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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 2, 2021 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news, the remnants of ida bring historic flooding and multiple tornados to the east coast. the remarkable scenes straight ahead. more breaking news tonight. the u.s. supreme court announces whether it will intervene in the
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battle over a new texas law banning most abortions. tonight it appears crews may finally be getting a handle on the caldor fire. we'll take you live to the fire lines for the very latest. plus, another bay area city announces plans to require proof of vaccination at many businesses. and breaking news tonight, a state of emergency has been declared in new york city due to historic flooding from the remnants of hurricane ida. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. take a look at the scene in staten island. cars and trucks overrun with water. for the first time ever, the national weather service issued a flash flood emergency warning in new york city tonight. some areas got over 3 inches of rain in just one hour. and here's a look at the water pouring into the new york city subway system. train service has been suspended at this point due to the
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flooding. this was amazing. fans at the u.s. open tennis tournament in flushing meadows were forced to run for cover when the storm suddenly hit. >> just hours earlier that storm spawned multiple tornados in maryland, causing massive damage and sparking widespread power outages. >> i see it. there it is straight ahead. >> and a similar scene in new jersey where another tornado touched down. chief meteorologist paul heggen's been tracking the storm for us tonight, paul? >> it's wild to see that kind of tornado video in the northeastern u.s. that's something we're used to seeing in dixie alley or tornado alley. this is a historic rain event. bands of heavy rain just training directly over new york city over the past several hours. now the rain is beginning to taper off, but look how much the radar is estimating. all the pink is at least 5 inches of rain. darker shades of purple
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indicates 10 inches of rainfall. in terms of the official amounts, new york's central park picked up just short of 6 inches of rain wednesday. over 3 inches of that fell in just one hour. that's when that flash flood emergency was posted. to put that in perspective, total rainfall so far this year, the first 244 days of 2021, 6.4 inches of rain downtown san francisco, and only 3.45 inches in san jose. we increasingly live in an all or nothing world, so while california is on fire, new york is underwater. we'll take a look at the bay area's forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> paul, thanks. our morning team will have the very latest on the flooding and storm damage in the northeast starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. breaking news tonight, the u.s. supreme court will not block the new texas law that bans abortions from as early as six weeks of pregnancy. high court issued an unsigned ruling within the last two hours rejecting an emergency appeal
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seeking to put the law on hold. the law bans abortions before many women even know they're pregnant. and it does not make any exception for cases of rape or incest. on the fire watch. tonight marin county fire crews are mopping up a vegetation fire that raced up a hillside in marinwood and forced residents to evacuate. kpix 5's andrea nakano is live there now where many residents admit they were not prepared for this. >> reporter: residents are back in their homes. this was a good wake-up call for many who weren't quite prepared for evacuations. air tankers strategically surrounded the fire in marinwood with retardant and helicopters doused the flames as the fire grew to 30 acres. >> one siren after another. then i started counting sirens. i realized it was pretty
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serious. i looked outside, there's a huge plume of smoke. >> reporter: this fire started just after 2:00, and minutes later officers alerted residents to evacuate. for dusty knight this is her second evacuation in roughly a month. >> i evacuated all my stuff here. it's in my car again to evacuate again. >> reporter: longtime residents say it's been a while since they've seen a sizable fire in this neighborhood. >> in '78 we had a huge fire through here. it came down to the backs of those houses. >> reporter: and because of her past experience, donna sullen was prepared. >> we have a bag packed in case of an emergency. >> reporter: but for others, this fire was a reminder to have a to-go bag and be ready for the worst case scenario. >> i went home to pack. yeah, i wasn't packed. and it's very disorienting packing in that moment. >> andrea, have they discovered what caused the fire yet?
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>> reporter: liz, marin county fire is still investigating the cause, and they have not released anything. but just a word from all of the residents around here, they are just so appreciative of the work of firefighters here today who did an amazing job of quickly putting out this fire, liz? >> they were amazing, especially with those water drops. andrea, thank you. we brought you the fire live on cbsn bay area. you can watch it 24/7 streaming on or on the kpix 5 news app. meanwhile, in south lake tahoe tonight, signs of progress in the fight against the caldor fire. lighter than expected winds today helped crews in their effort to protect homes and businesses. this is the latest evacuation map. evacuation orders have now been downgraded to warnings for pines and north ca me.
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katie? ? >> reporter: that red flag warning expired just moments ago, and the winds here very still. and the big danger to this community came a couple of days ago with those gusty, unpredictable winds. but now that that wind event has ended, firefighters are hopeful the real danger for south lake is over. all is quiet in christmas valley tonight as winds have calmed significantly from what the area saw monday night. the first night of the red flag warning, when fires burning on the top of echo summit showered embers into the basin, threatening homes and communities only a few miles from the lake. >> it was a little sparky. no question about that. >> reporter: will lives off highway 89 in christmas valley, and says he's been relieved to see firefighters working behind his house for most of the day. firefighters like jack roberts.
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>> small fires lead to big fires. >> reporter: this crew was one of dozens of strike teams working in the christmas valley and pioneer trail neighborhoods. structure protection was a top priority today with firefighters putting out hot spots behind homes and dozers cutting fire breaks. it appears to be working, because not a single home has been lost in those areas. >> today is a good day. we've had a good day yesterday. the main body of the fire has moved past this area. >> reporter: calmer winds forecasted for the next few days. firefighters think the communities in south lake are out of immediate danger, but the threat still remains on the mountain where is the fire continues slowly moving toward heavenly and kirkwood ski resorts where snow making machines have been turned into humidifier, misting the mountains and trees with water. >> we're going see the weather change. we're going to see the fire behavior slacken. we're going see it diminish to a
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point where we can get in there and do some good work. >> katie, it sounds like they're making progress and getting cooperation from the weather, any idea when people might be able to get back into their homes? at least lifting of the evacuation orders. >> reporter: yeah, that's the big question tonight, right? it looks like everything is fine here, but cal fire said during that community meeting just a few hours ago that because of the fire activity there are a lot of trees that are fall right now. that is a danger to residents, and also those hot spots. because those can flare up at any point. so until they're able to make this area safe, they just can't let anyone back into south lake. definitely not what people want to hear going into the holiday weekend. >> no, no. they sure don't. counting their blessings, though, tonight. katie nielsen reporting live. thank you for that. >> some evacuees had to drive to reno today after being turned away from a fire shelter in
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garnerville, nevada. that shelter was at capacity. the red cross says volunteers are stretched thin across the country and tonight many of those evacuees are now getting help at nevada's newest evacuation site, the reno sparks convention center. >> i didn't even think i would get evacuated. i was there for the angora fire. it was a rude awakening. instead of smelling like smoke, it's going to be ashes. you have to clean up and take care of it. >> and we will have continuing coverage of the caldor fire on air, online and across our social media platforms. stay with us for the very latest from the fire lines. happening tomorrow, a jury expected to be seated in the trial of elizabeth holmes. prosecutors say the founder of theranos orchestrated a scheme to defraud patients, doctors and investors with bogus blood testing technology. holmes faces up to 20 years in prison if she's convicted on conspiracy and wire fraud
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charges. and still ahead, second bay area city will now require proof of vaccination at many local businesses. details on tonight's announcement. tonight some bay area parents are having second thoughts about sending their kids back to the classroom. >> i do not enjoy, you know, sending them to school. and hurricane ida's direct hit on the oil and gas industry could send prices at the pump soaring. when we could finally catch a break.
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new at 11:00, if you want to eat inside a restaurant, work out in a gym or see an indoor show in berkeley, soon you'll have to show proof of a covid vaccination. berkeley just announced the order tonight. it goes into effect september 10th. people must show proof of vaccination to get into indoor bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms and indoor events with at least 1,000 people. workers will also be required to show proof of vaccination or receive weekly covid tests. some big concerns tonight over a dramatic spike in kids catching covid-19 as they return to school. well, now some bay area parents are fighting to keep their kids out of the classroom. kpix 5's maria cid medina reports from the cupertino union school district where a group of
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moms and dads held a rally earlier today. >> reporter: the group says they surveyed nearly 900 parents and that 90% of them say they want to bring back distance learning. they came to the district office today to bring their message in person. >> i'm very scared. i'm very concerned each and every day. >> reporter: less than three weeks into the school year, and this growing group of parents is not only worried, they're afraid as the highly contagious delta variant pushes covid cases among kids to its highest level since the pandemic began. none of their kids are eligible yet to get the vaccine. >> and i do not enjoy, you know, sending them to school. >> reporter: the group says they sent emails to school leaders begging for an online learning option. when they heard nothing -- >> all the school meetings are online. >> yeah. >> reporter: they showed up at the district office this afternoon demanding to speak to anyone. what's ironic, they claim -- >> they asked us to wait
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outside. >> reporter: -- they were told to step outside because of covid concerns. they say virtually every staff and board meeting remains online, by when it comes to their kids, they're expected to gather in person. >> even the parent/teacher meeting is online. everything. >> reporter: do you feel like your child's life health is at risk every time they go to school? >> definitely. >> and we are already seeing one or two new cases popping up. >> reporter: this father has kids ages 4 and 7. he claims what's more the district or schools don't tell them when a covid case pops up, leaving them feeling even more helpless. >> we are not looking for actual kid's details, personal identity, but we should be informed as a parent. >> reporter: and the parents say there is an option for their kids to stay at home. it entails 30 minutes with a teacher, the rest of the day falls on the parent. they say if they choose that option, however, their child loses their spot in their school. in sunnyvale, maria cid medina, kpix 5. >> parents say the district
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staff agreed to meet sometime next week. we reached out to the district for comment tonight, have not heard back. during the pandemic, some have resisted wearing a mask, saying there's not enough proof they actually help. well, now a large new study involving stanford researchers provides stronger evidence that they do work. researchers went to 600 rural villages across bangladesh. half were given free surgical masks, and residents were encouraged to use them. half a year later, areas where masks were provided saw a big benefit. residents were 11% less likely to get infected, 35% less likely if they were 60 and older. >> which is really pretty remarkable, considering we didn't use any mask mandates or heavy handed punishments for people not wearing masks. we tried to do it as an encouragement. >> researchers told kpix 5 while the bay area is not bangladesh, their findings suggest we do
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benefit from mask wearing. they point out we spend more time indoors than people in these rural villages. with millions expected to hit the road this labor day weekend, gas prices are already spiking, and now with the aftermath of hurricane ida, many of the major refineries in the region are shutting down. >> with a category 4 storm, that typically takes three plus weeks for refineries to get started again and get back to normal operations. right now we don't have a timeline from those refineries when they'll be operating again. >> well, some relief at the pumps is expected to come but not until mid to late september. >> it's so remarkable, paul, the stark difference between our weather and the east coast right now. polar opposites. yeah, just all or nothing. fire and water and too much of both on either half of the country. >> yeah. >> let's talk about the fire. caldor fire better conditions tomorrow for the fire crews to try to boost those containment levels. we've got the satellite indicated hot spots turned on.
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you see the direction of growth into the tahoe basin. the wind is trying to push the fire farther into the basin. that's the moving arrows here. the temperatures aren't going to be quite as warm. the 60s at the highest elevations with 80s at the lowest elevations. the winds are not as strong. the strongest sustained winds about 10-mile-per-hour. the strongest gusts, highest peaks, around 0 miles per hour. the problem is that the humidity is low, in the 15% to 25% range, but any good news is welcome for those fire crews. we're going to get some smoke in the bay area. not from the caldor fire. it's blowing down from the monument fire and mcfarland fire in northern california. it blows over the ocean and gets swept into the bay area. it's going to increase across the bay area tomorrow, not what we want to see. but there's going to be more smoke farther up in the atmosphere. fortunately, the bulk of it is going to be elevated, but we're going have to deal with some moderate air quality levels at ground level that.
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should improve a little bit as we head toward the end of the workweek on friday. i think the twors air quality is going to get is that moderate air quality. into the holiday weekend, again, it's hard to get rid of the smoke when there's so much of it around us. we'll keep you updated day by day in case things do deteriorate. right now we're looking at fog trying to spread in from the coast. mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. another cool evening. it'll be another cool night as that fog spreads farther and farther inland. gray on the map by tomorrow morning into the inland valleys. it backs up quickly with the sun breaking through. even signs we might clear out along the coast by thursday afternoon. low temperatures tonight dropping down to the upper 40s in the north bay valleys, otherwise low to mid-50s for everyone. with high temperatures tomorrow warming up to the low to mid-60s alisteninglong the coast.
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78 in san jose, and in general these temperatures are 4 to 7 degrees below normal. low to mid-80s for the warm spots in the east bay. mid-60s in the city with upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay. one more day of these cooler than average temperatures before things start to warm up on friday with a real warm-up arriving for holiday weekend. temperatures in san francisco don't warm up that much. low # 0s for labor day weekend. mid to upper 70s for oakland and the east bay saturday, sunday and monday. similar temperatures for the north bay with the hot spots inland in the east bay. no surprise there. low to mid-90s. not as hot as last labor day weekend, and it's a far cry from record territory, but you're going to sweat a little bit if you're doing anything outside. vern? >> straight ahead in sports, it happened. do not panic. yet, for the first time in a long time, the giants are not in first place of
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baseball up top, and the giants in the midst of 16 games in 16 days, and the division leading team no one talks about came in here and knocked the giants out of first in the national west. brewers christian yelich, former mvp. giants had come from behind, in the fifth buster posy, another mvp, hit a pool shot down the line. brought home kris bryant. peterson clutch two-out hit. brewers took the lead. this started out with a two-out walk. then the brewers got some insurance. lorenzo cane led off the night with a solo blast. second straight day he's homered. and milwaukee beat the giants for the third straight time 5-2. the giants have lost four straight and five of its last six. now almost 400 miles south of here, the dodgers had its chance to take first the west, and the braves were in the way.
2:03 am
tied at 3-3 in the eighth. a.j. singled with two outs and put the dodgers ahead. they started the game trailing the giants by half a game. they now lead the giants by a half game. 4-3 final. first time since may 30th san francisco has not been in first place. meantime, the a's, they were on the road, and they welcomed back an old teammate to the clubhouse in detroit -- chris davis rejoined the club. he was called up from triple-a vegas. and you can imagine the reception. >> smiles and a lot of hugs, you know, we're not social distancing. >> davis did not get into tonight's game with the tigers up 3-1 in 2/4. miguel cabrera belted home run number 502. two-run blast tied the game. next half inning, though, matt olsen h he got hold of one, drove it over the head of derek hill. josh harrison and starling marte scored. gave the a's a 5-3 lead, but the
2:04 am
tigers did rally. they tied it at sixth, and then in the seventh, cabrera an rbi single, gave detroit the lead, and the comeback was complete. 8-6 final. oakland fell two games back of the red sox for the final al wild card spot. nba note, the warriors player that is are unvaccinate willed not be allowed to play or practice at chase center unless they have an approved medical or religious exemption. according to the city of san francisco policy, visiting players would not be subject to this rule. back to the top story, the giants and the loss and the falling out of first place in the national league west. gabe kaplan tonight said they need to have balance between urgency and hanging in there if they're going to make it through. >> it's a long road for sure. >> mm-hmm. >> thanks, vern. coming up, how an illinois woman's attempt to bypass
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new at 11:00, an illinois woman is facing charges for allegedly using a fake vaccine card to travel to hawaii. >> and it was apparently a spelling mistake that landed her behind bars. authorities say chloe mrozak submitted the fake card to bypass quarantine. she was allowed to leave the airport but when her information was more closely checked,
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officials noticed that moderna was misspelled on the card. the 24-year-old was arrested before then boarding her return
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well, the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a good night. (male announcer) the following is a paid presentation for meaningful beauty supreme by cindy crawford. (female announcer) with new special guest, actress kristin davis! hi, i'm kristin davis, and right now i'm super excited because i have got something fabulous to share. if i had a secret that gives my skin a radiant red-carpet glow and helps so many celebrities


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