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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 2, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now we are looking live from the tower camera looking east over the bay bridge, good morning to, it is thursday september 2nd. let's get a first check of the forecast and start off a little cooler today. why the air quailty, some information on that as well. >> looking at moderate air quailty. a little bit of haze. still looking all right. we are looking at yellow. the air quailty forecast in the moderate category today showing a little bit of haze as we go thru the day with service smoke concentration taking you through the day. part of the north bay in east bay could dip into the unhealthy category for sensitive groups. we watch that close before you. also looking at another cool day with below-average highs. mid 60, coast, mid 60s around 70 the bay. mid 70s for the peninsula and upper 70s to low 80s and linda
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this afternoon. 78 that is a, 80 concorde. we talk about the labor day weekend forecast. let's check in with gianna for the latest on the traveler this point. >> westbound 580 at livermore avenue where couplings are blocked and fortunately. this is a fatal incident at a deadly crash in the area. disclosure may be there sometime and we are a lot of brake lights behind it. looks like speed is about eight miles an hour. again, this is westbound 580 just east of livermore avenue, looks like a pedestrian was hit it heads up if you're heading into the altamont pass this morning, certainly we will be brake lights, it's busier than usual as you work your way through. we have the brake lights anyway, we have tracy into ultimate with a 41 minute time, but 205 over towards the 680. signs of progress against the caldor fire lighter than expected wins help crews protect homes and businesses yesterday.
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this is the latest evacuation map, evacuation orders have now been downgraded to warnings. pines and north cimino in el dorado county. this morning, wins have comps in the only in christmas valley. that is from the area we saw yesterday with fires burning showering embers threatening homes a few miles away from south lake tahoe. heavenly village has more on the firefight underway. >> a little sparky. no question about that. >> reporter: he lives off highway 89 in christmas valley and says he has been relieved to see firefighters working behind the house most of the day. firefighters like jack roberts. >> small fires lead to big fires, right? >> reporter: this group was one of dozens of strike teams working in the christmas valley and pioneer trail neighborhoods. structure protection was top protection with firefighters putting out hotspots behind homes and dozers cutting a fire
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breaks. it appears to be working because not a single home has been lost in those areas. but the main body of the fire move past this area. >> reporter:, wind forecast for next ways, they are out of immediate danger in southlake but the threat remains in the mountains where the fire continues slowly moving towards heavenly at the kirkwood ski resort where snowmaking machines are turned into massive humidifiers misting the mountains of trees with water. >> we will see the weather change in the fire behavior slacken and we will see if diminish to point where we can get in and do some good work. >> thas was katie nielsen reporting, cal fire says evacuation orders will be lipid as soon as it is. there still are a lot of burning trees and spot fires that keep. some evacuees had to drive to reno after be turning away from the fire shelter. that shelter was at capacity.
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the red cross volunteers are stretched thin across the country. many evacuees are getting help at the newest evacuation sites at the reno sparks convention center. we will have continuing coverage of the caldor fire on- air, online of course across social media platforms. stay with us for the very latest from the fire lines. closer to home, marin fire crews battled up a vegetation fire that race up a hillside in marin yesterday forcing residents to evacuate as for many residents this was a reminder a fire can spark anywhere, any time. >> reporter: air take her strategically surrounded the fire with retardants and helicopters douse the flames as the fire grew to 38. >> won it siren after another then i started counting sirens i realize it's serious. a look outside there's a huge plume of smoke. >> reporter: it started after
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2:00 officers alerted residents to evacuate. this is the second evacuation in roughly a month after the monument fire. >> i evacuated my stuff here. in my car again to evacuate again. >> reporter: longtime resident said his been a while since they have seen a sizable fire in the neighborhood. >> in 78 we had a huge fire through here they came to the backs of those houses on i'll bury. >> reporter: because of her past experience, she was experience. >> we have a bag packed. in case of the militancy. >> reporter: brothers the fire was a reminder to have a too bad and be ready for the worst case scenario. >> it was not packed. it is very disorienting to pack in that moment. >> reporter: at this hour the fire is 80% contained, rent county is still invested in the cosby we first brought to the fire live on cbsn area.
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the east coast with a state of emergency cleared. new york city with historic flooding from hurricane ida. for the first time ever, the national weather service issued a flash flood emergency in the city. take a look at the scene on staten island. overrun with water. more than 3 inches of rain and some areas in what our. here is a look at water pouring into the new york subway system. train systems suspended at this point due to the flooding. fans of the u.s. open tennis torments and a force to run for cover when the storm suddenly hits. just hours earlier, the storm spawned multiple tornadoes in maryland causing massive damage and sparking widespread power outages. we will keep an eye on the latest of the flooding and storm damage in the northeast
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throughout the day. breaking news unit, the court decided not to pluck the nations most restrictive abortion law which just went into effect in texas. bradley blackburn has more on the court decision and what it could mean for abortion rights. >> reporter: a 5-4 decision released before midnight, the supreme court voted to deny an emergency appeal for abortion providers and others to pluck a new abortion law in texas. yesterday the texas senate protests over the new law. batting abortions after detection of a fetal heartbeat roughly 6 weeks into pregnancy before many women even know they are pregnant. advocates say it's already forcing women to cross state lines for abortion services. >> is difficult enough to get an abortion in texas. this will make it harder. >> reporter: the law allows private citizens to sue abortion providers up to $10,000 per defendant >> of the few patients we have seen today, we cannot continue to see them because ultrasounds made them ineligible for procedures.
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>> the laws are a direct challenge to roe v. wade guaranteeing a right to abortion until fetal viability usually 22 weeks. the white house says that right needs to be written into law. >> the steps that can be taken is for the codification of roe v. wade, something the president and vice president called for and require congress to act in. >> is record here's another major abortion case in the fall over a mississippi law that could ban abortion after 15 weeks. bradley blackburn, cbs news. a jury expected to be seated in a trial of elizabeth holmes, prosecutors say the founder orchestrated a scheme to defraud patients. doctors and investors with a bogus blood testing technology. homes faces up to 20 years if convicted on conspiracy and wire fraud charges. coming up. a second area city requiring proof of vaccination at many local businesses. what you need to know before you head to berkeley. a new push to take kids out
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of school. a plea from south bay parents this morning. continued coverage of the caldor fire. we are live with the progress from over nine plus an inside look at base camp for first responders. let's take a quick a live look outside from the treasure island camera looking at the skyline in san francisco, we will be id appliances you want are within reach. like this exclusive 5-element rage. get up to $500 off now on select appliances.
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taking a live look at the kabul airport in afghanistan this point. activity and traffic at a standstill right now amid reports tell that officials are holding talks with experts to resume regular airport operations. right now, the airport is inoperable. technical experts reportedly arrived to try to reopen it the taliban has been struggling to keep the country functioning and for the final withdrawal of u.s. forces to the. if you want to eat in a restaurant, workout in a gym or see an indoor show in berkeley you have to show proof you are vaccinated against covid. the city announced the order last night which goes into effect the 10th. people must show proof of vaccination to get into bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms and indoor events with at least 1000 people. workers will also be required to show proof of vaccination or, receive weekly covid tests. concern this morning over a dramatic spike in kids catching covid-19 across the u.s. as they return to the classroom. some parents are fighting to keep kids out of school. parents rallied outside the
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union school district yesterday demanding the return of distance-learning as the delta variant pushes covid cases among kids at the highest level since the pandemic began. why parent claims the schools and district do not even tell them when there is a positive covid case. they learn about new cases on the district:online dashboard. >> we are not looking for actual details. we should be informed. >> i am very scared each and every day. >> the parents say they surveyed nearly 900 other mothers and fathers at about 90% want the district to bring back dysentery. they say district leaders agreed to talk to them and we reached out to district leaders and are waiting for response. during the pandemic, some resisted wearing a mask, sink there's not enough proof they help. now, large new study involving stanford researchers provide stronger evidence they do work. researchers went to 600 rural villages in bangladesh. have were given free surgical
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masks and residents were encouraged to use the. happier later, areas where masks were provided stop a big benefit. residents were 11% less likely to get infected, 35% less likely if they were 60 and older. time for the moneywatch report of its relevance favoring the sackler family against opioid lawsuit and how long top gun fans will have to wait for the sequel to hit theaters. stocks ended mixed yesterday as investors awaits the august employment report for clues on the economy. the dow jones fell 40 points and the nasdaq jumped 50. the s&p rose 1. a federal bankruptcy judge giving conditional approval to a sweeping settlement that would remove the the sackler family from ownership of oxycontin maker purdue pharma. under the settlement the family has to get out of the opioid
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business altogether and contribute for a half billion dollars to fighting the opioid crisis. in return, they will be shielded from future lawsuits over opioids. paramount pictures is pointing the release of top gun maverick until next memorial day weekend in may. the talk on sequel starring tom cruise was sent to hit the big screen in november. the delta variant is prompting the delay of a number of film releases. pair my pictures is a unit of viacomcbs. that is your cbs moneywatch report. for more head to the cbs money watch website. at the new york stock exchange, i am elise preston. is now 4:45. mary has what we can expect in the day had. we are looking at afternoon sunshine as we go thru the day today. below normal highs, a bit hazy today and tomorrow with moderate air-quality. we are going to be warming up for the labor day weekend. so, here we go. a a live look outside.
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this is the salesforce tower camera. 60 degrees right now in concord. oakland at 58. 55 livermore 57 san francisco. 58 san jose and 54 santa rosa. some low clouds out there. one more cool dates today. we have the ocean breeze for us. the low pressure system to the north ushering in rain influence. as we go thru the we can, we are going to see temperatures rise. the strong ridge of high pressure building in for us and that is the reason why we will see temperatures climb to above normal. inland into the 90s by labor day weekend. futurecast taking you hour by hour with skies clearing as we go thru the day today. looking at moderate air- quality. so, in the yellow as we head through thursday, with it a bit of haze. the city surface smoke concentration forecast. we will be watching at least the smoke to the north moving over the pacific with the ocean
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breeze it could push a little bit of haze into the region. we are watching part of the north and east bay that could potentially dip into the unhealthy for sensitive groups air-quality watching that for you today could see a little bit of haze friday and for the weekend. for the most part, this is another weather model showing as we go through today, tomorrow, and for the weekends it is not looking too bad. that is the smoke concentration forecast. we will profile all levels of the atmosphere into your son it. again, maybe a little bit of haze but were not looking to bed as we go thru the next two days. sunrise 640 and sunrise at 7:36. daytime highs for the peninsula, 70 for the south bay from the upper 70s, santa clara, san jose, low 80s campbell as well as morgan hill, as we look to the inlet east bay, concorde, pleasant
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hill upper 70s to low 80s for the tri-valley. around the bay, 66 in san francisco looking at 65 daly city, daytime highs in the lid mid 70s for the north bay. here is the extended forecast. what you can expect, we warmed things up into the low 70s by the weekend, upper 70s for the weekend. inlet east bay into the 90s upper 80s for the north bay and upper 60s at the kos. let's check in with gianna for the traveler this morning. take a look at roadways, a failed crash unfortunately through the altamont pass. at least three writes lanes are shut down because of this. traffic is busy. an investigation is underway, a vehicle hit a pedestrian walking on the center divider in the area around 3:45 this morning. it might take time to clear this one out of the roadways. that is an area where we have a
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lot of brake lights anyway. we will keep a close eye on that. looking past that point at the 580 and the 680 interchange traffic magical pepper here but again you have brake lights before that. travel times 44 minutes to go from the 205 to the 680. just a heads up at that. was about 80 looking good. highway 4, early right there all clear, if you're coming out of san jose, no brake lights or issues, 36 minutes northbound 101 towards sfo, so long the peninsula traffic is quiet and lights also. looking at the bay bridge, no lights yes. things are moving at the limit as you head out of the east bay over into san francisco . a quick look at the 880, clear in both directions. illinois, a woman put in jail using a fake vaccine card to travel to hawaii. it was apparently a spelling mistake that got her caught. authorities say she submitted the fake card to bypass quarantine. she was allowed to leave the airport, but when her
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information was more closely checked, officials noticed moderna was misspelled in the car, 24-year-old was arrested before boarding her return flight. in mourning everybody. it happened. first time in a long time the giants are no longer in first place, we address it too here's a live look outside before we go to break.
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good morning everybody. i have a baseball on top obviously. the giants missed 16 games in
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16 days. the division leading team nobody talks about is coming here and not the giants out of first place in the national league west. brewers telling crawford we tell you why we have the central. giants came from behind. buster posey in a pool shut down the line bringing home kris bryant. giants tied, still tied top seven. peterson had a clutch two ahead. brewers took the lead. this started with a two-out block. can you believe it? the brewers with insurance as lorenzo cain had a solo blast. the second straight day he has a homer. milwaukee beat the giants a third straight time 5-2. san francisco lost for straight and five of the last six. in the meantime, almost 400 miles south, the dodgers had a chance. tying at three at the west.
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two outs, the dodgers ahead started the game trailing the giants by half a game. they ended the game leading the giants by half a game 4-3 is the final. the first time since may 30th san francisco has not been in first place. the giants and the brewers face each other later today. in the meantime the a's in detroit's. they welcome bacchanal teammates to the clubhouse, chris davis rejoined the club and called from aaa vegas. you can imagine the reception >> smiles and a lot of hugs. you know? we are not social distancing. spike davis did not get into last night's game 3-1 in the forth. a career home run number five. a two run blast tied the game. next happening, matt olson got a hold of one. drove it over the head of the centerfielder derek l. josh
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harrison scores and gave the a's a 5-3 lead. when they leave a loss. the tigers rallied tied 6-6. bottom of the seventh, cabrera again, the rbi single and the comeback was completes. 8-6 final falling to games back from the red sox for the final wild card spot. the warrior players now in vaccinated will not be allowed to play or practice at the chase center unless they have an improved medical or religious exemption. this is according to the city of san francisco policy. visiting players have to be subject to this rule. has the covid virus has really spread its wings and the nba is trying to get tough and bounce back. that is enough, see you later. 4:35. right after the break we are
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back on the front lines of the caldor fire as the firefight progresses overnight. live team coverage. governor newsom taking a recall campaign to the barry this morning. what some new poll numbers reveal. roads turning into rivers, rain pouring into the subway like the bay area has never seen before. >> a live look from california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn boston bury it, progress on the caldor fire. the threat is that over yet. we have live team coverage. shifting winds could set a lot of toxic air are way. mary's tracking what to expect this morning and for the holiday weekend. the fight for the governor's office coming to san francisco, what's new poll
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numbers reveal about the recall race. look at that, subways inundated with roads turning into rushing rivers. the flooding taking over parts of new york. later the last big travel weekend of the summer but with the delta variant and the caldor fire in tahoe, this labor day might look a little different. expert advice with tips for last minute planners, live. good morning is thursdays at denver second. i am jeff franco. we have live team coverage on the caldor fire burning a control. mary is standing by with conditions facing fire crews. a presidential emergency declaration for the caldor fire. that will help the state get federal assistance for the emergency response and recovery effort. let's go right to south lake tahoe and set the scene this morning. >> we have been driving around the area.
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we have seen flames burned through christmas valley. none of them close to home. still there is a roadway protecting homes in the area. that is part of the strategy firefighters are using. right now i am actually in myers at one of the checkpoints. temperatures are cooler right now. the winds are fairy lights. that is good news for firefighters. i want to show you some of the flames burning last night's as the fire continued to move to the east, still threatening lake tahoe on the southern edge of the fire. alpine, douglas and amador county is also still at risk. at last check the fire is burned more than 200,000 acres. we will get numbers from cal fire coming up later, we take a live look at the camera on sierra-at-tahoe. the alert wildfire camera. the fire already burned through the area early monday morning. yon


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