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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 15, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: for most of its 169 years, mills college has been a college for women only, but mills college beth hillman says excluding half the population hasn't been a successful business model of late. >> continuing this information we have today, long into the future through different models. >> bolstering the college financially, cross enrollment means students could study in boston if they choose, and they can't access northeastern's innovative co-op program, allowing students to alternate full-time studies with professional work experience. what will be lost is mills status as an all women's school , something even its leaders say is important. >> why would people think that is going to be lost now? >> it's not going to be lost, because, northeastern has committing to encouraging and
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keeping the essence that is mills. >> reporter: they say northeastern's charter requires equal access. so, when school starts next fall, mills will be a completely coed college. >> it will no longer be what we remember mills college to be. >> reporter: cynthia holland is a part of mills coalition. the historical legacy of prioritizing women cannot be maintained when all genders are allowed in. >> i don't see how that is possible at all when you are completely focusing on women's education, and you change it to coed. they can't retain it. it is not possible. >> i understand the loss they are feeling because mills went continue to be the same as what it has been in the past. and, that embracing the future in higher education requires that we think about new models.
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>> reporter: it will be a new model for a new generation of students. but, for those who cherish its past, the question remains, will literally be mills, at all? in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. university officials say the move will allow them to continue offering graduate and undergraduate degrees. they also say establishing a mills institute on campus will further the school's commitment to issues of gender equity. we now know how many refugees will be settling in california. the state department says more than 5200 will arise in the golden state in the first group of nearly 37,000 evacuees. that is more than any other state. millions of afghans fled afghanistan during the final days of the chaotic u.s. withdrawal last month. this evening, and epic traffic backup after a deadly accident along the notorious stretch of highway one which happened just south of the doubles lied tunnel. authority say a car went over the cliff.
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here's video into the newsroom from emergency crews, they arin weekend. cars are at standstill backed up for miles, there is no word yet on when it will reopen. just into our newsroom, a water main break has flooded a street in sentences goes out her mission district, video from a citizen at shows water gushing down the hill of polk and brunswick. it happened two hours ago. seven cisco fire department is on the scene, right now. the city's department of emergency management is asking everyone to avoid that area and to expect traffic delays. >> we don't have the water to waste, do we? making news from east coast to west, a woman missing after a cross-country road trip, and now her fiancc a person of interest. 22-year-old gabrielle potato was reported missing over the weekend. in july, she and her fiancc began their cross-country trip in a white van.
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investigators believe their last stop? wyoming. she had documented her trip on social media, but late last month, her post and communication with family slowed to a stop. >> she is a beautiful free spirit wanting to take a journey and have fun while she is young. >> coolest chick you ever met, simple as that. we need her back home. >> her fiancc returns to florida on his own after the trip and now he has a lawyer and refuses to cooperate with police. to the coronavirus now, california is the only state in the country has dropped out of the cdc's highest level of transmission. every state in the country except for the golden state is back in the cdc's worst risk category of community spread. health officials say california is mostly doing better because of our higher vaccination rate. meanwhile, president biden met with business leaders and the white house today, from tech
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tourism to retail. the companies have implanted covid-19 vaccine policies in the workplace. the white house drive up vaccination rates. >> it is about beating this virus and saving lives. >> reporter: after united airlines announced a vexing requirement, the vaccine rate from employees went from 59%, to 79% in less than a month. >> reporter: last week, president biden announced a vaccine mandate which would impact 100 million federal workers. seven cisco businesses hit hard during the pandemic, both financially and physically are getting much needed health. gordon reed and supervisor gordon mar launched the storefront vandalism relief grant program. it's a long one but it's a good one. businesses can apply to get up to $2000 to help repair any damage in destruction. >> we must do better. but, there is the other part of what we talked about. bakery recently was vandalized, a pharmacy ransacked and
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windows broken. here, a footprint, they faced two cases of vandalism. flowers burned to the ground, all these incredible places that are institutions in our city. >> that program is going to focus on small businesses july 2020 and later. a total of $1 million will be granted. we first brought you the news conference live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24 seven streaming on or the news app. alameda county is a bring opening up a crucial resource for the homeless. the 34 tiny homes open will join 92 others already established in that area. the project was supported by multiple county agencies and nonprofits, including healthcare for the homeless. >> we are very thankful to our partners here. it is a new project, a new
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model. and, we are grateful to be working with so many others. >> reporter: the tiny homes will give unhoused people access to units with beds, kitchenettes, restrooms, and a dining area. coming up, south lake tahoe is welcoming people back weeks after the caldor fire threatened the region. what is different now, and what tourists can expect to see. reba macintyre seconds away from death, the singers close call while touring the building. the first full capacity event at the chase center in days, the rules to keep concertgoers save. a 19-year-old goer is soaring to the top of the record books, i'm max ceder in palo alto with the stories. kpix 5 news at 6:00, with ken and elizabeth, is coming up next. coming up tonight on the cbs evening news .
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>> hi there. tonight on the cbs evening news we have been following emotional testimony by simon biles as she talks about how the abuse that she suffered too fbi. also, we have our exclusive interview with maloley ssi -- she
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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lake tahoe is finally welcoming back visitors after they were told to stay away because of that raging caldor fire. >> the smoke was a problem. massive evacuations caused huge financial setback for businesses. reporter heather janssen takes a look at what they knew impact will be for visitors and those who live there. >> reporter: at adrift, in kings beach, it has not been business of usual. >> june was great, july was strong, and on the caldor fire. >> reporter: this was the scene
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over labor day weekend. the normally packed area, a ghost town. choked in smoke. it is what forced marcus tingle to close his doors. >> that really hurt, that's a major blow to the business. >> reporter: now back at it. looking to share september in tahoe, perfect paddle boarding conditions like kimberly and ted. the couple had days to enjoy the beach, but couldn't. >> when we couldn't come up, i was sad. >> reporter: of businesses, along with the tahoe visitor bureau visit in north and south lake want to see people like ted and kimberly. weeks after the flames and air quality were at its peak some of they are now hoping people will make a return. >> the place is good, and healthy, and we didn't have any fires, no structural fires in the basin itself. >> reporter: welcome news for marcus, hoping to finish out the summer season strong with the people who make a touristy tahoe special. >> they come back with a big smile. almost always. that, i think, is the neatest thing.
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>> reporter: heather janssen reporting, the caldor fire has grown to more than 219,000 acres, but it is now 70% contained. honolulu's iconic haiku stairs, also known as the stairway to heaven, are said to be removed. the honolulu city council unanimously voted to remove the stairs and today the city's mayor approved the one million- dollar project. the stairs have been a point of contention for many families in that area. the city council ultimately came to its decision because there is now infrastructure in place to limit people from entering the area and homeowners near the stairs say they have no interest in helping meet that need. right now, there is no timeline available for when the stairs will be removed. up next, a bay area author who is finding her voice through poetry. how she is creating a safe space so ot
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census figures show that six out of 10 people who live in the bay area are people of color. a local author helps writers of color share stories that reflect their diverse background. >> sharon introduces us to this week's bay area jefferson award winner. sharon? >> reporter: siegel is working
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on her own memoirs about growing up japanese-american, but has also created a space so others can be empowered through their own writing. >> get this, i will only say it once. i am not, nor have i ever been, a cherry blossom crane. i did not, nor do i plan to bomb pearl harbor. >> reporter: siegel signs her voice in her poetry, and the third generation japanese- american author and community activist helps writers of color find the same through her own nonprofit sf bay. >> this is a place for you to tell your stories. we are not here to tell you how to write your stories or what stories to tell. we are just here to support you. because, your life perience hamade you rich. peof color hav through her twice per month
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creative writing workshop since 2015 to explore race, class, culture, gender, and identity. >> it has been wonderful to have this group of people of color. >> the sessions at the cisco public library or a resume are funded by the city's arts commission and grant foundations so people come for free or pay a small donation. >> feel heard, feel scene. >> reporter: poet norma maddox, author of black calculus says the workshops are safe spaces where writers can grow and feel excepted from who they are. >> reporter: he calls siegel a humble writer period she has offered several books, one of them profiles caucasians who risked their lives helping japanese-americans during the world war ii internment. her most recent anthology, essential truths. territory from sentences praises siegel for promoting voices in seven cisco. >> she has pushed forward a lot of people who might not otherwise continue to write.
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she has prioritized people's writing over her own. >> reporter: also an artist, she knows how stories can bring people together. she recalled reading to a stranger on the street, a poem by a man who grew up in a tough neighborhood. >> he is listening to this poem and his eyes get wide and he says this is about my life. i have never heard a poem about my life, and about me, before. and i said, you know, this is why i do what i do. >> reporter: for celebrating diversity by supporting writers of color, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to shiwe siegel. >> she has many publications and wants to make them available to places like restaurants in the twin cities. >> thank you.
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if you know a quiet hero doing an extraordinary service in our community, your community, nominate that person for a bay area jefferson award. go to our website,, struck close call for reba macintyre, she had to be rescued from the second story of the building after stairs collapsed inside. this happened yesterday. she was touring a historic building for a project in oklahoma. that is when the stairwell collapsed. the fire department had to help people out through that window. >> next thing i know she starts recording, trying to get video of what is going on. and, next thing you know, we see reba climbing down a ladder. >> i thought when she said reba i was like oh lord, reba dunn got hurt. >> no, reba dunn didn't get hurt. authorities say one person taken to the hospital with some minor injuries, everybody is expected to be okay. >> can't miss her with that red hair right near the window and those iconic sunglasses. >> is an effective in the fate
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of the emergency. weatherwise, the cooldown kicking in today will continue tomorrow, then changes as we head into the weekend. storm systems moving into the pacific northwest will bring rain to northern california and oregon and washington. we hit a few showers on the southern fringe of this system. let's take a look at our side- by-side forecast models, these are the two long-range models, we are at that time frame using the longer-range data and they are telling pretty much the same story with rain chances increasing after midnight, saturday night, for the northbay and rain chances continuing mainly north of the golden gate through the first half of the day on sunday. the american models are more impressive, but the timing is remarkably similar in that everything falls apart as we head through sunday and the whole thing is out of your as we head into sunday evening. one branch of noaa, the weather protection center has some rain
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for the entire bay area. a couple of hundred seven inch of rain, that will be in the range of what we expect out of this, except for parts of the northbay, western marin county to pick up a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch of rain out of this. the heavier amounts will be further to our north. we take a look at the regionwide rainfall forecast coming up at 6:00. that system will help our air quality. some smoke hanging out in the atmosphere, not bad at ground level, moderate air quality for the past couple of days, that is where it will be tomorrow and i can on friday. we will see some improvement as that storm system is closer to us on saturday. it will help to push the smoke further to the east. i think we will see good air quality across the board for the second half of the weekend. plenty of fires burning around the state. we will see waves of smoke returning but let's enjoy that better air quality when it does visit. we are looking outside to the east from salesforce tower, the fog has enveloped salesforce tower, temperatures downtown at 53 degrees today, temperatures inland were remarkably cooler.
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72 degrees in napa, san jose made it up to 80 degrees. the warm spot in england temperatures will be a few degrees cooler in for tomorrow. tonight.down to the mid-50s with cooler readings in the northbay valleys as usual. temperatures will try to warm up tomorrow. once again come in sentences go it will not be much of a warm- up. early morning fog will be more the first half of the day kind of thing with some sunshine breaking through. temperatures in the low 60s once again. santa rosa had a hard time getting rid of the fog this morning. i think you will be bit of it rid of it faster tomorrow into the mid-70s by the afternoon. full 5 degrees below normal, san jose will be about 45 degrees below normal as well with high temperatures only in the mid and upper 70s. plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon, should be a pleasant day and again, the air quality will be moderate, it is not going to be unhealthy. so, take advantage of these below average temperatures.
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60s around the bay and along the coast with 70s and 80s further inland even the warm spots, only go to reach the mid- 80s. nearly 80 around the bay for seven cisco and oakland, but we have more of a cooldown in sunday, that rain icon is still there, a chance of rain on sunday. the best chance will be along the coast. enjoy the nice temperatures because next week the offshore wind kicks back in. which means hot temperatures especially inland and an increase to our fire threat. hopefully we get some measurable rain out of this system over the weekend. we will take a look at the rain expected to fall for the northern california coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. also new at 6:00, the first full capacity concert at the chase center in more than 500 days. what you will need beside your ticket to get in. plus, wild helicopter video, a runway chase. the moment caught on camera when things went south for the driver. we speak to the young pilot soaring her way into the record books. how her stop in the bay area is all a part of the plan
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to make history. still ahead here at 5:00, the program in the bay area that will pay you to
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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the bay area air quality management is trying to get some of the worst polluting cars off the road. >> they are willing to pay drivers to turn these cars in. devin fehely has the details. >> reporter: we often think about the impact that wildfires
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have on ouai because the impacts are so noticeable and so dramatic. but, all of the cars on the road combined are still far greater polluters, and that is what this program is targeting. >> the subaru we brought my daughter home from the hospital. >> reporter: ed's subaru sedan was so reliable and long- running, it passed from father to teenage daughter and back again over the course of 27 years on the road. >> my 27-year-old car obviously does not have the same kind of pollution quality controls as current vehicles do. >> reporter: and took the bay area air quality management district up on its offer. $1200 and it's interesting goodbye to his beloved car. >> the vehicle buyback program pays owners of older, more polluting cars, sedans, and small trucks, to trade in their vehicles voluntarily. >> reporter: to be eligible, the cars must be from model your 1997 or older, it must also be in working condition,
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and drivable and have been registered in california for the past two years at least. some, however, wonder if riders are not holding onto these older cars not because they do not care about the environment, but because of economics. >> we understand the need to protect the environment for sure, but the economic reality of so many people, especially that i have worked with, is that , that is all they can afford. >> reporter: the air quality management district says the program is entirely voluntary. they managed to get 3000 older cars off the road last year. but, just one, they say, eliminates 75 pounds of air pollution over the course of a single year. >> the vehicle buyback program is a completely voluntary program that pays residents to trade in their older vehicles, they choose to do so. >> reporter: you might wonder what happens to these cars after you turn them in? in essence, they end up in a scrapyard and are never returned to the road again. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. now at 6:00, the chase center back in business, we are
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alive ahead of a huge sold-out concert with some big covid-19 changes for attendees. some are calling to reform the entire recall process on the heels of gavin newsom's landslide victory. we found out what it would take. it is a day one sheriff department waited 50 years for. the major development in a peninsula cold case from 1974. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we begin with a major concert event and a first for this pandemic. >> that's right, andria borba is live at chase center for what will be the first full capacity event in more than a year. andria? >> reporter: well over a year at this point, ken. take a look behind me, the gates opened at 6:00 for the concert, there are a few new pandemic rules to get inside and party on. >> reporter: there is a merge
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table on the front plaza selling concert t-shirts for the first time. >> we are very excited about tonight. >> reporter: tonight's concert is sold out, meaning more than 13,000 fans will be packed inside chase center for the show, which was alleged originally supposed to happen in march of 2020. daniela granados cannot believe the day has finally arrived. >> i feel pretty more confident than if the concert was earlier this year. >> it's been a long time since i've been around that many people at one time. you know? i've been to concerts before, i'm really excited to explore the atmosphere with that many people. that will be nice to be in that atmosphere again. >> reporter: getting in the door will be a two-step process. first, a check of your vaccination status, and then your ticket will be scanned at the gate. chase center has partnered with clear to expedite the process. >> i feel like we will be able to get everyone in the building and enjoy a fantastic show tonight.


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