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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 3, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00. huge headaches tonight for bay area resident who's hope to get away for the holiday weekend. >> it is really not the right time for visitors to come.
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>> how crews fighting the caldor fire are taking advantage of favorable weather conditions. >> it is time for toy go. >> tensions boil over during an emotional meeting to address the response to a fight at a contra costa county school. >> i don't remember a time when it was this bad. >> it is going to get worse. >> pandemic taking a toll on health care workers. bay area nurses say they feel like they have gone from heroes to villains: good evening. >> now at 11:00. streaming on cbsnbay area. the holiday travel rush is underway tonight. many people are rethinking their plans, kpix5 is live at san jose international airport to explain why. >> and liz the cdc issued a warning for all travelers as covid-19 cases climb. but it is not just the virus that is having people think twice about
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their holiday weekend plans. >> clearly it is life- threatening. >> reporter: he made plans to spend labor day weekend with four friends, he tried to cancel his 2-day stay at an air b&b rental because of poor air quality from the fire and to keep one more car off of the road for emergency vehicles. >> so, contacted the host and the host was unable to offer anything. >> reporter: the host refused because it is not in the fire zone. >> the fact saw no problems coming up to north lake tahoe at this time. he deemed it perfectly liveable. i would disagree. >> it is really not the right time for visitors to come and enjoy tahoe. >> reporter: the president and ceo of the incline crystal bay visitors bureau says half of the area is under evacuation orders.
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>> we have to keep the roads open for possible evacuation needs as well as emergency equipment. >> reporter: this labor day triple a predicts a record number of people at california beaches. it is not just wilds g eks.the c issued a warning for even those vaccinated to be cautious traveling as covid-19 cases climb worldwide. >> first and foremost if you are unvaccinated we would recommend not traveling. >> labor day is a bit of the icing on the cake typically for this summer. >> getting300 cleaning fee returned. not the $500 for the two night stay. >> part of it is, ensuring guests not a healthy environment. >> did the air b&b say anything about this tonight? >> the spokesperson for air b&b are honoring canceling without
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penalty for those directly impacted by the fire. we are talking about the mandatory evacuation zones, they are saying it is not safe at all to be in tahoe if it is north or southlake. >> the air quality alone. >> all right, thank you. tonight, firefighters in southlake tahoe are taking advantage of the calmer winds and cooler temperatures to build more containment lines. the goal is to push the flames away from populated areas and we show you their progress. >> reporter: as night fell over kirkwood, the flames moved through the crowns of trees, the relentless burning came after hours of continuous water drops near highway 88 and the lake. >> very lucky. >> reporter: early in the day kathy clark and her husband got the best of news, they were part of the limited number of people allowed to return to their home after they were forced to evacuate. >> i just would like to go back
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and water my flowers. that is all we wanted to do. >> reporter: in christmas valley, the active fire burned along the east side of highway 89. here is why this fire is so stubborn. you have so much fuel. pine cones and needle nosthe flames were met by hand crews that want to create a fire break in rugged terrain. while the use of limited water supply is factored into this equation. >> we are letting the fire burn itself to us. meeting it on our terms. when it gets to us, the water that we have,. >> reporter: most of the town is ghost town. they are grateful after having stayed at 2 shelters and an rv park. >> we have four dogs, birds and horses transferred to the fairgrounds, complicate inside and out trying to keep the cats
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in, let the dogs out. >> reporter: back to you. let's take a live look outside. air quality an issue once again. >> we are tracking the wildfire smoke drifting our way tonight. >> reporter: another wave of it moved in today. air quality across the bay area is still in the moderate area. that is about as bad as it got today. a couple locations got into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. moderate air quality, most of us do not notice it. most of the smoke elevated in the atmosphere. it is still there right now. the smoke should be less concentrated on friday and better news in the forecast as we head into labor they weekend. wind the clock on saturday. the smoke does not disappear it should be thinned out as we go to the first day of labor day weekend. even better news, most of the smoke will be elevated in the atmosphere. ground area should be good. we will look at the four day
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forecast. focus just on the surface level smoke as opposed to all of this in the depth of the atmosphere coming up. >> paul, thanks. tonight, emotions running high as an east bay school board tries to tackle the use of force policy after a fight at antioch high school. video of the aftermath has been posted on social media showing a young man pinned down to the ground. we report on what happened during tonight's fiery meeting. >> reporter: the school board president called for this meeting tonight to try to set a use of force policy on campus such as antioch high. instead, the first two hours of the meeting were spent reading public comments criticizing her. >> it is time for you to go. how long are we going to let this little girl run our school district into the ground. >> using race to divide the community, she is accused of. it prompted her to ask for a
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break. >> i am sorry, i am having a very difficult time. the last couple comment his nothing to do with policies and procedures. >> after the break all 60 pages of public comment criticizing her and the superintendent were read. the meeting was called because of a fight at antioch high school last friday where i student was pinned down by security guards. according to the principal, the student threatened to do harm to an entire class, attacked another student and became physical with staff despite reported attempts to deescalate the situation. one thing was clear to her watching the video. >> towards the end of the video, the young man is held down by his hair. and so that was really kind of the sticking point for me. what led up to this? >> reporter: the parents we talked with at antioch high were just as divided on on the public comment fist this use of force was appropriate. >> anything to be done to
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protect children in the school setting and in the classroom. you never know. the kid could of run off, you don't know. >> i would not want anybody to put my hands on a child. >> reporter: in the end the board voted 4-1 to table the issue until the district has time to pull up its current use of force policy. in antioch. kpix5. taking a live look at state capitol tonight where a bill aimed at making police records more accessible and transparent to the public is awaiting the governor's signature. state senator nancy skinner from berkeley. introduced sb-16. there would expand and open access to records on the police officers who have misconduct on issues like use of force, racist or bias behavior, unlawful searches or arrests. the california legislature approved the bill today which is expected to be signed by the governor. and, tomorrow, the state legislature is expected to vote on another
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bill. this one aimed at holding officers accountable under sb-2. any police officer that gets fired for serious misconduct would lose their badge permanently. still ahead, bay area health care workers struggling to keep up. now, a significant new challenge. >> verbally abusive. combative. >> he said he was going to come back to the hospital with a gun. >> tonight, we hear from the nurses on the frontlines. >> and thousands of students will have to wear masks at school and some will have to get regular testing, details on tonight's decision. and dramatic rescue scenes across the northeastern u.s. tonight as
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now a kpix5 original report. in the u.s. covid-19 cases are 1,000% higher than in june. the numbers keep climbing. kpix5 sat down with 2 nurses to discus the toll that the pandemic has had on them after nearly two years on the frontlines. >> i don't remember a time when it was this bad where as soon as the paenesxt patient comes in just as sick. >> reporter: a registered nurse since the '80s worked
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through the h1n1 pandemic, embola and the aids epidemic. she and her colleagues never seen this many people die in a 19 month period. >> seeing more hospitalizations quicker than last year and now we are seeing younger folks. we are saying if you are sick. and there is not a need for toy come to the er stay home, stay home. >> and that is really sad that we have to be that way. there is just not enough room right now. >> it is going to get worse. we are now seeing sicker people. >> reporter: this register nurse says they are back to discussing how to make room for the concerning spike in covid-19 patients. >> we are putting patients in the hallway. >> when we were at the peak of the last search. >> a shift has taken place inside many hospitals since the vaccine
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became available. >> we are seeing an increase in volatile behavior if it is the patient or the visitors. >> at the beginning of the pandemic last year health care workers were recognized, applauded and labeled as heroes. now, some nurses say they are seen as the enemy. >> very verbally abusive, combative patients, especially in the e.r. the nurses and the doctors are getting quite a handful. >> he was going to come back to the hospital with a gun. >> several days ago he said a man became volatile towards them after he was told he would not be allowed to visit a covid-19 patient per hospital protocol. >> we have to go on lockdown until the next morning. that was it for me. i needed a mental health day after that. >> reporter: more difficult, are the patients that trust social media over science, their neighbor over their nurse. >> a 30-year-old patient that
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has covid-19 and his whole family has covid- 19 and he told me that i wish i would of gotten e prior to this pandemic nurses were one of the most trusted professions. >> reporter: kathy, the president of the california nurses association and part of the national nurses organize committee remembers a time she told another nurse it is okay to cry. >> she said i held his hand and said it was going to be okay and then when he did pass she just broke down and started crying. it is hard, it is exhausting. >> reporter: the nurses feel like they are at the center of a storm including dealing with challenging work conditions. >> we have one nurse doing the jobs of three people. that is dangerous. that is dangerous. one person should not be doing the job of three people. >> reporter: i will have more on what they say were mistakes hospitals made at the beginning of the
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pandemic that left them unprepared for what is to come and how they believe it put their lives at risk. that is tomorrow at 11:00 on wtix. in san jose, back to you. new at 11:00, students in the alameda school district will have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors, the rule was approved tonight. the district will also require regular testing for unvaccinated students. happening tomorrow, bottle rock music festival in napa is back. the labor day weekend starts at noon tomorrow. the event was postponed several times is now a ago. around 100,000 people are slated to attend. extra covid-19 safety calls near place. you will need if you want to get in or a recent covid-19 test. more than 80 artists will perform on six stages including guns and roses
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and more. the delta search prompted one headliner to back out. >> on the storm watch, at least 46 people have died as record-breaking rain hit the east coast. the remnants of hurricane ida bringing devastating floods and tornadoes. check out the new york subway deluge of water shutting down the entire system flash flooding in the city's queensboro and trapped with a lot of people, also killed people in their basement apartments. in philadelphia. dozens of people had to be rescued from a hotel. pennsylvania today, a truck picking up the hotel guests and driving them through the floodwaters to safety. the nearby river overflowed right on to the streets. same things we have seen over and over again. too much water there, not enough here. we wish there was a balance and mother nature would give that to you. not this week.
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>> it would be nice to even out the weather sea saw. that is just not the way things shaped up. we have a new update from the drought monitor today. the good news is, not any worse. we will not see improvement to this until we get into the rainy season. drought for the bay area with extreme drought. and for the state as a whole. 0 change. 40% of california in drought conditions, half of the state in the worst category. 88% of the state. almost all of california. it was not too bad today. but the weather patterns are going to shift heading into the weekend. transition day tomorrow where we are going to lose the strong onshore breeze. it is camped over the pacific northwest and moves off to the east. what will take over is high pressure from the southwest. the fact it is coming from there should
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tell you the type of weather we are going to be getting. hot winds, not losing the onshore influence and the worst of the smoke will stay pushed away from the bay area. we will track the surface level smoke that was out there today. we showed moderate air quality today. we are still going to see that in spots tomo. oke should be thinner at ground level. that trend will continue heading into the first day of labor day weekend. the worst we are going to see is moderate air quality that is what we had for everybody today. north bay and inland in the east bay, all of the way through the holiday weekend and it will go back and forth. staying out of the unhealthy category that is good news haze in the atmosphere. visibility is good. the fog is going to spread. should back up quickly. sunshine breaking through and warming temperatures up. it will take longer around the
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bay and north bay valley hanging on to the fog until late morning. once the sun emerges the temperatures will get up to what is normal. starting off cool and upper 40s in the valleys and lower to middle 50s elsewhere. high temperatures, tomorrow, almost exactly normal. middle 60s along the coast and upper 70s for the east bay. 70s in san jose and lower 80s for the north bay. a little warmer inland in the east bay. upper 80s, 90 degrees, the temperatures are going to warm up. just depends how much. lower 70 tphás san francisco. closer to 80 degrees in oakland. sunday and for labor day, similar temperatures in the north bay. it will be in the hot spots, middle 90s. closer to 100 degrees. then we return to normal temperatures by tuesday, wednesday, thursday. vern? straight ahead in sports,
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a's and giants business eve of the dodgers series. i know you got thatone circled. college football tonight. pac-12 in action and so was team playing in the land of
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baseball up top. are you ready for the dodgers weekend series. top two teams in the league. the nl west with. identical records. i know this three-time nba champ is. >> i will scoop it for you. giants. >> clay thompson, while the pitcher did not hold back. career high, 10 strikeouts, milwaukee batters, one home run and 7 innings. tied at 1. he clutched the two-out hit. against williams, had not given up a earned run in two months. next batter. tyler. knocked out blow. a 3-run shot.
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back up the bus, load the gear. giants snapped the losing streak. won it 5-1. moving into the first place tie with the dodgers in the nl west in l.a. in for three starting tomorrow. meantime, the a's, they got a lot of balls in the air. they got to win games at detroit. every a's run scored with 2 outs, including the first inning, 3- run big fly. score 4 in the 1st and davis he saw it since joining the a's the fourth inning, the rbi double. davis was 2-3 today. he spotted the tigers. a playoff now and the a took 2 of 3 in a series. remain 2 games back of boston for the second wild card spot. raider nation.
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what is up with your team. they are getting after it in vegas gren, b, 7-9, 8-8. they open up september 13th. monday night football, hosting the ravens and the general manager has had it with this rebuilding talk. >> we are not hiding from expectations. i think john and i will both tell you that we feel like we need to be a playoff team. no doubt about that. and you guys are all going to put that in your headlines and i understand it. i think we have done the infrastructure work necessary to put us in position. we got to take care of business. >> the 49ers general manager, lynch, spotted in minneapolis, catching ohio state, it took 55 minutes before the buckeyes broke it open. c.j., pulling off a play.
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they were favored by two touchdowns and out of the pac-12 a win for number 24 utah and a win for number 25 arizona state. >> it is back. >> it is back. >> it is back. >> vern, thank you. tonight, a pop super group announcing their return to the spotlight after four decades. th it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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it say comeback four days in the making. '70s super group, aba, just released two new songs today. >> they will drop the entire 10 song album. their first in more than 40 years in november. the two songs from the album have the voyage" can be streamed right now. they announced a comeback digital concert
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