. if you are travelouing t of san jose, if you are up early heedad to work, deri out of the soh utbay is looking good. avtrel te im36 minutes noh rtbo und 101 omfr hellyer in san
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jose along the pensniula as you wo trkowar dssfo. bay bridge toll plaza,hi tngs e armovi ngnice t ouof the stea bay intosa n cifransc o. mnoetering lighants d traffic is pr ettylight through the ar. >>5:> 21. early ri serslike us, you definitely need yourup c of jo e. if you notice it is more expensive you are not onale. >>la meis acpledon the ough t. ortas geand shpiipng slow downs e arkimang beanmos re peexnsiv e. amicans are enspdingab out 10 ces remo for a cup of coffee now compared to stla summer. >> custs omerha vebeen very rsundetainndg, and we have tuacally only taabken out a 5% price incr. ease >> large coiempans like starbucks haveenbe ab leto cklo in bean lisuppes eay rlso thcoe mpany s hanot raised ices for its coffee. i ne edatth cup of joe every da >> it is ryve >> iwill pay r foit.
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5:21, l stilahead. >> atwh's this agfl? >> lesing. >> he is righ t. >>e owkns his flags anthd e ca pil toof every country in
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> we love th isorsty. new, wewant to introduce you
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to a4-year-olchd ild genius. >> he knows rageogph y,his tocapilsan d he is not even in kindergarten. 4-arye-oldaw l sonbe came one of the youn gestmembers at the ag te ofhree. he owkns e thcal pitoof every atste inevery uncotry inthe wo rl d. >> what's th isflag? >> sini gal. >> he ist.righ >> wh'sat e thpicatol of argentina? whatap's cit olof austria? >>vienna. >>he knew erevy agfl and i di'tdn teach him. >>o tecu. he didn't start talkg inuntil age tw o. he maybe a genius t buis still a normal ar4-ye-o. ld soma srt. >>y verimesprsive. i >> could not ha veanswered any of that. >> we would have ttgoen them alwrg.on we arenot go odcaidndates for jedyopar.
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>>no, no. >> > in r oune xt halfhour. >> the couns try'stctriest ooprf of vaccine maatnde now offialci in frsan ancisco. we are live with what it anmes if you wantto get to your work outoday. >>cot undown is on for city pleeoys in san sejo to show their invaccatn iocard or be shthown e ordo. nooz boe on board. th
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on kpix5 and streinamg oncb snay b area, inbrg your m gy bag d anyo urvaccine cardif you are about to ezsquee in thatwork out.
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awere veli with the ndmaate. >>st> arted hearing explosions e after anot her. >> people foedrc to avlee in a ma otterf numites. nsdoze of homes destroyed in the fire > >>latest bay area tech gia nt leinttg employees work from meho a little loerng. e thnew return teda to get back thefi ofce. biden niadmisttiraon elcancinbig llions in udsten ts loans. whose debt is inbeg forgiven ahead in oumor ney tcwah re. port good morning. am len >> i am gianna franco. a spare the air alert isin ef fe ctthanks to the wildfire sme okwe are seeing making its way ugthroho utthe bay area. >> let's go to mary lewie th frthe id ayforestca, heanotr ofday zeha. >> y eah,we're gog into be deg alinwith atth smoke n agai today. bu t lireef is comi ngwith the rostng oern shore owfl and beer air quality r foour wed.eken we have the spe arthe air alert toy dabut as we head throh ug our ekweend with thea sebreeze kiinrkg in, we are looking at
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ovimprinaig r quality kfthanul slyo. unalhethy air r fonorth bay, ea b, aysanta clara vaeyll with matodere r aiquality r fo the coast and peulninsa. rfsuace smoke cotrncenatn io forecast taking you rothugh the y, still seeiorng an geand red rscolo iicndatine g thsme ok for our onregi in e thpeupr vels of the atspmohere, nohey rlwinds inpushg smoke inurto o rioegn. thh rougthe ekween d,it esdo gettbeer. e as wlo okto dmeayti highs withe haza litt lebit below average, mids 70inland. >>if> u yoare headed out the ordo, 580 is stl ilone of our slowest can't catch a break for those super mmcouters. 35 minutes 205 towards 680. that's our slowest spot. 80, highway 4, or 101, traffic is moving at the limit with no troubles. bay bridge, things are light with a few more cars on the
5:32 am
road way but no traffic or brake lights out of the east bay as you he adinto san francisco. mary mentionedth e arspe the air alert. you might consider public transit today. bart, muni, cal train are on time. a live lookat 680, exesprs lanes along 680 are op. en e thtolling starts today for 11the -lemi express nelas alongo uth d boun frominmartez to lnut creek. hos urare from 5:00 8to:00 m.p. keepin ndmi tolls rise as affic ineacrses and falls as trfiafc declesin. hofuy llthat will give relief to mmcouters througerh the. happineng today in san frcio scif you ntwa to enter inorbu sinesses likbae rs, restaurants, gy, msyou will needur yo vciacnation card. >> the ndmaate is effee ctiv today. stjuin andrews is live at eden fitness studio. lookju at st ingo. . okay a ttlile side to side aconti
5:33 am
th ere. i amre impss. ed >> yout pume to e thte stand doing . it i am li veinside ened fis tnes studio. that man dategoes into effect. mmtay come over hendre a save . oh my goodssne i am ti red. let'lks ta about this. you have enbe preparing for isth vericafition when it comes to vaccionnati r foweeks. for the stmo rtpa is t'been g goinwe. ll mo psteople have been cooperative. enwh i asked for f prooof vaatccinio n,i was ttgeing them righayt aw. trrsaine rcheaed toieclntans d eyth started seinndg them. >> reporter: t aboua yegoar a we were here tainlkg to u.yo hohaw s this year been thwi the upd s andowns? lk about that. >> it's been up d ando. wn it'st jusbe ena crazy year. i n'cat believe it's been a ar since youe havbe enhere. >> repoerrt: let's ta alkbout, toyou ld me you havebeen teinllg clients to ndse in vaccinn atiocards stju to ove. yhaveougo tten push back at
5:34 am
all iwhent comes to th? at >> forthe mo stpart, i didn't. i did have a aitrner call me lastht nig d ansays she has an olr ieclnt that doesn't elfe as comfblortae. i will vegi her a call and exn plaith tathis is a mandate from the city. this isn't fmerom . i uraysd into friday e'shs wod rrieabout ivpracy. i llet l her know i will keep seit cu oren my mpcouter with a cpassod e. i willt nobe shg arinwith other people witill be required for lepeop to come in. reporter: do you think this is going to help prenevt you frhoom pellfuy shutting down again. >> i resu peho . so we can't afford to sh utdown ag ai n. this last yearhas enbe alrely hard. atwhever we n cado to stay enop wie ll brelyal helpful. we a reg doinwh at wehave . to we are masked up, geinttg prooff vciacnation. weavvee ntilation. wear e cleaniveng eryinthg. weare doing what we can do. >> thela diesare ttgeing their wo orkut in d anviobously i am
5:35 am
too. ilen, amforcing toyou come here because you are making me this. ba tou.yo >> he is back at it again. i am issmpreed. talking doand ing that ae t th same time. >> how do you do it? primessive. >>reporter: ltmui talented. i am llteing you. >>efitinely. nonow pressure for the next ve t.hi >> i still wantto see those plksan though. th at n'sext. nti wa to see you do planks and talk atth's the true stte. >> we'll see. >> see you next time. >> thanks. > a live look atn sajose whe stngarti monday outhsands of city empleeoys must sh ow ooprf of covid ccvainioatns or find themselves plac oedn un lpaidea. ve if y an tofhe more th an8,000 workern's dot t gethe vaccine, they must age re toa weekly co vited st. vaoncati, comp, sick timeca nn bote used. the yomar isproposing anyo ne
5:36 am
who ndattes anenevt of 50 or moeore pple rerdgaless ofif you rkwo for the city mustshow proof of vainccation at city owd neproperties. fire tcwah, crews have up'd coaiennmt to 35% on th80e - acirre fe in la. ke the cache fire destroyed at least 50 s homed an80 ilbudings. reputilaon m aytake time due to dama geand downed trees. so emevacuees tell 5 kpixthey only had minutes to get t.ou >> i wasn 'tgoing to lee av bee causthe erwere alyswa fi res.bu t enth we stteard hearing explosions one afteotr anhe r. i haven't been able to go back since. >> five schools th atserve clear alakend lower lake will e cselod at aslet tiunl ndmoay r aftede cepleanings. live to the e whithouse where datoy prenesidt biden is set to speak and address the nation on the tusiation in afanghistan. ce presidentrr hais will soal be in a attend. ance thdae ngers ousituation
5:37 am
conts inuetoun fold arnely a we aekfter taliban seediz contl roof kulab. the pentagon isayst is evuangti few erthan 2,000 peopa le day spdeite rod unthe clk ocflights. ef fos rtare porertedly underway to speed up ocpressing. th e rpaiorout tside the city remapains ck edwith afghans ying to get t.ou to the llreca cera, governewor nsosam t with ixkp5 to urge voters to let him finish theb joth eyhired him too. d >>n rmtes ofhealth foefrt s, ryto t to tamethis ndpaemic. i should teno we outperformed orflida, texas, indiana, s.u. aas wleho not just ineciconom s,term icwhh we did, t busoal in terms oalf heth outcomes. i'otve g a lot to do on holemessness and inhousg, preexisting conditioalns, l these simultusaneo cseris of droughts ands,, ye 13 large sc alwie ldfires. we 'vgoe t a lot of work to . do >> dozens of idcandat esap pear tonhe b si delelid biary
5:38 am
deelr. pathra v isfrom e thsouth bay. 20llmiion llbaots have gone out 25 days ahead of the eleconti and th eyare already comi ngba ckn. i san o mateis one of sevel rabay ea counties already presocsing them. he tado we have a guide there r fonext mos nth'rellca election. >>curtpeino based plape is porertedly e thlatest to shpu rethe tu rnto office ckba to next year. bleroombg porerts apple ldto plemoyees in a memo the return will be deyelad omfr octor beto jaarnuy 2022. >>new, acady emof tesilevion arts and scientists have stars who attend emmy awards this yearil wl have to ovpre they've been vnaaccited aiagnst d-covi 19. 'ltheyl veha to testganetive of coronav iruswiinth a w fe days of each event. > facebook unr defire plus thaiinrle saying gobyod-e to all cohoin e thair until next
5:39 am
ye. ar elise topresn injos us live fr tomhe new rkyo k stoc anexchge. go odor mning and hay ppfriday. happy idfray. e thrafedel trade commis sion is once again accusing faboceok of being an illegal pomonoly. yesterday ftc filed a new mpcolaint against the social media giant streating msclai that it squehelcd competition buying smaller companies like instagram. cebook respo ndedby calling the lawsuit t merile. ss >>dertpament of edatucion ca ncinelg student loan atdehs of 323 ,000boowrrers. th we erincurred bypeople known to have ouseris li felong sabilities. the toamtal ou ints estimated be ouabt $5.8 llbiion. >>amaneric airlines t won' be seing alcohol throh ugxtne year. the nation's biesggt airline id main cabin paenssgers llwi not be able to deorr boe ozun til januar. y 18 american planned to resume alhocol sales in september but scrapped the pls andue to
5:40 am
incidentins vog lvinunlyru pagessenrs. the new lideadne is edti to the federal mask atmande for publ ic trantasporti. on if yoedu ne a asgls of newi when f youly, dritink rebefoha andnd then get on the ight. ta>> ke a nap. itgoes by a t lofaster. >> absoly.utel >> i deunrsndta a new break wndo of how possessive we are our personalac spe at home. giveme deiltas on this. >>twtho irds of of americans inhene o poll su rveysays htheyavune official asgnsied se atats home. more than half said they feel uncomfortable sitting ywanhe re else tifhe mfcoort zone spot is occupied, a tequarr of re spdeonnts said th eywould polylite a skthem to scram. listwhen, enyo u have your , spotit y'sour spot. you want tobe coormftable. as long as you ask nice lyi dosen't e a prleobm. i >> am laug hingbecause isth is mhoy use. avwe he our otsps on the couc h.
5:41 am
if bosomedys iin it, you are like , nono. >> g et. up find the r othespot. thanks sochmu. we 'lsel e you when e thk stoc marketns ope. >> it'sl altr. ue it's likeyo urdesi of e thbed too. n'dot get on my side of the bed. >> en vewhen wera tvel. >>it is5:41. micong up. >>49ers teaming up withtheir oppo. nent joinact prti cetoday before uaring off aysund. another one bites the dust. latest y baeaar simuc feivstal g goinvil.rtua smart moy neapps for kids. there is even a new debit card for chores peexrts tell us wh enit is vener too early to start sa ving ve at 6:. 30 > go odfr i actrki hngazy sk ies. you see atth smog, smoke and fo in san francisco with our ma hrkopkins hotel racame. spe the air alert toda y. i willlet you know
5:42 am
5:43 am
do yesour vitamin lac stwe tnty-four hours? only nature's bouns.ty doe immu ne tnty-wefourour hpluss halonger lastiamng vitin. pl us, herbal heand otr muneim superstars. ly on fm naroture's bounty.
5:44 am
thmois rng,in $8 million seto be delivered to east oad klaneneptrreneurs as we take a live look at the ci. ty senator nancy skneinr and othere ads erwill be providing checks to the rsfit four nebusiss besenefiting frthom e necatapil program. > >>ne w,efrtfo to expand downtown no'ovats niding ensce
5:45 am
could allow restntauras to allow more outdoor park t lese rve.ic it's ainllowg teearies to createk parle tswhere one or two spac cesan be coernvted to atseing patios. e business wod ulpay a fee of $1per square foot to re ntthe puic sp ace. businesses sayth'veye waited yes r foa chcean to expand ouootdr dining. if itis sua ccess the paexnsion of rkpa lets ulwod giben early xtne yr.ea >>49> ers e arin orange county r a t joinpractice with the argers. >>t is before their big game wh ich is a co upledays away. joint practices have bemeco a co mmonevent to eabrk up tomonony of training mpca. thevey enad ded a accoh, a the aslet for e thnext fews. day former left letack joe st aley who shanahanch coaed for three asseonbes fore he reretid in 2020. >>es yterday was hiris fstda y and it was our f ofday. wahe s soamped up he s wa noanying us all y dawant dtoo more.
5:46 am
will be nice tohave him. he's never beonen this desi so hewill probably be sensite iv realinizg we are not always ni wh itwhat we say hibend closed doors ami pumped to veha him. ho heenjoys it. >>he t ga me istwo da ysaway. watch all e thac tionright heren kpix5. san francisco's hardly st rilyct bluegrass ivfestalis goinrtg viuafol r the seco ndye arin a organizers ca lledoff e thplan tobring it back to golden gate pa drkue to covid sue.rg it will be live streams october 1-3. >>5:> 46. leget's t a check ofweather d antraffic beginning wi thmary and that bad air qualy itagain day. > >>yes. we are looking at the oksme shing intoth e bay eaar today. chbut ans gefor our weekend. relief is micong our y wa shortly. have the spare the air alert still in effe ctfor datoy,
5:47 am
smy okskies, d baair quy alit agn datoy, improvingr ai qualitcky kiining . herewh is at you n caexctpe th mniorng, some of the worst r aiquality, cuenrrt air alquitcoy nditions, unthhealy in petaluma, losgas,to clear lake, ukiah. as welook toheotr looncatis, ramodeteor f the most part for thbae y area but again some lotis onare still indealg thwi the unhealthy air to arstt r oufriday. aswe head ugthroh the afternoon, lngooki at the spare the air alert, ultnheahyai r, the t worswill be lainnd. north bay, ndinla east bay, so uth bay thwi mode rateair quality for the coast and penins ula. again, one moreday of poor air quality withthe rtnoherly winds anthd at upper velel flow pushinatg th oksme into our re. gion as we look to e thweekend with the low pressurete sysm vimong rothugh that's going to bring a stngroer sea breefoze r us d an thatl wilhe lppushso me of the
5:48 am
e smokout of here. today your oksme concentrn atio forecast, you can see the smoke fothe bay area but watch as weeathd rough rdsatuay. isn't thisgreat to see? we will see haze pushout of here with atth sterrong ocean breezeck kiining . thatll wi be the case for suaynd as well. so itshould be nice for the 49s ergame. oking at the suisnre at 6:29 todauny, s t seat 7:55. daytime highs r fopeulninsa, peupr 70s. wearloe oking at ouabt f80or south bay, santa cl ara,n sa jose, mid 80s for rgmoan hill d los gato s. conc ord,plsaeant hill 80mid s, tolow mid s 80for the tri valleyw , lo70s foklr oaan d, aledama, a ndnobarth y,id m to peupr 70s, 78 in ntsaa saro d an 92 in ukiah. seven-foday restca around the bay san fransccio and oakland, hazy skies today but better air quality, temperatures cooler
5:49 am
for ouwer ekend. sa n jose, south bay, smoky skies. please be safe. hazy skies saturday and then evenlytual sineeg eaclri ng satu rdayafrnteoon into su. nday land east bay and north bay, smoky skies. then startinthg wi that ha ze first thg inon satu rdayand entually cle arersks,ie better airalquity for our eken d. e coast ishazy and rostnger oceaeen brzefo r our wed eken into next week. how is it looking on the roads. >>weha ve reports of a trblspe ot. a enbrok do wnvehicle stuck in s.lane that means weare arstti ngto sebae ck up building we stbod un in s anfrano.cisc a heads up, tow crews will obably have to he oadut and block mae yba lane or two to get this out of the road way. it is friday light over all. so there is less volume for the st pt ar tonhe road way. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are not sengei a backp. u brake lights start at the incline and they have not fl ipd peon the metering litsgh. tr tavelimise about m10inutes frheom t maze to n saanfrcisco.r
5:50 am
av eltimes to taalmo ntpass, one ofr ousl owspots for surcpeomputers. th erise a ndwi advisory in fect for the altamoasnt ps as . well be careful iu f yoe arin a high prile vehicle througe h th area. if y ouare headed to the dublin teinrchange things are eaclr along 580. ifyou taare ki nghighway 4, 27 i nus tefrom antioch to 80 connngecti through ulherces. that rioude t of the utsoh bay, sofa r, so odgo. we haven'td hatrouble ugthroh the souty.h ba that's good ifyou are mmcouting out of san jose, things areet qui touhrgh there. a live look at the nimitz frwaeey, 880 near colosseum, traffic is t lighin both redictions. thgsre a moving cenily through athatrea but just a heads upveyou' t gobay bridge series with thes a'and giants wthiseendke. yoghu mit e sebusier tis me durithng e week end. keep that in ndmi. a lu hxuryeihirsp offering
5:51 am
trips to h nortpo. le 16 enpassge rscan fly on the r cruises. the lu xuryirheship incl udes hotel like ca binsand modern telochnogy. the trcoip sts nearly $233 ,000 for a two person bican. reservatiorens a enop if you wa to spend that nemoy. n oceasky hopes to kick off fit peexdition in 2023 or 2024. >> tt'has a barg ain. no big deal. >>let's do it. put that money . in >> sure. ghrit. 5:51. xt. >>n elomusk giving cars and spe aca br eak. next, the t robohe is ticreang that m ightlook a little too go tobe true. at 6:00, a lyfami dies ilwhe hiking and case s ha poceli scratchingir the adhes. clnew ues that can point to a cause of h.deat on the ewdr baymrrore show,
5:52 am
ack frieazr podct ashost phoebe robinson joins drew. a live look outside at the chrimond san rafael bridge, a w fedrivs ermaking their
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome ckba. 5:54. a li velook tsouide fromur o mark hopkins camera. you see thatogsm this morning. this is okloing east, by the y.wa >> that spare the air alert stl il infeefct. an otr heborot story atth
5:55 am
may top the one we edshow you styeerday. >>he semoalst don't look like ro bo. ts ecchk it out. the humanoid robot eacrted by none r othethan onel skmu. thl ey'lha vea screen erwhe a peonrs's cefa wl ilbe d anit will pem rforboring, repetiti ve or even dangs erouwork. pra ototype could be avaie labl next year. i am kind of trinigued, ciespeal wlyith that bori ng work part. does it clean e thhouse? >> if it caneacln a baomthro, wi sllpend the nemoy as long as it is not moreth an 500 bucks. wh atre a e thchances of that? >> owkn. >>in> our next ha lfhour on ix5 and streaming on sncb y ba ar, eafirst in e thnati on vaccmaine nde atgoing into efctfe today in the y baarea. whe eryou llwi need prf ooof yo ur shot. we 'lexl plain. >>a lyfami dies while on a hike. e thcause remains a history. the new tsignhat has people ndering ifthe eris a bigger
5:56 am
reat. an geanr d usconfion after a won mais archged with ran sa ckg ina cemetery. thite ems she took fr omthe peef ulreg stinplace. another lookouidtse rebefo break omfr our mark hopkins came
5:57 am
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> >>on kpix5 and streamg inon cbsnbay ar, eabad air coinntues to choke out the bay area. wh en it will finally filter t. today we areve li where you will veha to sh owooprf of vaccioinatn. we watched the neighbor's use catch onre fi. >>ar he from the man who wahetcd his home turn toash in thlde caor fire. > >>a new prexess lane is open. rewe a live as tolls begin in
6:00 am
corant costa. >>loinokg to teach kids financial resisponbityli. the techtos olto help. weare live with a chtenogylo ex. pert good mog.rnin i am len >> i amgi anna franco. > we begin withthe d baair. ara spe the air eralt issued toasday zeha approa ches unhealthvey lels. let's get a rsfit chk econ ather and trfiafc beginning with mary lee. ho pellfuy we will ha verelief isth weekd.en >>mi> cong. reli fefor sure. on shorowe fl kicks in so we ar e okloing at for the weekend better auair qli. ty in the mean timewe ha vethat oke, haze, that spare the r ai aler et infft ecy todaand we arloe oking at e thunhealthiest air that will be in. land north bay, inland east bay, santara cla valley, demora te air itqualy for the coast d an peninsula. lesht's ow you surface oksme cotrncenatn iofore. cast you can see the anorge and red incangti the haze and smoke shing into the y baarea. watcash we head rothugh tusarday, at


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