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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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new video shows victims being rushed to the hospital. some brought by ambulance and others carried in by foot. here is a look at where the explosions happen. you can see thousands of people at the kabul airport that are trying to get out before tuesday's deadline. here is a live look at the white house where president joe biden addressed the situation two hours ago. he issued a stern threat for those behind the attack. >> we will not forgive and we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> there are concerns that there could be even more attacks before tuesday's deadline. there are 1000 americans left in afghanistan. overall there are 5000 evacuees waiting to get out. since the taliban took over the
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united states and allies have evacuated 140,000 civilians. wilson walker is a live in hayward where the afghan community has been shaken by today's attack. >> reporter: this community has been preparing for the arrival of refugees and hoping that there would be more time to get people out of afghanistan. today the dynamics have changed. the donations came by the car load. clothing, baby supplies. anything that a family might need. >> are efforts are to benefit the people coming in. the refugees that will be placed here in the bay area. >> reporter: for anyone hoping to leave afghanistan the path out is even more precarious. >> today's bombings change the
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circumstance. the gates are closed pretty much today. >> reporter: spokesperson for an immigration attorney said the focus will now be on the 1500 americans that are still in the country. the time may have a run out for others that are hoping to escape. she's been working with a dozen clients who have the proper credentials to leave but have not been able to safely reach the airport. >> it is heartbreaking i have only been able to get 11 clients out. >> reporter: there are thousands of refugees on the way and many are expected to land here. >> we are behind the eight ball but this will help provide the supply for the demand. >> reporter: what role does the community have in accepting refugees that are coming? we can learn more about that
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tomorrow. there will be at townhall in this district to address all of these matters. >> a very tense situation. for more on the presidents response let's get to steve dorsey who is alive outside of the white house. >> reporter: the president and said that despite the attacks and couple. the united states will press on with the evacuation mission. and warning isis that the united states is prepared to strike back. the pentagon says that thousands of evacuees are still being processed at kabul international airport. after nearby text killed servicemembers and afghan citizens. >> two isis-k suicide bombers detonated in the vicinity of the abbey gait. which was followed by isis a
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gunman who opened fire on civilians and military forces. >> we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> reporter: the president addressed the nation over heightened criticism over the handling of the situation by his administration. >> i have instructed the military whatever the knee. if they need additional force i will granted. >> reporter: president joe biden met with his military team in the situation room. >> our mission remains that we are committed to pulling people out until we terminate operations at the end of the month. >> reporter: u.s. forces say that they should stay until the evacuation is complete. there were orders of a credible threat and the urge people to stay away.
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president joe biden so that there is no evidence that isis collaborated with the taliban took ordinate the deadly attacks. >> reporter: and you tell us a little bit more about who isis- k is? scene you will be hearing a lot more about a isis-k . this is an offshoot of the islamic state. this group in particular contains former taliban fighters , and is considered an even more extreme group. a live look at the u.s. capitol where flags are now at half staff. house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement saying that they mourn the loss of every innocent life taken. and we joined them in the heartbreak over the death of servicemember skill. from senator feinstein, "the attack is a tragic reminder that we must continue
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counterterrorism efforts in afghanistan. making sure that those responsible are bought brought to justice." we are following reaction. many people remembering the sacrifice of u.s. servicemembers. we will follow the developments out of afghanistan throughout the evening. there will be a complete wrap up tonight at 6:30 p.m. a major gas line rupture that forced residents to leave their homes could soon be over. dozens of families were affected. here's more on that story from kiet do in san jose. >> reporter: evacuation orders could be lifted around 7:00 p.m. to nine the reopening time has been pushed back multiple times. and at this point no one is holding their breasts. you can catch a strong whiff of
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gases pg&e is venting it off into the atmosphere it is still not safe to come back in yet. pg name mobilized multiple crews in to service the damaged line. >> we had to isolate each line to stop the flow of gas. six lines in total. >> reporter: a third-party contractor did call to mark the location. the contractor by lighted protocol and struck an eight inch steel pipe line. scene it's very dangerous, it is required to use hand tools to avoid striking online. >> reporter: it's the second day at the red cross shelter
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where it evacuees are hoping that there's no day three. >> last night they said we would be home by midnight. i have no idea what time it is right now. it's well after midnight. >> it is a waiting game. it could be worse. >> you never know, i would rather err on the side of caution. rather than rushing back in and seen something happen. >> reporter: reporting live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5 news. a warm up is coming. is a live look at ocean beach. chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking the heat. >> we saw significant warm up in the 80s and 90s.
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these are the current readings. another jump in temperatures is likely. 70 degrees along the coast and 70s and 80s around the bay. we will see low 90s for the north bay and near 100 for the east bay and inland areas. it is not record-setting but it is above average. the heat will linger through saturday. we are tracking this smoke. the wind shift is going to take some of that smoke from northern california and send it down our direction. you can see it blowing north to south. it will track towards us. >> we will keep an eye on that and show you the four day air quality forecast coming up. encouraging news on the fight against covid. the positivity rate is hovering at 5.4%. that is a drop from the week before.
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there 8600 patients in the hospital with covid. and that is 48 fewer than the day before. in the bay area new vaccine mandate at the court house. this peer court announces that all court employees, contractors, and volunteers must show proof of vaccination by november 1. if you're exempt for religion or medical reasons you are required to do regular testing. the cdc issued a warning about the overuse and misuse of an anti-parasite drug. that is intended for horse and cattle. poison control centers across the country has seen a spike in call the summer linked to people using ivermectin as a treatment. still ahead on kpix 5 news. the caldor fire triggering new evacuations and warnings.
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new pments on the mysterious death of a bay area family.
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new details this evening on an officer involved shooting in oakland. here's the latest from the newsroom and ken bastida. oakland police gave an update on the shooting that happened yesterday at 2:30 p.m. police are releasing the name of the man is david vargas. they are reviewing body worn camera to determine exactly what happened. the injured man was not seriously hurt. he was taken to the hospital
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and is now at the santa rita jail. >> he was wanted in connection to a criminal warrant. he was not seriously injured but it is undetermined what he was injured by cmac two firearms were recovered. police involving a attempted murder suspect that was shot and killed by an officer. the incident happened just outside of the southlake mobile home park after reports of another shooting. we brought you the briefing alive on cbsn bay area. you can watch it streaming on .
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tina chen was the ceo of the times up and has admitted that her organization had private conversations with former governor cuomo during his sexual harassment scandal. they were more comprehensive than previously known. the aftermath of a stripmall explosion in chandler arizona. four people were hurt. this happen just after 930 a.m. children from a local preschool had to be evacuated. no word yet on what caused it. the newest drought map was released today. the city of milpitas has declared a water shortage and implemented a three day outdoor watering schedule that is split up by actresses.
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during those days watering will only be allowed from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. the entire western united states is in the grip of the prolonged drought. we are talking about a significant chunk of these states in a drought condition. well over half in extreme drought. favorable conditions for the wildfires to develop your can we will feel that as we head through the next couple of days. not to much smoke. watch what happens as we set that clock forward. there is that smoke blowing in from the
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northwest. we will see hayes overhead, and also a ground-level. one city it is here we will see that it's difficult to get rid of. as we get into the second half of the weekend there will be a hayes overhead. which is a sign that the air quality may improve. next week that onshore breeze does get stronger. we are moderate today it wasn't to bad. i think we will be in that unhealthy for sensitive groups tomorrow. and for the east bay on a saturday. marginal improvement on sunday before things get a better next week. we'll keep you updated as we head through the weekend. the other story is the heat.
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temperatures warmed up to 70 degrees in san francisco. low 90s back on the map for a r concord.ates is likely tomorrow. 10 to 15 degrees warmer inland. and the temperatures will be of an hotter tomorrow. if you're headed out to the coliseum for the game against the yankees temperatures will be around 70 degrees. it's going to be a very pleasant evening. enjoy yourself and bring a light jacket for when the sun goes down. temperatures will drop down to 60 degrees in most spots. we will heat up rapidly tomorrow with high temperatures around 70 degrees. with upper 80s and low 90s for most of the santa clara valley.
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97 degrees for morgan hill and gilroy. upper 90s for the tri-valley with hot spots further inland to 100 degrees for fairfield and brentwood. as we see more smoke blowing in the air quality will be worse than what we are forecasting. temperatures in the mid-70s in san francisco. and into the low to mid 90s for most of the northbay. temperatures will top out around 100 degrees. hottest days will be tomorrow and saturday. low 80s for oakland in the east bay with temperatures getting up to 90 degrees in san jose. and then we have a cool off it start on monday and kicks in more towards the middle of next week. with temperatures seen some improvement. the same pattern falls with temperatures in the low 70s for
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saturday before returning to august weather. we will take a look at the surface level smoke coming up at 530. baseballs hottest team coming to town. the latest on evacuations in el dorado county. kpix 5 news gives you access to cbsn 24/7. ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy.
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the oakland a's are looking to get back on track as they fight for a playoff spot. they won't take on the yankees. hears more from vern glenn. >> reporter: they oakland a's are in trouble. there are teams you want to see, and teams that you have got to see. and that would be these fellows over here. the new york yankees. we saw jed lowrie take a break from stretching to address the national dog day. the yankees have been flexing their muscles. they won 11 straight. bob melvin is not interested in letting the new york continue the street. >> regardless of how they are playing we have to play better. it's always fun to play with a
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big crowd. in this is a good time to get going. there are 35 games left. it's no longer a long season. you can see the finish line. >> reporter: first pitch at 6:40 p.m. and we will see if the a's can put a stop to it. >> it's a nice time to turn it around. we will see what they can do. preseason tickets went on sale for the warriors today. the first home game is october 6 against the nuggets. the readers are back in the bay area going head-to-head with the 49ers. you can watch the third and
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final preseason game sunday at 1:00 p.m. right here on kpix 5. california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running.
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 530 p.m. right now on the kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> new developments in the death of the bay area family. the first of its kind proposal, how california could be the first state to pay drug addicts to stay sober. we are on fire watch as the caldor fire triggers even more evacuations. the good evening i am allen martin. >> and i am elizabeth cook. firefighters are trying to stop the spread of the fire into populated areas. the size of the fire is more than hundred and 36,000 acres. bigger than san jose and containment sits at 12%. 465 homes have been destroyed. and as you can see on the map
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the growth of the fire is mainly there on the east side. the purple part is what you're seen. here's more on that story from >> reporter: rit now we are live near the fire line. evacuations from twin bridges and highway 50 two the alpine county line. a lot of resources on the northeast size of the fire. they are trying to prevent the flames from moving farther south. in the video you can see the wind whipping the fire around picking up energy and creating a very challenging fire fight. firefighters are dealing with a
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lot of sparking spot fires in the dry vegetation and torched trees. we saw firsthand how dangerous the situation can turn as several trees went up in flames. firefighters immediately jumped into action and hose down the flare up. how hard is it not knowing when you can return? scene i do not know. there's not much you can do. it is very stressful. >> reporter: evacuees are still dealing with the unknown. not knowing that there homes are still standing. air attack efforts will be used this evening. we have not heard any airplanes or helicopters up above. the main threat tonight is the wind that


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