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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  August 31, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area
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studios this is kpix5 news. right now, a live look from the mark hopkins camera this morning, looking east. it's tuesday, august 31th. thank you for joining us this morning. let's get a first check of weather and traffic. we start off with mary lee. cooler temperatures today. >> that's right. we will have that ocean breeze kicking in stronger for us. we are looking at cooler temperatures and better air quality. as we go through the day we are looking at many locations in the good range for air quality because of the sea breeze. daytime highs looking at cooler temperatures compared to yesterday. low 60's along the coast. up to 70 around the bay and for the peninsula, in the mid to upper 70's and inland locations upper 70's in san jose, mid- 80s's in concord and pleasanton. up in the sierra and tahoe they
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are dealing the red flag warning in effect until wednesday, 11:00 p.m. that includes the caldor fire and the tahoe fire. gusty conditions, relative humidity values. back to you. as we look at the roadways just a couple things. there's a crash northbound 680. lanes are blocked and traffic slow as you approach the scene. if you want to hop on 101 out of the south bay that's looking better. we will watch that. no word on if any injuries are involved. your travel times off to a good start. the pass commute only 28 minutes 205 to 680. east shore freeway. that's all clear as well as highway 4 and 101 out of the south bay. first look at the bay bridge. traffic light into the city. the fire watch the caldor fire is burning in to the tahoe basin. >> now crews have launched an effort to keep the flames reaching south lake tahoe. right now all of south lake
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tahoe and the surrounding communities remain under evacuation orders. >> the fire has grown to nearly 300 square miles. more than 33,000 homes, businesses and other structures are at risk. tens of thousands of people left the area yesterday in a slow moving evacuation. evacuation warnings are now in effect. weather conditions not helping. >> the winds were picking up late last night blowing the fire toward the lake. >> that hillside is cooked. >> 77-year-old will cattrell waited for the last minute to leave his home, turning on the sprinklers and packing up what he could. >> my whole medical home office where i worked for the last year is now squeezed into the back of the car. >> as flames surrounded his neighborhood. >> i see now says bailout. >> they have called in extra strike teams to try to protect
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the homes and businesses in the tahoe basin. >> this is the number one priority in the nation for wildfires right now. we are able to get the resources we need. >> the concern was along echo summit where red flag conditions pushed flames down the 50 corridor toward the more populated areas leading to mandatory evacuations for all of south lake tahoe to the state line, causing massive traffic jams as everybody tried to leave. >> we are sitting in traffic for 40 minutes. we moved about three cars. > in the day south lake and heavenly village were quiet. the only people left, mostly those who don't have cars and were walking out of the evacuation zone, taking only what they could carry. >> taking the bus and this is the worst i have seen it for 32 years. >> we will continue the live
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coverage from south lake tahoe starting at 5:00 a.m. we have the latest evacuation orders and warnings and the updated fire forecast on kpix5. it's a new day in afghanistan after 20 years all united states troops have now left and the taliban have full control over kabul's international airport. they posted video walking across the empty runways just after midnight local time after the last american plane took off. now the pentagon said it's withdraw is now done. more on the moment when the last troops left after two decades of war. >> this rainy night vision image captures a major general boarding a c17cargo plane, the last american service member to leave afghanistan in america's longest war. with wheels up it was the official end to a 20 year conflict, the final troops left
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the airport exactly one minute before the president's deadline for withdrawal. >> the last manned air craft is now clearing the space. >> some marked the moment with celebrations in the street, others fired guns in the night sky. the taliban now have full control of the airport, this video reportedly showing the moment they walked on the tarmac. with the united states military out the state department is now in charge of helping evacuate allies and remaining american citizens who wish to leave. the secretary of state said that between 100 to 200 americans are still in afghanistan. >> military mission is over. the diplomat mission has started. >> the conflict started with press president bush's ordered and 20 years, nearly 2500
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american service members lost their lives, tens of thousands more injuried. among the last, marines who were too young to remember the war's start. >> we honor their sacrifice today. >> the sacrifices of a long war that is now over. cbs news. we have known we were going to do this for a year. there's no excuse as to why we didn't plan for the worst case situation. >> i feel good that we are out, getting out of there. i also feel really bad that we are leaving people that have helped us behind. >> the president is expected to address the nation later today. back here in the bay area this morning taking a live look at pier26 in san francisco. this is where a cargo ship is a quarantine zone after nearly the entire crew was infected
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with coronavirus. the emergency rescue on the bay. >> from chapper 5 you can see san francisco fire rescue boat 3 approach the global striker in the bay, calls from 911, the united states coast guard and the ship came in after 19 of the 20 on board said they tested positive for coronavirus. six of them asked to be taken to the hospital. >> none of the six are exhibiting severe signs of coronavirus. they are all able to walk and breathe comfortable. it's a very mild onset at this time. >> after getting evacuate from the ship the six along with paramedics were loaded in to the mass casulty bus bound for three different san francisco hospitals for treatment. the vessel out of japan has had multiple ports of call up and down the west coast in the past
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few months. in june the crew was in vancouver. then los angeles in mid-august and sacramento last thursday. the remaining 15 members of the crew, even the uninfected ones will stay on the ship to quarantine. >> they won't be able to come on shore to go to a restaurant or bar. >> if any of the other crew members get worse san francisco fire crews will take them off the boat and to hospitals. as kids head back to school some are coming home with sniffles and the question is, do they have coronavirus or just a cold. >> should parents keep them at home? the rules may be tough to figure out. >> what makes this all challenging is there isn't one set of rules for everybody to follow. everybody needs to know the local health department guidance and what a sick child
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means to you and your workplace. >> kids and germs go hand in hand. now when they get sick it's a different thing and you -- it kind of freaks you out. >> back to school means back to the days of kids bringing back colds and viruses. with the pandemic any one of those cold symptoms could be a sign of coronavirus. >> unfortunately there's not really any features between a common cold and coronavirus. >> a doctor with stanford health said with a different set of rules for each county and school district the best piece of advice is to have a plan. >> it's when the kids develop some of these gi cold symptoms what are you going to do? >> here in marin if a student has a symptom they have to quiet tested provide proof of a negative test. they hope more rapid testing
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will be available in the coming month to make the process easier for parents. >> it's disruptive. we are working from home and then suddenly have kids be home while you are trying to work. it's crazy. >> it's an inconvenience parents are willing to deal with. >> i'm happy to have my kids at school. at this point the priorities are having as many kids back on campus as possible. >> with the delta variant breakthrough cases happening in fully vaccinated people are getting coronavirus and transmitting it. different workplace s will then on different rules on how and when you can return. coming up. >> sweeping damage from hurricane ida and this morning millions remain in darkness. how long it could take for power to be restored. the and a major scandal heading to court. what to expect on day one of the elizabeth holmes trial. and later, tahoe burning.
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the new damage overnight as cabins burn and the sierra at tahoe resort in danger again. we are live at 5:00 a.m. from the fire line.
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hurricane ida pounded the louisiana coast. it's now weakened to a tropical
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depression. the powerful winds reached 150 miles an hour and ripped off roofs from homes and businesses, flying debris also knocked down power lines. it could take weeks before electricity is restored. a huge silicon valley scandal heads to court. jury selection starts in the trial of elizabeth holmes. and changes coming to indoor dining at mcdonalds. diane king hall report from the new york stock exchange. >> technology stocks once again powered wall street to new highs on monday. the dow was the exception falling 56 points, after reaching a record high on friday. the nasdaq rallied 136, extending it's all time high and the s&p500 gained 19 points. the trial of elizabeth
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holmes gets underway today in san jose, california. holmes is accused of defrauding investors in her blood testing start up which was once valued at nine billion dollars. it went bankrupt after a series of reports in the wall street journal questioning the accuracy of its testing and business practices. jury selection is scheduled to start today. holmes faces 20 years in prison if convicted. the delta variant is forcing mcdonalds to retreat from indoor dining plans. they are advising franchises in hot spots to stick to drive through take out and delivery orders. they defined a hot spot as a county with a three week average of at least 250 new cases for every 100,000 residents. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money
4:46 am at the new york stock exchange. which are staying on top of the caldor fire. it could be devastating for wildfire. >> this video caught our eye. it's a bear trying to escape the flames. this was taken yesterday afternoon in the river park estates area of south lake tahoe. the bear was spotted checking out garage doors and wandering through backyards. nobody was around. everybody had evacuated. if they left yesterday they may have heard this. >> hundreds of cars sat stalled in evacuation traffic. one tahoe man took the time for a violin performance. >> this is some good time. i'm working on my bowing technique right now. i hate wasting the time. >> he said he had been sitting in the same spot for an hour before he decided to take out
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his violin. traffic has been backed up all day long. that was yesterday as thousands left that area because of the caldor fire. sounds good, though. >> he does. >> nice little entertainment. >> we need something just to kind of help them out. they are still dealing with the flames so close to the south lake tahoe area. our winds are not going to help. looking at gusty conditions up in tahoe once again. we have dangerous fire weather conditions in effect. all the way onto tomorrow night. here is a live look at the caldor fire. you can see that massive plume of smoke. this is in el dorado county with our live web camera out there. let's talk about what firefighters are up against with the caldor fire. today looking at temperatures in the mid-70s. humidity low down to about 10 to 20%.
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west southwesterly winds 15 to 20. gusts up to 30 and you can see that wind flow and that could push the flames into the south lake tahoe area. that's why it's such a big concern. we are watch that closely for you with that red flag warning in effect up in the sierra for the caldor fire and the tahoe fire. all the locations shaded in that red color. that's until tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. really watching the next 48 hours here. as we look to our temperatures here in the bay area. we are looking at a different story. we have that ocean breeze kicking in for us. with it better air quality and cooler temperatures. that sea breeze pushing that haze and smoke away from us. pushing it into the tahoe area with those westerly winds. still looking at temperatures in the upper 40's in santa rose a50's to low to mid-60s's and fog along the coast and around the bay. a bit of mist and drizzle even along the coast.
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looking at our air quality in the good to moderate category. as we go through the day that will be the case for us as we look at that on shore flow, helping the air quality. more of that marine influence with cooler temperatures. as we go through tomorrow in fact with that low sliding far south and that stronger sea breeze tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week with the cooler temperatures there. as we go through the day today you can see we are looking great. could see more haze and smoke there and as we show you our sunrise. daytime highs we are looking at low to mid70's, even upper 70's for the peninsula. for the inland east bay, 86 concord as well as for pleasant hill. around the bay 66, and daytime highs in the mid to upper 70's to low 80's for the north bay. topping out at 93 for ukia.
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cooling it down just a bit. also for san jose, south bay and the mid7o's by wednesday. inland east bay down to the low 80's. low 70's for the north bay and cool, cloudy and breezy in the low 60's along the coast. let's check in with gianna. how is it shaping up out there? we have a crash if are you going along northbound 680 near allen rock. two lanes are blocked. looks like at least four cars will need tow trucks. give yourself a few minutes if you want to use 101 as the alternate. let you know when the delays dissipate. still early for the morning commute. won't be too bad as you head out of the south bay. your drive in to the pass, already busy. 32 minutes now from 205 over toward 680. no wind advisory this morning and doesn't seem to be any trouble as far as accidents or incidents go. just the usual stuff as you come out of tracy getting onto
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that 580 connector. it's good news if you are getting ready to take the east shore freeway. that will take you about 13 minutes. once you get to the maze and you head toward the bay bridge lightly traveled, no delays out of the east bay as you head into san francisco. your drive time under ten minutes to head into the city across the upper deck. san mateo bridge clear in both directions. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. if you are taking 880 here is a live look. south you should be good to go the rest of the way in to the fremont area. good morning. it is nfl roster cut day. 1:00 today. it's over. that means the 49ers get 53. we have that and normally, comfortable at home, right? turns out the giants last night needed more than this to feel comfortable because the best of
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the national league central ha
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good morning. i have baseball up top wherein juries and illness greeted the giants. the starter called in sick yesterday. last night that was his turn. they sent out the fresh bullpen. jose alvarez against the brewers, leaders of the national league central. burns treated last night like a homecoming, struck out nine in six innings. if that wasn't enough batted in the second run to make it 2-0.
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crawford, found a hole. brandon bell scored, cut the lead to 2-1. giants had a chance. down 3-1 on the 9th. brewers got weapons. pop up for the final out and a giants back to back losses, 3-1 final. actually the giants had dropped three of its last four games. >> they are kind of one of those teams that aren't talked about as much but they should be because they win. you know and we are out here battling them. they just could have had a good line up and staff. they are doing well this year. >> so, done in los angeles that's mookie bets momdiana. a third inning big fly. one of four home runs for the dodgers. mom liked it. dodgers won it. they gained a game on the front running giants with in a game
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and a half now in the west. nfl we have 49ers business. trey lance has a chip fracture in his right thumb. he is out for a week for it to heal. he hurt it in sunday's win over the raiders. 49ers open up september 12th at detroit. vegas the night night will host the raiders. what did you think of the 49ers rotating quarterbacks first couple of series? lance and jimmy almost every other play and each ran for a touchdown. >> the rotating quarterbacks. is that -- the normal moving forward? >> probably not. we just wanted to practice today. what a good time to practice in the pre-season. >> you know i'm used to having jimmy in there the entire time. when trey comes in.
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we saw os aka in new york after withdrawing from the french open, wimbledon. she won it in straight sets. if you want to be cool in the tennis world you say 4 and 1. that is sports at this hour. we will see you later on with the results of roster cuts out of the nfl. in south lake tahoe. we are keeping a close eye on the caldor fire as tens of thousands are under evacuation orders. we will look at the current conditions and where the fire has been headed up next. and a south bay sheriff in the hot seat after a series of costly scandals. what county leaders doing to send her a ♪ ♪ fall together with lowe's.
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> right now. on high alert in south lake tahoe. look at this scene from overnight as fire crews work through the night to save the town. we are live. the challenge this morning the red flag warning that's still in effect right now. what crews up against and the potential impact on the air quality in the bay area. and a case that's being called silicon valley's biggest fraud. we are live with what to expect on day one of jury selection and the elizabeth holmes trial. the later the demand from students at a bay area university after a classmate's racist and violent social media post. >> we are on fire watch this tuesday, august 31th. >> we start with the extreme fire threat from the caldor fire in south lake tahoe. ann is on assignment. >> what are conditions like out there this morning? >> the good news now is that


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