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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  August 20, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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n>>ot that. >>'d i run away inem baasrrsment. he>> t leat show with hestepn colbert exis n >> thank you f c apontiing sponsore cd bybs >> l.s.u.'s "kemi theer tig" is w vainccated against covid-19. the university announced today he reiecved fihis rsdot se and cosend de.os it's intereinstg to note, whilthe e tigoger t s hishots, only a 3bout8%f olouiansia's popuonlati is fully ccvainated. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ laerught )♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( laerught ) ( eechrs and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh,uc son a ( bleep )! (gr owling ) announcer: 'sit the "late showwi" th stephen lbcoert!"to nighout, sthern exposure! plus, stepn hewelcomes jeifnner hsoudn! featuring bajon tie stand stay human. and no lw,ive on tape omfr the edul slivathn eater in new york ciitty, 'ste sphen colbert! cheers andla appus e) ( pbandlangyi )>> sphteen: hi!
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hello! s i wawainitg for y'all hoto sw up! hoe w aryou? ( cheendrs a alappuse ) ♪ ♪ ha gve aooshd ow. >> jon: ahave gd ooshow. (ee chri ng) >> stephen: git'sootod see you pleaseve, ha aea st, everybody! welcome one aland l ttohe "late show." m i'your host, senteph cbeolrt. anm-d i'- ( cheers appnd alaeus ) you knhaow wt? that is-- ths at iextlacy the kif nd oengyer i need because m not going ugto saroa-ct it, lkfos, the news behas en b ait roh uglately-- whiasch h l tedoo mef oour newspapeors t brn oadethr eimarketing stteragy. th misorning, i saisw thsh ocngki tweet-- thew "neyork times s" iroinllg out 18+ subscr-oibernlwsy neleettrs. that'sht rig, aly'l. adults-only encontt r fo18 and
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over. it's tnehe "w rkyo times"-- afr tedark. (♪seuansl slow jazz) ♪ ( lahtuger and appla use) ey're slighthaly cngg intheir hemastad"a: ll the nudest' thas fit to print." thgsin are going tt o genay stat the grold eyad l-y- , as i call noher w--"t heat mure honey." get ready to " seeneyow rk tiesos" crswd orpuzzle editor llwi shortz-- ouwitht y anshorts. (lahtuger ) aryoreu ady to solvedo 69-wn? (laughter ) it's a s-levenetr teword for rthday present. la( ugerht ) thinstdury insider wosho pted the orig "inal18 t+"weet has nce ledeted it and einxplaed, "to be r,clea iot g lazy and shoulde havsa "idat least 18 newsletters. (laughter )
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the 'new ytiork me is's not geining to porn."( uglahter and appelaus ) idamnt! (ap plause ) anit t'srue, they're not tting intorn po--he ty've been ing it for yrsea. ( htlauger) reme tmberhe oirld headline: "tanitic goes down... if you knoatw wh iea mn." ( laughter ) bu- t-if the "new tyorkim"es isn't uryo thiyong, u' svetill goe t th"whiasngtoson pt." after tall,ha ptaper's slogan is "democracesy di in "de nedarkss... but bangs twithheig lhts on." (ug laht er) no ww,hen it comesco to vi td,he ws should be-r "r"at,ed for "rev we eroi gng to get out ofhi"s? because thlte dea rivaant hasca us aed huge covid e,spik but t every regif on othune ited stesat has been afedfect equally. cases are gouping gduraally in e thnortheast, mstidwe, dan west, thbut e utsoh-- oh, she llwi rise again.( uglahter ) the leprobm yis--ouue gssed itn -- ithsoe uth, fewer people are vaccinatoned, aravege.
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you recan adbo aut it in the clsiasc southern n, ovel"tkio ll a mockiringbd gbyiving it camedil viadce from face."book( laughter a andppuslae ) ( chee ring) cases are-- on>> j: n'dot get advice on cebook, mmm-ns- coulyot ur door. (ap plause ) j>>ames: cases riare si sngoqu icy klthat mississ'sippi hospital syscotem ulfad il in ten days. ey're going ryto t texo tend th tatime by countoning e miisppsii, two missipissip... ( laug hter) the remississippi... onmie ssissippi mel dicacenter even op aened pkiarng garage bamesent field hosl.pita noext actly where wayou nto t t your healte.hcar ( as docto)r "i a'mfraid we're g gointoav he mtoovyoe u, ms. johnson. this bed ir s focoacmpt carson ly." (la ughter ) anpio riff ) u know who w yantsouo ttake th visirus seriously? e th"kindergartep"n co hseimlf, former califa ornigornveor arnoldwa schrzegenger. h sadtrong words pefor ople
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who wowen't aras mks or get vaccinated. >>hi nkpeopleho suld know e isther air vus here. it kills d thone ly way we prevent it is, we get vaccid,nate we arwe s,mask we sdoocial distancing, washing our hal nds althmee ti, t and nojuhist tnking about, "wl, my freedom ngis bei kind of disturbed here." no, screw yourom freed-- (au applse) bewicause threed fom comes gaoblitions and reonsilibities. yohave the freedweom to ar no , masku but yoknomow sething? reyou' ach smuck for notri weang a skma. te>> sph: enwow! ( cheers and auspplae) wow! >> jwhon: oa! whoa! stephen: thrme teinorat is so mad, but nhe'sotoi gng back in tio me tki yllour mother-- he he doesn't t because by rinefusg e thvaccine, u'll do it for him. kispeangf ocalifornia--no i kw, it's a sad s, toryist n'it? but it'sru a te e.on easpking of caliiaforn:
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flid-a- ( laug hter) --which actscoun f norearly one in fivu.e s. covid cases. also, on fe inivcae ses of sp bringre cakhlamydia cases. thise hugsue-rg- that's also a busad t uetr story. (ug laht er) a veenry tdeaur dience tonight. vevery, ry i--'ll be gentle. hthisugsue rge doesn't seem to coerncn florida goorvern ron desantisen, se he erboasting the ghest numberca he n uncot to. bo( oi ng) desantasis h cshlaed repeatedly wireth psintde biden over dcovi safetyto lastk, wee benid said that i sadentis wasn't inwillg dtoo hianytngbo aut covid, theen h should get of ut othwae y of peophole w at led to thxcis (la ug hs) danestis. (ee chrsnd a applause )>>
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steenph: meco on. ocomen,a, h ha. ha, ha., ha buco omen, mr. presi, dentshow some respect shehould be addedress bhiy sfu llam ne: governor -who- don'cat re if his vo ltersive or die. (apauplse ) wthisee fk,lorida, the hisunsne state tohad a tskhe biden ministrationse to ndun hdreds of ventilators loto fri.da thatt musha bveeen awkward coidnsering last w deek,esantis saids thitoid ben: >> i't don wt anto hear a bl ouabt covid from. you >> stephen: well,ov gernor, looks like it's tyoururton eat .blip (ch eers and appelaus ) ( pianffo ri ) but-- you fbliporra bins. ( laug hter) but desa tntisri tedo play off his statdee's spatere request fontr veilorats. >> i'm - not-i dndi't ask, i di'tdn know, i havt e nohedar about that. so i w houldavtoe check to se whether thatru's te norot.
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>> stephen : (ases dantis ) "i dt idn'ask. i haven'art hed. i veha to check ift' thas uetr orot n. or if i'm evoven gerr noor not. i mean, doores coniravus even ist? maybe no onef us are rea we're all jliust vi ingn a t'gians eadrm, and-- sme mbbo!" ( laughter a andppuslae ) homina-hominmia-hona. spkieang of the ad rdledaminblgf ais deased brain:re the's meso news about ilmy ploc.w e.o. miinke lde, llseen here no t buying c.rack lindell isng bei sd uebydo mionni voting systfoems r billion for l hisieabs out ection fraud. but, linde nll'sotiv ging up. th wiseek, lindelld hela live-streacymed ber sympos,ium r whh iche hedir a cyber experert "d amte" and gave them what he saasid w 3te7 rabytes or retafuble eviden tcehat
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haerbrs oke into elenctio stems using rcinteepdte "packeptt caur."es ckpaet captures,co of ur, seis a technical teharm tt u yomight know beiy thr st nreetam-e- "pillow cases." ( laughter )we llth, e cyber resuarlts e :in lindell's team annncoued that eyth can't prove c hislas imthat ina hacked tlehe when a wskedhyth, ey said, "we were hd andea rdtu." ( uglahter and appelaus ) and thrde tu lt osthe election. ( laug hter) ( cheers a andppuslae ) n called outde linll c'syber- noen, seand that didsin't t o towell with ontee >> ladied s angelentman, i'm not a computer guy. don't know wmohat stf othis
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stuff mean t bui've been rechsearinisg th election s ninceovbeemr 3. bue t thcns n'of the worldu, you ysee nd to start rtieporng this and sfatop cthe-ccking it. >> stephyeen: s! liststen, opfa "ct-checking," cnn! it aas wte of time! this is mikede linll. no mattew r homu ychou check, u yowon't find aacny fts! ( cheers d anapplause ) speaking of lepeop bngei sued r a billion ardolls:he t ex-preside lnt'sawr,ye rudy giniulia, ense here losing a staring cot ntesto b aowl of soup. ( laughter ) rudy haso alsbe senued by nidomionor f a billion drsolla. nohew 's facing a tamouninf o legal fees. thatnt mouais n'in his apartmenigt, rhtex nt to the mota oinf empty franbozia xes. ( cheers appnd alaeus ) on tf op oth--at franzia fan tatolly worth
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tay llworth it. topf othatdy, ru'saw l licens we inasnghiton was suend,de and he was ensuspded from praincticg w lain new york due to "demoabnstrlyal fse and eamisldi" ngstatements a tbouthe ections. whanh mes 'she cut off from s previous se ourcofnc iome: tellinesg li nt exto a dildosh op. la( ugerht and applaus)e rudy-- he's g gointoak me, he's gog into make it. dy is desperfoate r shca, so is wk,ee he whdid atll a publicva serntdos when they ed a second ercare--e hjoined cameo. the web site w yhereouan c pay r a personalsa mesgero fmfo lklis ke lenny dyk, straand the guy plwho ay hedodor. h whiciser pfect if you twanto wi yr ounephew a verdoy hor, but hochw mu ds oeit cost to get erica's mayo wr toisyoh u a ppy quinceanera? 75. that is a reallyoo gd deal. i mean, he's c $25heerap than snki! (lahtuger )wh
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icmah kes sense. which matokes tasel nse. shs e waonth "e jersey shore." heks loo le ikhe washed up on the jersey shore. and... (lahtuger ) ch( ee arsnd applause ) (piano riff rehe's a taste. >> h, ellobi, llit's rudygi ulniia, and i'm wishing you a happy birthday! i can never reer amemb censor likshipe isth, where the eyhardri, thvee election, th ju--st they just cut o 8ff0% of ur ability to coicatmmune. so, i am very ied worrforur o cotruny. at our awe wge, antot make sure weve lea the country to your wondfunsl so. your wonderful sefons, jf and wevid. wt anto leave it as sg astron we gt,ot i a rndight now, it adheed in the wrdiong reioctn. >>ph steenwh: at an uplifting lebration. ( htlauger) (as giuliani ) "it wantois wh you a wondlerfu hdbirtayan, d many more. hofupelly not spen tt inhe clinfoton untidaon's forced lacabor mp ws,here socialists
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wiakll me uryo wonderful sons ajeffndav did castrate mr. tato head." ( htlauger) he even sharises h wdoism with inmi cngollege kids. >> johy,nn i understanu'd yore going toin beg yr oufirst year newk yorunerivsity llwe, first of all, congratitulaons. i ntwe to n.y.u. lchaw sool, whh ici'm resu you'll see yever day on youy r watola css. no cbodyanel tl you in this poinint yr oucarehaer wt u'yore actu gallyoi tngo do. >>ph steenso: true. sometimeu s yostt arout prciactingaw l, and end upa as devio birthday c.lown ( laerught ) we'vt e goa eagrt show for you tonight! ( rschee a andpplause ) myue ists jennifer hn.udso buent wh wcoe me back, it's "mealenwhi!" ( cheers a andppuslae ) ( band playing)
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band pla ying) ( cheers a andppuslae ) stephen: "tidhe sewdeinr," e lemorgan. laughter ) n,jo that's good. cheers andla appus e) jon, when l y'alpl tayhat --song when y'all plahey "t dewinder," ts hat'a rtpay i wa tgoo to. want to be iednvit ttho at rtiny 19-- what, '65? enwh was that? j>>on: '63. >>teenph: '63-- i wao nt tgo tot thapay rtand hear tha ngso, everybody inhearg it for e thfirst time. >> jon: oh g, myooesdns!>> sphteen: i tell yhaou wt
11:55 pm
party i wao nt tgoo ttonight-- this show, bseecau jnienfer hudson iins gog btoe here. ( ch aeersndpp alause ) jon: whoa! men! o >> stephyoen: u owkn, i'm happy and atgreful for anyou of r gu westshoom ce out of her t buas i was tel tlinghese people be efora ttlile bit rebefo, gweot a taste of jennifer'sfo perrmcean in resahearl datoy-- and they're going toe havtori bng in stctalur engineers ithnto is bungildi tmao ke sure this dwellingsa is feft aer thispe rfmaornce because s she'gogin to rip r theoooff f this place. (ee chrsnd a applause weht mig he avto shut down. th misight be the slasthow tonight. >>onri: ght, we mighvet ha to close afout tethr is. >>ph steenlo: oking forward to it. knyou owfo, lks, i spentot a l of time riovght erhe tre, preciselasy meurg inthe news'in se, amselecting the finest, st topical itempord rimenost orwoy ol, and thend- han stitching ith witjos keto create the bkeespo, ubdole- breasted se avilrocuw rrent ev sentsuitht at is my t busometimes, simometesfo, lks,
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i like to ga utherp meso used burlap frohim bendhe t meat-pngacki pntla, drape it over an aband donemaeqnnuin at d man jenkinurs' bnedod-wn drescts faor ay,nd sew it all gether with stshoeris ngand a st gapleunto, create for you the tehaund potato-sack scarecrow of news that is my gmseent: ♪ ♪ >> meanw!hile( eechrs and appla use) s>>teenph: meanwhile,s it'a pack horseen of teairtnment! cheers andla appus e) mntouai- n-it was a mounntai potential c anwhile-- scisienttsay s a prehistorionc li cub discovered in sib ierias the bestse prerved ice age alanim er vefound. rry, clint eooastwd. yoreut o of the top .slot laughter appnd alaeus ) meilanwhe,ew n york isn't the onlyta ste with a big bernatorial scsex anl,da bee causa ahut resident is dendmaing governornc speerco x ange his "obe"scen lt asname,wr itg,in "i do not kifnow you
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owkn this, but wpehen op sleay ur surname iunt sodsik le the rdwo ( bleep ). it o'sbscene! ecus denpet ople here inh uta nwillotta snd for it." "when i heouar yr mena, all i n cathink about enis al, enwh i look at tall ilbudings, cucum, berskehutcpbo tts,le those clicknsy pe whit urfo different cs.olor 'sit not like getineraonofs sexualre repssn iohave tainted me o--h, no!i ju sstaid 'taint!' i' sllee myself out. go d, aysir!" (ch eers and appelaus ) mewhanile-- oh, itti's sllhe t sa smetory.i wasus re i was movoning ! ( laught)er plus, whoeveisr th icls early don'knt ow their ownte sta's ac tualhiy storofct aual utah goves,rnor le ikalfred cummi stephen ars. hdi,ng george ll emuewos,od noanrm h. bangerter,
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w ♪ell well wel l,whatave hwe he? er♪ ♪ic a magallace p... that's lotookin' g scaetred! ♪ (laughter) haoweelln ti is meback in disneyland and disney ca lifornia advenre ptuarks! (ba nd playing ) ap( plseau )
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te>> sph: enhey, everybody! omwelce ckba! ch( ee arsnd applause ) lcome back te o th"le atshow," ybeverody. fos,y mguest tonigh at isn acadawemy arwid-nning actress ano-d twti gmerammy award- wig nninsierng you know from "dreamgi arls"ndth "e colorpu rp."le she noayw pls etarha franklin in ♪efir new lm"r, espect." ♪ mmm-mmm... stju... m♪mm-mmm... just a littlbie tjust ♪ait ltle bit jt usa little bit j♪ust a little bit stju a little bit ( rs tcleahrtoa ) ♪ just a le blittit just a littlte bi >>ne o more .time
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♪ just a littitle b just a littlte bi >> gthiro a d lobew, carolyn. ye. ♪ just a li bitttle jt usa little bit ♪t a juslittle bit yeah, baby ♪ juslittt a leit b just a litbittle ♪ sk ocit to me sock it to me ♪ ♪ >>ph steenpl: ease welcome bao ck tth"le ate show,"je nnerif hudson! ( cheers a andppuslae ) band playi)ng f♪reedom, freedom dofreem,re fedom ♪ freedfrom, eemdo eedom, freedom re♪ fed!om eefrdom, freedom freedom, freedom ohee, frdom! f♪reedom, freemdo freem!do ♪ >> oh, my god! ( band pnglayi ) (ch eers and appelaus ) wow!
12:06 am
oh! >> stephen: hey, ly oveltoav he you .back f>> ieethl e love and io'm s pphay toe bback, thank foyou r having me .back >> senteph: s,ye i'm clearly not e only one w'sho excited. >> wow. >>ph steenla: st time--( eechrs and appla use) last time yoreu we he,er we lked about aa rethfrklanin, and alyou rey adhad a relashtionipit wh her before woinrkg on this prt-ojec- ethfa cthe s hand-picked a yous eth person shete wand ptolay her ie r o-bipic. sowh, ile you had this lationship, thwas erane ything that you lea arnedbo putlaying haaret fnkralin that youn' didt already fknowroyom ur years of frieshndip? y>>ou know, i dt idn'kn aowbout hoclw ose she and kidr. nger weo u owkn, and how mu schhe's a pa ortf activism, .yeah >> stephen: is that twhathist i is? i ve p ahoto here, iats th wh-- >> you. see >> stephen: , yeahwod ulshe? i know thae t thstleap singersan d lkfos would open h forim. d woulshsoe al pfoerrm? >> y seah,hera tveled with h ridung the movement.
12:07 am
lishke, e was the e voicoft. i shus heder platform lito, ke, help shift t mheovement and inirspe the peoplein durg atth mome.nt this iwes porf, ulyou .know (applause ) ah. >> senteph: uni derstand you al renectly had a ch tanceo go toetitro, toer h childhood me, thand is is you thwi members of f heramily-- >> yes. >> ste: phenouidtse of her hom dinetroit. >>esth, at wy as mfarivote part. >> stephwhen: atas w that like? >>ha tt was my fave oritpa.rt tsohere is her ddgranauteghrgr acrie ght there anisd th is r hechildhood home. and she saidy thesa tidhey waede mto take themk bacto chher iloodhd home and her dbgranabsay ng "ain't no" way ghtht ere on the s--teps and that's grace v andicritoe and joan. wthatas b aeautiful moment cause we remceinis ooun r fari mteoments of hendrs a her songs. stephen: weyoll, u d anaretha spoke t a loiner h last tenye arofs her life. and i was woinnderg,ha wt was the lastng thi yll'a talkedab out? >> welhel, s td olme what she had n.eate ( laughter )
12:08 am
>> stephen y: doouin md sharing wis?th u t >> iwaass if she could taste oitn the phone-i - don't even remembhaer wt alme it was. anth senhe sang it t oo men that c iall, c'tan remember the song, asit w bthy e isley ane d shsa, idjennifer, now, 'sthat t ihesley brothers. i sayeid, s,a' mam, i know. anend th, smyon is a cooko., to i ended up intellg r heabout hiokm coinang d sending her a videeco, bau ssehe was sopr est,en she always wknewhat s going on, ievenn my life. i'lim ke, you knowt? tha li, keyeah, so-- >>ph steenho: w long was this be sforeheie dd? >> maybes lesth aan week. am>> jesoh: , wow. >>h, yea iee fl i was one heof t st people tor heafr homer, ye.ah te>> sph: enmaybe one of the st people tor heahesir ng. >> andr heahesir ng because she sang on cathe ll. >> stephwoen: w. >> yup. >>te sphen: did yoeru ev s heeer ngsi at the kennceedy nter honors wshhen e ngsa for carol king ? wh s sheang for the edkenny ce hnterons?or >> yeah. i'm so madas i wn'tht ere in onpers. >>ph steeni : was hosting in the wings hiwatcnger h. >>ha tt's a speciamel montot ha ve.
12:09 am
>>ph steenit: was. asit w oy nla few years sago,he comes out awith pkeoctbook and puts it on tiahe pnowi, th a big fur. and stshe ar otsff soft and low. i said to stthe agmae nager, i wishad i h sn eeher when she stl ilhad the pipes. looks at me 4 and5-cosends ter i turnedhi to m d ansaid, i'm an idiot. she stupood a andbsolutely rnbued the houseth to e ougrnd. she had it te o thve erynd. yes. >>teenph: extraordinary. you togot wk orwith carol king herselenf, kne cdyenter honoree anthd e woman who e wrot"you ma mfee el like a naltura woman." you wra ote so fngor the movie. what wast thali?ke >> a d!ream to wwiork thar col king. jae meca and said, ce arolngki could write e thtie tltrack. she came in. was over zoecom bau osef the pandemic. we had oonur cveatrsions over zo. e spoke from p herernasol expecerien wh itaretha and so
12:10 am
did i. it parald lelewi tthhe song. she sa, idi get to sindg an writ ie ont? what is lthatiktoe work with carole kbeing cae uswho better than hheave r t puthe bow and cherry on intop ari tbute to etha franklin. ( applau)se >> senteph: uryo connection back to area thfranklin acty uallgoes back to befooure y en veknew aretha flirankn. the first mtimeospet ople in amicgoa t to hear yongu si was your audn itiofoamr erican idol. byourreouakt. let's showm. the >>ha wt are you gotoing sg?in "show youre lovfomer " by aretha flirankn. >> go for it. ♪ it's eanvil wind that blows no good ♪ yeah, yeahit
12:11 am
's s aad heart ♪hawot n't love like i knt ow ishldou ♪h ohow long yout musbe it s's aha imef you don't eshar ♪omofe your love wmeith ♪ s♪ome of your velo with me ♪ (ch eers and appelaus ) ♪ ♪ >>on y'tou play it! don'u t yodot! i om♪ se yofour love wit h me♪ te>> sph: enwhy did you sechoo th sg?on >>ecseau i was goinga to singing coitmpetion. you got to gheet t bt esif u'yore going to totry bine a compioetitn,o swho better than to get aa rethfrklanin? th wat iast athe woolwort ah as kid. i sathw at song and sai id, i'm ngsiing aretha flirankn. d w noi'm playing her. (apauplse ) te>> sph: enwhen you loockk ba at that y, doouan wt to give
12:12 am
ad tviceo atth young woman about hoshs e'singing thatg? son e aryou happy wihath tt performance? ou>> y kw,no i was a little rvous, obslviouy. i d woulsa jy,ennifer, don't ba yrsouelf up, too. because i saheng t ld eaand backesed mylfp. u (ng siinang d backup ) la( ugerht ) >>te sphen: you ca in dot you saouid y d'ton want jon to play the sonndg, a y jouumped ghrit in. wiyou lle bperforming tamhe se venue augu, st 2i libeeve, bee causyoreu' both doing the w york reopeonns cce, rttheho memicong concert craelebti.on >> i'm such n.a fa ( apauplse ) >>teenph: have you gevuys er perfd ormetothgeer before? >> wvee han'pet rformed together yet. on>> j: gweot to do it. i'm waiting thfor at opportunity. i'm such a fan. >>teenph: let's try igto fure uto an opportuninity jt usa minute. ribut ghnot w we've got akto te a littlt e biof c aommercial break. n'dot go anywhere. we'll be rigacht bk thwi
12:13 am
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(music stops) i'm a dancer now.
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ydoesouvir tamin c lawest tntfoy-ur hours? only nurate's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has ngloer lasting vitam. ushe, rbal and othemuner im serupstars. onlym na frotu'sre bounty. (ee chrsnd a applause ) ( band pnglayi ) >> stephheen: y,ve erybody! wee ckba here with the sr taof the new film "ecrespt,je" nnifer onhuds. is it truet thabeuscae aretha pl yayedouea lrn to play piano
12:18 am
th this role? >> yites, w tashe mostun naratul part toe mso i said i had to startht wi t pheiano t.firs te>> sph: endid you have any stinrume tntalraining? >> e oarlyn hinigh school, and evere y oniny mfamily played by ar but i nevever del topedhat rtpa.i hathd e passion fongr siing n potlangyi. noncw sie aypling her, it'sgi vemen a new passio on twant ptolay more. >> stephonen: e htoave the chleinngg things aboplut aygin o pianfoyor u, i would inemagi, isan s iee your handles, pase? >> well, i go ot tha mvey nails, now. >> senteph: eyth're not just long, they're reallynt poiy. >>h. yea >> stephen: how do p youlathy e piano? w>> ias c aat, too, now. >> senteph: ydoou play with yo muriddle knuckle? uornftunately thels nai get caught itwn beeethn e keys so if you heawrr a onnog te that's the na ailnd hit other notes. so i'm sure doyou n'hat ve that pblroem. >>teenph: didn't it r occuto
12:19 am
yotou take thosf?e of >> my pianaco teheisr "can you ta o tffhe nails?" no. no. ( laught)er te>> sph: endid you singh wit aretha at aniny pot? y>>ou know whatne, i vegor t to siitng wh r,he but i got t trutibe her i don'owt kn how ny times, angod i t otopen up r foher right afi ter was elinedat from "ameriidcan ol." at was my veirry fstim te meetheing r. >> stephen: ouso y got elimedinat a indmmediatelyop en uedp for her inon a cce?rt >>ea ih, think the swahow s still happg,enin a tndhen she allomewed topo en up for her in r show, so i t goto e seher sing and i t goto enop up the owsh, and that wy as mfit rstime inmeetg r heand give her owflers, of te>> sph: eni want everytoone remember--, youosr cawinner jeifnner hudson, ciname sentveh. >> sevenlath pcean, d proud of it! yeirs, s! >> senteph: ckluy seven. (pl apau se) no sw,ince you're inplayg etarha fran, klinyoknu ow aretha
12:20 am
frkl, inyou have herce voi in yo your , headbuowt e hear jeernnif hsoudn singing, you know it's ifjennerud hson. w does jennihufer ds bone her trelue sf ngsiing aretha-- atwh's the difference? how abohiut ts,n iyour mind at's the difncferee twbeeen yooiur vce hs,ow aretha wodould at"nural woman," h andowyo uwo uldod it? >> okay i a had coh acand he told me haaret sgsin from the p of her hea sai id, where doin i sg omfr?he sd,ai your feet. >> stephi en: dot n'understand, not being a ersing melysf. i>> probably coshuld ow you better ti han cod ultell you. can i show you? ( cheers a andppuslae s>>tephen: i-- >> com!e on >> stephleen: t'gos ! aaahhh! anthd en, you goin hg toelmep down?ca n pli ay on your keys? , my god! remember i hthave esnae ils, ayok? n't forget tpahat rt. joand n sistanding here wangtchi me. etha played.
12:21 am
i peck. let's bear cle. d this is myin sger righthe re. soo vegi you an example, i doknn't owow h she played with els on. joonn, d'te bwatching me,y. okr et whaas more... ♪ lookin' out on the mor rningai♪n >> and jfeennir ulwod sing...♪ ise ud to feel so unirenspid ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and when ewi kn had to faceth anoeray d ♪ l iord,t dema me feel tsoired b♪efore the y dai met you ♪e lifwas so unkind♪ b yutou're the key to my peace of mind you make mel fee you make me feel
12:22 am
♪ouak me mel fee li ake natural wom♪an >>in sg it! ♪ou y make me feel yokeu ma mfee el ♪ou y make me feel li aat nural woman ♪ >> hold igit rhthe tre! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ou y make me feel you make me feel ou♪ y me akme feel alike nuratal woman ♪ ♪ whoo... ♪ ♪ ♪ (chrsee and applaus)e (ba ndla pying )
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>>teenph: and now, pfoerrming e thtitle track omfr the new moe,vi "reecspt," nnjeifer hudson! >> hit me! aly'l cat n puyour hands ♪ ♪ isth is cea lebrioatn! ♪ what you want? baby, t i goit♪ wt hayou need doou y knoi w got it ll♪ a i a'mskin' is f lor aite tlresptec ♪he wn you come home ju ast lite tlbit ♪ hey, baby stju a little bit ♪he wn you get home ju ast lite tlbit mister st a little bit ♪ i a gin'ton dnao you wrong ile u'yore geon ♪ a iin'tna gon do you wrgon 'causeon i d'tan wna ♪ bllut a i a'mskin' is for a little respect ♪ when you come home just l aittlbie t y♪eah,ab by just l aittlbie t ♪ wn heyou t gehome just l aittle bit is♪ mterju st l aittle bit♪ i a'mbout tgio veou y
12:31 am
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12:32 am
♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t take car te,.c.b. ♪ oh sock it e,to m sock it to me socitk to , mesockt ito me a ttlile rpeesct ♪oc sk ito tme, ckso it mtoe sockt ito me, sock tito me ♪ whoa, babe just a little bit ♪ a little respect ju ast lite tlbit ♪ i t getired just a ltlite bit keeonp try'in stju a ltlite bit ♪ y'roue ruinnn' ouoft foon'li just ait ltle tbi a♪nd iin a't ln'yi ju ast lite tlbit ♪ when you come homeor y mouight walk in reecspt, just a lie ttlbit ♪ andd finoui't m gone stju a ltlite bit ♪ hey yeah ♪ (ch eersnd a appuslae ) ♪ny abody want soesme rpect
12:33 am
youan wt so rmeespect ♪ can you say it yeah! ♪ just a little it st ait ltle bit♪ jt usa little bit goi t to have some respect ♪ hey, hey, hey just a little bit ♪ just a little bit say, hey j♪ust lia ttleit b stju a ltlite bit ♪ jt usa lilett bit yyyy! yy♪ (ch eersnd a appuslae ) (band playing ) >> senteph: es"rpect" is inpheni eathters tomorro nnjeifer hudson,ry eveby!od (chrsee and applaus)e 'll rbeightac bk. band playing )
12:34 am
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12:37 am
>> senteph: dii dn't expect a sme mbbo to be theret, bu e therits. i oke bomb! smok-e- la( ughter ) captionsping onresod by cbs captioned by edia access p grouatgb wh accwgess.bhrg.o ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ aptiinong spsoonred by cbs ♪ the late late show oh, oh ♪he t lattee la show, ooh the late le atshow o♪h, oh thtee la le atshow ♪ oh, oh


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