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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 20, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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i thk inyou ysalwa have to nscoider what's g goinon in theo mmituny. wh iat mean by that is with the delta variant. if you had keasd me a moh ntago an d wehad smoke like isth, my anerou wld be slig htly dienffert. but bee causwe are ina meti erthe ere's a lot more counmmity virus arouannd d we are seei ngsome breahrktough, asthe invacce wanes a li ttle bit, i think it's a time for people to y,sa you know atwh, i'm going to step ba ckand t no do asmuch as i was a month aago,nd understand's it probablyem tporary until we are over thirgs sue and we can turn to the tshabi we ntwa. so i think beuscae the dea lt varian t isso prenevalt w,no i would y samaybe u yoshould even consider ngoot ing out to t,ea indog remo tat,keou and i thk in yocan check the a qi, the air qualitdey inx,an d ifthe air qualinity de x,say it's morning at bncruh and it's 27 to 30, e maybu yocan go eat outside and maybe if it 's120, th'sat a tio me tthk inereith insi deor u e therare risks.
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and mae ybi ulwod choose t no . to so that's w hoi would make my own desicions, is sebad on those so'mno t gi vingyou e quitan t exacanersw. >>it sortof a play by ear and use your co mmonsense. i ppsuose you haveto igweh the risk and the benefit. le t meask about e thyounger kids, the 112 that n'cat get th e ccvaine. nothw at they're back in school, shouldth e schools keep them deinsi, increase thr ei chances spof reinadg and ntcoracted covidor, what about eithr playtime outside? >>once aiagn, chngecki the ache ui is very valuleab be cae usthere are going to be metis when you can do inthgs out side and ths ere'heotr times it'srelyal putting people at risk. so ki ndof being ready to be fl exleib as you go thugrohout th e day is important, but also, don't really owkn the full effect of vihang all these kids back in hoscol, and if a hoscol is hava ing masking lipocy. whatt thaefctfe looks keli. we
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think the dski more scsueptible, arein gog tosee remo kids gettincog vid with this delta vaanrit, but it's ki ndof d weirfiguring t ouas gweo, and i hateto pull a trigr geeierth way too klquicy, cabeuse i think atth we've ense that kidsar e more relisient, and we seen the effe ctof epkeinkig ds out of scolho for a full arye. so it is more nuanced d anonce agn,ai i'm not viging you an ext swaner. i apogolize. >> i untadersndit and i k thin loa t of oppele do, too. lemeas k you ouabt boosters. overalool, bst ershots a good idea? d if pfizer isgetting e th llfu fda approv, alshould peopskle a r fothat one? >> ithink osboters are a really goodeaid. the mrnacc vainhae s been inamazg inits safe tyand its ef, ficacybuwet didn't havea cho ance tte stit out long term, so what we are arleni ng isnow it does wane over time, but itappears to be incribedly
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cteffeive and that third, that oster will loalw people to maintahein tir immuniwhty, ich will gusive osthe options of madoybe inmog re things inside with frienands d ufstf when we e in a bad r aiquality time like t his. so i inthk it's only g gointo give us more options in our daily lifean d offer mo re otection. but we are learning what the prop sereries and timeamfre beeevan ccines are as we go along. so i'm veryencouraged by it. m i'gog into get it as soon as my number s comeup, and i think it's a very fesa 's great we have this option. >> wabhat out kids younger than 12? ydoou think we are getting e closto being able to vaine thate yogeunr kids? >>'m i not up on e thexact last , databut i doknow that e th trials going on are very encouraging in s termof sa, fety and 'rtheye just yitrng to fi ogureut now what is the proper dosagd spe anacg inof thvaincce, because we wa nt thmae ximum prottiecon. and we see what happens whenwe rush to do things during this
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tif me ocod viand then peleop second-esgus. soth i ink taking an extra ekwe torwo so that lepeop have confidenn ce itheir cidesions caben a right epst. >> ty hecan go a longway. dr., thanksos much. have a great ekweend. loges anles county is titengni restrictionces on again after a rise incovid- 19 cases. starting t, oday oppele attendlaing rgine door and ouootdr gatheringsth wi more th an0, 1000 people wille havto wearsk mas,al though vaccioinatn teras have gone up. 35 moredeaths werereported in the county yesterday. that brithngs e tatol ernumb during tpahe ndicem to 25,000. looking liveat e thstate capil.ta mailn -iballs othavebe en sent out in the contest for the gubernatorial recall is heating up. reporter m towait take a look at one of e threpublican candidates. jooxhn c ran for governor in , 2018once again ngtaki on gavin omnews. >> the atste is a anmismag ed . mess >>or repte r:san diego
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busimanessn d andeveloper john coisx back. is is x cosecond try at beatinwsg neom. cox was unsodly deedfeat by him in the last rngubeatorial tielecon. >> i can t ouof evyberody expected o tw mocrats, remr,embe inthe elti onin 2018, so the fact that i even ma dethe top two was a shocker toa lot of people. >>ov cid managemewant s an luabsoteis daster. r>>eporter: nocow x is yitrng eito rntduroce hif mseland sees on whehat sees asthe gornveor'skn >>f iyou look at the coitnsio on the ground for most people inthis atste ghrit now,si houngcr isis, homelessnesssi cris,we don't veha enough water, we don't ehavenoh ugelectric ity,wee 'v t gofirerns buinalg l around thste ate, we've got our kids gngoi to veha to wear skmas insc hool if they even get to olscho. >> reportecor: x yssa he does noppt suort vaccine or mask mandates budot es urge people gtoet the shop. >> a large pa rtof this is the lack of ustrt that people have ovin gerennmt and leadership,
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d gavin neomws is exhit bia inhype ople don't trust govern, mentby the way. >> rorepter:bu t cox also said this at the gop badete earlier mthison. th >> the re'sa lot of people atth have had covid and had anditiboesth, ey don't nethed e ccvaine. th eyho suldn't get the ccvaine. compare focalirn iato florida. have two phneews that live in laornd o. wtheyerabe le to go to hoscol e thwhole time in onfrt of a teacher. reporter: rngoveorne wsom asthted at statem ent. >> ln,iste erthe's , guysthat's a covid icclk. th wt anto set us ckba, not vemo us forward. >> tom itwa reporting. vice president kama la haisgo ing to be heading to the bay area tojoin the goveorrn next week on the caaimpgn tilra. e thdemoatcric tiare is rallyi bngehinned wsom as he ghtso tkeep his seat. e foerrm setonar llwi also sit r hehometo wnnext frid. ay r a idgue to next ntmoh's call electio n,you can adhe to our websit e, l. > th iseveng inthe instveigatn iointoth e
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stmyerio usdeat hsof a san frano ciscfalymi just got more complicatehid, ts teafr autopsies yid eldenoim mediate clues as toatwh happened. john gerachie, s wife, eln le chg,un their onyee-ar-old daughter, heand r g dowere all found deadon a hiking l trai arne yosemite naaltion rkpa on tuesday. they behad en reported ssmiing on my ondanight. investigatorils stl nscoidering whether toxic e algablooms or othaher zas rdmay ha veplayed a role. i>>'ve worked iffn diert en capaciesti but i've r neveense dea ath like this. atthe beginning there e arsome signage ouabt some ale ga ooblms, but th at'somfr e th fostre service. >> tarhe ea where e thbodies arfoe und has be entreated as a hazmitat se after consncer were ised about 'sthat inbeg nklied to potentially toxic gaseoms fr old mines arneby, bue t thhaatzm declarn atiowas lifteddn weesy daafter mari posa tycoun sriheff's depart ment said theyn' dot believe the mines were a faorct. > >>comi ngup, an ciacdent on
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the tarmac. e trbloue that d leto igflht de la ysat a licafornia airp ort. a teslreveals s itlatest precojt. ho w roa bots, that e onright th cere,ou ldsoon do gsthin for you like go to the grocery ste.or ngcomi up on you at6:00, a bay areacity suspendsso me employees o whrefuse to disclo tseheirva ccinioatn atus, but cathn e city do th at? wesk a legal expe. rt us--, >> the world tcwahing that deatspere d andramatic att tempo eapsce afghanistan. in the ea stbay mmcounity mobili tzingo he. lp >> kpix 5 news at 6:00 is mi ungp next. ngcomi up nitoght on e th s evening nethws, e unfolding chs inbukal is lydeep onpersalor f afghan americ ans.> jatonhan vigliottt i meone falyin califo rniawho says they e arincrngeasilyfe arful for their tysafe of r theivelod woneshoca n't get out. >> > itmust be hard to sit here innq trauisal n diego and your mily is dihing inside as e th talibaven ha ketan over street
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after street of kabul. a>>bsutolely. >>he tre is a sense of survivor'slt gui atth all ghafans experienance, d they haeeve bn peexriencing fothr e pa st40 s.year it'sy verdiicffult. ere's a sense of holenessss. e'thers sea nse of what can we . do ght now afghans are scmbraling to
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>>ki> tanga live look at sf o, someli fght attendants nawitiondere a shinowg a reneweind tere stin arlening lfse-defseen inth e wake of a seri of ciindentons planes. is arye has been partulicarly chaointic the ca bin,with some ssengers attngacki flight attetsndan. now federal air hamarsls are glidinflg ight crew on w hoto ghfit back. a okspesperson o wh
5:42 pm
manathges e air rsmaha lssaid e thprogram had enbe on hiusat during thend paem, icbut last ntmoh it reedturn wh ita renewed sense of geurncy. >> the lmpa strike is ceairtnly thsomeinweg are taught ridung basitrc aini. ng wels ao taught the boelw one. >> what we need to do is have the j doalso criminally prosecuting and using the nalts iethat are theuernder thlae w aladrey, up to 20 yes ar in prin sofor any one of these incidents. d>>isputes oversk mas make up e bulk of the almost 4000 cidents repo rtedsofa r this ye. ar acrdg into the faa, alcol ho is al soa ctfaor in about a quarte r ofthe utdispes. rlines like hwsoutesant d american have ensuspdeald cohol sales for now. > >>in sornuthe california, the burbank ait rporhad to deal with an issue atth led to some ight delays ecchk it out. e thindecint involvede thwings of twoplanes co mingin cot ntac ewithacoth her. the americaian rl inesple an g beintod weto a different cation when's it wing ipclped the d enof the wing of that alaskali airnepls ane that was parked at the gate.
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the good news is no inju ries reported, noss paenrsge on theier of osthe planes, i do. up ne, xtimagine looking ou tse idand seeing a giant be ar in your backyard. w it made itself at home in a lifornia neighbodorho. we coare unngti down more 49er prsoesean football. e thteam inl.a.
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>> all northern focalirn ia tional foresarts e t seto close on moaynd because of the fire dr.ange th isom ces after eldorado national ft orescledos because heof t ldcaor fire. thfostre service ancinounng thatdo menci, noplumas, tahoe laand ke tahoe ban sinational fostil wl be closed. as of now, eyth are set to reopen a fterbolar day. as wildrefis become mo re teexnsivane d exosplive, a w ne cumentary ta kinga rdha oklo at why. > >>and you can stream it on cbsn and pat'ramouns uspl ar sttiodng tay. calit'slebrd ing uryo own adbrige. it showcesas thste deruioctn ghbrout bycalifornia wildfires in01 8. fimalmker lucy waerlk was with s crewas they battled s firein bo mthalibu and paradise, focusing on the toll to both fifireghrste and survivors. >> it s killpeople, it takes peleop's hom, esit tas ke people's t, ownslilivehood s, thine thgs that we are buil. ding it stuff thatyou don't get over. >> rg inyour own brigade ma de its debut in theaters ear rlie is month. >> > insouthernor colado, a
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powerfule wavwaedsh away a seioofn road in malibu. ghhi tides brout ghmasse iv watoves that area. mo dreangerous coionditns expectthed is weekend. rtrepoeroe j bennett ketas a lo okt athe damage d anthe wainrngs for imswme. rs reporter: 'sit a sound and sithght atpe ople long r,fo but e betyau at the beach has turnnted io a beast. pieces of wewastrd each road in malibu are falling in tothe a se the mightypa cic fiis inshowg e thcoast who's in charge. it'uns deinrming the road anitd 's ndki of crazy. >> porert: ereven a onseased achgoers werrpe surid seby the damageas the high tide and high surf tileckd the shore and slowarly cri edthe hillside holduping e throad t ou tosea. i >> walked stla night up on one of the streets ab ove,and i could hearit down here, and it was like dipounngan d pongundi. r>>epteorr: the atbeing is being fe ltup and down the
5:48 pm
ascot. thwaese ves in laguna hit secotond-sryba lconies and flooded hebeacs l alover the southlanead, lvi ngsome running from the wave s. >>nd a it's enbe getting slowly clers awe've been sitting out here. we had mtoove our blant keback . repteorr: ofcour, seheotrs flocd keto emth. >> it's odgo, there is so me waves, thwae ter is warm, d an wee 'vbeen waitinfog r a swl,el so her e itis. ep>> rorr:te swimmers and surfers tookvaadntagofe the hi ghid te. at the wedgy newporact beh d an in mu,alib asswells werell we above fivefe etand peexct edto crinease through the ekween d. >>ta> ke a lo okat isth, a arbe ghsiting, if you can otsp it. in apadesana neighohborod today,e thbear was seen ruinarg ound a nehbigorhood anbad ckyards. close thto e hot tub. why t?no you cae n sethe bearmaking himsf elat home on top of a planter. fi shg ingame ard riveand revemod the 300 pound bear. authorities beevlie the bear may haveenbe looking r fo. food you think? anwad ter, due to e thdrought.
5:49 pm
>>e e arseeing a lot mo re wildlife comint g ouof the his,ll looking foosr the inthgs. >>e > thloerng the drout gh continues, themo rewe are go intog see it. there is no end to that insight but at aslet there is an end to e thpo orair quitaly insi ght. we'rine gog to see perfect conditionss thiwe ekand usbecae e thbreeze is ingog to kick in not just at grou nd velel but farther up in the atmoresphe. by sunday 'sthat ingog to scb ru oumeso of atth upleper-vel oke and hazeas well. benolow rm altemperaturesat th we've riexpeend cethese past upcoleay ds are ingog to cont iinuenteao rly next week. even as the smoke tsge pu shed ayaw, the upper velels of the atspmohereng goi to be raarnged toee kp temperurates nnruing ouabt 5 to seven victories below alnorm rtfaher inndla, even by moaynd d andatuesy. eny jothat whe ilit stlas is by e thend of the seven-day focarest we have a gnsiifanict warm-up, aernoth lainnd athewave is loomg infarther wndo the li. ne air qualstity ilpol or today t it is going to improve as we head throh ugthe weekd.en thisju is st actrking that sue rfaclevel smoke and tiancipa ttinghe air quitaly levehals tt we are going to see e duto smok toromrow morning,in thgs are better. there is moregrn eeon the map,
5:50 pm
intidicangoo gd air quality but l stilpltyen of moderate, d an some of the hiesght elevations mae ybin atth or angecatego, ry unhethaly foser nsitive grpsou, but for the pupolated rtpas of thy e baar eai k thinmodetera is thewot rswe are ingog to setoe start the day tomorrow. as we wind the clock arforwd, by tomorrow enevin g,good air quality roacss the ithiss focarest model data. don'met an that it's gpeosl t it 'sbeen potiinng in the same diiorectn for the stpa couple of days and ceon that good air qualy itat ougrnd velel is with us it's going to starick ou ndinto the second ha lff othe enweekd as llwe. it m aybe ha rdto tell that the air itqualy isimproving because arwe e going to be codintenngit wh a lot of g foup there y earltorrmoow morning. recedud visibilityac's ro ssthe reenti b ayarea, even farther inland. 'sit going to be slow to back. 1by0:00 in the morning still someuc rededvi sibility's with locld oucover hanginoug t abe ovground levebul, t for inndar pts of the y baarea we oushld see the sun eabrki ng rothugbyh late morng inand ea rlafy ternoon. ar ou tndhe bay i would get used tohegr ay skies r foone more day. wemay see some peeks of nssuhine over the city by morrow after, noonbumot re clouds than n,su ndki of
5:51 pm
similar to atwh we had datoy, which kept tempaterures cool, 64 desegre in san francisco, paci wficaas a degr weearmer th sanan frano.cisc low 70s in frt,emon mid-70s of ntroa sa and san sejo, well below normal. only low 80s and e th. more atth was the warm spot on e th matoy.da cu rrt entemperatures inthe 50s and 70s, the warmest loticaon is 80 degrees in fifairel d. is toobad the air qualy itis topo orto t geout and take advantag e ofthe pleasant mperatures, eaplsa nt mperatures wcoill ntuein this weekend and the air quality will getbetter. betteaer wth erfor outdoor stuff, eiaspecllbyy sunday. mid to upper 50s tonight, high ertempatesur tomorrow rug nnin five to 10 degrees bew lo normal, sothe d trenis going ctionnue for a few more days, evenas the smoke gets scrubbed ofout the atmohespre anwed start to see uebl skies ovheerad, especialbyly ndsuay. los w 60along the coast toowmorr, w loto mid s 70around the south end of the bay and down tpehe niulnsa with mo stly w loto mid 70s in e thsanta clara valleyas well. 72
5:52 pm
dreeges and san jo. se mpteeratesur in e thupper 70s for most of the tri-eyvall. the warmspest ots far lainnd in thea stbay only rehiacng up to the w loto mid 80s. reallyol co for the middle of guaust. los w 60in san anfrcio,sc mid to upper s 60for oakld anin e th east bay witha mix ofupper 60s and w lo70s r fothe north bay, and hefartr north it's gotoing be rmwaer as you get fartinher la. nd >>ns tralar:to are g gointo stay in e th80s d anin and meocndino county and kela county, which isa far cry from wheryoe u were sevel radays ago. temperat wuresilsll owly warm- aups we adhe towards the miledd of next week and enth more of an accelerated inwarmg trend kickin g inby thur sday anfrd iday. ineveng n safrancisco teermpatures in the mid-70s by frid, ayoakland getting the low0 s wea ek from today and san jose up to around 90 degrees with thehotspots asusual, and iwentn the stea bay, upper 90s, close to 0 10degrees and into the low 90s 40 north bay and even up to ar ound70 degrees alone g thcoast. but of coseur right w nowe l stilha veto beconcerned withh e oksme. 'll talk about the upper- lesmvel ok e,thatye has is finally going to get pushed f of ttohe , eastcoming up at 6:00. new at 006:, how mmcounity leaders in the east y baare joining toergeth tohelp osthe trying to es capethe iscris in afanghistan. > thdee adli nehas passed for san frano ciscci tyemployees to declare theiccr vainioatn usstat.
5:53 pm
we'll tellyou what enagci es haveol hdouts and what the legal consncequeesco uld be. we are incontui ngto monitor thisascrh in ntcora costuna cotyaf ter an akamtr trn aislamd meinto a big rig. the veinstigation unayderw isth evening. > >>still ahead hereat , 5:00 slcea o onel musk announces his new ojprect -- bot osand cricket gechar y ou more for uitnlimedg. 5 metro n'doe't. inuctroding bithe g 5gup grade. st ju twefinty-ve b aucks month gets you unlimited 5g arend a fe s 5gmarte.phon
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u yowaa nt new tesla? yore going to have to wa ita wild. es timated delivemery tis for most mhaodels veen be pushed back until telar this year, in some cases next year. rethe asfoon r the y,dela a pa rtrt shoage,in cluding mpcouter chips. that's temriporalysh utting do wnut ao plants all across e th world. tesla ceo elon skmu alcasuly drpeopd a little mbboshl elat enthe d ofa esprentation last ghnit. >>an he noceund the compy anhas begun workilbuding a humanoid robot withth e goal of making ou r velis easier, and kpix 5's kit so s showus. >> this is not the first meti el onmusk has made so mebold pris. es self indrivg, e thtunn el project, space eltrav, so if erthe'ans ybody who can pullof huma noidrotsbo, it's him. >>or repte r:if ybanody else were to unannoceth ey were buildi ang humanoid robot menad mioptist, spinir bedy hooollywd
5:57 pm
and pod wereby artificial inteigllence, you'd abprobly ttellhetom hit ntcorol alt delete. >> besltea but will be re. al >>ep rorter: tesla o ceel on skmu said it kemas see,ns given ththat eir carsare essentiallye mien-stiment drivirong bo t. musk will keta t sheoftware and cameras found in their vehiescl, at least eit ghof thanem, d t puthem siinde the a teslbohtug. thboe ught will be made with t lighdema meratials, had actuators thatcorontl the arms, legsd anhand s. so omef the sps,ec it llwi stanved fi feet eight inches llta, weigh 125 po, undscarry 45ou pnds, and dead lift 150 dspoun, d an methat fivemiles hoper ur. >> canada ribong, dangerous, repetitive jobats th people dowan't ntto do? be friy,endl ofcourse. at a mechanical velel, at a icphysalle vel you can run awayr omit . >>at some point e throt bo ulwod advance on tomore cox mple ta sks. >> just go to the store d anget the followg ingroceries, that kind of th ing. >> what 'sthe worst atth could happen? >> the software lfmaunioctns. >>ep rorter: san jo sestate
5:58 pm
professoidr am enbe often says skmu will have to contend with a hoofst concerns -- sa, fety privacy, aetnd hi. cs >> a ndhe be trusted to that he'll t>>ime will tell about atth usbecae 'she famous for rushingn totu sff like this, keli what happ wenedith autopi lot. now take isth one and apply it to the robot seitlf. at can gowrong with this? whilat wl be the problem? t'les think abou. t it >> i'mnot at all esqutioning whether sltea n capull this off. the win is obprab lythe biesggt >>po rert: ercnet oredit at large the reinsur yssa we al rey adhave robots in our li ves. inacritoes, police mbbo un aits,ndlp heinarg ound the e.hous >> i think the xtne step, the question is how much fur rthe into oliur ves do wewant these inthgs togo d anhow much mo re do we want them to help us with our daily tasks. >> kiet do, kp ix5. >>es tla says a prototype shldou come out ne xtyear. >>mi> cong up now at 6:00, a bay area city bringi ngdown the ha ommern employees who refuse epto rortht eir vaccination atstusbu, t is it laleg?
5:59 pm
>>en> wh llwi the oksmy skies startot clear out? are trackiyong ur weekend forecast. > a new vedelopment in the se farchor a olsten dog in e th uth bay. he lpol pice track down e th sut. good eve, ningi'm lijuette gori achnd r foelizetabh. >>'m i ken idbasta. theyav he been wa. rned thnow e city of n safrancisco is taking tiacon. citylo empye eswho have not poedrt their vaccioinatn stusco uld be suspended for failintog foowll a ciwityde mandate, bisut itlegal r fo e thci tyto do that? kpix 5 reerport andria rbboa isin san francisco thwi that aner. >>and injuliette's, e thcity of san francisco, weare ldto, bois autto send out intent to suenspd notices to those pleeoys who have not t ye reported theircc vainioatn atus to the city starting today. >>epteorr: san frano cisccity employees hatid unl august th12 the report r theivainccation atstus. f as oghrit now, 20 veha not,
6:00 pm
thand eyco uld face ensuspsi on d all the way up to rmteination frome thci ty paoll for it. >> we veha been epprared for atth, so we e arnot coerncned ab out first respondersth at we are not ingog to videate from ouqur reirenemt to reensu that y everci tyemployee is vaatccinedbe, cause not lyon doesim it pa ctthe peleop that ey work with, it soal paimct e thpuicbl that eyth work with. >> reerport: professor riceof asuc htis ngsays the tyci is in an unu sualpotision, acting aso tha puicbl health orauthity and an empl, oyerand that the suspensiarons e totally galel. susinpendg an empleeoy who does not comply with plworkace coitndionsis pretty routine. 's pretty laregur. >> reporter: g amonthe 20 who han'ret ported theiatr stus yet,ht eig mbmeers of the police departm ent,two sworn, a rgseeant and anfi ofce r,and six civilianlo e


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