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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 3, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> live on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, expect a hazy warm labor day weekend. good evening, i'm allen martin in for len kiese. >> let's get to the all important holiday weekend forecast. >> we are still dealing with hazy skies today and a likely continue into tomorrow. the air quality advisory extended through monday. you can see the haze on the sales force tower camera. moderate air quality right now. so, we have that haze, that smoke in the upper levels of the atmosphere aloft. but not up pacing the air we breathe. so still looking okay for air
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quality. futurecast smoke as we go through our day. and you can see that haze as we head through friday. daytime highs near normal. a ridge of high pressure where we live. >> bottle rock back in napa valley and the doors officially opened. >> the three-day festival is usually on memorial weekend, but covid canceled it until now. it will feature tons of musical artists, food, and wine. >> folks are ready. >> justin andrews is live in napa and the party is just getting started, huh? >> reporter: oh yeah, the party has started already. we have a musical lineup. the vendors are setup overthere. you have the shop, people are ready to buy bottle rock apparel. all the way to the right
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corner, oh yeah. that's the wine garden. the doors opened up about 30 minutes ago. and our cameras were right there rolling as hundreds hurried in for a front row seat to a live music lineup. all music fans will enjoy. they have chris stapleton. guns and roses, the foo fighters. megan the stallion. that is just to name a few. and the list goes on. if you have tickets this weekend, though, to one or all three, you have to show your vaccination proof or proof of a negative covid test. the test must have been taken within 72 hours each day you are attending so for your three- day ticketholders, you had to be tested yesterday for your result to be septembered for all three festival days. masks, yes, they will be required. for all indoor spaces. outdoor, it is just recommended but not required. they will have touchless wristbands. hundreds of hand sanitizing
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stations. one guy was the first one in line this morning. he said there is nothing better than bottle rock. >> why did you get here at 7:00? doors don't open until 11:30. >> it is part of my ritual. it adds to the whole experience. it is more than just a festival or specific artists. it is about the experience. that's why i do it. that's why we all do it. >> reporter: all right, ron says they will be here all three days. they expect more than 100,000 people to attend this weekend. we are live in napa valley this afternoon, i'm justin andrews, kpix5. >> should be a good one. this is one of the biggest event ins the bay area since covid. we have more details on safety protocols and ticket exchanges. you will find it on now to a live look at sfo
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where we have seen a steady stream of travelers but not the typical holiday weekend rush. a warning from the cdc has some bay area residents rethinking their weekend plans. if you are unvaccinated, stay home, and if you are, be cautious. officials are worried about a possible surge in covid cases with travel and the delta variant. >> i have noticed a lot more people. a lot more passengers have been flying more frequently. and i have been noticing a lot of people more on edge, too. >> this holiday weekend, none of the major airlines expect to reach pre-pandemic traffic. aaa is still expecting a busy travel weekend. saying recent travel bookings are up 11% over pre-pandemic levels. new at noon, a live look across san francisco. we have learned the city's emergency services system is back up and running. officials say there was some sort of network outage that impacted 911 and other systems
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until about an hour ago. >> this outage, our dispatchers switched to manual mode which means calls were forwarded to other devices and continued to provide limited capacity. >> the city is trying to figure out what caused the outage but says it does not appear to be an issue with the utility. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk continuing to follow the big fire burning near lake tahoe. the caldor fire. this afternoon, there is more reason to hope it will not reach south lake tahoe as firefighters work to protect some of the communities. to the east and to the south. the latest update from cal fire shows that firefighters have gained some control overnight. mis. aldor fire is bu abt last nhtrefighte ok cooler mpwinds. but they are still finding spot fires fueled by the high winds earlier this week. 857 buildings have been burned so far. many have been homes and cabins in some of the smaller
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communities surrounding the ole bordeaux national forest area. the fire has been burning for 19 days now in el dorado and amador counties. the dixie fire is still growing north of there. it is across five counties. it is about three times the size of los angeles and more than seven weeks after lightning sparked it, it is now 55% contained. all of that smoke continues to affect air quality all around northern california. back to you. a hit and run and a freeway shooting and so far, no arrests. investigations are underway right now in two separate incidents, in two bay area cities overnight. on 280 and daly city, one person opened fire on a moving vehicle around 2:00 a.m., the chp has not confirmed how many people were shot but they found
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bullet casings across all lanes of the highway which was closed for at least a couple of hours. and in san jose, a driver is on the run after a deadly high- speed crash there. police responded to the area of santa clara street and 10th street at around 10:30 last night. they say a black bmw sedan ran a red light hitting a nissan and then a third car. one person was killed. several others injured. the driver of the bmw fled the scene immediately. 3 police are asking anyone with information to contact detectives. right now, president biden is in louisiana getting a firsthand look at the devastation left behind by hurricane ida. he arrived in new orleans less than two hours ago. he met with local, state leaders, including the governor of louisiana to get briefed on the situation there. and, later this afternoon, the president is expected to visit communities that were hit hard outside of new orleans. he will always update officials on his administration's response to the storm. meanwhile, recovery efforts are entering another day across
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that state. authorities say nearly one million homes and businesses are still without power. as well as critical supplies. in places like killian, louisiana, patience is wearing thin. >> if we don't get mres , water, diapers, commodities, just, anything to help these citizens, that is going to be a very tough time. >> not just louisiana, first responders rescued teem from flood waters across the northeast including new jersey, delaware, pennsylvania. officials say more than 40 people have died since ida made landfall last weekend. one research model estimates that ida could be responsible for more than $55 billion in damage when the final tallies are in. coronavirus now. and concerns about the spread in children. almost 5 million kids have been diagnosed with covid-19 since the pandemic began. now the delta variant is spreading among the
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unvaccinated including kids. nearly 204,000 tested positive in one week. levels not seen since winter. children now account for 22% of cases. and to date, 9.3 million children are fully vaccinated. about 46% of 16 to 17-year-olds and 37% of 12 to 15-year-olds. the vaccine is not available yet to kids under 12. but here is what ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. monica told kpix5's anchor elizabeth cook. >> we will hope to get to 5 to 11 by mid october. then 6 months to 5, it will take a while. that will be until the end of december. but what pfizer said, is that they will do a staggered approach. and they are going to tell us and they really do think they can stay on the time line because there were a lot of people who wanted their children in the trials. they think they can stay on time line for 5 to 11. >> the american academy of
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pediatrics is launching a campaign urging parent to vaccinate their children an encouraging them to talk to their pediatrician about their concerns. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs bay area, a major slow down in u.s. hiring though there are tons of job openings. plus, meet a bay area stud
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the u.s. job market that sizzled last summer is cooling
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down in a big way. despite the hiring slowdown, job openings are at a record high. wal-mart, amazon are looking for tens of thousands of workers. >> i know some wanted to see a larger number today. so did i. what we have seen this year is the continued growth. >> economists say rising covid cases are likely playing a role. hiring in many industries dropped last month as americans ate out less and canceled trips. time to recognize our students rising above scholar. most of us have heard a picture is worth a thousand words. elizabeth cook introduces us to a student using his photography to help others heal. >> reporter: paulo arosco's pictures are more than just a quick snap. each is a carefully planned
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expression of his subjects' most vulnerable selves. the sessions location, lighting, and clothing are all designed to heal. >> i talk to people for a really long time. until i really get a grasp of who they are. what is it? what is the insecurity? let's bring it out subtly. not entirely. but we will get to it. >> reporter: the insecurities that we all have are the beauty paulo sees through his lens. it is a view the 19-year-old photographer the personally familiar with. >> this is how i feel. >> reporter: when we first met him back in 2019, he was a high school student at downtown college prep in san jose. carrying a heavy burden. >> i knew it was toxic. >> as a young teen, he developed an eating disorder losing 30 pounds from his already thin frame. >> i couldn't control the people that wanted to be with me or where i lived. i couldn't control any of that. so i used eating as a control
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for me. >> reporter: husband hands became a measure for his weight lost. >> i would wrap my hand around my wrist to measure. >> reporter: friends, family, and paulo himself realized he needed help. he received counseling and in time, the need to control his eating lessened. his healing journey had begun. >> it is like self-anger. you are mad at yourself. >> reporter: along the way, he picked up his camera and showed his hands to the world, literally, in a series of deeply personal photographs. each depicting the struggles he went through. >> i need to be an example in a sense. if i can heal, so can they. >> reporter: now, a college sophomore at cal berkeley studying molecular cell biology, he has turned his camera toward others giving fellow students a safe space. >> he was able to relate. that is what i liked. >> reporter: fellow students
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rising above scholar paula says. >> there is nothing that need to be added or said or got lost in the process. >> i want to bring a light to each person i seek. let's give someone the opportunity to shine. >> he has done about 20 free portrait sessions so far. and, if his subjects approve, he posts some of the photos on social media. if you, or someone you know, is struggling with an eating disorder, there are resources available. we will have links on our website at all right, the weekend is here, and it is a holiday weekend, so time now for a check at the weather with meteorologist mary lee. >> we will look at temperatures on the rise as we look ahead to labor day weekend. warmer temperatures today. we will continue to watch them climb as we look ahead to labor
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day weekend. here we go. a live look with the san francisco cam. hazy skies in the transamerica pyramid. across the bay, the bay bridge, the background. temperatures are warming up to the 60s and the 70s at this lunchtime hour. 71 for you in concord. 62 in oakland. 74 in livermore. san francisco, 61. 72, san jose. 62, santa rosa. hazy sunshine for today. we have that air quality advisory in effect today. now, extended through monday for labor day. near normal daytime highs today. but, we are going to warm it up as we look ahead to tomorrow and the hottest days of our extended forecast. for our weekend, sunday and for labor day. so, today, really the transition date for us. we are looking at temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. but right around where we should be for this time of year. as we looked to our weekend, with that ridge of high pressure building in, inland heat will be on the rise until we look to temperatures soaring well above average for our labor day weekend.
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moderate air quality for today. we have the haze. it is aloft in the upper levels of the atmosphere. that will likely continue as we go through the next several days. we have the haze today. we have the haze tomorrow. and our longer range weather model is showing at least better air quality as we look to sunday and for monday, especially for next week. now, i do want to give you an update on the caldor fire. and the good news, lighter winds out there, so, we had that yesterday for that area. that did help firefighters. that will continue as we look to today with northwesterly winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour. but still, those smoky skies with hazardous air quality for the tahoe area. sunset at 7:36. sunrise at 6:41 for tomorrow morning. daytime highs, mid 60s at the coast. upper 60s , low 70s around the bay. an 80s inland. seven day forecast as we look ahead to the weekend. you can see temperatures climbing to the mid to upper 70s to 80 degrees. san jose, upper 80s to 90 for labor day weekend.
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est bay, upper 90s to triple digit heat. low 90s for the north bay for our weekend. and, upper 60s at the coast for sunday and for hay boar day. really watching temperatures climb for our labor day weekend. back to you. >> thanks mary. coming up, here we go again. a musical comeback after nearly 40 years. plus, how whiskey is being used to help the environment.
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all right, we are officially dancing now. the popular swedish pop group abba is reuniting after a 39 year hiatus. they are releasing a new album called voyage in november and participating in a series of digital concerts in may. they broke up in 1982, but their music has remained popular through the generations. they released two new songs yesterday. tickets for their london concert go on sale tuesday. >> i can still hear dancing queen in my head. >> i love their music. it looks pretty cool. >> very cool. >> so i don't need to tell you,
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whiskey and driving do not mix. but, in this case, a combination of the two is helping the environment. >> glen fitic is using waste from spirits to power its trucks. researchers in edinboro came up with the using the whiskey residue as fuel. whiskey production, less than 10% of what comes out of the distillery is actually drinkable. the rest creates an eco friendly bio fuel. >> we now have vehicles we have to transport our spirits around the country from a renewable source. >> it cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 30%. coming up, imagine floating on the water when this floats up alongside you. the close encounter with a whale caught on camera.
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later today on the drew barrymore show, she visits the
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our extreme drought may force a bay area water district to take drastic action for endangered species. before we go, very cool
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video out of argentina, a whale decided to swim underneath this person. it is a little hard to tell, it is very tiny. this is a southern right d s of america, south africa, new zealand. >> if he makes a sudden wrong move. better than a shark i suppose. >> wow. >> that is pretty cool. >> all right, that's it for kpix5 news at noon. remember, 24/7 on cbsn bay area. our next news st is at
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