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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 10, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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yesterday. the nine/# one attacks. reflecting on their loss 20 years later. how they are keeping their legacy alive. it is friday, september 10:00. lightning striking the bay area all night long. the video coming into our newsroom all morning. this one from the santa rosa fire department showing gnashes, one after the other. >> fortunately, no fires reported there. and a viewer from vista sending us this incredible slow motion video. you can see the delta. even wind mills in the background. >> we have live team coverage tracking in the high fire danger. live in the east bay. but first, we begin with mary lee with the bay area on high alert for at least the next five hours. >> we want to show you the scene in north bay in cloverdale. check out the lightning strikes earlier. and that has been the scene for many locations dealing with y area and setting off cross
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those lightning strikes. so here we go. credits pushing over 680 for pleasant hill and to condor. you -- concord. and over san francisco across the bay bridge. u daily city and bay shore. as we go through the next few hours, we aring looing at quieter weather ahead. this is a fast-moving system. so even by 8:00 or 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. we do have a red flag morning. several confirmed lightning >> joining us live from dublen with more. good morning, kit. yeah, good morning. we are up here in the foothills in dublin. this is looking a little south
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of mount diablo over the morgan area. and these are really big pops that we have seen in the past. just a couple of 60 seconds or so. if we hang out here long enough, we might see something happen live here on camera. we do have some footage that we have been shooting all morning long. this is to the north of our location. this would be san marone. these lightning strikes are hatchening at 90-second intervals. this was the scene over sanoma. and effort looks like it is moving from the west to the east. strikes happening adjust a couple of minutes or so.
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this was the scene. 700 block of becky court. lightning strike hit a large pine tree. destroyed that tree. some large chunks of it crashing down on the house, and also on two vehicles parked there in the driveway. and we spoke with santa rosa fire department. they have staffed up their locations. stations overnight as this red flag warning was issued at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. conditions not as volatile as they were yesterday. i expected with a lot of fronts as they move through. any strike is going to start toy a fire. it is just a matter of how big it is going to get or how small we can keep it. coming up here through the south bay, i did see some lightning pop off over downtown san jose. it looks like it is clearing towards the east. the red flag warnings will lift at 11:00 a.m.
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back to you in that studio. some saying you can't sleep. you can tweet us using #kpix. we have been pretty busy and had some wet weather and slick surfaces out there. i do have some good news for reports. i have two traffic alerts. both have now been canceled. travis boulevard. and a lot of back-up because of this are crash involving five vehicles. there was a second crash reported in the back-up there. this jackknifed video. traffic is moving much better through the area. starting today, people 12 and older will have to show proof of vaccination to enter certain businesses in berkeley. that includes restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and also fitness facilities. workers at those businesses have until october 15th to
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comply. the trial of founder elizabeth holmes is set to resume today has been delayed. a cnbc reports a juror was potentially exposed to covid. now, that juror is reportedly waiting test results. for 11 years. this weekend, a lot of people will be asking do you remember where you were on 69/11. in new york city, as the united states and the world prepared to mark the 20th anniversary tomorrow of the attacks. >> awe do remember a little more. joining us live now from new york city. cbs reporter bradley blackburn and braked lee, tell us more about how the nation will
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commemorate the terror attacks now two decades later. loved ones on nine/11. and the pentagon. united flight 93 crashed down. there have been so many changes. youmented a firefighter who i spoke to yesterday. he told me he responded to the attack here, and he is just 100- yards away from the south tower when it collapsed. he called the last 20 years a gift. he said he was able to see his children grow up, see his grandchildren. there are so many survivor stories like that, and of
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course, stories for every single one of those 28,977 victims. this site remains not just a memorial, but it is a final resting place for many places. the medical examiner's office tries to identify all these years later. just this week, they identified two more victims. it is proof that this story continues as we start to remember. >> so. reporting live. thank you. ahead of tomorrow's anniversary, and the up betty wanted to work to make extra money for an upcoming hawaii vacation. hadder brother says betty was on the first hijacked plane and
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was able to relay vital information to an american airlines crew that lead to the faa closing air space for the first time in history. e roughly 6,000 airplanes y. betty had to be in one of those planes. >> he wants people to remember the good that came out of that tragedy. how people came together. >> up what is going on in one school district. >> how a president is taking matters into her own hands when it comes to efforts to remove her. labor day is come and gone.
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this bay area airport is bracing for its biggest travel day yesterday yet. why it expects triple the numbers of passengers. just four days to go until the recall election. live with some advice from the experts from voters. high definition doppler lit up. i'll time it out and show you futurecast taking you hour-by- hour when all of this moves out of here. let's take you live outside with one of our live cameras. we're i may not be as pretty. i'm not a cable tv personality or an entertainer like larry. i'm the businessman, the only cpa running for gov ernor. taxes, cost of living, water, wildfires, homelessness.
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um. welcome back. you can see all that thunderstorm activity now to the east over the sierra and over the tahoe area. taking you up to the star that pushed right over 680 and martinez and right over the bay bridge. back to you. >> we are getting new videos of the lightning all morning long. check out this time lapse from
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the bay area national weather service. lightning and thunderstorms seen scattered over sanoma county. >> stay with us. live team coverage continues all morning. this morning, tensions are running high in a contra costa county school district. word members in antioch were set to talk about removing the board president. >> i am going to be moving item tene. >> the agenda to get rid of her was ated without her knowledge and she wasn't about to hear comments from the board or the superintendent. the vice president was aware of it. if you don't want to discuss it, that is up to you. >> this is about the fact that the superintendent and the district does not want to answer very simple questions about a video that should be disturbing to all of us. >> and referring to this video about a fight at antioch high last week where a student had
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to be pinned down by security guards. the president's term ends in december. going live to san jose where the international airport is expecting to see a major influx of traffic. the airport says due to the labor day travel period, it anticipates today to be its busiest travel day. the two-week labor day travel period goes from sunday, august 29th th, through today. sjc expects to see more than 150,000 departing passengers. almost three times the number of travelers at this same time last year. ever 14:00. we have a lot going on when it comes to our weather. lightning. some wet roadways. let's get right to mary lee. >> we have been talking all woke long about this tropical moisture and this upper level low providing that lift with the pop tential for thunderstorms. you might have heard that rumble of thunder or woken up to those flashes of light with that lightning out there. here is high definition doppler. lit up this morning.
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most of that thunderstorm activity is now o to our east. and redwood city as well as for woodside around 280. just checking rainfall rates at this hour. and looking at about a quarter of an inch per hour coming down. now, let's hope show you a live look at the san francisco cam. sit foggy. those raindrops at a camera with the mark hopkins. we did have a sign that pushed right over san francisco. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. and we had to throw our day. if you are wondering what to expect. hour-by-hour. and even by 8:00 a.m., we're done. so most you activity well out of here and to our east. as we head through our afternoon. by 4:00 p.m. we are looking for clearing. you'll notice that difference with the upper level low
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pressure. north bay. hills and valleys in diablo range. we have seen a few hundredths to a tenth of an inch. record dry in vegetation. an exceptional drought. the very worst drought category for most of the bay area. so really watching in and that high fire danger that is still out there. our sunrise is at 6:47 and our sunset at 7:24. daytime highs, 70s for the peninsula. from 74 in san matteo. the south bay, upper 70s. santa clara. mid 80s for the hill. east bay. from triple digit heat now into the mid 80s. tri valley. low to mid 80s. right around looking at mid. upper 60s in oakland. for the north bay, daytime highs in the low 80s this afternoon. topping out in the mid 80s for cloverdale. the seven-day forecast. we're going to see temperatures very similar for tomorrow. san francisco, oakland, and san jose with that ocean breeze.
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seasonably temperatures. as we look to sunday and for monday, just slightly warmer. and as we look to inland eastland locations. a little bit warmer into the low 90s sunday and into early next week. for the north bay, daytime highs into the 80s swept had traffic alerts. how are things shaping up right now? >> it has been a busy friday. new video into the newsroom of this jackknifed big rig we were monitoring on east 80. it happened at one or 4:30. you can see a lot of damage on that second vehicle. lanes are open. we don't know if there were any injuries. but reportedly, there possibly were. there are a lot of activities of fire crews on scene as well. that clean-up ongoing. they managed to open up those two right lanes which were shout down. traffic now is moving a lot better in that area. taking a look at our maps. you can see we are seeing a lot of green there through there.
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all lanes are open. all the activity is to the right shoulder. not causing any brake lights or issues but it certainly was a mess a few minutes ago. if you are headed from here over towards the bay bridge. maybe westbound 80. no metering lights just yet. we are starting to see a bit of a back-up as you work your way towards the toll plaza. give yourself a few extra minutes. things are a little slow here. a little slow across the upper deck as we get into san francisco. we are dealing with some wet weather. slick surfaces. be can extra careful as you hit the roads on this friday morning. we are brake lights. one involving five vehicles. that has now been pushed over to the shoulder but a second crash in the back-up still causing breaklights. time now is 6:18. coming up on kpix five amin a special edition to how to help kids with cancer right here in the bay area. joining us live. and later, the new
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welcome back. it is 6:22. you know what today is? >> it is friday. >> it's time for liam's west. >> and liam, it is a special line-up today. so tell us what is going on. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. a jolly good friday morning. we'll get some fun stuff in a moment. tomorrow is a day of remembrance when we look back at the tragic events of september 11th, 2001. >> so the nine/11 remembrance. the online shrine is the place to go for all things nine/11 and commemorative happenings there as you see it right
6:23 am
there. that if tribute is lights is a public art installation. first presented six months after nine/11 and then every year there after from dusk to dawn on the night of september 11th. online will be the place to go tomorrow. it has become an iconic symbol that honors those killed and celebrates the unbreakable spirit of new york city. more. ask nine/11 memorial. org. -rz if for that voice. that song. american idol star clark beckham. he joins productions that benefit for there with care. it is a national nonprofit serving families with children with cancer including many either here on the bay area. more than 100 families. et is a red carpet tribute. 5:30pacific on saturday. i'll be there. it will be awesome.
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head to the website. therewithcare. org for more. and friends, finally. tune in or just don't ever touch the dial. sea with channel five all the way through saturday. a look back at the musical highlights of the 84th season of stern grove as you may know. the season was cut short due to that flood. the grove will be back with music performances from june of 2022. they need your support. so please log on and let them know how you can help at sterngrove. org. friends, have a wonderful weekend wherefore you are. whatever you are doing. stay dry. get out there. french kiss the morning air. and have a good one. more at back to you. >> never heard it put like that before. >> but okay. sounds good. >> yes. and kcbs radio. thank you so much for joining us. it is so good to see you. >> thanks, guys. >> see you next time. the time is now 6:24.
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still ahead, hitting the bay area this morning. >> san francisco hasn't seen weather like this at this time of year in more than four decades. the fire danger is extremely high as we look live over the east bay hills. with every lightning strike, the concern. will it start a wildfire? we have live team coverage tracking it all for you. president biden lays out his plan to get more americans vaccinated. and there are some new penalties for people who refuse to wear a mask while traveling. >> and four days until the recall election. the bay area counties with the highest and lowest turn-out so far. plus, we're live with what you need to know if you still haven't cast your ballot. and here is a look
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i may not be as pretty. i'm not a cable tv personality or an entertainer like larry.
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i'm the businessman, the cpa running for gov ernor. california is a mismanaged mess. taxes, cost of living, water, wildfires, homelessness. these aren't political issues; they're readily fixable management issues. career politicians? celebrities? i've solved problems all my life. let's fix this great state!
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if you are just waking up with us, here is what you need to know. we are tracking thunder, lightning, and rain in the bay area overnight and all morning long. the national weather service bay area just tweeted san francisco hasn't gotten measurable rain on september 10:00 in 43 years, but it did today. our live team coverage continues in just a moment. starting today, people 12 and old letter have to show proof of vaccination to enter certain businesses in berkeley. that includes restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and also fitness facilities. in silicon valley, the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes has been delayed. a juror was potentially exposed to covid-19 and is awaiting
6:30 am
test results. the trial is now set to resume on tuesday. good morning. it is 6:30 on friday, september 10:00. i'm giana franco. >> and keys. we begin with stormy weather across the bay area this morning. when is the last time we were talking about rain? nevermind thunder and lightning; right? >> going live to roanoke park in sanoma county. this shot from photo journalist. a tree was hit by lightning of night and splitting it in half and toppling it on to some cars. >> and check out this video from a viewer in, areio vista. lightning is filling the sky late last night. and the risk isn't over yet. we have live team coverage all morning. and standing way by with a new video. mary joins us with the current conditions out there. mary? >> yeah, some showers and thunderstorms. an active start to our day. high definition doppler tracking it all for you. tracking lightning strikes to our east. you can see that high definition doppler this morning. we have some cells through the
6:31 am
bay area right now. you can see the showers there and push ago cross san francisco over the bay bridge and the east bay in oakland. you can see those cells popping up over the peninsula. san matteo, redwood city and palo alto this morning. as we head through our morning, up things wind down. at 9:00 or 10:00, it is all out of here as we look to the rest of our day. let's go live in dublin. it has been incredible to see our lightning video. i am so glad you guys are safe though. >> and this is about as close to the lightning as i want to get. we have been watching lightning. plenty of it. not a whole lot of rain. not necessarily the combination we want out here in the bay area. we are looking east of our location. this is pretty much straight due east over morgan territory at the range. if we are lucky, we might see a lightning strike happen as we are talking here.
6:32 am
this was shot 15 minutes ago. these strikes are starting to fade overtime. we have been looking towards the north. lots of lightning strikes. this was the scene. we saw lightning strikes. downtown cloverdale. this one went on from 1:30 to 2:30. strikes happening every couple of minutes. there were reports of a small brush fire east of cloverdale in a rural area. inaccessible for the crews out there looking for those flames. 700 block. lightning hit a large pine tree around 8:00 a.m. destroyed that tree and sent large chunks crashing down on the roof of the house and smashed up those two vehicles parked in the driveway. pg ande came out to check out
6:33 am
the powerline. splintered wood everywhere. you vega was home with the daughter. she said it sounded hike a bomb exploded. >> what happened? my cars and my house. everything. >> and hopefully that is the worst of it. the red flag warning at 11:00 a.m. back to you. all right. thank you, much. we'll check back in with you and mary in just a little bit. and as we take a look at the roadways right now. we are dealing with some wet weather this morning. still might be a little slick. heads up. it was pretty busy. it looks like once you pass this point, about a 14-minute commute from the maize. our other slow spot is that ride into the pass. 42 minutes for your travel
6:34 am
time. westbound 580 to go from 205 towards 680. no crashes on 580 and west 80. if you are headed towards the maze, give yourself 15 minutes to go where that highway four connects over down into the maize area. and a live look at 880. slick surfaces through here as well. overall traffic pretty quiet along the freeway. this morning, president biden is warning things won't improve when it comes to the pandemic until the unvaccinated ger shot americans ve yet to roll up their sleeves. to track down on covid infections, all 9 million federal and contract workers must be vaccinated or face losing their jobs. private sector companies with over 100 employees must require vaccinations or weekly testing. businesses that don't comply will face fines. vaccinations will also be required for the 17 million people who work at hospitals. >> this is not about freedom. it is about protecting yourself and those around. the people you work with. the people you care about.
6:35 am
the people you love. >> locally, roughly two-thirds of people are vaccinated across the nine county bay area joan. that is compared with about 53% nationally. according to the sf chronicle, 58% in california. >> if you break the rules, be prepared to pay. and by the way, show some respect. >> and happening today, as we take a live look now at sfo. new penalties taking aeffect today for. first offenders will have to pay up to a thousand dollar fine. the new penalties apply to all u.s. airports. a live look at new york city as we approach the 20th anniversary of september 11th. many teachers are looking for ways to convey the impact of that day to a new generation who has no generation of it. to help, nonprofit friends of flight 93 are working to provide tools to educators.
6:36 am
volunteers help coordinate both in-person and virtual workshops. also tours for students across the country. an ohio middle schoolteacher says he is now using those tools in his classroom. kids do see the sights difficulty than adults to. just to rely on what an adult thinks a kid will think were isn't always a good idea because the kids have different viewpoints on things. >> the friends of flight 93 say they are busy as ever this fall with already 27 field trips with 14 virtual classroom visits. and happening tomorrow, the pacific coast air museum in santa rosa is holding a remembrance event. you can stop by between 10:00 and 3:00 to check out if f-15 strike eagle that flew over the twin towers on september 11th. the u.s.s. hornet in alameda is also hosting a memorial. that starting at 11:00. new this morning, a superior court judge in sanoma county has rejected an effort by pg ande to.
6:37 am
the 2019 kincaid fire. pb ande tried to have 25 of the 33 criminal charges against them tossed out. a sanoma county judge denied the effort. pg ande is set to enter pleas next month. the time is now 6:37. coming up and also streaming on cbsn bay area. countdown. what if you drop off your ballot. how can you
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welcome back. 6:41. new video within the past 45 minutes showing lightning in dublin. o you are crew says they are seeing lightning every couple of minutes. we had that subtropical moisture that we have been talking about all week long. we had that low pressure system bringing that instability for showers and thunderstorms. thder. you heard atle we'rintimeon inthro the day. and when this all leaves us. we are talking about
6:42 am
moderna's new two in one shot and what the new york stock exchange is doing to commemorate the 20th anniversary of nine/11. diane king hall is joining us live now. diane, good morning to you. >> good morning, lynn. we'll start with a quick check of trading action with trading underway here on wall street. a little more than ten minutes. right now, the dow is better by triple digits. a little over 140 points. the nasdaq is up 85 points. and 20 years later, wall street continues to remember september 11th . today, the nysc is paying tribute to heroes from that day in honoring the lives lost. the big board held a moment of silence at 9:03 a.m. easterntime. that is the time the second plane hit the second tower. first responders will do a loe
6:43 am
closing bell. the shares of the covid-19 vaccine convene maker rallied after it is developing a to in one booster shot for both covid- 19 and the flu. moderna has been speaking full approval of the vaccine from the fda and started submitting data for evaluation of a booster shot to both the fda and european medicine's agency. >> diane king hall. thank you. the white house right now where president biden is pro pairing for his trip to california on monday. this is to urge voters to reject the gubernatorial recall effort. he'll be campaigning with governor newsome. they'll appear together at a rally in long beach. and four days to go into the retail election, about a third of the 22 million balance plots sent out have been brought back in. >> coming in roughly the same way. democrats heavily outnumber republicans in the state. they submitted many more ballots overall. according to the secretary of state, marin county has the highest turn-out in the bay
6:44 am
area so far. 43. approximate. >> is salano county has the lowest at 27%. now for a better picture of how things are shaping up in the south bay. every lynn mendez with the santa clara registrar of voters joins us now. thank you for being here. how is turn-out? >> so far, we are at 37%. so almost 400,000 voters. so that is a lot for this time. it is pretty close to what it was at this time in november. i think we are in good pace to have a good turn-out. >> do you expect it to be a busy weekend? >> and sit going to be a busy weekend. all of the 36 vote centers. throughout the counties. so everything can go out between 9:00 and 5:00. were open 9:00 until 5:00. >> the there are voters a little nervous. what are you doing to keep in- person voters safe from covid?
6:45 am
>> once they get to the vote center, they are going to be asked to wear a mask. clean the vote center equipment periodically. they'll be safe going to the vote center, but they can also vote by mail or drop their ballot in the drop box. >> we still have time to drop those mail-in ballots in the mail if they can do that this weekend; right? >> yeah, they can drop it in the mail as long as it is postmarked by election day. they should be okay. make sure they get it in the mail by 8:00 a.m. on election day. >> they still have time. evelyn mendez with the santa clara county registrar of voters. thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. have a good day. >> you, too. kpix five will have special coverage of election night. it all starts on the news at 7:00 and continues throughout the evening on cbsn bay area. we'll be bringing you live and
6:46 am
streaming updates on wednesday starting with the kpix five morning news at 4:30. up. mary, you have been busy tang tracking the thunder, the lightning, and some weather. >> it has been an active morning tracking showers and thunderstorms with that tropical moisture. that low pressure system providing that lift that we needed to get this video to fire off those thunderstorms. flashes of light. i want to show you this. check this out. this is in roanoke park. all of that damage from thunderstorms that rolled through that area. so we had lightning strikes. so we had lightning that actually hit trees. sent parts of those trees flying on to carrings. parts of those trees hitting the windshield there and really just crushing the windshield on those cars. our journalist shannon is out there in roanoke park and just
6:47 am
seeing all of that damage that rolled through the area. most of the thunderstorm activity now to our east. so for the sierra and tahoe area, they are dealing with lightning strikes. we are as well here in the bay area at least for our mountains and interior valleys. hayward. i want to show you the rainfall rates right over hayward picking up at about a quarter of an inch per hour coming down there. you can see those cells from san matteo, bellmont and the peninsula. and here is a live lookout there out there. 2degrees. we are in the upper 50s to low 60s. we take you through the day. we are looking at things
6:48 am
wrapping up fairly quickly as we head into the morning. by the afternoon, we are looking at clearing. very this red flag warning. really watching the north bay mountains and interior valleys and east bay hills in valleys and diablo range. daytime highs cooler. mid to upper 70s. avenue triple digit heat earlier this week now looking at mid 80s for you in con ford cord, he has about hill, around the bay, and mid 60s in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland and daytime highs for the north bay. so a cool-down with that ocean breeze. and that low pressure system. and just bringing those temperatures down to where we should be for this time of year. san francisco, oakland, and for san jose, we're going to say similar for temperatures by tomorrow. slightly warmer. for inland east bay.
6:49 am
temperatures will be up to mid 90s. monday and temperatures in the mid 70s. with wet roadways. et has been a busy morning on the roadways. this one happened around 4:30. it took an hour and a half to clear out of the roadway. the truck collided with a small car. you can see a lot of damage. crews were working on that scene for most of the morning. current traffic conditions are doing okay. which is good news. they finally got that completely over to the right shoulder. we have a lot of breaklights on 880. look at that. that is extra busy for a friday
6:50 am
morning. this is hayward to union city. there is causing back-up. towards the san matteo bridge. live look at 880 in oakland. keep that in mind if you are heading towards the maize this morning. that backs up pretty quickly. this is a live look at the bay bridge. we have so a lot of brake lights as you work your way out of oakland land. i will say 101 looks pretty good. we are not tracking any brake lights or issues. if you are headed out of 101 to the golden gate bridge, right now things are moving at the limit as well. we have been dealing with some slick surfaces. be extra careful as you hit the
6:51 am
roads on this friday morning. a first look at the fourth film in the matrix. it has been a long time coming. came out in 2003. try to remember where you were that year. the newest one in san francisco. >> i have had dreams. am i crazy? >> we don't use that word. >> it looks so good. the trailer was just released yesterday. among the bay area sights featured in the mill if elm, the bay bridge, the transamerica pyramid and the sales first tower. after many delays, the movie finally has a release date which is december 22nd. the wild wealther and fire danger after the break. and lots of lightning coming through the bay area overnight. we have some fresh video to
6:52 am
show you coming up after the break. and dogs that could sniff out covid. the busy airport. our weather extra segment. weather extremes over the summer. we talked to the host of video music awards. you can watch at or on the kpix app. time is 6:52. let's give you
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6:54 am
6:55 am
>> a red flag warning in effect for the the north and east bay. it is hard to remember the
6:56 am
last time we heard thunder in the bay area or saw lightning. ntvideo. they had crews in case the lightning sparked fires. so far, they are in the clear. check out this video from the delta. this is rio vista. a viewer sending us this incredible slow motion shot of the lightning there overnight. first, a final look at the weather. >> we had thunderstorms that pushed over bay area earlier this mopping. now that activity is to our east. tracking that for you on high definition doppler. still tracking some cells over our region. that wet weather for walnut creek. danville. showers pushing across hayward this morning and some strong cells right over the san matteo bridge. as we go through this morning, you can see things move out fairly quickly. we are looking at some clearing as we head through the afternoon.
6:57 am
and cooler temperatures. notice that difference. we are talking 70s and 80s inland. mid to upper the bay. mid 70s e peninsula and low 60s at the coast. kit? yes. we are live here in the foothills of dublin tracking this line of thunderstorms as it moved into and out of the east bay. pretty much left our region for now. we have plenty of footage as you can see here. this is over the diablo range. most of the strikes were north of our location. spaced about a minute or two. and some of them quite large coming in the 5:00 a.m. hour. this was the scene over sanoma county overnight. lightning strikes ever around 101 in downtown cloverdale. this went on from 130 tome tim to 20:00 a.m. strikes spaced out every. a report of a small brush fire. it was inaccessible to crews
6:58 am
out patrols overnight. they could not get to it at the moment. this is roanoke park in the 700 block of the court. a large pine tree around 8:00 p.m. destroyed that tree. sent large chunks crashing down on to the roof of the house. crash crushed the vehicles that were parked in the driveway we below. we spoke with a homeowner home at the time with his daughter. he said it sounded like a bomb exploded. they are okay. this red flag warning expires at 11:00 a.m. this morning. live in dublin. kpix five. people up early on twitter talking about lightning and thunder. one user saying the new late california summer tradition is being woken up by a clap of thunder and hoping the lightning doesn't strike any more wildfires. you can tweet us using #kpix. if you are hitting the roadways. 280 northbound. only one lane open and speeds
6:59 am
dipping down to seven miles an hour that back up beyond 101. hayward to union city. that right lane is completely shut down due to late-running roadwork. that will affect your drive headed towards the bridge. a live look at the bay bridge. lots of company. a lot of people making that trek into san anthe metering lights are on. new this morning. miami international airport has an all new team to sniff out covid. >> the first canines trained at detecting and alerting for covid-19. this video posted by florida international university where the dogs were trained. apparently, the dogs are right 97% of the time. >> wow. that is a high percentage. you might not be hopping on the knight if you have covid in miami. the news continues on cbsn bay area. have a great day. we'll keep you covered with this thunder and lightning
7:00 am
through the morning on cbsn bay area. welcome to "cbs mornings." i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> he is, indeed. let's go to today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we have the tools to combat covid-19, and americans are keeping us from turning the corner. >> president biden talks tough on the covid crisis and unveils sweeping new vaccine requirements. >> this is not about freedom or personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you. >> reporter: the justice department is suing the state of texas


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