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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 21, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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i can't ev encook, w hoam i supposed to dothat? i don't owkn. that's all you veha to y?sa th'sit for us, we will pt caiongni sponsored bsy cb >> bttarne: nitoght, breakings: new hriurcane threat. henri wepors up and taaikes m at thrte noheast coast. millions in itpas th, from w neyorkne to w glenand. we'lhal ve tathe lestrt ack, and thru tsho get ready. >>ep rorter: i'm melicha grgeoe on norew yk'los ng island, facing a possibleir dect hit om hrien. barttne: al tsoonig, hta newaw rnintog amecarins in ghafanisn-ta- avd oikabusl' aiort after reports terrorists ma be planning an attack. the u.s. struggling to airlift citizens and alltoies setafy. ese drchilen among t lheatest ueevaces. >> rteeporr:'m i roxana saberiin da,oh where tonigheht t u..s is trying leto carhe t backlog ofvaeecus frfgom ahastnian. >> barnethtt: e lipotical llfaout hatome and abroad.
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uspl, cod vicritalic:ho spalitizations surge as the vaunccin fatedill i.c.u.s. thage gressive pus th inex taso get kids back toch d telar, flying solo: e onyoung woman ngaimi tseo t a record around the world. i'm trying etto g glsir to, you know, bent ieresd tein flying avind isth is the "cbske weendew ns." >>ar bnett: good engveni. i'm errol etbarnt ninew york. anadria azdi is off. wel t geto the latesomt fraf ghisantan in just mea mont. fit,rs we have breg akinnews rehe in the nortt.heas right now, monillis e arbracing fothr e arrival ofri hurcane henri. tonight, governors in connecticuhot, rdesl iand, and w york are mg akinemergency epprarations as e thstormba rrs eltowards shore. athimos ment, henri nis o trfoack r a direct t hito soheutrn n eewngla, ndlikely firsstt riking new ysork' ng iansld. cbs mnewsetroeologist jeffbe
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raelrdli is there twithhe telast. jeff, goveod >> repr:orte gd ooevening,er rol. we aivre le conoopers beach hereso in utmphaton where th rfsu has really edpick uovp erth e stpa couple of h.ours spi oke to the b meachanerag. elhe tlse mhe thinks hel wil lose half of b hisea, chwashedou t stoea during thye da motorrow, as therm sto mesak its way in l alrighett, l'sak te a look at e thlatest on now, there'sd goone awsnd bad wsne. gothe odew ns is winds still 70 miles perr, hou sito hasn't stngenthed today.bu t the bad inewss,n aeye forming, it's geg ttina ttbeer ructure, andt' is going to moveve or very wartem war toght. we thinkma it y teinnsify. winds rit ghnow, 75 miles per hour. it's a 3bout00il mes south of whe eri'm standingwe as sakpe. thlae testor fecastrt ack omfr the national hurricane cenrte shifteerd ev so slighto ly tthe east. cod kema landfall inhe t early ternoon, butng this will relyta srt tndo wi uhep re rly in the mngorni. there arree the inma hazards that wree' wor ariedbo--ut m storsue.rg cod fbeive feet butpl coue at with a fuooll mn dan
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exaggeratited deans d could see a orstm tide up toht eig feet, sose, rious floodisng i possible. ndwi will probabusly gt erov 90 miln es aho, urknocking down eetrs and power s.line and labust, t rtceainly notle as pt,robably the twors impact, inlalond five tn o teinesch of feli-threateningnf raialanl d asflh fldioong. so, errovel, en outhgh this is only a oncat e rrhuicane, ita s meso serious imp.acts keta it seriously.>> bneartt: all righeft, jf, thanks. esprident biden y todaplgeeddfe del raaid to help twithhe orstm recovery. cb ms'ichael georgine jos nusow frasom nsacou unty. >> reporter:l, wel eolrr, good eve.ning here on ilongsld,an pratepario ansre alreadyun deayrw, especially in flood-prone uncommits ielike he ifrn eeport. the governorec's dlad rea state ofrg emeen hcyere in new york, th 500 natiogunal artrd oops caedll in to respoo nd tthe storm. refld ags are up ongn lo island'sch beaesth, e waves
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beinginng ctohurn. redes ntare boardingan up d getting ou tt ashere aa braces foa r possible dirhiect t.>> is t'going to be typret nd of concerd neabout the oserion erov here. >> rteeporr:it wh memories of 20's12 super stormdy san sllti unting this , areautitily crews are retoady me.ov ou>> y wt anto be prepared. when g youo btoed tonight, you knowen, wh y wouake up tomo mrroworngni, conditions are not g gointoe bgood. >> repor tter:heur sf is alsobu ilngdi in cape w england'ass cotal uncommits,ie pacd kewith suerou trists, are gngetti ready for hes nri'waopll. robin rtbehet came to the marinn pmolyuth, massachtsuset, to get his oboatutf oharm's way. >>hi ts is what i'inm dog mony summerat vacio- n-taking my boat t ouof the water. >> repr:orte t lheast hurricane lato sm w neengland was bob, 30 years ago. e ferocious gocaterywo t storm llkied at least p17eople. fema ikis asngeo pple in the orm's path t po bererepad. t>>his beach wiotll n be sible at thimes ti toromrow.
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it's d ani'm ingog arndou telngli ople, go bac tk toheit cy if yoveu li trehe. if youe havanheotr place to go, plseo. g otrwe,is be prepared t forhe worst. >> reportendr: a ulitity coans iein connecticndut a neyo arkre already wngarni people to pre eparfothr e ssibility ofer pow oagutes thatld cou lt asa week or longer. errol. b>>arnett: this is serious stuff. mil chaegegeor, thank you. we're also seeing trexeme weather in the south. take a lk ooat tneenssee, where avy inras caedus cattrasophic oofldingod tay. remo tha11n inches of rfeain ll westf onashe,vill a tndhose stfa-rising tideers the d leto veseral uerescs. we want to y getouhe t latest in afghtaanisn today,cu evaatnsio in kabul facew d nerobladocks as the litaban's top pocalitil adleer arrived hein t citapal. erthe waals so a new war fningor ericans tryio ng tgeout t of the trcouny cashaos continuedar ou tndhe artirpo. many of thalose rey adairlifted haeeve bn owfln to doha in qatar, 1,2il00 meswa ay. s cbnews correspdeonnt ranoxa
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saberi is e.ther reporter: e, rrolthpee ntagon said today. u.strpsoo have evacuated ndarou 1007,0 people, lepeop, cinluding around 2,5 includinoug arnd,5 200 american citizens sinusce jt stla saturday. ma othf em have flowren he for processileng, avg inbehind tens of thousanf ds ootrshe still trying to afleefgnihastan. troops continue to struggle to control crowds at kabul airport. ong emth, peleop cluhitcng docuntmes and children. >> if thisps kee gngoi, no one willet g help. rewe a rueeqsting the gomevernno f tixhis. >> reporteher: t u. .sembassy in bukal today urgeerd amican citizens nottr to av telhere l untith geyet specific inctstruio, nsciting potential curity threautts osi tdehega tes. but thnte peagayon ss there's been no ch iangen atwh ital cls enthe emsiy tuation, addthing at u.s. troops kwilleeprp ocessing ticizens s whohoupw . nato t andalanib officials say atea 1st2 people havene be
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killed atht e aiorrpt inhe t wpastee tk,hougith 's ulencar how. eyewitness video emerged today showing afghan guards firing into the air a andt cilivians to sperse them. otheagr imespp aear to show peleop at the airpdrort enedch in blood. >> henav't been to tirhe aport so far bseecau othf ese problems r>>eporter: thians m ss ayhe's inin hidg cabeuse he workerd fo the govnmt enand needs to leave e thcotruny fast. awhatreou yr plans? ishe.s u. helping you? d>> io t nohave a u.s. .visa and if i go,fa my mi wlyill be athe t same great triskheamy . >> reportee r: hfes arthe taliban's tetighni gngrip over the tacapil,he wre today, the stetres appeared calm. for e ththoundsas who have made out, this iers whe eyth now wa--l audeid airbase in doha, so packed, it hit capacity yesterday. e ste atdepamertnt ss ayat aslet 25th oer cntouriesav he now reaged ttro ansiort host acuees despe trateo eefl
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afanghistan. rmgeany, bahraind , anthune ited ar eramites are amoneg th cotrunies that havide sa ty'hell help the u.sth. wi t bheacklog of evas cueefr aomfghanistan. >> barnettxa: ronaab seri, thank w,or f the second inday a prow,redesint biden candcelepl antos travel to homis he in wilmington, wadelare. thpre esident met hwithis national sitecury amte at the whe ithouse about evthe olngvi atsituioinn afghanistan. s cbnewsor crespdeonnt christina ruffhaini s enbe covering the oufallt omfr the evacuations from the cryount a sndhe joinsme he ernow in new york. ristina, wha wt doe owkn about what led to thewis n surecity threat odeutsi kulab's airport? >>ep rorter: the sitecury rethat directly red latetoha wt pphaened when ba agramirseba erise a prison ne, arbyand thtae liban releasboed aut,0 500 hard ienedsifis ghters who are w essentially roaming the streets of kulab, anthd ey're sipong ahr teat,sp eeciayll these biowg crds we've seen ouidtse the airport. americans sag,yin look,o d ths.e u. st enan artle to amicerans yisang, oklo, don't come to the orairpt leunss we
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exiclyit tell you toso do , because the ey'rwoierrd soinmethg llwi happen, nott jus ere but as trehey' tnsraiting cithe ty. the reashion ts iismportant is th cisould force t.she u. to consider doinge morofho tse licoerpt dro ipsnto e thcity toic pk peleop up d antakehe tm to the airport, and everyone is lia ttleit b woredri thault cod upset whatever delicate balance orha wtever agreemhaent s enbe made benetwe t thealiban, who holde s thci, tyand the u.s. who lds the airport. >> barneantt: d e thafghans who ppsuorted the u.ffs. eorart e ieworrd ouabt retaliatiohen, ty are gradualltty geinoug t of the cotry. meso three flighrrts aiv iedn northern vniirgia cerently. t, what do wowe kn autbo what e thprocess is lfoike r emth and the unaccompd aniemirsno being sent outth on esaie rcraft? >> tnkhi the processre is alyl pinrogress, depngendi owhn ere you end up. i spoke omto seby odwho spoke to some of the afghans who landed sof me othafe ghans who landedin nthorern virginia. inbeg housed at uncommity college. they sheay ty' hreealthy, ey're in a gd ooplace, but iter's vy sodirganized. it's not c wlearhos iin charge and where threey a g noingext. it's the samr e fopeleop in do, hathey've beenre the for
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da aysnd it's hot unand clr.ea d anthe bigger pemrobl ppleoeke epla fgging to us heis trere a chenildr wdeanring around oall f thfaese citilies, unaccompanied. anwed got photos fof alitgh from k tabulo rwnoay of unaccoiempand ilchdren being nded to by seroldis d anby the ofend t fhelight older challe wngerertae king care of younger chil pdrenitinchg in wherev terhey can. >> bttarne: d ani know you have ied to help as much as you can with folks tg ryintoet g out ofh e uncotry. chsta,in thank you vmuery ch. >> thank. you >> barnett: e therwi blle muchmo ren oafghanistan rrtomoown o "face nathe ti."on guests incluecde sreryta of ste atantony blinkfoen; rmer u.s. ambdoassar ttohe u.n., nii haley; and maryland governaror lryog han.he wtsan to bring afghan refugeeshi to s atste. tnow,o e thpandemic. a resut rgenwa ovef covid infensctio ipus tting a new stinra on hospitals and medical personnel. casetis naondewi numbered nearly 146,000 rion fday. ths at iup7% 3 in the last two weeks. cbs' carevter anhas s more on is. reporter: brout cwds are
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painstg ate fairs theeis wkend from iowa too, ohi wisconsin and uckentkywh, ere vaccines are available, butks mas a nreot irrequedut odoors. southern carnlifoia, liangenodos have to masupk outsid ee atves ntwith over 10,000 pe.eopl >> i think trehe's a little, you know, knyou owwe, 've been doitng i for 18, 19 ms.onth >> reporr:te the delta vntaria is sweepacing ro tsshe country. it's esplleciay d bain states with low vnaacciti ronates, keli alabama, miissssippi, and kansas. >> it shout ldn'beik le this. oualr hethreca system is being retched to taxhe m. >> rteeporr:n ihard-hit florida ses are nearal an l-time high anatd dehsre a rapidly rising. erov the last mo cnth,ovid atdehs have almorist tpled nationwide. hawaii, wheasre cesav he never been higher, they're prareped with mobiorle e>>ach of theseri refgeterad ntcoainers has tbihe ali ttyo house 50 or f oulod veones with dignity anspd reect. r>>eporter: at agchico'sas int bed rnarhoitspal, dr. rochelle
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bello isat treincog vid patients asng you atws o, all the wpay u to 75. what's dreiffentit wh the delta variant? >>t' whas ffdierent is the seri otyf it. we're ngseei people agnai withoumot corbitidies coming in, ane d thdutiraon of their sivit is aernywhe omfr 20-25 days. >> reporter:re a thoasse cesn i uryo hospital noevw prenbltae? >> aolbsutelevy prenbltae, yes, its. it p'sreventable bseecau, aiagn, we can take e thvaccine. reporter: well, vaccinated or not,ry eveonmue st wear a mask at d theodrsge game here isn lon ges letonight. theyev're enff oering freeva ccesin inside. thf.a.d. is also expd ecteto give f itsulapl proval to thepf iz veraccine as eaasrly monday. errol. >> barnettri: algh ct,arter evans, thanks. ths.e u. fesort service today idsa california'lds wifisre uld blaze inecto so far, lynear 1 m.5illion acres have been orscched. thata is re.cord o of the mosplt exose,iv the die d ancaldor firesju, st
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keep gainingun grod. thr amfles are fuele hd byigh nds and severore onwee ek after haiti's vastating eauarthqkehe, lp is ill arrivingth to osine the haeshit t areas. e u.s. coastua grd is already ere rlaiifti tnghe iurnjed fromem rote areas to hospitals. nely,2 200 people din ed ithe akque. al sending hp?el the w neengld anpatr.iots eir boeing 7s 67 isetot riarve tayod in port-au-ceprin, ckpaed with 40 ptsalle of supplindes a micedal equipment. raight aheador f you here on th"ce bs weekend n" ews,teheacrs in t gexaso ordo to door to get kids back to d sltea's autopiloivt dres into tro.uble anlad ter, a youngot pil tesak flighth wita rlwod rerdco in siher gh.ts p to keemein movg e thwaway i s made to, it nourishes anden strgthens my joints for th te longerm. os teo bi-flex, plus vitamin d
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- 've weboth been takiprng even fagor a little more than ears11 y n.ow nweoticed clarity t.ow hatwe dn'idt notice before. - it's s htillelpi mnge. sti ill no a dticeifrefence. prageven. healthbraiier n.ter betli.fe (jitudh) in thirks maetyo, u'll findfi s sh iernvestments i ffdierent than o mtheron ey managers. er(oth meyon manager) ff diert enhow? don'u t yoju st ride the we?av ud(jith) no -ac we tilyve manage clie nt pofortlios based on ou r rwfoard-looking s viewofhe t market. (other m moneyanerag) but yoilu stl llse investmentsh aten gerate high commiiossns, right? (jh)udit no , we don't scoell mmsiison producwets. 'r' a fiaiducry, gaoblitetod act in our ntclie's best interest. (otherey mon maganer) so whe yn doouak me more money? wonlyheyon ur clients mmoake ro ney? (jud ith) yep, we etdo btewhr en or cls ientdoet bter. at fishever instntmes we're ea clrldiy fferent. barnett: asid cov cesas spike, a rettourn iscn-hool nilearngom ces with a mix of pe, but alsoie anxtyor f many sttsuden a pndarents.
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sinome places, heteacrsre a having to lethave e asclsroom d tthiing the side twalko cocenvin kids to gacet bk to class. here's cjabs' nesht amlian. >> repor iter:t oklos like a rapep ll by,ut the game ethes acherers a hinopg to win is campaignge to t n saantonio enstudtsac bk in class. 'sit an aggressiusve ph... kdoornog ckinthhoe mes of drchilenot n yet enrolled in hool. ha>> tnkou y all so much. >>or repte hr:ersh elementary s looking fo40r of its 600 stenudts. w>>e're trying to make wsuree find all or f ouheh rsbabies. >>eporter: eitven s inprcipal lkwaed the neighooborhd. why e aryou going doo or tdo?or >> so,h witthgle obal pandemic of course, e thente ircountry riexpeend celosing kids. heand rssph ecifically lost udents. >> reporteher: t s aanntonio diristct will offemor rete learning, con aasbye case basis. t its fundin bg isased on the nuerf ochildren phyllsicay in clooassrmsma, kinghe t peuarssion campaigitn toe lwdiorth had not
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re-enroller d hesiyex-ar-o sldon untitel a acr heshowed up at her do.ordo y houave any hesiontati admi the a deltvaanrit about sending your child tino -person leni?ng >>o, i d b tuthen,ls ao, iee nd him toav he that one oonn e with actehers. >> reporter: with covid case numbers risichng, ilendr underth e e agof 12 not elleigib for the invacce, and rep oortsf remo ung peopleom becinseg riously ill, parenrets a again questioning erin-psolen arning. should we beki talnghe tm into coming back tintohela cssroom at all? >>o,e wknow that it a was disservice tveo ha sdetunts out of the claomssro, t nolearning. oujoisb to make sure our campusrees a >>epteorr: superintendentpe drmao rtinez says aloverl, virtual stenudts last year suffered ap droinca ademic peore.manc >>s secas are risingif, we haheve t tstru of the fami,lies if whae ve tt harelaontishipwe, wi entveualliny brg emth in. >> reporter: 97% of the district's 46,000 stud aentsre om families olof cor,
5:49 pm
polations haitrd h bthy e pandemic, and why many parents are reanluctt. beyond home vi, sitsscolhos are sthoing ee"mt thtee acher" events p andhoning moms and dsda. >>et l me get someor infmaonti from you. r>>eporter: extraordinary asmeures... rtunceaitin mes. >>ha tt's great! all right! ( cheers a andppuslae ) >> reporter: janet shaiamln, cbs , newssaann tonio. >> barnett: still ahead on the "cbs wee nkendews," tesldea unr investigatafion tecar rs on toaupilocrt ash toin emecyrgen hivecles. on it, with jardiance. threey' 2ll2 miion prescriptions ngstro. me et teohe pple arwho e ma nagie ng typ2 diabetes and t hearriskh witjardiance. rdiance is ada once-illly pi thated can ruce e thrisk of casardiovcudelar ath foulr adts who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance alowers1c.
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not... my.hi.. cld. don'i't wa. talk turo yo child's doctor ou abt hpv vaccinatdaion toy. barnett: thisere n tewrouble tefor sla. after a serif es oacdecints ininvolvg rsfit responders, e nation's asauto fety regulator is i nownvtiesgating the vehicle'tos aupit lofeature. s'cb krivas n clveea has thisst ory. >> reporter:s thitea slslamdme into a califa ornihiwaghy patrol s. su.v.toedpp on a closed freeway asff oicers investatiged a fataasl crh last month. e driver alllyeged td olpolicesh e d haengaged autot piloand wasn't paying atntteion. if there wafis ofce irsnside that vehicleit, could have been a wolot rse. if somebody oisutsi ndeext to e thcar, they can easilyl kilan officer.>> rorepter: it's atst lea the 11th time sie nc2018 where tesla ing ncadvaedri dver assistance technology, hit a stpeopd emgey ncvehicle. deral regula atorsreow n investigatinosg the ascrhes that
5:53 pm
ltresuedn ireports of 17 riinjuesnd a one death, gamon among thhiem ts 1820 collisionwh era e tesla slammetod in theba ckf oa fire truck e thnatialon transportation tysafe brdoa bladrmed iver error and autolopit's design.>> io dbelieve ther ae is problem there. repr:orte c nbsews troransptation safanety altys b rosumwalt was e thn.t.s.b. aichrman during that vestigation. what's c theonrnce with calling mesothing "autopotil?" >> tonhe cce wrnith calling it an autopilotth is ateo pple get over-conntfide. this is no at anutilopot at all. it needs to be constantly monid,tore jt uslike an aupit loon an airplane. >> repr:orte n sowenators ed maeyrk and richardme bluntlha ardendmaing the fedel ratrade iscommsi lonaunch its own vestatigion toin pottienally deivcepte d anunfair practices ines tla's adverti asingnd marketing. >>la tes h baseen overstating, vastly and falselyve orstangti, thcae pabilities osf it aulotopit stsyem. thnse coeqncuees can be de.adly >> reporteutr: aopotil can maintain tarhe c'spe sed and la pitosion, but tesayla ss the driverus mt stay in colntro and papry opertt aenti.on
5:54 pm
the compand y dinoret spond to ourer quesfot r coenmmt, b hutas std ooby i ttsechnogoly, auirgng it reduces accidents. whthile e automakentr coins ueto up tdateheys stem, it is not fool-proof. dungri this 2018 d iriven a tesldea mol 3, the ailutopot nrleay steered meo intanheotr vehicle as l twoan meserged together. >> not quite a pfeerct steysm. att thapoint the wacar s tnoaw arane other car could steer intot. i >> it could affectn aestimated 765,000 teslas currently on e th .road iskr van cleave, cbs news, washington >>ep rorte kr:ris n vaclea,ve cbs wsne, wainshgton.>> bneartt: coming uxtp ne on bsthe "c wndeeke news," a d teenagpitalot kes flight, an shhoe's ping to land wa ith new worerld cord. th was atour y great-granr,dmothe epinkeg the familyhe togetr?
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dedicatetradd e desk pros ana d paionasste trader comm sharing strate riggieshton the ptflaorm. cabeuse we take trad ingas seriouslyyou as do inthkorswim trading fr™ omd tameritrade. >> bttarne: nafilly tonight, a 19-year-isold oa n high-flyingd veurnte to break ald wor record. but fl iyingnttho e history books usis jt e onpart of her mission.he re's cbs' n ialee. >> repr:orte za arrutherford's dream has taofken f. the 19-yead r-olisn oher way te congmi the youngesmat won to arfly ou tndhe world solo, and doesn't stoerp the. >> when yoinu thk aof pilot, yodou n't really t ohinkf a won. you think omoref a man. and i'yim trngo tchange that a ttlile bit. i'm tryio ng tgegit rls , toyoun owbe, interested lyin fing and aviaonti. >> reporter: after taking off from belgium on wednesday, she's currently soaring across greenland. you could almost say she was born ty.o fl y >> menreti family are tspilo. my dad is a pilot, mm y mois a pilot, emyven ltlite brother is a lopit. t'so is alrely, yeah, in the
5:58 pm
faly. >> repteorr: her journiley wl r covefi cveontinents and 52 countries int jusa wfe months. l althe while hener rvous, but suppor, tivepantres will track r heprogress. very aware heof t rksis, but ini thk e shneeds to flyy. awa it's heram dre, d anshe needs to live it. >> rorepter:or f zar ia,t's tno stju abo lutandi ingn the hiorsty books, butel levinthg e airf.ield >>pl peoe llwi say younges mafele, and to hthave atec rord is, knyou owto, show that tually, you , knowwon mecan beenat m. >> reportendr: a tsho ow girls everyw--here wn heit comes to thr eidreams, the issky the limit. ian e,le cbs news, ln.ondo >> barneabtt: soteluly love it. and that ie s th"c wbseekend news" foisr th suratday. late cr onbsit, 's "48 hours." and,em rembe "r,sunday morni thwi jane pauley f" isir tsthing tomorrow. i'erm rol barnett ewin n yk.or ha gve are wateekend. good night.
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