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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: from “saturday night live,” please welcome emmy nominee aidy bryant. >> spooky. frightful. skeleton with a knife. these scare-tastic and spine- chilling words evoke what it
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feels like to put on a variety special that is live. i am shaking in my damn boots just speaking of it. here, now, brave nominees for variety special live. "celebrating america: an inauguration night special." "the 63rd annual grammy awards." "the oscars." "the pepsi super bowl lv halftime show starring the weeknd." "stephen colbert's election night 2020: democracy's last stand building back america great again better 2020." >> and the emmy for variety special, live, goes to: "stephen colbert's election night 2020: democracy's last stand building back america great again better 2020." stephen t. colbert, writers.
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( cheers and applause ) >> yes! thank you. wow. i haven't met some of these people before. thank you to the academy, and thank you to the showtime for giving us an hour on election night to do our show because cbs had to report the news or something like that. i accept this emmy on behalf of everybody who worked on the late show, with pride and i am so proud to be one of them. and i'm so glad that we got honored for a live show.
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because there are many nights when we do this show when we say this is like a live show, especially over the last four years when something would happen at 4:00 or 5:00 or 5:15, and we had to go on at 5:30 and write a whole new show in 20 minutes. and these people behind me are absolutely, most of the people behind me, most of the people behind me really deserve this emmy right now. i want to thank cbs, cbs for giving us the show every night. i want to thank ted lasso and for not being in this category. and the most amazing thing is that these people did this show not just in their own little zoom rooms like everybody in
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this industry did over the past year, they did a live show in their own zoom rooms. and it meant everybody on the show had to be their own leader and ask everything of themselves and do more than i could ever have expected. and that leadership starts at the top. and i want to thank chris, my show runner for always having the ambition of the show in mind, like doing a live show when the ambition of just doing a show every night is ambition enough, i want to thank tom who is the beautiful mind and beating heart behind this show. i want to thank jim and his entire crew and all the technical people without put up a virtual control room so we can do a live show from everybody's home and i on a personal note i just want to thank the crew that i rolled with the last 15 years, harry, james and jon stewart, my family for letting dad bring his work home during covid and i
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also want to thank the greatest audience and the greatest partner i could ever have, my wife evie. thank you very much. >> announcer: and now, here are the nominees for variety special, pre-recorded. "bo burnham: inside." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ look i made you some content. david byrne's american utopia. >> ordinary guy. ♪ burning down the house. ♪. >> 8:46, dave chappelle. >> you on a man's neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. can you imagine that? >> friends: the reunion. >> oh, chandler and monica. >> oh my god, oh my god.
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>> oh, my eyes. >> "hamilton". new york, you can be a new man. ♪. >> a west wing special to benefit when we all vote. >> i will be back. don't cheat, i know exactly where the patients on the board are. >> >> i am pleased to present the award for outstanding variety special, pre-recorded. music, comedy and theater are all represented in this unique and diverse category. but what does the word“ category” even mean? and what are “awards?” and what does it look like to“ win”? and what “time” is it? and most importantly, why
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>> and the emmy for variety special, pre-recorded, goes to: "hamilton." ( cheers and applause ) ♪ alexander hamilton the america sings for you. ♪ ♪ they know your name. ♪. >> thank you disney and thank you radical media for making hamilton one of the television events that brought people back together last year. when we were separate and alone.
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thank you to the television academy, to us, this award represents the synergy between the medium of television and theater. what a gift we can be to each other. what a gift you gave us last year when we were dark and dispersed. television provided the platform for us to come together to put op a show, on behalf of lin-manuel miranda and all of the companies off broadway and on, we say to you, look around, look around! the curtains are going back up. and the lights are coming back on. thank you, thank you. (applause)
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>> over the past year we have lost so many of our loved >> over the past year, we have lost so many of our loved ones, but we treasure our memory of each of them, we honor their work, and we rejoice in having them in our lives. joining us tonight, in tribute to all our brothers and sisters, are leon bridges and jon batiste. ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't know what to say, except you. my audience. thank you. instead of good-bye, how about so long. ♪ been travelling these wide roads for so long so long ♪ my heart's been far from you
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ten thousand miles gone ♪ oh, i wanna come near and give every part of me ♪ but there's blood on my hands and my lips are unclean ♪ in my darkness i remember momma's words reoccur to me ♪ "surrender to the good lord and he'll wipe your slate clean" ♪ take me to your river i wanna go ♪ oh, go, take me to your river
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your river i wanna know we're trying to build a gebt eller, kinder society, if we all pitch in just a little bit, we're going to get there ♪ dip me in your smooth water as i go in ♪ as a man with many crimes, come up for air ♪ as my sins flow down the jordan ♪ oh, i wanna come near and give every part of me ♪ but there's blood on my hands and my lips are unclean ♪ take me to your river your river i wanna go
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♪ oh, go, take me to your river i wanna know ♪ i wanna go, wanna go, wanna go ♪ wanna know, wanna know, wanna know ♪ wanna go, wanna go, wanna go >> i want you to know that i will not be here if it weren't
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for-- i am everlastingly ♪ take me to your river i wanna go please let me know ♪ take me to your river i wanna go >> the only way for me to say thank you is by making sure that the foundation that i am standing on is strong enough to support the next person that was ♪
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>> announcer: from "awkwafina is nora from queens," it's-- well, awkwafina. >> funny story: the emmys called, and i was like, "whoa, cool! is it about my show?" but then, they were like, "no, you're presenting," and i was like, "oh, no, that's totally cool." so, here are the nominees for outstanding comedy series.
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"black-ish." "cobra kai." "emily in paris." "the flight attendant." "hacks." "the kominsky method." "pen15." "ted lasso." >> and the emmy for outstanding comedy series goes to: "ted lasso." ( cheers and applause )
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>> i will stand this way, i will stand this way. this way. the speech is starting, hey quick personal thing before i get going, krista, shar lot, will, henry, jeff, ted, dpar et, mom, dad, those are my people, i love them, that is actually the order i love them in which i probably need to say. we like to thank warner brothers for starts, peter roth, ann, brett, shannon. we would like to thank apple which is sphwhrak, jamie, matt, eddie, t dog, my new nickname for tim cook, he does not know that yet, have my fingers crossed and most like to thank this amazing cast, crew, writers, staff, my cocreators, brendan hunt, jo kelley and our fearless leader jason sudeikis, i'm eternally grateful to be
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included but the biggest thank you from this group is to the people that watch. i really think i can speak to everyone here when i say we all foe how lucky we are to do this for a living and we appreciate you. tonight thank you so much. >> announcer: and now, here are the nominees for outstanding drama series. "the boys." "bridgerton." >> do not take that kiss, i fore gid you-- forbid to you go further. >> you can not tell me what to do. >> the crown. >> this is the stuff of which fairy tales are made. the prince and princess on their wedding day. the handmaid's tale. >> here. >> lovecraft country.
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>> . the mandalorian. >> pose. >> we are the house of a buppedance. this is us. >> you are a beautiful, resilient and the world is a brilliant >> he's battled aliens, the peaky blinders, and kissed halle berry in public. that makes him the "goat." please welcome, adrien brody. >> and now it's time for the penultimate award of the night, one that is a highlight of the evening, just as these series have truly been highlights of the past television year.
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>> and the emmy for outstanding drama series goes to: "the crown." ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you the trvetion academy. thank you netflix. thank you sony, thank this lot. (cheers and applause)
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thank you to one or two people not here because we thought. >> michael in particular, andy, thank you ben karin who is in new york, our wonderful director, julianne, paul whittington, nibbles and this is-- i am not for words and i'm very, very grateful. thank you. >> announcer: coming up, angela bassett presents the final award of the evening. this is cbs. this is the sound of an asthma attack... that doesn't happen. this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils.
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>> announcer: please welcome our final presenter of the evening: seven-time emmy nominee, angela bassett. >> is that applause for me or because it's time for the final award of the evening? either way, here are the nominees for outstanding limited or anthology series.
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"i may destroy you." "mare of easttown." "the queen's gambit." "the underground railroad." "wandavision." and the emmy for outstanding limited or anthology series goes to: "the queen's gambit." ( cheers and applause )
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>> thank you to all the fellow nominees in this category, the amazing work this year. the one thing that no algorithm can prect and no billion dollar budget can manufacture is word of mouth. this award is for the fans who told their friends. and who became friends, fans who told their friends to, you got to watch the orphan girl chess drama. thanks to my friend and partner alan scott, from scotland, without carried the queen literally for 30 years, to our grand masters for teaching us squares, how truly hip 64 squares can be.
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thank you to netflix, you guys did the rarest thing of all these days, you took a chance on risky material. and you trusted the filmmakers. thanks to the tv academy for already recognizing the work of the best department heads and crew that scott and i have ever worked with, especially a our fello producers, ania joy, what can i say, you brought the sexy back to chess and you inspired a whole generation of girls and young women to realize that patriarchy simply has no defense against our queen. mariel, bill, moses, thomas, aisla martin, you were all a dream team, big love to my mom in chicago, my family, elsa, natalie, diego and to nie dad up there, it would have been his 90th birthday today, happy
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birthday, dad. and finally to my brother, from another mother scott frank, for making such a great show that in this pandemic season you managed to refurbish the whole world's tranquil very much. >> cedric: that's our show! what a night. shout out to the loo. i'll holla! good night! captioning funded by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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now and 11:00. a big part of the bay area is under a reflwarning . the communities that could lose power, coming up. it may not get all that windy in the bay area where you live i will let you know when it will hit the mountains and how long it will last. this case has attracted national attention. intense moments at the san jose airport. new arrests , are brazen jewelry store heist caught on camera. good evening, a red flag warning for the bay area went into effect. >> we have the dangerous fire whether the you still in the valleys, that means that 10,000 pg&e customers are on alert for
11:34 pm
public safety shut off. in her -- here this could impact 20,000 in napa county . >> we have been tracking that red flag warning . >> what happens with the offshore wind event. you see the pattern on the high- resolution map. keep this on the north side of the sacramento valley. the wind stream will show you the offshore wind, the brighter the color the stronger the wind and when the north end hits the mountains of the north bay that is when things start to dry out . that is a concern with us. not that they will be terribly distract. it will be driving up the landscape. this is the timing, it goes until 11:00 on sunday night for the strongest when gets eardrum morning. we will look at that row. here is your take away for the red flag warning at this point.
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back over to you. >> we will now go to trent to live . this is where the residents are on high alert. >> reporter: as we said the red flag warning is in effect until thrown a friend right now, the conditions are calm and as darren mentioned all that will change in a few hours. >> reporter: the sound this is extreme fire danger in these longtime residents know what that means. >> when i saw, i got the notice , i went to where i am ibex all packed. i wanted to make sure that if everything inside of them and i am ready in case anything happens. i want to be ready to rock 'n roll. >> sandy said she only has two roads and they are generally narrow. >> today i


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