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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  September 1, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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what it could mean for air quality in the bay area. mary lee is tracking. and then a new on the job requirement. the bay area first responders required to be vaccinated before they show up for work this morning and what happen itself they aren't. we are live. plus. it was very painful to watch. >> shocking video shows a woman trying to set a historic bay area church on fire. it's not the first time this has happened. why the pastor thinks they were targeted. we start with the fire watch this wednesday. september 1st. ann remains on assignment in south lake tahoe as the caldor fire continues to grow out of control. >> good morning. >> the evacuation orders have been extended past the state line. into nevada behind me. i'm in california south lake tahoe. this is where all of the emergency workers are staying right now in the casino hotel.
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this is sort of the brains of the operation. it is quite an operation. the caldor fire continues to burn out of control. this is new video in from echo lake last night. they have been dealing these erratic winds. that red flag warning still in effect. seeing gusts of up to 40 miles an hour at some points. you know those embers creating spot fires that firefighters are really rushing to keep up with right now. the fire has been continuing to move east as firefighters try to squeeze it from the sides to reduce it in size. you can see the flames in the background. that's something that's getting closer to the ski resort. they have been using their snow creating machines to try to keep the fire under control, add moisture to the ground. a little extra protection. more footage from the area of
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echo lake. firefighters working on back burns yesterday to try eropthe. they are being guided in part by military air craft, infra red cameras trying to find hidden hot spot that firefighters try to go in and put out before they have a chance to get out of control. we are coming up on labor day weekend at this point about 50,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders because of this fire. we are going to get the update from cal fire in about two hours at seven. that red flag warning will last throughout the rest of the day. mary lee, joining us now with a look at what we can expect at this point. >> we have to get through the next 18 hours or so with that red flag warning in effect. go through the day today,
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low relative humidity plummeting down to the single digits. all the which until 11 tonight. because of those gusty winds low relative humidity. we are talking about dangerous and extreme fire weather conditions. you could see a little bit of haze in the north bay. the daytime highs even cooler. mid to upper 60's. mid-70s to low 8o's inland this afternoon. we will talk more about what we can expect through the week. could see a little bit of haze and smoke with the change in the wind direction. i will talk about that. >> thank you. and thank you for your
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update. here is some new video out of south lake tahoe looking live it looks like a ghost town. streets empty after thousands of evacuees fled the area. some of those residents are gathering in gardnerville. at this point nearly 50,000 people have evacuated. they said they never thought the flames would get so close and they have never seen anything like this. >> this is scary and it'll be worst than the andor fire. i'm afraid it'll burn down the area. >> you start saying prayers, hoping for the best, hoping your house don't burn down. >> we are feeling a little lost. there are people that help pick you up. >> right now casinos are being used as command posts and
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temporary shelters. red cross volunteers in the area are handing out meals and water to those who have been forced out of their homes. some are refusing to leave. a homeowner in the christmas valley neighborhood has turned on the sprinklers and is standing guard. >> i know once i leave i can't get back in. >> the neighborhood is almost entirely empty with fire engines parked on several streets. all our social media platforms. through can find live video reports tahoe up to date evacuation maps and the latest news from the fire fight. as we get a look at the roadway itself are you getting ready to head out the door to work this morning, taking the bridges right now pretty quiet, so far so good on the san mateo bridge. traffic movely nicely in both
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direction was no delays. easy 1 minute commute from highway 880, over toward 101 and san mateo. if you are going out of heyward into foster city, things good to go. the rest of the bay area bridges showing a lot of green. no delays on the bay bridge. things are quiet. only seven minutes. if you are taking the richmond, san rafael give yourself seven minutes. happening today a new health order in sonoma county now goes into effect. >> all law enforcement and emergency workers must be vaccinated. >> justin andrews is live this morning with how this plan will play out. >> good morning. sonoma county said the order goes even further than the state's requirement to have health care workers vaccinated. here in sonoma, beginning today, all fire, law enforcement officers, ems and disaster shelter workers must show proof they have been
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vaccinated or undergo weekly coronavirus testing. this is the latest mandate. two weeks ago elected leaders approved another order requiring nearly 4500 to be fully vaccinated or submit a weekly testing. the governor updated the status just yesterday. >> we still have work to do. this is month mens to is a big, occasion. we have broken now 80% of all eligible california residents having received at least one dose.
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we are live. and one more note. masks required inside public spaces. the solano is the only county without a indoor mask mandate. police are looking for the woman who tried to set fire to an african american church. it's the second arson in about a year. the latest attempt happened last month. the pastor shared this video with us. you can see a woman throwing rocks and pouring lighter fluid on the grass. the pastor believes it was racially motivated. >> it was very painful to watch, very concerning in 2021 to see someone trying to attempt to burn down an african american church. >> the last case of arson happened in july 2020 when flames damaged the wall of a
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christian center. our reporting the caldor continues after the break. i will show you what's been going on at the echo sum summit. and the camp with bay area connections spare from the flames and later. i want to go to [inaudible] here to make sure my vote will be counted. >> the governor's fate in the hands of the voters. how the race is shaping up this morning. and i'm tracking extreme fire weather conditions for the caldor with red flag warnings in effect. here is a live look with hazardous air quality for the tahoe area. we will talk more about what we can expect here in the bay area. tracking the on shore flow, the westerly winds and details on what you can expect coming up in just a few minutes. here is a live look as we look south. the time now is 5:09. (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis
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welcome back. today the coolest dayst week with the ocean breeze. we are starting off with good to moderate air quality that. will continue through the day. could see a little bit of haze. for the most part we are looking good for the air quality. i'm tracking conditions up by
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the caldor fire and what tahoe what they are dealing with. and back to the fire watch. the fire has burned nearly 200,000 acres and is just 18% contained. as it marches east, more areas in nevada are on high alert along with south lake tahoe. more than 50,000 are under mandatory evacuation orders. new video showing the plumes of smoke just bill owling out of the trees near echo summit. cal trans shared the video yesterday showing the extra conditions in that area and look at all that thick smoke. some good news. reporting, it appears that the camp site operate bid the city berkeley has been spared by the caldor fire. crews were forced to retreat. now the mayor said it appears to be okay. he tweeted while a more complete assessment is needed the danger is far from over it
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appears many buildings remain intact. happening today republican businessman john cox stopping by pg&e headquarters. he is expected to discuss the propossessioned public safety plan to contain wildfires. cox taking aim at governor newsom. he wrote it's to keep its citizens safe. there's no question that the governor has failed and needs to be recalled. with two weeks until the ballots are counted, bay area voters aren't leaving anything to chance. >> i want to go to -- register of voters here to make sure my vote will be counted. >> this voting possess should be taken seriously. you know not have these entertainerns and anyone off the street that says they want to be elected. rt with many polls souling the ticaexpertbelieve the side that does the best job getting out the vote is likely
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to come out on top. >> you can visit for the guide to the election. we are also streaming interview was the challengers on cbsn bay area. 45:15 is the time. let's get you caught up on the photograph speck forecast. >> looking at those dangerous fire, weather conditions up in tahoe and in fact looking at winds up to 20 to 30 miles an hour. red flag warning remains in effect for this area and we have been watching the caldor fire just explode and grow. really out of control. so here is a look at the fire for the caldor fire. it has been updated here and it is about three miles away from south lake tahoe and putting the wind speeds on here. you can see generally those winds out of the west pushing east and that's what is pushing the flames and pushing that fire even far east. watchingthis very closely for you as we are going to continue
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with the gusty conditions as we head through the day. that red flag warning will remain in effect until 11 tonight. even after that, i will show you future cast still dealing with windy conditions up there. as we go through the day. smoky skies, in fact hazardous air quality, that thick smoke is making difficult for firefighters to really fly into that fire and fly with the helicopters and fight the fire from the air. that is just how difficult it is and not only dealing with the smoky skies. that heavy, thick smoke and hazardous air quality but relative humidity values will continue to drop to the single digits with the strong winds. that red flag warning in effect until 11 tonight for the caldor fire as well as for the tahoe area because of the extreme fire weather conditions. showing you future cast wind gusts as we take you through the day for the caldor fire in the tahoe area.
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winds up to 20 to 30, even 40 miles an hour as we go through the day today and even for tomorrow. even though that red flag warning at this point looks to expire we will see strong winds, up to even 15 to 30 miles an hour for tomorrow and the tahoe area. and as we go through the day, future cast humidity for that region looking at relative humanity ty values down to the single digits, very dry air for them and that is why this is such a big concern. we are looking at temperatures here in the bay area in the mid to upper 50's. air quality forecast, looking at good to moderate air quality with that ocean breeze. looking all right with the air quality conditions. that stronger ocean breeze for today. we will stay below average. that heat especially inland. surface smoke concentration forecast. little bit of haze but still looking good for the air quality. we are going to see hazy skies as we look to the end of the
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week. that strong on shore flow continues for today with that low pressure system. by the endst week we will see the winds take a turn and start to shift and that could bring more smoke as we look to the holiday weekend. daytime highs upper á6 0's. mid-70s for the south bay. santa clara and san jose. low 80's for morgan hill. pleasant hill, also for the tri valley. 64 around the bay. 67 oakland, alameda and for the north bay. topping out at 91 for cloverdale. seven day forecast, we will warm it up as we look ahead to the holiday weekend. also for the south bay into the south bay. inland east bay in to the 09's for the weekend. north bay into the upper 80's and looking at about 70 degrees for labor day. let's check in with a look at traffic. are there any hot spots? we have the usual stuff. heading in to the pass. that is our hot spot right now. no accidents. that's a good news. if you are getting ready to
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take that right along westbound 580 about a 36 minute commute from 205 toward the dublin. most of the brake lights starting out of tracy around mount house and then stays slow to north flynn. things look better as you work in to the livermore valley. if are you going toward the dublin. if you connecting onto 680 you should be good to go. we will keep you updated. taking a look at travel times. northbound 101 out of san jose. weesy morning. sfo along e ns weare seei a re cars
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but right now come on and traffic is light. no delays under ten minutes for your ride route of the maze. the freeway looking good this morning. here is a look look. facing south. you can see traffic moverring nicely there in both directions. traffic pretty quiet and the golden gate bridge off to a great start this morning. it's 5:20. happening today bart's half priced promotion is kicking off. the month long discount is for rider who use clipper cards. also caltrains starting a deal by slashing all nongo pass fares by 50%. it is now 5:20. >> another music festival canceled but not because of coronavirus. why organizers had to pull the plug. and coming up at seven on cbs this morning the recovery efforts in louisiana to restore power to hundreds of thousands. plus the proposed plan to open borders and restore world travel. and businesses looking for workers but millions can't find jobs. why some are still unemployed.
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first, before we go to break another live look at the caldor fire. stay up to date with evacuations and fire conditions on and we will check back in
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it's now 45:23. another live look. this time from the mark hopkins
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camera looking south. yocae e sales e tower right there in the middle. with in the past half hour we have learned electricity has been restored in parts of new orleans. more than a million in louisiana were left in the dark and in the summer heat. the mayor has ordered a nighttime curfew. and for the second year in a row a museum him art festival in tennessee has been canceled. >> this time its mother nature hitting pause. the area has seen about seven inches of rain in the past two weeks and much of that in just the past 24 hours what's left of ida. the ground is soaked and the campgrounds are flooded. >> if goes with the vibe of the last two years. just kind of almost like, okay, another thing. makes sense. >> with we are ready to stick it out. you know. we came with the mud boots. we were ready to go. >> the festival has scheduled to run tomorrow through sunday
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with the estimated 80,000 people in attendance. organizers say the tickets for the year will not roll over to 2022. that's too bad. >> had it ready to go. >> rain or shine. it's 525. another critical day to save south lake tahoe. the caldor fire three miles away. and how an injured firefighter will be sure to get the help he needs to recover. the donations coming in. and firefighters in one bay area county will have to prove they are vaccinated before hosing down any flames. we are live. and the big event kicking
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. new video on the frontlines overnight. the caldor fire exhausting fire crews and now cal fire is down a strike team. we are live with team coverage. >> have you seen anything like this before? i have never seen tahoe be deserted empty. >> a like look from the north bay where a new vaccine mandate takes effect this morning. what happens if firefighters don't comply? and another tech giant telling employees to work from home longer. see you in 2022. that's ahead in our live money watch report. good morning. it's against, september 21th. we have live team coverage on the credit, aldol fire. live in south lake tahoe with the evacuation orders extending in to nevada. >> first, mary lee and that red flag warning in the searchy. >> this is a serious situation. i'm tracking gusty winds up to
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20 to 30 miles an hour this morning. watching the caldor fire push into the christmas valley area. looking at winds that will continue to pick up as we go through the day today and low relevant tough humidity down to the single digits. that's why that red flag warning remains in effect for the searchy. the caldor fire and the tahoe area all the way until 11 tonight due to extreme fire weather conditions. firefighters really up against the tough continues out there. for us here little bit of haze. we are looking at good to moderate air quality with that ocean breeze. temperatures coolest of the week. back to you. >> thank you. let's turn to ann who is live in south lake tahoe again this morning as the caldor fire amars east. way. is the latest this morning? >> just mentioned the evacuation orders being expanded and you can see that here behind me. this is the state line where it turns in to nevada. that is where the evacuation
5:31 am
orders went down several miles. you can see from the lights when the order picks up again. this period here. this area with the casinos is an area where firefighters are staging right now. that is still an active area. it's just sort of one active area in between two evacuation zones at this point as the fire continues to push east. taking a live look from heavenly ski resort where you can see the fire is just threatening that property. they brought out some of their snow making machines to try to make sure there is plenty of protection between the fire and it when it comes to moisture. that's about all they can do right now. new video from echo lake of the fire fight overnight. it's about three miles from south lake tahoe right now as we said the winds have been pushing it east and that red flag warning that is still in effect is going to be a
5:32 am
challenge for firefighters today as those winds pick up the embers are just leapfrogging creating spot fires. also cal fire is now down an entire team because of coronavirus. we can't forget about the other emergency of course we are dealing right now which is coronavirus and apparently the smoke in the air makes it more easy to transmit. your lungs more at risk because they are inflame from the nasty smoke we have been seeing. cal fire putting out a new warning saying remember to wear your masks at all times. it's difficult. they are working hard all day, you know and to do so under those conditions is just another challenge to deal with. also want to show you video that we got in of some of the wildlife around here in south lake tahoe. a bear running around. you know everybody, humans and una mals sort of confused right now trying to figure out what
5:33 am
is going on and where is a safe place to be. back out here live we actually just saw a bear running across the roadway here at state line week the casinos. i don't know if it's the same bear you saw in that footage but there is a lot of wildfire out here that is really struggling just another side effect of this huge fire that continues to rage out of control. back to you. >> what is the sense are you getting people out there? we keep hearing people say they never experienced something like this, evacuations to this extent. >> yeah. it's true. we are talking 50,000 people under mandatory evacuation orders right now between california and nevada and economy have no idea when they will be allowed back home. a lot of people hoping that maybe later tonight, once the red flag warning expires, we may have a better idea of where this fire is headed and what communities may be safe.
5:34 am
even the repopulation process is going be a real challenge here. we will watch it. a lot to watch and thank you so much for that update. we appreciate it. crews taking unprecedented actions to stop flames spreading. here is video of snow and water blowers being used to fry to protect ski resorts catching fire. as labor day the final holiday of the summer approaches locals are hoping south lake tahoe will be back open soon. >> never seen anything like this before. i never saw tahoe be deserted empty before. >> if our house is still there and we get to walk in our prayers have been answered. >> donations are coming in this morning for a volunteer firefighter badly burned in the caldor fire. he is being treated at uc davis where is he expected to remain for at least a month. he sufficienterned second and
5:35 am
third degree burns to 20% of his body. he is going funding and raised more than $40,000. that's about double from where it was last night. we whether have continuing live coverage from the caldor. updates right from the frontlines. right now, check of the roadways closer to home if you are getting'sy to get up and get out the door. right now traffic seems to be moving at the limit. live look at the bay bridge. no delays. things clear out of the east bay there to san francisco. under ten minutes for your commute going in to the city. if are you taking the bridge this morning give yourself 13 minutes to travel between 880 and 101. we are not seeing any brake lights or issues along 101 photograph sick light as well 101, the slow spot is the ride in to the pass. happening today a new
5:36 am
vaccine mandate takes effect in the north bay. >> all law enforcement and emergency workers must be vaccinated in sonoma. >> justin is live this morning. >> coronavirus cases and hospitalizations on the rise. this rethe reason sonoma put in this mandate for police, fire and other emergency people. again this takes effect today and applies to allfirefighters, police officers, ems crews, and disaster shelter workers. they are have to prove they have been vaccinated or undergo weekly coronavirus testing. this is the latest mandate here in sonoma county. two weeks ago leader as proved another order requiring nearly 4500 county workers to be fully vaccinated or get that weekly test. the governor talked about the importance of making sure people get what he called the life saving vaccine. >> still need to reach out to those that are on the fence, including many of the folks you
5:37 am
see behind me here today that are in this fenced area and a secure and safe environment. getting a life saving vaccine. it's not too late. i want to encourage everybody to avail themselves of these life saving vaccines that not only effective but are the answer to how we get the pandemic once and for all behind us. >> he also said that about 80% of all eligible people have at least one dose of the vaccine. he said that is top ten in the nation. a big search at sea this morning for five people missing after a navy helicopter crashed off the san diego coast. the navy said a helicopter like this one crashed into the ocean while it was doing routine flight operations yesterday. six people were on board. only one has been found so far.
5:38 am
the president is defending his decision to pull the united states military out of afghanistan. >> i was not going to extend this forever war. i was not extending a forever exit. >> critics have accused him of miss handling the withdrawal leading to a chaotic evacuation that included a suicide bombing that killed 13 troops. the president said it showed why it was time to get out. back here in california it was an emotional day in roseville yesterday where hundreds of people gathered to hold a vigil and procession to honor a 23- year-old among the 13 service members killed in that suicide bombing. time for money watch with delta still spreading this morning one bay area tech giant is tellingemployees see you in 2022. the that store and more.
5:39 am
>> the cdc is urging people to stay home from labor day weekend. she said people who didn't get a shot should avoid traveling. should are the housing market is still on fire. united states home prices soared. according to s&p -- 20 city home price index. that's the largest increase since 2000. prices in record highs in 19 of 20 cities. google is extending its work from home policy. it's delaying a return to the office by three months pushing back to january due to the surge in the delta variant. different locations will determine when to bring workers back. >> i don't think they will complain about that. thank you so much.
5:40 am
we will see you again when the stock market opens up at 6:30. see you then. okay. the time is now 5:39. coming up next, streaming on cbsn bay area it's not just people evacuating from the caldor fire zone. the great length one season interest went to keep it safe from harm. >> i don't believe the science suggests that young people should be vaccinated. >> the leading contender to replace the governor being called another for his claims on kids and coronavirus. how bay area doctor is setting the record straight.
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back now to the fire watch. a live look at heavenly ski resort where the caldor is getting too close for comfort. all those flames in the background. >> that fire now burning in to an 18th day. we are joined with dave live at heavenly resort with a closer look. >> good morning. what is it looking like? >> yeah. right now everything is pretty quiet. at least from my location here. i'm at the tram location. kind of the upper parking lot. i wanted to show you as i made my way up highway 50. what it looked like. this is the fire just coming
5:44 am
up. you can see it is still raging out of control. again this is kind that have christmas valley area. you have the river parks estates kind of running along highway 89 and that's kind of up on the hillside. that thing was just burning and as i made my way up i pulled over the wind was blowing pretty good at that location and just to see and hear the power of the fire, just the sizzle, as that thing just continues to roar out of control as i made my way up 50, kind of -- there is all kinds of little fire as long the roadway it. it was not an easy drive up highway 50 to get up here to this heavenly valley location. a little bit about the resort. there's no wind here in the area where i am. i it el thank you the temperature 48 degrees and while the lights on, lighting the ski lifts and the ski run. i don't see any snow making devices that are on here in the area. like we saw at sierra at tahoe.
5:45 am
that resort. they put their snow making devices on. we have yet to see. my location. i will punch back to a live picture. i don't see any visible flames. we will have another live report on the caldor in about 15 minutes. the leading contend america the bid to replace the governor is being called out for his comments on kids and the coronavirus. >> i didn't believe the science suggests that young people should be vaccinated. i don't believe the science sups that young people should have to wear masks at school. i'm not sure the science settled on that. young people are not likely to get the coronavirus and when they do their symptoms likely to be mild and not likely to be in the hospital or die. >> now stanford doctor we spoke to said that the gop
5:46 am
contender is wrong. >> we are seeing a really unprecedented surge in the number of kids who have gotten intext effected in the last few weeks compared to any other time. we have almost 50,000 chin who have been in the hospital with infections. >> there have been 500 documented juvenile deaths coronavirus in over 4 million cases. the doctor who is running the pfizer vaccine trials in children ages five to 11 said that children absolutely need to be vaccinated. the governor responded to the comments, tweeting, this is what is at stake on september 14th. is he spewing anti vaccine lies and is he willing to let young people die. california must vote no. on the storm watch with in the past hour power returned to part of new orleans. this is for the first time since ida hit over the weekend. supplies are running low. this is the scene and one of
5:47 am
the few open gas stations in the area. lines of parked cars stretched for as far as you can see. lots of people waiting for
5:48 am
. out of control fire. in fact with the hazardous and dangerous smoky conditions, that heavy smoke has been really hard for them to fly in the air and just try to drop that fire retardant. try to get that fire under control. just so thick that poor visibility with all of that smoke and that area. here in the bay area we are looking at that strong on sh fl
5:49 am
coolest day of the week. daytime highs below average. heating up inland by the labor day weekend. good to moderate air quality and that will continue as we go through the day today with that strong ocean breeze and the low pressure system. as we head through the rest of the week the winds start to take a turn. they start to shift and that could bring more haze and smoke back to the region. maybe a little bit of haze today. especially for the north bay. still at the surface at ground level. sometime looking good. then a little more haze for thursday through the weekend. sunrise at 6:40 and the sunset at 7:38. santa clara. inland east bay mid to upper 70's. for pleasant hill. around the bay 64 in san francisco, for the north bay, upper 60's to low 70's.
5:50 am
91 in cloverdale. also for the inland east bay. upper 80's for the north bay. 70 degrees for labor day along the coast. let's check in with gianna. how is it shaping newspaper. we have first reports of a crash in to the traffic center. a couple of cars tangled up and injuries reported in the crash. you will have fire crews and chp on scene as well. just a little slow as you approach the area. this is south 680 near auto mall parkway. everything over to the right shoulder. with he will watch that, especially in the 6:00 hour. that's what things get busy. taking a look at your travel times still holding steady with a 40 minute commute. other than that most of our major freeways doing okay. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze. only 14 minutes, highway 4 all clear out of antioch as you head toward hercules. that will i can take you about 30 minutes to make that ride westbound. if are you going out of sap
5:51 am
jose, so far so good. northbound 101. all long the peninsula. photograph sick quiet this morning. only 40 minutes to make that portion of the ride through there. let's get a live look at the dublin interchange. we are see th extra typical. westbound headlights worked toward 680. the bulk of the brake light also be around grant line, check this out. metering lights turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. things stacked up quickly. we have a back up now to just beyond that 880 overpass. give yourself a few extra minute itself are you going out of the east bay in to the city. looking at about a 12 minute commute from the maze to san francisco. just as thousands piled into their cars to evacuate the caldor fire animals hitting its roads. >> and one group said they are gradney planned ahead. leaving the tahoe basin before the evacuation order. lake tahoe wildlife care recently used grant money to
5:52 am
buy an animal trailer and anxiety safe crates to let staff load up the animals they are care for which includes raccoons and ducks. >> we can't believewhat our eyes showing you. that the devastation and the speed at which fire comes through. >> now they are safe at shelters and the crews able to pack up their own homes and that may be in danger. you think about the wildlife through that area. we get warnings for the most part for people needing to evacuate. they have no idea. >> yeah. >> and. >> feel for them. >> and ann said they saw a bear running through the streets near her live shot. >> think about all that. stuff you never thought you would see. >> not at all. >> here we are. 5:52. our live team coverage continues with some homeowner who are refusing to evacuate.
5:53 am
how one man is standing to ouba area community while having fun on the field the players for a purpose event kicking
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players for a purpose. the yearly event by the 49ers foundation kicks off today. >> the big event gives back to the bay area community. the fundraiser kicks off with a dinner on the field at levi
5:56 am
stadium. also the entire roster will also be in attendance where they will compete in a 49ers match game. all proceed wills go toward the 49ers foundation's mission to educate and empower bay area youth. the goal is to raise half a million dollars. time is 45:56. things changing very fast in the sierra with the winds picking up this morning. >> the caldor fire three miles from south lake tahoe. we have live team coverage. >> here in south lake tahoe where we are watching that fire approach. very tense day as a red flag warning remains in effect. the very latest on the fire's behavior and inside look on what life is like here for those who remain. and september 1st with a newman date. who is now requires to be vaccinated before they show up for work
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♪ ♪ my name's caleb. what's yours? i'm grace! did you just move here? yeah! cool!
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste lex the wai was de to, myr th. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support.
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area new video overnight as the caldor fire gets closer to south lake tahoe. this morning another famous ski resort is in its pathw. very live team coverage. >> and water isn't helping a red flag warning remains in effect this morning. when the winds could change and what it could mean for air quality in the bay area. mary is tracking. and the first responderns required to be vaccinated before they show up for work this morning. what happens if they are not. we are live. it was very painful to watch. >> a woman caught trying to set fire to a historic bay area church. why the pastor thinks they were targeted. it's wednesday, september 1st. >> let's get right to ann on assignment in south lake tahoe again for us and


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