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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  August 21, 2021 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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good inmorng, it'sug aust 21 st, 2021. lcweome to "s cbthis morning satuayrd." tracking henri. thrm sto gaini strngenhgt overnight as it headstrai sght r fo n theoreastth coast re thatineng millions in its .path we'll havehe t lesattck tra for this enweekd. chaos in kabul. despernatio and vnciolee grow in afantaisn'sap cital cit ays thousands try to flee the taliban. canhe t psiredent ffiulll his omprise to no americans will be left behind? dri ivingnto troue.blaf tear series of acdecints, the na'stion t aoputo safety gurelator announces it's investigating tesla's autopilot feature. what it couldea mn for the car git. and farming solar.
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we'lshow how some cities are ab leo tbring solar rpowe to aptmtsen who d eon'tvehan ve roofaccess, saving money and e environment. rsfit, weeg bin this morning awith lkoo at today's "eye enoper," your woinrld 90 seconds. >> this is about arimeca leangdi the world. >> reporter: president biden is hoinldg firm that getting out of afghanistanas w the only decision. >> reporter: at the airport in ka sbul,ces neof frustratindon a desperation. >>ep rorter: the tanalib is grinowg violent w tithho wseho areee flin gthere.>> tshi evaatcuionsi mison is dangerous. i cannotro pmisemit wha thein f omoutce llwi be. >> he'ershe t track. rewe a surecely in the cone. s >> ayocau n see from the tesallit eimag,es hrien is already pacngki a ncpuh. t>> i cldou becomhee t first hurric taneoak me air dect hit inewla engnd in decades.>> rorepter: full fda approval theze pfir vaccine c couldome as early as mond.ayof fialcis hopingt i may sway some vaccine hutoldos. l>> aotf ous are wonde wringhy has itak ten so
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> >>mike richard ssteinppg down as t nheew ht osof "opjeardy !" afr ntcoroversy comments he dema re--me comrclia comments he dema surerfaced. >> an icameran institution. >> a cometplely open honestlyit, 's uncharted teitrrory that woun'ldt make a ve gryood categyor on "jeopardy!." repteorr: wt'has g,bi yellow, and very heavy? ethnn aualut bter scurelptu at the greaewt n york steta fair. r>>eporr:te oneog d owner caur aed shot that's nowoi gng l.vira >> l aookt this. ep>> rorr:te it ends up -->> lkoo at -- reporter: a surprising th eee t shot endedp utu sckn a finish's clothing. w>>e're hearing the ball is in the legentmasn' shirt. ife was aru te n,fa he would literallyiv ge him the shirt off hibas ck. ba mdu bump. >>an> dll a tt hamatters -- >>he t school seasonki ticngff o inin i love this. >> sir ilha, r.j. hope, dog, anev leaker, man. he's ain le backer in my eyes. guess he can run the ball. > on "cbs thisni morng
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saturday." >> remr embelast yearn whe stephen cot lbertrheasd mikelwauehe wn the dnc was nceled? now he's makgin upor f it. ee[ chrs ] >> crtolbe hosted ape scial tailgate party called apogylo fest. [ ee ]rs >> am sorry -- feels like a julius caesar moment right rehe. >> no ddkiing. thi ink they might storm him. >>go, erbrews, bucks -- [ cheers ] >>th> is morning'sey "e enoper" is pserented by ogprressive, making it teasyo bunedl rainsunce. >>'m i taking nijas over colbert. ught part of it. wmeelco t tohe weekend. i'm jgleff or along with chmielle mi.ller aine quijano joins us for a cond year in a >> thanks for hinavge m back. >> always. mthisorngni we'll take you mt. vernon. onhe t porch of ge eorg inwashgt'son estate. we'll hearut abo a hero ofwo t dsworl.
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e thmarquis de letafayteas h be en aor festum gp of reluvotion, smack i dabn the middle ostf hiory. thousand as ofmecarin streets antod wns in the. u.s are named teafr him. we're goinog t tkal to the auor of a book about lafayette ftoindut o whyis h legacy duenres. >>he> tn shes i onef othe loesngt rugnnin ctasem mbersf o "sdaatury ghnit live." noa two-time enommy miene just isth year. onfoe r "s" nland one for "silh "shrl"il on hulu. we'll have a reveinalg chat with dy banryt. e' wll g too ukraine by w ay nd writer oliaer hcus le s made it h geroal to help us th inkfo of odf oeastern europe. we'll get apl same in "the ."dish the ltates rorecd nabbed four-stavir reewfrs om "rogllin e"ston a ndothers. chapel hillrt, noh rocalina, aer pformance by hsis golnde ssenger in oursa "tuayrd session." at and so much more is all ahd.ea weeg bin this morninitg wh
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the lmioong teahrt ofro tpical stm e system isai gning strength anisd eecxpted to reach hurricantae stu tsoday bringing with itot penaltilyam daggin wis,nd torrential rain, and wispadre coastal fldioong. hei'nrs track ttsarge new york's long iansld andth souern new england torrmoow. rricane watc ahesndar wnings are up in tseho areas. in masshuacsetts, restsiden on caodpe c are leangvi nothing to chance meso people wereau hling their boats out of the tewar. wepor crews are also on ready for exedpect outages. nri could beecom the first hu rranice toit h new engndland e sinchurricane bob came ashore 30ea yrs ago this e tecagory-two srmtole kild 17 people and caudse more than $1 billion in madage. fo meor on henri'sth pa, les t' go tteo meorogolistf jef berdliel. wh'sat latest?>> gd weho suld let you kw nowe're only about 30 hours away from land.fall could be eas lternonisg land. it could even be sthoueast new england.
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but thed goonews last night- - lo otsf wind shear.lo okt a thisro fntal system here kindf o sarheing theys stem out, kifnd o 'sti sll a tropical stm.or noyet t ahu rranice. hope it staysha tt way, but it has a chance to strengthen over n theext 24 hours. winds are still m70il peser ho.ur here's a look heat tat wches and wainrngs. yoeeu s wniarngs for theas et d of long islando int conncuectit. we also have stormge sur wain fgsor a lot ofhe t coastlin ulcod be three f fiveeet of storm surge. so wvee ha to watch tshier upp level lower vy closely bseecau a coorrrid isng goi ton ope eebetwn haigh and a low. water tempureratesay w above normtwal, o to five desegre above noalrm. itou vldery well strheengtn inth is window. wah tcthat upperel lev low caurptehe t claircuti oonf henri,d kin o pfulling it and tugging it northwest. and then slowing it down, big inland flohrod tea ats we head in stounday nig ahtnd into ndmoay, as well. 'sit goingo t take its time across new england. theer say look aet th future darar and theff oiclia forecast actrk from the natliona ichurran ecenter. notihece tyo d take it up to
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hurricanetu stasff o new jersey thwi winds of 80il meser p hour. and then landfall hapnspe late morning, early teafrnoon, anheywre in this cone. anheywre from qenues in y nework all the way out east toward rhode islandld cou b ien the coref othis steysms a it moves tohe norteshwt. dan as oeit ds so, it has aot l 'soi gng to cause st,rong y gustwinds. watce h thwisnd as weea hd into thmoe rning. innow to the afternoon. gusts over 80 mil peser hour acro essastern long isndla. d then that beginso t weaken. the windhr teat waengsea bkensun we worry about theai rn rethat. thouis clde ba big inlandlo foh re uatp through connnnect,ticu sayhe t hudson valy leand nohwrtard. some places wile l sefo turo ei ghint ches of rain. e thbottom line isod tay is the today take stla-minute pr epatarions. rrtomoowhi tngs go downhill vyer quklicy, eecspially inon lg laisnd and acrosuts sohetas new england. >>ll a right. ank you. presi bdentid iensxp eecdte to meet with his national seri ttyeam this moinrng about the nturge delevopments in
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afghanistan. outhsands of cizens and ghafans are desperalyte trygin toea rch ecuvaation fghlitsro fm kabul. oppele were spoedtt flashing eir passports to get touhrgh secu.rity children were beggingor f lphe. pridesent biden cnuonties to fend hisec disnioo t have u.s. forces l aeavefgnihastan by then df o thison mth inha wt soar f is tighe bgest foreiolgn picy ch alnglee of his espridcyen. dealbra fanero is at the white hoe uswith the latest. goodni morng. ep>> rorr:te good morning, elaine. an iist a herculean effort to get all ofho tse americans pslu thousands of ahafgn asllie out of kabul. thand e debin administra htionas spt the eirnte week trying to re asresu the public that everythingnd's uerco ntrol. but to sayt tha trehe is a disconneetct bwe tenhat mesgesa and the picstureom cing out of kal would be an un isma ige of a parent hngandi th beiraby over bd arbewire to a u. ss.oldi meray sum up the desperation felty b so myan trngyi to getut o of l.kabu
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>> a anymecarin who wants to comeho me, we will get you home. >> rorepter: t butime is tig.ckin maybe even more soro ffg ahan allies. >> the atugus 31stdl deain ies contribu ttingo theos cha and the panic at the airptor because you have afghans t whohink that they h taveen days to get out oh is uncotry.>> rorepter:he t president opstped short of prongmisi that all anafghie alls would be evacuated by the deadneli. aned h dssismiedor repts that so me arimecans have bnee struggliong t evench reahe t rpaiort. >> we haveo n iatndicio tnhat th heyaven't been able to get in kabul tghhrou the rpaiort. >>ep rorter: cbs nhaews s learned dthaturg ina briefing wi hthouse lawmeraks,en defse secret laryloyd anusti saidhe t taliban has beaten some eramicans in kabul, calling it acunceptable.>> have comcamunited to the litaban that thast' abseloluty n acptceable, that we want free passage through their chkpecoints for documdente ericans. an by and large, that's
4:10 am >>ep rorter: accorngdi to a july statpae dertntme memo obtained by the "wallee strt urjonal," it warned the aisdmintrioatn that the taliban could rgresue,nd a cothe llseap of kulab was likely what u.s. troops were widrthawn> wvee' got all kinds ofab cles and advice. i made a sidecion. theuc bk stops with me. >>ep rorter: a disecion some say onnot lyed lo t the comenprehd chaosnd a rtiesulng humanitarian crisbuis, tls ao makgin the. u.a potential tartge for terroris o>>ver the long term, it'sll a at weaponryt' thas now in the hands of the worst of the worst dan can be used against us and r allies all ascros the globe. >>or repte pr:resident bidasen h duredri cticism from publicans a nddeatmocrs,ut b he ssay thathe tre wbeill pltyf o time to cricitize and cosend guess whenhi ts whole opernatio is o mver,icllhee. >> nido ea exactly wthhen at
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might be. thyoank u so much. a key to the massive uaevacti ionn afghani istans the s.u. military. ueevacesho w were lucky fluff to gett ouer we flown toam rstnei air fobarce sen i gnyerma styeerday. the u.s. militaryay ss those qualifietod leaveha afgnianst n stay at reiamstnor f several wes.ek other evacuees are being taken 1,200 miles in a different direction from katobul diamoha taqar. roxaabna serisi there. go rnmoing. >>or repte gr:ood morning, michelle. with soan myva ecuees flongwi to doha theas pt few ysda, u.s. cioffialsas y there'sim sply no more room here t porocess them. it's a sign of how manyeo pple in afghani astanre still waiting d anhoping for u.s. troops to airlift tmhe t.ou the schao at kabulpo airrt liconfct wsithhe t idpresenst' reassuring rdwos. thsas ndof americans and afan sstillus phing to get pa stal tiban fighternds a
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crushingow crds. fearing they'll be leftin behd wiouththe t protection o uf.s. r >> if trehe keeps going, no one will get help. >> repr:orte tshi man told us he's inid hing because he wordke for the u.s.ov gernment and h as t yeto get a sh's- a visa. i>> haven't receidve most peoepl haven't received the people are still tsouide, the people are stilln i great erdang. >> reporter: afghansik le him fear the talisban' tenighting grip overhe t capital. ontae liban leader,ha klil haani, onhe t u.s. troerrist list spoke at friday prerays. star rkeminrde of who's now in charge. as theen urgcy buildso t evuaacte, the penntagoay ss it diatedch three helicrsopte just beyondhe t airportal wls to reservation nearly 017 u.s. citizens from a hotel. thsas ndwho have made it, out anisd th i wshere they wait. al udeid air base in doha. so packed itit h capacity
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yeery daforcing the u.s. to susp iendts flights atab kul airport for hos.ur flsight resedumnc oeth oer countriese lik gmaerny aeegrd to transit evacuees through tirhe territories to safety. a u.s.ef dense official says am eranic troops evacd uatearndou 5,700eo pple including 250 amersican fmro kabul yesty.erda some ansfgha trying to get on a htflig s mayany peopleho w are t necsaesrily in imminent danger have turned up at the airp gort,etngti in the way of rsothe who need to get out. ?jeff >> ayok,ha tnkou y very much. correspondenrit chsta inruffini covers s theta dteepartment and reign affairncs ilungdi e' bseen doing great reporting on this thiswe ek. go modorning to you. want tool rl some veoid ofom se ericsanry ting toet g to the airport in kabul this week.wh at you're hearing from those amiceranss i not nesecsarily squaring with what the admistniratison i saying right now abou bteing able to get out. why? thas t'coecrrt. whate w hea frdrom t pheresintde
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tishat bicasally they haven't heard many cases or any cesas of americans not being able to get to the airport, and that's just not true. th iiss a coupleit wh american sspaports in hand. this is their second attempt to ge tt tohe orairptmt eyth were turneacd bk eth first eyth dideced to go at night come i tno recommd,ende tyhe tughoht the crowds w boulde less. in the video you hear her screaming, "get us, get us," while waving eithr sspapo.rt the wonlyay they got through is they had the blue sspaport. that's the o tnlyhing getting people pulleutd o othf e owcrd. we're talking to doz oensf faesmili wh itsmall children, with eldlyer peopleho we hav th tatictke from the state departmentey, th heav their pass, trehey'up sposed to be able to get onhe t plesan, but they canet't g te o thaiorrpt. >>n wheth deyo finally goet t aithe rport, what is the scene there? ahowre they processed? >>t i seems to be a ltlite sorganized. wee 'rhearing a bunch of things. aldllegey uyo would think that i keme aricans are processed one way, general ahafgns are pr ocseesd the other way.
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every timhee ty open thee gat th'reye getting aoo fd of people. i think -- flood of people. i think they may not be on the ste atdepamertnt's stli. they may b note sanibnd a may stju be evacuated. 's a mad scene at the aiorrpt. th're runniutng o of food. th'reye stiitng oue.tsid erthe's not air contuiinng. thr babyor fmula is scarce. th tenhey've got t woaito t try toet on the pl.anes thebl proemhe t lastou cple of ys is the place they'rely fing to, as we saw in the pieces, .full the planes are gtietng stopped h il tehey tryo t negotiate detoals getep somlace to take em. inhe mnteaime the airport crowds up and they closehe t ga tes. >> ine som cases y houave babsie candhireldn and others flying onale or being separedat from pantres. >> correct. correc hweave photos thatur odu procer got yesterday. and it's photos of a fligh tthat left -- left and went to giaeorg and was going ono t aynorw, and itho's pto osf uncoacmpanied minors. i'm hrieang from sourinces doha, ther oe'srpnsha wandering
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ndarou,nd a it's because their a res ntsomehow areti getng them thugroh the tega, handing them o ppleoeet gting in. on tyhe get places, people either j kustind ofve lea them, orhe ty just say to the guasrd li tshi is not my kid, c yanou do something. i reached outth to e state dertntme and sdai are you set to care for these oppele, they said we'reor wking to reitune y children with ntpares. that was all they>> t pheictures are ovelerwhmi, ngthe stories are ov erelwhming. owi kn you have been allctuay kispeangit wh peeopl in kabul, thwi americans,it wh afghans, with translators. wh a trehey saying rightow n ouabt the future of afghanistan? they'rell reay scared a,nd it really sad because,ou y ,know a lot of these peopl ien kabul, they' reyoung, trehey' educ.ated they shiaw tsur fute that 'vtheye enbe worki tngowdar just ppdisaeainr a mat oterf like 1a ys. i edtalk to a wanom who is -- she's a anmecarin residenttu sck in doha for teehr days now. wtheyon l'tet her leave. esh saied thom wan next to her mthisorngni passed out o outf strendss a had to be medivaced t.ou i ,said howyo do uee fl about the u.s. mily?itar she said, i'm gratefulhe ty got
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us out, buthe ty're overmewheld. we haven see l aotf o humanity from mrsembe othf e tamiliry, mbmeers of the s dtateeptmarent awhore worngki aroundhe t occlk. klfrany omfr the afghans who mhaveesgesad me who i'veee bn unable tolp he. i had a man who i cn'ouldt help wre aot ne that says, anthks, ersist, hoi pe you hav ae good fe, notam see rs.>>ygoneodss. that'srt heabrkieang. uryo reporting' bseen anyok u so much. thank you, gu.ys>> stay tuned. to oerthew ns and a the u.s. coast guard is connutiing to he earthquakeic vtims in one week after aow perful and addely 7.ma2-gnitude quake roed that country. hurendds o pfeople lined up on friday as crews carriedhe t juinred tono a helicopteorr f trtmten ated mical ntceers. oalson frida cyroswd of hungry and homelseseo pplewa srmed re lief uctrks. some fights did break out. mohare tn 02,10 people were killed in the rteahqkeua. > >>here inhe t s.u., nacorovisru cases continue to spikeos acrshe t country as the
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dea ltvariant fuelews n iniofectns. the nat sionaw a 14% jump in the nuer of cidov-19 cases caused by the highly congitaous strain. ueon tsday alone, more than 1,000 people died. "reuters" calculated ttha at 42 fatalities phoer ur. michae gleoergoi jns us now with the stlate. odgo morning. >> reporter:ai elne, good moing. the covi idnftiecon rate is rising in nearly everyst ate. hoitspals,ec espiayll in the so auth,reei bng pdushe tohe t kbrin as icus are swampedit wh mostly unvainccated patients. teinnsive care u anitsre in shteorr and shorter isne o in tennesseeas w convd ertefr aom cardiac itun. and a new tented field hoslpita was built alongside the universif ty omiissssippi in ckjason. those ct of tinreatg so many riously ill patient s $42,000er p patientas ltar ye, accog rdinto r aecent re.view health prossfeionals more and
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more aren't holdingac bk on rthei trfrusatnsio. >> today when we needo tbe trustede morth anerev, people doare ubngti us. and weee nd to tstru the science behind theci vacnend ati ulize thonly defense that we have. >>ep rorter: while the number oa ccatinions has ineacrsed, more than a million onhu trsday al on te,hey an'ret going up fast ough in many places.>> the situation in ksaans is cause for real con.ncer nelyar all the people admitted to our icus with covid-related issurees a uninvaccat.ed ep>> rorr:te anin illois police padertment is shutow dn after everyic offeres tted positive when 23 facultyem mbers called out sick. a tennessee soochl called ano sw day. jaa mesidollwe, mother of two, obctjes. >> if we're using the imenclent werathe days, w'hos it gngoi to afctfe when well reayd nee them? how isne olo csed day going to u
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ffe icfor the 14-day quanartine? ep>> rorr:te in texas a state urt sidedh wit one county's decision to require masksor f udstents aerfthe t governor took a nok-mas stand. >> itiv ges us an opportytuni to dohe tig rht thing, right inthg. enwh it comes tora pcticing -- protecting our ticizens o,ur falimies, and our mtos vulnerableur, o chilendr. >> repor gter:ovnoerr laura ke llisy asking sl choobodsar to takeio actn fast. >> i urge every schooarl bod across ksansa that htasn' already to implemeasnt mk reirenemts in their schos.ol until theci vacnes i avepprod fo r ilchdren under 12, masks can enprevt udstents from quanartine, from getting very si and dying from covid-19. r>>eporter: and the debateve or masksou cld end upei bng fghout inhe t cooourtrm. theep darentmt of eduoncati put eitgh states on notice for blkiocngch sool mask mans,date warning ctheyou fldaceal leg
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action or cunts i feredal funding. mielchle? >>nk tha u,yo miaechl. > "jeopardy! p"rocedur mike riar idss out ast hos of the lapopur gamew sho almosts asoon as hebegan. richdsar steppedn dow following bashckla orve offsienve comments he madebo aut women and the meholess on a podcastlm aost a e cade "jhis eordpay!" episodes wlil air next month. riar wdsas namedas lt week to place alex trebek who ddie la year. a seahrc for a newt hos is exct tedoeg bin soon. chards will inrema aths e exece utivprucoder. >> a> in micus career that nded him in c theourynt music and songitwrer'sal hl ofmefa, m t. hall'sos mtou famson sg swa prmerfoed by seoomne seel. ♪ ian wnal tel you a story autbo a harrpe vlealy w'widod wife ♪ >>ero wte "harperal vley pta" forea jnn cie. riley. e thsong hit the top of the chartsor wldwide in 1968. paul w aas pererform known a s
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the storytleelr s foron tgso as w"aeek in a country jail," "i love an old dog," d an "watermelon wine." ashe w 85 years old. sit i 22 minutesft aer the ur. he'sre a look atht e weatheror f youree wkend. ♪ it's a bumpn i theoa rd for aar c company anday mbe more. still aheadhi ts inmorng, why tesla's clasimbo aut its aupitloab capilieits are drivcoing ngssre and the feredal gomevernnto t inveatstige. plus, as ghmts afgnihastan ar fntro -- asev delopsment in f ghisantan arero fnt a cndenrte 'lwel talk to a retired urfo-star generital wh two decade ss ofercevi there who is peonrsally involinved key vent.
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hear his suspec.tive an d an expanding program that's literally emperowing inlow-co rmeesidents acrosshe t nation. yoreu' watching "chibs ts morning saayturd."
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♪ >>co> uld dance to ttha ifou y wa mnte to. e loves my dainncg. >>'s> it a visit to mt. vernon thisni morngno, t to talk aboute or wgeashington bheut t frchenman who wast athe geranel's side andla pyed a cricital rolne i theic vtory that created a naonti. wel talk to author mike duncan abouet th marque is dlayefatte. > >>plus, her shosiw buness ed ucioatn was ontu "sard nayight li,"nd a cedomian aidy bryant took those skills to heru hul
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esseri "shrill." w she'sel cebrating eymms nod for both roles. we'ltal lk toer h aadhe.♪ it's ais whlist wonheels a oichce tharet quires no elaxpnation. 'sit wheree an safd daring seamlesy slintersect. 'sit underatsted, ye t overel-div rs. it is try ulthe mercedes-ben darzng of sports se.dansct. th e 2021-c class.
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star ti angt $41,600. >>bs> "c ts himorning satu"rday will returnn i aew f minutes. for w,no i'm ian leeit wh a look yond ts himorning's heliadnes. manyar pents reward their chdr wenith cash for comedplet chores ord goo gr,ades but that allowamance y be due for an upgrade. we have morne o debit cards for ki. the earlier thailt chdr deno learn abounat finc,es the less stakeshe ty'll make when they do reach aduld.thoo>> rorepter: that's whyzania got ait deb card for 9-yeadr-ol daht era.tamion e sidegned specifiycall for kids.>> iad h to takeut o the aggarbe, read my books, and -- wwhatas the other one? watch the shdies. >>epteorr: herow allance and money for cshore is put right into her ctousmized green light
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ca.rd >> we reayll wanted itbe to ouabt leniarng financial lirarecy, ally understanding th fundamentals. >> reporter: the arere several rdcas on theke mart thatll aow kidsge to t refowards rre chos or good grades. th mon ceyane b used to make purchases at approved stores, instve, and even donate to chiearits. the wholede ia -- reporter: dean bweror is coouernd and u.s. pderesint of go nrhey. allhe t features are desdigne arndel hping kids learnow h to budget, t howond uerstand dienfferce bsetween wants and needs. r>>eporr:te andrea ferguson-psoetern tgo a go henry card for her ctionnue-year-old ughter london. ial usuly tell m fyridsen at i was saving for tshi or that. was going to go heer and buy that because i had saved up fort . >> reporter: these diteb cards typicachlly arge $4 to $5 a month depending on the .plan ndciy hsu, cbs news, new .york "cbs tmohis rng insaturday"i lle b rhtig back. >>
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>hi ts week tesla unvleeid plans to build a personal assistant humanoid rotob called, atwh else, thees tla bot. elon m suskay tshe robot is deedsign t doo ribong, repeti,tive enve dangerous work. he joked thees tlaot bs will be able teo bw slo enough that they can be ouuntr. the mpcoany's aimgin to have a prote otypreyad -- right? if itan wts to come after you. >> teinrmator. >>om peeople might be afraid. hi>> ts devmeelopnt comess a qu esontis areai rsed abouthe t satyfe of ethut aopilot feature in tesla vehicles. the nation's topo aut safety re gutolar is investinggati nearly aoz den aenccidtshe wre a teslsla amd meinto a parked eremgency vehie.cltw oen sators areli calng on the fedetrral ad ceommission to launch aar sepate investioigatns. ngcoressional coporresndten kris
4:31 am
clvan eave has more. >> rteeporr:hi tses tlala smmed in aal ciforniahw higayat prol suv stopd peon a closedew freay asic offersnv iestetigad a fatal craslah st month. the ivdrer aeglledly told police she'd engadge ailutopotnd a wasnay't pin gattention. >> there was officers inside that vleehic,t i coulde havbeen a lot rswoe. if somebo'sdy outdesi next to the r,ca they can easkiily ll an officer. >>ep rorte r:it'st aleashet t 11thim te scein 2018 where a teslina usgan advced driver as sianstcehn tecoly oghit a st opdpe emergency vehicle. feradel regulsator are vestinigatg osthe crashes that reedsult in rtsepor of 17 injuriesnd a one atdeh. ong emth thi 2s018 collision wh erae teslala smmed into the back of a fire truck. e thnati tonalraponsrtation fety board bdlame dverir error and autopilot'sde sign. >> i do believe t'shere a problem erthe.>> rorepter: cbs news transportatiafon setany alyst rob alsumwt swa the ntsb chairman during the investigatio what's tonhe cce wrnith cngalli something autopit?lo >> t cheonrnce with calling it an autotopil is peoepl get ov
4:32 am
ernfcoident. ithiss notn aop autil aott it n teedo be constyantl nitored juste lik an autotopil on an airplane. >>ep rorter: now sorenats ed markey and eddwar blumelntha are madending the faleder tdera commsiison lncauh its own inigvestatnio intoec depveti and unfarair pctesic in tesla's ad veisrting and marketing. teslaas h been erovstinatg lyvastnd a falsely erovstinatg the capabilitiesf ots i aulotopit stsyem. the cseonquences can be deadly. >> reporteutr: aopotil can maintain the car'sed spe and ne positi.on buslt tea says the driver must istayn control and p payror pe attention. the company did not respond to our requests for comment but has stood by its technology argngui ited ruces acdecints. whe ilthe aomutaker conestinu to upda ttehe system, it is not prfooloof. during t 2his01 d8rive in a teslaod mel 3,ut aopotil nearly steered me into anotheric vehle as two lesan merd getogeerth. it nearly drovein us tohe t basuru e.ther>> not qteui aer pfect sy.stem atha ptoint the car was not arawe theasre w another car
4:33 am
abt outote ser into us. >> reporter: the probe could afctfe 765,000 tlaessur crently onhe t road,or f "cbs this mo rng insaturday," kvaris n clea, vewashington. >>e> thro psptec of b aeingble ctohill or nap or eat fd ooand hanot vi tngo drive yeloursf is fr eengziing. >> s asomneeo -- intruiigng. s>> a seoomne who's been in an deaccintec bause i fellee aslp -- dosed off, it isru ccialha tt youav he ckba up. hii tnkhe t kinksee nd to be woedrk out. >> a lot ofol fks might think aupit locan do thandt a not thsit er aend be eralt, but at's clearly not the seca. >> .yeah i'm al aivender he to tell the orsty. >> w he'reap fpyor it. >> me, too. thank you.>> > erthe's more news straight d.ahea firs ht,ere's a lookth at e weather for your enweekd.
4:34 am
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4:38 am
nation by the batalin. the sudden colelaps of the u.s.-backed anafgh gerovnment in just 11s day shocked observers inclgudin tseho with deep knlee dgof the trcouny. amonemg th a dorecatedom cmander o led the. u.s elite special operationsma comnd and was on throe gund from the very begig.nnin catherine hegerrid skepo exivclusely with him. >> i was in afgnihastan for the ssion -- reporter: now he's statidese, but retedir fo-surtar general th anny thomashe, t fmeorr -- tommy th,omas was on the ground lynear eryveea yr since the 9/11 taatcks.he knows the cryount and its proble lmsike theac bk ofis h hand. are these developsment rlleay esh,os almtaw r for you? >>he ty are. there's no one i know from the litary profonessi, the inigtellen cecommunities,t tha isn'hot sck bedy the way this
4:39 am
turn edout. r>>eporter: bnieginng in 0120, the afghan conflictve entlluay bemeca known asri ameca's longest war. yove talkedac feo t feach wit ghafan mmcoanrsde. rewese tho hard converonsatis? >> they were. th linrigeng quenstio was whether wee wer gngoi stay for any lhengt of time, the necess laryenhgt of time. that was anunswered.>> 'sit time to end the forever wa>> rorepter: after pderesint biden ancenound s.u. troops woulrtd fuhe drraw down begignnin may 1st, adhering to a deal negteotiad by the t rump ministration t,he taliban offensive accelerated. by mid-neju, fighting ragedn i three quaerrts of the country. [ gunfire ] thloe ss of american support onh ero gund and from the skies chgeand the midynac. >> we awereble to provide the air power, the survlleiance, the inteenlligce to allowm the to keep fighting. tifheyt los ,04500 soldiers over the last fe ivyears,he t
4:40 am
sp weeditwhh ich we pulledut o i think accelederat tirhe -- their sedemi. >> reporteher: t tibalan has been promising a softer rule than the last time they contro tlledhe cntoury aavnd ge safe harbor to o bsamainad len analqa eda. >>he ty thinkha tt they want to brandms theelsve aset somhi ng that's meor palatableo t us. essentiallthy ey'r be aadro gup people. >> repor ater:ndha tt's of ecialon ccern consideringhe t biiollns in high-tech u.s. limitary hardware afghan forsce left be.hind >>eld wou not havevi proded afghan secyurit fceors thatin kd ofqu eipment if wdie dn't think eyth would have eth staying power to it provides a potency that the tabalin didn't have be.fore >>eporter: duo yo bieelve the esident received candid military advice? >> do. i ow the people who are oviding thatin kd ofdv aice, and 'rtheye not wallerflows. i certa tinlyhink it -- we could have had amo sother trtiansion. wee hav kwnno andmb eradce the
4:41 am
inevitabil oityf leaving afghtaanisnve er since i got erthe. inpealci eropatnsio, the assuonmpti w tashat there would be in ridesual force. >>ep rorte vr:ery chmu like an n suncrae lipocy. >>bs aolutyel andha wt wree' doing in other countries. >>ep rorter: thomas sdai the fos cunowas h to be on the evaconuati. >> we've nowmi comtted thousands of more service mbeemrs iont rm'say w to ifrecty atwh's. in nhppening on -- whast' happen oingnhe t gr.ound repteorr: a isf those who gave m souch and theol gd st ar families thefty le hibend, thomas said thr eisacrifice wa t noin vain.>> tyhe did what therey we asked tooor f the country. iter ctainly should beie td to having kept aio natn safe for two dedecas. >> reporter: forcb "s this mo rng insaturday," criathene he rrgeid, washington i>> spoke to someonehi ts week ose brotherd die on .9/11 he went to serve, did two t ours in afghani, stana urto in iraq. bhe'seen speinakg with vetseran all week. he sayhes ty're having a very toh meti with this, understalyndab.
4:42 am
>> understandably so. savingon mey and savinthg e planet. upxtne, how sarol energyar fms ar showingp u in urban areas giving l-iowncom reesidents a colow-st alternative to their nthly energy bill. yo u' wreatching "cbss thi morning satu."rday ♪ ♪ for deb, linivg with constitipaon witbeh lly pa s wathe same old sto fory r aryes. tr thiyings.oi dng tha spending countless days right here. stil l meca the belly pain, discomfort, and tingbloa. awfeelful in gsshe kept sugar-cng.oati finay,ll with the help of her or, doctitam ce to b herthat sptymoms were all s of ignsibc.s- thatand 'shy w she said yess to addingin lzess. nzliess is not a laxe. it helps you heav more frequent and complete bowovemel men.ts d pisroven to help ree erl alabdominal symptoms be lly pain,discomf ort,anbld oating. do nive ot gliesnzs to childress tn lehasin x and it should be not vegin to children six to less th8, an 1 mitay harthm em. not do te aklinzess if yave ou ha webol blockage.
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4:46 am
upcole of decade atwh about rrsente and small buneesss without the same resources accnd aess tos thi form of clean energy? erthe's an eneyrg melodff oering to change that. couny itsolarro pmisse to geiv yoeverne c ahance to be a part of the climate solutnio and save money in the process. southeast wngashito dn,.c., a aoncebaonnded andac vatnio ants lot is nowme pri farmland. t>>his is up -- >> up and wectlluay havepo sts >> stslo op.en >>yes. >> reporter: aan ldscape loadedi th ground-mount sedolar nels, genatering clean, afrdfoable energy l toow and moderate-ie ncomhoehusolds and local nebusisses. ev rteenrs withoutoo rfpa sce can benefit. krl istahalensy has helped make osthe connection >> tshi is a 510-kilowatt emsyst,nd at tha sceervisro aund 100 cuomsters. >> repor ater:rehe ty mostly people who liveun arod rehe? >> yes. sohi ts solar farmne concts to sit local uty,ilit andny aone wh o cereives that ,bill sony a
4:47 am
d.c. stcuom,er anyone thast' in e seam locioatn of the utility n tapnt io this farm. >> rorepter:re scos of other projtsec are croinppg up in and arou ndcities,ar pt of awi grong energy model caldle cmuomnity solar that includes hansley's compweany solar. >> if you'reki loong for residualom ince dan looking to create ways h toelp the etplan, savemoy,ne creeat a befenit foo uroc lal community, i would fini ctelyondesir wngorkih wit community solar coiempans. ep>> rorr:teom heownerri eca ffin signed up hoping to save 25% on her electric bill. >> we sawt thae wcan take adntvaage of solar perow via the wene rwight away tt'has what wanted to do. my husband auactlly lost his joa stea yr due to covid. so we're trying toe sav meyon waany yha tt we can. >> repr:orte stl,ile som mmcounities are hitesat mainly becaushee ty've been left out oh e nerewable energy scdiussion. >> todaye wareel cebrating the factt tha more anth 100 homes in
4:48 am
ourom cmunity have beenip equped wi stholar panels through the lar for all prm.ogra >> d. mayor muriel bowser andar deptmt enof energy d anenvironment launched a ogprram called sarol forll a hwhic works with the d.c. suaiblnae energy utityli to connect 10000,0ow l-iomnce residents to solar by 2032. >> e ourxpertise ies th constronucti and the technical fiinnancgha tt goes with vedeloping the ecprojts. >> reportehar: tt's whyew n co luiamb solar partnered with hay.nsle >> w wheneoo lk at sites -- r>>eporter: samke walr is their vp of fincean. y>>ou havebe to iovnnative wi thhe t way you reachut o to fo lks. and groups whoan c leveerag online commieunits,ev lerage chchur groups and other mmunity orgatanizio tnso build a network, to build a local uncommitofy sscubribers for a ojprect thatay w is justuc mh more effective. >> rteeporr:ru tst is key. >> trusts i gehu. >> there's one thing to develop a community solar farm andn the
4:49 am
ll tomhe cmutyni be a part of it versus when young eagthe e uncommit fyrom the begiinnng, get theirin sitgh as to where you shouldo d the siting and the maetgin andse uan lgueagt tha they're faarmili with, then yoreu' more succulessf. >> for her to bring it to us,o t enure agrou involvementas w imesprsive.>> rorepter: reverenerd dri ck dewitt d isirtoecr of the erican aged in baltimore. afteear hri tngheit pch he resteder the 100-arye-old rsing home w tithhe solar farm shtlory before covid. >> minority communitilaes py a a rtot n onlyn i achieving net ro and in enginagg in energy initveiatisha tt's out there, but tveo ha an opportunity for our reside antsnd constitue nts to savemo ney, as well,as wer vy importan thi ink we started realizing savingns i being conednect t o the solarar fm withinbo aut 60 days of signgni .up r>>epor ster:avgsin can be fro0
4:50 am
% to %,50 andcc aording to the solar gyener iusndtry's ciassoatn,io through 2020, 3.1 gigawatts omof cmutyni solar haee bn insedtall across 40 stesat inhe t u.s. th'sat about 500,000 househdsol. itts cos on average a million dosllar toev del aopar solm far at can serve 150 subsibcrers. costs that are further bsidized. >> souo y heav yourra tditional grn eebanks. you have yrou craorpote sprsonso. you haver you equinity veorsts. three or fouayr plerats the bltae, you're able toap citaleiz the solar farm. >> reportener: o of thers spae cofefe giant starbucks. michael kobori is theirhi cef sustainalibity officer. >>ha wt we need m coreomnipaes tois do to invest in renewable proj tectsha itncrease the ntamou ofup sply of clean renewable erengy.>> rorepter: c theomnypa has pledged to shrink their carbon otprint 50% by 3020, with a
4:51 am
edse investmenft o $97 million in new york state alone. >> there's going to be 400 arstbucks stores that will receivecc aess to rewenable energy. therere a 0024,0 households and calol businesses tha wtill get cess to clean rewenable >>ep rorte ar:s for the future, hansley's gngrowi her business. a firsnet-geraonti college grad, uateth deaughterf o a mmunyit acsttivi, she'sak ting we solar fromub sscptriion icserve stoolar project developer. at's it goiong t feel like wh you have that fstir solar farm from beinginng etond under your ltbe? >> it's going to be amazing. itoi's gng to really rseeprent where we're going in this country to be able to support mirinoty, women-owned business, toat cree eitquable solar, and toav se peoepl money and de caonrbizing our tfrootprintt, i feelsma azing to be part of the trsiantion. >> d the.c s.olar for all program halrs aeady conctneed
4:52 am
some 706,0 residentsce sin lachuning and hopes to subscribe otanher 02,00y b the end of this arye. someth cingomnipaes like we lasor can achieve. but again, ier intviedew these peopleac bk inju ly. that number, the numberf o sl ot s,2,000, remaihens t same. so the hesitancy is still ryve, very eaclr. >> in part as y kounow bseecau f all themm scaers in the orsect. >> right. peoplet wan to t putheir ey eblsal on theer pson hipitcng. they alsano wt to know the des.tail sit'so critical w phyeoplkee li this are pinitchg theay whe ty r. >>interesting. if you are heading t,ou n't etforg toec rord "cbs this rnintug sard."ay coming i upnur o next hour, hero of two ates dcribes the famed marquis de letafayteho wye plad key
4:53 am
les. we'll heoad t vnon toea hr about it. next month,ed comian aidy br ya intsp u for not one but two emmy awards. 'll talk to her autboer h seesri "sclisshhrl,il" work on at"surday night "live a sndhow business aernd psolna journey. and musicm fro grammy nonemie hiss golndese mesnger in oursa "tuayrd">> > why this 5-year-old is on toofhe t wod.rl u'rech wating "cbs this rning saturday." coe!me her igo've t big news!no w,te nurc odt can not onlya stop mi it can preventra a migine as well. nurtec ifis the rsdt an only optovion prentr to eat and prevent migraineswi th m oneedication. onederful. one quick dissabolve tle t can start fa lst andast. n' dot take if alle rgic urto ntec. thste mo common side e ffects re we nausea, stomach anpain, d geindistion. with nurtec, i trmigreat ai mney way. what's your wa ask your doctoout r abnuecrt toin fd out! lactaid 00% is 1re malilk, just wit thehout ltoacse.
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4:57 am
ek. ha krveyno awns leittl m wanas fuedy bki sttsle packed into his peanutut bte rtortillas. byhe t way,e h started erkindgaenrt yesterday. >>yes. >> we'll be right back.>> g ho,arvey. forho tse of you without local news, "cbs thoris mni ng satu" rdaywi rlleturn in aew f minutes. fo now, i'm leian eit wh aoo lk beyond thedl electraric cs ear gaining popula orityn d anoff road. ne eco-friendehly vicsle are gingvi triousts in africa ieter and cleaner safaris. when stalkyoing ur prey, 'sit best to stay as qetui as ssible. tone uakp fort tha perfect picture. >>f i you apphroac stlileny uyo wiet g mhuc closer to animals.>> so it makesse sen for safaris to go elec,tric to do away with the rumble othf e engine and toximec fusha tt animaanls c sm ell a mile away. joint kyaennwe sdish venture
4:58 am
isoi dng just that- - helping companies to gore gen by piswapngut o dieselin enges for electric. when you're d toingheam ge dre,iv it feels like youe'r jtus floatihrng tou tghhe grslasands. we like to see the vehicles are rug nninonun sshincae beus eit's sor powered. >> repr:orte saving around $1,0 a00 year in gas bills, th atin a't bad either. d swchitingrs gea t ao greenerad veurnte is getting aar wm reception. it smsee thema anilsik le it, even tstourisre a feeli tnghe zz. >> well reay share their core esvalu iner tms of tinryg to not srdiupthe t esycostem herend a y enjoit, but alsoe b resfupectl of it. nd>> a that's what you want in a fari -- to expncerieehe t call of thed wil whoitut the roar of ngan eine. "cbs thirns moinsag turday" will beig rht back.
4:59 am
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> >>welcomeo t "cbiss th mniorng saayturd." ini'm itlia miller with jeff glor and elainequ ijano. danaob jacso ins off.>> > micong up, herir fst time onca mera was her debutn o "saturdaghy nit live."th at j'sust one of the alchlengesed comian aidbry yant haovs ercome along with codu-proci angnd starring iner w n luhuse we'll talk to her about her life d her career. >> a great rvinteiew.>> > enth to vnon for hero tofwo rlwods. it is randre iee tdo haveen tak part in revioolutns on two contin aentsndo tbe rembeemred as hero i tnwo natiseons. that is the legacy of theam fed marqui ls deafetayte and the bjsuect of podcasts and arutho mike dcaunn's latest rkwo.
5:01 am
'lwel tkal to him about it. nd a on "the dish," cuinesis of countries like italy and fr an sceeem to dinomate the cookokbo slaie.bu t how about ukraine, georgia, an d azerbaijan? th aosere the scipealty of chef anthd auor olia heulrces. we'll learn autbo it and sample the tleab she's cooked upor f us. that's d.ahea rsfit, thousands ofpl peoe in afghaannist are nervously wait tingo ese ifhe t.s wl lidever onre psintde biden's new pledge to evacuatell a acamerins and allies. mr. bidend saion friday the u. h masade sfiignicant progress to get people out of the country. he said 13,000 people have been evacduate so far, but acknowledgheed t operation is daerngousnd a that he't can guarantee thine fal tcouome. s remarksom ce as scesne of aochspt erued in andro aund kabul's airrtpo inec rentay ds as desperate people try to get out of afghanistan. the fall of kabul to the taliban mark aedn abrupndt e to icamera's longest war. nearly y20ears of tifighng, mo
5:02 am
reha tn 2,040me arinca service mberst loshe tir velis. 20,0er00 we wounded. the war cost americanax tparsye about $1 trinllio or $136 llmiion per day. those scost are the results of w o cadedes of decnisioak ming in washington. decisions t chatould have changed the omoutce tofhe war n d the furetu. >> our misonsi in afgsthanian waser nev spoupsed to have bneea ti bonuilding. >>epteorr: pderesintoe j biden is the frtouh comermand ichn ief to oversee the war in ghafanistan. his decision to withdraw ama'erics remainingce fors by the end of the month led to ensces of chaos still unfogldin at kal'bus ait.rporth e nfcolict began just weeks afthter e/1 91 terror attacks. presid genteoerg w. bush said the msiison was to capture or kill l binad aennd to goer aft alae qda and the taliban. >>se the carlyeful tardgete acontis are designed to disrupt these u offg ahanistan as a
5:03 am
terrorist bafse o eropatnsio. >> reporteutr: b by thet nex yeprar, esenidt bualsh cled for the reconstronucti of afghanistan. and by the time bacark obaam was teelecd,me arica found iftsel years into a secdonwa r. th tisime in iraq. presidobent ama ariuthozed a troop surge, more anthpl triing thmbe nuer of american ns i afghanistan, to stizabile eth go vemernnt and buildec surity fo.rces >>heat de for us to have completed our drawdown willot n chgean. r>>eporter: troevop lel lsater deincled. but obama did nott mee his plgeed to withdraw all but a small force by 20.17 a peace deal signedt lasea yr by the trummip adnirasttion andhe t liban began the prossce of thwidrawing thet las acamerin troopsro fm afghanistan. t>>his is aou cntry thatea rlly was aei forgnul cture and a fon reigcotruny that we didn't unrsndta -->> rorepter: "washoningt pt"os jourstnali cigra whitl iocks the thor of "thefg ahastnian pa,"persli pubsh bedy shustimon
5:04 am
schus scsthuer. whckitlo sd aiu.s. offic ials knew for y tearshat the war was winnable and misreprese nted the siiotuatn to the. ub plic -- to the blpuic. hodiw d theva prite assenessmts of the afghan fsorce cpaomre to what weias bngai sd pubclliy abouthe t situation in ghafanistan? >>ayft aer y,da week after we,ekeo pple at the pgoentan ulwod standp u in publicll, te rerts,er go on tv and say atth, y ouknow, the afghan forces arein comg onalg,e' wre u ilngdi thisar my. you ,know it's slow going, but they're getting moreap cab alend soon they'reng goi to be able to de tfendhe coy.untrbu t in private, u.s. mitilary aitrners keptar wning up the chain of cndomma that, look , ese guys can't hheit t brdsoaide of a barn. >>eporter: t cheost of the war wi cllontinue for decades. mohare tn 800,000 amersican se irvedn afghisantan. a rvhaard studyin fds health care, disalibity, and other costors f veterans of the afghtaanisnnd a iraq w warsill add up to athnoer $2 trliilon.
5:05 am
travis horsr i with theq ira anf ghisantan veteransf o america.>> ty'here going to need hlteah ca freor tirhe cricatil wounds of war for the rest of their lives. dan va must prlropey ensure thah ey get that heacalth re for a wide swath oetf versan thatre a younger, moreer divse than any otherer genation that's happened before. comg inup tomorrow onfa "ce the naonti" here on s,cb we'll hear from secretary of state tony blinken w onhast' ahead for the u.s. in ghafanistan.>> > iits five minutftes aerhe t ho.ur here'soo a lk tathe weather f uryo weendke. ♪ >> > he's a hugely popular aspodcte arnd bestselling
5:06 am
author. up next we'll talk to mike du ancanbo hutis latest work, a prilofe of theam fedqu marise d fascinathiing sty orahead on "cbs this mog rninsardtuay." ♪ u dot n'beco rme aunner, yo o whbreaigks eht d worlreco..rds. tee r ag65, th wiouset a rious supporemt syst. kamathy rtin has one in medicar be fromlue cross blue shi sh e won't go a dthay wioue t thright card. cashuse e cagon't a day withounnt ruing. the remedica cagovere trusted bydo more ct th is is the befinet of blue. learn more at pe ople with mode rate toe severpssiorias, or pri aaticrthr,itis so e arrethinking chthe oices they make like theh splasthreey cate the way they exagger thrie surpseeys th initiate. otezla. itho's a cic e you can make. ot ezla is not anti injeconor a c ait's pilatl th tre ats dienffertly. for psoria5%sis, 7 ea clrer skin is aclehievab,
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me so s erious le alrgic reactions and lungmm inflaat ion can occur. lastreing mission arcan stt swithtelara®. if you've beenci finanal ly impacted by 19covid-, ja nssen may be a hble toelp. >> > isth morning a new booky b podcrastend a author mike duncan. hipos dcastn o antncie rome came a huge hit starting more athan dadece th'v seince been downloaded mohare tn 0 10miiolln s.time his htoisry book on rome, "the
5:10 am
storm before the storm," was a naaltion bellstseer.du nc hanas a kbook for turning -- knack for turning history into readg.inhe 's turned his atittenon to marqui ls deafetayte with his okbo "hero of two d.worl" >> t ihiss the key to the bastillee, th marquis de layefatte sent the key to wainshgton as a slymbo o f liberty tohe t priatarchal fa otherf belirty. >>or repte ir:f you want a taste ofhe marisqu de falayette in am era,ic mt. vernon, george washin'sgton eatste osiutde the nati on'scapital, is a good pleac to start. we feel thear mquis de lafayettede usha tt bedroom during his 1784 ,stay and that is a paiortrtf o thear mqu dise fayette hang >> if you want the full s otoryn aig fure thatha sped the de stieins of not one but two nations, f goind mike duncan. s son lived here a mtt. vernon wi washington. >> right. ahye. who was named aftereo grge shwaington, georasge whitongn la
5:11 am
fattyee. >> an insanee. lif >> he lived an iensan life. e guy never std.oppe >> good material. >> great temarial. all i had to do was write it down. duncan became obsessed with lay fetayte after doing pstodcas coring revolnsutio in hiorsty. >> when he first arrediv he was another inn a endlesse lin of soldiers of fortuhone who swed upn ocongress' doorstep looking for fandme a g alorynd honor. sobs oessede h told his wife he wdante to move to pariso t serearch a okbo. >>ut abo four or five nvertisaons telar, we sold our use and sol odur car and sold erevything that wewn oed and rented a msis in pisar andt jus moved there. d then whenhe t book was finished, wame ce home. you't don heav a hisryto deeeye, t y'voue become a famous historian. >> t.righ that isls ao a thing that ppened. >> "hero of two wo"rlds rochnicles lafayette's life as o rrtes gump in the age of revolution. maan whoay alws foundim hself n thedl mide ofpi ec ev.entsma rie joseph plau eve roshe
5:12 am
mauirqs de lafayetaste w bnor in omn a early age it wasle car heas w not happy lg ivinthe stuffy l oifefn a aristocrat. his first bdol moveas w trelg into the u.s. when he wasus jt ana teeger to help the amicsanig fhthe t retivoluon. >> heef dies his father-in-law, defies thein kg of frcean, he defihees t cdeonsire odpinion of e tharistocracy, he buys his own boat, sa tilsohe t united stesat, andoi jnt the ntinental arcltie. >> lafayette wasec dlared a gerainl theti connealnt army fore turning .20 early on hase wou wnded in the battle of bywrandine, and whileh e eramicans lostt tha round, lafattyee's braveryar ened him h e notice of washin.gton it was at washgtinon's sideha tt he also weaedther aou famsly harsh wrinte at vlealy for agend helped creaptu the btirish codemmanr lord cornwalis, dealing eca diseiv blow to the red coats. i>>f lafteayet had notee bn pa ortf the revolutionou, wld amersican have won the re
5:13 am
votiluon? >> we kw nofor sureha tt the unittaed stedos es not become a thing without french asstsiance. eth continentalrm ay is not going to be able to beat the british armynd a trihe btish navy without the help of the ench. yelafatt weas at theer vy leadingdg ee of official recognnitio of thete unid atstes by france and the movem benty the dokingmf o transtoup sport the colonies -- france to suppthort e coloesni. abntaf layette doesnc fraeet g into ther?wa mae s,ye butit wh lafayette there, abtesoluly. >> after helping theon ctinealnt army win andnd spein tgwo long strestche in the newrl wod, falayette went home, and in 8917 fod unhimself in the middle of anot herreluvotion. he suprtpoed there fnch peoepl in their questor f democracy, bu t liunke with the ameranics, di'tdn feel they were rdyea to fully abandohen tir morcnahy. the ossplitoy lalesti came at a cost. lafayette's gatre asset was hi s peerrsevan.cehi s ilabity to eendur and cont tinueoar cry forward. i mean, he almost get his head
5:14 am
opped off in there fnch retivoluon. he ends i upn a dungeon for five ars, that dotesn' meak him stop.>> in 18e24 h returned to the s. vinisitg everyte sta in the g youncotruny while getting an official place in theth paneon ofoe hers of amecarin er aeredr huneds if not thousands of parks andit cies dan townsos acrs the country d namefayette, layefatte, fayetteville >>yeah. ere are pblrobay thousands at this poi ant,nd this park was nameftd aer lafayette when he was hereve or 18 a24nd 18.25 >> atu stae finacg the white hoeus was added in 1891. if he cameac bk andaw shi ts to da hy,e'd be very happy? >> h be'de very pphay. ye.ah he would'm i sure give a suabitly hume blspeechbo aut how itn' wast him, itas w everybody togeerth, and he'st jus --e' hs st here and he lesov every minute of isth. [ rschee ]
5:15 am
>>seb dates around thent coury continboue auton muments to our naonti's eartlies leaders, lattfayee'les gacy and reputatiavon heai remned largely in.tact not just bseecau he always strid vefor the samede ials people stillan wt today like ituny and equa,lity but also his poonsiti osln avery. ft>> aerhe t war and afteer h goes back to france, he decides that liberty and slaverery a, in fact, incompatible a tndhatf i the icameran rgseftivoluons i gg toul ffill itself m andake the ma orkn the worldnd a on history it needs to makee, th americans tneedo free their slav.esan d 'she -- begins wringti leertts to his friends, hi father figure, george washingtonyi, sangou y should seant example forou yr countrymen, y andou sulhod freeo urla sves. d anprove to theor wld that em anpacition will neot b the onomic ruin ofhe t americas, no wrill it be a moral catastroph ie --til wl simply work out wlel for evyberody. and he stays onhi ts for the re stf o his life. >> the marisqu de lafayette
5:16 am
lived his life trying toe mak the world a better place, surroundy ed bsome of the most gnificant fesigur of his time. as duncan explains inis h enaitertni ngstyle, nobody's rfect. >> there's two ways to iprnteret lafayett u yoknow, he was thisre gat and noble onpers whit no ulfats. d then the oerth is heas w a buling idihoot w just screwed yteverhi ngup. i've rdea north vsierons of the styor of lafayette,nd a i just waednt tod kin of put tho tsewo getother because d hideev ner ma ke ami stake? cofourse not. ashe w a human being who was acely self-conscious thate h made mkeistas. he certainidly d not think that ashe w pfeerct in every way. and i thinkt tha that's what a bgoodioapgrhy does is mitix wh the good wthith e bad and tell all. thi ink wheas att preyoo gd guy tryingdo to t rheight thing and mostsuly ccdeeed. >>y m favoriteto hisry book i've sreado far. >> real?ly >> ahye. duncasan h tshi appraboachle, easygoing e.styl dan the bk oomoves. i st lookedwa forrdo t pkiicngit
5:17 am
up eryve time. >>ha wt was his fullam neve ery ?time >> i'm not g toingo do that. marieos jephl pau eve roche jill tter marquise dlafattyee. >>li we ket. i ros llright off the to.ngue like thare chacr teshe plays in "shr" ill,onwee nt says sh-- aidyan bryt yssa shesn doe't do wel talk to the cedomian about her emmy-natominedu hulie sers anmad ny years on ur"satday night live." u're watchinbsg "c ts hi mornintug sard."ay chromeboare oks seourisly easy to setp uright out of the.
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>> comnediay aidbrntya has been shs e'one of the longest running cast mrsembe o "nsaturday night ve," and's she the co-writer dan coro-pducer and star of the lu series "shrill." ythisear she's received emmy nods forboth. mijae wax met up with her. when you wkal around heer at 30oc rk now after all these years, do you think about ea25-yr-d olaidy cgomin here for th fstir ti?me>> ahye. mean, i also am still reayll wo bwedy it holynest. >> ftuearing aidy bryant! >> repr:orte scein her debutn o "saturday night live 2" in01 a2t the age of 25 --
5:21 am
>> listen to me. i'm all i want toec bome you! [ laug ]hter >> reporter: ay idbryant has become kwnno to mliilons as one of the most vtiersale and taleednt members of the cast. canou y let me talk? it's actyuall your job to lniste to me. [ ugerht ] >> rteeporr:ha wt's the preursse liheke wn you're feadture to like move up into recuinrrg? >> it's more just oveherwlming be there. like alet ast for me, iel ft likees, ls like, ,oh ian wt to move up, a mndore i just want to stay. yoknu ow? i n'wat nt to get >>epteorr: we should watch "s" inthking these pe eoplare terrifiedos mt of the time? maybe the yngouer eson. now i'm like this is my house. mye nam is tonker bill -- >> reporter: her ltyof position d haa grodiunng in oephnix, arizon i>> feel like i had a really n childhood usbecaey m parents are bother vy funny. and i -- i rlleay lovedoi dng theater from an early age. anid think ite gav me a lot of confidence iue gss bauecse i got reactionoms fr the audien ace,nd
5:22 am
then i wasik le i wtan more of that. i n'dot know how t doo this, i'm nes rvoui guess. i'm hot, kystic, gooey, and i'm -- >> rteeporr:he tre was one rticular styfle o performing that drew her in abovell a the heotrs. >> i weirdinly kd of ended up in is group of terheatid ks that htheyadik le an irompv kind of unit. d it really wasin kd of like myir tstry at itwrin bg,ut it wa s keli primov,nd a ttha to me was like, oh, i'm in ntcorol? i want that. >> repr:orte so seeking more of threat cateiv controhel, s set t for college in chicago. the heart of the impvrond a sk etchworld. >> i neverll reay knew wrehe it waeas ldmu as chs a i just loved it. anend th i sedtart to see sdecoi tys aa placehe wre it's like, oht, i cldou be a job,ik le a re jalobhe wreou ye lik write and produc aend make something. d that washe wn i was ryeall li, keoh, i want to do this for al. i fell in aal blt athe bottom d kept rngolli --
5:23 am
r>>eporter: thaeat mnt ditioning foner o of the lot ngesruinnng programs in television.yo u tgo this tinyit ltle timen i front of, you owkn, a comedy le ge ndwho's going to judge you. it's holerrib. i mean, it was -- the single stmo exciting time butls ao prab tlyhe scariest. fielt an awaresens, and this was true, ttha my life would change if i got ♪ >> repor ater:ndt i did. her work onsn "l"ui qckly gained attention and opportunities idoutse eth show. the late ostfhi wch srttaed with a bookut abo a woman who wants tohaeng her lifeit whout nghavi to change her body. >> youua actll hyave a rlleay alsml frame. thes i a small persondying to g. i hope ttha smallpe rson's ok ayn i e.ther i wasli ke, oh, tt'has how i fe el. yeah, i thin'sk it leik soy'ciets suise, not minmen. >>or repte yr:ou mention .that you said fthrom e beginning you
5:24 am
were towhrn into the conversationbo autod by sitivity andma ige from both tinegaveor st ofin onleli bules bacayllnd a extmere support that realliny kd ofte lifdou y up a butlso gave you aen sse of resisponbityli. >> yknou ow, ihi tnk it's -- i a vevo elving feelings abo iutt al tlhe time. ryeall was likein kd of ockedhe wn i got onsn "l" and thhaat ttas w likeh suc at par of the conversat oionf kind of my existence on the show because i,ou y know, i'm a fat rspeon, i ha bnee most of my life. t i never reayll in chicago perienced mfysel aiks le i'm the fat wanom on wast jus likeng doi my thing, and thenu , yokn, owa bigger au diceen comes a difntfereen sse of uryoself. d i rzeealid, oh,s thi is a pa of me being here. and i did feel like a new sense ofresponsibility. it was ptar of a -- ae hug reonhy w i was keli, okay,'m i go tingo trynd a make "shrl"il ppen. ♪ >>epteorr: "shrill"am bece a seesn o hulu wit bhrytan serving as b sothtar and exuteiv
5:25 am
>>'m trying tgoo to work and do my job,nd a you're calling me a pigve ery day? >> reporte or:ne snece that inedtt aentiadon h brya'snt character confronting a man who habeen ruteshlsly blyuling her on neli.di dou y like sort of lkoo at that a as stor of fantasy ensequceor f you with these onlinele buls? >> totally. i alsohi tnk it was a good chance to findhe t power in anger rathern tha -- and i think wofemen elhi ts way a lot where it'se likge anr's ugly, you should cry. crying is tibeauful. tbuer ang isik le ahi tng that a t of women feel theyon d't ha veer pmission to use. anord f me it's bnee a big, gooh ing to try yoon, u know, beusie ctaerinly have people-pleasteing ndcienes, and i t ihinkt's for t shehow to gi ve meha tt hasea rlly like ch andge my life for .sure i just thi tnkhat maybe ild cou have aea ldership position. reporter: hr"sill" recently completed its third andin fal season. her work onh bot her shows puts yabrnt inhe t extmerely rare
5:26 am
positionf obeinnog minated for otw primetime emmy aswardn i separate performin cgategsorie --sdwrinuntdg leadct aress -- outstandinadg le actress in comedy for "llshri"nd a taoutsndginpo suprtgin character in a comedy series for ""snl. >> i'm honoredo tbein nomated and tilhrled to haven bee able to do all ofhe tse fancy things. t it alsoiv ges me a strong see nsthat like if i want to pull the ripd cor and go and be teacher or, you know, somethinseg el, i'll feel very fulfilbyled that, too. and it actually allows me to li bkee fre aend be bolder and tno be so hobelden toe lik the industry orhe t accolades because i feel really tethered by my family and my relationships and myfriends, too, ye.ah i'm very ntcoent. oh, do you -- r>>eporter: fors "cbth is inmorng tusarday," jamie x,wa
5:27 am
new yo.rk >> pull the ripd cornd a go. he>> s i sso harilious but thtfoughul a,s well. thmme coen atbout anger, pr ofndou. >> y ies,twa s. >> w ce'reheinerg for you. l we'lbeig rht back. > >>for those of you without lol wsne, "cbs thisni morng saturdwiay" llet rurn in a few minutes. for now, i'm ieean l with a look beyond this morning's liheadnes. a tgeeena girlro fm belumgi is on a highin-flyg aendvture to brk eaa world record, but flying into the history boos ks isg larjust pa o tfhis young pilot's mission. ra rutherford'sre dam is finatally ki ngoff. eth9- 1year-old is on her wayo t bengcomi the youngest woman to fly around theor wld solo, and itoe dsn't stop there. w>>hen you thinkf o a t,pilo you doren't al tlyhink of a n.woma you th minkore of a man. and i'm tryingo t changet tha a lilett bit. tr tyingo giret glso tbe reintested in flying and aviation. >> reporter: she left belgium wednesday in her light sport ple. you couldos almtay s she was born too d this.>>
5:28 am
m eyntire familrey a pitslo. my dad is a pilot. mom is a pilot. en my littleth broer a's pilot. so it's ryeall in the mifaly. >>epteorr: herou jrney will vecor five cockenpitntsnd a 52 -- continents and 52 countries ain few months. thall ehi wle her nervousut b supportiveen partsil wl track he r progress. >> very arewa of the risks. ibut think she needs to fly .away it's her dream, and she needs to li veit. >> reporte fr:or raza it n'sot stju about landing in the hiorsty books butel leving the airfield.>> hopefully inspireth oer glsir try andt bea myec rord and art comtipengit wh the boys. >> reporter: s toho gwirls evywerhere the sky is the milit. "cbs tmohis rng insatu" rday will be righckt ba.
5:29 am
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welc bomeack to "thcbs is mornintug sard."ay we beghiin tsf halho wurith the wang days of sumrme andro cwds inpackg eth acbehes. fo ,some a simple trip to the she swa once a dauinntg chlealnge until one womanit wh a vionsi of isincluon stepped in to help. manuojel borezqu reptsor from miami beach. >> repor fter:orne o wom tanhis isn't just a day at the beach. >> man, this is so good. >>or repter: nicknamed aqua manh ece oan has always been his second home. a tracttor accidenthi ts wrinte left him a quriadplegic. d you think'd you ever be aebl to get back in theat wer aiagn? >> i had my doubts. iea rlly did. ep>> rorr:te here are you. >> i did.i' m improving -- ie lik that.
5:31 am
>>or repte or:nce aon mth a small army v ofolteuners bldui ou tthistr setch of miami beach. plastic mats for theel whechrsai and scipealat floing aichrs. transpor ftingol fksor a joyful swim. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: you said it's not just the wate br,ut it'she t pe aoplerodun u,yotoo. >> i have fou ondut that in the water iin fd my best fa,mily my be fstriends. osopos osteoporo r>>eporter: sab crinaoh iens hindhe t adaptive beach days. when you see people go into the water for the first time in ye -ars- >> we all cry. it'sik le tears of it's -- 'sit a gift to give to others. >> repor cter:oh iens among the 61 monilli u. .sadults living wi th adisability. r a caacdecint lefter h a quadriplegic at14. >>or a momenthe wn you'r e in the water, a youreik le anybody seel. any limobityev dices that you e just washwa ay for a moment. >>epteorr: theyas wh away.yo u're floating, thast' the
5:32 am
tgrea equalizer. >> did sure is. >>epteorr: san solman calls it a magical exenperice. wioutht this, just getting on to e behac - y-ou wouldn't be able to do it. >> no. every ti ime go in the water, it bemees th gatreest day of my life. it truly .is >> rteeporr:ab srina cohen is now working to install a pe rmenant location on miami >>o t datee whaveco welmed over 8,0 oppele from notnl oy over south flaorid b futromll a or ve the d.worl >> rteeporr:8, 000 oppele? >> 8,000 people, correct. >> repor wter:hat does thatee fl li? >> it's like a smalltr sand of miraclesha tt just keep cgomin toergeth. >> reporr:te eacneh o with a smeil thatus jt washes over. r "s cbthis morningur satda"y, manueljo borqz,ue miami beach. >> love it. go aquan, man. you see theoy jn o evoderyby' t justhe t people expncerieing itnhe t water with the mo bityli devices, butll a of the people adroun to help. wonderful. >>nd a us winatchg ontv.>>
5:33 am
yes, yes. all right. he are's lk ooat the weathorer f your weekend. ♪ they're t rheegional fa vorites in a regiont tha doesn't muget chpa sce in the cook bookslaie. butht e foods in countriikes le geaorgi and ukraine are the specialty of ahoutr olia hercesul. we'll get aas tte in "the dish" next. u'reat wching "cbs this morninsag turd."ay managing2 type diesabet? t. on i i ont. on it, with jardiance.
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they 2're2 iomilln prescriptions st.rong et me thepl peoe wheo ar na maging2 type diabetes an d heriart sk wjaith rdiance. rd jaiance is a oilnce-day that cucan rede rithe sk of carcudiovaslaatr deh fo r tsadul who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. an d jardiance lo1cwers a. jae rdianccausn cae ri seou es sideff udincling dehydration, ni getal yeast ri or unarary tct infections, and suddeny kidneproblems. to keacisidos is a seriousde si et ffecthat may be fatal. , a rarebufet li-threatening ct baerinial fection in then skiof t he peumrine couccld our. st op tg akinjarde iancand callr youdoctigor rht away ifav you he tosympms of thiers bactiafel inction, keidtoacosis, orle an alrgeaic rction, and don't ta ke it y ifou're on di h orave severe kidobney prle ta king jardiance with su a lfonylurea or ninsi ca may usw e loblood sugar. lower a1c weand lor risk of a fatal a hearttt yehep, ty're on it th wi janardice. urask yo drocto about jae.rdianc from t shetart och df eaay to the day grows dark yehep, ty're on it th wi janardice. we s teehat spark ee twe shaint your e, smil uryo style,
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5:37 am
ep>> rorr:te olia herculnoes kws how to feed a crowd. erat h pupop in london, she de litsgh diners witnh aay arr ofuk raiainn di.shes >> i'm pesur, superxc eited to ha you here. enjoy. >> reporteutr: b 'sit the humble and hearty dinumplg which caivptatesas tte budsre he. m>>ore dumplings areom cing -- wo>> ndfuerl. >> reporter: h aterom hech kiten in the bshriti capital, she shows us thert a of making the peecrft parcel. >>ou y grab this corner first. >> reporter: okay. >> then we just stick it here. >>or repteusr: jt keli that. >> yep. juikst le that. >> reporter: okay. ll this isot nhe t most beautiful dumpling -- >> no. 's good. it 'sgood. >> reporter:cu herlesas ys h er urney to chendf a ckbooook auorru tly began whener h family movedro fm ukraine to prcyus whenhe s was just 12 years old. lar vimong to london, sheav ge aup carreen i jalournis tmo wo in somef o the city's best tckihens. but it was theoo fd of her ildhood whicheh s wanted to share with the wod.rl tlo of peeopl doay mbe see
5:38 am
eastern eopurean food as qteui o nothliic. it's borscht, it's dumpl -ings- >> potatoes. bbage -- ep>> rorr:te that's it. bu ctlelyar not. i mean, you were able to write there cookskboo autbo .it >> no, exy.actl >> reporter:4 201as wpo supsed to be one oef th happiest years in heesrcul' life. she had just signed her first ok t buheroy j soon turned to horror r asusansi tanks rolled toin eastern ukraine, not far from her parents' >> it washe tt mos terrigfyin meti of my life. yoknu ow,ot n a fearful pernso t all, butn wheha tt hapdpene -- espiaeclly because my family just an hournd a a hfal away om crimea. so if it was to move forwd,ar it d woulbeex nt. of ceours kdin of wakingup , ita s was the worst timore f all of i think. bu -t- reporter: i ttriergged
5:39 am
thsomein ignsidyoe u toan wt to eserve somet shingoer psonal you which is your mifaly's res.cipe>> ye,ahab solutely. i n'knt ow -- stars aligned in a way that thele who first cobookl dea -- >> reporter: mamushka? mamushka became a besset ller and won major awards. itasol flowed uph wit a licunary journeyhr tough gegia, erazbaijan, and bendyo. and now hercules has a third cookbook which was pliubshed ythisearal cled "summer kih kihetcns." whheat ty e,ar one-room litetl houshies wchoo lk veryim silar outo yrai mn house, and then usyuall situatedus jt aew f stepsy awa inr you yard. and this is where y'dou cook during s theumrme because it's cooler to d iot there, it's when all oef th peopleld wou ceom out d anall of the fitru and vegetables w boulde fermented, pid,ckle et cete.ra a huge operation.>> rorepter: a lot of work. >>he tre yougo . you've got this very special
5:40 am
ki ondf kitchen workshop. dan i wanted to look atow h ukinrae iser vy diverse but alsn ited by this tradition. so even thohug food upor nth and do south may vary, we have this summer kitschre wnn all of e thcooking -- kitschen where al l of the ckioong is being >> repr:orte dplumings at the heofart her cookingik leb lam and gulhaloon fromen ctral asia, bursting w sithweet pootat and apricot on guyort. then the'sre herav >> these arele cald veren kihi. >> reporter:t' whasns iide the verekin hi? >> we've gotot pato and cheese. dill -- >>or repte r:yeah? >>nd i actyuall add aed little bit of schpina because i h tado use it up. so you know, it'sra tdiontial wjustith ait ltle bit of -- ep>> rorr:te that so good. was not expngecti shuc sgtron flavors to come out of wh'sat itik le when your fa'smily tetogher and you're eparing a me aal,ndn the
5:41 am
sharing a meal withh eacotr?he >> sot vasun amots of food. anthd e family would get togethaner d, you know, somes timetheer would be la, an ulcryi,ng and sometimes some sngingiou wld pphaen. yoknow, i feel leik i'm just forever chasing that elfeing. and maybe tshat' why i bec aameh efnd a a writer, ynoou kw, juryst ting tori bng back all of the emotionst thathat kinfd o siiotuatn vega me when i was a i d. >>ep rorter: for "cbs this rnmoing saturday,"ia imtz tyab, lo.ndon >> she gave us shuc an ghinsit nintoot oynlhe t culture but, yoowu kn, a sense of like longing feror h homeland. >> and made meer vyng hury. i heated up leftoversch whi are not nearly as good as what she dema. >> .no credible.>> ahye. >> very, very good for you leovs,er o,to we might add. fresh vegetables. cr itsic call their new album ncsiere, stirring, and
5:42 am
upliftinndg, a itar ened four-star ewrevis from "inrollg stone," "the guardian,"nd a hers. ,next our "saturday session," hi ss gdeoln messenger persform simuc from their latesttu sdio llection.>> > u'yore watchings "cbth is morning satuayrd."♪ ♪ ♪ lisae, h herasad h many jobs. she's ed iworkn retail ng tduriheol hidays. as aar bista dg ruurinshou hr. annannd a y to a couple of rambunctious kids. w,ll a that experiencehas lehed r to a job atth feels like home. wi th home instead,you tocao n become a caregiver to o adulderlt th a wi ceearr that makes afere difnc ♪ y toapplday. ♪ what's #1the retolin brand ♪ usedt mosby dmaertologists? what'sit's roneutgena®brand ra pid wrinkle repair® smooths the flook o lfineines in 1-week, deep wriinnkles 4. smooths the flook o soan you c k iss wrinkles goodbye!
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♪♪ andve ery step is a silver prer in thee fac of a hard wdin♪ >> man, aree w teexcid. our first in-sdituo band in a ye
5:54 am
arnd a a lfha. coming up next week the kierlls, ne saturday. >> it is goi tngo be so fun to tcwah. havere a gat wed,eken ybeverody. thanks aga finor joiningus . aielne, we're so happy to have you. >> thas.nk >>ha ynkou. >>ne> xt, mormue sic from hiss goldenss meenr,ge this is "h arytdlown." ♪ it's cra tdleo the grave so beoo gd toh eac other ♪ i♪ try to be brave oh mama don't know i♪'mol cd as ice ani d don't want to do no favors ♪ ♪ you caniv le youre lif leik ar od cal son a wriandeng ace ♪ ♪ you ainot't g nono e tool tlheic de ♪ ♪ try andp keeyo hurat on ♪ ♪ peopleet g ready there's a big sphi cg omin♪ ♪ i felhet t fire now it's down among us ♪ ♪ i walked on wires tr ietod be humble oppele getdy rea
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>>r> fo tseho o yfou still with use veha more musicro fmis hs go ldenmeenssger.>> tshi is "glory strums." ♪ out in the fsield looking forve silr lgsinin ♪ ♪ but just ait ltle tteas soardo t find ♪ ♪ou can trynd ain fd aob j tr
5:58 am
y and undanerstd the numbers ♪ ♪ inhe t lelonyin le ofor wk heof t long distance runrne♪ ♪ i know that t'shere good ine m wh iy'sth suc a hard time ♪ f♪ i c ian'tl fee it wait 'til the daylight ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ here i comega ain no'mw i so full of wonde♪r
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streak live from the cbs bay udstios, this is ixkp5 news.


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