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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  September 16, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i could see that at some point, things are going a little haywire. >> that was the engineer's first impression two years ago he looked at a newly announced plan to stabilize the tower and announced it at a news conference by ronald hamburger. >> it is not unusual to do this type of a thing to a building. what is unusual about this is the size of the building, very large. >> the so-called perimeter pile is only on the north and west sides of the building leaving
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the south and east sides unconnected. >> a nice symmetric foundation is inherently a very bad thing. >> he submitted concern with the headline the proposed millennium tower fix is a farce. he is not the only engineer that sounded the alarm. >> the problem is they have already done a lot of damage. >> geotechnical engineers warned that the asymmetrical plan would cause further loss of groundwater likely to cause more irreparable damage to the building's substructure. >> the new york firm founded by leslie robinson has a plan that called for drilling new piles into bed rock symmetrically on both sides of the building from the inside. >> it was going through the
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foundation. you could raise the building up so it is leveled. it is a masterful plan. >> robert pike says he never heard back two years and many lawsuits later, the luxury high- rises developers chosen upgrades backed by hamburger while promising to pay for the $100,000,000.06 in a confidential settlement with homeowners. the city's department of building inspection declined our request for an interview. the team was asked to address the critics warnings. the warnings were dismissed. now, those warnings are coming back to light. >> a san francisco supervisor wants a new set of eyes on the project before construction resumes. >> i am afraid we don't have the internal expertise or
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something this complicated ranging from outriggers to foundation systems, and i want to make sure we have the best people in the nation looking at this. >> and leaning was first detected by residents and confirmed by experts. he is calling for new hearings now. >> i don't want to be an alarmist, but we need to take this extremely seriously. we need to be very transparent about it. >> i don't have concerns with the level of transparency or the communications on this particular project. she taught us that groundwater asymmetrical design brought up and was accounted for during the design review period. >> e appropriate to question or to make a particular solution, but it is also important to thlevel of scrutiny, and esign
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the level of approval that took place on this particular project. >> the engineering techniques are very consistent. we do these on houses in san úf moving loads and foundations is very traditional. >> no word on when construction will resume here at the millennium tower. it is pretty normal for construction projects to be put on pause so they can review slightly tweaked plans as to what is happening right now. if you'd like to read the full statement, we have it on our website, cbsn. tonight governor newsom is hinting that tougher wins restrictions could be coming to california. >> we need to stiffen our spines and lean into the keeping people safe and healthy. >> in an exclusive enter new --
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interview, the governor pushed democrats to lean into pandemic restrictions citing his he defeated the recall. we should be trying to medicate -- mitigate the spread and transmission of this virus. >> and undercover san jose police officer will not face charges for fatally shooting a wanted suspect. police say demetrius stanley approached it the officer's car opened the door and pointed it at him before the officer opened fire. the santa clara counties das office said the officer acted lawfully.
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look for the ory. >> mewhile, we are gettg firsthand look at a deadly police shooting that happened in fremont. the suspect, 22-year-old kevin johnston caught on video limping away from the scene of the shooting that put another man in the hospital. video shows the police car approaching johnston about 40 minutes later. he is carrying a stroller. police say he is seen pulling a white painted gun from it aiming and possibly firing forcing the officer to fire. >> i am confident that the officers acted in accordance with the law and our policy, so yeah, i think this is pretty clear-cut that this is a justifiable shooting. >> johnston died at the hospital. police say he had a long criminal rap sheet and a slew
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of outstanding warrants. a suspect has been charged in the brutal murder of an elderly san jose man found tied to a chair, stabbed, and drowned his own basket -- bathtub. his daughter requested a welfare check. surveillance footage data confirmed the suspect was in the victim's apartment for about 30 hours and left with bags of items he then threw away. 25-year-old sherman smith was arrested over the weekend and is being held without bail. his alleged motive is still a mystery. we are learning more tonight about a shooting that left a young woman dead. the victim was killed by her 15- year-old brother just before 8:00 last night. the 26 role arrived at tropicana liquor and later got back in her car. neighbors say there was no warning before they heard gunshots.
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a few minutes later, her brother got out of the car, his jacket stained with blood. >> i don't think it was enough to say this was an intentional act. all indications are some accident occurred, and obviously, it is a tragic result. >> investigators arrested the brother on a manslaughter charge. by disrupting gang leadership, we take aim at the head of the snake. >> comments that got a student arrested. >> i heard that he had a list of names that he was going to try to killed. >> tonight, the effort to fireproof and ancient california forest before it is too late. rain chances are on the way this weekend. it is good news for northern california and even the bay
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a livermore high school student under arrest accused of threatening to harm people on campus >> kind of really can we contact the police scanner student resources officers. everybody mobilized to get to the root of what was concerned. . students wells and older
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taking a look at your top headlines, >> we ask this from the bottom of s country. i
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am not talking to the students. washington dc, security is tight. cbs news has learned . recliner
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cloudy with little out there. >> maybe rain is on the way. we are getting so excited. it is like. >> yeah will pass through
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pretty quickly but still a 10th of an inch of rain we will definitely make their way she is just
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contra costa firefighter said two-story home near downtown lafayette was so packed with possessions, they were forced to tackle a raging fire from the outside. the sole occupant meted out on harmed. the fire is under investigation. there was a boom on the prowl in morgan hill. video sent her. all remaining
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service will be restored after a nearly four month shutdown following the deadly mass shooting at the san jose railyard in may. >> still to come,.
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the focus is on low riders at the mission cultural center. showcases the unique art and culture created by latinos through the low rider today, and lives on and it is becoming
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accepted by society. >> until this day, it is just a great feeling. >> if you would like to check out exhibit, you have plenty of time. it runs until september 29th. it is really cool. >> i am a car god. those are works of art on wheels. >> they really are. i love the artwork. >> well, thank you for watching. the news continues streaming
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