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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 13, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and all-out blitz one day before california's recall election, plus a bay area political expert ways and on why the latest polls have changed. with pediatric cases surgeon, how soon a covid-19 vaccine could be approved for younger kids. >> a billionaire and his team set to blast off by the next space x launch, could make history. good morning to you, it is monday, september 13. i am gianna, first let's start with a live look outside from our salesforce tower camera, looking east and you can see the sun is just starting to peek over the hills this morning. it is monday, thanks for joining us. if you like yesterday, you will love today. let's get a first look at whether and here is mary. >> we are looking at a pleasant day, so heating up at least inland, but cool along the coast. it is really all about our bay area microclimates, as we go through our day, let's check it out and walk you through your day in san francisco wanting up to the upper 60s with the westerly winds. we will see that sea breeze once again, oakland, good morning to you. 74 for a high temperature with that sunshine and in concord, heating up to 94 degrees. definitely a hot day for you, with that son and for the south bay, in san jose, warming up to the low 80s with that sunshine, and northwesterly winds, we
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will talk about the rest of the work week coming up, let's check in with gianna and some hotspots already this morning. >> we have some late running roadwork causing backup through richmond eastbound 580 near central avenue, that left lane is blocked until further notice and is a slow ride as you work your way through there. plan for that this morning, we are seei thgetting crowded on the east shore freeway west found especially as you work your way toward the bridge. you can see traffic already stacking up this morning for that ride out of oakland, emeryville as you head into san francisco right now. those lights are on, about an 11 minute commute to go from there over into the city, your commute for the past, now 49 minutes for officially seeing that red popping up here on our sensors. a wind advisory in effect for the drive through the altamont, just be extra careful. >> we are now just one day away from finding out whether governor newsom will stay in office or be replaced by one of 46 opponents. >> we have live team coverage this morning, following the heavy hitting support for governor newsom, including president biden. >> first, justin andrews live with how the candidate are spending this election ease. justin? >> reporter: yes, they are
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using all of the time they have left as we enter the recall election, we know already about a third or more than a third of ballots have already been turned in, across the state, but oh boy, is it a big political push today in solano county, while, the gop event will happen later this morning, telling people to get out the vote. a political candidate will be having a bus tour in napa county this afternoon, the location, french laundry, that is worth noting, because this is the same place newsom attended a dinner party back in november, mask list. he got a lot of backlash over that. later this evening, in san francisco, speaker nancy pelosi, a bay area native will be joined with mayor london breed, at the phone bank and press event urging people to vote no on tomorrow's recall election. resident biden will also be campaigning with newsom today, in california, we looked at the
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latest polls and they show more than 60% of likely voters oppose the recall and here is why, from a political analyst. >> they see the alternative as someone in larry elder who would be a republican governor of this blue state and would take the state in a very different direction, especially around the pandemic. >> newsom and lead republican candidate, larry elder were in los angeles yesterday, pushing people to get out and vote, you will hear from both of them coming up at 630 a.m. we are live, i am justin, kpix 5. kpix 5 jen, is at the news desk with more on president biden's visit ahead of the recall. >> reporter: taking a live look, president biden left the east coast, he is now on his way to boise idaho where he is going to tour a firefighting facility, and then he is coming to sacramento, his plan is to survey some of the damage left by the recent wildfires, this is just after he approved a
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disaster declaration for the state, but the main part of his trip, is to campaign for governor newsom. he will be joining the governor at a rally in long beach later on today, of course this is all ahead of tomorrow's election. the trip again was planned a few weeks ago, when the polls were a little bit more dicey, when it comes to if newsom was going to be able to survive this recall, and the white house calls governor newsom a real ally when it comes to the pandemic, and things like combating climate change, so he really wanted to get out and show his support. right now, the deputy press secretary is talking to reporters on board air force one, we will keep an ear out and see if there is anything interesting coming out of that. >> we will have special coverage of the recall election beginning tomorrow night at 7:00 pm, updates on the returns will continue throughout the evening on cbsn bay area and we
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will have the latest election news the next morning beginning at 4:30 am. on the fire watch this morning, crews are keeping an eye on a fire that sparked near hawk camp in marin county. this picture from overnight shows plumes of smoke just spreading into the air, marin county says the blaze burned about five acres and is now contained, the cause is under investigation. people are returning to some of the areas hit by the cal door fire in tahoe, including grizzly flats, where many homes were destroyed. resident biden has just approved a disaster declaration for the cal door fire. >> it happened again, shots fired on a bay area freeway, drivers asking what is going on, the chp is investigating a shooting on highway 242 in concord, officers responded to several reports of gunfire on the freeway just south of clayton road around 7:00 am sunday, no reports so far of any injuries, officers were combing the side of the roadway for evidence, and talking to several people in the area. a family is speaking out
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this morning after a drunk driver crashed into the vehicle. this happened at the intersection of international boulevard and 38th street thursday night. it was caught on video as well, oakland police say the driver was going 90 miles per hour and ran a red light before hitting the man. there were seven children and three adults inside, the force of the impact ejected some of the kids, their mother was also inside. >> nervous and scared. but i am glad the children are here. thank god they are alive. >> we don't want to hate anybody. we want to learn about this. we thank god that we are alive and we want to be positive. >> police say witnesses held the drunk driver down after he tried to run, police source says it was his second dui arrest in six years. happening today, san leandro is set to swear in a new police chief. abdul takes over the police department, serving as chief of seaside in monterey. the ceremony happens at the beginning of tonight san leandro city council meeting. cases have spiked in parts
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of the country in recent weeks, and one point, they accounted for a quarter of all new infections. now, some experts believe the pfizer vaccine will be approved for younger children this fall. >> the best case scenario given that timeline that i have just laid out, you can potentially have a vaccine available to children age 5 to 11 by halloween if everything goes well. >> the ucsf infectious disease expert, doctor monica, says is if it is approved, children will receive a smaller dose than adults. >> the fda advisor decided together to give a smaller dose than they were planning, 252 11- year-olds. it will be 10 micrograms. that is a third of the adult dosage, and doctor gandhi says it is designed to address the safety concerns of parents who may be still hesitant to get their children a shot. >> we are really wanting to vaccinate children not because they are as at risk, but because they can transmit, we úall live together, we are a bi large society together.
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there are multigenerational households, and it is also to reduce the risk of infection to others. >> meanwhile the country's largest school district reopens today, new york city, roughly 1 million students are back in the classroom, many for the first time in over a year. masks are required at all times and all teachers and staff will soon have to be vaccinated. >> in developing news, israeli warplanes have carried out airstrikes in the gaza strip, that is in response to a series of rocket launches out of gaza. explosions could be seen in the predawn darkness, the israeli army says an antimissile system intercepted 2 palestinian rockets, tensions have increased since six militants escaped from an heir israeli jail last week. north korea says it has carried out successful tests of long- range cruise missiles, the country's official news agency released a photograph which it says shows one of the largest. it says the missiles hit targets in north korea's territorial waters. on saturday, and sunday.
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the time now is 6:08 am, still ahead, also streaming on cbsn, amateur astronauts about to blast off, the unusual launch by space x, happening this week. plus a lot of highs and some lows in week one of the 49ers season. a little later, a new fire taking aim to the north of us, the close call for many families and the destruction left behind. tracking low pressure system just off the coast to our south and a strong ridge of high pressure to our south east. what that means for our bay area microclimates as we head through today and throughthe week, coming up in just a few
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good monday morning to you. i just love this back-to-school photo. this is jacob, mikey, and azalea in san jose. little cutie pies there, it seems like they have a lot of
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personality keeping their parents on their toes. i love it! as we head through the day in san jose, warming up to the low 80s, with that, sunshine. they have the right idea with those t-shirts and shorts. we would love to see your back- to-school photos, just use the hashtag kpix 5 and tag us on social media. >> they are adorable! >> the time is 6:13 am, a space x flight with a groundbreaking crew is set to launch later this week, it will be the first mission to orbit the orthopedic the flight called inspiration for will make a three-day trip with four people on board, they will be led by an entrepreneur named jared, a geoscientist will be the missions pilot, while a physician assistant serves as chief medical officer. and a data engineer as the mission specialist. a five hour launch window at cape canaveral starts on wednesday evening. happening today, first lady jill biden virtually teaming up with prince harry to honor
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athletes in the warrior games. the u.s. veterans tournament inspired the duke to start his own similar contest dubbed the invectives games. >> also happening today, the met gala making its grand return for the first time since the pandemic. celebrities will walk the red carpet at the metropolitan museum of art, this year's theme, in america, alexa, fashion, it will honor the 75th anniversary of the museum's costume institute, masks and vaccines are required and they go big for that gala as far as fashion goes. look what she is wearing right there! >> you have to walk up the steps, just right at the right time to get all of the angles. look at that, bam! >> [ laughter ] >> i know you are saying for us that we would look good with our outfits, i think you would as well! you would look very dapper walking the red carpet! >> thank you very much. that means a lot! >> okay, well, feeling the love this morning, hopefully you are as well, thank you for waking up with us and starting off your work week with us. here is a lie look at our salesforce tower camera as we
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look to the transamerica pyramid and we are starting off our day with mainly clear skies and or temperatures, big temperature spread, 40s, 50s, and 60s. it depends on where you are the 20. that will be the case as we head through afternoon. low 60s, concord, livermore, and for you in san jose, down to 47, it is a chilly start in santa rosa this morning. checking current wind, just about 10 miles per hour out of the northwest at sfo, eight in oakland, checking through the altamont, and winds are gusting 20 to 25. heads up for our super commuters there. here is what you can expect with the microclimates as we head through or afternoon, we are looking at highs in the low to mid 60s along the coast. it is a cool day for you with the ocean breeze kicking in as we look right around the bay, daytime highs, upper 60s to low to mid 70s, you will see that sea breeze as well with milder temperatures. heating up in lent, we're talking low 80s to low to mid 90s this afternoon with the sunshine. we are going to heat things up
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and lead with that strong ridge of high pressure in place but we have this low-pressure system just off the coast to our south and that is why along the coast, without sea breeze, it will be cooler for you. as we take you hour by hour, future cast near smoke at the surface and a little bit of haze out there for today and for tomorrow. the good news is, we are looking at still good to moderate air quality with the air-quality forecast as we head through today. checking as we head through or afternoon hour by our future cast skies and you can see the sunshine as we look ahead to tomorrow, very similar, although tuesday, a little bit warmer so as we head through your tuesday, in fact the warmest day of the week. sunrise at 6:50 am and sunset at 7:19 pm. daytime highs for the peninsula in the mid-70s. southbay, low 80s. mid 80s in morgan hill. as we go through in lent, east bay, we are looking at temperatures in the upper 60s for right around the bay, also for san francisco, alameda, oakland, and for the northbay
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daytime highs mid to upper 70s to low 80s this afternoon, topping out in the mid-80s. seven day forecast and what you can expect as we are looking at temperatures warmer as we look to your tuesday and then cooler, by the end of the work week into our we can. san francisco, oakland, and san jose with the stronger onshore flow. there we go as we look to the inland east bay, you can see the temperatures down to the 70s and 80s and low 60s at the coast. let's look at traffic on this monday morning. let's take a look at the roadways. it is getting busy. we have a crash westbound to a five near mount house blocking lanes causing a big backup. you have delays anyway getting into the altamont pass. mary mentioned those windy conditions. there is a wind advisory for the altamont pass. extra gusty through that area. be careful if you're traveling in a high-profile vehicle. we have all of those rake lights as you work your way past that north flynn exit. travel time now almost an hour, 54 minutes to go from 205 over toward 680, are other slow spot right now is the right along westbound highway four, and auch
6:18 am
-- antioch, you're looking at a 36 minute commute. those are the slow spots in that area this morning, we have a slow spot, this is eastbound 580 near central avenue, that left lane is completely shut down, this is due to late running roadwork and traffic is busy as you had through there. if you're headed toward the bay bridge, lights are on, we are still seeing okay speeds for the most part along westbound 80 approach to the bridge, westbound 580 doing okay as well as northbound 880, but you will see some busy conditions here at the toll plaza and across the upper deck into the city. i am at the live news desk. we got some breaking news in from san jose, a gas leak downtown apparently, a car crashed into a business, hit a gas line, this is at worcester and julian, no evacuations right now, pg and he is checking it out. we will keep you posted all morning long as more info comes
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in. of course it is monday morning but there is a lot of talk about sunday football, week one of the nfl season in the books, the 49ers were in detroit, facing the lions. timmy g getting the start at the field but trey lance was in the plan, the first 49ers play of the game was a fumble. not a clean exchange between judy and alex but after them, the 49ers dominated the first half, the first career touchdown by trent, a 38 yard scoring run by elisha mitchell, and a pick six by dray green. the niners led 38-10 with eight minutes left in the third, the lions did not go away, getting within eight points. in the end, san francisco escapes detroit with a 41-33 when. there were three key injuries, rahim's knee isn't believes to be a terror, more news on that in the coming days, dray hurt his groin after the pick six, and the big one, cornerback, jason, is feared to have a torn acl. in time, the raters kick
6:20 am
off their season tonight against the ravens from my hometown baltimore, and finally fans of the silver and black get to experience a regular- season game in the death star, otherwise known as collegiate stadium. we checked the market, cheapest ticket in vegas was $200, the most expensive, $11,000. >> wow, 11 grand? okay! you can watch it for free on tv! >> the time now is 6:20 am, coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn, it was a big party in new orleans for a big birthday, how do you celebrate turning 112? well, the special tribute to a world war ii veteran. a live look at air force one, the president on his way to california as we speak. the final blitz, with the recall election now just one day away. coming up,
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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it was a weekend of celebrations for a world war ii veteran in louisiana. >> he turned 112 on sunday. incredible, making him the nation's oldest world war ii veteran. >> this was the scene outside his home where dozens of people dressed up, there was lots of dancing and a live band, lawrence brooks served in the u.s. army after being drafted in 1940. >> he represents a generation that helps save the world. he is just a wonderful person. if you ask mister brooks how did he live so long, he is going to tell you, be nice to people. >> after returning home from the war, brooks got married, he had five children, his family now includes 13 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. and he looks real good! doesn't he? happy birthday, mister brooks!
6:25 am
>> okay, it is 6:24 am, we are talking recall this morning. >> in our next half hour, and streaming on cbs bay area, we are live with the final blitz across the state. before the final votes are cast in a political ask .. >> a major court ruling and a stock slide. >> gas prices on the rise nationally, but wait until you hear what we are paying in the bay area. here is a live look outside
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines with just one lady left to the recall election, governor newsom is getting a big boost from the white house. a live look at joint base andrews now, president biden just boarded air force one and will be stumping for the governor today starting in sacramento. >> cruise in marin county are keeping an eye on a fire that sparked near hock camp. this picture from overnight shows plumes of smoke spreading into the air, marin county fire says the blaze burned about five acres and is now contained, the cause is still under investigation. north korea's state media says the country testfired what it calls a newly developed long- range cruise missile over the weekend.
6:30 am
the report says test missiles hit targets more than 900 miles away, korea is banned from testing ballistic missiles, cruise missiles are not subject to international sanctions. good morning, it is 6:30 am, i am gianna. >> good morning to you, we are following breaking news out of santa clara county right now, and markovic joins us with the latest from the life news desk. >> reporter: this is in central san jose, apparently a car crashed into a business, and caused a gas leak. it is a hit and run, the driver then took off, so the search is on for that driver but right now they have to deal with this ghastly. this is the area we are talking about, the 300 block of worcester, it is right by julian and mckee rhodes, and is impacting traffic in that area, the crash happened just before 5:00 am, we don't know exactly which business the driver hit, but there are some automotive shops on that street, and some smaller apartment buildings.
6:31 am
so the fire department is now on scene so it is pg&e trying to figure out how big of a deal this gas leak is, and firefighters say they will knock on your door if they want you to actually evacuate the area, otherwise everybody is being told to shelter in place. we will keep an eye on it. back to you. let's get you caught up on your forecast with mary. it is going to rain, some people in the 60s, others in the 90s. >> big temperature spread from the coast to the inland locations, we are looking at our typical september weather for the bay area, with the big microclimates spread for us and we are looking at temperatures in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. really depending on where you are as we start off our day, definitely grab that white jacket as you head out the door. you won't need in the afternoon because we will see plenty of sunshine on the future task as we go through our day and that heating up to the 80s and 90s this afternoon. 94 in concord, livermore, 82
6:32 am
for the napa valley around the bay, upper 60s to low to mid 70s and for the peninsula, mid to upper 70s to low 80s and low to mid 60s at the coastal, we will have more on the work week forecast, coming up. let's look at traffic and how are the roadways shaping up? >> it is a busy morning already. south 6080 near highway 24, in the center divide but a couple cars tangled up there so heads up, speeds for the most part look okay in the area but we will keep a close eye on that to see if any injuries are involved or if cruise had out to the scene. i know highway four is busy through pittsburgh so keep that in mind if you're connecting from there onto 242 down to south 680, also late running rotor continues, until 7:00 am. eastbound 580 near central avenue at least one lane is closed and you have a lot of brake lights speeds down to about six miles per hour in some spots there. westbound for number 41 minutes now to go from antioch to the east shore. we have the brake lights as well. westbound 580, to a 5 to 680, give yourself 54 minutes for that right. chp issued a wind advisory overnight, so things definitely busy there, and pretty gusty, so be careful if you're traveling in a high-profile
6:33 am
vehicle. happening today, president biden will be in california, his first trip here as president. here is a live look right now at joint air force base, where the president is about to land and take off. kpix 5's justin is there with the latest on the final push for votes today. >> reporter: president joe biden will be in sacramento today, campaigning with governor newsom, we know it is crunch time for these candidates, and also their parties, that is why we are seeing a lot of events pop up across the bay air, a gop will event will happen later this morning telling people to get out the vote. then, john cox, a republican candidate will be having a bus tour in napa county this afternoon. the location, french laundry, worth noting because this is the same place newsom attended a dinner party back in november, mask less. he got a lot of backlash over that. in san francisco, speaker nancy pelosi a bay area native, will be joined by mayor london, at a
6:34 am
phone bank and press event urging people to vote no on tomorrow's recall election. latest polls show more than 60% of likely voters oppose the recall, nearly 39% are in support. governor newsom and lead republican candidate, larry elder spent yesterday in los angeles making their final rounds. >> gavin newsom has been able to switch the saying from a referendum on his behavior, his governance, into a "republican takeover." as if that has anything to do with crime? as if that has anything to do with homelessness? as if that has anything to do with the outrageous cost of living? >> if they are successful with this recall, i assure you, our progress on racial justice, social justice, economic justice and environmental justice will be set back, all of those values are on the ballot this tuesday, so we have to send a loud and powerful message, no, on this recall!
6:35 am
>> okay, more than a third of the ballots across the state have already been turned in. we are live in marin county this morning, i will send it back to you. justin, thank you. the polls were telling the different story potentially, not that long ago. what changed? coming up in a few minutes, a political analyst and professor joins us live, kpix 5 will have special coverage of the recall election beginning tomorrow night at 7:00 pm. we will have the latest election news the next morning, beginning at 4:30 am. a reminder this morning, that we still have a long way to go with the fire season and to the north of us, a new fire is causing trouble in the good news this morning, evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings in mendocino county, that is where the hopkins fire is the latest blaze causing damage in california. it is affecting residence in cal pella, a community on the russian river north of ukiah, last night, several homes
6:36 am
burned in the black oaks estates neighborhood, the hopkins fire has now scorched 275 acres, and is 10% contained. president biden just approved a disaster declaration for the cal door fire, in the sierra, he is expected to visit part of the burn zone today, on sunday in el dorado county, firefighters did a walk-through with people who lost their homes. >> as you can imagine, losing a home is pretty dramatic. so, we come out and just kind of try to walk that through them . >> for the most part, i knew kind of knew what i was coming here to see. >> residents are returning to risley thoughts for the first time since most of the homes were destroyed. >> a live look at capitol hill, today members of congress a remembrance ceremony to walk 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. coming up tonight at 7:00 pm, with the 20th anniversary on everyone's mind, experts are warning of a national security threat that could paralyze the country. >> the difference now is you
6:37 am
don't need an f-14 fighter plane, you don't need a b-2 bomber, you don't need boots on the ground. >> i would like to say we are prepared, but we are not prepared. >> our economy would, we would be decimated. >> join us for our original report on 2 major threats facing the nation, and why the experts say america is not prepared. i am and, at the live news desk, we have our eye on the push for the fda to approve vaccines for children. we are talking between the ages of five and 11, and now it turns out this might happen to her than expected. potentially by the end of october, in time for halloween. pfizer's vaccine could be approved in a smaller dose, about one third of the dose given to adults. so, we are watching that, and in the meantime going live right now to new york city, that is where about 1 million
6:38 am
kids are going back to class for the first time in 18 months. they are all going to have to wear masks at all times, and all teachers and staff will soon have to be vaccinated, so we will see how that works out for them. back to you. 6:37 am, the recall countdown continues, right after the break. >> a political expert and professor joins us live, what you need to know with 24 hours to go. the potential political fallout even if the governor defeats the recall. the market just opened a few minutes ago, let's take a quick check on the big board. the dow is up more than 200 points, cbs money watch reporter, diane king hall has a closer look, after the break. ahead on cbs warnings, a cbs news investigation examines digital extortion targeting popular social media accounts was an eight-year-old ted talker tells us why a game of peekaboo could change the world. we will see you at 7:00 am.
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6:42 am, if you have noticed gas prices seem even higher than they normally are, you are right. prices are up, to since on average across the country. nationwide, the highest average for regular is here in the bay area. $4.40 a gallon. you are looking live in martinez where it is $4.85. we did find cheaper gas on gas, the cosco, $3.79. we should see prices start to come down this fall. it is 6:42 am, time for your money watch report. how to get a break on your taxes with covid-19 testing, plus a look at your mondays stocks. diane king hall joining us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning to you.
6:43 am
it has been underway for 10 minutes, heading toward the 15 minute mark, and investors are buying up some beaten up stocks in the early action right now, the dow is rallying more than 100 points, a little off its high, so far, but a little over 200 before, the nasdaq smaller gains in the tech sector, up just above the flatline. meantime at home testing for covid-19 is an eligible medical expense, that is the message from the irs to taxpayers, they made the announcement in the wake of president biden's mandate for businesses with 100 employees or more to require vaccines, the irs says that health savings and flexible spending account can be tapped to cover the cost of at home testing that could cost around $100, but wanted kroger and amazon are reportedly gearing up to offer at home rapid test with no markup on the price. gianna? >> i am sure that will help. thank you so much. >> yes indeed! happening tomorrow, apple will hold its annual product launch event of the tech
6:44 am
company reportedly having some big plans and apple is expected to introduce the iphone 13. the new device is expected to come in three different versions, vinny, pro, and promax. tech company is rumored to be working on new air pods and watches. this morning, the question for investors will this help apple stocks recover after taking a hit friday? apple stock tumbled a little over 3% at close friday, after a judges ruling of the company's court battle with for tonight maker, epic games. the judge ordered the tech giants to let third-party developers offer other payment options, besides apples in app purchases on iphones. developers can avoid paying apples commission fees, potentially affecting billions in revenue annually. it is 6:44 am, back to our top story, this morning, going live to the state capital if all the votes are counted, governor newsom will find out tomorrow if he keeps his job. today, president biden is set to join him for the final hours of his campaign, the recall
6:45 am
election just one day away. >> we are joined by political analyst and university of san francisco professor, james taylor. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. first up, tell us what is at stake tomorrow. >> everything is at stake. i think california's leader of the democratic party since nancy pelosi was first speaker of the house, is at stake. the democrats are the most motivated, the most well- heeled, the most highly profiled democrats and politicians in the country. they dominate the state of california compared to southern california. so, how gavin newsom whose backyard is in california, you know how he turns out has a lot to do with the motivation of voters. i think voters have to realize that the polls close by 8:00 pm, that they still can vote in person, voting in person actually helps a lot of people who get paid for occupying the operations of voting, and then also, that you know, that this
6:46 am
is a tremendous vote and election with national implications. the whole world is watching. >> let's talk about the latest polling. newsom seems to have really pulled ahead in the past few weeks. after being neck and back. a recent survey estimates 57% of likely voters will vote no on the recall, while 43% will say yes to removing him from the state's top elected office. >> now they are saying republicans need a historic polling miss, so what changed in the polls? >> again, and the outstanding august campaign, i think when elizabeth warren spoke in to the gubernatorial race, that changed everything. it was subtle, but she is very popular in california amongst many democrats and so elizabeth warren was one thing, but then you realize that the democrats have the ability to bring the president, barack obama, joe
6:47 am
biden, harris, sanders, they can bring any national democrat, where the republicans don't have the same ability, even kevin mccarthy who is from southern california doesn't have that appeal across the state, so republicans can't bring anyone in to the level of these high profile democrats, and that is the handicap with them. >> even if newsom gets out of this okay, are there potential political ramifications of this recall? >> yes, i think so. some of the polling also suggests that one of the main outcomes is that voters are upset and voters want about 70% real reform in the threshold for being able to initiate a recall. 10 to 12% is the threshold from the previous election of turnoff. that is just so low, that and it doesn't have to be with cause, it is not like this is baseball and this is abuse of power abusive office, it is simply if you don't like the
6:48 am
governor in california at any particular time, if you can get enough signatures, and because of his mistake of going out to the restaurant, it can actually spark a real sort of grassroots motivation and the problem here is, the republican, the national republicans are not committed to this. there is a consequence, this will have you know, this will backfire i think in california, on california republicans, people think this is the california republicans but this really was a bunch of individuals and larry elder is the most well-known. >> good information, political analyst and university of san francisco professor, james taylor, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we appreciate it. it is now 6:48 am. mary, you have a beautiful shot down there today. >> a gorgeous view as we start off our monday, happy monday to you and check it out, here is a live look with the salesforce tower camera as he looked east across the bay, to mount diablo this morning, a little bit of hayes, we love the golden colors in the sky. we are looking at temperatures
6:49 am
that are in the 40s, 50s, and 60s really depending on where you are, those 60s in concord as well as for san jose and livermore, upper 70s oakland, san francisco, and down to 47, a chilly start for you in santa rosa. checking the wind, looking at calm to light conditions as we start off our day for many locations and is really all about our bay area microclimate. a cool day along the coast, low to mid 60s with the ocean breeze. around the bay, upper 60s to low to mid 70s, and inland into the 80s and 90s, with that sunshine this afternoon. here is the satellite and radar view, we have a low-pressure system just off the coast. that is the reason why for the coast, you will see those temperatures on the cooler side with the sea breeze, but the strong ridge of high pressure to our southeast and that is why temperatures inland will be into the 90s. so as we take you hour by hour with our near surface smoke, we are looking at some haze as we go through our day today, and for tomorrow, you can see that
6:50 am
but the good news looking at the to moderate air quality for the air-quality forecast as we head through our day today. just showing you our skies, we are looking at plenty of sunshine as we head through are afternoon and for tomorrow as well, in fact for your tuesday, temperatures will be warmer for tomorrow. let's check out the daytime highs for the peninsula in the mid-70s for 74 in san mateo looking at low 80s for the south bay, santa clara, san jose, mid-80s in morgan hill, inland east bay heating up into the 90s, 94 in concord and for pleasant hill and for the tri- valley daytime highs upper 80s to low to mid 90s this afternoon around the bay from the upper 60s in san francisco, mid-60s sausalito and daly city, inland east bay, upper 60s in alameda, and into the mid-70s and oakland. upper 60s to low to mid 70s for the east bay, and daytime highs for that area in the mid-80s. here we go, with the seven-day forecast as we are looking at temperatures around the bay, upper 60s to low to mid 70s, a
6:51 am
little bit warmer for tomorrow and cooler with the ocean breeze by the end of the work week and tour we can. south bay in san jose, you can see the temperatures down to the mid-70s by the end of our week. inland east bay, another hot day tomorrow and going down to the low 80s i the end of the weekend for the north bay about 90 for tomorrow, and in upper 70s by the end of the week and low 60s at the coast. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. >> it is still busy as we go into the ultimate pass, this crash westbound to a five near mount house, that is still out there, laser still blocked, it is very slow and go, speeds down about seven miles per hour. sluggish conditions in that area, heading over into the 580 area into the ultimate. yes brake lights well beyond north flint at this point. give yourself some extra time. wind advisory in effect for that area. travel time at 56 minutes so almost an hour to go from 205 over toward 680. let's look at some of our other troubled times on the major freeways. westbound 80 started to get busy. we have brake lights now building on highway four from
6:52 am
antioch over toward the east shore, that is a 46 minute commute now, the bulk of those delays are through pittsburgh into bay pointe and heading towards that 242 connector, one of the bright spots we are still seeing okay speed out of san jose this morning. northbound 101 all the way toward sfo if you're headed along the peninsula, things are moving for the most part at the limit. there is some late running roadwork. they have extended it until about 7:00 am. the left lane is blocked until further notice, and the lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a slow right as you head into san francisco. it is 6:52 am, a cat hanging on for dear life, and then he slips, how a football fan made the catch of a lifetime. there is a look at that video right there, streaming today on cbsn bay area, it is medical monday, a doctor talks to us about the emerging coronavirus variant and why it is taking longer for vaccines to be approved for younger children. plus our full interview with
6:53 am
the republican good tutorial candidate, larry elder. the time now is 6:52 am, let's get a quick look outside in dublin, we will be right back with their top stories.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
i am at the live news desk keeping an eye on the breaking news in central san jose after a car hit a business, broke a gas line, and then the driver took off. there is a gas leak in this area, taking a look at the map here, it is the 300 block of webster avenue by julian and mickey rhodes, and is still impacting traffic in this area, the crash happened just before 5:00 am, so the search is on for the driver. meantime, there are some
6:57 am
automotive shops on the street, some smaller apartment buildings, so far firefighters have said they can stay in their houses right now, and they will get a knock on their door if they need to leave. so, pg&e is aware responding to that gas leak. we will keep you updated. thank you, time for a look at this morning's other top stories. >> president biden is on his way here to the west, he boarded air force one in the past half hour, he will stop in idaho in the sacramento area to check out wildfire damage and then join governor gavin newsom for a rally in long beach ahead of tomorrow's recall election. we will stay on top of his visit all day, i will keep this streaming on cbsn bay area. some health experts are pushing up the timeline for covid-19 vaccines for kids. they believe the pfizer vaccine will be approved for younger children this fall, they hope it can happen by halloween. previous reports and the timeline in 2022. the chp is investigating a shooting on highway 242 in concord, it happened around 7:00 am sunday, just south of clayton road. no reports so far of any injuries. >> today, there will be a new police chief. abdul takes over as serving as chief of seaside and monterey
6:58 am
county, and week one for the 49ers is in the books, they dominated in the first half against the lions. a first career td by trent, a 38 yard scoring run by elisha mitchell and a pick six by trey greenlaw. in the in san francisco ditch roy's -- here is a gorgeous view of our sunrise as we look east across the bay, and mount diablo. as we head through our day, those highs will be right around where we should be. made 70s for the peninsula, for the south bay, low 80s, inland east bay heading up to the mid- 90s, conger, pleasant hill, around the bay, upper 60s in san francisco, low 70s for alameda, mid-70s oakland and san leandro and the highs into the 80s for the north bay. let's check in with gianna. it is a busy start to our day for that commute. >> it has been. it has been very busy.
6:59 am
we have reports of a new crash as you work your way into san francisco. northbound 280 near alameda boulevard, lanes are blocked because of this crash. you have at least a center divider, the two center lanes block. look at the red popping up on our sensor. use 101 as an alternate, san mateo bridge looking pretty good, no delays here, 13 minutes between 880 over toward 101. a packed stadium filled with college football fans, went wild, over a cat. >> a cat was spotted hanging off the banister at the university of miami game inside hard rock stadium over the weekend. the crowd was pretty concerned for the cat, and some fans tried reaching for it, but the cat was struggling to claw its way back up. it could not though. >> it looks like a fan was ready and saved the cat by catching it, and look at that. an american flag, luckily the caps didn't seem to be heard. it is unclear how they got into
7:00 am
the stadium in the first place. >> that is the big question this morning. >> how did it end up hanging? so many questions! >> i don't know! >> the good thing, the cat is okay. >> don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay marriott. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings." we're ready. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> yes, he is. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings." we're ready. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> yes, he is. let's go to today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> reporter: republican governor viewing to fight a new vaccine mandate. >> more than 100,000 cases a day for four weeks. high stakes in america's classrooms. back to school in the age of covid. >> our teachers are ready. our students are ready. >> reporter: how much pressure do you feel to get this right?
7:01 am
>> we have to get it right. there is no on


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