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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 31, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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nightmare fire crews are facing right nowldor fire. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and we are going to take a few seconds to let you see and hear the situation on the front lines right now tonight. >> when you hear someone say the fire roars, it talks, that's what they mean. this video just in, twin bridges along highway 50, a couple of things to note. in these shots you can see the wind driving the flames. when it's going like that there is little that anyone, any fire crew can do. we begin coverage tonight with reporter renc the fire lines.
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>> reporter: flames are raging near neighborhoods less of nestled along highway 50. many surrounded by trees that are still smoldering. the firefight intensifying with every passing hour. >> spot fires continue to read the tahoe basin, flames are coming down the mountainside dangerously close to homes off of west river park drive and south upper truckee road, the homeowner here using sprinklers to protect their property, and crews are standing just right nearby, ready to protect homes if those claims come any closer. the wind already blowing smoke in that direction, conditions are expected to get worse with the red flag warning being extended. the wind is carrying flames, check out this massive tree on fire. >> our tactic down here, we can see multiple dozer lines and we are basically trying to hurt this fire, put a line between the structures out here, and
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the fire, and we can't control it, it's just, we don't have any out there to stop the fire, so we result to hurting the fire. >> further down south upper truckee road, the wind continues to fuel flames like the ones you see in the distance, crews standing by, ready to protect that cabin that you see directly behind me, protection is happening right next to this property where you see crews are removing anything that can burn. the wind pushing ash and debris into lake tahoe where flames are exploding miles away, getting closer by the hour. >> within the last two hours, new evacuation orders were issued on the nevada side. the focus, now, on douglas county and the kingsbury area. on the california side, the evacuations are causing tourist hotspots to look more like ghost towns. take a look at this video from kirkwood ski resort. it's empty and smoky.
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kpix 5 is in south lake tahoe near heavenly, where things are looking very different than what you would expect if you a few days before a holiday weekend. katie? >> reporter: liz, it's downright eerie to be here at the state line, you would expect to see tons of tourists out here especially in the height of the summer travel season, but, right now, nothing. what we've got is a roadblock, this is right at the state line, and what is is, this is the highway patrol they are stopping anyone from coming over onto the california side of south lake tahoe, because that's all under a mandatory evacuation order, but the casinos are on the nevada side, and they are going to stay open. >> we are keeping the casinos and everything operational, we have a lot of fire assets that are staying here. this is our core. >> reporter: the casinos themselves are still open, but due to the evacuations and
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closed roads, the slot machines are quiet. the tables empty. in addition to fire crews staying at the hotels, there are a large number of evacuees. >> that's where we live. in this area here. >> reporter: there's even a fire information board set up in front of harris casino to help evacuees like don hynde and her husband stay up-to-date on what's happening with the firefight. >> it's difficult not to be able to see what's going on down there at our home. if it's there, not having information come to you like where is the fire going. >> reporter: she said it's equally strange to see her hometown of more than 30 years basically deserted. empty restaurants and hotels that would normally be packed with people during the summer. empty beaches along the shores of lake tahoe. picturesque ski runs on heavenly, now obscured by smoke so thick it's hard to even make out the mountains. >> not a soul around. it was creepy, and sad, and
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scary. >> reporter: talking about the air quality, it's not just for the people that are still here that it's a problem, but also because the visibility has been so poor we really have not seen any of those firefighting aircraft on this side of the tahoe basin. we've heard they're over on the other side on highway 88 near kirk wood, but because the smoke is just so thick, those resources aren't able to get in here, and that could be a problem overnight tonight, as we continue to have those red flag wind conditions. >> such a difficult firefight right now, thank you. evacuation centers in nevada rf capacity. officials are directing people to the reno sparks convention center for people who have fled north, a shoulder was also set up at the truckee veterans hall. meanwhile in the bay area, the handle re-hotel in san francisco was offering discounted rates to fire
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evacuees. on gary street next to union square, anyone who is displaced can book a room for $75 per night, and that includes parking. as for those in need of shelter for their animals, the douglas county animal shelter in gardnerville nevada is offering help, and those with large animals can take them to the douglas county fairgrounds. pets can also be taken to the truckee animal shelter or the humane society of truckee tahoe. checking in with our meteorologist, paul hagan, to take a look at those wind conditions. that katie was talking about, and what's driving this fire right now. >> gusty winds, low humidity delay, the winds will die down a lot tonight, conditions will be favorable to the for the fi t the flame icons are the satellite indicated hotspots where the fire is spreading and you can see it follows the wind arrows, strong southwesterly winds gusting up to 35 to 45 mph today, tomorrow similar conditions, sustained
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winds 15 to 20 mph, gusts to 35, humidity levels very low, 10 to 20%. no help from mother nature for the fire crews trying to get containment on this thing. not just around the caldor fire, around the dixie fire, red flag warning is huge until 11:00 tomorrow. southwesterly winds included today, that may not be permanent. we talked about it in the full forecast. as thousands of crews battle the devastating wildfires, a group of the public and lawmakers is pushing for better wildfire prevention. the group held an informal wildfire form in front of the state capital today, this after an official oversight hearing was abruptly canceled by democrats. the hearing was supposed to examine the administration's track record on wildfire prevention. during today's forum, status of lj member james gallagher called on the state to conduct more forest management. >> despite the heat and recent additional funding, we are not getting anywhere close to where
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we need to be. we recently entered into an agreement with the federal government to treat 1 million acres per year. they haven't held up on their end of the bargain, but neither has the state. >> during a news conference today, governor newsom addressed wildfires saying extreme dry conditions are what's fueling the flames. he thanked the president for federal emergency funding to help those impacted by the unprecedented year. so far this year across california, cal fire says it's responded to nearly 7000 wildfires. more than 1.8 million acres has burned across the state, and more than 2800 structures have burned, meaning hundreds if not thousands may have lost their homes in wildfires this year. this evening the u.s. for for services trenching to the military for help combating wildfires. right now roughly 200 u.s. army soldiers getting wildfire training before heading up to the dixie fire front lines to serve his hand crews.
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this evening the state says it's top priority is getting control of the caldor fire. ken? >> to give her that, we will have continuing live coverage from the caldor fire on air and on and all our social media platforms. live video reports from tahoe, up-to-date evacuation maps, and raw video coming in showing the most intense firefights. let's take a i look at the state capital tonight where voters have 14 more days to decide if governor newsom should keep his job as kpix 5 devin fehely reports, the governor was back in the bay area today to help make his case. >> reporter: turnout and enthusiasm are likely to be key in the closing days of the recall campaign. governor newsom was once again touring the state, even as supporters and opponents take advantage of early voting. >> we have broken 80% of all eligible californians having received at least one dose.
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>> reporter: governor newsom touted the success of the state vaccination program and his handling of the pandemic, and with the recall election nearing took a jab at his political opponents. >> i want to remind people that we have the power of choice in california, to walk down a path where we are ideological and political about our approach to keeping healthy safe, or continuing down the path that we are on. >> reporter: voters showed up at the registrar's office in san jose to drop off their ballots or vote in person. >> i want to go to the registrar of voters here, to make sure my vote will be counted. >> reporter: newsom is the second governor in all of california's history to face the recall. his political fortunes rising and falling with frustrations over pandemic restrictions and the resurgence of the virus itself. >> i would not want to have to bet my life as to which way this election is going to go. >> reporter: jim pitkin voted in person today.
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he says the side that does the best job marshaling the enthusiasm and momentum of its supporters is likely to come out on top. >> all elections and the being decided based on turnout. >> reporter: a big even less clear is a merge from a crowded field of candidates to replace governor newsom if the recall succeeds. republican larry elder is the apparent frontrunner, but even he is pulling in the low 20s. >> i got people in my own family who are hesitant about voting yes on the recall, because they are unhappy about the candidate field that they have. >> reporter: that's why opponents of the recall say they are making sure to cast their no vote now. >> the voting process should be taken seriously, not have these entertainers, and anybody off the street that says they want to be elected. >> reporter: you can drop off your ballot or vote in person all the way through the september 14th election. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, helen east bay community is preparing to welcome hundreds of afghan
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new at 6:00, afghan communities in the bay area preparing for the arrival of hundreds of evacuees from afghanistan. kpix 5 john ramose is in walnut creek where volunteers are organizing a relief effort.
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>> reporter: america's longest war ended today, but rather than a sense of celebration there is a sobering feeling that the country's obligation to the afghans is only just beginning. over the weekend at the islamic cultural center in concord, volunteers met to begin planning relief efforts for afghan refugees. that will include food, housing, interpreters, social services, and help for families with kids from infants to teens. >> we left the country with nothing but what they were wearing. so we plan to provide everything for them. >> reporter: today local afghans met with and marked a sony a who says despite the cost of living in california, the state is ready to do its part. >> we have relocated more people from around the world who have come here as refugees, then any other state, including texas as far as i'm aware, and we have a good infrastructure that way, is it perfect? no, but we are getting better all the time. >> reporter: the afghans also
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want to bring international pressure on the taliban and their brutal repression of the afghan people, especially its women, who had made so much progress over the years. >> we took them so far, it's hurting right now. it is so sad to just leave them there. >> people are questioning, why was the u.s. there for 20 years if the taliban are still there? it feels like a failure. >> reporter: unlike when the russians left, few afghans wanted to see the americans go. >> they couldn't bring peace, they couldn't bring a solution, they couldn't decide what to do, but they left the country, and left turmoil in the country. >> reporter: with the u.s. leading the way it did, there is little military influence left, but the taliban needs to pay attention or risk being isolated by the world community. but, will the taliban even care? most here think they are less interested in building a nation
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then simply tearing one down. in concord, john ramose, kpix 5. the bay area relief effort will involve every aspect of life for the afghan refugees. live pictures from san jose where jury selection just got underway in the theranos fraud trial of former silicon valley ceo elizabeth holmes. holmes made her way through a crowd of reporters as she arrived at the san jose federal courthouse this morning. she is charged with conspiracy and wire fraud. she is accused of orchestrating a multimillion dollar scheme to defraud patients, doctors, and investors with bogus blood testing technology. kpix 5 ramirez was at the courthouse today. >> reporter: eight is very much a part of this trial, with the judge today dismissing nine prospective jurors because they had been unvaccinated in attending this trial for such a long time on a daily basis could be considered a hardship for them. the judge also explained how this courthouse has been
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upgraded recently with its hvac system, and it recirculates air of reassuring the jurors who are in the room. the judge is also requiring the jurors and the people in the courtroom to be masked up during the trial. in fact, elizabeth holmes, the defendant, asked the judge through her attorneys to not be masked, so that she would have face time with the jurors, but the judge denied that request. >> prosecutors say they are expecting a week for jury selection, then 18 weeks to present evidence with jury deliberation hopefully happening in early december. if convicted, holmes could get 20 years in prison. dozens of teachers, demonstrating outside san francisco city hall today, they are calling on the san francisco unified school district to implement more safety measures for covid, and the wildfires. some of those demands include more air purifiers, and safe sites. the district has put in
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extra health measures since the teachers and students return to the classroom. the weather pattern that has set up the strong southwesterly winds in the sierra, comes getting efforts of fire crews to contain the caldor fire along the dixie fire, all the other fires, the weather pattern stuck in place, for the bay area it's an onshore wind that improve their air quality today, that's with us tomorrow and thursday but things will start to shift a little bit on friday, an upper level disturbance off to our southwest will be close enough to start to steer the mid and upper level winds and whatever the wind shifts we have to be worried about another wave of smoke potentially making its way through the bay area, it won't be a concern tomorrow, moderate air quality for the north bay tomorrow, a little bit of smoke trying to sneak in, otherwise it will be good across the board. another wave of smoke living in from the ocean thursday, drifts down from the north over the ocean and swings, i think the worst we will see heading into the beginning of labor day weekend is moderate air quality.
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the skies are blue, still hazy on the horizon but that's an improvement, temperature is below average for the last day of august, 77 in livermore and concord for the warm response, the cool spot is downtown at 61 degrees, 60 degrees right now, a cool evening but he's used to the cool temperatures, not going to change a lot, steadily dropping into the upper 50s over the next several hours, dogs will enjoy the below average temperatures that will continue the next couple of days , and more of an inland push to the fog by early tomorrow morning should back up quickly, we will see improved visibility by 9:00, 10:00, temperatures in the low to mid 50s to begin the day wednesday, high temperatures 6 to 8 degrees below average, 60s around the bay, around 60 along the coast, upper 60s, low 70s for the north bay, loads to mid 70s with upper 70s to around 80 degrees the warmest spots farther east in the east bay, not too bad at all, but there's a warm-up down the line by sunday and monday temperatures inland into the upper 80s for
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san jose into the mid-90s for inland parts of the east bay, and into the upper 80s for the north bay as well, close to 90 degrees and up to 70 degrees along the coast. now, sports. he made the most famous catch in 49er franchise history. his name was dwight clark, and tonight, at concord pavilion, friends, teammates, honor the
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it is the dwight clark legacy series at concord pavilion. fans will listen from 49er legends talking about the one they call dc. who lost his battle with als in 2018. expected to attend tonight, former defensive backs ronnie lott, and dwight hicks. tight-end brent jones will fly in for this one, george kittle is expected to make an appearance. all of this to benefit the 49ers old and heart fund which assists former members of the team. former fullback tom rathmann was just coming into the league with a dc. >> he was the standard. him and joe. him, joe, and in my opinion, ronnie. and roger, drafted jerry rice, and boom. here we go. >> and off it went.
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waited all this time to ask you about the old quarterback question, you been through this with montana and young, montana, young, now it's trey lance and jimmy garoppolo. what is your thought about that? >> put them both out there at the same time. >> rotating quarterbacks. >> let's get them both out there at the same time. >> it was cut down day for the 49ers. they had to trim the roster to 53 players, and they elected to keep receiver jaylinn heard, drafted in 2019. he has never played in a regular-season game, because of injury. also, running back to michael hastings survived cut day. the second year that scored a pair of touchdowns a sunday against the raiders. and, a list of notables, players that did not make the cut, receiver travis benjamin, running back wayne goleman, and defensive back clinton dix, and
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dante johnson. ron announced today that he plans to step away from full time coaching at the end of the . he's been with the giants for 34 years in various roles, in 1998, he joined dusty baker's staff and is now the longest figured coach in franchise history. earlier this month he won his 2000th game with the team. by the way, the giants and the a's tonight, moving pictures of course, coming up on the late show. >> he should be managing this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got.
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before we let you go, one final check on this massive caldor fire, 90 minutes ago cal fire issued new evacuation orders in alpine county, and across the state line for douglas county. this could be going into nevada. the fire burning around 300 square miles, that is about four times the size of the city of san francisco. >> nearly 500 homes have been destroyed, 33,000 others are threatened. the fire is just 16% contained. we will have updates coming for you tonight at 7:00 and of course at 11:00 we will have continuing coverage on the caldor fire on air, on, and of course on all of our social media platforms.
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for watching tonight at 6:00, the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area, you can find it on the kpix 5 news app and the cbs evening news is coming up next. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, the death toll from hurricane ida rises, and now a new concern for the more than a million people without power-- sweltering heat with temperatures that feel like 105. devastation and heartbreak in louisiana. people who evacuated ahead of the storm told not to return. >> many of the roads here are only accessible by boat or lifted pickup truck. >> o'donnell: and the mad dash to evacuate patients from hospitals. plus, living without power or clean running water. >> stay strong. we'll make it. >> o'donnell: tracking the storm: ida heads up the east coast. the life-threatening rain for tens of millions of americans from tennessee to boston. president biden defends his decision. the president addresses critics


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