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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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plus, save up to $400 a year on wireless over at&t when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. now at 11:00 a horrific car crash leaves several east bay children in hospital. >> and it's the final count down to the gubernatorial election, a look at the strategy by both sides. and 20 years since the september 11th. >> we truly were the united states of america. and we will begin with that new video showing the moments a dui driver drove into a van.
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>> kpix is live at oakland children's hospital with what police say happened moments after the two cars collided. >> we first want to warn the viewers the crash i don't is extremely graphic, hard to watch. the two kids ejected from the january have severe head injuries. >> a minivan, we are choosing not to show the moment of a boy and girl flying from the van t. horror on this witness face gives you an idea of the ejected kids' injuries. >> there's been a lot of accidents but when you see kids flying around like that it makes it worse. >> many witnesses jumped into action and carried the other.
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>> this was the only kid able to walk on his own, in all counted 8 children. there were also 3 adults in the van. >> what's happening on our streets here are unforgivable. >> the crash happened on thursday night. international boulevard and 38th avenue. police say the driver of the pontiac was driving drunk, going about 80 to 90 miles per hour in the bus lane. they say he ran the red light and hit the van. the pontiac came to a stop. neighbors caught him. the man is locked up facing dui and hit and run charges. >> i am glad for that neighbor standing up. >> say this type of criminal and reckless driving happens all the time. >> lawless, no law. >> neighbors say this is a reminder to always use the seat
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belts. parents have to strap the kids in. the honda can seat up to 8 people but there were 11 people in that van. >> there were no restraints on those kids. they should have had their seat belts so when the car hit the kids flew out of there. >> just heart breaking all around but i know neighbors are asking for police presence, will they get any help? >> even before this crash july yet, the mayor had asked for help from the chp and it just happened so starting this weekend are patrolling streets like international boulevard. most of those victims were part of the martinez family and they live just a block away from that crash scene so they were almost home. >> almost home. all right. thank you. >> in other news at 11:00
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tonight the recall election is coming down to the wire. there are just 3 days left until the polls close to decide whether or not new some stays in office. in one of his final pushes to convince voters to keep him on the job. he urged democrats to get out the vote. the governor said just about everything is at stake. >> this election is a matter of life and death, public health is on the ballot, climate science is on the ballot. >> republican front runner larry elder is campaigning in, read the names of people killed. republican kaitlyn jenner was also on the campaign trail. toured a homeless shelter where she met with residents and
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blasted how newman has been handling the crisis. >> gavin new man has spent $13 million on the homeless issue. is it any better? >> have extra coverage on election night, it all starts on 7:00 and continues through the evening. we will also be bringing you live and streaming update, beginning with the news at 4:30 a.m. tonight people across the nation are reflecting on the enduring legacy 20 years after september 11, 2001 and the deadliest terror attack on american soil. just how complicated that legacy has been for the local muslim community. >> tonight there was also a great sense of hope at this year's multigatherring at city hall.
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>> look at the beautiful diverse put community here. that's what inspires me to do this work. >> american muslim founding director said she knows there's more work that needs to be done in america. >> all we hear is taliban and at one point 5 billion muslims are not talked about so it's painful because there are 1.5 billion muslims who are law- abiding wonderful peaceful practicing muslims. >> have you ever felt like you could disappear. >> 12-year-old has been coming to this event since he was 5 years old. he says 9/11 taught him to be proud to be muslim. >> probably what i learned the most from that day is like
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after me not even being born then but i know that the survivors they never lost hope. they kept on going and these are just like speak up for your self. >> this u.s. army veteran said the military has made great strides. >> we now have a lieutenant kernel and muslims can now grow their beard with a waiver. it's something when i was in about 10 to 11 years ago i didn't think it was possible. >> the terrorist attacks also prompted to get involved in his community. today he still is. >> after 9/11 i was looking for something that really demanded my commitment and had just begun at a time so i was looking for something to do. the day holding extra meaning for those in the area.
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united flight 93 was on route to, several took matters into their own hands to try to take the plane back and today a ceremony was held at the country's first 93 memorial. family and friends gathered to honor those who died when that plane crashed into a pennsylvania field and of those remembered along with three other men led the charge to attack the hijackers, a move that kept flight 93 from making it to its target. >> everyone with mark and that was without any shadow of a doubt, mark did something. >> bingham was a member of the bay area rugby club and before that he was a star player in a
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two time champion while playing. >> well the bay area also remembering the heroic acts of flight attendant. she was the first person to alert authorities of the impending that morning. >> was working on american airlines the first plane to be taken over by hijackers on september 11th. for 25 minutes she replayed vital information that led to the faa closing air space for the first time in history. >> and of course she had the presence of mind to make that phone call. she just cared for a lot of people and all the passengers. >> since her death betty's family has honored her family creating a foundation to fund senior and youth programs at a recreation center named in her
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memory. >> and taking a look at the memorial tower lit up in honor of those who left their lives. today said the heart break still remains. amied of the strength that got us through the nation's darkest hours. >> on the ground where the twin towers once stood, thousands gathered with the nation's leaders to mark the milestone. 20 years have passed, the ruin of the world trade center gone but the pain remains. >> it still feels like yesterday, until we meet again my love, rest in peace. >> the ringing of a bell marked the moment hijackers crashed into the north tower, then a moment of tower for the more than 2900 lives lost. >> you have gone too soon but the memory of you will forever be in our hearts.
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>> we'll meet again one day and it will be nothing but tears of joy when we do. i love you dad. we all do. >> amazing grace. >> at the pentagon where flight 77 crashed the fallen were honored. >> remember them today for not only who they were but what they could have become. >> in shanksville pennsylvania where the fourth jet liner crashed after passengers fought for control of the plane, former george w bush told americans to fight extremists at home and abroad. >> we have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders but from violence that come from within. they are children of the same foul spirit and it is our duty to confront them. >> we also remember the thousands of people who died
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after 9/11 from related illnesses. says the number is now higher than the number who died on the day of the attack. coming up on kpix at 11:00, the major crack down that came from that stunning side show all caught on camera. and wildfire shutting down a california freeway, the latest as crews work to contain that fire. air quality was good. it's been a while since we've been able to say that. you have got a little bit of
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now at 11:00 a major crack down on illegal shied shows in san jose. credit a new strategy for hundreds of side show and spectators. this has happened weekend after weekend in san jose but now officers say they are using a coordinated response by blocking participants if leaving the side show. overnight this happened just after midnight at the intersection of park avenue. neighbors say it's about time and they hope more can be done. >> i would love to see the cops be just here in the area doing nor patrolling making sure they
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are prevents it from even starting. >> our citizens are frustrated. >> police did say they cited about 200 people. they arrested one man for evading police at another recent side show. even the spectators face steep fines of up to $1000 and up to six months of jail time. taking a live look where history was just made. at a service today was ordained the openly transgender bishop at the lutheran church. previously served as pastor in san francisco. they were elected in may to serve a six year term as bishop. >> now on the fire watch tonight there is a new wildfire that started in the south land in southern california and it's exploded to about 400 acres in about four hours.
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fire jumped i-5 shutting down lanes for miles and tonight two firefighters being treated for burn injuries. fire crews say they are making progress on the fire after an aggressive aerial and fight. cooler temperatures are helping firefighters up north. contained up to 65%. the fire has burned more than 965 acres and despite the gains the fire is now posing a new threat. the flames are getting closer to a set of radio telescopes that search for signs of extraterrestrial. took this picture just a few miles away. that's where the mountain view based cettie institute operates 42 antennas, the scientists have been evacuated with the
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fire bearing down rushed to remove tree branches from the area so hopefully the telescopes will survive. darren has given us the all clear that it is possibly clear. >> it is as far as the smoke coming fire and that dixie fire along with the monument fire and the river complex, those were the big offenders for putting smoke in our sky. it was a beautiful day today and air quality was good. we're going to do it again tomorrow. that's probably the best part of this forecast. air quality is much less of a concern in the bay area than it has been. there's golden gate park. you can see alcatrez out there. that's a good looking view of clouds that are going to fill in just the immediate bay. this is not going to be a gray out. you are going to wake up to
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sunshine tomorrow. there's more green on here than yellow but moderate is still a forecast tore tomorrow. when you watch the future cast where the majority of that smoke is going, it's going to the northeast but some of it still gets caught in that flow that wants to take some of the smoke off shore and bring it home and if we look at this for a little more detailed view what's the smoke concentration like down at the ground level and play that you do see a little more show up here. we may have more smoke in the sky tomorrow than today but there are no air quality. good news second half of the weekend. from treasure island looking back at the city, the numbers are still relatively warm. those locations got into the low 90s today and we're going
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to do that tomorrow, too. tomorrow's numbers are going to be almost identical however the temperatures felt exactly tomorrow. marine layer fills in the immediate bay. burns back by 9:00. daytime highs just like today's numbers, a lot of mid-80s, we will see temperatures climb into the mid-90s, we will be back in the low to mid-70s for some of our warmer spots in the bay along the water but it's only going to be 71 berkeley. nap a goes to 83 and there are some low 90s. 7 day forecast shows you a little bit of a warm up going into tuesday. san jose goes up to 85 and we will cool back down after that and when we look at the east bay we are going to go into the mid-90s by tuesday.
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career politicians? celebrities? i've solved problems all my life. let's fix this great state! the giants haven't officially cleared the but you are starting to see the team relax a little bit. the giants having to dodge a flying bat at this afternoon's game and that's about the only thing they had to dodge today. second inning not supporting the but he did go deep for the second day. a 3 run shot. now it's 9-3 san francisco in
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the with the three run blast off the right field score board to cap off a six run inning. five hits and the giants win their 6th straight. they stay 2 1/2 games ahead of the dodgers. well the chris basset showing for the first time since he was hit in the face last month. the as up 3-2 at the bottom of the 4th. just over the center field wall for his 17th homer of the season. gives oakland a 3-1 lead. they led before the bullpen imploded. gives up a two run homerun to give texas the lead. the texans come back to win. the as fall two games back. the last wild card spot. tonight the cardinals putting on a show at the
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after the cardinals lost the astate last week the head coach made a change on offense.
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commenced to a new starting back making his first career start tonight at number 14. last week in their loss to kansas state it took the cardinals 57 minutes to score, tonight just 6 minutes in. nathanal for a 87-yard touchdown. that gives stanford an early second quarter lead. on 4th and goal, elijah goes up 14-7 but he threw for 242 yards. goes through the hands of the trojans receiver and is intercepted who returns it 31 yards for a pick six, stanford goes on to win their pac-12 opener a huge upset over usc. cal deep in the heart of texas visiting, damien moore
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bursts through the hole and then scores the first of his two touchdowns. the bears take the lead but less than two minutes to go, he sprints past the defender, breaks the tackle and then scores from 45 yards out to give tcu the lead. they hang on to win. cal is 0-2 for the first time since 2001. number three ohio state meeting in a nonconference show down. on third an short finds a hole and he takes off, breaks a tackle at the 15 and scores on a 77-yard touchdown run to give oregon a 21-7 lead. rushed for 161 yards and scored three times and that upset the buckeyes in 35-28, a huge win for the pac-12 conference. well the wildest finish of the day is jacksonville state
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trailing florida state. going deep to damon johnson who makes the catch at the 20 then beats two defenders to the end zone for a touchdown pass as time expires, the gamecocks upset the seminoles, a lot of stunned fans there. 18-year-old emma defeated 19-year-old in straight sets in all teen u.s. open women final. did not drop a set in the tournament and she becomes the first qualifier man or woman to ever win a grand slam event and just as the san jose earthquakes they draw with. >> you know who used to teach tennis, that one. >> oh,
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