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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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we want to show you video we shot earlier today, some of the footage should show that the police officers were covering a saws all from underneath the honda accord, there were evidence markers and shell casings that were recovered from the scene. it happened earlier in the day, the witness who was also the owner of this honda accord tells me he was a construction worker, he was working at a construction job a couple houses away. he heard sound, came out, saw two guys underneath his car. he tried to get those guys to leave, and go away, but those guys fired shots at him, the owner of the car says they fired five shots at him, and in the video you can see there's shell casings on the ground, the fremont police department currently is investigating trying to get more information, now the owner of the car the declined to talk on camera but he did say it was a scary experience. that's come back alive, this is you mentioned is a very common
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occurrence now, just about two months ago back in july i covered a case in oakland where thieves catalytic converter thieves shot at a father and son, one of the shots grazed the sun, because they were trying to stop those thieves from cutting the catalytic converter from their honda accord. it's becoming very violent,. >> it's rampant, all over the bay area. what's the best way to prevent catalytic converter thefts? >> so now, manufacturers are selling these plates underneath the car to cover up the catalytic converter, so it basically slows them down. my mechanic showed me a very neat trick recently, he put a couple of three pieces of rebar , and welded to the catalytic converter, very cheap takes no more than 30 to 40 bucks, it's not going to stop the saying but it will slow them down, and
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hopefully that will deter them from doing it. for toyota prius, i know they sell plate underneath to prevent folks from getting in. >> whatever works to throw slow them down. thank you. >> the shooting also happened yesterday in san francisco. it happened about 1:00 a.m. thursday, not far from the elementary school. police say the thieves opened fire at a man who yelled at them from the window. the man told officers he heard the sound of power tools, when he looked outside he saw two men lying next to his neighbor's car and yelled at him to stop. the man was not hurt but saw the suspects take off in another vehicle. happening now the bay area's first big music festival since covid 19. chopper five was overhead as the gates opened for the 2021 bottle rock music festival in napa. already things are off to a bumpy start. this afternoon we learned tonight headliner, chris
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stapleton, has dropped out of the festival. the singer blamed an illness unrelated to covid. stapleton sent out a tweet to vance saying in part, it is with a heavy heart that i will be unable to perform tonight at bottle rock. please know it is not a decision we made lightly, and we thank you for your understanding. kpix 5 is live in napa, with the rules in place to keep the weekend musical covid safe. >> there are a lot of covid safety rules in place, here, but there are a lot of excited people, too. 100,000 people are going to come up to napa from bottle rock this weekend, it's one of the largest events the bay area has seen since the start of the pandemic, had it definitely not covid safety lightly. some choose to rock out, some part for the long haul, but either way, bottle rock is rocking once again. >> having the best time in
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years. is awesome. >> reporter: the festival was pushed back in 2020 and postponed again until now due to the pandemic. >> it feels great. i'm glad to be here [ laughter ] >> reporter: in order to get into the festival grounds people had to show proof they are fully vaccinated or take a 72 hour negative covid test. masks are required indoors and are highly recommended outside. the mitchells from walnut creek were pleased with the new safety protocols. >> i was proud to show my vaccination card. >> happy to do so. i was more concerned about the bus ride up than i am about being here. we were in an enclosed bus but now that we are here we are fine. >> the festival is expected to draw a crowd of around 100,000 people this weekend which is a bit unnerving for some locals. >> is exciting, lots of people coming into town, there is trepidation about the times, covid and all, it's a little nerve-racking. >> reporter: napa county's public health officer praised the festivals covid safety measures comparing them to another recent massive music
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festival. these measures were successful at markedly decreasing transmission during the lollapalooza music festival in chicago, illinois. more than 385,000 attendees, less than .05% had covid. there are six stages that will host a wide variety of music acts over the weekend. you can't forget about the 87 food and wine vendors there as well. most people just happy the staple is back in full swing. >> we've been here three times together, wouldn't miss it. it's great to be out in the public. after all this craziness. >> we know chris stapleton is out, who is replacing the headliner? >> the high women will replace stapleton on stage tonight, the headline bottle rock, and tomorrow guns and roses will headline and then on sunday the foo fighters will close out bottle rock 2021. liz? >> all right, thank you.
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bottle rocks we can line up is jampacked, for canvas performances and more details for the safety protocols, visit our website, kpix for everybody, whether top of mind on a holiday weekend, a live look outside where smoke from the nearby wildfires is lingering. >> kpix 5 chief meteorologist is here in the weather center, and is the smoke going to impact the weekend plans? >> what we have out there today is pretty much what we are going to see through the holiday weekend, it's not great but it also isn't unhealthy. we have yellow dots across the board for the air-quality readings, indicating moderate air-quality. we stayed out of the unheralded healthy air-quality readings, that will be the case for the next few days. yesterday is optimistic that we see some green dots on the map of the next couple days, i'm less optimistic about that we will stay in the moderate category for saturday, more of the same for sunday and monday, moderate means most of us aren't going to notice it, maybe folks with severe emphysema or asthma might want
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to monitor your own symptoms and make sure you are not reacting to the amount of smoke in the air. temperatures will heat up, the hottest temperatures further inland on the east bay will reach into the mid to upper 90s sunday and monday, then we drop back down closer to normal as we head into the abbreviated workweek. take a look at the complete weekend forecast coming up. an out a fire watch, wind slightly cooler temperatures in el dorado county helping cruised by the caldor fire, containment has jumped to 33% up from 25% this time yesterday. the fire has grown to nearly 203rd teen thousand acres. cbs reporter kirkwood where flames continue to threaten thousands of structures there. >> you can hear the roar of this fire as it grows in intensity, north of kirkwood at twin lakes campground, flames burning for the el dorado forest, we have wind gusts here, as the fires picking up and growing in intensity this is not part of a burn operation but an uncontrolled fire burning
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through this fuel. the fire making a straight line toward highway 89, the highway acting as a firebreak, now the main concern are spot fires traveling ahead of this fire. the embers can create spot fires half a mile to a mile away, a lot of resources on the ground right now, monitoring the situation as the fire moves closer to structures and homes in the area. >> that was velena jones reporting. north of the caldor fire the dixie fire is still growing, more than seven weeks since lightning sparked, it now covers more than 1300 square miles across five counties. that's more than twice the size of los angeles. the dixie fire is 55% contained. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, shots fired on a bay area freeway, sending several people to the hospital. the cruise that could lead investigators to the gunman. president biden touched down on the gulf coast to assess the damage from hurricane ida firsthand.
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the efforts underway to help the area rebuild. the car company whose latest creation being described as a luxurious lounge on wheels.
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>> all right, san jose police searching for a driver involved in a deadly high-speed crash. this happened about 10:30 last night in the area of santa clara street and 10th. here's a look at the wreckage. police say a black bmw ran a red light hitting a nissan suv and another suv, one person was killed, two others injured. police say the driver of the bmw took off running, they are asking anybody with information to contact detectives. this is san jose's 41st deadly collision this year. we will have more on the investigation coming up at 6:00.
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in daily cities, the chp is in vista getting a freeway shooting that sent multiple people to the hospital, it happened early this morning along 280 near east moore avenue, authorities say a gunman opened fire on an suv, shot out the window and left behind several shell casings. at this time there is no update on the conditions of the people inside the suv, there's also no word yet on a suspect. looking live at downtown san francisco where city officials say the emergency services system is back up and running. after some sort of network outage, it affected 911 as well as 311 and other systems for several hours this morning. dispatch went into manual mode and continued to provide limited capacity. >> manual mode decreased our response, the incoming calls that came through to 911 at this time were tracked, and these calls are being returned or have been returned by 911 staff. the city says it's trying to track down the exact cause
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of that outage and work on ways from keep it happening again. turning to the storm watch, president biden traveled to the localeadand suey to meet with damage afthurricana slammed into the region. cbrt asand the northeast recove from the storm. president biden arrived in louisiana friday to get a firsthand look at the devastation left behind by hurricane ida. >> we are americans and we will get through this together. we've got to remember we not only have to build back, we have to build back better than it was before. >> reporter: more than a dozen deaths are blamed on hurricane ida in the south, and as the storm turned into sweltering heat across the gulf coast, the region is experiencing food and fuel shortages, many people are without power, which means no air conditioning. >> there's nothing political about this. it's about saving lives.
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>> reporter: to help speed recovery efforts, the biden administration has authorized the use of the country's emergency oil reserve. udne an 1.5 million barrels of y thstorm also hit the northeast, worse than many expected. the death toll has risen to more than 45 people in the wake of record-breaking rain, flash flooding and tornadoes for maryland to connecticut. >> the state can bring different agencies together and help. >> reporter: fridays the governors of mental and new york survey the damage in their state. >> i don't want to see niagara falls rushing down the stairs in the new york city subways. >> reporter: 11 fema incident management assistant teams have been sent to help in several states slammed by ida from the gulf coast to the northeast. natalie brand, cbs news washington. a fema officials tell cbs news the agency has received a record-breaking number of roughly 290,000 individual
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applications for assistance in louisiana. so far it has paid out more than $150 million in aid to the state primarily for housing, rental and repair assistance. how much heat, how much smoke, you have answers? >> heading into the holiday weekend temperatures warmed up today away from the water and more of a warming trend in store and a saturday, sunday, monday, it will be mild by the water, temperatures go up but it will be hot all the way through labor day monday. the smoke isn't going to change a lot, so, it's going to be lingering in place. moderate air quality, we won't get into the unhealthy categories and back to normal temperatures, and possibly better air quality as we head into next week. let's look at the forecast smoke simulation, forecast model data just tracking the amount of smoke through the atmosphere, and you can see we are surrounded. no matter which way the wind blows they will be smoke reinforced whenever the wind tries to move out. does look like it will thin out
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slightly tomorrow but still enough lingering in place that we will stay in the moderate category for air quality, and the same thing on sunday. there is smoke over the pacific ocean, usually we root for an onshore breeze to scrub the smoke out of here, that won't help us as we head into monday. eventually it will happen to clear air farther over the pacific but i don't think that will start to happen until tuesday, so for the next three days, moderate air quality across the board for everybody, we'll keep you updated is we head through the weekend. the haze on the horizon now comedies and breeze temperature 60 degrees downtown, a cool evening, 66 degrees in oakland, mid-70s in san jose and santa rosa with mid to upper 80s for concord and livermore, and those spots will be into the 90s tomorrow. those temperatures are several degrees warmer than 20 hours ago especially inland in the east bay, 8 to 12 degrees warmer, for 5 degrees warmer for the santa clara county, temperatures around the bay virtually identical to what we had at this time on thursday. if you're heading to the giants
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game this evening, the start of a big big three-game series with the los angeles dodgers, 58 degrees at game time, it will be cool, breezy, typical san francisco weather, we will hope that impacts the dodgers if they are not used to this kind of stuff. temperatures will drop into the low to mid 50s by early tomorrow morning, spots in the north page valley dropping into the upper 40s, then we are going to heat up, it will happen in a hurry. temperatures around the bay close to normal for this time of year upper 60s in the city with mostly mid to low 70s on the east out of the bay, and into the mid-80s for san jose, into the mid-80s for most of the north bay as well until you had farther north, temperatures inland at the east bay will be hot already by tomorrow afternoon, into the low 90s for the tri-valley at hotspots farther east up into the mid- 90s, and tomorrow is in the hot day of the weekend. that distinctive along the sunday and monday, almost tied for how hot they will be in most locations, close to 90 in san jose, around the bay it won't be as much of a warm-up, staying in the mid-70s for oakland, in the upper 60s to 70 degrees in san francisco,
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temperatures drop back down close to what's normal for this time of year, tuesday through next week. in the parts of the east bay, mid to upper 90s for sunday and monday, those usual hotspots getting close to 100 degrees for labor day, temperatures for the north bay close to 90 degrees similar to the santa clara valley, along the coast you won't notice too much of a difference, more sunshine, that helps, temperatures into the mid-60s through labor day and back down into the lower half of the 60s. we will zoom in for a look at tomorrow's high temperatures and talk about why the smoke is so stubbornly trapped in place, it has to do with the marine layer coming up at 5:30. coming up, a new report shows a major slowdown in job hiring, how the pandemic is planning a role. and the car company taking luxury to a whole new level. how you can kick back and relax while the vehicle drives itself. i mola lenghi in northern new jersey, the first responders were combing through the hardest hit neighborhoods, places that are still underwater. to try and help those whose
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homes, businesses, vehicles were flooded. in the aftermath of this deadly storm. tonight, on the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell. the season cut short due to flooding from a water main break, stern grove is relating highlights of the summer's concert series, tune into the best of the best tomorrow at 7:00, here on kpix five. and kpix 5 news app give you easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area, and kpix newscast.
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the spike in covid inspections appears to be having a major impact on new jobs. >> reporter wendy gillett explains. >> reporter: the u.s. job market that sizzle all summaries cooling down in a big way. the economy added just 235,000 jobs in august. way under wall street expectations. and much lower than the large job gains seen in july and june. >> this is a big disappointment. >> reporter: senior economic analyst mark hamrick says rising covid cases are likely playing a role. hiring in many industries dropped last month as americans ate out less and canceled trips. >> people are dialing back as the pandemic continues to rage in new ways, and this is having an impact on the economy. >> reporter: despite the hiring
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slowdown, job openings are at a record high. industries need employees. walmart and amazon are also looking for tens of thousands of workers. >> i know some wanted to see a larger number today, and so did i. what we have seen this year's continued growth. >> reporter: the unappointed rate is now 5.2% in many of those out of work americans are losing a big monthly benefit. >> how important have the benefits been for you? >> really important. for 3 months, i didn't have income. >> reporter: pamela has only been able to find part-time work recently. and was making ends meet with federal and claimant assistance. typically an extra $300 per week. those payments are ending in the coming days for more than 7 million people. >> my partner and i sat down and figured it out and we said this is the minimum that we need to pay our bills. >> reporter: it's unclear where the job market goes from here. experts say the economy will likely struggle if the pandemic worsens. wendy gillett, cbs news, new york.
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general motors is shutting down production at most of its north american plants next week. the automaker says that it will close for a week orbee of a global microchip shortage. the problem is worsening recently with the surge of covid cases in southeast asia where many of those chips are manufactured. gm says that a small handful of plants will remain open. audi is known for luxury vehicles with the company's new concept car is something else. the automaker is touting the electric brands fear as a private jet for the road. the car's interior can transform into a first-class lounge allowing drivers to lean back when the vehicle is in self driving mode. there's even a drink cooler in the front console. >> probably has a private jet price tag, too. coming up in our next half hour, the cdc urging travelers to rethink their holiday weekend plans, but are people listening to the warning?
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we will have a live report from bay area airport. new questions this evening about whether this months vaccine booster rollout is coming too soon. we will ask a bay area doctor to weigh in. tough decision for a bay area water agency, p
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>> you're watching kpix 5 news at 530. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area,
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more local news at 5:30, the worsening drought now forcing a bay area water agency to choose between its customers and an endangered species. bay area doctor will weigh in on this months booster rollout, was it planned too soon? alive look at our airports ahead of the labor day weekend, the cdc is warning against travel, but is it enough to make rethink their holiday weekend plans? good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> kpix 5 juliette goodrich spoke with bay area travelers, joins us live from oakland international, what are they telling you? >> here we are at oakland international, i have to tell you there's been a steady flow of travelers today, we were curious where are they coming from, where they heading two, we discovered that no one really was canceling their plans. whether it be on the road or in the sky, we discovered many worried about but there labor day travel plans on hold. >> the smokies guys, i was concerned. >> reporter: ainslie is from
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albuquerque, new mexico, and is never been to california. she flew into oakland to visit a friend she hasn't seen in years. >> i'm happy, and this is something that i'm going to check off my bucket list. >> reporter: then there are the diehard baseball fans. we decided last minute it's a tight race between the dodgers and the giants, we decided to come support our team. for anyone thinking about heading to the tahoe area, >> we are trying to get the word out that now is not the time to visit. >> reporter: that message coming from the incline village crystal bay visitors bureau. >> to the coast. the coast has fresh air, and we saw smoke here. >> reporter: all the weddings from next weekend either postponed or canceled. >> reporter: lake tahoe wedding planner and pastor robert moore has spent a lifetime marrying couples with the lake tahoe backdrop. today, he drove away from the smoke filled backdrop to marry a bay area couple near sacramento. >> they were so appreciative, and thankful that we were able
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to come and do their ceremony. >> reporter: he had to evacuate with bows to return to tahoe when he gets the all clear to continue marrying couples by the lake once again. >> weddings must go on, absolutely. it's my privilege and my passion to keep getting couples married even in the midst of struggles. even though we are evacuated and not in tahoe. julia, what's the latest cdc recommendation when it comes to travel? >> we've been checking through the day, it's been the same regulations if you are unvaccinated, the cdc is recommending you not travel. if you're vaccinated, follow the guidelines and make sure you check the reentry rules coming into the country. and because i get the last word, and the dodgers fan in my story, go giants. >> you are wearing dodger blue, i appreciate that. i see the colors. thanks, julia.


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