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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 23, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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for more news, download the cbs news app for your cell phone or connected tv. it's monday, august 23rd, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." wild weather. record-breaking rain triggers massive flooding in tennessee kilting at least 22 people. meantime, parts of the northeast are also submerged after henri makes landfall as a tropical storm leaving thousands in the dark. breaking overnight, violence at kabul airport. the latest on the fire-fight that left at least one person dead as president biden considers extending the deadline for evacuations. vaccine milestone. the pfizer shot is reportedly on track to become the first coronavirus vaccine to get full
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coronavirus vaccine to get full fda approval as soon as today. captioning funded by cbs good morning, i'm diane king hall in for anne-marie green. we begin with devastating weather in the east. in tennessee at least 22 people were killed in raging floodwaters over the weekend. dozens of people are still missing. and what is now tropical depression henri battered the northeast. it made landfall yesterday in rhode island as a tropical storm. it packed winds of up to 70 miles per hour. the storm also uprooted trees in massachusetts damaging homes and cars and knocking down power lines. causing major floods across the
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country. >> my mom and me being rescued. >> reporter: search and rescue efforts are under way in middle tennessee after record-breaking rainfall caused deadly flooding. >> it is a devastating picture of loss and heartache. >> reporter: among the dead, 7-month-old twins ryan and rieligh who were yanked from their father's arms by the raging water. 2-year-old kellen cole burrow is still missing. he was ripped away from his mother and four siblings. >> they were on the clothes lines hanging on. she had hold of all of them. trying to ting to keep all of . >> reporter: many victims from waverly, west of nashville. >> our friends and families and our people that we associate with is all that matters. >> reporter: in the northeast, tropical storm henri made landfall over the weekend. and here on new york's long island, the storm caused some flooding, but it's last minute
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shift spared widespread destruction. >> it moved further east. >> reporter: still, henri knocked out power to more than 100,000 people and flooded neighborhoods throughout the northeast. >> when i opened my door, water came into the car. >> reporter: it knocked off this maple tree in auburn, massachusetts. >> i will remember henri. he's on my list. >> reporter: new york's central park recorded its wettest hour ever -- 1.94 inches of rain fel said one more inch of rain could cause floods so they will be watching the rest of henri closely. >> it's been really difficult to watch. bradley, thank you. new york governor andrew cuomo is set to leave office at midnight tonight. the democrat is resigning after a state investigation found he
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sexually harassed 11 women. he'll be replaced by lieutenant governor kathy hochul. cuomo gave a televised briefing yesterday on the state's response to tropical storm henri. cuomo says the storm will not stop his planned resignation. breaking overnight, a fire-fight broke out between afghan security forces and unknown assailants at kabul airport. according to the german military, one afghan guard was killed, and three others were wounded. meantime, president biden warned the evacuation in kabul has a long way to go. and he's considering extending a deadline for airlift. yesterday he acknowledged that a lot could still go wrong as the u.s. races to get people out of the country after the taliban seized control. a new cbs news poll found the president's approval rating amid the crisis has reached an all-time low, falling from 62% in march to 50% right now. another cbs news poll found 60% of americans believe the terrorism threat to the u.s.
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will increase. debra alfarone has more from the white house. >> reporter: the president said history will prove him right. >> when this is over the american people have a clear understanding of what i did, why we did it. >> reporter: but at the moment, the pictures outside of kabul show an increasingly dire and desperate situation. for americans trying to evacuate, the struggle is getting to the kabul airport. secretary of state antony blinken said getting americans out is the number-one priority. >> we're in direct contact with american citizens and others, and we're able to guide them the best way to get to the airport, what to do when they get there. > reporter: the administration has enlisted commercial airlines to help. at least 18 planes will carry americans and afghan allies already evacuated from kabul. the deadline for withdrawal is in nine days. >> we're going to continue to assess the situation, and again,
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work as hard as we can to get as many people out as possible. and as we approach that deadline, we'll make a recommendation to the president. >> reporter: that's not good enough for some critics. >> they're not negotiating with the taliban. they've completely surrendered to the taliban. >> they are in control of kabul. that is the reality. that's the reality that we have to deal with. >> how comfortable are with that, mr. secretary? >> my -- what i'm focused on, what we're all focused on is getting people out and making sure that we're doing everything possible to do that. and in this case, it is i think a requirement of the job to be in contact with the taliban. >> reporter: there has been pressure from the international community. g7 leaders calling a virtual meeting on tuesday to discuss what is fast becoming an international humanitarian crisis. debra alfarone, cbs news, the white house. the fda is reportedly
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pushing to give full approval to pfizer's coronavirus vaccine as early as today. "the new york times" says regulators were aiming to complete the process by last friday but were still working through paperwork and negotiations with the drug company. pfizer's vaccine was authorized for emergency use in december. a full approval could clear the way for vaccine requirements by federal and state officials. civil rights leader the reverend jesse jackson and his wife jacqueline are in a chicago hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus. their son says doctors are, quote, carefully monitoring their conditions because of their ages and they're responding positively to treatments. jesse jackson, who is 79 years old, has been vaccinated against covid-19. his wife's vaccination status is unclear. and the music world is mourning the death of don everly. one half of the groundbreaking country rock duo the everly
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brothers. ♪ bye-bye love bye-bye happiness ♪ >> everly died saturday at his home in nashville. he and his brother phil topped the charts in the '50s with hits like "bye-bye love" and "wake up little susie." they were inducted into the inaugural ktla of the rock and roll hall of fame in 1986. don everly was 84 years old. coming up, a washout in new york's central park. a huge concert with a superstar lineup is upstaged by a massive storm. and a surprise arrival. an afghan woman gives birth on an evacuation flight. this is the "cbs morning news." chromebooks are seriously easy to set up right out of the box. just sign in with your gmail and bam! all your files are right there.
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jets flying in tight formations zoomed by overhead. a massive concert in new york city was rained out, and there was a special delivery on an evacuation flight. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the washington post" reports an afghan refugee went into labor on a u.s. evacuation flight and gave birth moments after the plane landed. the air force says the woman went into labor and started having complications during saturday's flight. the aircraft commander decided to increase air pressure in the plate by descending in altitude. officials say that helped stabilize and save the mother's life. medics boarded the plane after it landed in germany and delivered the baby girl in the
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aircraft's cargo bay. mother and baby are reported in good condition. "the sacramento bee" says strong winds helped spread the caldor fire in northern california where it's burned almost 100,000 acres. the fire which started nine days ago has destroyed more than 300 structures and is threatening more than 13,000 others. thousands of people have been evacuated. on tuesday the fire exploded in size and destroyed most of the town of grizzly flats. it's one of about a dodds big wildfires burning in the drought-stricken state. and "the new york times" says new york city's "we love nyc homecoming concert" was abruptly cut short by severe weather and lightning as hurricane henri approached the northeast. saturday's planned five-hour star-studded concert was about halfway through when organizers told the 22,000 people in central park to seek shelter. barry manilow was on stage singing "can't smile without
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you" at the time. several acts including jennifer hudson, the new york philharmonic, and carlos santana had already performed. other headliners including bruce springsteen, paul simon and the killers, had yet to take the stage. concertgoers were not happy. >> extremely frustrating. i was in denial. i said, it's not over. >> i felt really upset. >> the concert was intended to celebrate new york city's recovery from the pandemic. still ahead, an autograph by a tech legend fetches top dollar. how much someone paid for a manual signed by apple's steve jobs. and the visionary message he wrote. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes and the visionarye knocking you out of your zone? wrote. and the visionarye , and the visionary message he wrote. and the visionary message he wrote. and the visio message he wrote. and the visioe he wrote. and the visionary mes he wrote. lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c.
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i have to tell you something. there is no easy way to say this. this world, it's a video game. >> ryan reynolds' action movie "free guy" held on to the number-one spot at the domestic box office this weekend. the movie scored $18.8 million in its second week beating out popular pups. "paw patrol: the movie," an animated flick targeted at young kids, came in second. that film earned $13 million in ticket sales. it's also streaming on paramount plus. on the cbs "money watch," amazon is reportedly opening retail stores, and steve jobs' autograph gets into the six figures. elise preston with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane. investors this week will keep a close eye on the federal reserve's annual meeting in wyoming where they'll likely talk more about possibly dialing back its bond-buying program. meantime, stocks on friday rebounded.
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the dow rallied 225 points. the nasdaq gained 172 points, and the s&p 500 was up 35 points. nabisco workers are entering their third week on the picket line. more than 1,000 workers in colorado, illinois, oregon, and virginia are on strike after negotiations on a new contract broke down with its parent compa company, mondelez international. one of the sticking points includes turning eight-hour shifts into 12-hour ones without overtime. they say the goal is to continue to provide employees with good wages and competitive benefits. amazon may soon have a new place for you to buy stuff. the e-commerce giant reportedly plans to open department stores in the u.s. the "wall street journal" says amazon will start with opening shops in ohio and california. the company will apparently sell clothing, household items, and electronics. it's not clear when the stores will open. amazon has not confirmed
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anything. and how much would you shell out for an autograph? an apple 2 manual signed by the late steve jobs sold for nearly $800,000 when it hit the auction block. in it the company's co-founder and former ceo wrote to a person named julian saying, "your generation is the first to grow up with computers. go change the world, stephen jobs, 1980." the buyer was jim irsay, owner of the indianapolis colts. the auction company said the manual was signed in the uk when jobs was promoting apple. diane, $800,000, that is a lot for -- for anything, let alone a piece of paper. >> right? for someone's john hancock. what a pretty penny. elise preston at the new york stock exchange. as always, thank you. up next, the battle over "black widow."sson. before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more,
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ disney struck back against "black widow" star scarlett johansson after she filed a compensation lawsuit against the company. >> an avenger -- i meade
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mistakes. and a lot of enemies. >> the walt disney company filed papers last week to move the lawsuit into arbitration. it also revealed "black widow" made $125 million in online revenue. disney fought back against johanson's claim that she was promised an exclusive theater release that did not include streaming. her lawyers said the company is trying to hide its misconduct and said its response to the lawsuit was a misogynistic attack. sha'carri richardson returned to the track, but things didn't go as planned. the 21-year-old who was disqualified from the olympics due to a positive marijuana test, competed at an event at the university of oregon over the weekend, but she finished in last place in the women's 100-meter competition. after the race, richardson remained defiant saying, quote, this was one race, i'm not done yet. coming up on "cbs this morning," t.j. and john osborne of the country music duo
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our top stories this morning -- at least 22 people were killed in tennessee after record-breaking rain triggered flash flooding. dozens are still missing. and what is now tropical depression henri is slowly moving through the northeast. it made landfall yesterday in rhode island as a tropical storm packing winds of up to 70 miles per hour. a fire-fight broke out overnight between afghan security forces and unknown assailants at kabul airport. according to the german military, one afghan guard was killed and three others wounded in the battle which also involved u.s. and german forces. it comes as president biden warned the u.s.-led evacuation in kabul has a long way to go.
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veterans across the country who served in afghanistan are experiencing many emotions since the fall of kabul. the veterans crisis hotline says it is seeing more calls from those feeling the impact. debra alfarone reports. >> reporter: jeff hurley enlisted in the army a few months before the september 11th attacks and served until 2013. he says he feels america let down the people of afghanistan. >> we have absolutely and completely abandoned the afghan people. the people that speak to your heart, those that can't fight themselves, the women, the children. >> reporter: dr. caitlin thompson with cohen veterans network says veterans experiencing a range of emotions are reaching out in numbers. >> grief and anger. lot of sadness. there's a lot of fear, anxiety. there's also some fear that they failed their mission, and they're concerned that people are also looking at them and thinking, you know, what was -- what did you do this whole time, which i think is devastating.
4:27 am
>> reporter: the department of defense is reminding veterans what is happening now does not minimize or negate their service. the dod is encouraging veterans to take advantage of mental health resources. >> if you do have a veteran or a military family member, just say, hey, i just want to acknowledge that things must be really hard in terms of how you're doing right now. and i am here for you, and i'm ready to talk any time you are. and i can help find resources if you need them. >> just really feel, you know, for the afghan people. >> reporter: retired sergeant major john plassy served two tours in afghanistan. he encourages those struggling to reach out. >> so maybe in their mind they're thinking i'm going to give up, too. please don't do that. please reach out. please seek help. and it's not a sign of weakness by any means. it's a sign of strength. >> reporter: and mental health professionals want veterans to know they are not alone in what they're feeling. debra alfarone, cbs news. coming up on "cbs this
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morning," we'll take you to louisiana where hospitals are being overwhelmed by rising covid cases and show you how they are battling misinformation. plus, gayle king takes us behind the scenes of the "we love new york city" concert this weekend as she hangs out with the killers and maluma. and t.j. and john osborne of the duo brothers osborne join us in the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thank you for watching. i'm diane king hall. have a great day. ♪
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