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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  September 5, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the first movie with an all asian cast by marvel. captioning sponsored by cbs >> tonight, new trouble in the wake of ida. a large oil spill is spotted in the gulf of mexico. at the time the latest damage one week after the destructive and deadly storm. millions still suffering from its impact from hard hit louisiana to the battered northeast. >> there is a significant loss associated with this storm. >> duncan: also tonight, covid concerns. a once hopeful summer winds a fourth wave and urgent questions about booster shots. >> many more people including children, are getting infected. >> plus, a pandemic life line ends on labor day. for jobless americans. afghanistan after america, taliban rule a new way of life emerges. >> i'm charlie d'agata in doha,
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qatar where u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken is to arrive for new hopes for citizens in afghanistan. >> 20 years after 9/11. >> did you ever see him again? >> i never saw him again, one month later he passed away at walter reed. this is the cbs weekend news from new york. with jericka duncan. >> good evening, thanks for watching. ida's fury was first felt one week ago. today it is still inflicting pain. two more people have died in new york and in louisiana two more nursing home residents evacuated to a warehouse have died. ida crashed ashore the gulf coast then raced into the northeast, in its wake more than 60 people have died in eight states.
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today the n.y.p.d. released video of officers attempting to rescue a family in a basement apartment. three people, one a toddler, died. cbs' tom hanson is in hard hit paskataway new jersey. tom, how are things looking where you are? >> reporter: hi there jericka. well, residents here are cleaning up after the remanats of hurricane ida. take a look at this, this is a car lifted from the river behind me, many people with nowhere to go but even with all the stories of devastation we found neighbors jumping in to help. donations have been nonstop. many neighbors banding together. why is it so important to give back to your community in thisd. why is time of need? >> i think that it's a very depressing time. >> please take any and everything you think you think you might need. >> reporter: camula helped organize this dropoff. >> to come today and be able to drop the food off and to get a tax saying we got a voucher and thank you so much, that is a relief because it shows the work we were trying to do was not in vain.
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>> the cleaning supplies mean so much to us. although we don't know where to start and where to end it's a means to get things done. >> this is what we're looking like when we're here. >> reporter: teresa and leonard were rescued with their two- year-old son. just how high did the water get here? >> we had to get rescued via boat, that was the only way out. >> reporter: new jersey governor bill murphy says his state needs upgraded infrastructure and aid. >> we had as much rain in two or three hours equivalent to what they normally get in a month or two. we think, sadly this is part of what we're going to be facing more frequency and more intensity. >> reporter: now, president biden is expected to visit here to survey the damage on tuesday. people are looking forward to that visit, because they hope that that means more help is on the way, jericka.
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>> tom hanson in new jersey tonight for us thank you. when it comes to recovery in louisiana, the question is where do you begin? adding to the devastation a significant oil spill 100 miles south of new orleans. jessie mitchell has more. >> reporter: a week after ida slammed the gulf coast, much of new orleans is still in the dark and drying out after deadly floods and winds. barrier island, grand isle is uninhabitable. supplies aren't the only thing for residents to worry about. there's more bad weather on the horizon. >> even if it visits our area as a tropical storm we are in no condition to receive that much rainfall. >> reporter: louisiana is ordering the closure ofseven nursing homes. at least seven have died. state health officials said conditions in the warehouse wer.
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state hea unhealthy and unsafe. >> to think they would just put these people in the warehouse and leave them like that, i mean, right, like they're not even human. >> reporter: the owner of those nursing homes bob dean junior spoke with reporters last week. >> we only had five deaths within the six days which normally with 850 people you will have a couple a day. so we did really good on taking care of people. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands remain without power. people in this neighborhood outside new orleans are told it will be several more weeks before power poles like this can be repaired. jericka. >> duncan: jessie mitchell, thank you. on july 4, the average number of covid cases was under 12,500. two months later, they jumped to more than 160,000. that's an increase of more than 1000%. cbs's lilia luciano has more from burbank, california. good evening. >> reporter: good evening,
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jericka. look, even with our high vaccination rates here in l.a. county, health officials are urging people not to let their guard down this labor day weekend. the delta variant is driving hospitalizations nationwide to levels we haven't seen since january. daily deaths jumped 131% just over the last month. >> we have a record number of kentuckians in the hospital battling covid, in the i.c.u. battling for their lives. >> reporter: i.c.u. beds are running outs in georgia, kentucky and hawaii. and these surges come as more kids head back to school on tuesday. already since did start of this academic year, covid shutdowns in 35 states. parents are worried about covid in the classroom. >> all the data that we are collecting right now, does not give us any definitive information that the delta variant is more severe in children. >> reporter: in oregon, 35-year-
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old heather greeley just died of covid. >> i kissed her on top of her head, told her i loved her and that's the last time i saw her so.... >> her fiancé said they had both been fully vaccinated. >> she said, maybe i'm getting covid right? i said shut up, there's no way right? >> reporter: biden officials expect to be offering the pfizer booster shot starting september 20th and the moderna may follow soon after. jericka. >> lilia luciano, thank you. federal funds meant to ease the economic shock of the pandemic are coming to an end tomorrow. debra alfarone is at the white house with how this will impace millions of americans. good evening. >> good evening jerica, and yeah, it looks like there is no last minute save no save for these pandemic benefits at the white house as we roll into the end of summer, the unofficial end that is. it is all because of the delta
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variant that is erasing gains and eroding hope. less money, more problems. >> i had no voice from me yelling screaming trying to like what i'm going to do what i'm going to do what i'm going to do. >> reporter: on labor day, 8.9 million americans will lose their federal unemployment boost of $300 week. that's not all. other unemployment benefits are also ending for freelance and part time workers. there are jobs to be found. just not as many as the biden administration had hoped to see added in the august jobs report. >> there's no question the delta variant is why today's job report isn't stronger. i know people are looking and i was hoping for a higher number. >> reporter: the outbreak is surging again, while unemployment ticks down. the jobs that are available aren't necessarily matching up with the people who remain unemployed. >> we're still in a pandemic. the idea of being close to hundreds of strangers a day,
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even while being vaccinated, that's not something that appeals to me in any way. >> reporter: the president is counting on his $3.5 trillion spending plan to rebuild the economy, and get more americans back to work. >> it's about investing in america's future. >> reporter: but that won't happen if a single democrat defects and west virginia's senator joe manchin says that he's not looking like a lock however the white house says they think he is persuadable. >> duncan: debra alfarone, thank you. there is a new crisis tonight for americans still inside afghanistan. charlie d'agata has details from doha qatar. rep the dtion n't stdeite ri women demanding that their rights be protected under taliban rule. eyewitnesses say the taliban broke up this protest after firing guns into the air but
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allegations of taliban brutality have begun to emerge. family members say heavily pregnant mother banue negar, was shot dead in front of her children in ghor, west of kabul graphic pictures apper to show her badly disfigured face, the taliban denies any involvement and say they're investigating. the militants have also been accused of holding americans hostage, a senior congressional source told cbs influences. source told cbs news. satellite mages show six chartered arab craft in northern afghanistan which are reportedly being grounded by the taliban meant for evacuating a number of u.s. citizens and afghan interpreters destined for doha. as the taliban tightens its grip across the country, fighting has been raging in the panjshir valley north of kabul. in kabul they are white washing the blast walls, they say
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getting it clean and ready for the new government and scenes few would have imagined under taliban rule, a full house stadium to watch a cricket match. taliban and afghan flags waving side by side. a moment of respite while afghans wait to learn what the new government has in store. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken is due to arrive in doha in the coming days. this country has been vital in the evacuation of u.s. citizens and afghans by the tens of thousands to the u.s. air base here. jericka. >> charlie d'agata, thank you. today the u.s. navy identified five crew members presumed dead off the coast of san diego. they were on board a helicopter that crashed during routine flight operations last week of the u.s.s. abraham lincoln. bradley foster, paul fridley, james buriak, corpsman, sarah
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5:46 pm
first gold medal with a record time in the 400 freestyle. an assistant gave her the news with a tap on the head. >> when i came into the wall i got one tap for gold, two taps for silver and three taps for bronze and i got that one tap and i will never forget that moment. >> reporter: so you knew before anybody had said anything to you that you had won the race? >> yeah because they're not allowed to talk to me on the playing field. so i got that one tap, and i knew that i had won gold! >> reporter: the 17-year-old later won bronze in the 200 meter individual medley. peagz competes in the s-11 class the most severely visually impaired. an autoimmune disease left her without sight and despondent just a three years ago. >> my parent would drag me out of the house for a five minute walk, just kicking and screaming on a five minute walk. >> reporter: now she's a champion is swimmer and a tic tok star, with 2 million
5:47 pm
followers, mixing goofy humor with brutal honesty, pagonis de-mystifies life as a fun loving fashion forward teen who just happens to be blind. >> people love when i make fun of myself. my theory is, people are going to make fun of me and laugh at me so i might as well laugh with them and getting goofy, while aa the same time teaching them that aims are important. >> reporter: she aims to be back in the water at the next paralympics in 2024. lucy craft, cbs news, tokyo. >> duncan: still ahead, veteran aviators return to the sky, traveling back in time. ators return to the sky, traveling impact in time. to ask yourself... best time 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture
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and if you are or may become pregnant while taking rinvoq. take on ra. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. >> duncan: many of america's most seasoned veterans are rye living their yooutd with the help of some volunteers. cbs' nikole killion explains how it's just one way to say thank you. >> does anyone got bottle of champagne? >> at 98, loren hellickson has a lot to celebrate. >> number 7 is my lucky number. >> the world war ii veteran is climbing aboard this restored 1940s stearman biplane for his first dream flight. >> what made you do this? >> to encourage others. >> reporter: you're not scared or nervous about going up today? >> oh no. >> reporter: the nonprofit made
5:51 pm
up of violent pilots has launched operation september freedom. after suspending, trips during the pandemic, they want to take to the skies with 1,000 vets by the end of this month. do you see this as a race against time? >> we absolutely do. we have a small window here to be able to say thank you. and the race that we are with time right now is not just the time of september 30th. it is the time of their lives. how long with will we have them here. >> i'm 98. i have difficulty finding any other veterans that are that age. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> old. >> reporter: but not too old for this retired navy corpsman who survived battle in the south pacific. >> we did what we had to do at a time when the united states was on its knees. >> reporter: to take a victory lap. >> that was -- super!
5:52 pm
>> reporter: is it everything you imagined? >> and more. what a wonderful trip. how do you spell john hancock? >> reporter: signing off on a mission accomplished. nikole killion cbs news fort meade maryland. >> i always say this, everything old is new. next on the cbs weekend news reflections on war and sacrifice as america marks 20 years since 9/11. ca marks 20 years since 9/11. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> duncan: this week marks 20 years since 9/11. senior national security correspondent david martin was at the pentagon that day. since then, he and his long time producer mary walsh have reported every development on the war on terror, including those who served and sacrificed. tonight they look back. >> reporter: with the pentagon still burning and bodies trapped in the rubble it was a small victory near the end of the day on 9/11 for defense secretary donald rumsfeld simply to hold a press conference. >> the briefing here is taking place in the pentagon. the pentagon is functioning. it will be in business tomorrow. >> reporter: behind him in a show of undivided political support stood the heads of the senate armed services committee. three days later, congress pass passed a resolution authorizing the use of force.
5:56 pm
the u.s. unleashed its fire power and by december rumsfeld was taking his first trip to afghanistan. >> they've captured a number of al qaeda. they've killed a number of al qaeda. they've wounded a number of al qaeda. >> reporter: the u.s. military looked invincible. until march of 2002, when seven americans were killed in the battle of robert's ridge. one of them, sergeant john chapman can be seen on drone video charging across a snowfield, directly at an al qaeda machine gun position. american troops were tough and brave, but so was the enemy. fighting under the constant threat of being annihilated by airstrikes. as in all wars, it came down to fighting as much for each other as for any cause. army captain will swenson put his wounded sergeant kenneth westbrook on a medivac and gave him a kiss before returning to battle. >> you know, we had a moment we looked at each other.
5:57 pm
he almost had a smile on his face. >> reporter: did you ever see him again? >> i never saw him again. one month later, he passed away at walker reed. osama bin laden was killed in 2011, but the war ground on. in 2012, we visited the wounded at walter reed, where amputations, many of them multiple were running at more than 20 a month. >> what was the damage? >> both legs amputated. >> reporter: staff sergeant eric meyers was on his third tour in afghanistan when he stepped on a booby trap. >> most of the people back here think the war is winding down. >> for those on the ground it's not winding down. it's still just as intense as it was. >> reporter: the hard truth at walter reed was that afghanistan changed them more than they changed afghanistan. now the war has come full circle. major general chris donahue, the last man out of afghanistan, was a junior officer serving in the pentagon on 9/11.
5:58 pm
>> america's longest war has come to a close. >> reporter: except now no politician he were standing behind defense secretary lloyd austin and joint chiefs chairman mark milley when they appeared in the pentagon briefing room. >> this is tough stuff. war is hard, vicious, brutal, unforgiving and we all have pain and anger. >> reporter: in which some of the last to die those marines killed by a suicide bomber at kabul airport were infants on 9/11 who had no idea what was happening. >> duncan: that again was cbs' david martin and as we remember that day cbs news will have special 9/11 coverage throughout the week. that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. i'm jericka duncan in new york. thanks for watching. captioning funded by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. and now, hundreds now returning home to southlake tahoe after being forced from their homes nearly a week ago and we're live with the latest. a warm labor day weekend, but will it continue tomorrow, and how about the air-quality? will that clear up? neighbors in a south bay community are fed up with a dangerous sideshows. how police are working to put a stop to them. >> as of now i feel like what if he gets hit or something. a live look at oracle park and great news for snacks at the giants game and we that may
6:00 pm
not be the case for the next game but we begin with relief for some caldor fire evacuees. good evening. within the last several hours, those in the south lake tahoe area have been cleared to return home. renee santos is there for us where residents are able to head back into town. it is been a lot of happy moments here in southlake tahoe and traffic is now flowing to this area after it is been a week since the people who lived here are forced to leave their homes not knowing what they will return to and you see the traffic happening now and we also see a big welcome back happening here in southlake tahoe with firefighters standing along the highway here waving at people as they enter back into this area and again it has been nearly a week since the people had a lever from the caldor fire and now a sigh of relief for families and right now within the city limits owners and orders have been lifted up to the tahoe airport and pioneer trail from the


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