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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 7, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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yove... [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] lisa, you might be on mute. [ sfx: pop ping bloop ] [ phone buzzing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state with real california dairy. live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, hot, hazy conditions on this tuesday. how long before we get some relief. good afternoon, i'm len kiese. >> i'm gianna franco. the labor day holiday is supposed to be the unofficial end to summer but it looks like mother nature has other plans today. >> taking you live outside now, hot temperatures and the south
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bay and inland. mild around the bay. let's get over to meteorologist mary lee for a closer look. >> and len, our summer heat continues for the bay area. especially inland. you can see clear skies. a little bit of haze. the santa clara valley. blue skies and a little bit of haze. we have a strong ridge of high pressure and sinking air trapping pollutants at the surface. ground level ozone, smog, a bit of haze out there, we are looking at for the most part moderate air quality. and could see unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups for the south bay. now, we are looking at temperatures pretty similar to where we were yesterday. in spots. in some spots, a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. so, still continuing with above average daytime highs. we have that strong ridge of high pressure bringing the inland heat wave that does continue for today. and for tomorrow. we are going to see eventually
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cooler temperatures and better air quality. i'll let you know when coming up in a few minutes. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. state and federal officials just wrapped up a briefing on the massive wild fires. here is a look at the latest map. more than two million acres have burned so far this fire season. and cal fire just put out its three-month outlook for the rest of the year. it is not looking good. they predict drier conditions, more high wind events, and large fires burning out of control. >> we need everybody in california to keep their eyes open. see smoke, call it in, don't expect somebody else already did. and, if you get evacuation orders, get out. so we can do our job of protecting lives, property, and the environment. >> reporter: now to some of the specifics. the bridge fire has burned a little over half a square mile
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in auburn in placer county. evacuations have been lifted. it is 25% contained and firefighters are actively patrolling for hot spots. a heat advisory is in effect there through thursday evening. a little good news on the caldor fire burning in the el dorado national forest south of lake tahoe. firefighters have that 49% contained. it has burned almost 1,000 buildings. and then, there is the huge dixie fire. that has burned more than 1400 square miles. it has been burning for almost two months. and today, it is 59% contained. it has destroyed almost 1300 buildings. and, the state office of emergency services also talked about the massive cleanup project that is ahead for people who did lose property in one of those fires. there is a helpful website out there. if you are among them. i just put that up on my twitter page. back to you. the other big story this
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afternoon, we are now just one week away from a recall election day. and governor newsom is in full- out campaign mode. the governor is pushing for residents to vote no on the recall. kpix5's justin andrews is san the governor is making his rounds. >> reporter: absolutely, he has been picking up steam all week and it is only tuesday. the governor is talking to reporters, talking to the media right here just seven days before the recall election. like you said, he is urging this community, this latino community to keep him in office. the governor here shaking hands and greeting people. some are nonenglish speaking and considered underserved. this school is aimed at giving education and job training to people who are underserved. san francisco's mayor london breed was here, too, newsom seem to be specific in his stops over the last week or so. yesterday, he was in southern
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california. and days ago, he was in san francisco's chinatown. newsom and vice president kamala harris will be back in the bay again tomorrow pushing people to keep him in his position. we heard that president joe biden will be campaigning for newsom here in california. some time early next week. tuesday's mail-in recall election is one that could boot the governor from power. it is down to the wire. here is newsom just minutes ago. >> we are seven days out. this election is today. the election is tomorrow. the election ends on september 14th. this is an all mail-in election. 22million ballots have dropped. our job, now, is not just to get out the vote, we talk about gotv and no one is better. i wasn't going to brag, no one is better at getting out the
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vote than local 87. seiu. >> reporter: so, earlier, you heard me mention mail-in ballots. if you haven't gotten yours yet, you will get it very soon. because today is the last day for county election officials to send them to you. we are live in san francisco this afternoon, i'm justin andrews, kpix5. >> and several republican challengers are also making the rounds looking at clovis will larry elders is speaking about the cost of living. john cox is bringing his best tour. and kevin faulkner is talking about protecting from criminals. we are streaming interviews with the candidates on cbsn aarea. plans for a new safe rv parking site are prompting some? san jose to talk to the streets in protest. the city plans to open the safe
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parking site at 71 vista montana. they say the park is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. next to a playground. >> make sure they get into a better place than where they are today. they expected something better than the city. >> we reached out to the city for a response, but haven't heard anything back. new warnings straight from the covid front lines as there are fears labor day travel could lead to another spike in cases. looking live at sfo, we know across the country, more than 5.3 million travelers were screened by tsa officers over the holiday. this as the average daily death count from covid jumped 130% over the last month. that is the worst it has been since march before vaccines
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were widely available. many u.s. hospitals are struggling to keep up. >> covid is kicking humanity's ass. as a member, as a team player on team human, team humanity, i take that personally. >> you would never see four digits on minutes since checked in. we have never seen this. >> the u.s. is averaging more than 150,000 new coronavirus cases a day. another covid note as we look live in san francisco. starting today, sf unified teachers and staff will now be required to show proof of vaccination or submit to weekly testing. about 96% of its staff is fully vaccinated. on the storm watch, the cleanup and repairs after hurricane ida are expected to take months. thousands of people remain displaced across the northeast. right now, president biden is visiting new jersey, one of the states hardest hit by the
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storm. as wendy gillette reports, it is creating a push for new legislation for cities to prepare for disasters. >> reporter: president biden met with new jersey governor phil murphy and other local leaders to discuss how the federal government can help the state bounce back from the destruction left by the remnants of hurricane ida. >> we are all in this together. we have to make sure that we don't leave any community behind. >> reporter: with so much damage, many believe it is time for congress to pass pending infrastructure legislation to help communities deal with disasters and severe weather. >> these storms are more frequent. they are more intense. we desperately need that climate infrastructure. >> reporter: hard hit manville, new jersey will be one of the president's stops today. the streets are still littered with debris as residents struggle to clean up and recover. >> the kids' toys is the most heartbreaking. they really don't understand the magnitude of what happened. >> reporter: anthony is trying to salvage precious belongings. his basement is still wet and
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muddy and just about everything is ruined. >> it has been a family nightmare. >> reporter: the downtown milburn, new jersey. dumpsters are packed as volunteers help some businesses clean up. >> the way people have come together is, you know, just unbelievable. >> reporter: the president's disaster declarations will allow individuals and businesses to receive federal aid for repairs and temporary housing. but many are hoping lawmakers will eventually come through with more. wendy gillette, cbs news, manville, new jersey. still ahead, if you have driven anywhere lately, you know gas is expensive. >> how long we may have to wait to get any sort of break from the pumped up prices. plus -- needing emergency help can be terrifying. i will show you
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more questions than answers found dead near san jose state. officers doing a welfare check at an apartment at the university yesterday found a man with a traumatic injury. they are still trying to figure out what happened. his identity hasn't been released yet. we are following a drop on wall street this afternoon. the dow is down in the red there as you can see. more than 200 points. industrial and health care stocks have been the biggest drags on the market so far today. people driving home after the holiday weekend likely felt some pain at the gas pump. hurricane ida helped push the national average to 3:19 a
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gallon. that is cheap compared to california. we are paying $4.40 on average. the highest labor day gas price ever. as soon as gas demand declines, prices are expected to drop. that usually happens at the end of the summer travel season. major auto makers say the global chip shortage appear to go getting worse. fueled by a surge in covid cases in several asian countries. it is further delaying a return to normal production and keeping the supply of vehicles low. analysts say record high prices and they might not fall again until 2023. new at noon, it can be terrifying calling 911 in an emergency, especially when you don't have an address to give. but new technology now pinpoints emergency calls in seconds. it uses an app or a text straight to your cell phone. >> reporter: the los angeles fire department gets about a thousand calls a day for help from hoisting hiker to safety
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to battling wild fires. last april, a pair of los angeles hikers ventured off a trail and got lost. a new technology called what three words led rescuers to their exact location. >> you will get a text message and click on that link and let me know what words it says. >> heavy sent career. >> reporter: within seconds, la fire pinpointed the remote site. >> we have a rescue on the ground. >> reporter: the new technology divides the entire globe into 57,000,000,000,010 by 10-foot squares each with its own unique set of three random words as its address. >> we can the dot on the map. but without what three words, we can't describe it in english. we have to use a very long series of numbers and letter to do that. but if you just have to enter three english words, it is like entering an address. we were able to really speed up the call processing time. >> reporter: nationwide, the average emergency response time is about 10 minutes risi to
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14 minutes in rural areas. now help comes sooner. >> the ones it really helps get there a lot quicker are the helicopters. the air assets. they are able to input it into their system. and fly directly to that location. >> reporter: aller who's have the app on their phones can give their three-word location to 911. even without the app, dispatchers can still zero in on a call. >> if you are all line with no data, you can get the three words from where you are. if you do have the app, they have a way to send you an sms. where you can get the three words. >> reporter: three words that take the search out of search and rescue. cbs news, los angeles. >> what three words is also used in a few smaller emergency agencies in the u.s. and more widely in other countries in more than 30 languages. we were all glued to the screen for that story. interesting for sure. let's get to mary now with the forecast. what three words will we use for today?
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hot? hazy and, what's the word? >> and what did you say? >> hot, hazy? >> yeah. okay, you are asking me. got you. putting me on the spot. let's see. and, also, cool at the coast. so, really depends on where you are with the micro climates at play. mild around the bay. cooler at the coast with that ocean breeze still looking at areas of fog as well. so, here we go. you can see the hazy skies on our dublin cam looking at the tri valley. and you can see that tree blowing in the breeze this afternoon. we are 87 concord. oakland, 68. livermore, you are hotter compared to yesterday at this time. yesterday, you were 90. today, 92 at the moment. san francisco at 63. san jose, 81. 82 in santa rosa. so, we are looking at daytime highs well above average for this time of year. and also, breezy. 17 miles an hour winds at sfo. 14 in oakland. 12 in concord. 14 miles an hour winds in fairfield.
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let's check our air quality. and we are looking at a good to moderate air quality. so, yellow, that is moderate. green, that is good air quality. right now. we do have a spare the air alert in effect. we have ozone pollution. and, a bit of hazes especially inland. above average highs that will continue through the workweek. but finally much cooler air as we look to our weekend. so the ridge of high pressure bringing in the inland heat wave for today and tomorrow. as we look to the end of the week with that ridge pushing off. we will see cooler temperatures and clearer skies especially as we look to our weekend. so futurecast smoke at the surface. a bit of haze inland. there we go as we look ahead to tomorrow, could see a little bit more haze, especially inland for parts of the north bay and east bay. this is tomorrow, right around midday. and then watch as that heavier smoke pushes away from us as we look to the rest of the wednesday. friday, by the end of the week, it looks so much better for air
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quality into the weekend. sunset at 7:29. sunrise, 6:45:00 a.m. mid to upper 70s to low 80s around the bay. heating up into the 90s to triple digit heat. in livermore, you will hit the triple digits once again. temperatures are cooler. as we get to our weekend, san francisco, oakland, and san jose. and also for the inland east bay, it will be another hot day tomorrow. then eventually for the weekend, cooler, also for the north bay. temperatures in the low 60s as we look ahead into the end of the week. back to you. >> spare the air. another three words to describe today. >> there you go. >> thanks mary. still ahead, sounds like the shawshank redemption. details on a huge prison escape and the man hunt now underway.
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this sounds like it could be the plot of a movie. but, this is real. israel has launched a massive man hunt to find six palestinian inmates who pulled off the country's biggest escape in decades. >> they escaped through a secret underground tunnel that already existed. this is the hole they managed to szetoescape
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from one of israel's most secure jails. the prisoners reportedly dug their way out with a rusty spoon hidden in the cell. farmers in the area tipped off police have spotting suspicious men in their fields. well, coming up, a pretty unusual budget break down. >> how one city's leaders are using legos to explain the number. today on the drew barrymore show, she is sharing some of her favorite behind the scene ys
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welcome back, i'm tracking above average daytime highs across the bay area. we will stay above average for the workweek. let's check out the inland east bay. another hot day tomorrow. then cooling down. temperatures along the coast, low 60s as we look to friday ck to u.anksry. . soy area parents are fighting to get their kids out of the class and back to online learning. why they say schools are not doing enough to keep students safe. that story and more at 5:00. finally this afternoon, city budgets don't sound very exciting. so, some leaders in arlington, texas decided to have a little fun with it. they created a lego version of the city to explain the annual budget proposal. they got help from a city employee who happens to be a
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lego enthusiast and made a four- minute video breaking down the proposed $522 million fiscal plan for 2022. the video has gone viral. can't go wrong with legos. >> that looks like it took a lot of time. >> just don't step on those bad boys. >> i know. right. >> that's some pain right there. [ laughter ] >> that's it for kpix5 news at noon. remember, we are on 24/7 on cbsn bay area and streaming on our next newscast is up at 5:00. have a great afternoon.
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