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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  September 20, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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vulnerable. when you reflect on what happens to other communities that get hit by fire, it is frightening. power could be cut any minute now. the communities preparing to possibly spend the day in the dark. a ticket won't be enough. the mandate starting today in the south bay requiring vaccines for entry. she vanished on a cross country trip. investigators think they have found her body. the man hunt for gabby petito's fiance. good morning. we are glad to have you with us. going live to dublin, a red flag warning for bay area is in effect. there are concerns about dangerous fire weather in the east bay hills and valleys. >> over 7,000pge customers in 10 counties on alert for public safety power shut offs. in the bay area outages can begin any minute now. they were slated for 5:00
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impacting over 1200 customers in napa, over 800 in solano. we have live team coverage. justin andrews is standing by with how people are preparing. first mary lee joins us, tracking the latest conditions. for the north bay mountains, mount st. helena, gusts to over 60 miles per hour. you see the areas in red under the red flag warning and that's until 8:00 tonight. really watching the north bay mountains for strongest winds but also for east bay hills and valleys under the red flag warning. we are dealing with hot temperatures as we head through our day inland. we are talking about 84 in san jose, 93 concord, 90 livermore, 90 san rafael. around the bay, a warm day with mid to upper 70s with sunshine. peninsula, low to mid 80s and 70 along the coast. a red flag warning is in effect for east bay hills and
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valleys, north bay mountains. >> pge confirmed it will begin power shut offs in two counties at any moment. justin andrews is live in napa, one of the places that could be affected by power shut offs. >> reporter: more than 2,000 customers in solano and napa will be affected, most were notified over the weekend. those high offshore winds that mary mentioned this morning are set to bring higher than normal wildfire risk to energize power lines. statewide pge expects to cut power to 7100 customers in ten counties. as of sunday night the shut offs were expected to affect more than 1,000 customers in napa and 800 in solano. we talked to pge yesterday. >> when customers got the 48 hour notice yesterday, that's when they should have started preparing. we want our customers to be prepared, take a look at the
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house. what needs power. do you have medications that need refrigeration? do you have a back up generator? >> reporter: today's public safety power shut offs would be the second in the bay area this year. we are live in napa county, justin andrews, kpix5. >> thank you. hundreds wait to see whether their power will be shut off and some are waiting for the lights to come on after weekend rain. more than 2,000 customers in east bay are without power. pge hopes to restore electricity sometime this morning. bay area saw a small amount of rain saturday night but it caused more than 28,000 to lose power. pge says if it had only rained harder there wouldn't have been so much trouble but the first mist of the season is often bad news. here is why. >> when the first mist or rain comes after a long dry spell it turns the mixture into mud. mud conducts electricity. this can damage electrical equipment and cause outages.
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>> i seen pge spraying the transformers a couple days ago. four minutes after 5:00, taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light, metering lights off. seven minutes from the maze into san francisco. golden gate bridge, just a few cars on the road way. it will take about 19 minutes to travel from highway 37 in novato to toll plaza. all major freeways right now are in the green for super commuters on west bound 580, will take a little bit over a half hour to drive from tracy on 680 in dublin and on west highway 4 it will take 25 minutes from highway 160 to interstate 80. new, pfizer says its covid- 19 vaccine works for kids ages five to 11. the company plans to seek authorization for the age group soon. this as biden administration is holding off on covid-19 booster
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shots for general population. advisers to fda recommend emergency use authorization for a third dose of the pfizer vaccine but only for people 65 and older and for those at high risk of severe illness. they say there is lack of data about safety and efficacy for everyone else. >> i don't think they made a mistake. one thing i think people need to realize, data are coming in literally on a daily and weekly basis. >> dr. fauci also talked about vaccines for moderna and johnson & johnson. he said data about booster shots from those manufacturers could be a few weeks from being reviewed by fda. a live look at the sap center in san jose where starting today you have to show proof of your vaccination or a negative covid test in order to get in according to the sap center's website, if you can't meet the requirement, you can resell your tickets or contact the company where you bought the tickets. for shark season ticket holders
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count your account rep for options. sf chronical reports west contra costa unified canceled its special board meeting where they discussed implementing vaccine mandate. leaders were scheduled to vote tomorrow. "after speaking with our attorney, the district will not be ready for the meeting. the district is working on how to incorporate vaccine mandate for contractors. it is not clear when vaccines might be approved for children under five. director of national institutes of health says he cannot predict an exact date. >> data won't be submitted to fda for a bit longer. i think realistically we will not see approval until very much later this year. fbi believes it's found the body of gabby petito. that was the 22-year-old woman who disappeared during a cross country trip with her fiance. >> reporter: the search for gabby petito appears to have
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come to a tragic end. a body matching description of the missing woman was found by investigators yesterday at a camp site in wyoming. >> full forensic identification has not been completed to confirm 100% that we found gabby but her family has been notified of the discovery. the cause of death has not been determined at this time. >> reporter: after the news broke of the remains being found, her father joe shared a picture of gabby on twitter with a broken heart and words "she touched the world." the 22-year-old's family had not heard from her since late last month when she contacted them. >> we continue to seek information from anyone who utilized the camping area between august 27 and august 30. >> reporter: in july she set out on a cross country drive with her fiance brian laundrie. august 12, a utah police officer pulled their van over, body cam video shows the couple in the middle of an emotional
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argument. >> we have been fighting all morning and he wouldn't let me in the car before. alone when he arrived at his parents home in florida. he was named a person of interest but refused to speak to detectives before going missing last week. >> our goal is to locate him and bring him back to north port. >> reporter: his family believes he is inside the carlton reserve, a wildlife refuge in sarasota county. >> there are more than 50 law enforcement officers searching the wildlife refuge in florida. in the bay area one person was killed and several others hurt after a shooting in oakland. this happened on 17th street near harrison in downtown oakland. one of the victims was rushed to the hospital and that's where he later died. this is oakland's 97th homicide of the year. update on a daly city jewelry store heist caught on
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camera. police arrested four people in connection with the smash and grab at the mall on wednesday. seven people smashed display cases with hammers at infinity jewelers, made off with thousands of dollars of rolexs, rings, chains. police chased a lexus speeding away and the car crashed. driver and passenger were arrested and two other suspects were arrested. investigators are still trying to identify the three outstanding suspects. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a security breach at an airport, threats that landed one man in jail. comedy is back at golden gate park. robin williams meadow filled with laughter. we'll take you there after break. i am tracking dangerous fire conditions, a red flag warning is in effect. i will talk about this and when we will see winds ease. first a live look outside,
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welcome back. strongest winds happening this
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morning, winds gusting up to 66 miles per hour at mount st. helena, knoxville 43, hills burg hills 40, 18-mile per hour winds at the uc berkeley campus and also orinda. we will talk about the red flag warning and what you can expect. stunning video of a volcano erupting on a spanish island. it continued to erupt through the night. thousands have been forced to evacuate from nearby towns as lava pours down the mountain side reaching villages and homes. this eruption was the first one in 50 years. more than 25,000 earthquakes have been detected over the past nine days, strongest a magnitude 4.2. a live look at the san jose international airport where we are learning details about a security breach. police say a 22-year-old suspect followed an airport employee past a secure gate early sunday.
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he barricaded himself inside his car and told officers he had swallowed an explosive device. police determined he was having a mental health emergency. today, bay area's largest children's hospital celebrates opening of a rebuild intensive care unit in oakland. grand opening happens this morning at the children's hospital. the pediatric icu has been renovated and expanded, covers 20,000 square feet with state of the art equipment and 21 private rooms. today, a ground breaking ceremony at oakland's newest. the 95th and international is a 55 unit affordable mixed use development with a health clinic on the ground floor to help tenants facing eviction in contra costa tomorrow the board
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of supervisors considering extending eviction moratorium. if adopted it would continue prohibition of no fault evictions on san francisco tenants. are you feeling good? [ cheering and applause ] >> are you feeling great? [ cheering and applause ] >> are you ready for your next comedian? >> we need him as our alarm on monday. >> yeah. >> there were count less laughs. robin williams took turn as its headliner. common greats include ellen degeneres and whoopee goldberg. 16 minutes after 5:00.
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are you ready! >> love it. helping to motivate us. it's so great. let's talk about our weather. if you are about to step outside, what to expect, it feels chillier compared to yesterday. we have offshore wind flow and it's helping scour our skies and clear our skies. we are starting our day with temperatures all over the place from 58 in concord and also san francisco, san jose, 60 oakland, 55 livermore. santa rosa is down to 48, a cold start for you. you can see the temperatures in the 24 hour temperature change anywhere from about four to nine degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. as we head through our day with that sunshine and dry air in place, we are going to heat up. we are talking warm to hot conditions this afternoon from 84 in san jose, 93 concord, 90 livermore, 90 san rafael.
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peninsula, low to mid 80s. we'll see sunshine as we head through today and also for tomorrow. it does get hotter as we look to your tuesday. in fact tuesday is the warmest day of the week. let's talk about that red flag warning, high fire danger for today that is in effect until 8:00 tonight because of the gusty offshore winds, low relative humidity values, hot temperatures inland. on futurecast today at least right now we are seeing strongest winds with offshore wind event and really watching north bay mountains as we have been seeing strongest winds. as we head through our day, we are going to see winds ease by the afternoon and evening. as you see as we go through the day are relative humidity values, they are going to plummet down to the teens, even 11% in fairfield, 14% in brentwood, 13% in livermore. we are looking at dry air in place even for tomorrow. today, we are looking at those temperatures on the warm to hot
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side as we head through tomorrow, we are looking at even hotter conditions expected for your tuesday. then as we look to the rest of the week with onshore flow beginning, temperatures will be cooling down. as we go through san francisco, oakland, san jose, that seven- day forecast you see bumping up with those temperatures for tomorrow and then a bit cooler as we look even by wednesday through the rest of the week. for inland east bay and north bay, watching gusty offshore winds especially north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys. then we will see temperatures hotter for your tuesday. then we will cool it down a bit starting wednesday through the work week and especially by this weekend for the coast after a warm day for you today and for tomorrow and then back down to the 60s starting on wednesday through the rest of the work week and into the weekend. let's check with anne for a look at traffic on this monday morning. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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you see it is good, traffic is light. metering lights are off. it will take seven minutes to drive from the maze into san francisco. same story at the golden gate bridge, a cars on the road way, 19 minutes from highway 37 to the toll plaza. main travel times, most major freeways are in the green except for super commuters. west bound 580 it will take 35 minutes from tracy to 680 in dublin. west bound highway 4, 25 minutes from highway 160 to interstate 80. muni will discuss ideas for restoring service. they're holding a media round table to look at the hard choices the transit agency faces as it recovers from the pandemic. a key question is whether muni should bring back all day routes across the board or try to concentrate instead on increasing service where demand is the highest. a well traveled route for giants fans headed to and from the ballpark but you better
5:20 am
watch where you walk. sidewalks in san francisco's mission bay, they are sinking apparently at an alarming rate. >> it's a gap of approximately that much. >> wow, these are really enormous cracks. >> that's on project home at 11:00 right here on kpix5. 20 minutes after 5:00. the calendar may say september but that's not stopping oktoberfest, where celebrations are already getting underway, next. coming up later at 7:00, big news from pfizer in the fight against covid-19. the former fda commissioner talks about new data and when we can expect vaccines for kids under 12. also anderson cooper talking about his book where he dives into personal stories. we will go back stage and hear about the winners from last night emmy awards. a live look outside before
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break. this is our dublin camera. we'll be right back.
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5:23. a live look outside at downtown oakland. good morning to you oakland and everyone there in the east bay.
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universal studios officially opening first theme park in china monday after years of construction and delays because of the pandemic. tickets for the highly anticipated opening were sold out in a presale last week. the park has been under construction since 2016. this is universal's third theme park in asia. the other two are in japan and singapore. it looks like it is raining but you can't stop the fans. >> you cannot. the smiles will still be there. oktoberfest celebrations kicked off over the peninsula. >> a lot of people turned out to enjoy the festivities. tents are set up in court house square for people to enjoy live german music, dancing, cold beer, pretzels, bratz. what do they love? >> we love to preserve culture, dancing, the exercise. it's truly anaerobic work out. i do it for what a guy will do
5:25 am
for beer and brat wurst. germans are always looking to celebrate. there is wine fest, beer fest, oktoberfest, may fest. it is just party all year long. >> they're into it. the event runs through next sunday. tickets range from 17 to $27. you can get a commemorative stein once you pay the entrance fee. but do you have to dress like that? >> i think you have to. that's a necessity. 25 minutes after 5:00. coming up in our next half hour. >> dangerous fire conditions overnight as strong winds move in. we are live with the areas on high alert. san francisco's largest event scaled down. how dream force could boost the city's hard hit tourism industry. in money watch, facebook firing back. why they're calling "wall street journal"'s report on
5:26 am
misinformation egregiously false. >> this is our view from the camera on the mark hopkins hotel looking at the
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, fire danger ramping up overnight. red flag warning in effect and potential power shut offs that could put thousands in the dark. how fire crews are ramping up efforts to protect some of the nation's oldest trees. >> these trees are adapted to fire but not intensifier. dream force is back but not smaller, could still make a big impact. big sweep of migrants in decades. how biden administration is working to ease the flow of
5:30 am
immigrants at the mexican border. good morning it is monday september 20. i am len kiese. >> i am anne makovec. we begin with the fire danger. in a big part of the area, red flag warning in effect in the north bay east hills and valleys, strong offer shore winds prompting the warning. pge is warning power can be turned off any minute now, 1200 in napa and more than 800 in solano could left in the dark. we have live team coverage. justin andrews has more. mary lee has details on exactly who is on high alert. we are talking about north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys under the red flag fire warning with dangerous conditions, areas highlighted in red. specifically watching north bay mountains, seeing gusts up to 66 miles per hour over mountain peaks and also east bay hills and valleys under the red flag warning and in effect until
5:31 am
8:00 tonight. gusty offshore winds, low relative humidity values and hot temperatures inland. heating up this afternoon, warm and hot conditions across the area with sunshine. 84 san jose, 93 concord, 94 san rafael, mid to upper 70s around the bay and low to mid 80s for the peninsula and even 70 along the coast. let's go live to justin andrews in napa with more on the potential power shut offs. >> reporter: good morning. if you live in napa or even solano, you can expect to possibly sit in the dark today at some point as shut offs are expected to begin. they were set to begin at 5:00 this morning as these parts of the bay fall under the red flag warning. you were probably notified about this over the weekend from pge of the possible shut offs because more than 2,000 customers in napa and solano should be prepared for this. more than 1,000 in napa and 800
5:32 am
customers in solano. those high offshore winds you were mentioning mary are really a high risk when it comes to wildfires, higher than normal they say. statewide pge expects to cut power to 7100 customers in ten counties across the state. we interviewed two people in orinda. >> i got the notice about tonight, red flag warning. i went to where i have my bags packed. i wanted to be sure i have everything in there and that i am ready in case anything happens. i want to be ready to rock-n- roll. >> it's always the possibility that it can strike here and this place is very vulnerable. when you reflect on what happens to other communities that get hit by fire, it is frightening. >> reporter: you can go to pge website to see if where you live will be affected by the
5:33 am
outages. i looked on the website and it shows that in napa there are no power shut offs but it makes it clear they are forecast at some point today. right now you might be good but later on, it could be a different story. check the website for more information on if your lights will be out. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> charge those cell phones while you can. thank you. we will continue to follow the fire danger throughout the morning. fire crews in the sequoia national forest doing everything they can to save some of the largest oldest trees on the planet. the flames are marching towards some of the oldest on the planet and getting deeper into the park's giant forest. fire crews wrapped tree bases in fire and heat resistant material and cleared much of the brush from the area, a last line of defense if they're not able to slow the fire down. >> these trees are adapted to
5:34 am
fire but not intensifier. we want to do everything that we can to protect the trees as well as the historic cabins that are on the national park. >> containment stands at 0%. let's look at your traffic this monday morning if you are heading out the door, taking a look at main travel times, major freeways in the green except super commuters on west bound 580. it will take around 40 minutes to drive from tracy to highway 680 in dublin. west bound four, it will take 25 minutes from highway 160 to i-80. bay bridge toll plaza, a live look, starting to see more vehicles, metering lights are off. it will take around seven minutes to drive into san francisco. a quick check the san mateo bridge, traffic moving well. it will take about 12 minutes from highway 880 in hayward to 101 in foster city. a live look at the sales
5:35 am
force tower, dream force convention could provide a boost for san francisco's hard hit tourism industry. the three day technology convention starts tomorrow. it will be the second convention at moscone center since on set of the pandemic. attendance is by invitation only and requires proof of vaccination. hundreds are expected to attend in contrast to previous years whereas many as 200,000 showed up. businesses near moscone center are gearing up for increase in foot traffic. >> bring it on. we are ready. we are open and ready for people to come back. >> sales force puts emphasis on this globally. it is important to tell the world that san francisco is open for business. you are welcome to come. it's safe to come and meet here. >> local agencies promoting tourism hope high vaccination rates in the city will encourage other companies to host conventions soon. to the coronavirus, average u.s. daily death toll from covid-19 over the last seven
5:36 am
days is past 2,000. that's the first time since march 1 that deaths have been so high. data shows that 80% of icu beds in the country are in use with about 30% occupied by covid-19 patients. a new study by kaiser foundation found while most large insurance companies waved cost sharing for covid-19 care in 2020, that is no longer the case in 2021. 72% of health insurance plans are no longer waving out of pocket costs for covid treatment. dell rio texas, u.s. started what may be swiftest expulsion of migrants in decades. biden administration is working to stem flow of refugees into texas by blocking the mexican border. law enforcement began flying haitians back to their homeland sunday. there is a make shift processing site under a bridge and they're not wasting time. >> we are working around the
5:37 am
clock to expeditiously move migrants out of the heat elements under this bridge to our processing facilities in order to quickly process and remove individuals from the united states. >> some migrants say they're afraid to return to haiti after the recent earthquake and political unrest. more than 3,000 haitians have been moved from the camp and put on planes or in detention centers. 5:37. apple's top managers are apparently grappling with unrest amongst employees. "new york times" reporting many complaints revolve around secrecy that makes it difficult to speak out about workplace concerns. the company says we are and have been committed to creating and maintaining positive inclusive workplace. it goes onto say we take concerns seriously and investigate whenever a concern is raised and out of respect for privacy of any individuals involved we do not discuss specific employee matters. thousands of workers at disneyland are pushing for
5:38 am
higher pay, class action suit involving about 25,000 employees says disney is legally obligated to pay them a living wage. many say they're struggling to cover basic expenses including housing and food. time for money watch report, amazon ramping up ads and how that may impact product search results. plus auto makers are under investigation. elise preston is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. good morning. facebook is pushing back against a "wall street journal" five part series on the social media joint. the stories alleged facebook allowed users to spread misinformation on covid-19 and the vaccine. concerns were raised about human traffickers on the platform and negative impacts instagram has on younger users. facebook called the series egregiously false. up to 30 million vehicles built by two dozen auto makers will be investigated by u.s.
5:39 am
officials. the national highway traffic safety administration opened engineering analysis on cars 2001-2019. the investigation is centered around takata air bag inflaters. focusing on revenue which ú this year compared to last year. how many ads you will see depends if you shop on the desktop or the amazon app. >> or both like a lot of us. >> guilty. >> we have real estate stories from the bay area but now i hear you have one from the east coast, boston. yeah, totally different side of the country. the house in the north end hit the market in august to close last thursday for a little over
5:40 am
$1.2 million. the four story home was built in 1862 and is more than 1100 square feet and is about 10 feet wide at its widest point. there is no front door. residents enter through a side door. i know you can see video of the house. if you are looking for any door, you better slow down because you will miss the house on the street. >> they call it the skinny house. i can see why. you would become skinny going up the four flights of stairs, i suppose. >> i need to visit then. >> don't we all. thanks. we'll see you when the stock market opens at 6:30. >> those walls are too close for comfort. >> true. ten feet. 5:40. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> why ntsb is asking tesla to pump the brakes on full self
5:41 am
driving expansion. . here is a look at the red flag warning conditions, especially for the north bay, east by hills and valleys under the red flag warning until 8:00 tonight. gusty offshore winds, low relative humidity values, dangerous fire weather conditions. my full forecast is coming up. does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours?
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only nature's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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5:44. a live look at napa, one spot under red flag warning this morning. that means power outages can come this morning as well. mary will have an update on conditions coming up in a couple of minutes. 5:44, a very close call after a navy jet went down in a residential neighborhood during a routine training flight. that was the scene over a neighborhood in lake worth texas. a plume of black smoke pouring into the sky. miraculously the jet missed several homes and instead crashed into a backyard destroying some out buildings, pilot instructor and student ejected. one had to be rescued after their parachute got tangled up in power lines. fire crews say the outcome could have been much worse. new, the government wants tesla to hold off on expanding a self driving program. elon musk says new software
5:45 am
will be out next month and will be offered to more drivers. it would allow self driving function to be used in cities as well as highways. the head of ntsb says tesla should address basic safety issues with the system before promoting wider usage. spacex's four civilian astronauts are on earth and elon musk is pledging 50 million to help push the space mission over the fund raising goal. the trip helped raise money for st. jude's children's research hospital. the pledge pushed the total past the $200 million fund raising goal. it became the first ever to earth's orbit traveling space travelers. one was a cancer survivor. the country's film board has not approved the legend of the ten rings for release. >> i can change my name, start
5:46 am
a new life. >> chinese nationalists apparently criticized the star who was born in china but grew up in canada. so far, this is the year's top grossing film in the u.s., spent third weekend at the top of the box office and has grossed over $177 million. >> i would say it's doing okay. >> yeah. >> i saw it last weekend and i want to see it again. it's that good. love it. >> take me this time. popcorn on me. >> okay. >> be careful. have you checked the prices at the movie theater. >> that's true. >> $15 or something. >> oh yeah, man. we are looking at a chillier start to our day. if you step outside you will feel that difference. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay. you see temperatures all over the place from 58 concord, san francisco, san jose, livermore
5:47 am
55, santa rosa 48. the 24 hour temperature change, 2 to 11 degrees chillier compared to yesterday at this time. let's check daytime highs. plenty sunshine, tracking offshore winds, dry air. that's what's helping heat us as we go through today. 84 in san jose, 93 concord, 90 livermore, 90 san rafael. we are looking at temperatures of 79 oakland, low to mid 80s for the peninsula. along the coast with the sunshine, 70 for pacifica. this will be the case again for tomorrow. tuesday will be the hottest day of the week so temperatures will be on the rise for sure. let's talk about that red flag warning in effect for today for areas highlighted in red, north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys and that's until 8:00 tonight. that's because of gusty offshore winds, low relative
5:48 am
humidity values, hot temperatures inland. for the north bay, that's where we are watching the strong winds and in fact right now this morning the strongest winds with this offshore wind event, we have seen gusts up to 66 miles per hour over mount st. helena. as we go through our day winds will be easing this afternoon and by this evening. we are going to see relative humidity values plummet down to 11% fairfield, 14% brentwood, 13% livermore, concord, as well as for napa. it does look like we will continue with dry air as we look to tomorrow. our sunrise at 6:56 and sun set at 7:09. daytime highs hour by hour as we go through our day, warm to hot conditions this afternoon and it does get hotter as we look to tomorrow. the seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose, we look to tomorrow and we warm up even more and then onshore flow kicks in and we are going to see temperatures a bit
5:49 am
cooler starting wednesday through the work week and especially into our weekend. inland east bay, north bay. gusty conditions, even hotter as we look to tomorrow and then temperatures just a bit cooler for the rest of the week. let's check with anne for a look at traffic on this monday morning. let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza. we are starting to see more cars. metering lights are still off and it will take about seven minutes from the maze into san francisco. golden gate bridge, traffic is light. it will take about 20 minutes from highway 37 in novato to the toll plaza. san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well but it will take about 12 minutes from highway 880 in hayward to 101 in foster city. main travel times, all major freeways are in the green except for those super commuters on west bound 580. it will take over 40 minutes from tracy to highway 680 in dublin and west bound 4, around
5:50 am
25 minutes from highway 160 to interstate 80. the neighborhood is kicking off its fourth season. >> ♪ we are family. >> the cbs comedy is about what happens when a friendly midwest man moves with his family to a neighborhood in los angeles where not everyone appreciates his extreme love. cedric the entertainer shared with us what fans can expect. my neighbor dave, a funny amazing actor, he comes in after taking one of these 23 and me things and finds out he is remotely, remotely, super distantly related to me somehow. therefore he is extra excited about being part of the family. >> watch the season present peer of the neighborhood at 8:00 on kpix5.
5:51 am
nine minutes before 6:00. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> biggest night in television wrapped up. see top winners from last night's primetime emmy awards. later on the drew barrymore show this
5:52 am
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73rd emmy award returned to all live in person show sunday night. this was the first time since the pandemic started. >> it was a really good show. streaming services took home the lion's share of awards. >> ♪ you got what i need. >> reporter: all star hip hop tribute kicked off television's biggest night. nominees sang and dance declaring their love for tv. >> it's the emmys people! >> reporter: cedric the entertainer hosted from la's microsoft theater. >> there are too many of us in this little room. the first presenter jokingly complained about the venue and ken jung poked fun. >> i didn't get four booster shots to present remotely. >> reporter: it was a good night for ted lasso. >> it means the world to me to be up here and be a mirror of
5:55 am
what you give to me. >> reporter: it lassoed wins for actor and actress. the crown took home an arm load of trophies including lead actress, lead actor, best supporting actor and actress in a drama series. hacks won several awards. jean smart dedicated her award for best actress in comedy series to her late husband. >> i would not be here without him. >> there were tributes for recently departed actors. >> weekend update has been part of snl for 46 seasons. i would like to pay tribute to one of the best we ever had, norah mcdonald. >> reporter: she passed away last week while michael k williams died earlier this month. last week tonight with john oliver won for best variety talk show for the 6th year. it won for best variety series writing. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: glitz, glamour, high fashion were on display.
5:56 am
rodriguez paid homage to old hollywood and billy porter entered the venue wearing wings. 5:56. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> we are continuing to track dangerous power conditions that could lead to power shut offs at any moment. everything you need to know to stay safe. why one school district is canceling meeting to implement a vaccine mandate. a coordinated jewelry store heist, rolexes, rings, chains stolen. police have been working to
5:57 am
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a red flag warning in effect for parts of the bay area. we are tracking conditions
6:00 am
putting fire crews on edge. >> this place is very vulnerable. when you reflect on what happens to other communities that get hit by fire, it is frightening. power cut to the communities that will likely be spending the day in the dark. pfizer ready to expand shot to a new age group. the key step toward vaccinating youngsters. a ticket won't be enough. a mandate requiring vaccines for entry. she vanished on a cross country trip and investigators think they have found her body. the man hunt for gabby petito's fiance. thanks for starting your monday with us. live to dublin, a red flag warning for much of the bay area is now in effect. there are concerns about dangerous fire weather right now in the east bay hills and valleys. more than 7,000pge customers in ten counties are


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