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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 16, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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breaking news, now at 11:00. what we just learned from the police about a shooting left man with life-threatening injuri. frans plan to help small bune enough
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keep the crooks away? a jewelry heist, who the police say thieves are targeting. plus, a cbs interview, governor newsom lays out what is next following his recall victory. we begin with breaking news out of san jose. the police are investigating a shooting that has a man fighting for his life tonight. it all happened before 8:00 on story road and colmar drive. officers shutdown the road in that area while they investigate. no word yet on suspects or a motive. now, our other top story, a live look at san francisco where dozens of small businesses can be getting help from the city after a string of burglaries and vandalism. but, as kpix5 reports, some business owners are grateful for the help they say that more needs to be done. >> reporter: this new security gate was installed just a few months ago
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after the pineapple king bakery was broken into twice in one night. and already it has been vandalized. >> we never had a problem like this before. >> reporter: eric lam has owned the bakery for 10 years, a number of asian owned small businesses in this corridor have been targeted including his. >> they climbed in through the windows above. >> reporter: in this surveillance video you can see what appears to be two men taking items out of the bakery, through the window. then, a few hours later it happened again. the bakery was burglarized twice. >> as a business owner we can only play defense. >> reporter: for him, it meant installing a security gate covering the store front including all of the glass windows at a cost of $10,000. >> we know there are so many businesses that experienced this. >> reporter: at a press conference earlier today city
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leaders announced the store front relieve program. providing grants of $1,000 and $2,000 to help businesses targeted during the pandemic. it can be used to reimburse security measures, replacing broken glass and dealing with graffiti. >> it is just providing relief, you know, to the businesses and supporting them in their recovery. but, we really need to look at how we can prevent what steps the city can take to really prevent these types of crimes impacting our small businesses. >> reporter: something lam says he agrees with. he is going to apply for the grant and even if he gets the maximum amount it will cover small amount. >> it costs more than we thought, too. they need to do more to prevent it from happening again. >> the grants are considered on first come first serve. >> reporter: it can be found on the city of san francisco's website or our website in san francisco, back to you. >> the city says they hope to
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help at least 500 small businesses and will try to secure more funding if there is an additional need. a berkeley couple was robbed and the crooks got away with half a million dollars worth of jewelry and special pieces of family history. they called the police but knew it was not going to be enough to have hope of getting their belongings back. we go to berkeley now for more. >> reporter: liz the berkeley police department responded right away to this incident but the victims in this case discover that this department did not have the resources to fully investigate and help them get their family treasures back. >> reporter: a burglar gone into this home and knew exactly where to go. went up stairs and dragged a safe on the hardware floor and used a quilt, identical to this one, to get it down the stairs. the victims, who did not want
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to be identified, were stunned. >> oh my god, the entire safe has been stolen. >> reporter: the safe contained items that were passed on by family members and treasures that they hoped, one day, to pass on to their grandchildren. >> there are valuable things inside of a safe but more importantly there are priceless memories. >> reporter: it even contained a $5 gold piece owned by her great, great-grandfather who was a key figure in the movement. >> i like to think that he held the coin and maybe abraham lincoln did, too. >> reporter: the couple says their home was one of three broken into on the same day targeting elderly homeowners in their 70s and 80s. they are hoping someone might recognize the man seen in this video. they are offering a $40,000 reward, no questions asked for the return of the safe. >> this could be a good kid deep down inside and maybe it is enough
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to turn somebody's life away from making money this way. >> reporter: you mentioned the flyer said no questions asked. how is the berkeley police department involved and are they handing out the reward? >> reporter: liz in fact, the berkeley police department is not involved in this at all and the family says that it will not notify the police. it is is all being handled through a private investigator. they have been handing out these flyers with a phone number on it 415- 961-0980 for any information leading to the return of the safe. of course, we will post the number up on our website. >> the police are not involved, just a private investigator. >> all right, thank you. explosive testimony today in the elizabeth holmes fraud case. former lab associate chung took the stand for a second day. she told the jury that the
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company's miniblood analyzers were routinely broken down and off by wide margins putting patients at risk. and, that top executives got angry when she brought those problems up. >> i think it is very powerful. it means she is one of the whistle-blowers. she has firsthand experience. she was in the lab. she was doing the test, she was in the meetings where they decided to throw out data points. >> holmes is facing charges and conspiracy charges. >> she pled not guilty. >> highway 1 is back open tonight, 5 hours after a deadly crash along the coast. the authorities say a car drove off of a cliff just after 2:00 p.m. and landed on the beach below. the crews suspended recovery operations for the night and they will resume tomorrow. no victory lap for newsom ú
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evening after the recall election. he is back to work and newsom is outlining the goals for the state in an interview that you will only see on cbs. >> reporter: governor newsom has survived the biggest threat to his political career. and spent the day after his victory touring a school in oakland and tauting covid-19 safety measures across the state. newsom sat down for an interview with cbs news major garret, his first since voters overwhelmingly voted no on the recall. >> your recall victory means? >> that we need to stiffen our spines and lean in to keeping people safe and healthy. >> reporter: newsom's republican challengers including larry elder conceded the election on tuesday but hinted there is more to come in the political fight. >> we may have lost the battle but we are going to win the war. >> reporter: some elected officials are calling for
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recall election reform with some critics claiming the current system is too easy and too expensive. especially given that the general election is a little more than a year away. >> it is time for us to look at the recall. i am committed to doing that. so we can really have a od about wh res . mo candidates to e say e back appeal to voters beyond their party. >> we are working slowly back to get more conservative voices heard because as of right now they are just drowned out by super majority. >> reporter: and with the recall in the rear view, newsom is making it clear he feels embold ended when it comes to the fight against covid-19. >> you can catch governor newsom's full exclusive interview with major garret tomorrow on cbs mornings after the kpix5 morning show. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on
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cbsnbay area. could mountain view lose its charm? the plans for a pedestrian mall and why some say it could hurt business, coming up. plus, why thousands of california college students could be banned from campus. and more on the four civilians that are making space travel history tonight.
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on our road to cobut some worry it will disappear all together. we go to mountain view with the plans to transform a busy street into a pedestrian mall. >> with caltrans plans to increase service and make their trains faster, city leaders want to make this street safer with a pedestrianian mall or plaza. some business owners say getting rid of cars will decrease visibility and others say they are already doing that and it is working. >> we would not have been able to survive without it. >> it is a god send. >> our only chance of survival at this point in time. >> reporter: the closure of the street during the pandemic was his restaurant's lifeline to survive. now the city plans to reopen it in the beginning of 2022. >> if the street reopens and we lose all of there seating it is, it is,
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it might be trouble for a lot of restaurants on this block. >> reporter: it balexpanded yo your restaurant? >> yes. exactly. >> city leaders are considering three plans to transform the street into a pedestrian mall or a plaza. with all but one shutting out cars. at least one plan including allowing patio space. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. just look at how many people. not just at my restaurant but how many people are enjoying the outdoor. >> i have mixed feeling. >> reporter: not every business owner is on board. ron, who owns this restaurant would be at the cut off of the pedestrian mall. he says he agrees it will be a great experience for pedestrians but it also means decreased visibility for businesses. >> and all of the impulse purchases will disappear because people do not go through the downtown area. they will not go downtown anymore. they will go through the ysr
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througe . >> reporter: it isa etaf it tranorm downtown mountain view as we know it. >> it can be significant. >> i think just having somewhere like this in the midpeninsula will be beneficial to everybody not just people on the block. >> reporter: city leaders are asking for the public's input until tomorrow. in mountain view, back to you. we have live pictures of san francisco's chase center tonight. jam-packed about an hour ago with 13,000 music fans. they finally got to see australian rock band "tame impala" the concert was scheduled in march of 2020 but the pandemic shut it down. to get through the door all fan his to wear masks and show proof of vaccination and their tickets. on to the coronavirus now. in california transmission rate
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it is at 3.5%. yesterday, the cdc data showed the state as dropping out of the high transmission rate category. but that has since changed. california is back in the red. tonight, thousands of northern california students can be blocked from campus after failing to show proof of their vaccine status. a letter from sacramento state university was sent to 4,000 students who the school says have not self-certified or have been approved for a medical or religious exception. sac state says effective immediately they will not be allowed on campus at all this fall. >> i don't think that should be something that is required. >> i am not the biggest fan of the vaccine. >> it keeps everyone safer. >> the school says it will do frequent and random vaccine status checks on both employees and students. vaccine mandates are the new
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normal at colleges across california, california university systems, university of california and california state are all requiring students and staff to be fully vaccinated. the start of the day as regular people but tonight four civilians can call themselves space explorers. following a successful launch aboard a space x rocket. the group is now on a history- making trip that could change space travel forever. >> reporter: inspiration crew blasted off from cape canavaral, florida. >> everything continues to be good. >> reporter: the private flight was the first for musk's space x with no astronauts on board. >> reporter: billionaire jarad sticman charted the
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flight. for $200 million. >> it is significance, responsibility. >> responsibility being the first that there will be a second and a thrd. >> absolutely. you have to get this one right for all of the other great missions to follow. >> reporter: for three days they will be above the earth. 100 miles above the space station. part of the capsule will give them hemispheric views of earth and deep space. the next level space tourism beyond the quick flights to the edge of space. inspiration forest flight is a charity drive for saint jude's research hospital. >> a crewmember, a physician assistant at saint jude. when she was 10 the hospital treated her for bone cancer. >> we are going to call the thank you patients from space. i think it will show them what they are capable of. >> space x trained the four
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civilian crewmembers for almost six months. it was perfect weather in florida of course for them. here not so much. i don't think they want to take off in the fog. >> many reasons we don't watch it from here and we are far north any way. our weather will be cooperative. the onshore winds continue. the cool temperatures continue tomorrow and again on friday. there are changes this weekend. a little bit weird for this time of the year. early season storm system will be bringing rain to northern california, oregon, pacific northwest and it is going to be close enough to us to send showers down towards the bay area. it does not last long. high pressure takes over by next week. off shore winds it means warmer and hotter temperatures and higher fire danger by monday and tuesday, maybe lingering into wednesday. it will have our attention next week. right now it is on the rain chance,
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greatest farther north as early as saturday night. likely after midnight in the earliest presunrise hours, the best chance, the first half the day on sunday for santa rosa and the rest of the north bay. increasing rain chances, showers making their way down san francisco. santa clara valley, your odds of picking up a trace. there is a chance to pick up a couple hundreds of an inch there. the best chance is for the north bay. we will keep an eye on things closer to the weekend. it will help clear out the wildfire smoke as well. mild air quality across the board for the next couple of days. improving by saturday and sunday. right now, a lot of fog out there. temperatures, everyone in the middle to upper 50s. tomorrow great dog walking area. cool start, the temperatures cooler than they are right now. not going to warm up a whole lot in san francisco. even inland parts of the bay
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area will be that bad. perfect day for this dog on her birthday. lower 60s tomorrow. let's fill in the rest of the wer to middle 70s for the north bay with 60s around the bay. the temperatures staying below average as they head through the weekend with the rain chance on sunday. it is out of here next week. tuesday, the warmest day of the forecast to san jose and east bay and middle 80s for the north bay. there is what has our attention right now. the rain chance for saturday night into sunday. we will keep a close eye on that as we get closer to the weekend. >> thanks. the fix for the leaning tower is on hold after pile driving during construction made it lean even more. now, new evidence that building
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officials were forewarned. >> i could say at some point things were going to go haywire. >> tune in for our original report "troubled tower" tomorrow night on the kpix news at 7:00. straight ahead, which 49er is in the infamous dog house. the giants four more home runs hit tonight.
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baseball up top, today is the nl wild card game. and the two big heavies in all of baseball are trying to avoid him. giants story from 3rd and king street. this is me when i am home. all of the time. san diego made the most of it. all giant relieving pitching performance. increasing 5-3 lead to 7-3 in the 7th inning. bottom of the 7th the giants made a game of itatth e th home run for bell, nice fancatch. san diego an 9 me win
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st won it 9-6. so, down in l.a., the dodgers had a chance to gain ground in the west. and they did. bottom of the 5th against the diamondbacks, max munci connecked for a solo home run. dodgers won it 5-2. they pulled within 1 1/2 games to san francisco with 16 games left. segue to the a's. looking at the scoreboard. coming at a good time of the lost three straight. wilson, how about his 35th homer of the year. the a's led 5-1. that is his 100th rbi season. by the 7th inning, here came the pitch-hitter. 2 out single to the a's led. threatening to ruin the big lead. andrew had a bases loaded
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ckand it 18 hits and 12-10 and remained in the playoff chase. 17 regular season games left. nfl and the 49ers will we see more? wide receiver against the eagles. the former first round pick was on 26 snaps, never targeted. only caught one punt in detroit. making it clear that the teammate here is his man right now. >> i know it is like we are punishing them. i will not sit here and say he has to do a, b, and c to get back out there. we have been practicing the last month and one guy has been there every day. if he wants out there every play he has to be better than the guy behind him. at paypal park. san jose needed to go. look at lopez, juking the
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defender and banging the net. scoring all three san jose goals. it was not enough. these guys are so good they score with the right and left foot. rubia ti thsecogoal of the night and salt lake won it by a final of 4-3. the top story tonight, giants lose when the opponents score first
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