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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  August 21, 2021 3:02am-3:32am PDT

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caioptning sponsory ed bcb s>> alrxeod: tonight,si predent biden nddefes s hihandling of the chaos ainfghanistan, ngvowe no acamerin will be left behind. >> wwie ll getou y home. a>>xelr: odchaoins kab,ul th reports oerf amics anbeing atenth by e litaban, and almi sngcenes of thewi grong hunimataririan csifos r regefues foing a paus fe inlights inleavg anafghisn.ta inbracg r fohenri. the storm strengths,en threateninmig llions along the noasrthet ascot. avwe he w nedetaonils t therack antingmi of the storm just congn. i thcoe vid surge in s orflida hospitalrus stgg tleo eat a record number of covid paen.ts we'll tellou y abo tuthe lesatt treatment they're hoping will keep people ouoft the hospital. ghfitingac bk. with so nyma unruly passrsenge
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onla pnes esthe daflys, ight attendan atsre brushing nup oth eiser lf-defense ss.kill >> no! no! xe>> alr: odthe embattlewd ne ho ostf "jeopardy! f" isord ceto resi, gnlessha tn twweo eks teafr heot g theob j. what's next thfor e pupolar game show? anted, svear htman "'son the ro" adwith maine'sld oest lobstermanak-- me atth lobster ma-n- 10ye0 ars old, and stl ilgoinstg rong. hi>> ts tishe "cbs evening news" wiorth nah'd oonnell, reportinomg fr t nheation's picatal. capital. >> axelrodod: go eniveng and anthks for joining us. i'm m jiaxelrod in for norah tot.nigh aftewer a ekf ointense itcricism, presi bdentid sentood in the eroast omf othe white house thisft aernoon to defend s handling oe f thcrisis in afghanistan. these pridt entried to put a positiven spionhe t chaotic situation inul kab scein the taliban ttookheap cital sunday. the presidenyst sa autbo 13,000
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peleop havbee en ecuvaatedce sih e limitary airliftan beg ltas weekend, t buthe'sre such a uscrh of people ngtryi to escape, that flights out have to be dayeled tayod. heat t airport ikan bul, scenes of fstrurati aonnd dpeesration aypl out as thoundsas offg ahans o whhelped fight america's ngloest war are soal trying tofl ee. presenidt bin desayser "the llwi be plenty of time to criticizean d second g wuesshethn is atoperioisn over." weavtwe o reports on the crisonis our ro sxanaabi eris on the ground forin us da,oh qatar, webut bineg witweh ijia jiang at thete whi hseou. good eve, ningweiaij. ep>> rorr:te good eveninimg, j. tonight, pderesintid ben says he isus focedn owhat he callneed o of thege larstmo, st-difficultai rltsif in history. e thpresident saheys trere a no intidicaonths at u.s. citizens are havi hng aartid me getting thh rougtohe t airport, but s news has ledearn tt hathe tan libaisro gwing violenth wit osthe who are flg eeinthe-er- and thatlu incdeams ericans.
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idoutse e thkabul airport,de spaterion gisrowisng a pehoful acevueesla fsh tirhe popassrttos getou thrgh over baedir we for a c childregen b f horelp, and rentses nd tirhe babies over barbed wfoire r cha ance at freedom. soldiers oe n thotr heside are cariorng f tm.he winashitongn, presidenten bidof fed rethis reassur:ance >> let me lebe car. anery amic wanho wants to come me, we will yoget u meho. >> reporteutr: b t pheresident would not co tmmito instayg past his wraithdw addeline of augu1 st 3tons eure afghan alesli escape, tooyi, sange h would tmakehajut dgment later. >>an i cnoprt omise what the final outcomwie ll be, that llwi be without oriskf sslo. >> reporter: n cbsewhas s leard nethat during iea brfing with house lawma, kersdensfee secretary llauoyd st sinaid the talibas n habeenat some amanerics kinabulca, llinitg un acptceable.
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far, the u.ils. mity arhasev acteuad 18,000 people since the ofend jy,ul including 5,700 in tashe lt h24ours. but theyte hald e thoperation for tosix senev hours, scrambling to find openfa citilies in other trcounietos hothuse e gerefues. ose in doha alare reyad overdecrowd. >> is t waju rsteckless. asit w at lmoscrinimally reck.less r>>eporter: ohingo coremassn steve otchab, o whattended the iefing, said h theas etyxit medaans ng lerooms. >>ha we veme aricans and our alesll a over the coy untrin great dangiger rhtow th'sat the number-one iority. buover the long term, it's all th wpoeanry that's nn ow ithe ndhas of the worf st othwoe rst ann d cabese ud against us and oualesli all across e thglobe. reporter: pderesintid ben said u the.sis. keeping a close
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h watconny a potential trierrost atthres oinr around the aiorrpt, includingm froisis liaffiat, esamong the thndousas prisoners talhe tiban releasedhe wn it took over. jim. >> axelrodij: weiaia jng at theh ite house, thank weijia mentioned, those lucky ghenou tgeo t out are being fln remo than 2,000 s milefrom bukal to doha on p theeransi , gulfbutht e processing facility t whereaso s overwhd,elme iomncing flights pwereutn ohold today. roxana si aberishe tre. >>or repte vr:ideo obtained by necbs wsho sws hundreds of evacueesti waingt aa hangar in alde uid airbase ihan do. sel veraderiscbed e thcondioitns hasot, crowded d andirty. thwi thousands oatf -risk people floongdi in fsoast,he t u.s. is secharing r foothecor untrtoies reivcee people foree peleop tell us therey' grafutel for gettinthg is
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theyt lefbendhi families at kal buairport, so ieworrd about futhe tu, resome of them are nding their drchileno thwi crowds contnginui tsuo rge anhad do'sir abase at capa,city the mu.s.ilarity was forced to suspenacd evuation fli tghtsoday for sevehoral urs. i'm gettingo tthe orairpt. >> rorepter:ha tt's enwh omid mahmoodi, a former u.s. military interpreter, tried tgeo t in, filming his third attempt. u.s. troops turned him back, he ldto us, but he'eell kp yitrng,e cae usnow the talin baare back in power's, he imon re danger th er.vear e u yoafraid of beg inleft bendhi? >> so, h iave already left behind. alookt e thsituation. >>epteorr: this formrier btish myar intprereterad h morlue ck. afr tewaitg inhour bs,ritish troops let hhiim, s fewi, and twwe-oekld baby through. thu.e s. is sendindig adtialonbo rd aergents here thao do to speed up s thecrnieeng process. in m theeaimnte, the state dertntme says several uncotries have adylrea aeegrd to
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trt ansievueaces from afghann istathugroh their rrtetories to sa.fety jim. >> axe: lrodronaxa, thank you. nigh mt,ore 1than0 llmiion ople on new 'syork lg onisland acand ro sssouthern new anengld e arunder hurrice anand mstor e surgalerts. thste orm, named h, enriis expected tto hi theio regn on sunday. lonnuiie qnns itracking henri. ielonn, meso of the modefls o thneis o are quiterm alaing. ea>> yh,oo lk, iil wl tell you,e are so the e arsome models bthatring it righto intthcoe untry's biggciest tyri, ght into new yo crkity, right dbrown oaaydw, ghrit. thatne's o melod. i wao nt tta tlko you about the storm in general because rrently you'oore lki angt a tropicalto srm w70ith -me-ilper- il70-me-r-pehour winds. hour winds. feel very coennfidt isth is gog into become a ichurransoe me meti tomorrow. ght now it's m 700il teso the south of thete easrnip t of long land. wnow,he ires it going fthrom ii point? told you we mhaveods elthatta ket iright into norew yk cisoty, meak te it out toma rt'sha vineyard. whbut at's steerthing e stsyem? yoveu ha aow l pressure syemstof f ttohe west, pul ilingt west. yoveu ha aig hh-pressure smyste shing it wes wt asell.
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wihoth tsewo t elements witll a play, e thidea of the storm pushouing t to sea is not even on t theable as a sspoibility. e official fasorect neco will yshowouhi ts. i anto, morrow-- to day,isre al ylyour day to plan. tomo, rrowyoexu ecute that plan. by sun yday,oue 'rgoing to get a landfall.we tnkhi it's like 60 :0a.m.wi thai rnfall pushintog in lgonis la, ndbut actual lalandfl about 2:00., p.m awhnyere from say fire isltoand was rdthe hamp atonsndhe tn it pushes inndit wh the biggerec effts. so theto srm s--urge wale ways talk about s stormur--ge the ggbiest storm suisrge gngoi to ben e theastern side ofwh ererev it makes lallndfa, maybe threo e- tsifox-ot stsuorm rgone the westerne sid is where yougo're intog get the esbiggt inra, trees go down,po weour trages a pois nt awe.ll trees dgoesow pn,ower outages sspoibility as well. we have a hriurcane, probab caa tegory 1 movining tohe t northeast. >> axelrodno: t if it makes falandll w--hen. thanu,k yo lnione. the h deatto fllrom those devainstatg ooflds in north
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calirona has climbo ed tatea lst fo wh itfive people lstil counacund tefor. rrtoential rain t swepthugroh thste weerpan rt of the state is week in tfthe aerthma of tric saltorm fred.tu rng innow to the covid paem, ica source telbsls c ws the f.d.aul. cod vegi full ovappralo tthe pfizer vneacci byar nlyext week. th cisould prompt pmoreeoe plto gevainccated and helsep ea the insicreangur bden in states swpebyd the unvaccidnate filling up i.s.c.u. inlodari, hospitaliznsatio are up agains thiwe.ek maelnu bojorquez i ms iniami ghtonit. reporter: fdalori h oasnce agbrain oktsen i rorecd for covid-os19 hpilitazations, with tmoreha17n ,000 patients. athi ts rate, thret e ouofou fr ithospalins the state could cfacericatil staff shors tagein nethe xtee wk. to ethase e uncrch, the statesa yst iis sngetti umop re thana don zeclinics for monoclonal anbotidy treatments. e'>> wvelr aeady got great bafeedckro fm people whot wen , inwere feelingll reay d,ba did it, and 8 24-4hours later
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started infeelg chmu better. rorepter: the virigus-fhtginan tidiboes created ilan a b do not haulve fl d.f.a. avapprol. they're n givethugroh a trsfanusion and calpn he there ce intlynfteecd who have not developed severe symptoms, rengduci t rheisk of hospitalizatorion dthea by up to5% 8-- though ats thiclicin in hart d-hijac arin hd-t hijacksonville, a photo edshow se omare arriving exemtrely sick. >> the reakelly y ttohis success of m theonloocnal antiesbodi is early inteenrvtion. >> rorepter: palm becoach unty do mctorauenre whehalin said it helped herck quilyec rover from a brhreaktou ighnfection.>> iist a game-chanatger the >> rteeporr:ut b you don't want ople to relyth on iso tnot get vathe cce inor not mask up or not socdiial stcean whilethe' ere's so mucruh vis around. >> no. i'm streill ally recomndmeingth e ccvaine in the oe.ffic i ilthl ink you shoueld b caut wiousityoh ur masks.>> rorepter: across the south, healysth ste amsre b peingusdhe the brink. in mssissiip, pione hospital is vihang to set upec a sonfid eld
3:13 am
hospital to lehand cesas. in texscas, ho dolistrtsic thate fi tedhe governor and orderedma skins schools won the backing of thete sta sreupme crtou for w. anwhd ile remo stas teand pratcoe mpanies consider ccinmae ndat, essan anfrcisco cabeme t fheirstit cy toui reqrr oooff full vaccinn atiotoo g insidein inlodari, the impacts goe beyond hospi.tals night, the cofity oanrldo is ging resideno ts tcubat ck on water usduage e ato shortage of quid oxygen,ch whi iuss ed to pu trifyheat wer, but is ainlso high demand reto tatov cid-19 patients. jim. axelrod: ma bnuelojquorez on the coviatd be for us toghnit, thanu,k yo mnyan. mathe n who shut down much of pitol hill wa ith bo tmbhreat thursdayno is w cifang fmaorl charges. oyd y rarosebey rrfaceups to life in pris fonor ttehreaning to use a weapon of mass destruction. police sosay reberry didt no have a bomb isin h tckru, but
3:14 am
ecsusptebod mb-making maalteris werend fou. we tnourn w ttohe increasingly ruly skies. fedeairal r rsmahals have resumed -dselfefseen classes to helpgh flit teatndants deal with esaggrsi pveassengers. re'srr eol bneartt. r>>eporter: jetblue flight attendkaant tione derdonk never thought she'edd ne tdeo liver a knkoocut punch on the job. >> it'tts geincrg azy out there lately, t'so is ttbeer to know at to do to nddefe oseurlves. ep>> rorter: fedaler air marshalsn ithis.a t.s. aitrning session teaching flight ewcrs how dtoisarunm rulyas psengers. >> youe havto get your hip to turn. >> reporter: it's abeen record- setting year, with nearly 3,900 deincintins their a. e sohwutest flight adattennt warus stck in the ..face. ye( llgin ) ..le.whi aro fntier airlines ewcr hado tstrap this m tano his seater aft aeglledly groping tw to ofhem. tha.e h already annedounc more than $1 million in sfine this yeancr, ilungdi a $45,000pe nay ltfor a man whleo algeydl thw s hiluggage, gotth on e
3:15 am
r,floo a pndut his head aup flhtig attendant'srt ski.>> ts hiis not like hianytng we've everee sn, iluncdingn i dathe ysft aer 9/11. r>>eporr:te the president of e thflight attenntdas' union says thest conanfit ghting over ma wskearing, whickeh mas tuphe bu othf e clashes, is dama.ging ak>> tina g huge toll ongh flit teatndants, and ttheno t gebeat uport ion top of it--, is is really mg akinit an untenable siattuion. >> reporter: now, a growing number of flight crew wille hav skills to hickt ba. >> i leaedrn go for the clicavle. >> reporteowr: n, coalhol played a ron le ia arquter of these clheass, accordingth to e a.f.a. sohwt escut it from meits nu, as did acamerin rlaiines, whicho n'ret sume serviceil unt e a.f.a. also wantrps aiorts like thie s ontoon mitor passengersco' nsumption of alcohol be tforeheboy ard the raaircft. jim. >> axe: lrodasf iair travelwa sn t'toughno eugh these days. errol, thaounk y. thfoe unldg inchaos in kabsul i eply personar l foafangh
3:16 am
americans. jothnaan vigliotti o metne mily in caliiafornin crsieangly fearful t forhe fetyf otheiver lod eson whoca nn gotet out. >>or repte nr:argis habibtr earesus every convtiersaon th her mothesir inde ghafanistan.>> s sheaid that sheye stad upat nhtig and cries. e's absoluteorly wri, edand soi. am >> rteeporr:ot bh nargis, an r hehusb jand,aw, idhave family now trapped. seesntially, the ly'reocd kein a huge open-prair is tonhe size texas. >>epteorr: less than a monthag o,ar ngis visited moher g>> ioto tput my head eron h lap. weanemt th o, utand now they're stucerk the. >> nargis' ft lighwascs heduled lea aveugust 15. >> reporter: you werppe suosed to leave d theaye wsought images ae t thaiorrpt, people clingingto on a.s u. air force. yeah, yeah. if d iidn't get ourlt eaie ir, uld have beee n onofho tsepe op tlerying to getth on e plane. >>oo gd afternoon.
3:17 am
>> reporteher: t h'sabib wchated the wnewsitthh eir two youn ugdahters. if w youerthe ere right nothw wi , themthr eilives would be upended as tknhey owt. i >> t ihink about il t althe time. r>>eporter: i kitnow 'sar hd fhardorou yr mind to gohe tre fourr yo md into go there, but what is byourigstge fear? av>> hina g young sister'r, wee terrifieecd, bau tsehey're rcef mullyarrying of14f -year- olds16, -year-olds tolo der taliban soieldrs. >> repor nter:ars giowns a rug nufacturing nebusissns iide afghanistan. most of her plemoyeee s it was d aream of hersil, but in lathe stwo t decades. >> it's sad to knothw at all thhoose peans d possibilities might besh crued. ur weeks agowa, i s in afanghista in, wasus jt sitting withco my uss,in female couss.ii on te ofhewam nted to beconme a arecchitt. e of them wa tntedo become a doctanor, d eyth were actually udstying to do s eyth don't know 'swhat gngoi to pphaen. the schoolgo is need, ucation is go, d andreams are gone. ep>> rorr:te jonathan vittglioi, cbs news, masan rc,os califo.rnia >> axelrod: and stl ilaheaond tonis ght'"c ebsvening news,"
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anunnoced it is exdipanngts i luntary >>lr axeod: chevrot leannouncedt iexs panding itsun voltary llreca of their eboltlerictc veclhie today. the recall wl ilreplace two defectivtte baermoy dules they y saare at risk cofatching fire in rare rcciumstances. thcae rells iexpanded to all bolt modeloms fr 29 01through 20. thand e esqution is: whol wilbe thnee w host of "jrdeopay!"? kemi richards, rtleceny menad to replace the alateletrx ebek, pestepd wndo today after offee nsivrerkmas hee madabtou won,me jews, and htiai surfaced from his p oldodstca. chards, who inremas e thshow's ecexutive producreer, leedas a stenatemt yisang his comments castha a sdoonw "jeopardy!" and that he wostuld epsi ade because he w boulde too mucha of distraction. and we'll be right back.
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wa tch cbs in breay aa wiheth t kx pi5 news app. >>xeodlr: we take yow u noto the edrugg cstoa of maine, where e lobster iset swe a tndender, but e thoswhcao tch them are h tougasai nls. here's ste hveartman "on the road." >>epteorr: at 78, maolx iver
3:25 am
is aoln d salt, but isto h crew- mate on mate on thisst loberoa bt, max is but a childer-- h cldhi. virginliia oveisr 101, maine's oldestst loberis fherman. the ysda a week, mayou thrgh nombveer, you can find viragini out here on penobscoy,t ba balancin hg onerea s legs, ckling one oe f thmost hazaourds jobs in thune cotry. thaveheevy er gotten you? >> ourf cose. r>>eporter: notg lonag so,he gocusot badly, she edneed seven stitches. t>>he doctor sao id tme"w, hat are ouyou t erthe lobstering for?" >>or repter: good tiqueson. >> i and sd,ai "because i want ." r>>eporter: i t hhinke ghmit hahove tug ththat was a little o dangerous r fosomebody of your age. w>>ell, i don'te carwh hate outhght. repteorr: carlely. >> yh.ea >> reporter: virginia has been lobstering on and off since eth e agof senev. she used to ogout wh ither faerth. it was man's work then, not otanher girl in t.sigh but 94 yearser lat, e shis the master oe f thsea.
3:26 am
ter max haul ts inhera tps, viinrgia measures lothe bsters, tossesut o thema sll ones... >> have tohr tow iayt aw. >> reporter: ...antad mes the claw ts ofheee kpers. iswho t bheoss out there? >> i am. >> reporteo r: sles t'say he 'tdidn wt anto go out ony,e da he's too ? >> no,on i w'tut p up with that. (ug lahs) >> rorepter: virginiysa sa she expects innothg hofer son that shwoe uldn't do heelrsf-- unfortelunaty r foher son.ho w nyma dayhas ve you called in sickth in e stla year? >> none! >> she won'te givup. >>epteorr: what woulu d yosay heif s sd,ai "i'm ready to retire." >>yobeu tter have soinmethg g wronwi ythou.">> rorepter: "you be htterave someinthg wrong withou y." as for virgia'nis retirement datesh, e said she'lndl fi that one planace d e onplacone ly-- etedn oher sttombone. >>n whei e.di r>>eporter: wheyon u die. >>ea yh. >> rteeporr:n iother words, no me sn.oon. ste steve hartman, "onhe t roa" d,io
3:27 am
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>> axe: lrodamg onthe guests this aysund o"fn ace thnaonti," former u.s. ambaadssor to the united nations, nikalki hey. ouif y c'tan watch live,'t don forget to seurt yo d svro you can watc lh and atth's tonight's "cvebs eni nngews."
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for noradoh o'nnl,el i'm jielm axroind washington. good n, ightanhad ve agr eawet ekend. - everyone and ewelcom heto t legal help center. hi to hday weavgae lel professionstals andiyng b a tonswe qr youruestions andve gi y fou aree taconsulti.on so if you've b een ind jurein an accident at th wasou not yr t fauland you doven't ha aton atrney, u gives lla ca right now and'l wel yolet u kn mow how cyourase is potenti wallyorth. w,s thiis a service ou to y, vithe ewers. th ere are legalof presalsions ave ailablritgh ofnow fering you a le compterely fe consultation. sof veyou' beejun inred n in aaccident and y ou'resig ttinat home right th oinkingf yohow u're going ayto p those medicalls bil or get yrour ca xe fid, whee can go ahekead, ta aioctn. upickp that phone right now. we have legal es profsis onalstanding by,
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