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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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mixed messages over whether >> we may as well get the third shot. the east bay county expected to make a major vaccine recommendation for its schools. the latest development in the case of a missing woman that has sparked a nationwide search. a mental health expert gives us her take live how the past year have more anxiety and depression among teens. the signs should be on the lookout for. good morning. it's friday, september 17th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm anne makovec. let's get a check of weather and traffic and meteorologist mary lee has been tracking some rain. i'm not expecting a lot but we will take what we can get. it's been a while for us. this storm system will push in for the weekend. for today, a beautiful day across the bay area. daytime highs along the coast in the low 60s.
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mid to upper 60s to 70 and inland upper 70s to low 80s. we will catch the sunshine a little earlier with the clearing as we head through friday. there would go with the low pressure system that is going to bring a few showers as we look to late saturday into sunday. watching this weather system. we will talk about who could see that better chance of wet weather as we go through the weekend coming up. lets check in with anne for a look at traffic. we have a traffic alert. southbound 68 near walnut creek. chp has issued a sig alert for an injury crash involving multiple cards and eight big rig. four left lane's completely blocked. traffic alert southbound 680 near the exit for rector road. a new crash in fremont. three cars are involved. the left lane is blocked.
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looking he bay bridge toll plaza. thmetering lights are on. it's a 12 minute drive from the maze into san francisco. the fda vaccine advisory board is meeting to make a decision whether to recommend a third dose of the pfizer vaccine for people 16 and older. this comes as the booster debate continues. justin andrews live in lafayette this morning. looks like we could be rolling up our sleeves again. >> reporter: absolutely. the question is who needs this booster shot and when. some people are hoping that the meeting will clear the confusion that people have. it's this week when researchers in israel reported a third dose of the pfizer vaccine to prevent infections and severe
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illness in adults older than 60. several independent scientists say the data only suggest older adults will need boosters and possibly not even them. the study does not show a need for a widespread use of this third shot. federal health officials in the u.s. including dr. fauci have plans to distribute booster shots by pointing to evidence from that research in israel suggesting immunity from the vaccine wanes over time. the doctor says the messaging has muddied the waters. >> the message from the white house has served the unvaccinated think the vaccines don't work. >> reporter: several bay area hospitals say they are preparing for potential rollouts next week. will keep an eye on the meeting happening now. we are live in contra costa county, justin andrews, kpix 5.
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>> every time the fda approved something the systems seem to be in place to get it going immediately. >> reporter: absolutely. i mentioned this earlier. this advisory board is meeting right now. the fda does not necessarily have to follow the recommendations but based on their track record the fda has. we will see what happens. >> once approval comes this could be transpiring pretty quick. contra costa county could become the first in the bay area to recommend school districts require students to get fully vaccinated against covid-19. the county's health officer said he plans to make that recommendation later today. contra costa county also became the first county in the bay area required people to prove they are fully vaccinated if you're going into a restaurant, bar and jim.
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that order takes effect september 22nd. new data showing pandemic related food insecurity is persisting in the bay area. despite the continuing recovery from covid-19. a survey from the san francisco food revealed 81 % of the 7000 respondents have yet to recover from covid economic impacts. 61 % said household member lost their job or is earning less money. 50 % said they did not receive food from a pantry before covid- 19. the search for the 22-year- old woman, gabby petito is heating up. police say her fiancc speaking with them. gabby petito was documenting her cross-country road trip with her fiancc laundrie . three weeks ago she went silent. petito's parents believe brian laundrie and his parents know
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something about their daughter's whereabouts and begging for answers. >> this girl. this is what matters. that is it. anything else comes second to this. >> the fbi is involved in the search. petito is believed to have been seen in wyoming's grand teton national park. her fiancc interest in her disappearance. in another twist investors say they're not ruling out the connection between her disappears and the murder of a couple found dead at a utah campsite last month. the hunt is on for the driver who opened fire on a busy east bay freeways. this was during the height of rush hour traffic. shooting happened yesterday around 3:30 near the caldecott tunnel . the chp says it started with a bmw and infinity racing across the bay bridge. someone in the bmw shot into the infinity. no one was injured but chp had
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to close a part of the tunnel for three hours causing traffic to becca for miles. >> i saw the ambulance go by and several chp. >> i don't know what happened. >> officers tell us an investigation is ongoing and they hope to release more information later today. still ahead on kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area., how one l.a. academy shelter is helping surrendered pets find forever homes. a new study showing 54 % of teenagers are struggling with suicidal thoughts and self- harm. what can parents do to help their children do and what signs should they look for. we get expert advice coming up at 6:30. another cool day with
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daytime highs running one to 6 degrees below average. 64 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. 83 in concord. we will talk about how weekend forecast. first a live look outside. here is sf oh on this
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i'm tracking a storm system that will push across the pacific northwest and could bring a few showers in the bay area as we head through late saturday into sunday. we will time it out for you and the locations that have a better chance of seeing what weather coming up. happening today a ribbon cutting ceremony in san mateo to mark the completion of a new hillsdale health station which includes raising the tracks of lowering the road at east 25th avenue.
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officials say separating the road will improve safety for drivers and pedestrians and will lower traffic. the newly elevated train station now offers bike racks and the lockers. the area say it was a political action to get us through the next few years if drought conditions don't improve. 80 % of california is entering extreme drought. 45 % suffering exceptional drought conditions. mary, you've got our attention when you mentioned rain chances. super excited about this. not expecting a lot of rain. a few showers are in our forecast is a tracking this early-season storm system. your weather headlines to get out the door. a pleasant day today across the bay area. daytime highs went to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. below average daytime highs.
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as we look to the weekend, like showers are possible saturday night into sunday morning with this storm system. i will show you futurecast in a moment. as a low pressure system drops to the basin, offshore winds will develop. we have two chances. late sunday into monday and another burst of offshore winds monday night into tuesday. really watching that north bay and east bay hills looking into next week. let's check out our salesforce camera. temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s. with the storm system i will push across the pacific northwest bringing some rain for them this morning. as we look to our weekend, that soaking rain for the pacific northwest. for us if you showers. i will take you hour by hour and see clearing earlier today. catching that sunshine for friday. watch as the clouds stream and on saturday. you can see showers across lake
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and mendocino county. it gets going for us saturday night into early sunday. stopping the clock at 7:00 p.m. for saturday and watch as it moves through saturday into sunday. this is at 5:00 a.m. everything moves out fairly quickly as we go to the rest of your sunday. here we are at noon on sunday with everything clearing out. we are not expecting a lot. maybe a few hundredths of an inch. the north bay has a better chance of seeing what weather. sunrise at 6:53 and sunset at 7:13. a mild day across the peninsula in the mid to upper 70s. 79 in santa clara. 82 for los gatos. 83 in concord as well as pleasant hill. 64 in san francisco.
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70 in oakland. seven-day forecast san francisco and oakland and around the bay a few showers saturday night into sunday. the south bay may not see anything. the better chance of seeing wet weather for the north bay and coast late saturday into sunday. lets check in with anne. good news for commuters. southbound 68 near walnut creek. the crash has ended. this was near the exit. orleans open. traffic will be a little slow in that area. we will keep track of the crash in fremont. highway tonight near the avenue. three cars are involved. the left lane is blocked. traffic slow through that crash. looking at our main trouble
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times. most freeways in the green except for the super commuters on west 58. heavy traffic over the altamont pass. one hour to drive from highway 205 in tracy to highway 6 80 in dublin. highway 4 35 minutes from highway 160 and interstate 80. at the bay bridge toll plaza with a live look. seeing a few more cars on the roadway but friday light. metering lights on. 11 minute drive from the maze into san francisco. handing over a four-legged friend to a shelter can be a painful experience. to avoid that l.a. county has kicked off a new program. the agency launched home to home. a platform where people can find temporary or permanent housing for their pets. they can match up with prospective adopters. this is instead of taking them to the shelter. had owners fill out an online form and post a picture and details about their animal. >> lack of access to veterinary
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care is a reason why people have to give their pets up. that's increased during covid. >> the pet postings are shared on social media to increase the chances of these faces. coming up on cbs mornings, lady gaga's dog walker, ryan fischer system with gayle king. it's his first interview since he was shot during the violent kidnapping of the singers dogs in february. he explains why he defended or decide to defend the dogs from the armed attackers. >> i was scared. i was in pain. i had a feeling when they came up and pulled the gun on me that i was going to be shot. there's no way went to fight for these dogs. i have to do what i can. >> you knew you were going to
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fight even with the gun. >> yes. i had to. >> to watch the full interview with ryan fischer, state to enforce cbs mornings here on kpix 5. inodand wine. on cbsn ba., all in one popular dock. we have more where you can find it on liam's list. there's a small handful of individuals in the world that can qualify to acquire this property. >> it's one of the most expensive houses in the world. it's also a fixer upper. why the developers being forced to sell this mansion. here's a li
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welcome back. it is 6:21. here's a live look outside on this friday. it is friday. you know what that means. time to enjoy the weekend. >> it is time for liam's list. he's here with some fun ideas for the weekend. good morning, william. >> reporter: good morning, lovelies. good morning, everyone. a few movies in a moment. first a dose of some music. there she is. he's headlining the inaugural merritt island dog of bay festival this saturday at 1:00 until 9:00. featuring 15 bands on three stages. it's held on the merritt island promenade. amazing views of the city.
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attendees will enjoy local and international cuisine with food trucks. the merritt island brewing company with special brews. the vendor village featuring arts and crafts from local artists and one-of-a-kind festival merchandise. everyone is talking about jamie. a movie you will want to see. despite some obstacles, jamie has the courage to follow his dream to be a music star. this is a coming of age story. full of hard. it reminds me of the billy elliot movie. it is streaming now online. check it out. >> my husband here. >> the eyes of tammy faye. and intimate look at the rise and fall and redemption of
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tammy faye and her husband. they ruled the airways in the 70s and 80s. jim baker came from humble gettings to create the largest religious network. tammy faye was famous for her eyelashes and singing. she embraced everyone. a stellar performance for the movie. as i turn it back to you, and wearing my giants shirt. him all things giants. we got tickets this past week. you can get giants tickets from $11. if you want to see a game before the rush of october, get online. go giants. enjoy the weekend.
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>> that is a bargain. you still have money left over for garlic fries. >> the tickets are $11 and the garlic fries are $40. >> it all balances out. thank you, william. it is 6:25. coming up on kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area., right now and fda panel meeting to discuss pfizer booster shots. will lie with the mixed messages whether it's needed. mental health can be difficult at any age. teenagers have been hit hard these past 18 months. how the pandemic has made it worse and what parents can do to help. we will be live with a kaiser psychiatrist. a chance of rain ticking up. mary is tracking the possibility for a wet
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if you are just waking up, here are your morning headlines. contra costa county expected to recommend all school district require eligible students to get fully vaccinated. that according to the mercury news. they plan to make the recommendation today. the elizabeth holmes fraud trial resumes and the south bay. a former employee will take the stand this morning. homes has pleaded not guilty. going live to the station in san jose ? the vta light rail system will resume full
6:30 am
operation. the green line is the final segment to be brought back after nearly 4 months shutdown following the mass shooting at yard in may. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday come september 17. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm len kiese. >> we began with a chance of rain. looking outside to the north. we could definitely need showers they are. it is a cool friday. another cool day across the bay area with daytime highs below average. we are looking at highs into the 70s and 80s inland. a pleasant day for you with the sunshine. 83 in concord. 72 for the napa valley. the peninsula mid to upper 70s and the coast with the seabreeze in the low 60s. we are tracking this low pressure system. we've been tracking it all week
6:31 am
long and looks like it will hold together as we look into saturday and sunday. we will time it out for you coming up. we have an update on the multi-car crash we've been following in fremont southbound highway 880 on horton avenue involving three cars. the crash has been moved to the right shoulder. traffic still backed up past highway 84 into union city. on the san mateo bridge, traffic moving smoothly in both directions. 13 minutes to drive from highway 880 in heyward into foster city. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. seeing a few more cars but not too bad. the metering lights are on. it's a 40 minute drive from the maze into san francisco. the fda vaccine advisory board is making a decision whether to recommend a third dose of the pfizer vaccine for people 16 and older. this comes as a booster debate continues. justin andrews is live in
6:32 am
lafayette. good morning, justin. >> reporter: good morning. there's the seesaw answer whether or not to get the booster shot or not. i want you to listen into part of the advisory board meeting happening now. >> the studies conducted suggest the u.s. authorized all licensed vaccine remain effective in protecting against severe disease. >> reporter: people are hoping this meeting gives them some level of clarity. researchers and israel reported on wednesday a third dose of the pfizer vaccine can prevent both infections and severe illness in adults older than 16. there are several independent scientists who say the data so far indicates older adults will need boosters and maybe not even then. that's where the confusion lies. they saved the study does not show a need for widespread use.
6:33 am
u.s. health officials have plans to distribute booster shots. some bay area hospitals are preparing for potential holdouts next week. we will see how this meeting ends. we could be rolling up our sleeves getting a third shot. we are live in contra costa county. i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. let's get a quick look at the five numbers. the dow is down this morning about 15 points. that's as a former employer of the man who led the game stop frenzy has been fined $4 million. the state of massachusetts says he did not follow policies that would have stopped gill from promoting came stop on social media. who had multiple aliases online resigned from the insurer in late january. looking at capitol hill n metro police are high alert as
6:34 am
new online threats from groups are surfg weekend's justice rally. the rally which begins tomorrow is calling for the release of imprisoned insurrectionist from the january capital riots. crews reconstructed the inner perimeter of the fencing around much of the capitol. law enforcement expects 700 people to attend the rally. the feds say they have cut the head off the state in a sweeping gang bust around the area. operation quiet storm netted 55 suspects across nine countries. the biggest prize a group described as a governing body of the prison gang. federal prosecutors say the group used a paramilitary structure to control thousands of gang members across california. >> these individuals have for years let a violent and
6:35 am
lucrative criminal organization from their prison cell. we take aim at the head of the snake. >> the charges range from racketeering and robbery to drug trafficking and murder. we posted more details on the website in sacramento governor newsom has signed two new laws aimed at boosting california's housing supply. the first help city to overwrite zoning restrictions to build denser housing in urban areas especially near transit. a second lot will make it easier for single-family home owners to split their laws enhance and build duplexes on each lots. when it comes to houses, this bel air mega mansion is in the category of its own. >> it's the most expensive home in the world and it will be up
6:36 am
fosalebecausthe builder ran out of money. the developer said he would list the mansion for $500 million but he has defaulted on $100 million of debt. the court is stepping and forcing the home to be put up for sale. the home features a bowling alley, private nightclub and day spa not to mention the 4000 square-foot master bedroom that is twice the size of an average l.a. home. >> we are very unique. over 100,000 square feet. it has a view that has to be seen to be believed. is a premier real estate. >> a handful of people could qualify to purchase this home. the booming housing market may make the timing right for someone. the property will need to have its permits approved and received a certificate of occupancy before it can be listed. >> i love how you set for somebody. new video of this project. christo is known for wrapping landmarks as an art statement.
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coming up on kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area., anxiety and depression in teens skyrocketing during the pandemic. now going back to the classroom can be confusing. more coming up live next. the new hotel casino coming to sonoma county but not everyone is pleased. why some people are pushing back. the market opened a few minutes ago. here's a live look at the big board. the dow is down 37 points. diane king hall has a closer look coming up after the break. ahead on cbs mornings, pfizer as for approval to bring out booster shots. will talk about the potential rollout and what it means for the fight against the delta variant. in a cbs mornings exclusive gail talks with lady gaga's dog
6:38 am
walker, ryan fischer. his first interview after he was shot. after ben platt will talk about his character on the big screen. all that and more at 7:00.
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good friday morning. i'm tracking this weekend storm system getting closer to us. bringing showers and rain to the pacific northwest. it will bring a few showers here in the bay area. i will time it out for you coming up in a few minutes. new video out of china. the country declaring its mission to space.
6:42 am
three astronauts came back to earth after spending 90 days on if you good day to siation. get one. a look at friday's stocks. diane king hall joining us. >> reporter: good friday morning. trading has been underway for 10 minutes. stocks are under some pressure in the early action. that dow trying to fight back. right now down 15 points. it's been fluctuating. in the tech sector the nasdaq down 44 points. the iphone 13 is available for preorder your customers can order through apples website, wireless carriers or retailers. the phone ships on september 24th. it may come later depending on demand. the device has a faster processor and longer battery life. there's an updated kim that videos and semantic mode.
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>> the good news is older models get cheaper when we see the new ones. >> this is true. >> that can help. diane king hall, thank you. >> those prices go up let's talk about this is going up p gne could see a rate hike. needs extra money to deal with the risk of fires. the average bill right now is $200 a month. bills will go up about $10 a month if the rate hike request goes to. they are under review. on the heels of national suicide prevention week and a students head back to the classroom, mental health is on the top of people's minds. >> a recent survey found 54 % of 17-year-olds found suicidal thoughts or harm. that's the highest risk since
6:44 am
2014. what warning signs should parents look for. kaiser permanente psychiatrist dr. air to sink joins us now. we thank you for being here. >> a lot of teens are struggling to that figure you read off more than half of teenagers having the suicidal thoughts. we had the pandemic, the world turned upside down. how can we use the transition back into normal life? >> the covid-19 pandemic is something we never thought we would deal in our life. talking to our youth about their mental health and understanding the warning signs of depression and anxiety and helping support our youth through this time the best ways to prevent suicide. >> and ac/dc society found suicide related e.r. visits despite 31 % in 2020.
6:45 am
this is compared to the year before. what would you say is driving that increase? >> the cdc data and we published a paper using california data showing similar trends. over all suicide rates have not increased for the population at whole. particularly for certain groups. adolescent females and use without connecting for mental health care. they may have more risk of suicidal attempts or thoughts right now. >> let's talk about the warning signs. what should parents look out for and at what point should you reach out for outside help? >> the most important thing parents and friends can do for each other is be there for each other and keep talking to each other. some of the biggest warning signs are changes in behavior and not being able to do the
6:46 am
things you used to do. if you have a child who is doing well in school and that's changed and they are isolating more than the used to those are times you want to think about reaching out. >> this can be a difficult issue to talk about but very important. it can save lives. what advice would you give parents struggling to talk to their teens about depression and suicide? >> i would say try. there's great resources like find your that can help parents and teenagers learn their words to talk about mental health and suicide. and start this conversation. >> kaiser permanent their psychiatrist dr. eric it's an. thank you. >> if you or a loved one thinking about suicide, please note you are not alone and help is available 24 seven by calling the national suicide prevention lifeline. the number is 1-800-273-talk. or through the crisis texline by texting home to 741741.
6:47 am
ne, a new hotel and casino could come to sonoma county. it would be a huge boost to the coronation. the tribe acquired its ancestral lien. that lands could be turned into a $600 million casino resort we spoke to the vice chairman of the tribe as he walked the trails were his ancestors once lived. >> quite honestly, this is the first time i sat foot on this trail as we are speaking. it's a little surreal. it's a beautiful feeling. >> some are voicing opposition saying it will bring too much noise and traffic. the project needs to go through the state and federal approval process. if approved construction is expected to take 2 to 5 years.
6:48 am
it is 6:47. will get a quick check on weather and traffic. let's start off with mary lee. a little possibility of rain. we are looking at this early season storm system and it looks to hold together as it moves across the bay area by the weekend. we have a chance of wet weather coming our way. now what to expect if you are getting ready for work or school. a pleasant day ahead for your friday across the region. daytime highs running 1 to 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. we will see the clearing earlier but staying below average for this time of year. went to 6 degrees below average. light showers are possible saturday night into sunday morning. i will show you futurecast in a moment. as the low pressure drops to the great basin, gusty offshore winds will develop. with two chances of that. late sunday into monday and another burst of onshore winds monday night into tuesday
6:49 am
specifically watching the north bay and east bay hills due to that high tohe day. temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s. here's what you can expect along the coast. cool and breezy. low 60s. mid to upper 60s to 70 degrees. and lynn with sunshine temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. the storm system moves into the pacific northwest already bringing rain to the pacific northwest. has that low pushes through, they will have a soaking rain across the pacific northwest and a few showers in the bay area. i will time it out for you coming up. clouds stream in ahead of this weather system. as we look to saturday evening, here we are at 7:00 p.m.
6:50 am
watch through the overnight hours into sunday morning. showers pushing across the bay area. this is at 5:00 a.m. on sunday. you can see how quickly things move out. we start to clear out. we are not expecting a lot of rain. a better chance of seeing wet weather north of the golden gate. daytime highs for the peninsula mid-70s. and lynn 83. around the bay 64 in san francisco. seven-day forecast san francisco and oakland the chance to see if you showers late saturday into early sunday. the south bay you may not see anything including the and let east bay. the north bay and the coast a better chance of seeing wet weather for the weekend. lets check in with anne for our commute .
6:51 am
it is slow for the super commuters on westbound 580. heavy traffic over the altamont pass. over 50 minutes to drive from highway 205 in tracy to highway 6 80 in dublin. one hour to go from highway 160 and interstate 80. a 15 minute drive from highway four to the maze. at the san mateo bridge a live look with more cars but traffic moving smoothly in both directions. 13 minutes to drive from 880 in heyward to foster city. looking at the golden gate bridge. traffic is light. 20 minute drive from highway 37 to the bridge. at the bay bridge toll plaza seeing a backup. the metering lights are on. 14 minute drive from the maze into san francisco. making a comeback san francisco cable cars. all three of the cable lines will be in full service after a
6:52 am
power outage shut them down for nine days. the cars have been running full service for five days then the fire suppression system at the cable car barn was discharged and the power was cut. next on kpix 5 news and streaming on cbsn bay area. , the fda discussing if a booster shot is needed for all americans. we are live with the big debate. why tom brady says age is just a number and has nothing to do with his career. streaming today on cbsn bay area. cedric the entertainer talks to us about his multiple roles in media. the fantasy football today gets its van impe football starts and sits for week two. you can watch that on or
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live in contra costa county, who needs the ir maans s ofght now the fda's advisory board when it comes to the vaccine is meeting to discuss that and hopefully get answers. research in israel shows a third dose of the pfizer vaccine can prevent infections and severe illness in older adults older than 16. other scientist say the data suggest older adults will need boosters and maybe not even then. the study does not show the need for widespread usage. u.s. health officials have plans to distribute booster shot saying immunity from the vaccine wanes over time. we will keep watching this meeting. we could be rolling up our sleeves sometime soon. the meeting is unfolding right now. live in contra costa county, i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. time for look at other top
6:57 am
stories. one east bay county could recommend ndvaccines for all eligible students. >> the county's health officer will make recommendations today. contra costa county in the fight is discussing its own mandate. vote could come down next week. the hunt is on for a driver who opened fire on a busy east bay highway yesterday. chp says a bmw and infinity were racing when someone in the bmw shot at the infinity. the prime emmy awards this sunday kpix 5 netflix, the proud and disney plus, men delorean meeting the nominations.
6:58 am
here's a live look of san francisco with gray skies. another day of below average temperatures but a pleasant day ahead with the clearing earlier. 83 in concord. san francisco. ey. low 60s at the kos. tracking this early season storm system that will bring a few showers as we look ahead to late saturday into sunday morning. the best chance to see what whether it will be north of the golden gate. north bay, you have a better chance of seeing it. not expecting a lot. we will take what we can get. lets check in with anne for the latest on the traffic . looking at the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. 13 minutes to drive from highway tonight into foster
6:59 am
city. we are starting to see a backup. the metering lights are on. 14 minute drive from the maze to san francisco. fans of tom brady may be happy to hear this. >> he says he is open to playing the game until he is 50. brady who is 44 said he would play past 45. now he's singing a different tune. his teammate asked brady if he could play until 50. brady said i think i can, i think it's a yes. that is if brady supermodel wife will allow it. the buccaneers quarterback is eyeing his seventh super bowl win in february. why not? 50 is the new 30. >> it is. if you can do it, do it. i don't know if i could do it. >> i couldn't do it at age 25.
7:00 am
cbs mornings are next. before we go to ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings." hello to our viewers in the west. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> it's friday, we're here. let's go to today's "eye >> reporter: an fda advisor committee to talk about recommending booster shots of covid-19 vaccines. >> studies show that booster >> reporter:meency ixahaitgrant


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