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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 10, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more than 100 lightning strikes in our skies overnight, and we got lucky in more ways than one, good afternoon. >> we have live team coverage on the lightning, and alameda county but first, meteorologist mary lee, it was pretty cool to watch . >> we have not seen this in quite some time, the rain, we need that and also thunderstorms. here's a high death doppler right now, a lot quieter and calmer out there but still tracking lightning strikes and storm activity pushing over nevada. that is where the activity is on high death doppler right now. i would talk about eye storm totals, pushing across the region, almost half of an inch
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of rain in fairfield with the storms rolling through your area and fairfax a quarter of an inch, in santa rosa, 500 for martinez and frances 's in union city 407 inch. san jose not as lucky, with the rainfall amounts, a trace, if that in the south bay. but it was good to have the rain with the lightning strikes, that really helped the red flag warning canceled around 9:00 a.m. because of the rain and storms that pushed up fairly quickly and we will talk more about the storms and what we can expect for the weekend ahead coming up live in dublin with a closer look at the damage, it really looks we like we got lucky here. >> reporter: at last count we got 110 cloud to ground lightning strikes in the bay area overnight, with the system, no major incidents, it looks like we dodged a bullet. >> reporter: after quite a dramatic buildup, a gentle rain
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in the foothills above dublin, after putting on quite a show overnight, mother nature did not go out with a bang. >> it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: we began in roanoke park, 8:00 p.m. last night lightning struck a pine tree, causing it to explode sending large chunks crashing down on the roof of the home and crushing the vehicles below. >> it was insane. i was up for a long time going, is this a dream? it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: neighbor said it sounded like a bomb went off in remarkably no one was hurt. >> all of a sudden we heard a loud boom, and we looked out the window and there were sparks flying. the neighborhood thought it was fireworks, and until we felt the rumble was a little more severe than fireworks. >> reporter: a couple of hours later around 1:30 a.m. this is the scene in sonoma county near 101 and thrissur drive in cloverdale. lightning hitting every minute or so, cal fire traced on a small brush fire east of town. the lightning mostly in the
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hilltops and highest peaks, this is mount hamilton, this is over moraga and san marone and the five a.m. hour. starts coming every two hours or so. by sunrise the show was over with no grand finale. >> originally clouds and a lot of confirmed cloud to ground strikes. >> reporter: the assistant fire marshal with santa rosa fire says because of lightning strikes like this they have additional manpower hunting for spot fires >> as the day heats up, any other strikes from last night that could of been smoldering eventually could lead to fires. >> reporter: santa rosa fire is urging property owners, especially those with large plots of land to help them out and go in patrol their land to look for smoldering hotspots. live in dublin, kpix 5 . the national weather service, an interesting look at the last 24 hours. you can see how lightning moved to the state and parts of nevada . >> people sharing their pictures and videos of the lightning on social media, we would love to see yours, use
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the hashtag kpix. >> to the north crews responding to a fire in mendocino county, they believe was sparked by lightning. the moment it started captured on an alert wildfire camera, in the hills north of cloverdale. early reports show the fire reached a size of 30 to 40 acres, we are waiting for updates from the fire agencies there. the dixie fire continuing to cause new trouble, it has burned almost 1 million acres and forcing more evacuations. the new orders issued in gladstone county last night as flames continue to rip through the forest, in the lassen volcanic national park. the same storm system also brought the threat of lightning to the burns on. and evacuation order also expanded last night for the monument fire. the entire town of hay fork placed under and evacuation warning, it has burned over 204,000 acres, 45% contained. a deadly crash involved a
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motorcyclist in san jose, after 8:00 a.m. at seventh street and elm avenue. a crash involving a vehicle and motorcycle. the man riding a motorcycle was taken to hospital but did not survive. no details on what led to the crash. to the coronavirus, starting today people 12 and older have to show proof of vaccination to enter certain businesses in berkeley. that includes restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and fitness facilities. workers at those businesses have until october 15 to comply. the country's second- largest school district will now require most students be vaccinated against covid-19. l.a. unified voted to require all students 12 and older be fully vaccinated by january, the first school district in the country to do so. unvaccinated students will be banned from campus but can do remote learning through independent study. governor newsom cast his he voted in sacramento in the past hour.
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the governor of course voting no on the recall as dozens of challengers look to unseat him. election day is four days away. this afternoon a new poll indicates the governor may have a better shot of defeating the recall than before. the latest berkeley poll found almost 39% of likely voters and 10 to vote yes to the recall. 60% said they will vote no. the same pose closer six weeks ago. kpix a special coverage on election night and beyond. it all starts on the news at 7:00 and continues through the evening on cbsn bay area. also bringing you live and streaming updates on wednesday starting with the kpix 5 news at 4:30. tomorrow our nation pauses to remember the lives lost 20 years ago in the 9/11 attacks. some ceremonies beginning today, and michael george has the latest from ground zero in new york city. >> reporter: bells rang three
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times this morning and washington, d.c. one for each location terrorist hit on september 11, 2001. >> we remember september 11 as if it were yesterday. we remember every life lost >> reporter: at the justice department the attorney general merrick garland promised to remain vigilant. >> what we must do, what we have done, is to learn from the past to better anticipate and prepare for the next threat, into seek to disrupt it. >> reporter: here at ground zero in lower manhattan where the twin towers once stood, family members and those who were here that date will gather tomorrow. >> it doesn't seem possible it is 20 years. lynn tierney was and if dy deputy commissioner and her job was to provide the fire commissioner with the latest info. >> the world watch the towers come down. and be shattered, and then slowly, slowly they saw the pieces coming back together.
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what they never saw was the exact same thing that happened to over 3000 families. that their nstant. there lies were shattered. >> reporter: at the new york stock exchange, traders held a moment of silence is morning to mark the day. nearly 3000 people died on 9/11, including 343 fdny firefighters. michael george, cbs news, new york. president biden will pay his respects tomorrow in new york, d.c. and shanksville, pennsylvania. there are several events around the bay area for 9/11 tomorrow. at the pacific coast air museum in santa rosa you can check out the f-15 strike eagle that flew over the twin towers. the u.s.s.s. hornet and alameda hosting a memorial that starts at 11:00 a.m. you can find our full list of bay area 9/11 events on still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a delay in the trial against the
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founder of theranos. finding a voice in your
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i may not be as pretty. i'm not a cable tv personality or an entertainer like larry. i'm the businessman, the only cpa running for gov ernor. california is a mismanaged mess. taxes, cost of living, water, wildfires, homelessness. these aren't political issues; they're readily fixable management issues. career politicians? celebrities? i've solved problems all my life. let's fix this great state!
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welcome back, checking in on wall street on this friday afternoon the dow in the red, 129 points. the fraud trial against theranos founder elizabeth holmes that was set to resume today has been delayed after member of the jury reportedly said they were potentially exposed to covid. according to cnbc the juror is awaiting their test results, at
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this time court is scheduled to resume tuesday. the government's first witness was set to take the stand today, she served as a corporate controller of theranos , reporting to holmes for 11 years. city hall focusing on the problem plaguing the millennium tower after excavation work was paused last month. engineers discovered the 58 story high rise had sunk an extra engine tilted after 5 inches. the city supervisor says he does not want construction at the tower to start back up until a new review panel gets their eyes on the project. >> i would like there to be a pause until we know what we are doing, and i think construction should not resume until we can panel the best experts the country have also. the fact there has been a big setback, needless to say is very frustrating. a spokesperson for the millennial tower homeowners association had this to say. monitoring data, the increase in building movements stopped
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immediately after construction was halted and has returned to preconstruction levels of settlement and tilting which has been negligible for several years. time to honor this week students rising above scholar and her passion for social justice is personal. >> kpix's elizabeth cook reports she is using hyper- local journals them as a tool for awareness in her hometown. >> richmond is a city that raised me. the reporters beat is her own backyard, richmond, california. a city as diverse as a story she files for the richmond pulse, of community-based paper, delivering hyper-local news online and in print. >> richmond has been overlooked. we are a news desert. not only are the people that work here from richmond and live in richmond but we also have so much love for the city we live in. >> reporter: love, expressed in her writing for a place she sees from all sides. >> it is sometimes a difficult
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city to live in, because there are so many things to overcome in the city itself. richmond has had its share of struggles, among them, poverty. safety, and environmental concerns. but it is also rich in culture, economic assets and possibility. maria's own story of rising above, intertwined with the city she loves reads like this. she came to the u.s. just shy of her fourth birthday, her parents escaping the escalating violence in her hometown in mexico. everything they loved, family, friends, the familiar, was left behind. >> we had to learn that economic , social, educational, political , and corporate systems. i have the pressure of learning all of these things for my family, because it was much easier for me to communicate that with them. because of the language barrier. >> reporter: maria learned english quickly and excelled in school. eventually graduating from san
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jose state university with a degree in public health. now she is pursuing a masters of journalism at uc berkeley. her reporting job coming on the heels of a fellowship. richmond pulse founder malcolm marshall. >> she has the number one quality that a good reporter should have, and that his curiosity. >> reporter: she is also driven, she has contributed over two dozen stories covering everything from how to fashion. all with an eye towards richmond. it's voice, her words. >> i'm a strong believer that silences violence. so i am screaming as loud as i can through my writing, all the beauty that exists in our community, the people that live here that exist and are seeing and should be heard. >> reporter: for students rising above, i'm elizabeth cook. maria fernanda bernal is a daca recipient and she said that inspires her to uplift
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others in your community that are undocumented. to learn more about students rising above and its scholars head to our website, sra. time for a check of weather with mary, what a big difference from what we saw this time last year with the lmu complex, what made the difference this time around? >> reporter: the rain accompanied with the storms and lightning strikes. that was the big difference, we had the strong cells pushed through this morning, i was tracking rainfall rates of an inch to 2 in./h. impressive rainfall rates compared to last year, last august. with the explosive thunderstorms, and we had the dry lightning. i think we did get lucky with the storms that push through, the best case scenario with the rain that came down. let's show you the high-def doppler, the lightning strikes over nevada and idaho and oregon, where all the activity is right now. you can see the sunshine in the south bay, san jose, mid-70s. we are looking at clearing through the afternoon and temperatures upper 70s for you
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and concord and livermore, low 60s in oakland and upper 50s san francisco with clouds. san jose, 75 and 63 for santa rosa. wind is a breezy afternoon at sfo at 16 miles an hour, 13 in oakland and napa and 16 mile- per-hour wind in fairfield. quieter and calmer conditions this afternoon, all of the storm activity well to the east and away from us and we are looking at cooler temperatures today and tomorrow. i'm sure you notice the difference, a big difference down to where we should be this time of year, after the hot temperatures early in the week and slightly warmer sunday in into the weekend. going through hour by hour on futurecast and you can see the sunshine through the afternoon, and we are looking at the quieter weather with the ocean breeze and temperatures similar as we look ahead to saturday. sunset, 7:24 in sunrise, six 148 tomorrow.
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daytime highs low 60s along the coast, mid to upper 60s around the bay in mid 70s the peninsula and upper 70s to mid 80s inland this afternoon compared to the triple digit heat earlier in the week. a big cool down. 7-day forecast, san francisco to san jose, heading through the end of the weekend into early next week, temperatures a little warmer inland, east bay in the low 90s and by sunday into early next week mid 80s for the northbay in mid xts for the coast. the main event for the thunderstorms, over for the bay area, thankfully so and now we look at quieter weather as we look to the weekend. thank you. coming up, where we are seeing another hurricane touchdown this season and so soon after hurricane ida.
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news out of afghanistan this afternoon, a second qatar airways passenger flight has departed from kabul airport a day after another plane took off with approval from the taliban. this is video from yesterday's flight that had more than 100 foreign nationals on board.
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it is unknown how many passengers were on today's flight or what their national nares are. the aircraft was seen landing in unloading before the naming passengers board. this assign some foreign nationals one to leave will be able to go. first a big earthquake in mexico, hurricane olaf, the storm slid back to tropical storm for us but not before slamming into the loss couples resort at the tip of baja. it brought 100 mile-per-hour wind and drench the region with heavy rain. at least 700 local residents spent the night in shelters. 20,000 foreign tourists hunker down in the hotel's. taking another look at your weather. we have a party for the record books. you will not want to miss this. today on the drew barrymore show, more star studded moments from season one including hugh grant and
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i have tips on great start the year, but it's good season right now, especially they peak in the season in august. this is the moscato green grape. along great, let me tell you, the flavor profile is crunchy, delicious and very, very sweet. my skoto green seal, the stem is nice and green, look how big the bunches, it is beautiful. all the grapes are nice and
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large. very important. and this means they are nice and fresh. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away and enjoy them within three or four days, so they state nice and sweet. if you leave them refrigerated too long, they lose the wonderful flavor profile. and grapes are natural energy. you cannot beat it. you have to try these. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. beautiful blue skies across the santa clara valley, mount hamilton camera observatory but gray skies in san francisco, a little messed or drizzle out there at this hour. the drops in the life camera. as we go through the day we are looking at calmer and quieter weather ahead and that will continue as we look to the weekend as well. temperatures pretty similar to today with cooler daytime highs, back to you.
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finally, this friday, a big gender reveal party for new giant panda cub at a zoo in singapore. pop-up panda climbing up to break open the piñata. it is a boy. one month old and will be named in a public competition. congrats. >> i vote for peter. peter panda. >> keywords. >>
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[ dramatic music ] ♪♪ >> sheila: you're my son. we have the same dna. the same blood running through our veins... >> steffy: don't listen to her! >> sheila: we are connected forever. i feel it in my heart, in my very soul and i know that you do, too. >> steffy: finn. finn, please just--just look at me. she's manipulating you! all we have to do is just walk out of the room and never see her again. >> sheila: why don't you ever let finn make his own decisions? son, i'm begging you. please don't turn your back on me. i love you. just let me be a part of your life.


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