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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 13, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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life, from the cvs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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>> right now, streaming on cbs, bay area looking live from our exclusive tower camera, giving you a live local west. it is monday, september 13. >> let's get a first check of your forecast on this monday morning and how are we going to start off this workweek? >> good morning, if you like yesterday, you will like today. temperatures are going to be very similar, here's a lower -- here is a live look at the south bay. let's show you what to expect. as we go through our day we will catch the sunshine as we headed through the rest of your monday and here's what you can expect with those temperatures. we are looking at ties into the 80s and 90s inland. 94 and concorde. 82 in san jose.
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peninsula mid to upper 70s to low 80s and along the coast in the low to mid 60s. we will talk about the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. let's look at the roadways if you're getting ready to head out the door on this monday morning, looking pretty good, here's a look at conditions into the altima pass. 27 minutes now. there is a wind advisory in effect for the past, that was issued by chp overnight. keep that in mind if you are commuting toward 680 this morning. a live look at the toll plaza. pretty quiet. everything is moving with no delays out of the east bay as you head into san francisco. at the golden gate bridge, things are looking pretty good this morning. that ride out of marin county. taking a live look at the white house this morning because president biden is about to leave and he is headed west coming here to california for visits in long beach and sacramento, and the main purpose of his visit, to help campaign for governor newsom in the final day before tomorrow's big recall election.
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this visit was planned a couple weeks ago, when the governor was doing a little more poorly in tpot whituse ficial say the visit is twofold, not only to support governor newsom but also to survey the damage from the recent wildfires, the white house just declared a disaster for the state of california which means they will be freeing up a lot of federal funds. we will certainly be having a very close eye on president biden's visits here to california today. back to you. with 24 hours until election day, how has turnout been across the bay area? kenny reports from an election spot in san rafael. >> more than a third of all ballots across the state have been returned, as for pulling there has been a major shift over the last couple weeks. what is uncertain, is exactly why. a steady flow of drop off ballots with two days to go, it
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is the final push to get out the vote. >>isa tuf. we vete ing ou >> reporter: the latest poll shows more than 60% of likely voters oppose the recall compared to nearly 39% in support. that is a much larger differential than just weeks ago. >> from decades of research that the closer you get to an election, the more reliable the poles become. >> the shift in polling favoring newsom can be partly tied to a clearer picture of the leading gop candidate. >> they see the alternative as someone who would be a republican governor, this blue state, and would take the state in a very different direction especially around the pandemic. >> another reason, the injection of highly polarized national issues like reproductive rights in the new texas abortion law. >> democrats are really raising energy over these types of things, and they can attach it to larry elder for instance.
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newsom can use that energy even if it is not california specific energy. >> reporter: meanwhile the difference in early return balance between registered democrats, about 4.1 million and republicans, 1.9 million is increasing, the buffer now, really 2.2 million. >> right now it would take a major shift, almost a reversal of the trends we have seen so far in polls and in the return ballots for the recall and larry elder to pull off an upset. >> reporter: but will -- at 1.3 million, a buffer going into election day, that would be more than enough for newsom even if there is a strong turnout of republicans on tuesday. in san rafael, kenny, kpix 5. coming up later, a white house correspondent weighs in on how closely this election is being watched in dc. we will have special coverage of the recall election beginning tomorrow night at 7:00 pm, updates on the returns will continue through the evening on cbsn bay area, we will have all of your election news the following morning on
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transfer 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. ash and smoke rising across parts of mendocino county, as hopkins fire quickly destroys everything it in its path. some evacuation orders have been lifted. that he has more details. >> reporter: hopkins fire is affecting residence, in a community on the russian river north of ukiah. this evening, multiple structures including homes, burned along marina drive. this house and marina states was also quickly destroyed sending up lots of black smoke, and this video shows just how quickly residents had to evacuate, this marina resident was seen driving his red mercedes away from his burning home with flames shooting out of the windows and roof and check out the plumes of smoke billowing over mendocino county. deputies tweeted that they are setting up shelters for people and animals. >> that was my fireplace.
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over the woodstove. >> over and el dorado counties, residents returns today for the first time, since most of the rural towns homes were destroyed in the cal door fire. >> it was emotional but for the most part, i kind of knew what i was coming here to see. >> firefighters hugged and helped residence through the heartbreaking process. >> as you can imagine, losing a home is pretty traumatic, so we come out and just kind of try to walk through that with them. >> that was betty reporting. resident biden has approved a disaster declaration for the fires on ahead of his visit to california today. also this morning, a family is speaking out after a drunk driver crashed into the vehicle. this happened at the intersection of international boulevard and 38th street on thursday night, police say the driver was going 90 miles per hour and rail -- ran a red light. there were seven children and three adults inside and force of impact ejected some of the children who weren't wearing seatbelts from the van.
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their mother was also inside and she is still shaken up. >> nervous and scared but i am glad the children are here. thank god they are alive. >> we don't want to hate anybody, we want to learn about this, we thank god that we are alive. we want to be positive. >> police say witnesses held the drunk driver down after he tried to run, a police source says it is his second dui arrest in 6 years. the chp is investigating another shooting on a bay area freeway. this time on 242 and concord. officer responded of gunfire on the freeway south of clayton road around 7:00 am yesterday. the officers were combing the side of the roadway for evidence and talking to several people in the area, so far no reports of any injuries. this morning a group of teenagers are helping to protect the aa ip community. they assembled kits yesterday, they were organized by a
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nonprofit called vibes and smiles. the group launched its protect our elders safety kit campaign earlier this year, after a rise in hate crimes against the aa pi community. >> the safety kits will be distributed to the elderly, women, children, and street vendors. the reason why it is important, we do want to keep our community safe. >> it includes things like flashlights, whistles, and self- defense ligands -- sirens. they hope to reach their goal of 10,000 kits being distributed. coming up, people come together to say thank you, how they are lifting up their neighbors who put everything on the line for their country. a cat hanging on for dear life, anthony -- and then he slips. later, with pediatric cases surgeon, has seen a covid-19 vaccine could be approved for younger kids, a bay area expert weighs in. before we head to break, let's get a light out -- a live
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look outside. we can see the skyline there, it is monday morning but we are here with you and we will be
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it is 4:41 am, in time for this morning's money watch report, a multibillion-dollar deal is looming for a major u.s. railroad. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange.
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>> reporter: >> we are looking for a rebound after stocks ended last week on a down note. the dow dropped 271 points friday, the nasdaq slid 132 and the s&p 500 was off 34. the bidding war for kansas city southern railways are over, and the winner is canadian pacific, if regulators sign off on the deal, it means that for the first time ever, a single railroad will connect the u.s. canada, and mexico, the bid is believed to be worth about $31 billion, canadian national still has until the end of friday to submit a better offer. harvard university says it is no longer investing in businesses involved in fossil fuel exploration or production.
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the school's president says a decision to divest from those industries as part of a broader move toward a more environmentally friendly green economy. keep in mind, harvard's endowment fund is estimated to be worth about $42 billion. it is about the largest endowment of any u.s. university. that is your cbs money watch report, for more, had to cbs money at the new york stock exchange, i am diane king hall. 2 wounded southern california veterans have been struggling to find housing that allows them to live a normal life. >> reporter tim shows us how one community is coming together to help repay that sacrifice. what they are building is a small piece of the american dream? moving your family or dog into a new house in the suburbs with a front yard, plants, flowers, and bright green grass. so i guess it is fitting that corporal chianti and first sergeant ben, both of the united states marine corps are deserving recipients of brand- new homes in escondido. >> it is overwhelming, it is a
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blessing. i didn't expect the only people, i didn't expect this kind of turnout. >> one in iraq, one of afghanistan, and 20 landhe lost s 10years, he is adapting physically and mentally, but still lives in a world not designed for his needs. >> i fell in the shower one time. that is where i realized oh man, this life sucks in that moment. i am going to die in the shower. i actually slipped and hit my head. that is when i was like i have to figure out something else. >> homes for our troops comes in there, an organization that works with volunteer builders, electricians, simulators and landscapers. and building a house from the foundation up for the needs of the wounded servicemen and women. >> to make things more accessible by wheelchair. we widened doorways and put in open floor plans. a lot of things that simplify the lives. >> they laid down life and limb for their country, and if the helping hands of hundreds young and older helping repay that
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sacrifice getting the two that's the warmest welcome they can to the neighborhood. >> when i thought about it last night, i was like what can you say? i am thankful. i am happy to be alive and blessed to be here. thank you is never enough. >> that is very cool. time now is 4:45 am. if you loved yesterday, you are going to love today. let's check your forecast. >> we are looking at temperatures very similar if not just a little bit warmer inland as we head through our afternoon into the 90s. here is a live look at san francisco with a hotel camera and we are starting off our day with mainly clear skies out there, let's check our temperatures. if you're getting ready for work or school, here is what you need to know. maybe grab the light jacket. low 60s, concord, oakland, and livermore. upper 50s in san francisco. a chilly start in santa rosa, down to 49 degrees.
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calm two light conditions out there, 12 mile-per-hour winds in fairfield, five in oakland and nine mile-per-hour winds out of the west, so let's walk you through the day, and what to expect. we are looking at the sunshine with temperatures warming up to the upper 60s this afternoon, so a mild day, we will have that seabreeze once again with us with those westerly winds. in oakland, topping out at 74 with the afternoon sunshine and for the south bay for you in san jose looking at low 80s. 82 for a high temperature with that sunshine later on today. we want to talk about the hayes that we will see. the smoke forecast, as you can see, just a little bit of light blue, a bit of hayes as we head through our day today as well as for tomorrow. we are still looking at good to moderate air quality with our air quality forecast there in the green, and yellow there, so north bay as well as the
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peninsula looking at good air quality and moderate air quality for the coast right around the east bay and for the santa clara valley. let's take you hour by hour with future cast to show you the skies and we will see the sunshine as we head through today, and for tomorrow as well. in fact, tomorrow actually a little bit warmer for our daytime highs. sunrise at 6:50 am. sunset at 7:19 pm. daytime highs for today across the mid-70s, for the south bay, 82 and santa clara looking at mid 80s. inland east bay looking at mid- 80s, concord as well as pleasant hill looking at low to mid 80s for the tri-valley later on today. around the bay, we are looking at temperatures in the upper 60s for alameda and daytime highs into the 70s and 80s for the north bay this afternoon looking at 85. here is the seven-day forecast, san francisco and san jose, you can see temperatures warmer as we look to tomorrow and then back down with a stronger ocean breeze as we look to the end of our work week and into our weekend, inland east bay and you will see temperatures into the mid-90s once again tomorrow and then down to the low 80s by the end of the week for the
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north bay, we are talking upper 80s by tuesday and wednesday and then into the upper 70s as we look ahead to the end of the week. let's check in with gianna. >> we have a couple of hotspots along i 80, two crashes, one near 150th avenue and another one reported near golf link. two things going on westbound 580, keep that in mind if you're commuting through there this morning. we are not seeing a lot of brake lights just yet. just a little slow near the crash. it is early, not a lot of cars on the roadway just yet. looking at a 33 minutes travel time to go from 205 over toward 680. the rest of the major freeways are looking really good right now so if you are up early, you're hitting the roadways, west 80 all clear, if you are taking that to the parade bridge, that is only about a 13 minute commute.
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tack on another 8 to 9 minutes to go from the maze over into san francisco. a live look at the bay bridge and you can see traffic moving with no problems or issues. same goes for the san mateo bridge. things are pretty quiet in both directions. no delays if you're headed westbound, people mostly making the trip over toward foster city looking at a 12 minute ride between 880 and 101. no troubles also once you get along 101 through the peninsula. time now is 4:49 am. 2 astronauts are back inside the international space station after pulling off a spacewalk that lasted almost 7 hours. >> check out this video of the astronauts in action. during the spacewalk, they installed equipment that will allow astronauts to put in a new solar array during a future spacewalk. the third rollout solar array will be sent to the space station in a cargo shipment, they arrived, rolled up like a carpet.
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>> that is pretty cool. that is amazing when you think about it. >> it is. they are way up! >> still ahead on kpix 5. the niners are back, could the team recover against the lions? you will find
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daytime highs near normal for this time. we will be cooler by the end of the week for san francisco, we are looking at inland east bay warming up to the mid-90s this afternoon, that will be the case once again tomorrow and then down to the low 80s by the end of the work week into our
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weekend, the north bay, you will see temperatures heating up for tomorrow, and then to the upper 70s by the end of the work week into the weekend and low 60s by the end of the week along the coast. >> morning everybody! the nfl, it is here, it is now. it is. the 49ers where the curtain raised on their season on yesterday, you can't win it all, in september, but it sure was nice to see them. jimmy was leading the field, but don't worry, kyle shanahan comes in, first 49er play of the game. not a clean exchange. the recovery did not score, and the first 49er point of the season, trent, to sure feels. 70, 49ers. second-quarter, it is a tie game, a stunner, out with a
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knee injury. trey was an active, so they gave the rock to elijah, a six round pick, 38 yard scoring run, 14-7, 49ers. how did the lions feel about that one? they got hot, in the face, the defensive back, how about the 49er defense against jerry? niners did this against him as a ram. this is a pick six, 28-10, niners. and then, allow me to introduce myself, 31-10 midway. ruffalo, 17-25, 3:14 and this, samuel adjusted his route, the defender fell down,and he goes! 79 yard play, niners led 38-10
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with eight minutes left in the third. the lions didn't go away, they got a fourth-quarter score from williams. and then the onside kick, bounced off george's face, detroit recovered a football. and then marin county, lansdowne 8. 40 readers at 40 readers needed to milk the clock. lions ball. did he have another score in him with seconds left? well, let's see. too much defensive pressure on fourth down, so when the ball hit the ground, he was over. that 49er escapes detroit with a 41-33 when. >> how do we feel about the wind, and nobody saying anything? at the end of the day, we just have to finish the game like we started.
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i am glad we got the window. i know we became too concerned with protecting our guys. as opposed to doing whatever you do to win. and what you have to do is play every single down like it is the last down. >> back here, later on, it is the raiders, on monday night football. sports just keeps on coming on! i will see you later. in a packed stadium filled with college football fans, we went wild over a cat. >> the crowd was concerned for the cat, and some fans tried to reach for it, video shows the cat struggling to claw its way back up. >> the crowd below was prepared for the rescue and saved the cat by using an american flag, luckily the cat seemed uninjured. it is unclear how the cat got
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into the stadium or if it belongs to anyone in the stands. poor kitty cat! y eynd their feet, right? that is a long way down! >> that was a long way down.! >> a happy ending, the niners one, the cats are fine, we are all good. >> coming up, an all-out blitz one day before the recall election. >> where the challengers and governor newsom are expending election eve. the big-time support coming to the governor's side. >> space x
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so we really must insist that you try one, two or all three of our benny's. see you at denny's. live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, an all-out blitz one day before california's recall election plus the cbs white house
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correspondent weighs in with his predictions. >> with pediatric cases surgeon, how soon a covid-19 vaccine could be approved for younger kids. we hear from a bay area expert. >> leader, a billionaire and his team set to blast off, by the next space x launch could make history. good morning, it is monday, september 13. >> glad to have you with us on this monday, let's get a first check on weather with meteorologist, me mary, and will the warm weather we can continu into the week to mark >> it will. if you like yesterday, you're going to like today. we are looking at daytime highs where we should be for this time of your. as we kick off our monday, here is what you can expect looking at low 60s for you in concord, oakland, livermore, upper 50s san francisco, low 60s in san jose right now and a chilly 49 degrees in nt


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