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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 20, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look outside through our exclusive sales force tower camera, a live view west. good morning. it is monday september 20. i am len kiese. >> i am anne makovec. a live look in dublin, red flag warning in effect for much of the bay area. there are concerns about dangerous fire weather right now in the east bay hills and valleys. >> let's get right to meteorologist mary lee. she has the latest conditions. >> low relative humidity values and winds picking up. the there is a red flag warning for the areas in red. that does include north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys under this red flag warning. that's because we are looking at the dry air moving in. inland, also seeing hot temperatures as we head through today and also expected for tomorrow. we are looking at highs heating
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up to the 90s inland, 93 concord, san jose 84, north bay mid to upper 80s. around the bay, warming up to the mid to upper 70s and low to mid 80s for the peninsula. >> thank you. more than 7,000pge customers in ten counties are on alert for public safety shut offs. >> betty yu has more. >> reporter: this sign in downtown points to extreme fire danger and long time residents know what that means. >> when i got the notice about the red flag warning, i went to where i have my bags all packed. i want to make sure i have everything in there and that i am ready in case anything happens. i want to be ready to rock and
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roll. >> sandy says if she needs to evacuate, she has two roads and they're generally narrow. >> i have my medications. just today i charged up my things that i can charge my cell phones. >> there is always the possibility that it can strike here and this place is very vulnerable. when you reflect on what happens to other communities that get hit by fire, it is frightening. >> reporter: in addition to east bay hills and valleys, north bay mountains are also included. >> this weather event we are seeing early tomorrow is very dynamic. it has been a little wet, a little sprinkle, a little moisture in the air. >> reporter: pge confirmed they will begin public safety power shut off monday around 5:00 am. 1200 customers in napa and 800 in solano will be affected. when customers got the 48 hour notice yesterday, that's when
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they should have started preparing. we want our customers prepared. take a look at the house. what needs power? do you have medications that need refrigeration? do you have a back up generator. hundreds are on notice for power outages. pge is looking to fix outages connected to rainfall. more than 2,000 customers in the east bay are still without power. pge is expected to restore electricity by this morning. bay area saw a small amount of rain saturday but it caused people to lose power. pge says if it had rained harder it wouldn't have been as much trouble. >> when a first mist or rain comes after a long dry spell, it turns this into mud and mud conducts electricity. this can damage electrical equipment and cause outages. taking a look at our
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traffic this monday morning, main travel times, all major freeways are in the green for super commuters on west 580, 25 minute drive from highway 205 in tracy to dublin. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light. san mateo bridge, traffic moving smooth in both directions, 12 minutes from hayward into foster city. the fbi believes it has found the body of gabby petito, the 22-year-old woman who disappeared during a cross country trip with her fiance. >> reporter: the search for gabby petito appears to have come to a tragic end. a body matching description of the missing woman was found by investigators yesterday at a camp site in wyoming. >> full forensic identification has not been completed to confirm 100% that we found gabby but her family has been
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notified of this discovery. cause of death has not been determined at this time. >> reporter: after the news broke of the remains found, her father joe shared a picture of gabby on twitter with a broken heart and words "she touched the world." the 22-year-old's family had not heard from her since last month. >> we continue to seek information from anyone who utilized the camping area from august 27 and august 30. >> reporter: in july she set out on a cross country drive with her fiance brian laundrie. august 12, a utah police officer pulled their van over. body cam shows the couple in the middle of an emotional argument. >> we have been fighting all morning and he wouldn't let me in the car before. >> reporter: according to police, he was alone when he arrived at his parents' home in florida on september 1. he was named a person of interest in the case but refused to speak to detectives before going missing last week.
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>> our goal is to locate him and bring him back to north port. >> reporter: his family believes he is somewhere inside the carlton reserve, a wildlife refuge in sarasota county. >> more than 50 law enforcement officers are searching the wildlife refuge in florida. a live look at the san jose international airport where we are learning new details about a security breach. police say a 22-year-old suspect followed an airport employee past a secure gate early yesterday. then he barricaded himself inside his car and told officers he swallowed an explosive device. police determined he was having a mental health emergency. they say he took medication. oakland police investigating a shooting that left one person dead. this happened early sunday on 17th near harrison in downtown oakland. one of the victims was rushed to the hospital where he later
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died. the shooting is oakland's 97th homicide of the year. 4:38, a live look at the sales force tower in san francisco, company's dream force convention could bring a boost to the city's hard hit tourism industry, this year's scaled down convention kicks off this week. >> da lin explains. >> reporter: the three day tech event starts tuesday, the second convention at moscone center post pandemic. dream force convention will be a lot smaller compared to previous years where they had over 200,000 people. attendance is invitation only and requires proof of vaccination. hundreds of people are expected to attend, small but still plenty star power. fu fighters will kick off with live music. speakers include will smith and jane fonda. >> bring it on. we are open and ready for people to come back. >> reporter: table top tap house across from moscone
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center shut down for 14 months. reopened three months ago. they're normally open tuesday but will open this tuesday because of the convention. >> it's a start. it's going to be a slow start but it's a start. >> reporter: nearby at joy-ride pizza they're hoping for extra foot traffic. >> i am looking forward to more events, having more people come and enjoy this area. >> reporter: what's good for businesses is good for workers. some of the workers emerged from unemployment to work their first convention since covid. >> happy to be here, 14 hour days, time and a half, over time. it's money. >> reporter: joan with san francisco travel believes the high vaccination rates in the city will encourage other companies to follow suit. >> sales force puts a lot of emphasis on this globally. that's important. second, it's important to tell the world that san francisco is open for sissanyou are welcome to come. it's safe to meet here. >> reporter: other outdoor events are helping the economy by sunday's san francisco marathon which brought a lot of
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runners from out of town. >> it was really touching because i lost two homes in the czu lightning fight in santa cruz. coming back from that has been more than a journey. now to be able to run and process that is great, being with the community. >> reporter: the next major event is fleet week airshow less than three weeks away. i am da lin, kpix5. it is 20 minutes before 5:00. coming up. >> the biggest night in television is over. see top winners from last night's primetime emmy awards. >> later, niners traveled to philly. they didn't get to a great start, no first down in the first quarter. vern has more on how jimmy g got his team back on track. >> later, the event spaces you will need your vaccine card to get in across the south bay.
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>> before break, a live look outside. this is a view of the city from our camera on treasure island. check out this live shot of a full moon. it's looking gorgeous against that clear backdrop of the bay area sky. we'll keep an eye on it this morning. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ fall together with lowe's. to find great values this season.
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lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. 4:42, an update on a daly
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city jewelry store heist caught on camera. police arrested four people in connection with this smash and grab at the center shopping mall wednesday night. seven people smashed display cases with hammers at infinity jewel ears, made off with thousands in rolexs, rings, chains. police chased a lexus speeding away. the lexus crashed. the driver and passenger were arrested. two other suspects were arrested soon after. investigatessers are trying to identify the three outstanding suspects. tesla encountering resistance from federal regulators as it tries to expand its self driving feature. elise preston reports from the new york stock exchange. wall street is hoping for turn around after three straight losing weeks for dow jones industrial average. dow fell 166 points friday,
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nasdaq was off 137. s&p 500 dropped 40. summer isn't over but natural gas prices are already soaring. last week gas futures were trading at more than $5 per million btus. it's been over seven years since natural gas was this expensive and winter heating season is several weeks away in most of the u.s. national transportation safety board wants tesla to tap the brakes before expanding full self driving beta testing program. the tesla ceo elon musk says a new version of software should be out by october and will be offered to more drivers. the update is expected to allow self driving function to be used in cities as well as on highways. the head of the ntsb told "wall street journal" tesla should address basic safety issues with the system before allowing it to be used more widely. that's your cbs money watch
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report. for more head to i am elise preston. the 73rd emmy awards returned to all live in person show sunday night. this was for the first time since the pandemic started. >> it was a really good show. streaming services took home the lion's share of awards. >> ♪ you got what i need. >> reporter: all star hip hop tribute kicked off television's biggest night. nominees sang and danced declaring love for tv. >> it's the emmys people! >> reporter: cedric the entertainer hosted from l.a.'s microsoft theater. >> there is way too many of us in this little room. >> reporter: first presenters complained about the venue while ken jung poked fun. ted lasso for outstanding comedy. >> it means the world to me to
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be up here and just be a mirror of what you give to me. >> the show lassoed wins for supporting actor and actress. the crown took home an arm load of trophies including outstanding drama, lead actress, lead actor, best supporting actor in a drama series. hacks won several awards. jean smart dedicated her award for best actress in a comedy series to her late husband. >> i would not be here without him. >> reporter: there were tributes for recently departed actors. >> weekend update has been part of snl for 46 seasons. i would like to pay tribute to one of the best we ever had. >> reporter: mcdonald passed away last week while michael k williams died earlier this month. last week tonight with john oliver won for best variety talk show for the 6th straight year. it won for best variety series
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writing. glitz, glamour, high fashion were on display on the red carpet. rodriguez paid homage to hold hollywood while another entered wearing wings. >> can't go wrong with wings. >> i can use some wings on this monday. >> yeah, take flight. mary you are watching a lot for us. >> we are tracking gusty offshore winds. we have high fire danger with a red flag warning in effect for areas highlighted in red. with the offshore winds of course everything is so dry and we are watching those winds gusting up to 50 to 60 miles per hour up over those mountain peaks. looking at hot temperatures inland as well as we go through our afternoon today and also for tomorrow. let's show you a live look outside in san francisco temperatures in the 50s to about 60 degrees. definitely a mild start to our day. let's check the wind gusts
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especially mount st. helena, strongest wind gusts up to 66 miles an hour, mount diablo 57, hills burg hills 40 and uc berkeley at the campus 18-mile per hour winds. let's talk about our temperatures. we are looking at highs soaring inland to the 80s and 90s, 90 livermore, 90 san rafael. low to mid 80s for the peninsula. a warm to hot day inland because of the offshore winds. we are seeing strongest winds now. through our day we are going to see winds ease a bit as we go through today. it's the north bay mountains specifically napa county where we are watching strong winds so we are watching at least those high winds picking up today and as we head through the rest of our afternoon and evening, you can see the winds easing a bit.
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we are really dealing with the low relative humidity values down to the teens. i will show you this in a moment. we are going to catch sunshine as we head through today, that dry air in place. tomorrow temperatures will be even hotter. we are looking at sunrise at 6:56 and sun set at 7:09. today, a warm to hot day. it does get hotter as we look to your tuesday with those temperatures soaring even more especially inland, definitely feeling even hotter outside with the temperatures tomorrow. here we go for our seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose. you see the bump in temperatures for your tuesday. we are going to see relative humidity values on the low side as we look to tomorrow and then onshore flow picks up for us as we look to the rest of our week. inland east bay as well as for the north bay again dealing with those gusty offshore winds today and even hotter for tomorrow especially inland east bay upper 90s.
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and then we are looking at temperatures a bit cooler as we look to the end of the week and along the coast with the marine influence as well. let's check with anne for a look at traffic. taking a look at your travel times, looks like all major freeways are in the green for the super commuters. west bound 580, a 30 minute drive from highway 205 in tracy to dublin and west bound highway 4, 25 minutes to go to interstate 80. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off, traffic is light. let's look at 880 and oakland near the colosseum, a few more vehicles but traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. check on the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving along. it will take 12 minutes from highway 880 in hayward to 101 in foster city. a well traveled route for giants fans headed to and from
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the ballpark. but you better watch where you walk. sidewalks in the mission bay neighborhood are sinking at an alarming rate. >> it's a gap of approximately that much. >> wow, these are really enormous cracks. >> that's on project home tonight at 11:00 on kpix5. nine minutes before 5:00. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we will head to philly where niners went head to head with the eagles. a bit of a rocky start. can we get back on track? vern has more coming up next. a live look outside before break, looking live at the golden gate bridge on
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good monday morning. i am tracking a high fire danger. we had the red flag warning in effect for the areas highlighted in red. that's in effect until 8:00 p.m. gusty offshore winds, low relative humidity values, hot temperatures inland this afternoon. really watching especially the north bay mountains for those strong winds. here is vern with sports. good morning everybody. how did you spend your last sunday of the summer? were you like me, on the couch watching the 49ers do what they do at lincoln financial field aka the link? jimmy garoppolo at philadelphia without first quarter first down. eagles took a 3-0 lead but hurts wanted more. deep ball, touchdown? no. he stepped out of bounds, a break for the defense. so eagles settle for a field
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goal. are you ready? 49ers, garoppolo, samuel and he stretched the field 40 yards into the red zone. next play, garoppolo found a wide open jennings, first career catch became a touchdown. that completed a 97-yard drive, niners led mid way 7-3. after a scoreless third, man he's quick, first carry of the game with 21 yards, inside the five. and nobody stops garoppolo, capped off a 92-yard drive 14- 3. defense kept coming. two sacks today, put an end to this drive, come here, put hurts on the ground. less than six minutes to play, third round pick, he will remember his first nfl carry, a helmet to helmet smash that
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caused a fumble. eagles got flagged and 49ers maintained possession. sermon went to concussion protocol while niners kicked a field goal. eagles down 17-3. hurts showed he can do a quarterback sneak too, scored 82 yards on the ground. three minutes to play, philly defense, come on! it's garoppolo, a dive for first down. eagles out of time outs. we are done. 49ers beat eagles 17-11 and start 2021 with back to back road wins. >> going on these back to back road trips, i think we have won the last six. they're not easy. you go through ups and downs and want to get home but i am really happy winning. >> there we have it on a sunday. now it's a new week, packer week for the niners. the giants, 12 games left of the regular season.
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let's see how it all unfolds. we'll see you later. about three minutes now before 5:00. >> we are tracking dangerous fire conditions that could lead to power shut offs at any moment. everything you need to know to stay safe. we have live team coverage. >> we will talk about why one east bay school district is canceling its meeting to implement a vaccine mandate. let's give you a live look outside as we head to break from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. it is 4:57. we'll see you right after this break.
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♪ ♪ fall together with lowe's. to find great values this season. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility.
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a red flag warning in effect for parts of the bay area. we are tracking conditions
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putting fire crews on edge. >> this place is very vulnerable. when you reflect on what happens to other communities that get hit by fire, it is frightening. power could be cut any minute now. the communities preparing to possibly spend the day in the dark. a ticket won't be enough. the mandate starting today in the south bay requiring vaccines for entry. she vanished on a cross country trip. investigators think they have found her body. the man hunt for gabby petito's fiance. good morning. we are glad to have you with us. going live to dublin, a red flag warning for bay area is in effect. there are concerns about dangerous fire weather in the east bay hills and valleys. >> over 7,000pge customers in 10 counties on alert for public safety power shut offs. in the bay area outages can begin any minute now.
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