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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 7, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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it's tuesday, september 7th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." disaster declaration. more help is on the way for two states slammed by the remnants of ida. how residents are doing nearly one week after the storm. land rescue. the u.s. helped save an american family stranded behind taliban lines. what made this mission different from the rest. remembering michael k. williams. hollywood is paying tribute after the sudden death of the emmy nominated actor. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. president biden will visit new
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york and new jersey today to look at storm damage from the remnants of hurricane ida. both states are under a major disaster declaration making federa bradley blackburn is live in manville. good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, good morning. more than half of those deaths from ida happened in new jersey and here in manville, there are debris piles like this everywhere you look. this town had several feet of flood water inundated. president biden will come here later today to see the damage for himself. president biden approved major disaster declarations for six new jersey and five new york counties affected by the remnants of hurricane ida. >> most of the things are gone. >> reporter: lindsay gutierrez had to abandon her basement apartment in queens, new york.
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>> we had to come out this way. >> reporter: the disaster declarations will allow individuals to receive federal aid for temporary housing and home repairs. >> because you get some financial aid some way or another, that will go a long way. >> reporter: for now some are focused on cleaning up the wreckage. >> there's not enough hours in the day to get this done. >> reporter: before president biden tours queens, he will come here. house after house has piles of debris. entire lines turned to debris. >> the kids toys is the most heartbreaking. they don't understand the magnitude of what happened. >> reporter: in all the mess 10-year-old abby found something to smile about. >> my dolly. >> reporter: down in louisiana where ida made landfall, power company entergy says half a million customers still don't have power.
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manville has had major flooding before including after superstorm sandy in 2012. this is a true mess and a nightmare for families. the question is what can be done to prevent it from happening again in the future. anne-marie? >> that is a big questionon. bradley blackburn in manville, new jersey. thank you so much. texas governor greg abbott is expected to sign a controversial voting rights bill into law today. it passed into law last week. the measure bans drive through voting as i.d. requirements for mail-in ballots and sets new rules for poll watchers. in afghanistan senior taliban officials plan to hold a ceremony to welcome a new
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government. they seized the last province o american and afghan allies escaping by plane, but as charlie d'agata reports, we have the first land rescue of americans. >> reporter: taliban fighters raised their flag in the panjshir valley. the last enemy has been captured. the war is over. but the mass exodus continues and among the tens of thousands desperate to flee over land, state department officials tell cbs news an american family of four got across and the taliban did not stand in their way but dozens more americans remain
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stranded here. the mazar-i-sharif airport show six airplanes on the tarmac. >> the taliban is holding them hostage for demands right now. we, the state, has cleared the flights and the taliban will not let them leave the airport. the taliban denies the ban. marina legree is helping girls to get out. >> i've told a whole bunch of teenage girls to come. we've got teenage girls traveling away from their families in this unsafe condition and it's gone on for too long. >> reporter: amid the urging crisis, an tow any blink ken arrived in doha for talks with the government. this country has played a vital role in the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from
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afghanistan hoping to find a new home for those too terrified to risk staying behind. the secretary of state's visit to doha is seen as a thank you to the qataris and the amir. this country has emerged as a key player in the region and in providing a diplomatic bridge between america and the taliban. charlie d'agata, cbs news, dohar, qatar. pretrial hearings for alleged 9/11 spotters are expected to happen today. they're all accused of plotting and executing the september 11th attacks and are each charged in the capitol case. and tributes are pouring in for actor michael k. williams this morning. he was known for his roles in
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"the wire" and "love crack country." williams was found dead yesterday afternoon in his brooklyn apartment. the cause of death has not been determined. some of his co-stars are paying tribute. one of the nicest brothers on the planet with the biggest heart. an amazing actor and sole. wendel pierce said the kindest of persons. like two mischievous kids we would laugh whenever we would meet. williams was 54 years old. a happy discovery. a little boy lost in the woods for three days is found alive. we'll show you his family's reaction. novak djokovic rallies at the u.s. open. this is the cbs morning news.
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park. it will be closed again today after sunday's accident. the girl, who was on vacation with her family, was on the haunted mine drop ride when the park says an incident occurred. the ride is billed as the first drop ride to go underground plunging riders more than 100 feet. novak djokovic keeps his grand slam dreams alive and the nation's largest confederate statue will be taken down. those are some of the headlines on the morning newstand. the richmond times dispatch reports the statue of robert e. lee will be removed from a city street tomorrow. the 60 foot tall bronze statue will be taken down 131 years after it was first installed. it became the epicenter of the racial justice protest last year following the death of george floyd. other confederate statues in richmond have been removed. a 3-year-old boy was found
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alive three days after getting lost in the rugged australian woods. the crew spotted the boy yesterday wearing a sweatshirt and diapers. he was sitting in a creek cupping water in his hands to drink. the boy's family jumped up and down after hearing he was found. he has autism and is nonverbal. >> rewill have. obviously after three days desperate to find him. desperate to get an outcome such as this. certainly standing here today, it's a good news story. >> the boy was bitten by ants and had abrasions but was otherwise reported in good condition. "usa today" says novak djokovic won his fourth round match against 20-year-old promising american tennis playeren son brooksby. he dropped the first set to brooksby.
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on the "cbs moneywatch" now, why car prices will stay high for a while and a hat worn by napoleon is expected to fetch top dollar at auction. elise preston is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning, elise. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. wall street is back open today after being closed in observance of labor day. right now stock futures are pointing to a higher open amid the possible open of the stimulus efforts following a weak jobs report. don't expect the sticker prices on cars to be lower any time soon. the chip shortage is getting worse. fueled by a surge in covid cases in several asian countries. it is further delaying a return to normal auto production and keeping the supply of vehicles artificially low. analysts say that means record-high consumer prices for vehicles new and used as well as rental cars. it will extend into the next year and prices might not fall
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again until 2023. now's your chance to own a hat that once belonged to napoleon bonaparte. the cap has dna evidence from hair proving it delonged to the legendary french leader. right now the hat is on display at the auction house in hong kong. it will then be sent to paris and then london where it will hit the auction block next month. other hats have fetched as much as $2.5 million in the past. and here's a crunchy treat that will make you go boo. pringles has released two limited edition halloween cans that glow in the dark. it's called sour scream and onion and ooooh ridge nal. it can double as a center piece.
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the flavor is the same, just the packaging has a little difference. if they would have messed up that recipe, i don't know if i would have bought it. >> i can totally get you on that. i would like to say to pringles, september 22nd is the end of summer and until then i do not want to talk about anything happening in the fall, particularly the end of october. please, let me enjoy the summer as long as i can. >> folks are already planning for christmas, anne-marie. >> not me. i do not understand those people. better than me because i'm always buying at the last minute. elise preston at the new york stock exchange. thank you so much, elise. so up next, honoring chadwick boseman. his alma mater unveiled a tribute to the late "black panther" actor. are living it and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor
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♪ here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. she comes from a whole family of legends. >> she will always be my baby sister. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to introduce, janet jackson. >> we're getting our first look at the trailer for the upcoming movie on janet jackson.
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they shared the trailer for "janet." it will air over two nights in january on lifetime and a&e. howard university is paying tribute to late alumnae and actor chadwick boseman. the historically black school officially renamed the fine arts building. the university posted a time laps video of the letters being placed on the building. boseman graduated from howard in 2000 with a bachelor in fine arts for directing. big sben a step closer to being back. the hands on the iconic clock tower were reattached after being returned to their original persian blue color. the 177-year-old landmark has been covered in scaffolding since 2017. since then the workers
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discovered the clock hands were originally painted blue rather than black. >> working on this clock will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. to actually have taken it all to pieces, putting it back together again and carrying on looking after it for a few more years, that's going to be fantastic. work on the clock is expected to end next year. rapper cardi b. is introducing the world to her second child. they released the first photo of their newborn son. they show the couple sitting on the hospital bed looking at their baby wrapped in a blue blanket. they also have a 3-year-old daughter. the exciting launch of cbs mornings. gayle king meets up withdrew barry more. the new home of the broadcast. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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our top fstories this morning. president biden will visit new york and new jersey today. parts of both states are under a major disaster declaration making federal aid available for people affected by the storm which killed more than 50 people across the northeast last week. and texas governor greg abbott is expected to sign a controversial voting rights bill into law. the bill passed in the legislature last week after being delayed twice by
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democratic lawmakers. the measure bans drive through voting and sets new rules for pole patchers. it's an exciting day here at cbs news. the flagship weekday morning news show moves to its new home in times square. there's also a new face on set. nate burleson. he spoke with bradley blackburn about his new role. >> reporter: he's made his mark on the field and in the broadcast booth. >> linebackers and safeties have to account for. >> reporter: now the former nfl wide receiver is bringing that energy to the table. nate burleson will be a full-time co-host on cbs mornings. >> the countdown is on. how does it feel? >> do you like what i did with the place? >> we met to talk about his new role. >> by nature i'm a story teller. that's one of the things i bring. >> he'll be joining gayle king and tony dokoupil and said audiences will meet much more
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than an athlete. >> there are players people don't know. that's the football player but when you peel back the layers of nate burleson, i'm a kid that fell in art at a young age, i helped start a firm that helps athletes invest money properly. >> reporter: burleson retired from football in 2014 and began his broadcast career for the nfl network a role he'll continue along with cbs sports, the nfl today and appearances on nickelodeon. he's also a father of three. >> this is everything coming full circle where my kids can look at me and say, dad, you said that you were going to come to new york and make your mark and here you are. >> reporter: burleson said he's ready for the challenge and the opportunity to
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