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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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homelessness. that was followed by the economy about wildfires, and also crime. those who voted yes to recall governor newsom were asked about the governor's covid policies. an overwhelming majority, 69%, said that they have been too strict, and when it comes to the economy, it appears voters are split on how things are going. 44% of california voters said that it is good, but a majority 26% said not so good, and 22% said poor. now we are going to be watching all of these numbers all evening long. we will have more for you on cbsn bay area , and we will certainly have all the results once the polls close . our team coverage continues with the kpix 5's kenny choi live in sacramento , where newsom's team is fired up tonight.
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>> reporter: they are not only fired up, but extremely confident going into tonight, even before the first set of results come in. the reason why i'm a saying there is absolutely no scenario in which they lose tonight, spiking the football towards the end of the game. they are also dealing with accusations of voter fraud from the other side. the governor kicking off the day in san francisco, meeting with union leaders and making his final pitch, with larry elder launching a voter fraud website now muddling the election day message. >> it's wrong what they are doing. it's really wrong. it's not only wrong, it is reprehensible. larry elder would be best to accept the results as i will, no matter what the outcome. >> the only people that will vote to recall him, it won't matter what kind of shenanigans if there are any to take place. >> reporter: the former chairman blasted elder, treating it is the most irresponsible act i
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have ever seen from a california candidate in my 20 years in politics here. >> is a very confusing strategy to both tell your voters did not vote by mail early, and said to vote at the polls, then come election day, tell them their vote might not count because of voter fraud. >> reporter: early returns show a substantial difference between democrats and republicans. more than 9 million ballots returned. 53% from democrats, 26% from republicans. the rest from independents and others translating to 2.3 million more returned ballots from democrats. >> we did see some ticking up of republican votes especially in the putting centers, where they became a really large share of the ballots that were being cast, but not in the same numbers that would be necessary for them to really tilt the selection. mac throughout the election cycle, the chairwoman of the california gop has been encouraging voters to turn in those mail-in ballots.
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also larry elder tweeting out several times today to tell voters to go out and vote. we will be continuing to follow where the newsom campaign be tonight, and update you later tonight, throughout the night. >> kenny choi reporting live in sacramento, thank you. some of the candidates hoping to unseat gavin newsom are making some last-minute election day pitches. >> i think undecided has been the front runner for most of this race, it may well still be the front runner right now. mr. elder certainly has shaken up the race quite a bit. >> 1 year ago, i wrote a check to the recall and kept it going. larry elder wasn't there. i was there. and now we are wind year later, and it is on the ballot, and today is election day. >> we have to make voting easy, and impossible to cheat. it will probably take weeks to actually find out what the final results are going to be, and i want to feel as a candidate, and somebody who has worked so hard for the last
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five months on this campaign, that it is done right, and it is and with integrity. we saw two recall candidates casting last-minute balance today. caitlyn jenner but a beverly hills city hall, and the youtube star kevin cast his ballot in ventura. we will have special coverage of the recall election beginning tonight on the kpix 5 news at 7:00. real-time news updates on those returns will continue throughout the evening on cbsn bay area , plus county by county results on . we will have all of the latest election news right here beginning tomorrow morning at 4:30. new at six:00, witness testimony began today in the elizabeth holmes theranos trial. len ramirez reports a former employee who became a key whistleblower against the company took the stand. >> reporter: today's testimony really seemed to illustrate the transformational change that
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lays with at least one employee who came in starstruck with elizabeth holmes, then became less and less happy at the company when she realized that the hyped technology early didn't work. erika cheung told the jury she first heard of theranos at a career fair while at uc berkeley, and that she was starstruck when elizabeth holmes interviewed her for a lab assistant job. she had a charisma to her , cheung told the jury, but her views began chaining , and she resigned less than a year after being hired, because she said the edison blood analyzer kept failing. cheung said the machines couldn't pass routine quality control checks, but when she informed superiors, she was told to disregard the outliers. >> the government will be trying to tell a story about theranos , the story of a company that got into trouble because it couldn't meet its promises, and dealt with that problem by lying to investors and to patients.
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4 the prosecutor then shut the jury emails written by cheung and others document in the problems, including one in which elizabeth holmes replies, quote, do we have a sample to run is e on adl methods? traditional methods is the practice kpix 5 and adopted running the blood tests on other company analyzers. 1026 and had to be cross examined. in santa fe, len ramirez, kpix 5. earlier today, a female juror was excused for financial hardship, replaced with a male alternate. there are no 8 men and 4 women on the jury. vallejo police have arrested a suspect in the homicide of a 15-year-old victim. they arrested 28-year-old demark anthony bernstine of richmond last friday. he is wanted in connection with a july 14 murder of a 15-year- old. police arrested the suspect in las vegas. he will be brought back to solano county. an update on a fatal accident that shut down the powell street b.a.r.t. station in san francisco yesterday. the victim has now been
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identified as 41-year-old amy adams of san francisco. this is video of the station being closed off. b.a.r.t. says that she exited the train with the dog tethered to her waist, but her dog was still the n took off. ors closedd an the woman was then dragged onto the tracks. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area -- finger-pointing over a violent day in oakland. how the city and a powerful police group or firing back. a bay area county following san francisco's lead. where you will need to show proof of full vaccination to do most indoor activities. looking live at a lot of fog sitting outside. below that, there is a navy ship parked on the embarcadero. we will find out why it is there. looking live out of san francisco city hall, where people are dropping off and
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filling out their ballots. the poles for the california recall election closes in less than 2 hours.
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new at six:00, fallout from a violent monday in oakland. chopper 5 flying overhead after an fbi agent shot and killed a man in east oakland. then within the next 2 hours, two others were killed, three others wounded, in two separate shootings. we are livid oakland police headquarters. the string of shootings is prompting a lot of finger- pointing tonight. it certainly is. it extended beyond those numbers you just spoke about. there was also another shooting, stabbing, and another fatality early this morning in the city of oakland. city leaders try to grapple with and come to terms with how they can fix this crime problem. three people are dead and three others wounded after multiple shootings in the course of just hours in oakland. the first happened at 3:15 near burbank preschool, leaving two people dead and more injured.
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just 7 minutes later, an fbi agent shot and killed someone during an arrest with the u.s. marshals service, and at quarter after 5:00, three people were wounded, not fatally, near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. the president of the oakland police officers association dubbed it bloody monday. >> stop the attrition. we are losing 10 per month, and provide these officers a sense of value and appreciation that they deserve, as the dedicated public servants that they are. >> reporter: the latest budget transferred some responsibilities like traffic, but did not defund the department. >> appreciate the fact that we are here to serve the residents, because, you know, i don't need to come by to motivate you when you receive your paycheck. that should be the motivation you need to make sure we do our
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jobs. >> reporter: in a statement, the fbi did not reveal much, including the name of the agent involved, only saying the agent was uninjured. opd denied repeated requests for an interview, who has been consistent in asking for more officers. now in a statement just a short time ago that we got from opd, it says our department is stretched beyond capacity as we manage multiple critical incidents that have traumatized families and our community. lives were lost do the gun and domestic violence, there are many others have suffered serious to critical injuries. this has filled up hospitals -- covid-19 pandemic, and has sent officers running from call to call to call in the past 24 hours, often without any form of a break in the violence and trauma. >> thank you for that report. now to the coronavirus. contra costa counties joining
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san francisco and berkeley in mandating proof of full vaccination to get into any public places. the new order goes into effect on september 22nd. patients must show proof of vaccination, or a negative test in the last 3 days, before entering certain indoor areas. that includes indoor bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms and other indoor fitness facilities. county health officials say covid case rates are about five times higher in unvaccinated county residents. at the same time, a millbrae councilmember is reportedly pushing for a proof of vaccine mandate that is even stricter than san francisco. the san mateo daily journal reports the councilmember is proposing a plan to require proof of vaccine for both indoor and outdoor restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms, or personal icbusinesses. a scarmeowner in san mateo
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where concrete chunks came crashing down a hillside, and then slammed into this house. chopper 5 was over the scene earlier this happened this afternoon. check out these pictures from the homeowner. that is a boulder. the concrete came crashing through the back door of the house, shattering the glass. nobody got hurt, luckily. we learned there is an active demolition project happening above that neighborhood, up the hill. we are still checking to see if that is connected. the drought is hitting ranchers and dairy farmers hard in the north bay, so today i'm a the marin county board of supervisors is considering declaring a drought emergency to open the door for state and federal aid. erin county water customers are already under strict water restrictions. some much-needed prevention funding on its way tobay hills.
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orinda fire district a $6 million grant to remove fire fuel, anat comes after the fire district launched a multimillion dollar effort to create fire breaks along 2700 acres. on the fire watch, two wildfire sparked by lightning are now threatening some of the world's largest trees at sequoia national park. the so-called complex fire has shut down the national park outside of fresno. surrounding communities are under evacuation orders. the wildfire complexes still 0% contained, with the blaze feeding on steep terrain with thousands of dead trees in that area. the fire is now threatening the parks giants forest which has been closed since sunday. the park is home to over 2000 giant sequoias. we have a lot of fog in the bay area right now. we couldn't see, i think it is
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a carrier parked at the embarcadero. we will see if the fog since out enough, but the fog is rolling in, and temperatures will cool down. that's good for the fire threat around the bay area. even have a chance for moisture. the cooldown starts tomorrow, and below average temperatures stick around for the weekend. this storm system will move through the pacific northwest, and bring a shower chance. the bulk of the moisture will be further north. we are talking about a couple inches of rain. that's great news for the fire crews in those areas, but around here just get a little bit of moisture. right now, looking over the berkeley hills as the fog rolls in. temperatures are still white warm inland. 89 degrees in livermore. santa rosa has dropped from a high of 89, and are now at 66 degrees. 60 degrees downtown, 65 degrees in oakland. berkeley is where we find the
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dog of the evening. this is bagel, a rescue from the berkeley humane society. temperatures will drop off from the low 60s into the upper 50s. not too much of a decrease around the bay. the warm spots further inland, a bit too warm for a dog at this point. we will drop down into the mid- 50s by early tomorrow morning. high temperatures will be near average for him and parts of the bay area. oh 80s in the santa clara valley. mid to upper 80s for the north bay. it is warm, but normally warm. 70 degrees for oakland in the east bay. let's talk about the rain chance that arrived saturday night and continues into sunday. the best chance to be as you had further north. we are talking about still lower than a 50% chance of rain.
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san francisco, a 20 to 30% chance. we hope that we see the chances go up as we get closer to it happening. the forecast models are estimating less than 0.1 inches even north of the golden gate, but we will take what we can get in mid-september. it is nice to see a chance of showers without any lightning heading our way. temperatures stay about average, and then we warm-up next week. especially by tuesday, temperatures will stay in the mid-70s for the north bay saturday and sunday, with the rain chance about 80 degrees for an and parts of the east bay, not bad before temperatures heat up again. the last full day of summer is on tuesday. sports settling in at 6:00. the playoff bound giants, how does that sound? what's next? and sadly, the next time you see this 49ers captain toting
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nfl up top, and the 49ers, tough to get a good feel out of sunday's season opener, and they won the game. on this, the players day off, came the news that starting running back raheem mostert, originally expected to miss 8 weeks, is now out for the rest of the year after electing to undergo knee surgery to repair chipped cartilage. another setback for the one who missed 8 games last season, and is now set to be a free agent.
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baseball, the a's are in kansas city. he began the night 2.5 case back of the second wild-card playoff spot. moving pictures on "the late show." what did the giants have left after this? they popped the bubbly last night upon clutching the spot in the playoffs. they won seven straight, and have kept the division lead over the dodgers. not bad for a team nobody picked to pull this off back in spring training. >> just like most years that we won it or went to the playoffs, i don't think those people believed we would be in this position. i'm not sure i knew that we would be, you know, holding the lead in the entire major leagues for lead record, but is pretty satisfying to get back here after a while of not being very good, to be honest. look at this from last night in new york. the cardinals shortstop had the unfortunate umpire. that was the first base umpire junior valentine, hit right in the face. valentine was tough, got up,
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finished the game, and is calling the game behind the plate tonight. the raiders last night after an overtime interception. after a baltimore turnover, here they win the game. jones for the walkoff touchdown. it was the first lead of the night as they rallied back to beat the ravens in overtime. >> i felt like i died and woke up, and died again, i was like a cat. i had multiple lives tonight, and that is an impressive victory. like they say, just win, baby. clay elton's run as ufc football coach is over. the school fired him yesterday, just 2 days after stanford routed the trojans in l.a.. so, he took offense at that loss was the final straw for hilton.
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>> this is in the 70s, all right? it's not the early 2000's. for those that have an issue with losing to stanford, we have been good for 10 years. they are living in the past. let's set the record straight. the audience wants to know, social media is leaning forward, liz, are you a candidate for the sc job? >> i will never tell. >> that's not a denial. >> that's good strategy. >> if you see me with the hat, don't be surprised. i'm coming for you next season. just you wait. >> gauntlet thrown down. >> he's a great coach. i like him very much. but we are coming for him. coming up next, very ha
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fleet week is in for another few weeks. >> but the city is already getting a taste of what you can expect. >> the uss tripoli is docked at the embarcadero over the weekend. it is looming over the waterfront near pier 30 and 32. it's the newest amphibious assault ship. it is here for a few days before it has been come to san diego, but it will return to celebrate the 40th anniversary of san francisco's fleet week. if you haven't been to fleet week, it is a joy, and so much
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fun to attend. ring the family. bring the kids. they have it all set up at chrissy field, with all of the tanks, and the different booths. it's a fun thing to go to. before we go, we want to set the stage for our recall coverage this evening. >> it will be epic night on cbsn. juliette goodrich is back with a preview. wants to cover. right now we are using combined resources of kpix and cbs news to bring you the coverage on cbsn bay area this evening. he will be talking throughout the night with cbs news director of elections anthony solano. he will be giving us insights as to how this race is breaking down. he will be at the touchscreen for us to break it all down. it all starts with the kpix 5 news at 7:00 , and then our special coverage throughout the evening on cbsn bay area . he will bring you county by county results on our website, , and it will be a lot of fun. busy newsroom, and we are also to go. until the polls close,
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we will bring you the latest information. thank you for watchi tonight captioning sponsored by cbs tonight: hurricane nicholas knocks out power to hundreds of thousands as there's new concern that the storm will bring life threatening floods to the already ida-ravaged gulf coast. a powerful storm: the threat of nicholas continues with highways flooded and homes ripped open. trump rogue: the book bombshell. america's top general worried then-president trump would spark a war with china. we'll tell you the dramatic steps he took to make sure trump wouldn't launch a nuclear trump rogue: the book bombshell. america's top general worried th weapon. afghanistan fallout: tonight as two marines are laid to rest, senators from both parties grill the secretary of state. plus, the new intelligence pointing to al qaeda rebuilding in afghanistan. hospitals in covid crisis:


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