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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 17, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area , looking east over the bay area. good morning. it's friday, september 17th. >> that's get over to mary lee. it's a cool morning. >> happy friday. we are looking at temperatures below average. we are looking at daytime highs a degree or two warmer than yesterday but still below average and we should see that clearing through the afternoon. highs into the 70s and 80s inland. 83 in concord. around the bay mid to upper 60s. 74 the peninsula. low 60s at the coast. as we look to our weekend, tracking this low pressure
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system that could bring showers late saturday into sunday. i will show you futurecast taking you hour by hour and what to expect this weekend coming up. let's check in with anne for look at traffic. for the super commuters on west 580 it was a 25 minute drive to tracy. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light. a seven minute drive from the maze into san francisco. a quick check at the san mateo bridge traffic. moving smoothly in both directions. a 12 minute drive from highway 80 in heyward into foster city. happening today and fda advisory panel will decide if americans the rooster shot. we explain that there's an ongoing debate whether another shot is necessary. >> reporter: pfizer and maternal pushing for a third booster show of their covid-19 vaccine to be given to folks. the biden administration said it a month ago. >> you can get the booster shot
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at any thousand locations nationwide. >> the final decision doesn't rest with the decision and fda advisory committee will consider pfizer's application for third dose authorization. this comes as medical journals are offering different opinions. the dr. of ucsf says the messaging on boosters has muddied the waters. >> the messaging from the white house has served the terrified vaccinated. >> reporter: in an article published scientists including two outgoing fda employees are due that kurt available evidence does not show the need for widespread use of booster vaccinations. research from israel released by the fda shows waning immunity against severe disease may occur and that boosters significantly reduce the risk of severe illness. the delta variant continues to wreak havoc on communities across the nation with more
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than 1 million new cases and 13,000 deaths last week alone. stretching the medical systems beyond their breaking point. >> we are seeing our community across the board to crisis standard of care which is every physicians nightmare. >> reporter: the world health organization is asking countries not to give booster shots until 40 % of the plan is fully immunized. developing this morning, the hunt is on for the driver who opened fire on a busy east a free weight during the height of rush hour traffic. the shooting around 3:30 afternoon yesterday near the caldecott tunnel between oakland and orinda. katie nielsen reports law enforcement thinks this is a targeted shooting. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of the freeway shooting. traffic backed up for miles and the black sedan parked on the shoulder riddled with bullet
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holes. >> he stopped and talked to an officer in the toll plaza. they are now in the oakland area. >> reporter: police dispatchers telling officers that the suspect has opened fire. >> he said he's eastbound 24 in the tunnel and hearing gunshots. the dispatcher has taken a shot heard the shots. what al was was injured but chp closed down the tunnel for almost 3 hours during the investigation causing traffic to back up for miles. >> i saw the ambulance go by and several chp. >> i don't know what happened. it was crazy. >> reporter: drivers commute times double more because of the traffic. >> it could take me 7 to 10 minutes but it took me 25 minutes. >> it could take between 25 and 45 minutes. i think it took me an hour and
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a half. >> reporter: no arrests have been made. we are hoping to learn more later today. the fire watch people returning to the caldor fire are finding a new problem. lack of clean water. in grizzly flats the flame destroyed many waterpipe servicing homes and businesses. the local water treatment plant did escape the flames but the reservoir still needs to be tested. it may take a year to get everything fixed. the biden administration has released federal funds to a the firehose shortage that california is facing. here is more on that story. >> reporter: cruise battle the bridge fires in placer county on september 5th. cal fire was short one essential piece of equipment. >> this last fire in auburn, we had to order a hose. >> reporter: assisting cal fire the chief relies on a fire cash
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reserve in riding in a warehouse ready to replenish crews at any time. the supply was out of fire hoses. >> they were out of hose and had to order a hose from a cash in alaska. >> reporter: it took one extra day for them to get what they needed. the biden administration has answered the call. unlocking federal funds ordering a production company in oklahoma to make more of these. >> we use the defense protection act to address the shortage of fire hoses. >> reporter: they are the sole supplier of fire hoses to the forest service whose job it is to order equipment for firefighters across california. >> over the life of the contract we've manufactured over 2 million hoses. >> reporter: they expect to manufacture 4000 miles of hoses. a welcomed addition for california crews on the ground. >> power pole is to have enough in our stock to keep eyes in
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service and keep us working. pg&e customers could face a rate hike. it needs the extra money to deal with the risk of wildfires. the average bill right now is about $200 a month for electricity and gas. that would increase to $210 a month if that rate hike request go through. the puc is reviewing them. 4:30 and a livermore high school student is in juvenile detention after police say he made violent threats on campus. investigator said the student said alarming things to classmates and one felt concerned enough to report into an adult. >> i heard he had a list of names he was going to try to kill. >> we had students who reported the concern. they told their trusted adult and they told the administration. we contacted police and everyone mobilized to get to
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the root of what was the concern. >> i feel relieved no one got hurt. >> reporter: another bay area school district is warning about a destructive tik tok trend. students have been recording themselves trashing and stealing operative from the school and posting it on my with the caption db is like. tik tok has taken doubt the tag from its app but some students are still doing it. soap dispensers have been ripped off. it is alerting staff about the trend and asking people to notify administrators about any incidents. it's day three on the whistle blower erika cheung and elizabeth holmes. she told the jury that many blood ellen iser's work broken down and off by white margins putting patients at risk. homes is facing conspirators charges. she's pleaded not guilty. a new hotel and casino
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could be coming to sonoma county but not everyone is pleased. why some people are pushing back. the stage is set and live audience is back for the primetime emmy awards here in los angeles. i've got the shows and stars to keep an eye on on televisions biggest night. the millennium tower for the work has stopped after the fix made things worse. new evidence building officials were forewarned. here's a live look outside before we head to break. is the view of san francisco from our camera on treasure island. it is 4:40. we will be
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a new hotel and casino could be coming to sonoma county. it would be a huge boost to the members of the coronation. the tribe acquired its ancestral land between clearlake and bodega bay. that land could be turned into a $600 million casino resort and we spoke with the vice chairman of the 90 member tribe as he walked the trails where his ancestors once lived. >> quite honestly, this is the first time i've set foot on this trail as we are speaking. it's a little surreal. it's beautiful. >> people in the nearby town
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have been voicing opposition. they are worth it will bring too much noise and traffic. the project still needs to go through state and federal approval processes. approved construction will take 2 to 5 years. now this money watch report. ford on a hiring spree to speed up producton of its truck. white game stop is back in the spotlight. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: stocks were mixed on thursday. the dow fell 63 point. the nasdaq rows 20 and s&p 500 was down six. the former employer of the man who led the game stop frenzy has been fined $4 million for failing to supervise his actions. the state of massachusetts says massmutual didn't follow policies that would have stopped him from promoting stop on social media. gill who had aliases online resigned from the insurer in
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late january. fords electric 150 pickupucon c lightning which goes on sale next year. make 80,000 per year. double what was planned. still not enough to meet the 150,000 reservations it has. the iphone 13 is available for preorder. customers can order through apple's website wireless carriers or retailers. the phone ships on september 24th but may come later depending on demand. the 5g device has a faster processor and longer battery life. there's an updated camera that records video,. at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. the biggest night of
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television is almost here. the primetime emmy award set for this weekend on cbs. >> from the favorites to history making moments. we have more on the big story line ahead of the ceremony. >> reporter: preparations are underway for the 73rd primetime emmy awards at the microsoft theater. this year the show welcomes back an in person audience. cedric the entertainer is set to host the show. >> it's going to be a blast. it's going to be fine. it's gonna be on one of the biggest nights. >> reporter: not a surprise but a recurring trend for michael schneider. the show on streaming continues to grow. >> we like to call the emmys that streaming's. it is dominated by the streaming services. they had 342 nominations of from 270 last year. it is a record for the
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streamers. >> reporter: netflix, the crown is one of the shows making a huge imression. teddast sang naveon l tlo with the most for a first-year comedy. >> among the walks we had him in the comic category. >> the award show will take less than two weeks after the death of michael williams who was nominated for his role in lovecraft country. >> a very sad and tragic loss. >> trying to stay afloat. four mj rodrigues becomes the first transgender performer to earn a nomination in elite acting role for her performance in pose.
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adding anticipation to a night with a lot to look forward to. cbs news, los angeles. it is 4:47. mary lee has our forecast and things are still cool for the week and. we will stay below average through the weekend. a little cooler. here's a live look to the south bay and san jose. in san jose is 57. 57 ford livermore and concord. oakland at 56. mid-50s in san francisco. here's what you can expect. we are looking at another day of below daytime highs. still a little cooler compared to what we typically see for this time of year. as we look to the weekend, we've been talking about this weather system that could bring a few light showers saturday night into sunday.
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winds developed late sunday night into tuesday. monday into tuesday. watching that high fire potential as go through early next week. we have moderate air quality for today. as we go hour by hour with our skies on futurecast, clarion could see more sunshine through today compared to yesterday. as we look head to tomorrow, more clouds stream and and a few showers are possible through lake county, mendocino county and a few spotty showers for the north bay. as we look to saturday night, that's when we could see a few more showers late saturday night into sunday. you can see how quickly things wrapped up for sunday. at least with those temperatures being cooler but warming up for next week. the big winners will be the
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pacific northwest and northern california. for us, as we go through saturday night into sunday morning just picking up hopefully a few hundred to about a 10th. that's it. not a big storm. our first early-season storm system for us. here's our sunrise at 6:53. daytime highs for the peninsula in the mid to upper 70s. inland east bay at 83. concord and pleasant hill low 80s. 70 and oakland. low to mid 70s topping out at 89 in ukiah. seven-day forecast san francisco and had san jose a few showers. a better chance around the bay and warming up by monday and tuesday. inland east to the bay, temperatures in the upper 70's for the weekend and for the north bay a better chance of seeing wet weather for the weekend.
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lets check in with anne for look at traffic. are things friday light? >> reporter: everything is looking good. for the super commuters on westbound five 8825 to 30 minute drive from highway 205 in tracy into dublin. on highway 4 around 25 minutes from highway 162 interstate 80. the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light. metering lights are off. a seven minute drive from the maze to san francisco. here's high weight 80 near the colosseum. a few more cars but traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. a quick check on the san mateo bridge. traffic is light. 11 minutes from highway 880 in heyward into foster city. sermon a new exhibit opened in san francisco focusing on low rider art. it's created by latinos through the low rider movement. exhibit is on display. low riding used to be considered a criminal activity but today it lives on and is
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been accepted by the society that once rejected it.. check it out it runs until september 29th. coming up in sports, the nfc east in primetime last night foot tall. so bad it's good. whether the giants won the west were not could come down o padres. the highlights from
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welcome back. good friday morning. get ready for another cool day across the bay area with that onshore flow. temperatures in the mid-70s in san francisco. 84 san jose 83 four concord.
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highs 1 to 6 degrees below average for this time of year. we will check are next weather system for the weekend co > the national league west race doesn't include the san diego padres but could have a big say in who the winner is. six against the giants and three against the dodgers down the final 15. let's not forget san diego is a game that second wildcard spot. they are playing for their wildlife. crucial games. fernando made that visit world wild. number 39 of the season. same score in the fifth inning. more runs. this went into the right field corner. 4-0, padres. san diego goes on to win max 7- 4. eighth and kansas city. this is like me trying to get
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my phone between the car seat crack. 2-2 in the third. bases-loaded. pete delivers. that gives oakland that to lead. here's a brine. that a four hit day for harrison and the a's win it 7- 2. they are three back. to golf. the famous burger dog at silverado and napa. first round of the championship. first tournament of the new pga season. the headliner was phil mickelson. three birdies on the back nine. he's five back. on 16. max houma rules in the pot for eagle. he's two back from the leader. injuries starting to pile up after one week for the 49ers.
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tray will miss 6 to 8 weeks because of groin injury. also the running back who is out for the season. week two kicked off in our nations capital. giants and the football team. under five minutes to play. washington trailing 26-20. what a snag. that's the go ahead score. final seconds. new york leading 29-27. a 48 yard field goal and heat mr. giants win. not so fast. new york is called for offsites. washington gets another shot. hopkins this time splits the uprights. 43 yard for the win as time expires. washington wins a wild 130-29. that's a look at sports.
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coming up on and streaming on cbsn bay area. booster shots despite questions about whether or not they are needed. the bay area county that could be the first to recommend all its schools require eligible students to get a covid shot. let's look outside before we head to break. this is a view from our exclusive camera on the mark hopkins hotel onhill. we will be right back.
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live from the cbs area studios this is kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area.. right now on kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area.. the fda said to review a plant
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on pfizer booster shots. the debate whether all americans will need a third dose. a high weight shooting triggering a nightmare commute. the hunt this morning for the shooter. she went on a road trip with her fiancc returned. the fbi has joined surge. the please from her family this morning. work to fix san francisco millennium tower now on hold. the warning building officials allegedly ignored. good morning. thank you for joining us this friday, september 17. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm len kiese. happy friday. let's go to meteorologist mary lee. there's a chance of rain this weekend. a little bit. depending where you are, you have that better chance of seeing wet weather for the weekend. we've been talking about it all week long. today we will have nice
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conditions. temperaturesow


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