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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 7, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and predicting another coronavirus spike. should we worry in the bay area? a local doctor weighs in. the recall countdown is on. one week to go. we are looking at the state of the race this morning and when to expect your ballot if it hasn't come. >> and a like look outside. the bay area waking up it another spare the area alert this tuesday morning. mary lee with when things will finally clear up. it is tuesday, september 7th. >> get ready for another hot one, especially inland, some spots could top at 100. let's get a first check of weather. >> 90's to triple digit heat. definitely feel that heat as we look inland. check it out. 102 in fairfield, concord, antioch and livermore. you hit the triple digits yesterday. again today as well. low 90's in san jose. the low 90's yesterday. very similar it yesterday.
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hot conditions inland and then mild around the bay and along the coast. we are talking mid-60s's along the coast. with very that spare the area alert in effect. we have ground level ozon, with that strong ridge of small high pressure. moderate air quality for the east bay. we have been tracking crashes. >> i have some good news to report. if are you commuting out of napa that earlier trouble spot we had on southbound 9 near highway 121 all lanes now open. still seeing just a few brake lights in that area. over all things looking a lot better than with in the last ten minutes. things clear. things back to normal you will the napa area. not the case for the ride in to the pass. look at that travel time. it is officially showing red on the sensors. 47 minutes now to go from # 05 toward 680 for that ride along
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westbound 580. sluggish there. we are starting to see more brake light across 80 and highway 4 as you work through pittsburgh and bay point. the live news desk with the eye on the investigation into a fire that spread to two homes in apt object this morning taking a look at one of them right now on g street. the other one behind it on meadowbrook. the fire started near a bike trail between the two homes. the call kim in at 3:30 a.m. at that point it spread to a calm tree and then a fence and then onto both houses. firefighters had to cut holes smoke. roofs of those houses to the fire is not being called suspicious right now but it is being investigated as well as another fire this morning in apt object at 2:00 a.m. on buchanan. all told five people are out of their homes this morning. two cats unforeign i will have unaccounted for. we will watch that
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investigation. back to you. in sonoma crews investigating a series of at least seven suspicious brush fires around ten last night the first calls came in about multiple fires in different areas of heelsburg. this video showing all that smoke and flames scattered on the hillside. most of these were in the grass and very many station. they have all been contained. california senator mike mcguir tweeted out a big shout out to firefighters for being everywhere at once. and some good news to report about a wildfire that broke out over the weekend near auburn. evacuation orders and warnings were lifted last night. at one point about 700 people at the auburn area were evacuated. the bridge fire has grown to more than 400 actioner is 15% contained. in the sierra it was an unusual labor day for thousands of wildfire evacuees who were back home in south lake tahoe.
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some people spent the labor day playing on the beach or biking though more families arriving home. not everything is back to normal. heavenly ski resort is being used as a base camp for firefighters and some businesses and services are not open. >> the reason that i have chosen to wait is there are such limited services. i don't want to put any further stress on those services that are there. >> the caldor fire has burned more than 200,000 acres and is 48% contained. the other big story this morning the recall. >> the campaign trail getting hit hard this week just seven days until the recall election. we are live with a look at what is to dumb. justin. >> if you haven't gotten your ballot yet you will probably very soon. today is the last day for county election officials to send them to you. now we are a week out. how are things looking in how are the candidates feeling.
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the campaign trail is heating up. yesterday on labor day both the governor and his leading challenger, republican canned out larry elder were campaigning. the governor in southern california pushing people to vote no. elder wanting people to vote yes and vote him in. the governor and the vice president will be in the bay area tomorrow. >> there election is determined on our ability to get out the vote and as was appropriately said, by karen bass, turn in the vote. election is today. election is tomorrow. election ends next week on september 14th. 22 million ballots were dropped and all mail in election. this is about turning in the vote. >> more businesses have left california so far this year than all of last year. they are leaving. they are siting the cost of living, high taxes and excessive regulation. >> the latest polling numbers
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show the governor with enough support to defeat the recall. the recall is tuesday, september 14th. we are live in san mateo county. and you can visit for our election guide. we are streaming interview was the candidates on cbsn bay area. the coronavirus front this morning new data from johns hopkins shows new cases 300% higher than a year ago. the increase is leading to over experts warn another spike is possible with millions of people traveling during the just concluded hole kay weekend. visitors say they are aware of the issue. >> it was final. it's a little different here in san francisco compared to la. we have been having to show our vaccine cards. >> right now ucsf has 31 coronavirus patients compared to 44 a month ago buton june
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15th when the state reopened the hospital had only 10 patients. >> several reasons that we won't see quite as high an increase as in other parts of the country. the first is the good weather. >> dr. hong believes the pandemic will remain under control in the bay area mainly due to our high vaccination rates. looking live from satisfy where starting today sf teachers and staff will now be required to show proof of vaccination or submit to weekly festing. the district said about 96% of its staff is vaccinated. one more vaccine note for you. sonoma employees will need to show proof they are vaccinated against coronavirus or get weekly testing. the mandate applies to all 4400 county workers. still ahead, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> we know what caused this mess. flames burning close to homes.
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our world changed. >> recalling the moment being inside the pentagon daycare center when a hijacked plane came crashing through the building. how two sisters using their experience to give back 20 years later. the and a little later from freeway shootings to dangerous speeders. what is the chp doing to keep you safe? we get the answers live. good to moderate air quality for the bay area. we a spare the area alert in effect for today and also hot temperatures inland. we will talk about it and what you can expect in your neighborhood coming up. now here is a live look with the sale force tower camera as we look east across the bay and looking at mount diablo with the golden colors.
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i may not be as pretty. i'm not a cable tv personality or an entertainer like larry. i'm the businessman, the only cpa running for gov ernor. california is a mismanaged mess.
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back to class today. take a look at isabel. love her style and hair and that cute t-shirt. looking at highs topping out in the mid-80s's. it'll be a warm afternoon with that sun as we go through our day today. we would love to see your back to school photographs. just tag us on social immediate gentleman and use the hash tag kpix. the live news desk and we will watch cuba today where pretrial hearings continue for five men accused of being the masterminds of the 9/11. this is the first time in a year and a half that hearings have been going on in this case. they have been postponed because of coronavirus. all five detainees accused of helping the hijackers. the charges announced by the government back in 2012 including terrorism, hijacking
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air craft, murder, and violation of the law of war. if convicted all five could receive the death pen salt. there is no date set for when the trial would begin. root now the lawyers have been arguing about the evidence in it is case. some of it collected under secret conditions that may have included waterboarding. we will watch that. as the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks coming upo saturday and i know you -- you have more on that. >> yeah. this morning survivors reflecting on 9/11 and how it affected them. with the 20th anniversary coming up on saturday. ? one of the attacks terrorists flew a plane in to the pentagon. >> this morning two sisters who were inside the pentagon daycare are sharing their story. one was three and the other was a baby. they are now young adults. their mother now retired was serving at a nearby air force base at the time.
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>> our world changed. it took us a while to realize that i think after 9/11 there is no going back. things have changed. >> as a child hannah drew pictures of what she experienced and she comforted her younger sister when their dad brought them to a spot near the pentagon to try to explain what happened. both daughters now committed to military service. >> the biggest take away that we have had have been from witnessing firsthand how people show up every day and commit themselves to a larger purpose. >> the second lieutenant is in a graduate program at georgetown university and one day hopes to fly rescue missions. back in the bay area investigators now say they know what sparked a grass fire in the north bay. a lawn mower. flames burned 44 acres. several people had to evacuate. investigators say that the fire
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most likely started after a lawnmower blade struck a rock. ? south lake tahoe human wildfire evacuees aren't the only ones returning. take a look at that bear spot add round a busy parking lot. authorities say the number of calls for bear break-ins is almost triple what it usually is. the nearby caldor fire drove them out of the woods and into town as you see there. they are telling everybody to be open alert because the bear also likely like linger for a bit. they have ting if out where they are and where they need to go. they are confused. they don't know what is going on. >> afn said how she saw bears even where she was. i know lot of bear sightings out there unfortunately. it is so heartbreaking what they are dealing with the wildfires going on and everything is just so dry with our drought as well. we are looking as we head through the day we ll heat it
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up. inland we are talking 90's to triple digit heat once again. that inland heat wave continues for us. here say live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see how foggy it is. it's about our summer bay area micro climate with the cool to mild conditions along the coast and bay. hot temperatures inland. now let's show you a live look with the sales force tower camera. the bay bridge. mount diablo. the beautiful golden colors in the sky. just a beautiful start to the day. we are looking at temperatures in the 50's and 60's. oakland with some patchy fog at 60. livermore 57. san jose at 64 and a chilly 52 in santa rose a. here is what to expect. we are looking at another spare the area alert that has been extended in to today. we have that strong ridge of high pressure sinking air, acting like a lid, trapping the pollution at the surface. with very ground level air pollution. wildfires burning to the north looking at daytime highs well
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above average and above average daytime highs will continue through the workweek. cooler weather ahead as we look to the weekend. our inland heat wave continues today and tomorrow because of this strong and dominant ridge. that ridge eventually push away from us and we are looking at cooler temperatures and clearer skies by the end of the week. especially for our weekend. hour by hour you can see that sunshine as we go through the day. that spare the air alert in effect. we have moderate air quality for the north bay, the coast and the peninsula, inland east bay. unhealthy foyer for the -- little more haze inland for today and then for tomorrow could see somewhere haze especially for parts of the north way and for the east bay tomorrow. it pushes out pretty quick by wednesday evening and does look so much better by the end of the week as well. sunrise at 6:45 and the sunset
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at 7:29. daytime highs looking at low to mid-80s's for the pen slam the north bay you saw highs in the low 90's. do it all over ben for today. low 90's in santa clara and san jose. meeting up for morgan hill. for the inland east bay 100 in concord and pleasant hill. looking at 104 in brentwood. upper 90's for triple digit heat for the t ri valley. 80 inial immediate a.81 oakland and for the north bay. daytime highs in the upper 80's to upper 9o's. seven day forecast, san jose we are going to cool it down. down to thel 0's by saturday and sunday. north bay into the low to mid- 80s's and 60's along the coast. let's check in with gianna. >> we have a couple things to look out for. we are in that 6:00 hour. we are seeing more accidents and brake lights.
6:19 am
northbound 101 at oyster point it. happened just moments ago involvel a big rig. it's on the shoulder but we will watch that to see if it causes identify brake lights or lane closures. 101 still moving at the limit. not the case for the bay bridge toll plaza. look at this live shot as all the cars make their way out of the east bay into san francisco. metering lights officially on and we have an official back up now. your slow and go from the foot of the maze. starting to see sluggish conditions off the east shore freeway and on westbound 580. san mateo bridge still one of the bright spots. certainly seeing extra volume, more cars making their way westbound. tail lights heading toward 101. the travel time just about 13 minutes to go between 880 and 101. and pretty foggy still at the golden gate bridge. limited visibility could be a problem especially out of marin. as you work across the span. keep that in mind if if are you traveling through there. as far as your travel times,
6:20 am
southbound 101. as you work toward the golden gate bridge. still ahead if you have noticed more speeders on the roads you are right. >> what's the chp doing about it? we get the answers live. and in the right place at the right time. how a couple of people saved children trapped in a burning garage. and sound the alarm why hundreds of medical journals say not enough
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welcome back. a couple of guy itself san diego are being called heros. >> they followed their instincts when they heard screaming, turns out two kids were trapped in a garage that was on fire. >> i came running over here, with two other dudes.
6:24 am
there were two kids trapped inside. >> he was kicking the door to the garage to break it. we both started kicking and started pushing it. once it cracked we pulled the garage door off and there was a kid on the ground. we pulled him out. >> they say that sunday's rescue got even more dangerous when the car parked outside went up in flames. crew was able to put out the fire before it spread to other homes. investigators believe the fire was sparked accidentally. to the are in the hospital this morning. and going live to new york city and the new home in time square for the morning show which debuts in less than 40 minutes. it is part of its grand makeover, a new home and name and co anchor on the desk. hear more about the new face at the table live in our next half hour. and as far as what's coming up at seven. learn what it takes to light up those time square billboards. our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area.
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a high stakes battle over the future of california. we are one week away from the recall election. we are live with the race to the finish line heading back to the bay area. and hundreds of thousands of dollars going unclaimed in california's vax for the win lottery. the error to blame next. and looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the cars stacked up in and backed up on this tuesday. how has traffic changed now that more people are heading back to the office? what about pandemic speeders. we get you know when you're at ross, ooh!
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if you are just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. a close call in contra costa. >> a small fire spread to two homes in antioch and damaged at least the roof of one of the homes. it broke out on a bike trail around 3:30 this morning. starting today sf teachers and staff will now be required to show proof of vaccination or submit to weekly testing the the district said that about 96% of its staff is vaccinated. and going live to dublin. a spare the area alert extended to today. bay area drivers encouraged to skip the freeway and take public transit. it's 6:30. on suggestion september 7th. >> good morning to you. it is going to get really hot inland today. >> yeah. some people could see triple digits. >> we will feel the heat.
6:30 am
the triple digit heat for today. get ready for that. we are talking about really our summer bay area micro climate at play. at least a cool to mild day along the coast. around the bay warming up to the mid-70s in san francisco, low 80's in oakland. heating up to about 90 in san jose. in the low 9o's yesterday. we will do it again today and triple digit heat in concord. daytime highs well above average. five to 13 degrees above average with that sunshine this afternoon. we have a spare the area alert. we have that strong ridge of high pressure. so we have ground level ozone, smog, haze and wildfires burning to the north. moderate air quality, unhealthy air for sense sieve groups. >> good morning. if you are getting ready toko mute along the peninsula we are tracking a trouble spot northbound 101 ott oyster point boulevard. a crash involving a big rig.
6:31 am
looks like things starting to slow down as you approach the scene. you may want to give yourself a couple of minutes. if you are taking 101. bay bridge toll plaza. we are talking about the spare the area alert. public transition, bart may be a good option. we have a good back up. metering lights on and it's a slow ride out of the east bay as you head into san francisco. we have our eye on a couple of fire investigations this morning. firefighters trying to determine if the fires were suspicion in nature. here say look at one of the homes that was damaged by the second fire this one on g street. the other home right behind it on meadowbrook. the fire started near a bike trail between them. the call in at about 3:30 a.m. at that point it spread to a tree, a fence and then onto
6:32 am
both houses. roofs, firefighter has to then cut holes in those roofs to let the smoke out. they are not calling the fire suspicious but it is being investigated in conjunction with another fire this morning in antioch. that one wreck broke out at 2:00 a.m. on bu credit, hanan. five people are out of their homes. the red cross helping them out, trying to find a place to stay and two cats are still missing. we are watch that. back to you. we have been talking countdown to the recall. one week to go and the governor and his challengers squeezing? last minute stops to try to sway voters. >> the campaign trail getting hit hard this week. justin andrew is live in san mateo county. the polls show that's governor is in the lead. >> yeah. they show he has been in the lead and holding steady for a little bit now but he said that
6:33 am
polls don't vote, people vote. that's why they are on the campaign trail, just seven days left to convince voters both the governor and larry elder were out yesterday on labor day trying to sway voters. tomorrow they will be in the bay area for another round. like you said it is down to the fire. >> i think liz beg warren had a major effect. you have kamala harris and joe biden talking about coming and you have zero national republicans campaigning moving california voters so everything -- the jobs reports and -- economic reports, everything that the governor could want in his campaign could want to happen is happening at the
6:34 am
right time. >> all right. our election guide is on the website. the election is tuesday, september 14th. the drought will be a top issue. in butte park rangers say lake orrville water levels are dropping every day. back in may visitors could still launch bigger boats. now you see islands where water waske. >> we used to go to the house boat and swim and paddle boat. you can't bring your ski boat out because there is no place to launch. >> california's drought emergency and the growing number of wildfires are threatening californiae i credit, o in, ic giant sequoias. thousands of tree was destroyed in the complex fire that. was just north of kernville.
6:35 am
it was sparked by light being fueled by dry trees and brush surrounding the seq, oias. since then new trees have started poking through the dirt. >> for us to see ten to 4% of the total alive killed in one year in one fire is -- there's nothing to compare that to. >> the biggest worry for me is we have two fire its burning right now that are threatening groves. >> some experts believe increased forest maintenance could help save more from wildfires. the president will visit new york and new jersey to survey the damage from extreme flooding. at least 50 people died after the remnants of ida triggered flash flooding across the area. the president has declared a major disaster in the two states. ? under staffed businesses
6:36 am
are hoping losing the $300 a week will motivate people to look for jobs. some were getting more money from jobless benefits than if they returned to work. california in july nearly half of small business ownerns reported they could not find enough workers. in san mateo a family that owns the 3b coffee store hopes conditions will change. >> i have a lot of business owners around that i talk to. they say the same thing. that people are not willing to work. they are getting money from the government. another half million lost enhanced benefits but will continue to get state unemployment. this morning we are learning the governor's program to hand out gift cards to vaccine receivers has apparently run into hitches. >> as many as a quarter thousand cards have not been redeemed as of late august. the governor said back in may
6:37 am
the state was offering. >> two million incentive cards on a first come, first seven basis. we hope to give all the dollars before june 15th. >> all right and now the state said more than 1.5 million of those gift cards were delivered and redeemed but what about the rest? >> when some tried to redeem them they received a message that it had already been used and some of the money is being transferred to california's surplus money investment fund. time for a look at what is coming up on the new cbs morning. let's see who is joining us now. the whole team is with us. good morning to all of you. it's a big day right? >> >> good morning. >> it's a really big day. welcome to -- [inaudible]. that didn't come out right. welcome to cbs morning. we are sunny. we are very glad to have you here. we have a new teammate at the
6:38 am
table. >> he is a emmy winner, also former nfl player. also dad, also all round good guy. >> we celebrated our first show with cakes. we are on a sugar high. we are bouncy right now. >> what we will do is take you on a behind the scene look of our new neighborhood and show you what it takes to light up the time square billboards. > takes a lot. all that and the news of the day. do you have a new name for vlad? >> big vladdy kane. >> we will have a. >> sorry it's my first day. >> vlad will be here. i do like that. we will see you at seven. >> i like it as well. i know you are busy. it's a big day. have you this big huge show. we tweeted you guys so, you know, check it out. respond to us and lit like when you have some time. >> all right. all right. we will take a look. good-bye. >> bye. >> with very very good
6:39 am
questions in that tweet. >> yeah. car crashes are not the only thing drivers have to worry about on the road. >> there is now an up tick in freeway shootings. what is the chp doing to protect you? we get the answers live. and medical professional was a dire warning. not enough is being done to reverse climate change but it's not to late. and the market just opened a few moments ago. let's look at the big board. the dow is down about 160 points. cbs money watch reporter has the closer look at the numbers after the break. yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here.
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i may not be as pretty. geico. i'm not a cable tv personality or an entertainer like larry. i'm the businessman, the only cpa running for gov ernor. california is a mismanaged mess. taxes, cost of living, water, wildfires, homelessness. these aren't political issues; they're readily fixable management issues. career politicians? celebrities? i've solved problems all my life. let's fix this great state!
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good tuesday morning. it's a foggy start to the day along the coast. here is the view from our golden gate bridge camera and check out the san francisco
6:43 am
camera with mainly clear skies. the beautiful golden colors in the sky as we start off the day. we are really going to heat it up inland once again this afternoon. we will talk about how hot it'll get where you live coming newspaper just a few minutes. it's 6:43. let's look at this morning's stocks and a new study about facebook misinformation. good morning. >> good morning. trading has been underway for a littlel more than ten minutes and we are mixed. the dow is down 189 points. the s&p 4500 also down this morning. the nasdaq at 11 points the nasdaq is up 22 points. a new study further looksa the accusations of misinformation posted on facebook. researchers at understanding university and a french university say posts shared by sites known to put out false information got 6 times the am of impressions. facebook is challenging the
6:44 am
study saying only looked at people who engaged content. not people who awed it. >> it was hard to filter through the good information and not so good on social knee why. thank you so much. cbs money this morning fed cal and public healt editors are calling for urgent action on climate change. they say the current action is not sufficient. they warn of health problems resulting rising temperatures are not addressed the harm will be impossible to reverse. >> things like rethinking our cities, housing, transport u rethinking health systems, financial markets, and changing the way in which we live. >> it's aimed at world leader that will participate in the meeting of the un general
6:45 am
assembly that starts next tuesday. as more people return to the office and even highway shootings there's a lot going on on the roads right now. what is the chp doing about it? we are getting answers. that new transit tuesday segment we are joined live by brandon korrea. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> for the past several months we have seen the increase in highway shootings, two on highway 4 in july and august and one just a week ago was in daley city. is chp adding more patrol cars or doing anything to help keep drivers safe? >> yes we are. these are targeted shootings sot public knows that. they are targeted shootings. we are adding more officers, specifically in our county here. a community response team that specifically goes out and shows the colors meaning go out there, be a presence and do speed enforcement and reckless
6:46 am
and aggressive driving enforcement. >> and let's talk about pandemic traffic. we saw that highway traffic almost gear. >> now as more people are returning to the office are you seeing a change in traffic patterns or even commute times that are changing? >> wasn'ta nice when there was nobody on the freeway? it's coming back. it's good to becoming back to normal. the traffic time in the morning probably a little later and it seems to be earlier for traffic in the afternoon going home. people trying to get home earlier and some people realize that i don't have to drive to work every day. traffic is not exactly the same. it's almost back to normal. don't be expected much shorter delays every day. >> speeding was also a problem. has that improved?
6:47 am
>> i'm sorry, say that again? > speeding kind of increased. i now he had trouble with that. has that improved now with more traffic? >> yeah. i would say it's improved. there's less doing the 100 plus miles an hour. we can't control people's bad decision making. doing speed enforcement and that's targeting the main areas of highway 4 and highway 80. we don't see as many of those 100-mile an hour. >> and one more quick question. as the kids get back to school what are your tips for drivers
6:48 am
in school zones? >> yeah. school zone enforcement are prevalent around the bay area. that means when schools are back in we are looking at the crosswalks. we are posting up officers in specific areas. would you want that other driver being aggression and i cutting off in to the cross walk around the bus when it its your wild cross something probably not. take a couple seconds. slow down, wait for people to cross the road. let them be. >> i do think about that. that's actually very true. thank you for join us. we appreciate it. all right. they could be the next mary as well. track the forecast in the bay
6:49 am
area. how is it looking in. >> it looks beautiful right now. take a look at this sunrise view. the sunrising across the east bay. just a beautiful view. if you are rushing, just take a moment to turn to your screen. it is hopefully something to make you smile in morning. temperatures running in the 50's to the 60's as we start off the day. just grab that jack pet are you going out the door. here is what to expect. we are looking at another spare the area alert that's opinion extended in to today. we have -- that strong ridge of high pressure acting like a lid. ground level ozone, smog and a little bit of haze. wild furnishes burning to the north. we have looking at another day of the heat especially inland so well above average for the daytime highs today and actually through the rest of the workweek. it does get much cooler finally by this weekend. that inland heat wave continues
6:50 am
today and tomorrow. the reason why this dominant strong ridge of high pressure. that ridge eventually push away and that's go we are talking about cooler temperatures, clearer skies by the end of the week. especially in to the weekend. as we go hour by hour in future cast you can see skies clearing, catching the sunshine. we are looking at moderate air quality for today but unhealthly air for sensitive groups for the santa clara valley. you can see on the future cast smoke at the surface looking at haze inland for today. and maybe a little more haze for parts of the north bay and the east bay for tomorrow. that pushes out fairly quickly as we look ahead to tomorrow evening and much better air quality as you look to friday and for the weekend with that stronger ocean breeze kicking in, pushing in all of that means pushing out all of that haze for the bay area. we have that to look forward to. big time highs. low to mid-80s's. the low to mid-90s. the 90 in santa clara and san jose. heating up to the upper 9o's to
6:51 am
triple digit heat. inland east bay after 100 degrees you topped out at that yesterday in concord and for livermore we are doing it again today. 100 concord and for pleasant i had. we are talking 102 in fairfield. another another heat advisory. upper 90's to triple digit heat for the tri valley. around the bay. looking at low 80's for the east bayshore line, from oakland, alameda and sap leandro. triple digit heat for ukia. seven day forecast, there we go with that cooldown as we look ahead to the weekend. inland east bay into the 8o's by our weekend after another hot day even tomorrow. and then for the north bay low to mid-80s's and low 60's at the coast. let's check in with gianna. we have the brake lights for super commuters. it is slow and go coming away from that 205, 580 connector you have the brake lights
6:52 am
extending to well beyond north flynn. it is busy out of tracy. we are seeing delays well beyond mount house. back to work tuesday is in full week after the long holiday weekend. we are seeing brake lights as well. westbound 580 connecting onto 680 travel time 56 minutes. basically an hour to go from 205 toward 680. over the bay bridge toll plaza it's slow and go. we are starting to see the back up beyond the foot of the maze. things starting to get slow across the east shore freeway as the approaches off 580 and as 880 as well. here is a like look at 880. near the coliseum. we are seeing extra volume on the southbound side as drivers head toward the heyward area. on to the san mateo bridge doing okay. it slows down as the approach the maze. right now extra volume westbound. tail lights going toward foster city. the travel time just about 13 minutes between 880 and 101.
6:53 am
no crashes or incidents along the san mateo bridge. at the golden gate your travel times doing okay. just about 20 minutes 37 down to the bridge on southbound 101. it's foggy. you can see that in the live shot. limited visibility could be a problem. definitely be careful. a quick look at the travel time. east shore freeway. highway 4 starting to see brake lights. it's 653. next, and streaming on cbsn bay area. a final update on the early morning vegetation fire. a very close call for the person inside that home. and the future city coming to a desert near you with a major price tag. and now 6:53. let's look outside from the sutro cam a. you can see the golden gate bridge peeking above all of that fog on this tuesday. we will see you right after the break.
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keeping an eye on the investigation into almost a dozen small fires lit in the north and east bays overnight. most recently at 3:30 in antioch two homes why damaged by this fire that was on b street and meadowbrook. there's a bike trail in between the two homes. its being investigated as well as another fire this morning in antioch at 2:00 a.m. on buchanan. also in sonoma, firefighters dealt with up to eight small fire that they do believe were intentionally set this is in and around heelkburg starting at around 9:00. firefighters were able to put the fires out but they moved in heavy equipment in case they restarted and did tell people in the area to be careful if they see anything suspicious. we are watching breaking news in la after a car hit a
6:58 am
homeless camp. this was near korea town. up to five people were injuried we will have more on that throughout the morning. back to you. we are looking at a pretty view. that classic san francisco view with our -- at least our sutro camera. this is looking north and you can see that fog across the golden gate bridge. it's a compressed marine layerw. relooking at cool to mild conditions. heating up inland this afternoon. here we go, that sunrise, a beautiful view as he with we look east across the bay with that sunrise and the temperatures check it out. we are talking 90's to triple digit heat inland. another hot day inland. around the bay mid to upper 70's to low 80's. peninsula and mid-60s's at the coast. let's check this with gianna. it's busy if you are taking that 580 in to the pass. a lot of brake lights. almost an hour for the commute from 205 toward 680.
6:59 am
that really is one of our slowest spotsw. retracking brake light across the east shore freeway. westbound 80. 21 minutes for the travel time. westbound 4, a lot of brake lights. you can see it just shifted there in to the red. about a 54 minute commute from antioch toward the east shore. still going okay along 101. metering lights on and a busy ride in to the city. new this morning, plans in the works for a sustainable city built from scratch. >> it would be in the american desert. a team of architects made rendering show eco friendly buildings, zero emission vehicles and people roaming through open space. the founder of said that he wants to build a city that could hold fine million people eventually it. would cost around $400 billion. >> five million people? >> i'm interested by. >> it looks cool. >> very a feeling will cost a
7:00 am
bit of money to do that relocation. >> yeah. >> don't forget the news continues all day. >> cbs morning is up next. ♪ ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" to our viewers in the west. we are here. i'm gayle king. >> i am tony dokoupil. >> i am nate burleson. >> yes, he is. here is today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> the u.s. hitting 40 million cases of coronavirus. hospitalizations and deaths rising. covid patients overrun hospitals causing life threatening delays for others s who need care. a texas doctor sounds the alarm. >> this is the worst possible scenario. it's not going to get any better but we're going to keep going. president biden will be in new jersey to witness firsthand


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