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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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teens. so, red flag warning stays in effect until 8:00 at night. northbay mountains and east bay hills. one other side effect of this offshore wind event, did you notice the warm-up today? you know who got it the most? anybody near the coast. we got up to 83 degrees today in the city. that was a 15 degree warm-up from yesterday. so, this is one of those scenarios where you really warm- up near the water period everyone's daytime highs coming up in a bit and white today's a bit hotter. dr. you. >> this just end, pt and he has given the all clear on power safety shutoffs affecting the bay area. thousands lost power as the utility shut down lines and high wind areas. crews will now be working to restore power in napa county, solano county, richmond, and oakland. right now 900 people are still without electricity. pg&e hopes
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to have all customers fully restored by 10:00, tonight. our other top story tonight, a good sign in the effort to keep kids safe from covid-19. pfizer just announced that a lower dose of its coronavirus vaccine appears to be safe for children ages 5 to 11. while the data still needs to be submitted to the fda, this could be a big step toward making the vaccine available to that age group. kiet do has a look at the details and in your study, and what top bay area health officials are saying about it. >> reporter: for this trial the process was similar to other trials but for one thing. instead of the adult dose of 30 micrograms, they dropped it down to 10 micrograms for kids and still got promising results. >> reporter: pfizer tested nearly 2300 kids ages 5 to 11, giving them to doses 21 days apart period they then showed a favorable safety profile and the antibody responses in the participants given 10 microgram doses were comparable to those recorded in a previous study of people 16 to 25 years of age immunized with a 30 microgram
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doses. the vaccine was well tolerated and side effects generally comparable to those observed in participants 16 to 25 years of age. >> a very robust response among kids, does that surprise you? >> that doesn't surprise me. children tend to respond better to vaccinations than adults. >> reporter: after george rutherford at dcfs says the next step is to get approval from the fda and cdc, then through the states scientific safety workgroup which could be approved by the kids for halloween. >> probably talking 3 to 4 weeks to get this all ready and set to go. >> reporter: dr. rutherford has a message for kids who are still hesitant about the vaccine's long-term effects. >> these vaccines are not incorporated into the dna. they don't reproduce by getting into the dna. they reproduce in the cytoplasm of a cell, the outer part of the cell. they are very short lived. get your children vaccinated as soon as you can. this is highly protective. this is not a benign disease in
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children. >> sam doses his son landon is asthmatic and the vaccine will give him some peace of mind. >> it will take a significant stress off our chest, knowing that at least he has some sort of protection and most likely wouldn't be hospitalized. >> reporter: table says he is willing to wait years until the vaccine has a longer safety track record. >> reporter: are you ready to pull them out and from school? >> corrects. >> really? >> absolutely. probably get a better education from home than they do at school. at home it's one-on-one. in my daughter's class have 26 kids with one teacher. >> kit, as i understand it, you're talking about 10 micrograms compared to 34 adults in these 5 to 11-year- olds. did they ever go above 10? what did they find? >> reporter: when they went above 10, they found they had more side effects amongst kids, fever, headache and fatigue. conversely, they saw those side effects decrease when they
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dropped it down to 10. the idea is to find the perfect balance for you get a strong immune response but balance it with not so severe side effects. >> understandable kiet do reporting live, thank you. coming up at 5:30, we will talk with the pediatric infectious disease expert about what parents need to know when it comes to getting their kids vaccinated. meanwhile, the coronavirus has now killed as many americans as the spanish flu pandemic of 1918. according to johns hopkins university, 675,000 people in the u.s. have died from covid- 19. a grim milestone in oakland, police there are investigating another homicide. the cities 100 homicide of the year. last year, at this time, there were 70. the latest happened this morning near the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. chopper five was over the scene where police were taping off the scene and collecting evidence. there is no word yet on a victim or motive. police chief addressed the recent violence this afternoon,
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saying 10 people were killed within a seven day period. there were 44 cases of gunfire, officers recovered nearly 2 dozen firearms and there were 17 robberies. >> so much violence. so many guns, so many senseless lives lost. if this is not a calling to everybody in this community that there is a crisis, i don't know what is. >> we first brought you that news conference live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24 seven streaming on or the kpix 5 news app. a trial for a danville police officer accused of manslaughter began today nearly 3 years after a man was shot to death while some activists stood outside the contra costa county superior court house, today, where former officer andrew hall appeared before a judge. he has been charged with killing laudanum or are bilotta laudanum or are bilotta. the
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police was charged with color -- cleared of any wrongdoing but the district attorneys office was pressing charges after hall was involved in a second shooting earlier this year. that incident is still under investigation. hall has pleaded not guilty for the 2018 homicide. the jury will decide whether or not he was acting in self- defense. new 5:00 nearly a dozen district attorneys in the bay area have reached a settlement with a cosmetic company. juliette goodrich reports on how several stores across the state reportedly mishandled disposing of their products. juliette? >> reporter: yes, this was an investigation which spanned from northern california all the way to southern california. we are talking about 151 of these stores. think about the product inside these stores, we are talking about hairspray and suntan lotion. you cannot just throw them in a
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back dumpster, that is what was going on. >> reporter: they say beauty sometimes comes at a cost. >> these were serious violations of hazardous materials. >> reporter: for the alto beauty stores statewide, that cost comes in the form of a hefty $750,000 fine for violations of hazardous waste. >> was a negligent behavior? >> most companies don't realize these laws. >> reporter: scott alonso is with the contra costa county district attorneys office. he says the settlement follows an investigation into all california alto stores. >> products like sunscreen, makeup, nail polish remover, all those things are being tracked now, shampoo. so, they know where it is going. they did not have any record of that, but his where the big issue was. >> reporter: this tiktok video went viral when an employee was demonstrating how to get rid of returned or used items. but, this settlement pointed specifically at the hazardous waste thrown in dumpsters.
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this photo was taken out at the store in pennell. >> you just look inside the dumpster, we found all these products mixed in with regular trash. >> without the proper care, we could see a threat to not only animals but human life. >> that isn't right, they should dispose of them properly, just like any other product. >> you can't hurt the environment. >> reporter: now, all california stores have adopted new policies and new procedures. to properly manage and dispose of hazardous waste products, they're not the only company facing fines. >> we have taken action against companies last year from a paint company, too recently, a steel plant. >> reporter: juliette, when did the investigation into these stores start, and have all the stores changed practices, now? >> reporter: this audit started years ago and even though the
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company did not come out with an official statement when we looked into it, their actions speak for themselves. they are complying, and that was a key thing the da wanted me to stress as well, that they are doing that now for all of their stores throughout the state. >> good to hear, thank you. the weight of the world fell on wall street today, from troubles in china's real estate market to the continuing toll of the pandemic, a spectrum of issues triggered a selloff on the stock market. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow dropped more than 600 points. the nasdaq fell 330 points and the s&p 500, down 75 points. the secretary of homeland security, was in south texas, today, to assess the crisis at the southern border. around 12,000 haitian migrants have set up camp near the border. they face extreme heat and food shortages. over the weekend, the biden administration flew 300 haitians back to their country. local government officials are urging the president to do more. >> it takes too long to process
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an asylum claim. you know, the system has been broke for 40 or 50 years. is used as political football, from one agenda to the next. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott asked the biden administrator for an emergency declaration as a result of the situation at the border. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, a manhunt intensifies for the fiancc after authorities believe they found her remains. what his parents told police. plus, a school shooting in russia sends students jumping from the windows. the frantic escape as the gu
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. new developments in the case of the florida woman who disappeared after a cross- country trip with her fiancc crime tape now surrounds his family's home. over the weekend authorities discovered what they believe to be her body in wyoming. >> reporter: law enforcement
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told toad brian laundries mustang away from the family home. cbs cameras captured his father getting something from the car. shortly before, at least a dozen police officers and fbi agents raided the house. at one point, investigators escorted the 23-year-old's parents outside to an unmarked vehicle. then, they went back inside. over the weekend, laundries parents told police to have not seen their son since tuesday and suspected he was in a nearby wilderness area. >> do using they are telling the truth? >> at this point i think anything is on the table. >> reporter: more than 50 law- enforcement officials scoured the 24,000 acre preserve, but by this morning, had exhausted their search. authorities want to talk to laundry about his fiancc gabby. officials believe they found her body near grand teton national park. >> the cause of death has not yet been determined at this
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time. >> reporter: she disappeared while on a cross-country trip with laundry. >> right outside temple referring now. >> reporter: according to police, laundry was alone when he returns to his parents on september 1st. >> he was back in the community for 10 days before she was reported missing. that's a lot of time for somebody to get their act together. we certainly think brian has some explaining to do. >> reporter: the family is asking for time to grieve, and her father posted on social media a picture of gabby and the message, she touched the world. >> an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. the supreme court has set a date to hear a controversial abortion case which directly challenges roe versus wade. on september 1st, justices will hear a challenge to a mississippi law which bans nearly all abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. this will be the most important set of abortion related arguments that the court has heard since 1992.
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that is when the supreme court reaffirmed the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy with the case of planned parenthood versus casey. the landmark roe v wade decision was set in 1973, legalizing abortion nationwide. earlier this month, a controversial law went into effect in texas, banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, just about 90 minutes ago, we learned that a doctor in san antonio is the first person to be sued for violating that law. he publicly wrote about defying the ban in a "washington post" column this weekend. the attorney who filed the lawsuit said that he is forcing the court to review the antiabortion law. coming up at 6:00, we will have local reaction to the upcoming landmark case. struck dramatic pictures coming from inside a shooting in russia. take a look. students jump from classroom windows as a student gunman exchanged gunfire with police.
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six people were killed, and dozens more have been injured. the gunman was captured walking on campus with a weapon. he was eventually taken into custody. no word on a motive. a california woman is pleading guilty to fema fraud after pocketing thousands of dollars of reef money meant for fire victims. 64-year-old deborah laughlin pled guilty to making false statements in an application for fema benefits which totaled $77,000. according to court filings, laughlin said that she lived in a home destroyed by the camp fire in paradise after investigation, officials found someone else actually lives up at home. laughlin faces a possible fine of up to $250,000, and up to 30 years in prison. firefighters battling the kmp conflicts complex fire, report that general sherman is still standing. according to reports from fire
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officials on the ground that have been running spickler systems around the massive tree nonstop to keep it safe. right now, crews are upbeat but say that wind has been causing some concerns. so far, the kmp complex has burned over 23,000 acres. check this out. a picture perfect day at chrissy field and sentences go. people enjoying the warm september weather. families in spreading out the blanket and enjoying a beach day. typical we start to get that late summer and early fall warm weather in the bay area, especially along the coast. >> wednesday is the fall equinox. we are getting into that time of year, it's a perfect example of what happens, today. 83 degrees in the city. that was one of the places come in fact, the place that did the biggest jump from yesterday to today. it was 50 degrees warmer in the city than yesterday but everybody warmed up. sentences go tops the list with
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san jose was 13 degrees warmer, concord and livermore were 9 degrees warmer, it was 8 degrees warmer in oakland. still waiting for the officials, but that is where things stand at this point. the question is, how much warmer did we get tomorrow? that is not going to be an equal opportunity. if we take today's daytime highs, let's move them back over to this column and put tomorrow's increase over there. you will see the story. take a look at concord and livermore. everybody warms up tomorrow, except for san francisco which will pretty much do the same thing but concord and livermore, tomorrow, you will notice the bigger jump. 7 to 9 degrees warmer tomorrow. that gets you close to 100 degrees for daytime highs tomorrow. so, that is the story for tomorrow's numbers. everybody gets warm but it gets and noticeably warmer inland than it was today. tomorrow morning's lowe's go down into the low 60s for most locations. no real story that stands out there.
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we get daytime highs on your. agreement to 89. 90 in napa. redwood city 291 and matthew will top out at 85. this is the top in the forecast, tomorrow is the hottest day. we are talking about the kmp complex fire burning in sequoia national park. we are about to get a smoke delivery from that. watch what happens as we go into tomorrow. all that's next getting drawn our way. the last few days, you have not had to think about smoke or air quality. it has been fantastic. tomorrow, that will change. start thinking ahead, now. how are you going to monitor the air quality? what are your plans to be outside tomorrow? if you look at the ground level smoke, which is what matters the most, there will be a lot more of this tomorrow. this does not mean it will have to go to unhealthy or unhealthy for sensitive groups, but here's your first sign they air quality management district puts asunder a spare the air tomorrow. that is for two things, because of the smoke, but it is happening at the same time we
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will see a spike in heat. that means we are now going to add a ground-level ozone to that for the inland valley pixel, tomorrow will not be the best day of air quality. the last few days have been great for tomorrow, go easy on yourself. keep that in consideration when you're making your plans. into the 70 forecast, san jose up first. we will have a cool down by the time we get into next weekend, temperatures back down to average because we take a look at the inland valley's of the east bay it stays one for the next two days but we will get you back into average as well. northbay valley's into the mid- 70s my next weekend. as far as beaches are concerned it will be another good beach day tomorrow. 77 and sunny. don't forget about the smoke. keep that in mind if you are looking at it. the beach is just as vulnerable to bare at that air quality is anyone else in the situation. >> it is so nice when it warms up in the city. you don't actually need a jacket. it's a miracle. >> everybody was talking about it. >> oh yeah, everybody is in it, too. >> for sure.
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coming up, the 49ers are back home, but why is the team spending a day off holding additions for new running back. in petaluma, three young refugees from the caldor fire are spending time at this rant before being sent home. wait until you see who they are. we will have that story coming up. reminder, the trenton years
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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49ers return home last night after a successful road trip. >> san francisco is off to a 2- 0 start, vern glenn joins us now with one key area for concern. >> it wasn't a surprise when kyle shanahan said today they were bringing in some free agent running backs to work out. it was after sunday's win at the eagles, the niners are even more fit at that position. elijah mitchell is nursing a
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right shoulder injury, did not finish the game. his status is day today. remember this fourt -quarter play, the fumbled it to michael hasting, hasting suffered a high ankle sprain on display. he is out for a while. using shanahan's words. the very next play? trey sherman's first nfl carry. he took two blows to the head, here. the rookie is in the league's concussion protocol program. that leaves newly signed trent cannon as the only healthy running back on the roster now. it took a quarterback jimmy garoppolo to ice the first down. the eagles were on time out and could not stop the clock. it was a successful quarterback stint of the day after the game like that? what was the moment like before they broke the huddle? >> we said let's get this one. that's about it. you could say that on every play, really. >> [ laughter ] >> in the huddle at the end of it it was a cool moment looking at each other in the eyes. we did a few times prior to
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that, we get an opportunity to close it out. it makes for a good ride home. >> as the old ball coach belichick would say, we are onto the packers. niners an early four point favorite to win the home opener this coming sunday afternoon. >> all right. >> 2-0, it's a good place to be. >> no kidding. >> better than 0-2. >> thanks. one of the world's largest tech conferences is returning to san francisco. coming up, we show you what to expect at this year's dream force. major thoroughfare to the tahoe area reopening after a wildfire shut it down from nearly a month. not everyone can drive through. we will
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right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30, a big step infighting covid-19 among children. pfizer says it's vaccine is safe, but what about possible side effects? a bay area medical expert ways in life. highway 50 finally reopens after the caldor fire, but it is not open to everyone. >> first, it could be a small boost to san francisco's hard-
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hit tourism industry. what do you expect from this year's scaled-down dream force. i'm elizabeth cook. i'm ken bastida. betty yu is live in san francisco with a preview of this year's dream force weapon. been a couple of years about it, betty. >> reporter: that's right, last year it was a virtual experience. this year, they are back in person and virtually, and it will be a much more intimate experience. they are expecting about 1000 people to attend this three-day conference particular look right now, crews are still putting the finishing touches on this year's event space. this year there are strict covid-19 protocols in place which includes mandatory proof of vaccination and daily testing. this year, the event will also be entirely outdoors. normally, dream force attracts 170,000 people to the area, and the events are held inside a different convention halls at moss county center.
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>> we are so excited to bring people into sentences go and to see san francisco come to life. it's a beautiful summer day and we have everybody coming down to patronize local businesses. we are employing local workers. we have that vibe again here in san francisco. >> you just heard from president and cmo of salesforce sarah franklin. she said metallica will be here tomorrow to kick off this convention, and in the evening, the foo fighters will perform live at the opening.


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