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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> and should we or shouldn't we get the booster shot? what the experts focused on as mixed messages swirl. >> for now this message is very clear. good morning. tuesday, september 14th. >> thank you for joining us. let's get a first look at the forecast today. it'll be the warmest day of the week on top today. >> we have that ridge of high pressure. temperatures on the rise inland. you will feel it. we are talking 80's and 90's as we head through the day today. if you are just about to head out the door grab that jacket. we are in the 50's and the upper 40's. as we head through the day, sunshine this afternoon and check it out inland. 86 for a high in san jose. 94 concord, 97 antioch.
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95 livermore. 90 for santa rosa and daytime loing at upper 70's to low to mid-80s's. we have a couple things to look out for. this just in to the traffic center. south 101 near river road. we are looking at -- making things busy for that ride out of the north bay. the bay bridge things starting to get busy as you work toward the plaza. lights off and a ten minute drive from the maze into san francisco. i a cal trans truck. it's over to the right shoulder. checking the travel times. the busy spot is that ride in to the pass. wind advisory in effect for the area as well. your travel time now westbound 580, 205 to 680. it has been marked on the calendar for months. now the recall is here.
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polls opening in less than an hour. at stake the governor's seat as we look live at the state capitol. if more than 50% fill in yes the governor is out. a no vote means he keeps his job. >> justin. >> it's a big day for polls and a busy day for poll workers. i have joining me this morning -- i normally thank people for -- you all are used to this on election day. let's jump into it. how do you expect voter turn out? >> we are at 45%. over 450,000 people have voted in this county. we are expecting a lot of voters to come in person to the vote centers. >> we hear -- a lot voter -- have been worried. let's talk about what poll
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workers doing to make sure their ballot is safe. >> here the security of the ballot is very important to us. we always have two people handling the ballots evpeople t have access to secured areas where the ballots are after we start counting them. limited access and a lot of security around that room. >> and you said you all have had a couple questions when it comes to ballots or people who may not have a billion. what are you hearing from. >> people that are confused or lost their ballot. they are can go to a vote center to vote in person. there is still time. they judgist have to get to the vote centers by 8:00. >> you said 6:30 is a big time. what's happening? >> our team is here ready to start opening and flattening ballots and processing as much as they can to get results right at 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> got you. it's a busy day inside the polling places. the workern also be busy this morning at 7:00. you have about less than an hour to get here.
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two ways to vote in person or by mail. ly send it back to you. > busy but very important day. and we will have special coverage of the recall election starting tonight at seven. updates on the return to a continued through the evening on cb sn bay area. we will have all the latest news right here beginning tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> another recall election is happening today in the north bay. voters in sonoma will decide whether to recall the da. eye developer is leading bank rolling the prorecall campaign. he was sued in connection with the abandonment of residents of an assisted living facility in 2017. that case was settled. also in the north bay voters may ban the use of sale of safe and sane fireworks. this is due to an increased fire risk and we will keep you posted on all the results on air and on today we are going to have our eye on that silicon valley
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fraud trial that is making headline across the globe. taking a live look in san jose at the federal courthouse. that's where -- resume today for elizabeth holmes. testimony beginning with the prosecution's first witness on day two and new text messages could be brought up. the texts 2015 between holmes and her business partner and boyfriend. prosecutors are expected to use the tenor of those texts which were loving against some of the defense claims that perhaps holmes was being coerced by her boyfriend. this was all done over the course of her selling their blood technology. the idea was that a drop of blood could help alert people to a number of health problems by just sending in that one drop of blood. turned out not to be the case. we are going to be joined later on by a stanford university law
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professor. for more on what we can expect in the last half hour. back to you. >> thank you. three separate shootings with in a matter of hours. one involved united states marshalls. authority was serving an arrest warrant at a property on fruitvale avenue. this was near logan street. chopper 5 over that scene which had a large police presence as you can see. the fbi said that one person was shot and killed by an agent. the agency has not said if the person who was shot was the suspect they were looking for. around the same time police were called to another deadly shooting this one near burbank preschool. two people died. no information on a motive or suspect. in about two hours later the gun fire erupted near the fruit wall bart station. three people were shot. at last check one was in critical condition. the other in stable condition. a standoff in an arrest last night. marshalls called police for
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help when a fugitive barricaded himself inside a home on san juan avenue. >> earlier today the marshalls tried to seven a warrant on a man wanted out of the southern dripping of illinois. the warrant was for distribution of methamphetamine, conspiracy and weapons charges. >> the standoff lasted a little more than five hours and we do not know anything about the person arrested. in san jose community members are weighing in on plans for a new mixed use housing project. the development would add 70 new units and commercial space to 106a suggestion winchester. that's about a mile from the winchester mystery house. several called in during the city planner meeting for public comment. officials still in the process of project and environmental revalues and they say that could take up too eight months. >> a live look at the texas coast where nicholas made landfall. the hurricane center said it
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touchdown with maximum wind 75 miles an hour. wide areas of texas bracing for a potential deluge of. ? houston crews ready with rescue boats. flooding during harvey killed dozens in 2017. >> most dangerous time on any storm, when it's flooding is at night because you can't see. we said all the time, turn around, don't drown. >> nicholas is also going toward louisiana where clean up continue and the lights still off for thousands of people two weeks after ida. the new slow moving storm is predicted to hit louisiana tomorrow. today the president is getting ready to pitch his domestic spending package with a visit to a are you theyable energy lab in colorado. he will leave long beach and head to denver. is he high lying how the clean energy will help combat climate
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change. >> and new video of space x's latest launch. a falcon 9 rocket took off from the air force base last night this is the reusable rockets 10th flight. it's bringing 51 satellites in to orbit. it's the high speed broad band satellite. the time is 609. >> still ahead and streaming on cbsn. >> the buzz as apple gets set to reveal it's latest and greatest and how the company is solving a software issue for customers. >> and how about i can taking one of these to get around one day in the driverless option in the south bay. >> all right. it's all about the bay area micro climate for today. mile around the bay. low to mid-70s. heating up inland. mid-80s's for the south bay in san jose and mid-90s in concord with the sun. cooldown is on the way. ly have details. first let's go live
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outside. the sales force camera as we look east across the bay. you
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welcome back. let's walk you through the day. a mild day with that sun as we head through the afternoon. 70 degrees for a high temperature. east bay in oakland. 76 with that sunshine later on today. concord heating up to the mid- 90s by this afternoon and for the south bay. san jose looking at 86 this afternoon. thank you. you may have felt a little jolt overnight in the south bay. a moderate earthquake hit in the diablo mountain range it. was a 3.8 and centered about 16 miles northwest in fresno county. there are no reports of injuries or damage but people reported feeling it as far north as mountain view. apple holes it's latest product launch event. the headliner is the widely anticipated release of a new
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flag ship device. the i-phone 13 yesterday apple urged existing users to update the software. they said it corrects a problem that allowed surveillance software to be used on the phone. if you hate driving or sitting in traffic who doesn't. the story is for you. happening today, a showcase at city hall of driverless vehicles that could take passengers between downtown and the airport. a group of companies is promoting what they call glide cars. they are say the electric and driverless vehicles could carry as many as five million passengers a year on dedicated lanes to avoid rush hour traffic. city council will be on hand to talk about it. giants fans clear the calendar. looking live at oracle park. the giants have a spot in the postseason. the giants put six runs on the board in the first inning
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including a three run homer from third baseman longoria. sa four home runs in the game. the giants tweeted pictures of celebration in the clubhouse. this is the earliest they have ever clenched a play yacht spot in the history of the giants franchise. >> it'll be a fun season. tough break for the niners after their win. moser has chipped cartilage in his knee and will he about out for at least eight weeks and worst news for jason who is out for the season. that's because of a torn acl. let's get you caught up on the forecast. happy tuesday. we are looking at temperatures on the rise especially inland this morning. if you are getting ready for work or school here is what you need to know. we are starting off the day in the upper 40's to louper 50's. grab that jacket as you head out the door. here is what you can expect through the afternoon. inland, won't need a jack net
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the afternoon as we look at temperatures into the 80's and 90's later on today. today the warmest day of the week with that strong ridge of high pressure building in. around the bay, milder day for new the low to mid-70s with that sea breeze and for the coast, with that ocean breeze looking at temperatures in the mid-60s's. a big temperature spread about 30 degrees from the coast to the inland locations this afternoon once again. another hot day inland. thank you for that strong ridge of high pressure. changes on the way. a cooldown in store as we head through the end of the week with low pressure system bringing in that stronger on shore flow. back down to below average starting thursday, through the rest of the workweek in to the weekend. future cast near surface smoke and a little bit of haze as we go through the day today. for tomorrow, may get a little better but looking not to bad for the air quality the moderate category as we go through our day. let's check our skies. we will see that sunshine as we head through the afternoon. hour by hour on future cast and for tomorrow. few more clouds and areas of
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fog and then that cloud cover at least pushing back to the coast in spot was that sunshine as we head through wednesday. as we fast forward to the end of our week, for the weekend, tracking a low pressure system and this weather system could bring a few showers for parts of the north bay on saturday. watching that closely for you. nice to catch any rain for us here in the bay area. sunrise at 6:51 and the sunset at 7:18. daytime highs for the peninsula. upper 70's to low to mid-80s's. 86 in santa clara, san jose the 1. for the inland east bay, 94 concord, low to mid-90s. check out brentwood flirting with triple digit heat. 70 in san francisco. daytime highs in the upper 60's daley city. upper 70's. daytime highs in the mid to upper 80's too low 90's and triple digit heat for ukia.
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here is the certainty forecast. you can see that cole down as we head through the workweek into the least -- in to the weekend. inland east bay. looking halt temperatures in the low 80's by the weekend and for the north bethea chance to see a four showers on saturday. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. any hot spots in. >> yeah. it's a busy morning. we have a couple things to look out for. if you are taking bart, bart trains aren't stopping in pleasant hill this is due to a pg&e power outage in the area. plan for that. train number 521 delayed about 32 minutes between richmond and berkeley this was due to earlier issues, earlier bridge issues. we have a couple of hot spots. check the schedule before you head out the door. other things to be lee out for. a crash southbound 101 near river road in the north bay.
6:19 am
doesn't look like its causing too many brake lights but watching it just in case they close a lane. if you are going on 101 you still should be okay. not the case at the bainbridge. it's backing up as you work past that overpass. things getting slow and go there as you work across the upper deck as well over into san francisco. live look here at the san mateo bridge. a 12 minute commute between 880 and 101. no delays but 880 getting busy. starting to see that traffic fill in on highway 4. bay point. 44 minute commute. if you are getting ready to head out the door and take 80, east shore, 20 minutes. highway 4 to the maze. the time is now 6:19. >> coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn a young pilot with a big goal. >> her bay area stop un w
6:20 am
floud d how shwants to inspire and the san jose this morning. what we can expect today in the first full day of witness testimony. we get expert legal insight live in the next half hour. and a live look outside from the camera this morning. a live look east. it's now 6:20. we will be right back.
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amazon is increasing its average starting wage to $18 unhour. the move comes just four hours a month in may. amazon is giving signing bonuses to $3,000 in some locations according to a
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company official. a young pilot is a tempting to make history. >> sarah is on her way to being the youngest woman to fly around the world solo. the 19-year-old plans to cover five continents and 52 countries in just a few months. this morning she will land at palo alto airport where she will be greeted by the british consulate. she wants to show girl that the sky is the limit. he is doing that for sure. >> time is now 64:00. it comes down to today. will the governor keep his job or will he be recalled? from the claims of election rigging to the top concerns on voter's minds our live team coverage continues. >> booster shot confusion. do you need one or not? why is the fda still holding off on making a decision. what we know this morning. and why the cable cars are out of service this morning. and a live look. it's a live look at the bay
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and close at eight. it's not clear if we will have a final result. the deadline is another week. day two of the elizabeth holmes trial gets started in just a few hours. this is a case that's been full of twists and turns after weeks of one day in court after a juror was exposed to coronavirus. a 3.8 quake struck overnight in the mountain range. they said it was centered about three miles northwest. people felt it as far north as mountain view. it's 6:30 on tuesday. >> good morning to you. it'll be the warmest day of the week. how hot will it get? mary lee is tracking the high temperatures for some in the bay area. >> for inland locations 80's and 90's. even hotter than yesterday and around the baylooking at mild temperatures. cool at the coast. about the micro climates.
6:30 am
it'schilly start. the 40's ckf the tuesday and as we the ternoon we will see plenty of sun with that ridge of ghfosout mid-90s for concord, livermore, 97 in fairfield as well as for antioch this afternoon. 90 for santa rosa and low to mid-70s around the bay. upper 70's to low to mid-60s's. details coming up. a look at the roadways in public roadways. trains aren't stopping at the pleasant hill station this is due to a pg&e power outage in the area. bus 15 and 14. that will take passengers between walnut creek and the concord station. plan for that. check that schedule. capitol corridor. train number 521.
6:31 am
32 minutes between richmond and berkeley we are seeing delays. look at that live look at the bay bridge busy out of the maze as you work into san francisco. >> here we go. it's recall election day. a likal manyist said that everything is at stake. the candidates. are pulling out all the stops to secure as many last minute vote as they can. >> now polls seem to be trending in the government's favor with a recent stanford survey giving him a 14 point edge. will he retain his seat? >> our live team coverage. justin andrews from a polling place in san jose. >> good morning. right now a couple thousand ballots are locked up right here waiting for workers to come in and after they come in they will move those ballots right there. move them over to the machines and eventually they will be flattening them. making sure that everything is ready to get most in by 8:05.
6:32 am
that's when the first round of he results are due. we know some are ready for this recall to be in their rearview mirror. we caught with some in walnut creek. this was last night. dropping off their ballots at the civic center. some say they are hoping today brings a change they feel the state needs their biggest thing the cost of this recall is expected to be more than $250 million. >> it's a waste of money. i know people don't love gavin. i'm not the biggest fan either. i think that it's a waste of money and we had wait for the next election. >> everything is sick and tired of the politics. that's what they are sick and tired of. let's get some work done. let's work together. let's come back together. we can have difference of opinion. let's work together. it's time. it's way over due. >> all right. we know there are others who say this recall could be worth every single dime. the poll doors open in about 30
6:33 am
minutes and close tonight at eight. we are live in santa ara coun this >>thanyou. >> continue coveragem ws . >> we are going live to the california state capitol. that is a place that can be changing hands when it comes to power that is of course if you don't believe the latest polls which you mentioned showing the governor likely to keep his seat today. we will see. when those results start coming in at eight tonight. it is either gavin or one of 46 contenders on the ballot. it's estimated at this point that over 35% of the mail in ballots have been returned. most of them from democrats. now, there have been some allegations of vote rigging when it comes to republicans concerned about how this is all going down. the state gop party sending lawyers to some of the polling places to make sure that
6:34 am
everything goes asplanned. walnut creek voters dropping off the mail in ballots at the civic center. the last time that a governor was overturned here in california i'm u memberback in 2003, graydavis. beyond that only one other governor in united states history has been recalled. it is going to be an interesting day. very homework to do. i will have to drop this off at a polling place any self. >> get to it. thank you so much. our live team coverage continues all day long. we will have special coverage of the recall election starting tonight at seven. updates on the returns will continue through the evening on cbsn bay area and will have all the latest election news right here beginning tomorrow morning at had 30:00. should we or shouldn't we get the booster shot? the continued fight against coronavirus many folks still have more questions than
6:35 am
answers. it's no wonder people are confused the president pushed for booster shots. now the fda is pumping the akes sg we need more is. what are the doctors saying? >> i understand that it's frustrating for people who feel like they were asked to vaccinate for the good of themselves and their fellow humans and then now they are told you need to come back for number three. >> the doctor said that we need to monitor israel one of the first countries to get vaccinated. last month they started offering a third booster shot. the doctor said it's still early to determine if a third shot could end the pandemic or postpone the virus. advisers to the fda are expecting to look at booster data on friday. the president is in russia is putting himself into is isolation. several have tested positive
6:36 am
for coronavirus. the massive dixie fire has put pg&e under scrutiny. the utility fielded questions for nearly two thousand hours on if it could have turned off power sooner. a judge is weighing whether to impose harder continues on pg&e. the dixie fire is the second largest fire in state history. it's now 75% contained. it's cal fire works to put out flames from the caldor some are returning to see -- quick evacuations forced many to leave behind their valuables and way of life. >> i feel like we were erased. the town was erased. with reall holmes because of something out of our control. >> as of this morning the
6:37 am
caldor fire is 67% contained. the president took a tour to see the damage from the caldor fire and vowed to take new measures to fight climate change. >> we can't ignore the reality that these wildfires are being super charged by climate change. >> the president said that's status is no longer a solution. san francisco's cable cars will come to a halt again. this time it's not because of the pandemic. muni said it's due to an electric issue that stressed the system. it's waiting for parts to be delivered and hopes to have them running again by the end of next week. the coming up, it's back in the courtroom in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. we are live next with the legal expert breaking down what we can expect oday. and the defense strategy. and later the big show in vegas. the raiders able to show off in the death star. the thriller of the outcome.
6:38 am
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good tuesday morning. as we look to the day a mild day around the bay. san francisco topping out at 70 as we look to the east bayshore line. looking at 76 in rnoon.
6:42 am
heatin to 94. u onceagain with that sun and for the south bay looking at mid-80s's for san jose with that sunshine. we are looking at temperatures above average for this time of year. we are going to cool it down. we will have more on that coming newspaper a few minutes. back to you. back now to the top story looking live at the state capitol. will the governor retain his seat? polls open across the state for the recall election at 7:00 a.m. that's just about 18 minutes away and we will stay on top of all the developments throughout the day and go to for the latest. the budget deficit is on the rise again and a look at your tuesday stocks. diane king hall live from the new york stock exchange. hi. >> good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes, approaching 15 minutes. some modest buying. right now the dow is better by more than 80 points. over in the tech sector the
6:43 am
nasdaq on the plus side by 49 points. meantime the bleeding on the country's balance sheet rose in augusta cording to the treasury department the deficit increased to 2.17trillion dollars. the congressional budget office is projecting that the deficit will total three trillion dollars. that would be the improvement from last year. the economy has been propped up. forgivable loans to small businesses in order to prevent a long recession. >> cbs money we appreciate it, thank you. apple is holding a product release event today. the headliner is expected to be the release of a new flag ship deexercise. the i-phone 13. yesterday apple urged existing users to update their software. the company said that it addresses a problem that allows surveillance software to be
6:44 am
iced on the devices. and zoom held its zoom conference yesterday and gave a first look at some new features on the way. the company said that it plans to expand it's automated closed captioning system. they also plan to add live translation support for 12 languages. the federal courthouse where the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes resumes today. the trial was delayed last friday because of a juror's possible exposure to covid. today the prosecution will call it's first witness. holmes faces multiple counts of wire fraud and conspiracy. and joining us again with some expert legal analysis, david -- professor, thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. day wolf the first full day of witness testimony. what can we expect? >> denise, the controller will be returning to the stand. she will be followed by other witnesses. the government will try to tell
6:45 am
a story about the company. a storaboucompy ot into trouble because it couldn't meet its promises and dealt with that problem by lying to investors and patients and they will try to show that elizabeth holmes was responsible for those lie because she maintained tight control overall the companies operations. >> we could hear from a number of star witnesses in the trial, former united states secretary of state, former secretary of defense and former united states secretary of defense william perry. that's just to maim a few. could you walk us through the defense strategy? >> well the defense made clear in their opening state last week that they will try to show that elizabeth holmes is guilty of nothing other than trying hard, believing in her company and trying to make it operate. she wasn't lying, she didn't know that the things she was
6:46 am
saying to investors and to potential patients were false. the defense will say. >> speaking of holmes. do you expect her to testify? this trial? >> it's not clear. the pretrial pleading suggested she would. the defense attorneys didn't say in their opening statement last week whether she will or won't. that will probably be a decision that they will make when it comes time for them to call their own witnesses later in the trial. >> all right. thank you so much. stanford university law professor. thank you for join us this morning. >> my pleasure. it's now 6:46. mary some folks will heat up today. >> yeah. especially inland. we are talking highs in to the 80's and 90's. even warmer compared to yesterday. get ready for it today. the warmest day of the week. here is a lovely view. isn't this beautiful? mount diablo. the golden colors in the sky as we start off the day. little bit of haze with patchy fog along the coast and around
6:47 am
the bay. temperatures running in the upper 40's to upper 50's. grab that jacket if are you going out the door or work or school. it's about a 30 degrees temperature spread from the coast to the inland location. with that sea breeze in the mid- 60s's. mild day for new the low to mid- 70s. heating up inland into the 80's and 90's as we go through the day with the sunshine. with that ridge of high pressure another day of the inland heat. things will change for us. you will cool it down as you look it down. with that on shore flow kicking back in. that low pressure system. back down to below average by the end of the week. surface smoke and haze. and into tomorrow. could get better for your wednesday. still looking at moderate air quality for the bay area. now let's check our skies as we take you hour by hour and you
6:48 am
through the day. few more clouds, areas of fog to start off and then looking at that clearing and sunshine weekend we are tracking our next weather sit temperature that could bring a few showers for parts of the north bay on saturday. watching that closely for you. for today, looking at highs topping out in the upper 70's to low to mid-80s's. the south bay mid-80s's. 86 santa clara. as we look to the inland east bay 94 for you in concord and for pleasant hill. low to mid-90s for the tri valley. brentwood 99. flirting triple digit heat. around the bay from 70 in san francisco, looking at 76 for oakland and alameda and for the north bay. the highs in to the 80's to low 90's. 90 for santa rosa and triple digit heat in ukia. san francisco, oakland and san jose. there we go with that cooldown in to the workweek into the weekend with that stronger on
6:49 am
shore flow. as we look to the inland east bay about 10 degrees cooler and continuing with that cooldown through the workweek and in to the weekend. down to the low 80's by the weekend there. through the weekend and for the north bay. the chance of a few showers. as we look to the end of the week off shore winds, develop. monday tomorrowing that for you as well. its been busy in the traffic center. very some good news for those who commute using bart. service has been restored. we are dealing service issues in pleasant hill. all normal service has been restored trains will now stop at the pleasant hill station. that's good news. check that develop. capitol corridor still dealing with delays. nmuni and caltrain running option time. we do have some brake lights. bay bridge toll plaza. it continues to be a slow ride out of the east bay as you head into san francisco this morning. travel time now from the maze over in to the city, now at
6:50 am
about almost 15 minutes. san mateo bridge starting to get a little busy. you are doing okay. only 14 minutes. looks like we are artiexlume d thingspiing upon westbounsi. foster city. if you are taking 880 you will have a few brake lights. i want to show you your travel times. the major freeway. 205 to 680. 50 minutes. almost an hour if you are taking highway 4. westbound from antioch to 80. that's at 457 minutes. you will need another 20 minutes from the connector. 24 minutes over toward the maze toward the bay bridge. busy on the hot spots. a little busy northbound 101 through san jose. the raiders got a win in the opening game and the new home. allegiann stadium known as the
6:51 am
death star. the raiders and ravens were tied at 24. the ravens took the lead on the field goal but then daniel carlson kicked a 5-yard tore send the game into overtime. the raiders forced a fumble deep in raiders 33, ravens 27. entertainment news, the fashion looks trending everywhere right now. the met gala is back. the red carpet rolled out last night this year's theme was america, a lexicon of fashion. now celebrities have their unique take on the theme. kim k was in a head to toe leather blackout fit that covered her face. aoc made a statement in her first gala with the message tax
6:52 am
the rich. very creative. >> star wars vibes there. and one of the most photographed monuments in paris getting a makeover. >> it's to honor the late artist who is known for wrapping building around the world. after his death last year french authorities gave the green light to cover the 164- foot landmark. the nephew is overseeing the project. >> the bingest challenge is that he is not here. that -- i miss his excitement, his criticism, his energy,. >> the massive masterpiece is slowing traffic and stopping tourists in their tracks. taking pictures. by the way organizers say all the fabric is recycled. the glam is green. next, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> it's election day in california. pomps set to open in just
6:53 am
minutes. we are live next with the governor's final push. and later calling all horror movie fans. how you can get paid to get scared this halloween. streaming today on cbsn bay area the continued coverage of the california recall election. we talk to some of the front runners in the race to replace the governor. you
6:54 am
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6:56 am
it is recall election day here in california. the polls opening in less than four minutes now and they will be open until 8:00 tonight. don't forget to drop off your ballot. a like look inside the office of the voter registrar. that's where they are getting ready to count some of the votes coming in today. it's thought about 35% of the mail in ballots have already been returned and a number of them have been by democrats. so far the governor is leading in the polls it looks like he
6:57 am
will likely keep his seat. if you haven't checked your ballot, a, should the governor remain as our governor and if not which of the 46 contenders should take his place? this is a $215 million election. we are going to have it covered for you. special coverage of the recall election starting tonight. updates on the returns continuing throughout the evening on cbsn bay area and we will have all the latest election news right here starting tomorrow morning at 430 a.m. it dealt more than a foot of rain and it's headed toward louisiana. another recall election is happening today in the north bay. voters will decide whether to recall the district attorney.
6:58 am
six people were shot. three killed in three separate shootings. one of the shootings involved a federal agent. a space x launch. the falcon 9 is delivering 451 satellites in to orbit. >> if you are rushing to get out the door, take a moment to look at your screen. it's a beautiful start to the day with the sunrising up over the east bay and across the bay. temperatures in the upper 40's to upper 50's. as we head through the day which will see plenty of sun. temperatures -- the warmest day of the week. we will heat up inland in to the 80's and 90's. the south bay. 94 for the inland east bay at uncould cord. looking at 95 in livermore. 97 antioch. 94 suspecta rosa. the lowo mid-70s. a look at traffic. >> let's start offa which look at continues. it's already busy. metering lights are on and it's a slow ride as you work out of
6:59 am
the maze. your slowest approach is that east shore freeway commute. i'm getting word of a two car crash reported west west of the toll plaza. heads up you will see some even busier conditions. we have a lot of brake lights westbound highway 4 into bay point. an hour for your travel time to the east shore. no road work, no crashes. just busy there. in an effort to decide if the size of a movie's budget impacts of its financing, they are looking to pay something someone to watch 13 scary movies. >> some of them include saw, and a quiet place. i think we -- we are both down for that. >> we can share that money. >> it'll be fun. the news continues all day on cbsn bay area.
7:00 am
>> cbs mornings is um coming up. a live look in santa claras as voting for the governor recall opens up in just ♪ ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings." hello to viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. >> that is him. let's go to today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. strong winds. these gusts are insane, guys. don't come out here at this time. >> another brutal storm slams the south with a massive flood threat today. we're tracking tropical storm nicolas. >> roads will become impassable. that's where the greatest threats will be right along the immediate coast. one group of scientists says the general public doesn't need


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