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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 31, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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of this comes after a rough night for firefighters. now we in the midst of red flag conditions, and that's expected to last until tomorrow at 11 p.m. the next few hours will be very dangerous. let's roll video for you, because ground crews out here have been battling flames, about two weeks, now, earlier today at times flames were close to structures and making matters worse, the fire started to spread, into trees, which provided a lot of dry fuel and because of the severe drought conditions, the main objective right now is protecting homes after more than 50,000 people evacuated. so far, as we come back alive, you can see all of the dry brush and all of the fuel that's on the ground right now, some of that fuel is the dry pine needles that are sitting down there, so when the flames,
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if flames were to come through, they can turn into kindling and embers, and as you can hear through my mic right now, the wind is whipping up, we can tell you since this morning well before dawn, fire crews started doing back burns, essentially what they were %-úd fire, they basically burned away some of the dry brush out here to start working on that containment line, the containment line now is at about 16%, they want to try to hopefully expand that in preparation for tonight, as you hear the wind whipping through my mic. for now we are reporting live, we will send it back to you. >> no era tech means another long night we appreciate the coverage, thanks. evacuees are seeking shelter on the nevada side and many of them are at capacity. >> one shelter has been packed and we have learned officials are in the process of moving those evacuees. reporter laura haisley is live at the latest on that.
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laura? remax thousands of people evacuating south lake tahoe, some went into california and some crossed state lines to nevada. in gardnerville, this evacuation center is closing down, that is for several reasons. one is that right now, parts of douglas county where we are are under evacuation warnings. the red cross moving the shelter in case those warnings increase, or change in any way. the other reason is what you are seeing here, all of this ash filled up on the ground in the sky around me, the air quality here is just extremely dangerous, not a good place for evacuees to be. i want to show you how hard the red cross is working to move this shelter, which, by the way, it will be moving to the reno sparks convention center if you are looking for the red cross, but, these volunteers have been moving, resources, food, water, shelters, into these trucks to
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get them into reno, where evacuees are currently being consolidated, a second truck behind me here, also full of resources as well, the red cross working hard to make sure this evacuees are safe. we spoke to several families who, of course, devastated they had to leave south lake tahoe, some locals we spoke to say they couldn't believe their eyes during the evacuation process. >> i'm really hoping that it doesn't reach the part of town where everybody i know is. i'm just sad for the situation. seeing these people out here, they are evacuating this place, too. i've never seen anything like this before. i've never seen tahoe be deserted and empty before. >> keep in mind, labor day is just a few days away, south lake tahoe would normally be bustling with people heading there for the last summer hurrah, unfortunately it is not
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looking like that's going to happen. here in gardnerville this evacuation center closing down, if you need the red cross, if you need resources, you will want to head to the reno sparks convention center instead. >> you can see, around you, how brown and orange it is, how terrible the air quality is. stay safe. >> firefighters are also trying to protect hundreds of homes in christmas valley, they're burning dense vegetation, trying to create the fire breaks, keep the flames from getting out of control. most people have left that area, but reporter rachel wulff caught up with one man who waited until now. >> you raised only to your kids here, and you didn't want to leave. >> just up to the last minute. >> have you ever had something like this happened before? >> no. this is a 1st for me.
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never been through this. but i'm ready to go, now. >> reporter: it's pretty close to the house. >> yeah. >> it's hard for you, i can tell. >> it is so hard. really difficult. the footprint of the fire is getting bigger and is more visible from space, now. this is from the satellite, you can see the fire and all that smoke billowing up and out, chief meteorologist paul hagan continues our team coverage. >> let's look at the air quality around south lake tahoe, this looks similar to the air-quality map we showed you through the same region 24 hours ago, some of the worst air quality in the world around the southern end of lake tahoe into the unhealthy and hazardous categories, and if you saw laura's video, you can see why, the orange and brown air so choked with wildfire smoke. dishes are favorable still for
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the caldor fire to spread closer and closer to south lake tahoe into the tahoe basin over the next 24 hours. the red flag warning not there, but throughout the high sierra, continuing through 11:00 wednesday evening, another day tomorrow of gusty winds and low humidity levels. we will come back and talk about the bay area forecast in more detail, not just the air-quality well below average temperatures for the next couple of days in a few minutes. >> we will have continuing coverage for the caldor fire on air and on, and all of your social media platforms. new at 5:30, the sarah cloudy took abortive no- confidence in sheriff lori smith. kpix 5 tells us the vote was unanimous. >> reporter: sheriff lori smith is an elected official chosen by the people, so today's vote of no confidence is largely symbolic, but as supervisor joe smitty said, they have a duty to say something.
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>> it was a sad day, frankly. >> reporter: supervisor joe co- author of the resolution calling for the vote of no- confidence. in it was a laundry list of incidents, everything from the inmate eating death of michael tyree, where three jail guards were convicted of murder to the indictment of her own staff in the concealed weapon permit scandal, to the sheriff or self pleading the fifth in that same investigation. >> to sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. we have to protest, we have to speak up. we have to say this is not acceptable or we can't be surprised that we continue to see it. in the weeks and months and years ahead. >> reporter: the sheriff blasted the supervisors for a lack of mental health services, and for moving ahead with building a new $390 million jail instead of a new psychiatric hospital. >> mental health people should be in hospital, the county jail should not be used as a mental health hospital. which is what the board has asked of me. you tasked me with being your band-aid, now you are placing blame not taking responsibility. you are ignoring the systemic
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issues of the best treatment and places for those in crisis. you are the only entity, that can make a difference. building meaningful, psychiatric hospital , and give people the treatment they deserve. >> five members without that. >> the board also moved forward with exploring options to reduce the jail population an alternative to jail for certain offenders. there is a big staff report on that due november 16th. >> what we heard today was, again, a denial, deflection, diversion. and no real willingness to accept responsibility for the conduct that has been such a source of concern. >> reporter: kpix 5. in a released statement, sheriff smith said the santa clara county who prides themselves on being progressive, is failing in their ability to address the systemic issue of mental health.
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the board of supervisors have to take responsibility for their failures, and develop solutions to this public health crisis. a massive pipeline project to bring more water to the bay area clears one hurdle, why one environmental group is saying not so fast. the new covid milestone just reached in california. coming up in 6:00, thousand searching for shelter after the caldor fire ripped them from their homes. the big changes some are hoping to make to prevent these disasters from happening again. plus, >> there's not just two weeks, 14 days until the recall election, i'm devon feeley and coming up we will take a look at some of the factors which may determine the outcome. >> kpix 5 news at 6:00 with ken and elizabeth, coming up next. coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. we have an interesting broadcast tonight, an update on the situation after hurricane ida, the death toll rising, the heat over 100 degrees, and more
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than 1 million without electricity. plus, as the taliban take control of the kabul airport, there's a new
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governor newsom was in oakland today to highlight a new coronavirus milestone for our state. he says more than 80% of eligible residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine. >> california has now ministered 48 million doses of vaccine, that's 18 million more than the next highest state. the state of texas. we are proud of that. >> the governors:briefing live on cbsn bay area, you can watch 24/7, streaming on , or the kpix 5 news app . he is encouraging even more people to get the shot, right now california's test positivity rate stands at 4.6%.
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8700 people are hospitalized with covid, that's a 1% increase from the day before. the first of 41 rebuilt escalators in downtown san francisco bart stations opened today, following a ribbon- cutting event at the powell street station. >> i'm incredibly proud that we can show this milestone, this brand-new, state-of-the-art escalator that is here in powell station, which is the gateway for millions of visitors. >> the new escalators will be located in the powell montgomery embarcadero and civic center stations, they are said to be more reliable and will have shorter downtime when they go out of service. the project is scheduled to be completed by 2027. coming up, the extreme drought forcing a bay area county to take extreme measures. the multimillion dollar plan in the works. set your dvr, you
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trouble for san jose-based zoom shares the videoconferencing platform drop double digits despite beating expectations with its latest quarterly report card. zoom says it earned almost $317 million in revenue, topped 1 billion. user growth has slowed since the pandemic peak. a virginia e-commerce company has a solution as people sort out childcare during covid. dy obey, bring your own baby to
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work, in nursing clothes company, the moms multitask through crying naps and everything in between. founder melissa word implemented the option in 2016, now her company is growing an average of 86% each year. with 25 of her employees coming to work with babies in tow. >> are you concerned about safety and liability? >> there's a waiver that's signed, liability insurance. but it comes down to trusting your employees. >> other companies have similar policies like tilde and the organic skincare brand badger, which, before covid allowed kids up to six months old. >> we would have a different newscast if we did that. right your customers will be able to cruise in a new high- tech driverless vehicle. hyundai unveiled its computer- driven ionic. robo taxi. an all electric vehicle that can safely operate without a
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driver, they say. passengers have some control to tell the car to do things such as when to make an extra stop. lyft plans to use the robo taxi in 2023. a week from today, cb is popular morning show will have a new home and a new name. >> and a new coanchor at the desk. >> welcome to cbs mornings, i'm gayle king. >> this is our new home, in the heart of new york city. >> i like the new look, starting next week cbs mornings moves to its new studio in times square, gayle king revealed photos of the new set and greenroom, joining her and tony at the table is former nfl player and emmy award-winning cbs sports analyst nate burlison. >> this was a unique opportunity that i really couldn't pass up. >> we are bringing more of the featured storytelling magic that sunday morning is known for to every day of the week. we will still be covering the top news stories of the day but
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we will get them time and care that they deserve. >> it's not an evolution revolution, it's an evolution. >> reporter: cbs mornings will feature arts and culture pieces from anthony mason, and continuing the popular what to watch segment. move over, starbucks, bud light just came out with its own pumpkin spice beverage. a pumpkin spice spiked seltzer made with a blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla. the company's new fall variety pack also includes flavors such as toasted marshmallow, maple pear, and apple crisp. it will be available starting next week. >> i would argue there is too much pumpkin spice. some argue that you can never have too much, in this case, >> if you think we are coming up on that line of too much funk and spice, oh no, look behind you. >> we passed that years ago. >> it is firmly in the rearview mirror. let's take a look at what the
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weather headlines as we head to, getting closer to the unofficial end of summer, labor day weekend. cool weather will stick with us for the next couple of days to start the month of september. cool weather through thursday will be hot in length, labor day weekend at temperatures into the 80s and hotspots into the 90s. patches of smoke still possible over the next few days. air quality improved today at ground level but still some haze visible on the horizon with upper-level smoke, but focus on the ground level smoke where we have to breathe in, that cleared up nicely today, but like i talked about in the 5:00, every once in a while spoke from northern california will rotate out over the ocean and swing through the bay area. when we look at the smoke through the depth of the atmosphere, we are looking at some in the north bay tomorrow and across the bay area thursday. the service level smoke looks m the highest elevations of northern sonoma county, lake and mendocino counties will bear the brunt of smoky conditions tomorrow. air quality at worst moderate for the north bay and good for the rest of the bay area.
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farther up in the atmosphere on thursday for all the bay area, not much of it will make its way to ground level, forecasting moderate air quality for everybody on thursday, but i don't think it will get worse than that in the short term. for tomorrow, most of us will be in the green, we will give you moderate for the north bay by tomorrow afternoon. some of that smoke makes its way into, high temperatures today, significantly cooler for him in parts of the bay area, only mid 80s in concord san jose made it to 83 degrees, that's a degree above normal for the last day of august. above 80, mid-70s for fremont and, and low 60s in pacifica, current temperatures running in the 70s and 80s, some spots dipping into the 60s, downtown the temperature is only at 61 degrees. significantly cooler, temperatures tonight dropping down, i'm not sure what la, they got flipped above the numbers. low to mid 50s, the numbers are accurate, high temperatures tomorrow will be 6 to 8 degrees below normal, only mid 70s for
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san jose and short at 80 degrees in concord, high temperatures around 60 degrees along the coast, we will be in the low to mid 70s for most locations around the south end of the bay, and this did the same thing flipping her temperatures upside down. mid to upper 70s, and low 80s, the valley will reach up into the mid to upper 70s, short of 80 degrees and the warm spots, fairfield, antioch, just barely above 80 degrees. temperatures around the bay mid 60's in san francisco with upper 60s for most of the east bay including oakland, upper 60's and low 70s for the north bay until you have farther north temperatures warm up as you head towards mendocino and lake counties into the 80s if not around 90 degrees. below average temperatures continue, we start a transition to a warmer weather pattern but it is still slightly below normal, then sunday and monday, those of the warm days, low to mid 70s for san francisco, 80 for oakland in east bay into the upper half of the 80s in san jose, close to 90 degrees for the north bay, mid 90s on a widespread basis for inland parts of the east bay, some of
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the hottest spot approaching 100 degrees for sunday and labor day and along the coast temperatures get to around 70 degrees. take a look at the four day air quality forecast that takes us to labor day weekend, coming up at 6:00. >> next at 6:00 the new evacuations just ordered as the caldor fire sets its sights on the california nevada border. >> john ramos in concord where the southern fall of afghanistan to the taliban has now become a local story. we will have that story coming up. two weeks until gavin newsom find out if he will still be our governor. a look at how things could play out in his recall election. still ahead at 5:00, a bay area county looking to the past to bring in much-needed water.
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kpix 5 is live in madera with that story. kenny? >> reporter: this proposed pipeline project would bring in more water and would stretch all the way across the span of the richmond san rafael bridge behind me, and address part of this water shortage. millions of dollars are being spent on this proposed project already, but there still is no greenlight yet.
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nearly 200,000 marin county residents rely on the mount watershed for drinking water and other needs. the lack of rainfall for years and maybe many more is drying up the reservoir. >> will run out of water? i've had people reach out to me, very anxious, this is a crisis of biblical proportion. >> reporter: the visible water district approved $2.2 million for consultants to work on initial designs for a pipeline stretching across the upper deck of the richmond san rafael bridge, the could bring much- needed water from central valley agricultural areas. >> the pipeline will require a certain amount of maintenance, but it's the kind of thing you can come to when you need it. >> reporter: the local environmental group believes the pipeline project should be explored, but is concerned pumping water into meet increasing demand will only lead to unnecessary energy use. >> we are trying to meet our energy requirements currently, with renewable energy, and the more we add on additional energy demand, the harder it
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gets to being able to lie completely on renewable energy. >> reporter: mandatory restrictions like limiting water use for lawns already in place. recent numbers of consumers are falling short of the districts 40% water reduction goal. building a pipeline like that is to did during the 1977 drought could be part of the fix , and likely wouldn't be taken down in the foreseeable future with drought a reoccurring problem. >> we are really looking to this as a long-term, a long- term investment. >> reporter: water officials estimate the new line would cost 60 to 80 million to construct. kenny, any idea how long it could take to build the pipeline? >> liz, water district say that if all goes according to plan, the pipeline project could be completed by june of next year. if it falls through, though, district officials say that they have other options, including restricting, tightening the water restrictions even further, and
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possibly desalination plants as an option, but that would be more costly. >> very expensive. kenny troy live for us, thank you. now at 6:00, fire crews battling walls of flames in south lake tahoe. we will take a look at the fight to save homes. it was creepy, and sad, and scary. >> new evacuations just issued, as the fire inches closer to the california nevada border. big changes being pushed to prevent this devastation from happening again. could that change, following the recall election. a look at how the next two weeks, that could determine if he keeps his job. >> i want to go to registrar of borders, here, to make sure my boat vote will be counted.
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>> we start with a look at the nightmare fire crews are facing right nowldor fire. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and we are going to take a few seconds to let you see and hear the situation on the front lines right now tonight. >> when you hear someone say the fire roars, it talks, that's what they mean. this video just in, twin bridges along highway 50, a couple of things to note. in these shots you can see the wind driving the flames. when it's going like that there is little that anyone, any fire crew can do. we begin coverage tonight with reporter renc the fire lines.


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